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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California • 1

Sacramento, California
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THE DAILY BEE Ipecial otce rehltallt0 (SITIMAY RICIPTED) A THE ILLY TEo PtI TWEN1Y-FIVE CENTS PER WEEK ii TDB EY dz CO4 a rrollsox I DAVI TOM one Tsar per mall $10 00 or Sir Months 6 On or Three tiontbe $0 For One Week payable tr) the Carriers V5 Biagio Copies 0011 OOOOOO 10 er Adrertivemente ooaspinnously laverte4 at refs losable rates -M VOL VI SACIZAAIENTO WEDNESDAY EVENING jAN 18 1F60 NO 919 ITroroFnitog imonnoionlimooninewasitemonom lot ate anti Co lat Tmeimumnrem irirmarememeAmmennammemmummumm muotntento BOOK ALI GM If I IN14 SISCCTAD WITH NTATISESS AND DISPATCH Notice Stanton residing upon Manche Del Paso who are destrom of hissing land occupied by them oil saki Rancho are requested to call immediately on WM 0 Real Paste Agent Third st 17-11s ornex Newell' telt Alt lei article In now for stals by IL McDONALD fla 139 STREET If thorn who ate sufferins Rom the immediate presence of scold will try It and thorn wits from a former sold have bad entailed upon hem 'cough or any of the Dye meroua aftectiJna of the Thrust or Loop to ours to from a neglected cold will also try this syrup I am aura of their morn favorable leatimony to add to that of those who have already done so under ginner circumstances 1 have borrowed no hi sh mounding dot Mout or dead iloec tor's earns under which to introduce this ertiole to 010 publio but have tilted my own name and toy own lianas lure that I may be ae ell men ought to be held personally responsible for whatever they offer to the public man an ticlote for an flitting evil 7 Merchant street San Prancleco --cern Rs SAL IPELAV SC 11n ONE 0F1)Til EL 01 DES' 11' IV Teachers in Cahrotnia grateful for the liberal pat remise heretofore extended to her soll7tts a coetineencs ot the same Mrs band has good ace mmetittions tor als or eight hoarding pool's ahri terms will he made to Not the circumstances of her patrons titriet attention will be pet(' to the moral colons se well as to no literary acquirements of the children 'minded to brr rate Pitt VATIC 1e8mOSIS in 'moil Music and the other branches of study al formerly No lhe04 r11061111 a III 11 never's Jit (erica Cottage Hones) PSCIRMENTO Fu tLEBT TILEATER street betwood 11 co snd Third streets I41011 SAL HE STOCK AND FIX TURES or tho itr4 SFORE on Second street nett door to Barnum hestfoirent The above wilt be aoid at a hatpin at the preeent proprietor wishes to leave the city Appiy eh the premien tuanedietely Ji131yr PArsone tiesirine Tug DAILY Hal left it their residence or place of business will be supplied by leaving their names at our countinstrocm on Third street between and at TWENTY PITS CENTS PER WEEK pTANO FOR AR- 003notol rivod from Boon ono or Henot Irrrtita Coniston' beAuttful in ll gtruente i be 4r 1 i suld low fur Gab Apply et MIN Cti IllgTY'S J34129 Northwest oorntir of Seventh and I el roots Tithl 010 CoTrAtio cLotit BY CHARLES SWAM UNDER THE DIRECTION Or itlit BAKER Third eppearseee in this city of Itt It In order to eacmmmodete tho numerous puttee who were unable to proAire ts witness Mg IIACKEIT AS' FALSTAFF Sbalupsare's greatest comics creation be will perform it to-ntint for lELT HE NT TIME Mr iladistes very limited wee and his other irreales msots precluding repetition of this great hasta TilE SIJINCRIBER HAS NEAT CoTCAtig 111OUSCsi TO RE NI' furnished or unfurnished to a very desirable location Anelt at the City ttlareaus I street above Eichth to it CKi 41 VOR THE BRICK FIRE Proolitort No 85 1 stroet et present nom 11" pied by Collin as a 'hue store Apply on Nis pretnises It-n sW111' Trees! Trees Trees AMIE LOT OF FINE TREES CO pr A e3k steins ot Apo Pear Plum Pesch Chnrryt84 ha AMICOI Nectarine Al mond Sheds and urns ntenat it For este cheap on street between Second and Third streets Sacramento rigt A ORIN 'Joseph Gene lial ON WEDNESDAY EVENING JAS 18 14'111 be oeseted (POSITIVELY THE LAST TIME) iihakepears's timed Illetorial Play in five new 'nailed he FIII4T PART OF K11444 IIKNEIV SIR JO'IN FALSTrr MR HArKETT Henry IV king of Enolond Mr Ryer Henry Percy surnamed Hotspur 000000 Mr 011Vil Sneer Lady Percy wits tai Hotspur Mime Sophie kdarin IMPORTER AND MMia WHOLESALE DEALER IN l'ritiro of Atintiosion nrces Circle and reconcile $1 On tloorir Circle 00 Oullery 2i Seat can be accored el the Box from to ti II font o'clock No extra charge for accurnd seine 6 Ohl the old old clock of the hemsehold stock Was the brightest thing and neatest Its hands though old bad a touch of gold And its chime rang still the sweetest 'Twas a monitor ton though its wtrds were few Yet they lived though nations altered And its voice etIll strong warned old and young When the voice of friendship flamed Tick tick" it quick quickto For ten I've givon warning Up up and go or else you know You'll never use aeon in the morning!" A friendly voice was that old old clock As it stood in the corner muffling And blessed the time with a men) chime' The wintry hours beguiling But a crow old voice was thaetiresome clock As it called at daybreak idly When the dawn Iwired gray o'er the misty way And the early air blew coldly Tick tick" it out of bed For five I've Oven warning You'll never have health you'll never get wealth Unless you're up soon Au the morning" Still hourly the sound goes round and round ith a tone that ceases never While tears are shed for the bright days Bed And old friends lost forever Its heart beats hearts are gone That warmer beat and younger Its hands Ain bands we love Are clasped on earth no longer I Tick tick" it the church yard bed The grave loth given Up up and rise and look to the skies And prepare for a Heavenly morning A friendly voice was that old nid clock As it stood in the corner smilleg And blessed the time with a merry chime' The wintry heurs beguiling But a crolte old voice was that tiresome clock As it called at daybreak Idly When the dawn itroked gray o'er the misty way And the etirly air blew coldly "Tick tick" it out of bed Fie five I've given warnieg You'll hever have health you'll never get wealth Unless you're up soon Au the morniug" Still hourly the sound goes round and round ith a tone that ceases uever While tears are shed for the bright days fled And old friends lost forever Its heart beats hearts are gone That warmer beat and younger Its hands Ptill halide we love Are clasped or eerth no longer I Tick tick" it the church yard bed The grave bath given Up m) ad rise mid look to the skies And prepare for a Heavenly morning REAL ESTATE FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN Tv WO VERY DEillIABLE BUILDING gi lots situated in a pLeLI pin of the cite Vok being the north halt or No4 corner Of and Eleven hatreete each lot forty by eighty feet At Onenalf or the WhOle of this property will be gold low for cult Tuts perfect I TtION1404 Apo Coqier sod Sixth steers MaRSHALL's CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE No 130 trcetL'Ilarrantentoa And ISO and 1S4 Monlotrary strait BIM Francisco CHINAWARE d28 1m ON MONDAY EVENING JAN 14 AND EVERY EVENING DURING THE WEEK NEW ATTRACT10N4 EVERY INIGIIT The laremet number of the most ler artistes of tte served protessimiei merit sosetubled together that has ever beim engaged at the same woe Cif 114Plivor PIACI OP A IIISE31 ENT IN TIIE WOULD vim') tadtarrLy Aantlast psi Cents iie NI ARAI! A LL Proprietore HOU6E3 TO RENT Ittonvy Loaned Knotty elle Collected IERSONS HAVING OUSES TO rent in en! part of the city or Rent or any other kind ot Mlle to collect et a smell commie- Ilion can have the same ptoniptly attended to on application to JAMES ROWAN People' Employment and tleineral Agency Office Filth street between and lit Sacramento i Dinner and Tee Sete Vase oh gill Bottle I Motto Cups and Saucers CaLdiemt icks Toilet Sets etc PLATED GOODS1 Cake lia-kete 'gators l'I'chers Tea Sete Knives Forks Spoons Wine St ludo' etc CUT GLASSWARE A General Assortment CONSTANTLY ON HAND A large stock of COM CHOCK Lair und GLASS WAKE ultable for country AU the above will be sold cheap Pk it SIM d2n Agent for ing MEI LA Saeramento MR ROWA business is rich ea tO TeqUite bis con gent attendance in ad parts of the city thereby him to be an artentive and convenient Agent Persons daily cell in scarcity ot Heinen) to rent Military and Civx Ballo OF VIII SACRAMENTO 11117SSARSe To be Oven at tele TurnVerein ON TIIIMSDAY EVENING JAN 26 It is onfortnuate that the etivice or an In telligent eneineer enuld not have been taken when the city wile first laid out and thus the aolvaetages of it topograpey turtiell to better accomit Tie people seem at first to hive cherised the idea that the hills would uiti mately be leveled or at least their tops thrown into the hollows blween sd as to produce that uniformity of surface In which Ike Atnerican titled delight's Great exeavae tinne have been made at the foot of Telegraph Hill but ni dilly for the purptiee of rumileg a street through to North Beiteh The other hills however proved too formideble stud the itillabattitte have at last found out per force that the Blight Inconvenience they occa sion is a hundredfold atoned for by the plc toresque beauty they conttr Upon i the city Bud the charm which Iley give to a residence lit it Clity street bill le but little short of four hundred feet in bight and the window of the private houses on ha side comm lid the grandeet views of the city the bay the Goldee tic and tee filiselon Valley Had the streets been arranged terlace-wise along the hide as lii G-noa they would not only have been wore convenient but far more beautiful It is still not to late to remedy Ibis) mietake in part The view of Stitt Francisco from either Rim con or Telegraph Hill say it of any other Ameriehit city It has the noblest natural eurroundinge and will In tbe course of time become the rival of foe or Naples or evett Coen alit intiple Frew the breezy bight or Riticon the wuole town lies before you rising gradually from the limit of the semicircular sweep of bills Its pi evading colors are gray white yelluw aud pale red wit le at this (Licence the very con lusiou and luoiragruity of Ito architecture be ti additiouel charm Over Telegraph Hill rise the dal k-blue mouutains of Angel Leland atul Saintebto to the right stretches the bay with the brown eteepe of Yerha Bate na guarding the alicitorage while beyond it the int notable of Contra Oetta bathed in the lovelieet golden and lilac tints melt far to the north and Pout!) into the distaut air I It ave I eu this I iiiiiscepe with all its grand features of a cold (talk indigo hue und heavy with a gentlike br I Haney anti play of color under a clear eke and painted ty islande mid bore tit the deepeet crimo 1 of Butiset till you seemed to took oil a world mouldering in the fires of Derail It wee therefore no mai I to me when nine out of ten of my old aegitillitancee ea I have wade up my mind to live and di cannot be co 'tented eliewhere" The feet in its Ft 1110141104M IrOM the civiliz iI Won tm Francisco lecke lione of the 'idea ttages ol iur Atlaet 0 chi while in scenery ctimele iiiI the riches of its in rItets it fir surpasses them ail 'Louie rent le not more than 25 per cent Mgt' than in New York provisittes ere ry nearly ti sAtu )thit4 from 20 to 50 per cent higher and outy I tbor is tiloproporlonattely dear Where 'airy house servants receive $30 per month a el aecoraplietted cook $73 intin intuit be very rick or bid wile must not be atraid to do is portion of the ork hi riel Sobtactiel Ibreeiomy brick heuses rent or trout $100 to $200 month frame cottages trom 15:30 to $60 tie cording to tiz I MI111004 tiOti Labor re receive from $2 82 50 per day and oetein eird tor $6 to $8 per week icks ere 50 per hour washing $2 50 per doz ei and WW1 mice to thenteis amid cow certs Newspapers cost is Blotting apiece the 'blest grapes in the world- is atillinu a potted and a ittith fifty tits From these cuidery data the reader will easty infer the gelieral so tie of expellee Li 149 I waded keeetleep in sand In the dry iteasoti keee deep in mutt in the but the streets tire Oinked lar and wide aid cobble stone pivm uts are being rapid lv introdueed Tile stones are brought from Folsom 01 the America Filk and is mail who bed the cut laity to Luke up otie the other day and crush it iti a clu irtz mill ex tracted two duller mid a hell itt gold I So we can ley in the words of a camp-meeting bytne which I have beard sung by the thole eye "The streets are paved with gold Over on the other side" CHOICE WINES AND BRANDIES 4000 FINE 0113 PORT 104 MAI eillEttints I slOiCtil 011) ROAN ME wok he attentirin of petrchnoters to owl terse and well selected stock which will be sJici et the vet toweet market rates bCWILLIAMS CO eti and 48 it street Cognac tt (I-s) CAsKS JULES DURET 10117 In double packages fur sale at low figures onit EtGTITR CASKS JULES DURET IN Ago single 'maws for sale low by mcWtLLIAMS CO At's Ms Club rouse Gin 'HE UNDEINIGnEll II A VINO BEEN APpointod 8 ILE A rINTA ter the sale of this PURE IN in Ceiliternie and Omuta are prepared to supply this Trade with an article that has NO EQUAL IN Till A It kg Imo the PURE ARTICLE to it finest thipkat condttion seri flavor 1 his Oin is I memt OIRECT PRM HOLLAND I by Meurs IC CORWIN Is CO of New York whit have made arronsements with the late firm of CAMt KELL Hit for ie sole importatma andante In the United States and We ere suured it is the ONLY GENUINE IT It II St ot uVv EVER IMPORT INTO THIS MARKET And we me satisfied that a trial will obtain for it the i reputation it antal es wherever it is introduced la IN utiles the bottles twit 1 Lk! lin OF 8 CORWIN Si Ctl on them Forests by the principal Limier Dealers in an Etencienth C1MMIN8 CO 010AM 50 I alifornis street hen Knin-isee Bon Latham Gen A Nutter Bird Hon Weiler Gen al Cirii Joph lowyea Hon II Helium) tion Kibbe tit0110)4unit Hon It bins on Capt I a Eyre litwbu Uhler caut Ho reit I teuolman tern ie Madden Capt Anklet' Mere Win ('apt Moro Wof Hat don Lt tiJ Torbert (Irg iry ltho tiling tit l'ower4 Gruter 'eat Sutra I liCuoduingto IV etenblast A Radiant IA to Morgan Ileum Reicicke Lt Rothe obit littchert it Ryan Lt Ih We Lett Arent Minot Lt Amtel Elamite l'utainan Lt Ch Heinrich A oletibrcn Leith sluts Lt le 'toner A Neubeuer ri Mott I Marten Schindler tr Jacobs IrNh1L Taiwan Invitation Committee Gant Eyre I 0 PI Cumming Li Mini Capt HwIl Lt Weisel iteinitte GI Committee Capt Werner IA le Ebner Lt Wolf Ch Heinrich Li Steudeman Gregory Floor Managers ('apt Windatt Lt Martin Watrenblasti Lt Wolleb A siettbauer Schindler ticket (lucludidg Sapper and "4) 44- tit lvfartel randy BIWA OP lUN CELEBIUTED g-Alr brand in bond ano for aa'a by Mc iLLIAMS lit Wines REV OF nit HIGHEST QUALM Choice Old Madeira (or sale by tdcWILLIAMR al CO 46 and 46 Kul PREMIUM PRINTERS Champagne- i)00 BASKETS "PIPER Co )8" 412 11111DSLICK for sale by Mc WILLIAMS IL CU i eitl-' Yt '711APS4'1-1 1 A- '4''- 'ilo 0 A :7 ill''1'-4! i 1 10t4A4 Old Tom! PuNCTIEoNs OLD TOK" OF BOOTIni Cir brand for sale al a low figure by atoWILLIAMS DANCING 41tADEttlY I HAMILTON HALL itIOS sL between Atb and Oth The Hall ham been thorenehlv renovated and la the dual room for ddnel or in Sacramento Wye or Torriond-Tueaday and Friday 'onions hot (Modems' naturtidy Afternoon for Children Pivdte Pisan inn Clam for ad lee and Gentlemen on Mond ty evening trom 8 to i Privdte Len us at all houn the day Hall to rent for bells and puttee MELCHIOR dThim A A SANDERM Irish and scotch Whig Iry JAMI-40N SONS' DUBLIN MALT WEIlsKy HARVEY 8 HI(JFDANI) MAL! WHISKY IsLAY MALL' VHIY These Ara Pure and Ohi and finer than env heretofore in tiro market MoWALLIAM 3 it We drove through an enchanted land I tliolight I had been there beforee yet every thing 1 law waft as new to me as it woe to my i compaition Our hot" stood without tier bounds of the Son Francisco of 1819 Well 1 a remembered the three miles of loose sand aid thorny chapperril which Intervened betwei is the ridge terminating in Rincon Point and the MiSSiOS of Bolero New we drove for heir a 1 mile down a brood well-built sleet here mid there behind the houses low red a meund I or yellow sand like the nettered forces of a I desert kept at by and but halt corquered The roar of Clay-street 11111 dotted over with 1 small equare cottages res-mbled Barth'a plc- I Lure or Timbuctoo Brit the Mission Volee I in front of us green and lovely wi11 a bock ground of purple mountains was a remittis- eerier or the faireot scenery of Greece Now" I Paid I have I rotted the orielital tape of the 1 lendscepem of California I'' She hart been com I pared to Syria with more correct 1 her true actetype in netur (histor 1 teeny not geologically opeaking) le Greece I Eveu the vegetaticri bad undergone a change I since my first visit Along the streets in COWS I grew the exquisite feath-ry acucia Item the I balconies tuchies hung their pendants of coral I and eapphire lioiropes wantoned in immense edema under the windows anti the 1 fronts ot some of the cottages were hidden to 1 the eaves in the scarlet oplendor of gereeduins I The otaiva here a tree opened its huedreds of 1 plek boesions the wild pea vale of Aware 1 lia cletutiered over the pot ticoee and the wit 1 lowy encalyptus flourished ae if ill iitt tietive nil The in 'rally thichete near the mouth ol I Mission Cre had vaidebeil atid vegetaide gerdene filled their place oil either heed ere oureeries breathing of mignonette and violets and covered chluaieep with superb bourptels of which were off red us by boys along the road at two bite" opieeta Gilmer' beer and music gardens the French Ilospitel a stigr refieery and groups of neat euburb tit reset twee which extend even byotid the Mresion combined to give the valley au old In reit letl air Near the top of the hill behind the Mission buildmg was a spot illicit 1 looked for with a curious iuterest lit 1849 1 had taken up a claim there had paid tor the eu: vey and tor aught 1 could learn acquired as secure a title Se 1110et others lit San FrattCSCO My tract colitained about fa of which was stony seri all of which was barren there Watt ileither grass nor water but a magnificent prospect Al that time 1 could scorcely say th 4 1 owned anything and the eatidection which I felt la Fitting upon one of my mike and coot niplatille the view my linagined trout window amply repeid me fo tel sui vey OF'S fee Where the docuinet ere I have not at idea a tether the cla was eV worth etty thing is exceedingly doublui ha 1 to iced wah exultailen thet nebody had sa yet (null 111011 It I heree iih ineeneeinwee prePent the propery to the fist man who dealt be aortae' eitough (iii all eyes but mine) to build the ho is I trnagieed and eejov the View I admired And this shall be to him his heirs xecittore and assigns to have end to bold etc ewe Crossieg tee creek the road kept on over rollilig hills teward the in Bruno mountain at pith side were he fi Lis dalided by lences of redwood the houses mall and otte storied but stiffieteitt ly comfortable mild th gardsits luxuriant with vegetables The la idscape was dotted with windmills which are very generelly used tor irrigation end form a mat keil feature in the agricultural scenery of Calitornia About six utiles from the city we Caine upon a bill divided by a titirrow valley fridn tile San Bruno range Tee mountains lighted by the rays of the atternoou sue gic lined in the loi es best play of cob if The tawny hue of the grass and will oats brightening into lilleS ol Clear gold along the edge of the hills but-treeing their base brown on their fronts and irk in the sloping ravines resembled velvet of the richest texture while the limber elks in light slid violet in ths contrast of a delicate silk A grove of live away from the wind in such curious attitudes at baste that they se med to be scampering at lull epe over the stood in th foregroutid a hiie on our lett the tratisp irent greet of the bsy shifte I through blue tutu purple far off For aerial beauty and harmony of color 1 have never seen any thing to surp die this Vi except le Gre ce We returned to the hotel thoroughly filled with the day's bestowal of eejoyinent and de siring no more But the eam 9 night we were called upon to wituess a epectecle of a very diffsrent character That wonderful au ora which was omen in both betuisph res at the same time was nowhere more radiant than at Stu Francisco Viten I wee first called to view it a low arch of intense white fire blazsd in the expanding rays of which becaine rosy as they faded until they were come pletely merg its a vast cloud of the purest scarlet lustre drowning even the brighlest stars Slender earls of white liget elioutioi upward from the arch through Vila cloud seemed to burn in red beet arid as the color deepened all things were tinga1 with its dat lurid lustre 1 fierce brillaiicy of hue thought not Ili form or wort meat il surpassed any ef the auroras which I SAW ill this Polar zene Toward midnight the white arch disippeured acid the scerlet cloud came so thiu end dim 1 that the eters shoue through it My fist walks through San were devoted to the search for serne old lentimerk wooden Iron or copper house which bad been standiug in 1849 But 1 WAS distils pointed there was nothing which 1 Four great fires had swept away the temporary structures which had cost elmo-t thel weight in silver alai mete houses of brick or grailite etood in their places Montgotnery street which is how as it was then the center of be coos dertel a baudeorne well built street any whee wade the tither male avenues alhougb atiouuding iii cheaply built and baeily ereeted wooded elfises pilaf) at least of the Name char to tfr of lite and activity Seri Francno with its 1 opula ion of eighty thoueand bee aireedy le stamp of thegreat metropolis whice it is deettited to be Eeeriwbere changel I went to the Plaza which 1 last saw inclosed by gaming bells ou three sides- and she Custom Horne on the Toe flieley seuctures of '49 bad inished like an the old adobe with its tiled rOtot represening the early days of Ca 'Melia was suite I place or the Parker nous stood a Cty Hell of Australian treeetotte A lofty irregular mase of buiallugs had arisen ou 11111'1de dwardeg the sqa ire which surround by a bevy iron railing and devoted entirely to threadbare turf Bud soul 1 nguitilling dusty trees bad a prm and tespectehle air truly yet I Missed Ill ru is fanteatic picturetque uarestrained life wherewith it wee filled ko years ago The old Post 0111e bad almost pass out of memory and a stru 9 ure mom wore massive sad spactoue thau our lueberiy city ot New Tort can boaet of (which must be coriteut with the most leconveueut time churett this side ot the At IA C) is now deroed to Matta nod Cuelttill From 11 pars of the ci rise the lpires of churches sad envie houses setotiee that the most ample pro i has to sae Inc the teeceing of both eiritual and tear pored flas To tomplee the climax of pro gres Stu Francieco 13 Wore bOtiefffil gevsra teen Nw Ioi hes a mere tilLient pierce and 1 I better guards the liVed sell properey of her 1 citzeus tP Old Rye Whiskey I) EACH BRANDY AND APPLE BUNDY tor sale by fac WILLIAMS it CU FRIVAL'E JJANUNG ACaDEMY Seventh street coiner mnnoo BY OALAVOIVI SON in AMAICA ST CROIX AND NEW ENG tilt land McWILLIAMS CO a1 II 1 CHOCK INIC apt CO1 Third Street berawten art1 streets Were awarded the FIRST PREMIUM en Printing at the STATE FAIL We have increued facilities for executing every dor eription of BOOK AND JOIN Pu IN TING AT THE VERY LOWEST RATES Tar GIVE USA CALLt-SA' And we will guarantee satisfaction CROCKER la CO 'Third street between anti streehr d31 SACRAMENTO California Wines e01 4111 From the New ork Mercury PICTURES OF TEARS IIASTk R' BY BAYARD My Second lopprtsdons of San Francisco When I first landed in Sari Francieco on the 18th of August 1849 I was put eshore on a clay bank et the loot of Clark's II II I saw before me a large encampment of tente and canvas houses among tech some wooden buildings arose th an air of owentation For the fee of two dollars a Alex coin cerrieditny truek to the Plza where I lound crawlers the loft of an adobe rude bed and three meale of beetsteak bread end coff at $35 p-r week The town wits alreedy laid out however and Vivre wee much sp culation in building Iota About a (Ozer' etreets bad assumed a visible outline but beyond the Chaotic encampment rose bleak and barren a semi circl of high seed hills covered with stunted chepp iril The populiteiou of lie place was about 5000 On the 28th ot Aligusf years and ten days found instead of the bay betweeri Moen and Clio k's Point spacious anti well-built streets complet ly covering the former anchorale for smaller ve-sele From the tome a clime' acme the mouth of the loet fitteen mitesive piers out into the bay The low ground in front ot uri was crowded with warehouses and manufectoriee as the tall brick chimneys denoted while up the bights behind wretched row alter row of dwelling and the diverabor lines of streets to the very summits of the four bills Our steamer drew up to the end of a pier and mtde fast we were immediately salitted -with tne cries of backmen and oninibus drivers runners with hotel cards jumped aboard residents (eo longer dreamed in fi time( shirts revolver belts and wide awakes) came down to welcome returning fact there was not a ili(linden feature about the picture if I except the morobig-blanket of gray log which the bills of the Coast Ratige never kick uir until nine or ten o'clock There were to wash bowls to be seen 1k0 picks no tents DO WOO patent machines no gold dust At the solicitation of a hacktnan we stepped Into an elegant carriage and were conveyed to the Oriental Hotel over planked streets anti pare Iran foundries and gas manufactories The hotel is a large four storied balcouit building of wood at the foot of Riucon Hill All my retiders have seen a hotel at home and know just how it looks But all my read era have uot seen the noble penoram upon Which the windows of our room Hill the glorious bay Yerba Buena I-land and the lolls of Colitra Coma with ItIoete Diebto in the background I Nor have many ol them fresh from sea and new whetted for the of the lend at down to such a breakfast se aweited ne We taeted the cur was Parisian The beefsteak it bad certainly been cooked in London Tee soft shelled were in Broadway's best saloon the Switzerland! The go 'magi I "What" I asked in trembling accents "dues one ray per week for tempi in ilea Apiciau temple!" Fifteen dollars! The scene upon which I looked was alto gether unlamilier to my eye Flags in the lire ze churehspiree tautest ic engiue houses gay fronts of dwellings with the animation of the holidey crowds in the streets below gave the city a gay Southern aspect Unlike all other American Wells there was nothing new In its appearence The clouds of gaud anti duet ranted by the summer monsoon speedily Wear off the gloss and varnish of newly erect ed buildings and give them a mellow chaise-ter of op and characteristic as well as the charm of Mediterranean ports With out the evidence of my own experience I should have found it impossible to believe thet I looked upon the product of ten year Wben the foe' bed roll elf seewerd and the soft pale-blue sky of Seri Francisco artered over the beryl plain of the Bty and its biotiteing purple mountains I experienced a mighty desire to shake oil the lethargy or th tropical Voyage by a drive into the country I took the precaution however to ask what to a luxury would cost Twenty dollars probely" was the answer Here begat' to real ize that I bed reached Canker nie Nevertbe les like the poor aud proud American in Loudon who gave one of his few guineas for a plate of strawberries rather Hutu have it sup post that be could not afford it I was about to oilier a vehicle when a friend plactd his own private tam at my We were advised to take the new Sal Bruno road which had recently teen opeued beyond the mountain of that name in order to afford a shorter anti more agreeable road to See Jose than the old trail over the bills Tbe restlees excited ultra-active condition of mind and body engendered (in myself at least) by the Sin Frericieco air Cali only be cured borrce bpathically by draugete of ite Caine Fettpl wcrk here as they woo nowhere else in the world The nor-west wind flsvor'd with Pacific silt which drews threugh the Golden Gate every day at noon sweeps away not ohly disenee but sloth spendency and stupidity Butter 6434 On hors bwk I am Cie ter I am Cicero that eller Dome wbeo I saw agile the Mumma Valley end first breathed the beeveuly odor of ibe Yerba Beetle sittiog behind a epsi of auble 'ye 1 wee Horner l'itider Alexeirder the Great Peter th Great Mho ot Cortoua wad tieuerel Jackson all in tette I NOW 13 THE TIME! i LLONS LOS ANGELES Am 60 0 0 WINE for sale low 100 came Baneevalo's McWILLIAMS fa CO DAYS or EOR GENTLEMEN TUESDAYS id PS from 7 to 10 rOR LADIES AND CHILDREN WEDNESD nd sATUR DAYS from 2to 5PM Private Lessons given at residences and at the Hall any time ol Day Mtele fu whetted for Ws and Parties hall to let for puttee OALEVOTTI Im 1 0A LAVOTTI CLOSING 0 UT! Ale and Porter otitt CASK i ALSOPtt AND BARCLAY'S Ago '17 bottled ALP dad PORTER MA is CO 46 stud 44 orre Cognac SMALL LOT OF JAME4 PENN'ESSY c- COGNAC very old and fine for sale low by leVa HALLAM 113 Nos 46 and 4 8 street 12000 rounds of Candies fOlt IHE HOLIDAYS At 'Wholesale and 111 all al RATHBUN' CO'S STEAM CANDY MANUFACTORY 141 treet Nactemessio WHE UNDEIMONED HAS ON HAND A large amortment of NEW ANO SECOND-HAND FURNITURE! Which he will sell for the next thirty days at Alt- VERY LOW PRICES! -SI eoriiiatt cit Bedn'ende Bedding Mittresmes rola Di hi Tab! 6 ()waxes 4 holm 11! I es etc etc hort ho has on haud every article to iroish a corn piste on it for prties about tine to houwke-pins Per Boos req string a- toles in hi hoe are requested Gall and examine his stock J4 -AL lamer tortMerond and Third One I 4 LI KINDS OF FRUIT AND ORNA-nt IL mental TREE beat in tne State bona a 7 the PREMIUM NURSERY OF CALIFORNIA (B FOX 411 Joie) ALSO Grope end Native Goasclacr Lawton IlLickberry And other varieties It amphora and other email Fruit Trees Hop Hoots in qatntitiee to suit at who tele end AT LOWEST MARRET RATES ISM Miuvirv BOW Agent for Sacramento and vicinity J42ro so DO at ere Shade and Ornamental Trees RAVE NOW IN STORE THE FINEST sTOCK of AN Ed and TO ever offered to Faersinento which we ars selling st less than ban Fran it co price FANCY CAKES LARGE AND SMALL' And every description of Cakes and Confectionerv for Weddings Sails and Parties on band for III or mods to CON3RESS HALL-116 'Street 'FITINT QUALITY OF IMPROVED BILLIARD lea "helan's Coughiano Hut Lig uNCH moraine and tvoning TrIE BAR with the CHOICEST WINES AND LIQUORS All till Newipapers Pictorials etc may be found on bis Tables PETER BRIESBACII Proprietor The proprietor has wanted the service' of JOHN hA NI DT who will be happy to ea his old friends Congress Hall d24-Im 111E bitILEANs IIVELL SHAVIN G': SALOON order at THE LOWEST PRICES 1 Imported Prenrh Confectioner? French and German Tova Gold Silver and Green Leaves for ornauient tyi minas always on hand 47ti AIL44 Now Ready for Transplanting A LARGE AND EXTENSIVE STOCK Eppinger FAMILY GROCER JO WISEM A3 Cc CO AVE REVOVED FRONI THE WESTERN liotHL KotrPet to the Orleans tic Lel Second street where they hese fitted ep one oil the finest Ehaving and Hair Dressing Ealoons 1 the city Northwest teener or and Seventh stave's SA RAMENTO lr yAsi ALWAYS ON HAND FOR THE USE IL of Vamillea tn etoicelt kind of Pro visions Watts Lqoori aod Cordtils Akio venous broody of the hest California tour Caiifornla kiadta bacon Esss and it10011 huttr always op hand It is but neretars to leave soar orders and goods wilt piontpuy left at arty part of the city pir FREE OF lAtiGE 1 EPPING1111 JIS tin Northwest orrnerof and sta Dr Cooper's Magnetio Balm IS THE BEST MEDICINE EVER INTRODUCED II CALIFORNIA DR THOMAS FORMERLY OF NEW It' 'Ato York the oldest stahlished Surgical and Mechanical Den far tist in Sacramento is still 002 2'' )' 40 practicing his profession et I co 7 9 et He lain pogo- 3 1 session of all the late tit latest im- i'l'f movmeents in Dentitry and A 70 110 a has the enclusise rght of this counts to use the great ri iscov trA ors of Dr Francis of gsbv Shit extracting Teeth EN II it ELI 4- -7 WITHII'T PAIN end intle i A pendent of the use alai drugs i'r'tfkt Ilk by the now LlestroMagnetie 11''1' process Vol the virtue of this ins prlentittni lb- has the pint lase ol refering the public to Hon Garter genator from Shasta Hon Wiilb nev Representative town Tnolemne Mrs Do Castillo 34 street between anti Mr May Alhambra Si loon Second etrret Mr Rank well corner irth sod street Mr McIntire Samemonto city Mr Cai walader eorner Third and steeenn Mr Edgar Buck eye Yolo counts Mr Nichols constable of Sutter lownIiiini Dr Willerd San Francisco Other ref mimeos can be had at his odic' No 79 mat- bo4 "leo 3(1 anti 4th otreet4 Soteramento City I S-Im City Gardens La St above 8th or t411A011 AND OUNAMENTAIN TREIRM VONSISTINO OF THE ELM MAPLE LOCUST Modes Catnip" Lahnraum and three-thorned Acre CI or tioney Locust All the shove perfectly hardy A 000 un Prees from six to fifteen toot high the liner Shade Tree in the State well adapted tor sate tine in Pleasure Oroundt Avenues and Sidewalks Al shirt's stock of Fruit embracing over one thousand ven rtiet viz Apple Pear Peach Plum Nectarmis Cherry and Almond Also a groat variety of swell fruit' a Offer Sea-on for alp- HAM 0 Forearm Grape of ills testa varieties hsvini been selected trom hearing sines for their reperior tutelar for wine and market purposes 40000 4 Stiiiertlie Grape pee to three yearn old many of them beating Also Garden 'a erd of oar own timerius and put up in quantal's' tomtit purchaser warrented sure to 'Otero-a thireenlis arse Plante I bbatobery and Climbing Vine's in endless varieties Privet for Ornameutal Hedges ate All the 'here will he "old low for cash only at tamale Posnologleni carden nrd nrosery an the American nver two Mike and a half from etre and Office 44 3 treet Greenhoune and Tree Its-pot on Second street between and site Walla Panto a Co's Other Houniteto made go Order Price catalogues sent ER to order t41 Im A Eitka Ica! Eitka Ice! AND AFTER THE FIRST OP DECENf- 8 ER ins price ol ICE during the winter mouths will be THREE AND HALF CENTS PER POUND WM sAaatrr Agent Depot on 4 tit street ono door treas JS ILL Dysentiary WILL lc Cholera Wallin tVILL cuaz Bowel Complaints and Cramps WILL CUR Reasons Di IMMO WILL Sisk Headacho WILL Colds Croup WILL Canker Sons Throat WILL Broachitis WILL CURE-41rarat ail lAmenota Swellings Soros In inlariee among 'balm' and otbere for Poisonous Bites Vegetable Poisons ste it is witnont a rival It wia a lay Ind 'amid ia or Woonits Brniss Baru Sprains eta if antral with is 'rained otely As Carminative Merasine sad rain Killen it has superior at W-Ittit-0011' 4 glOPARTNERSHIP-D YID MEEKER AND IAA hi A Heilromoto have formed a co psrtnershie in hasineae under tho arm of 1410KEit kiEvE sBEitG for the hawse of importing and Vow' Ittissber Wagon Melts fele etc A nedenhera wifl mthe their parchnaes in the Atnue sinus snd they intend to seep largo rock of the best citm Ity to be found of aqtries in their hoe of boa sem inch wilt hound at the 101e3t hey cesoectluil whoa the patronage of their ffiencla and the public tore I at between triebth 1111 n4 Ninth DAVID MEEKER dMtre A ft YDENAERCI STRONG Agent for California Sod A Sold by Druggists generally drwm A1G1111VS 91111E teetememeanueedll URI ASI) URN A OEN rat 1 EE FOR sale low 'Pb meet choice hinds of Poach Aryl Cherry Pear Plant Quince Pomegranitea Vino and a vanoty of beautiful i Trere ail size at very low prates Pettede Tree ilareet Flowering 1 'Beer scout Tree al( ft aa Hulbert'' Catalpa 1113ti the It werevwee Black Peeper Tree Kt' el Dully end Menthe I of beestiful vertettee OLP 4 NOE Kul pe eeeetwelnete end etbse Greenhouse Plana "tower Pots et by Joc14011 A TO tw weetl IV end Lore for $ilo 1 A fut? for tele era to 101-11e -11 a ve ammommomommilli NOTICE--THE COPARTSEitSHIP HER 11 tants existing ender the name sal style of I It te WORStmrs is this tiy diseplyeg by ssutbm cronyL Worniser hiving dis aged of ius interest in tn tome to Wmausr who jiI tag co Ossateem at the ma storm corner 01 Second sod 1 st Pete ISessateaux Jesuitry ittS 11160 GINGER'S SEWING MACHINES ARK TIIE BICMT FOR FAMILY 1CSEe tally learned and kept In order Are the beet for general Ise for nearly the clothing moo factored is made oe them Are the only hied At for Tailors Are the cheapest because they sere the moot money Ate leas liable than any others to get out of order The ONLY two bemuse la San traseliew emoted le ewe king general clothing Bassett Banks Co and Alecto gee Co have used Wheeler Wilson's Grover at Ise toesooli the Quaker City sad NJW nee only Singer a IL DUNN ELL Agent 160 Sweetest street lias Freedom References Et Paeritmente Benry Bragg Seventh Arcot between I and 11 21 Winn 162 street Hyde 116 street Grimm $4 Front street I Reeves roar street between I and I Mrs Newcomb Crescent City Hotel CI WORMSFR W0d344Ca alllwr IIT TIRTUSE AN ORDER ISSUFD THE Honorato I idotriet (curt of Ilia Sixth Judicial Nutlet land to ins ditertni as antigneo of Lyman Pins an itviolvent debicw I ail sell al public sale at the court-house dor on hatiaiday January A 01S6G AT LUNEN O'CLOCK A rut rollowiug property being the aunts of said insolvot debtor Tinit-en scrag or land oltustnd in tie Town el 1be ton County or Erovence btato or hods Wind Fnuc Rite or 11ea Oue amadi brck corner or Sixth and tine small 'ut Nuriacy AL uniettled account Tky J6 biartzlialAJ Agrinet 1 ervL AaLia rit ii of the ono of itnt rtLe ae end 'poi to the Protein Court of the county of he rarnento oe tee thteeeth day of tanoary A 0 lann of ten e'loolt 1 for an oraer of wild Court for of a4 tie perreetal pro yof owl notate to toy I he alloaroce te tr olneer ne minor ttmd of sald eee-aeed the tapesees of lig WIWI and the elem 'Armed 4ind wkti es tstP how lith OW 1111AS() it I 01 J124 Oduttotetratrzt 1 I ISSDLUTION THE COP A RTNERSHIP hereto ore existing between el Hogm0 ma Dorn doing bone no er ttie esms end Kvia of Hkibtir HAN It tts tidy diosotoet by itattra constat the bertrott of said brat old otied 'by Dom wee will 101V Wee the batineis It the old it 4(1 a Herbaria It Co Ai grrio try itiaebtti io vitt srd firnt see hmhe re eeil led setti4 Or)US atter uf Hot tionesirried wins Jamusry iti 1k HOr i ie ie Li.

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