The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California on July 22, 1858 · 4
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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California · 4

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1858
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VISO rfi$wmtiosemiwi 'TH E D A ILY BEE DEAD Blo OWNING Oftrie An account of the ship's course and distance calculated without the aid of celestial uhlervation"--DVebster's Dictionary LAST night my Soul drove out to see— Down through the Pagan gloom As ehartless as Eternity And dangerous as Doom By blinding gusts of no-God chased My crazy craft plunged on I crept aloft in prayers to find The light-house of the Dawn No shore no star no sail ahead No look-out's saving song— Deathoind the rest athwart my bows And all my reckoning wrong ! National Era Supreme Court Justice The Mountain Democrat Calaveras Chronicle and another mountain paper litire been recommending Col S J K Handy at I Do TAO to the Democracy for Supreme Court Justice Well the Administration Democrats of that county have held their convention and the Colonel was a delegate therein A mem ber moved that the delegation to the State convention be instructed to sustain Col Handy for the nomination for Supreme Court Justice end the response was two ayes and a storm of noes and laughter So Col Handy is laid on the shelf The fact is Baldwin of San Francisco is the choice of the Lecomptonites and of the land grant men for this office and will be nominated almost unanimously Who his opponent will be on the anti-Lecompton ticket IL Is bard to say although Sprague of Shasta is the prominent man But the delegation from his own county who are for him are also Lccompton and cannot therefore benefit him in the only convention In which his name will he pronounced We have heard J Curry of Benicia spoken of in connection with the office but it is doubtful whether he Is a candidate for the position It is said he is after District Judge of his own district ILlacklolg Out ExiXember of Congress J A McDougall and J P Hoge of San Francisco who were Douglasites are n6W it seems strong Admin istration men The latter be been chosen On the Custom House ticket a delegate to the State Convention These two gentlemen we understand were invited by the Marysvillians to address the Douglas or Anti-Lecompton meeting held in that city in April last they accepted came on their way to fulfill that engagement as far as Sacramento and here they tarried a while and returned to the By City without having - progressed to Marysville Their patriotism cued out at their fingers' ends their warm blood was chilled and they slid back to their old quarters as if they had been caught in the act of stealing tipples out of a neighbor's orchard Of such pliable stuff are politicians tnade BOLD ROBBED-Y—A private house In the rear of No 108 K street bvtwten Fourth and Fifth was entered about 12 o'clock to-day and a gold hair breast-pin marked "For Sophia a memento from tier dear mother" 1 huge and Fmall silver spoon marked E or H Eldred 1 gold pencil case and $15 00 in cash stolen therefrom the whole valued at about $70 00 NEVADA—Both wings of the Great Unterritied lave commenced to canvass the county One side makes speeches and indorscs the Ad tniuistration and the other makes speeches and indorses 'Douglas and his Democratic co Senators A camp meeting is being held in a grove ' about midway between Grass Valley and Ne vada A bowlder weighing 77 pounds was found in the Buckeye claim ut Orleans Flat on the 10th inst On being pounded down 517 oun ces of gold were Wien from it worth some $8000 The new quartz mill of Richards & Co on Deer Creek hws been completed IN LUCK—Father Slatterly whom the Marysville Express pronounces one of the most eloquent faithful and industrious Catholic di vines hi the State and Ito is stationed iu Marysville was presented a few days since by the citizens of that place with a handsome baggy anti an elegant Bet of harness A few weds previous the Orovillians presented him with an excellent horse 80 thttt be bas now something In which be can ride around doing geed Imasont—Judge CC Jenks who has just returned from a some five mouths' residence ill Illiaois thinks that Senator Douglas will be beaten for United Senator The Republicans are bolding on to their own organization and the Administration Democrats are tuffiag heaven and earth to draw votes from the Douglasites Between the two fires be may fall It has been suggested that be ought to ran fur Congrt E3 In Harris' district as that gentleman is fast wasting under consumption end cannot live long Douglas however declares that he will be a Senator or nothing CILINGS oF ROUTE---We learn that the San Prancsco Post 017xe department last night Fent the Sacramento mAll la Stockton and the Stockton wail to SAmmetto The blander tnust have occurred vith the baggage driver Tue printing material on which the North Californian was published at Oroville is offtred rr sale WW2iM FOR STEILACOOMI orfrfrbOlynipla end Intermediate Porte ON PUGET SOUN V—Direct REGULAR LINE—THE NEW CLIPPER BRIG AVILLI471 P SnO Tuns—CALES H SMITH Commander (Now lying at Pier 20 Steuart street) will be dispatched for the above ports On SATURDAY July 24th For pasaage and a limited amount nf freight apply to BALCH et WESIAR Jy20td Pier 20 Steuart etreet San Francisco - FOR FRAZER EWER COLD MINES e171flo FOR VILTORIA DIR1CT OrTfrk FUR ow361 Touching at Bellingham Bay The Al magnificent Clipper Ship LOTUS Of 1000 tuns borthen J LESLIE Commander will sail for the above port on J lily '25 I h 'Ala Clipper being under charter end having part of her freight already engaged will have punctual dispatch Nothing can be said of what her superior qualities are as they can be best known by parties visiting her she having made the quickest passage known to this coast Parties wishing to proceed to the GOLD REGIONS or b ving merchandise to send thither will do well to examine ner before going elsewhere Do-cabins are superior baying excellent state-rooms for families For freight or passage apply to JOH N DEW A R ra COT East and Commercial streeta 411 11 San Francisco 107 td Travelers' Guide SUMMER ARRANGEMENT SACRAMENTO AND STOCKTON u F O F OF OF OF OF OF OF c7-t FOUR HOD SE CONCORD COACHES — ON AND AFTER MAY Dth 185S THE Above Line will leave Sacrnmento at 2 o'clock rt sr: and Stockton at 8 o'clock P re or on the arrival of the etags from the southern minos peering by Wood's Ferry Filet's Hick's and Buckner's Ranches con fleeting at Sacramento with Stages for all parte of the Northern Minee connecting at Stockton with stages for Knight's Ferry Columbia Sonora French Bar Hornitas Illariposa and all partsof the Southern Mines Pare Dollarg Stockton Office—In A N Fisher & Co's office corner Center street and the Levee SAM''' FISHER Agent Sacramento Oilleee—Orleans Hotel Second street Dalrfiell House cor J and 4th sts o D WTI KINSON Agent JOHN SMITH Proprietor STAGE NOTICE BENICIA VALLEJO NAPA CITY AND NVIIITE SULPHUR SPRINGS SUM MEM ARRANGEMENT On and niter Wednesday Nifty 27th BM A Double Daily Line of Coaches will leave Benicia and Napa City U S Mail Line will leave at 7 o'clock A M Accommodation Line will leave fit 7 P M Or on the arrival of the San Francisco and Sacramento boats: arrive at Napa City the same evening and connect with Mcguntie'e Coaches for the Springs also for Sonoma and Petaluma N 13—Pastiengere can also be accommodated at the Napa Hotel Napa City with horses buggies and carriages at reasonable charges Returning will leave U S Mail Lime at I o'clk P M Accommodation Line at 234 P M and arrive at Benicia in time for the up and down river boats OFFICIts—Benicin Sole no Hotel Napa City Nal a Hotel JOHN SMITH & CO Proprietors N B —This Line will run Sundays jyBim S V R IL - r7cri 77-7779 4 WINTER ARRANGEMENT cult( awl after December 27th the trains P of the Sacramento Valley Railroad will leave follms 'viz: ' gate) ger Trains Will leave Sacramento daily (Sunday excepted) at 7 A m and Will leave Folsom daily (Sunday excepted) at 7X AM 12 at and 5 P m On SUNDAYS will leave Sacramento at IX A K 4 P st Will leave Folmom at 7X A K and 1 P K Until further notice no Excursion tickets will be homed en Suridaya Freight Trains WI leave Saeramento at 7 A IC and 2 P M " " Folmom at 7X A at The 7 y A K train will take through freight only Ni treight transported on Sundays STAGES connect with tho 7X A at tliain out for Nevada Grams Valley Aubura Iowa Hill Forest City Downieville Orleans Flat Ophir Gold HAI Illinoistown Yankee Jim's GreenwoodYalley Georgetown Mormon Isla nil Coloma Fl Dorado Diamond Springa Placerville Prairie City Michigan Bar Cook's Bar Wall's DiggingsLive Oak City Arkansas Diggings Willow Springs Drytown Amailor Sutter Jackson Fiddletown And all the intermediate places Returning the 8taves will corneet with the 12 train in arriving le Sacramento in time for the San Francisco boata For freight or passage apply at the R R atations J P 110111!410N Soperietsedatit CALIFORNIA STE ANI NAVIGATION CONIPANY Wit ttt "7811141 644484-Augoakviwo Tho at and aploodid steamera ECLIPSE AM) VE1V wcuttAro9 Will leavo on allornato days for SAN FRANCISCO at 2 o'clock P from the foot of t treet Steamer ECLIPSE E M C CHA WICK Master W tit leave on TUESDAYS THURSDAYS AND SATURDAYS - Steamer NEW WORLD S SEYMOUR Master Wilt leave on MONDAYS 'WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS - FOR MA It Y SVILT16 Anti Intermediate Ents6lirma Steamer GOA DANA M LITTLETON Master AND Steamer CLEOPATH AW S SUMMERS Master Will leave on alternate days for MARYSVILLE at 6 o'cloek A IL One Trip a Week FOR COLUSA ORD IR lAUFFS Ant letternimilate Lasiedingqb The Steamer SIM SOULETA'M PIERCE Master Will leave for the above rimmed places on SAILTiti) At 7 o'clock A M from the Storeship Antelope For Freight or Passage By any of the above Boats apply' on hoard or at the Office of the California Steam Navigation Company on board the Brig GLOBE Freight to Knight's LanSing 17 'per ton jy 1 lm A REM:V(41'0N Agetit 110:IlE MANI:FAUTEUIL' T DONNOLLY F MENDENHEM DONNOLLT en CALIFORNIA MANUFACTURED PREMIUM YEAST POWDER 71 California it up mains bast Passivists) I 'I be Bee tettiM1113 ail I be New of the day Lirsitt P WATEIN3 1331 1"1"un"d LiT'se'i and is served regtfar:y to city gubacribers every even- an ladcTendent sand date for Judze or the in4 (cpe sunoy) at 7 wettly-Fire Ceita Tenth JLFI:cLil Dietrict—Yuba anti StattJ I pPr Week VIce ea Mu'll a--reet bvtween Jima welot oile — rrillt4 PONVIWT Is superior ta any other whether impoiterl or manufactured here as none but the vets best ingredients are used anti has been proved by the Chemical Cotnmitice of the late Mechanics Fair to contain no poisonous or any other subetances initrious to the health for which Mr T Donnolly received bto premium and certificate We would also caution the public filmiest counterfeits ao none ara genuine except those with the California coat-of-arms mid T Uelinioly's sicoatnre anal we notify those who may counrerleit our Powder that they will proleetned Recoreina to law As this article is freeh and porn and hais been proved to give entire satisfectwo and leg it to a Cabfarnta enterptioe we hope that the getierous public will twain ng 11'11)1110 P DONOLLY k CO irlsoatmtSzmy'Artmwmwoolostisrrolrrin773r NEW JEWELRY WATCHE4 Etc T C STEPHENS 4 No 1221 J Street Tukey's 11101444r Grateful to his friends for the many attentions in business bestowed upon hint the pest three month amoures them that be is now fully prepared to attend to all the wants of his patrons He has just received a large addition to hie stock of JEWELRY' and is prepared to sell his goods at the lowest cub prices New Gamin received lb? every Stentner Vetches and Jewelry Repaired at the shortest nitice T C STEPHENS has fitted up &Jewelry Manufacturing Establishment where he irt prepared to make all kinds of California Jewelry at the ehortest notice in superior etyle and at the 1weet rates N B—Particular attention paid to Engraving in all its branches—his work in that line being unequaled in Sacra inento jy7-I in LAKE HOVSE Five lltiles from S2 erantelsto On the Flock ton fload JACK HOLMES Pmprletor THIS well known and popular place of resort has changed hands aud is now under the personal eupervision of A J HOLMES ond wife The houne has been thoroughly renovated enlarged and new and neatly furnished throughout The road from the city to the LAKE HOUSE is the best and most pleasant of any leading out of the city being st all times nearly free from dust is Inch makee it mach pleasanter for a morning or evening ride Jack the proprietor will spare no pains labor or expense to contribute to the comfort of hie numerous guests reoAmE BREAKFASTS AND DINNERS furnished at short notice ard every luxury that can be found in our city markets will grace the tables of the LAKE HOUSE A half hours drive out to the Lake some pleasant morning or evening would satisfy the most skeptical N B As regards the BAR it is and will be at all times both day and night filled with the choicest brands of Wines Liquors and Cigars we also have at all times a goad supply of ICE for preparing Ice Cream Strawberries and Cream etc etc Give us a cad jyR-Im MATCHES MATCHES ROME MA N UFACTURE TIIE PXCET SI OR MATCH COM PANY are manufac toting an A No I arti die of Block MATCH E4 which they are selling at less than the price of New York Matches Office—N E corner of Davis and Washington streets San Francisco SHEDD & WATERMAN re-Orders from the trade solicited ie2-3m B B BROWN M 1 PHYSICIAN AND SUDGEONs Ham practiced in California nearly nine years eight of which in tiocrameno OFFICE—No 66J street a few doors above Third south side first room up stairs in the apartments of Dr U SIMMONS Office hours from 7 o'clock A M till ll A m and from 2 o'clock P M to7 P m Consultations at my residence No 49 ft street between 7th ann 8th south sulo from 12 m till 2 P M jy7-1m THE CITY DRUG STORE 12 No 21S J St between 7th and Sth9 1 NEAR EIGHTH Particular attention paid to compounding Family Medicines and Physicians' Prescriptions neatly and accurately at alt hours day and night and none but the be articles used J E CLARK Apothecary Agent REMOVAL - 1 AGENCY OF LYON sot CO'S FIR4011 1 PREM WM ALE has been removed from No 57 K street to BRYANT & CO'S 1t 53 11 rout street who are now ready to supply it in any quantity at San Francisco prices We will keep the above finn well supplied with fresh ALE and PORTER of our manuftcture A liberal discount made to all the jobbers Orders sent them from the country will be attended to promptly Ali ALE guaranteed LYON & Co le28-im Empire Brewery geognamiturelommoss Sheriff' 3 Sales 611 Clit 14108 SALE 11 Y virtue of an order of sale to tne directed issued out of the lion District Court Sixth Judi-cal 1Jistri4 On the 9 b day of Jiffy HOS on a oecree of torectosttre rendered on the 25th day eifsfune 1858 in favor of Wiliiam Henkel and against Christopher Miller for the sum of $1628 204 O with interet at thrate of 2 per cent per month from the date of this decree together with the Nurn of $21 95 costs and all accruing costs I have this day 1-vied upon and will ex pose to public sale at the Court House Door in Sacramento city Sacramento county and Stttte of Califoruia On the :Vat day of JtIty ISIS AT THE HOUR OF II O'CLOCK A M all the right title interest awl claim of the above-named duiendtrit Christopher Miller of in and to the folifiwing de sctibed real estate to wit: The undivided half of s pert of lot No eight in the equare bounded by 1 and 3 and Sixth and Seventh streets in Ow City of Sacramento Sacramento county and State of California and thus de ignated upon the map or plan of said city commencing at a point on the east eid-i of Sixth street distant eighty feet northerly from the corner of Sixth and streets thence running easterly at right angles eighty feet thence northerly at right anglee twenty feet thence westerly at right angles eighty foet to the east line of Sixth etreet thence southerly along Sixth street twenty feet to toe piece of begin ning tugether with the undiated half of all and singn ler the hereditarnents an appurtenances thereanto belonging or in anywise appertaining W S MANLOVE Sheriff bet 0-ihi By J P linl(IFIAL Under Sheriff SHEttlflosi SALE Y virtue of on execution 'o moed out of 1110 the lion District Court Twelfth Judicial District on the 1111 day ot July t858 on a jirtintent obtained on the lOth Ju1y185Sin favor of E A S' att and againq H NieNerve surviving partner of the firtn ot Meserve and timer for the sum of $3 594 00 with interest on the an to of V 554 from the lOth July l858 at the rate of 1 !4 per cent oi"r month and interest on the sum cf $2 040 at the rite of 3 per cent per month from the lOth day of July 158 together with the sum of $19 20 costs of suit and all ticuming costs I have thin day 'levied noun and seized and wilt exp°0 to sale at the Court House Door in Sacramento City sacrament° County On the 10th day of A tignat 1S5S AT TM HOUR OF 11 O'CLOCK A M All tha right title interest and claim of the above named fleiemant W H Nteserve survivi g partner of the firm of lileserve S: Elmer of in and to the fol lowing described feat estate lying and being situate In the tewe et Prairie City tiettoite Towro‘hip Sacra mento County to vit—That certain pared of reai eata to with the build no and Improvements thereon twin ituate lying awl teing in the town of Prairie City county of Sicramento and known as that certain ! lot on Slain stret in said town tor a long time occupied by the firm of It:reserve at Elmer as their sole tra°tog post and store NV S MANLOVE Sheriff Jy20-td By J P II:EVIAN U Sheriff SHERIFF'S SALE Li') V virtue or an order of sale to me ILA rectd and lisued out of the Hon 1 Hriet Court tixtb Judielal District on the 14th cifq of July TVS on a decree T('! 1red on the fith du of July 1858 in favor of C troline Thompson nd ageitist J Slildberger Smith for the gum of twenty—ix he nitre I and fifty interest together with $26 41-1Q0 mutts and all accruhig costs I hsve this day levied upon and aeized and will offer tor sale at the Court House door In Sacramento city Sacramento county and state of Califoroia On the 1c2i1t day of August AT TUE HOUR OF 11 O'CLOCK A IL All the right title interest and &Alin of the above named defendant J Mildew ger Smith of in mid to the foltowing deecribed real estate lying and being situ tte in the city and county of Sacramento and state of California to it That ti'ece or parcel of land known upon the map of Sacramento city as the south quarter ( 4) of lot nutnber seven (7) in Fqualc betwen First and Scond !its and K streets beingone hundred and fifty (150) feet n otorh and twenty-on and one gitarter (21 feet in wi 111 commencing On4 hinoired and forty Mht t) 12 'et from the corner ilk street thenre one 1 htnlyed anti fifty feet wet do-tice twenty one 3 12 sttd thence one Ituthirvd an I fifty (130) feet evit: tnerwe twenty-one 3 12 feet north re the waee of bezinning together with ail the appurtenances tLereu urn bdonging WM S ICI ANIOVESberiff 4:0141 by J P Dstgitas Untiet silent IPP!e4W7 VI Legal Advertisements TATE 0 P' (IA LI FO RN! A CITY AND COUNTY 01 SACRAMENTO Ss—County Court June Term In the noai ter of the application of LEWIS SUI ION to be discharged from his debts as an insobten debtor Notice is hereby given to all the cnelitors of the mail Insolvent debtor to appear before the Hon Robert Robin on Judge of the County Court aforemaid in open Cour at the court bowie in the city and county aforesaidon M UN DAY the dth day of September A D 1858 at 10 o'clock A M and show caue3 if any they can why the prayer of sal petitioner should not be granted end be be discharged fron his debts and liabilities accordingly And it is ordered tha In the meantime all legal proceedings against sJid insolven be stayed Oiven under toy band and the seal of said County COM II S I this 12th day of July A P 1852 By order of the County Judge aforesaid J B DAYTON Clerk 3e1243nt By J S JAMVSON Deputy Clerk QTATP! CALIFOHNI A—COUNTY () SACRAMENTO—District Court 6th Judicial DU Wet In the matter of the petition of Wm Hamilton tr insolvent debtor Pursuant to an order of the Hon Cherie T Botts Judge of the said District Court notice is her( by given to all the creditors of the said insolvent Wit Hamilton to be and appear before the Hon Charlts Botta aforesaid within thirty days from the date of th publication of thia notice at t Montlea or in open Cour at the city of Sacramento then and there to show cause any they can why the prayer of said in olvent should nt be grtulted and an assignment of his estate be made an he be tischarged from bia debts and liabilities in pule mice of the statute to such case made and provided at in the meantime all proceedings against stud insolvent I stayed ta1 Given undcr my hand and seal of said Court th 16thday of July A D 1858 J B DAYTON Clerk Crocker St McKune Atty's for Petitioner jyllla t a 11 Olt A Cotintv of Sot ramento so--Diatrict Court of Wile Sixth Judicial Di trict amid :qate The People of the State of California to William A Bird greeting :—You are hereby summoned to answerti complaint of Elizabeth Bird in said Court filed again yon within ten days from the service of this Writ excl sive of the day of service if served on you in this Count but if served on you without said County then in fort days from such service exclusive of the day of service an action commenced on the 8d day of February 11158 said Court praying the Court to grant her a decree of d vorce from the 'bonds of matrimony now existing betwee herself and defendant that she be solely empowered wit the right of possession to and care of her said child me tinned in her complaint until it arrives at its majorit: and that defendant be adjudged to pay all costa and moi eys disbunied by plaintiff in said suit and you are heret notified that if you fail to answer the complaint as direc ed plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief there prayed for By order of Court May tith 1858 In testimony whereof I J B DAYTON Clerk of ti Sixth Judicial District Court aforesaid do hereunto set ro hand and affix the Seal of said Court at office in Saco mento City this 4th day of May A D 1858 J B DA1 TON Clerk By HAM C HARRISON Dep Clk Frank F Taylor Plaintiff's Atty m61aw3rn — The above summons is hereby transferred to tlAe "Dail Bee" for continuation of publication by order of Cour June 25th A D ISA Witness my hand and Seal ofsaid Court this 25th day ( June A D1858 J B DAYTON Clerk je25-lawta6 By HAM C HARRISON Dep Clk QTATE OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY Ol Sacramento—District Court fith Judicial District The people of the State of California to Alfred Neu man greeting: You are hereby summoned to answer th complaint of Warren Ackley and H A Dana in cti Court filed against you within ten days from the servic of this writ exclusive of the day of service if served o you in this county but if served on you without said cour ty then in forty days from such sevice exclusive of th day of service in to aci ion commenced on the thirteent day of April 1858 in said Court to recover the sum c ti238 00 for goods wares and merchandise sold and delii ered on or about the 9th day of January 1858 and you ar hereby notified that if you fail to answer the complaint E directed Plaintiflis will apply to the Court for iudgmer as therein demanded with costs of suit By order c Court April aid AD ' 1858 In testimony whereof J B DAYTON Clerk of tb Sixth Judicial District Court aforesaid do hereunt IL 8 I set my hand and affix the seal of said Court E office in tiovanmento city this 23al nay of April A D1853 B DAYTON Clerk By HAM C HARRISON Deputy Olerk T H pnmsscg Attorney for Plaintiff ri24- taw& ItitP M P4 ISE 1'& S IL I Yme IrdVelciTerViromO F' tImACNourttoli(113TBlidElleNinanT( Justice of the Peace in and for the city and county of Sac ramento end State of California on a judgment render& therein an the 12th day of May A D 1858 u favor of Win C Wallace and against B F Ankeny and John Bryant for the sum of1ttI 90 and interest on the Paid sum at th rate of two per cent per mons h from the 12th &ay of May A D 1858 together with trfI5 85 costs of suit with accru ing costs 1 have levied upon and seized and shall expos for Pale at public auction at the Court House door in th city of Sacrarnento county of Sacramento on the 2d day o August A D 1858 at the hour of 11 o'clock A M all tin right title interest and claim of the said B F Ankeny ot in and to the following described real estate lying and be jog in the city and county of Sacramento and State o California and more particularly described as follows it wit t—Tho we half of Lot 2 in the square between N am 0 and 6th and 7th streete upon the plan of said city o Sacramento ' also Lots Nos 1 2 3 4 b 67 and 8 being tilt entire block between B and C and llth and 12th streeta north of A street upon the map of said city together wit the improvementa and beretlitaments thereunto belongirg to satisfy said execction T A TA BERT Constable Dated at Sacramento this 17th day ofJune A D 1858 iy12td ICON NIA NÄ 10 - VI WIVE OF AN EX 1ITTION TO PIE difected from the Court of Samuel G Medley a Jus tie of the Peace in and for Center Township in the coun ty of Sacramento and State of Calithrnia on a judgmeff rendered therein on the 6th day of) uly 1858 in favor o Matthew Simmons and aga'nst Osborne W at kins for Liu sum of $1 It 57100 and interest on $l3 93 Inn at two pet cent a month till paid together with $22 75100 costs o snit with accruing costs I have levied upon and sezed hall expose for sale at public auction at the Court flonat door in the city ann county of Sacramento on the 'la day of August 1858 at the hour of II o'clock A Al all thr right title interest and claim of the above-name n deten dents Osborne Watkins of in and to the following de scribed real estate lying and being situate in the city ilk county of Sacramento and described aa follows to wit:— The east ballot the south half of lot number ten in tiff block bounded by B and C and Twelfth and Thirteenth streets described be beginning 40 tent east of the north east comer of C end 121h streets running thence north 81 feet thence east 40 feet thence south 80 feet to C stt get and thence west 40 feet to the place of beginning togethel with the improvements thereon to satisfy said execution JOHN McGREW Deputized Constable to serve said execution Sacramento July 121111858 jy12-td ROSENBA TAWS STOMACH BITTERS! FOR THE CURE OF Dyspepsia Indigestion C nstipatin Loss t2t Appetite or any Bilious Complaints arising from a morbid action of the Stomach or Bowels of theme dieases you will soon be re 1-1 keyed of by the use of the Bitters as per directions on the bottles This great anti dyspeptic is the result of profound and elaborate study tf one ot the most celebrated physicians of the present century in the accomplishment of which he has freely expended both time and money I do not hesitate to affirm that where Dr Rosenbaum's Stornach bitters are used a case of Fever and Ague cannot occur It has been analyzed by the most scientific chemists in the Medicsi Faculty and is now prescribed by nine-tenths of the Physicians of the land Try them—test them— on your constitution and go your way reideing Are you dyspeptic 7—take these Stomach Bitters Are you bilioual—try one of these Bottles and be re lieved at once Are you annoyed by indigestion or crestipationl—remore time cause by the free use of these Bitters Have you fever and aguel—cure and prevent this constitution dostroying disease by the tree use of these Bitters Prepared by DR ROSENBAUM Manufacturer and Proprietor South Front at Philadelphia So:d at wholesale by Dr:sifists Liquor Inonortem and Grocers in all ot toe principa cities ono remit-1:rd bv all Druggists ApotheearieR 61rocers tinteut tteetnoranta Steamboat Bars and Dealers generally throughout tria Tgited States Canada and South A trel i eft N B J & je25-Im General Arrents for Ptictic DR IV H THOMAS The oldest established 1 ii: kt Sorg !cal and Med:unlined DEXTr'T in Sacramento i evites thont 4 I who have difficaltop“rations to erform I ersons hay C 'l i P ' a teeth mg artiticiai eth that d e a - - ii not please them to give him km pek14 a cell and he guarantees to 41 41 ii zzi satisfy them or make no 0 lir charge thlorcifo'm admin ' -e-i istered f pie-1 suffer anti i the ii- 'A with the tooth ache be will - relieve them without pay Office-79 1 street hill A B NIXON Ll D'I PIIIISIcIAN AND SURGE4IN 1IFFIt-E-00 ifith ntrrfthrtween 1 and J 11 street esot side of the rubAe !tentare Resdeoce on 34 street between lb and Iftb ()thee bourn trinn 4 o'cio( A to 5 0'c:wit t Orners 14t at aly oflia3 ft be prorrrtZy $ttdflQ ty6-1rn : Sheriff's Sales SHERIFF'S ISA LE lerleir VIRTUE OF AN ORDER OF SALE t le to me directed issued out of the Hon the District Court of the Sixth Judicial District on the 8th I day of Ju'y 1858 on a decree of foreclosure rendered e on the 25th day of June 1858 in favor of William eltinkel al d against Mathias Karcher and Francis Far char for the sum of eleven hundred and eixty-three ' l 2 -100 dollarti with intereet at the rate of two per cent n per month Interest compounded fro the date of this t decree until paid together with the sum of $21 05 costs and all aceruipg costs I have this day levied upon and seized and will expotte to public sale at the t Court Ilouse Door In the city of Sacramento Sacr& meuto county and State of California 44ot the 291 dny of July 'SAS AT THE HOUR OF II O'CLOCK A M AR the right title interest and claim of the above F named defendants Mathias Karcher and Frerichs Karcher - of in and to the following described real Estate to wit :—The undivided half of a pert of lot number n eight in Fquare bounded by I and J atreets and Sixth and Seventh streets in the city of S icrameeto and I Stale of California and thus de ignated upon the map I or plan of Paid city commencirg at a point on the eagt el Aide of Sixth street destant eighty feet northerly from t the corner of 6th and J streets thence running easter if ly at right angles eighty 'eet thence northerly at riaht it angles twenty feet theime westerly at right angles id eighty feet to the eaistern hoe of Sixth etreet thence a- goutherly along Sixth street twenty feet to the place ol id beginning together with the undivided half of all and 'e singular the hereditainents and appurtenances there is unto belonging WM S MANLOVE Sheriff jv9tel J P DEIGHAN Under Sheriff SHERIFF'S SALE direct B redTolinTliate:efdaount(lortriloonfsgliseirTt me direct Sixtt Judiciat District on the 20th day of Fay 1858 on a deuree le of foreclosure rendered on the 5th day of May 1868 im favor of John Ryen and against Thomas O Selby and U Levine B Selby for the sure of $122 50-100 with interest at the rate of per cent per month from i he date of the YI decree until paid together with costs and all Recruin ! in costs I will offer for sale at the Court Mouse door in Sao Ln rameuto Sacramento county and State ot California tin the 14 (hi tiy Of June AT THE HOUR OF 11 O'CLOCK A M et all the right title interest and claim of the a bove named a defendants Thomu O eelby and Levine B Selby of it and to the following described real estate lying and hem situate in the city of Sacramento Sacramento county an 1i y State of California to wit : those certaiu blocks it P t- Brannan's addition to the city of Sacramento county ant State aforesaid and known and described as upon the mar or plan thereof as blocka numbers 5 6 7 8 910111213 14 together with all and aingular the tenements beredi temente and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in an y wise appertainieg s- W S MANLOVE Sheriff my21-td By J P DEIGHAN Under Sheriff — The above sale is postponed by order of Friend ft Terry now owners of the above decree to Itith day of steel:100860 W S MANLOVE Sheriff y je14-td By J P DEIGHAN Under Sheriff t SHERIFF'S SALE rtY VIRTUE OF AN ORDER OF SALE 11 to me directed and issued out of the Honorable Dis trict Court Sixth Judicial Dis net on the 10th day ol July 1858 on a judgment and decree obtained on the 51h day of January 1857 in favor of Robert arsor and against William Muldrew for the suin of twelve r hundred and seventy-five 82400 dollars with interest t on the said sum of $1275 82 100 at the rate of four per d cent rier month from the 291h day of Pecernber 18E6 e until paid together with $43 20 costs and all accruing n costm I have this day 'eels d upon and seized and will n expose to public sale at the Court these Door in Sac e ramento City Sacramento County and State of Cali fornia On the 5th dny et' August 155S r AT THE HOUR OF 11 O'CLOCK A M ie ie all the right title interest and claim of the above it named defendant Win Muldrow of in and to the fol if lowing described real estate lying and being situate in the County of Sacramento and State of California and e more particularly linown or designated on a certain O map or plan of "Muldrow's Ger den" executed by the It County Surveyor and recorded in the effice of the L County Recorder of Sacramento county as sections eight (8) and nine (9) ae di seribed upon said map— etch section being one hundred yards wide and running back from the road leading from Sacramento city to MuldrowIe new ferry to the Ameritan River—con) taming about forty (40) acres more or less and being a the same upon which the dwelling of Mr Muldrow now stands tegother with all and singular the tenements 3 hereditaments thereuuto belonging or in anywise apI pertaining 4 WM S MANLOVE Sheriff e 712-td By J P DEIGHAN Under Sheriff t- SHERIFF'S SALE : 17JOY virtue of an order of sale to me di- nel1 rented and issued out of the Eon District Court 9 Sixth Judicial District on the 13th 0i17 of July 1858 on a decree rendered on the Sth day of July 1858 in - favor of Alexander Boyd and against II A Clark f for the sum of six hunered and twenty two dollars with interest together with the sum of 124 35 costa 1 and all accruing costs I have this day 1 vied neon and will offer for sale at the Court House Door in Sac ramento City Sacramento County and State of Califors nia On the lith day of August 185S : AT TILE HOUR OF 11 O'CLOCK A M all the right title Interest and claim of the above named defendant 11 A Clark of in and to the following described real estate lying and being situate in : the city of Sacramento Sacramento county and State of California to wit t—The west half of the east half - of the north half of tot number four (4) in the t quarts t between 0 and Seem d and Third streets being twenty (20) by eighty (80) feet W S MANLOVE Sheriff jy19-td By J P DEIGHAN Under Sheriff 1 SALE ' N3Y VIRTUE of an order of sale to me directed issued out of the hionoreble the District Court Sixth Judicial Disc riet on the 13th day of July 1858 on a decree rendered on the 18th day of June le58 in favor of Valentine Strumgarder aid against Charles B Carney for the sum of twenty-six hundred 1 and eighty dollarsw th I tereist together with the Num of 428 70-100 costs ef guit and all accruing costa I have this dal levied upon and seized and will expose to public sale at the court-house door in the city of Sacramento Sacramento county and State of California on the 7th day of A uguit 1555 AT THE HOUR OF 11 O'CLOCK A M all the rieht title interest and claim of the above named defendant Charles B Carney of in and to the follOWiDP described property to wit : Four shares of the Fri Water Canal situated in Sacramento te and partly in Amatior county Said Canal taps the Coesumnes river at a point about 3 miles above Rich Bar in A nsedor county—a portion of said Ca ant being in CORIIMH0f1 township elacran ento county with all the defendant's interest la said canal Said Canal is about 35 miles in lenth Wlf S MANLOVE Sheriff jy15-td By I P DENMAN Under Sheriff SHERIFF'S SALE ItY virtue of an order of tole to me direct tr ed and issued out of the Hon District Court Sixth Judicial District on the 14th day of Jule 1858 on a decee rendered on the 12th day orJuly 1858 in favor of L L Lynch and against S N Woods and M R 1Voods for the suet of $2184 with interest thereon at the rate of 2 per cent per month till paid together with the eum of $25 85 costs and ail accruing co-ts I have this ray levied on and will otter for public sale at the Court House Door in Sacramento City Sacramento County and State of California tin the ih tiny of A 'gust 155S AT THE 1101R OF 11 O'CLOCK A M All the right title intereet aed claim ot the above named defendants S N Woods and M R Woods of in and to the following deactibed real estate lying and being situate in the city of Sacramento Sacramento county and State of California to wit :—Lots Nos 5 6 and 7 in the square between M and N and 10th and llth streete in the city of Sacramento as described in the map or plan of said city W S mAN't OVE Sheriff jy15-td By J P Fla HAN Under eheritt SHERIFF'S SALE 1-)Y virtue of an Execution issued out of Al the Bete Distriet Court of the Sixth Judicial District on the leth day of Lily Itite3 on a judgment obtained on the letti day of July 1S511 in favor of Henry Culver and against Manuel Leon for the sum of tea 78-100 with interest at the rate of I() per cent per annum from the letb day of Joly le53 together with the sum of $27 100 costs of snit and all accruing costs I ha- is this day levied upon tad will expese to public sale at the Court HOIIS0 t)(1r in Sacra! mentecity Sacramento county and letate of California on the 7th day of August IA55 AT THE 110CR OF ITEVeN O'CletCK A M All the right title ititereat and cairn of the above named defendant Manuel Leon of in and to the following described property to wit certain mining claim known as the Mtynec ht Company on Sulky Fiat beirg fifty feet font and bouneed on the wean ty Crumbls tut nel e'en m with no ilednite boundaries on the at th ared no elf14:11 wareed on the ease tt gether with all the sluireie kites arid tools thereto belenzieg W Se MA'snOVE shorde jy15 td By J P LTIGRfr nItr Sheriff I l ' 1 t -447N N: -1 lit ttiff' Ckt17n al 141 tAtto ?tut 4xa---oviv te:- :0 - )) lillu!!'1!t:I 0111166 ': 'E'l '1:' l'H 1 y i ! 111 t:i" - 'a ' -t!:1'1tV:rt' & )1 tiIi ! ploft I' 00

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