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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California • 2

Sacramento, California
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-7------- 4-''' 5 -i- 7 4' 41 1 4- 4 11 464 4 4 1 414 immmm-4 1 s' 1" 4- 4 i Al' Its 41 1 it 1 4 ti t' 11 II' -11 a l' It' ATt I 5 f' itri ti 4 141 414 1 A 7r11 1 i i i f-WI 0- ioot- A 1 Legiblative Summary BY TELEGRAPH TILE the United Amusements TO THE they Sintagteists dEltmtinmcetttsohrugragidzia-n bui--07 DAILY BEE tions of Sieters st Chat- ity one hor- NATIONAL I int li ot rooet tot 'ow tiLlo isr tat 1 JOI 'V I' oriftelit compANI- Total Destruction or the Entire badness po -tion of Iowa Hill Os Ilundro-d Maryland and which 41tnowledges authority Buildings BurnedThe Iowa lila sews both temporal and spirtual to a society in whicb tat sateExpres li ses all IlIceit Franc a a and the other 'Ala: its head guar- ti4 4 rb Jt On 0 CL8 471 ilVatolikAlli SO 111tr---M------ USenaentS NATIONAL ta aa ir nt tit salcl 1 itit roca C4bItIPANY k--------- be 1 tit 'Is bt uu Ot BOrlitit110114 have tendered tbe Joint Stock 'rtAr Bertlit 4 71 i oNr THE ITLY BEE 4 4e co 0 Third street between kid -41-- Pr 81141113 MYMMY MOKNINO (MONDAY MICIFTYD01 4 4 AT TWENTY-FIVE CENTS PER WW1 ir Fox 'One Yekr per mail $tO 00 Fox Six Wad's fi 6 00 fkee-- fi 6 60 1 -44iimite 4 4 41' ettl I Ili )or Throe Menthe- 3 10 4 Per week payable to the if 2' Sing Copies 1 10 Papers sent by mail payahWnadvallee 4 Advertieementa eonspieuroly twierted at rea enable rates of i a of BOOK ANL midit PRINTING SINOPTID 113111 HPATSISSIS AST DISPATCH 4 Per week payable to the 00 Sing Copies ft IC 4 I Papers sent by mail payahlAirtn advance -5 iroleAdrvaetrea tim seente eonspienorly twierted at re et a 4 1 BOOK ANL 4-PRINTIN im WITH d- azut'3711 KFaTNNIEIS A NI ISPATCH 4 I 4 a 0 ass' 1' 2 lol 1 'e II il 4-11 r-i'f' erye-- 11 I ill i 1 11P 1 1 l' li' II (44 -7 re 06 ji II ktiliAlf EVEI11214-- tbruar'Y 3- ing of citizens to aolieve the dietressied ters iu New Volt and altd SLsters of Char- 't The performance will with a '1 Rebuilding the town already commenced Lose Si 50000 iy te Nortnern States' The latter a Favorite Farce IOWA HILL Feb 2 elation has recently purchok the mag2ificent tvorite Stoig estate of Edwin Forrest sitkted at Foothill ailamisubtin 4it To conclude with the mai 9'4 titi the Hudson river PUTNAM This morning about 3 o'clock the alarm of for ihtlich they paid i fire was given and in a few minutes the cen- DAZCNNUA-A i mos tatiiie anti eq" te tr- tral portion of the town was in flames The him $I00000 To tif 4he purchase rctlestra Chaim 1 Zit) Pit AG 1oam Priva4A fire was first discovered in the brick part of money was paid down and he faience is to 12' Lower Private boxes trorirleo" I miirsi open at quhrter to Curtain ris' et 4 310 ir-e- the City Bakery and is supposed to have been be paid in twenty years sewed eiely B4AL office 41Pil Ili A otril 4 tr the work of an in cendiary as there had been Mrs Sinclair claims as a domir onklird of IllaV hi: no fire in the building for baking purposes the property and the case i' i ow inourt tiOFESOtt b1101 I 4 Sunday at 10 A The east side of consequently he could only 1 outrighef-Avo- Grand Vocal and lb 'truraental Maia street from Temperance Hall to McCall thirds of the estate A New Vat papvr sks Concert zt Co's Brewery is swept with the exception in commenting on the sale AT THE REV MR BENTrS'S Clin-tal of Mr Culgan's brick store which sustained It is a little singular that iNative Aweri- Os Friday Evening 'February 6 18374 no injury or the goods therein The Post Of- can once so determined as Mraorrest should irk which oca-lon be will it kisisted by the first tat- have contr the ibuted at last to thiacquisition of eutin sta: flee as in this building so important a property Catholic liakea to tt had at DtwAiss Lale anti at the pria-1 On the west side of the street the fire ex- Church Pr id the foundation (I one of th ciPal gytemtsomvautsterr la tended from the office of the Xews to Hill's most specious and lasidious lustutions" Afprris A Rmv A 4 vorue zstog -17- r-0 14 ao a e- To conclude with the great Nationst A a AG Froicrom Prtvs44 0 PU1 NA Is''''' nut' rtiiit te i is Boxes LI Lower Private boxes frorirl0414-' 1 loors open at (plater to t'ortainrr at 3i lir-t- cieelly A ir B4AL uthee open trot ih A 13 3" fq) ma be ecui etl Pt40FESSOR bilON141UNt Grand Vocal and lzu' truraental Concert a- (sa which ecaion be will apdated by the first tat- eut in the liees to had at Dtioliet Late and at the priu-1 ent in the State liCkes to oe had at Dni tlias 'ale and at the prin-t cipal hook tort a f3 I gewommeristrafurottmlfr NNEW ARRIVAL I 11 I 7 0- 7 i 0 4 7-1' 1 177--0 i-- A AT JOHN WIN'S rIltlISv sl d-li -q pry? i 1 sAcktilk SI IMF? 1 1 NTO 1" cV ian Francisco Infants' Embroidered Hocd6 boben Aro Embrciderea Velvet Mantes and noel 8: Fine Gray Cloth Cloaks alot Mantlsc Fine Lace seta: Embroidered Sets with I-41k and Straw st3les vpers Cloaks Hooped SIM 1 A large assortment of Pre' TrirNkntngs Blonc'es Plutues Furs Clothb Iftsiery Embro'cles etc etc at the low est arkst price JOHN BIGLEIL-A Washing VI correspon- I dent of the Sew York Herald ys that John Bigler will certainly be Collect olSan Fran- cisco AS the Ex-Governor to passage on the Orizaba January 20th and that steamer will not have a boat to conn with it at Sanjuan del Norte her passtigers will be compelled to proceed to Panamiwhere they will take the chances of gettin passage to New York with the passengers leave California on the 5th of Februat aud the chances are that Bigler will not le ach Washington until after the Thaugurati y1014-1111VG lekaii-LUAILIC 3 OctSIDO --13 a the first page a short poem a high lyisteye'sting and true story entitled The Lost 04) of Wyoming" and amusing auecdotes Oa the fourth page miscellaneous and other items 1 ALUTA1 OR This morning begins the publicatioa of THE DAILY BEE the closing uumber of the Cali fornia dnierican haviag appeared oa Sunday last The material of the paper is the same and indeed almost every thiug cookueeti wiLh what has been kaown a the California 4ater' ican exoeptiug its past respousibii ties and its depeudence bpoa party and the advocacy of party principles for its support Its present conductors haveyesolved to steer its course far out of the titormy latitudes of mere partizaa -strife into which it was originally launched aud through which it has just passed They believe that a public journal will best sub' serve the interests of the people at the present peculiar juncture of affairs in this State by cutting itself Lee from the shackles of so-called politics and holding itself ready to denounce or approve as it may see fit measures and pubhc men without the slightest regard to their political complexion They have too bag seen the evils which hai erePt Into all the party organizations of this state not to feel fully aware-c-f the- olignity mai the power of an independent position la the Democratic party they have seen too often bad TV ESDA ASIOICNING Fkaillt VARA a Reservoir The dwelling houses in rear on either side of Main street are all saved About one hundred buildings and tenements are destroyed It is almost marvelous that lives were not lost The materials of the News printing office were all removed but by tearing away a building between it and the St Louis House and by the indefatigable exertions of our citizens the office was saved and the fire arrested on the west side of the street It is almost impossible to approximate anything near the loss sustained So rapidly did the flames extend that the fire-proof cellars under most of the large stores were of little use there being no time to remove merchandize into them The loss as far as heard from is as follows? CratneN Hotel entire furniture $10000 Melbourn clothing 7000 Hawking Delano 8000 Sanders 5000 etc 5000 Gross Co 2000 Berger 2500 Egbert Co groceries 3500 Jao Kneeland 10000 Isabella Conner 10000 St Louis House 1000 Alworth 3000 Brown 2500 Hotel De Paris 3000 Placoek stable 6000 Alleman Baker 2250 Kimball Co 10000 Barber 500 Sheaf 1500 Dr Strong druggist 5000 Roberts Bed Rock Saloon 3000 Garote liquors 5000 McCall Co Boomerang 3000 tiov -tz) 1 HUTCH IN GSCA Id FOR IA MA GAM We have received the February number of lutehinse California -Magazine and are )1eased to learn from it that it has reached Itirculation of six thousand although it has lly been in existence eight months The preset number contains a vfry interesting sketi of The World lu California" illustrated wrlh engravings of The Indian" The 'loner" The Miner" The Englishman" Th4ishmun" The Jew" The Negro" TbeHybrid" and the Kanaka" all of which chi4icters are to be seen every day in California I A 7Z SENATE Senator Wilson submitted a petition from al good many inhabitants of his District prayiugl for an appropriation of $5000 to be expendedl under the direction of the District Judge toH wards defrayiug the expense of breaking up an organized band of robbers and murderers which infest the lower couuties in the State The Legislature seems disposed to give early attention to the subject The Committee on Public lands recommended that the memorial of Walton attorney of the Union Land Association of San Joaquin county be laid away among the papers of last session The Governor reported as approved an act authorizing the administrators of A Ritchie to sell real estate an at fixiug the time of hclding the terms of the District Court in the 9th District an act to repeal au act to iticorporate the town of El Dorado and au act to fix the time of holding Courts in Tehama comity Bills were lutroduced for an act supplemental to an act to provide for the fuuding of the debt of San Francisco and to provide for its payment an act to admit as an attorney in all the Courts of Record in the State The Committee on Military Affaars to whom was referred the petition above mentioned from Los Angeles county introduced an stet to carry out the objects asked The bill appropriates $3000 to Los Angeles and $2000 to San Bernardino county to be used by the Supervisors of those counties in arresting and punishing the desperados with which they are infested Rules suspended and lull passed An act making an appropriatiou of $5000 to pay Gen Denver for his services as a Commis-goner of the War Debt Laid on the table An act to cede certain property to the town of Eureka also an act for the relief of John CPtrk were indefinitely postponed A Resolution against Convention to elect Physicians to the Inaaue Asylum was laid on the table ASSEMBLY Many members were absent at roll call The cost of copying documents the past week in the House amounts to $229 40 ThTs is exclusive of the pay of five salaried clerks The various Assembly Committees with commendable promptitude consider and report back the bills entrusted to their care By resolution the Sergeant-at-Arms was authorized to appoint an assistant at eight dollars per day The Surveyor-General was allowed on mota-ao leave12(1 printed enni of his report Mr MeKune introduced a coneurrenv-t-Bur lutiou providing for the appointment of Commissioners to select and segregate the State from the IL lands which was adopted On motion 960 copies of the committee's report relative to tbe State Treasurer were ordered printed The following bills were passed An act supplemental to an act to incorporate the city pf Sonora an act to authorize the Board of Supervisors of San Joaquin county to audit the account of A Tyler (The amount provided to be audited le $71 and the expense to the State in legislating upon it about $300 Penny wise and pound an act to authorize A Rudisdolph to build a wharf on Petaluma Creek an act to fix the compenaation of tbe couaryaradge of Teheran The eTand oi-1711111matc-fOr work done on the Insane Asylum and an act to the construction of a wagon road in Calaveras county were indefinitely postponed The Assembly Chamber is hardly over-comfortably warmed notwithstanding there are four porters employed and paid by the State to attend to this and other duties r- The pages have commenced their annual depredations in cleaning the members desks of newsDaneraa without leave which they tare and sell to the retail shop-keepers in town This nuisance must be suppressed The Legislature thus far appears to get along very well without Chaplains Pacific Steamship Co's e- FOR PA AMA! C'eueectiug 'vie Panama Railrea -4gi'-r1r-Siwith the Steamer! of the United State Mail Steemship Company at Aspic issia-akwa-s- wall FOR NEW YORK and NEW ORLEANS 300MLEICnis i Departure from Vallejo Street 'Wharf The splendid steamship SONORA 4 ILPPTOGE COM1118111101 Will leave Vallejo Street Wharf for PAIVAALit with the rezular Mails Pamsengers aad Treasure On Thursday Feb 5th 1837 at 11 o'clock Al punctually Piseengers by this Line are landed on their arrival-- at Panama upon the whart at the Railroad terminus by the Company" ekam ferry boat and proceed nu- cli meately By Iteillroad A tletaali the Isthmus to wall Where tbe steamers of the Mail Steamship Com- panv are always in readiness to convey them to New York or New Orleans 1 Passengere for New Orleans proceed by din-et steam er from Aspinwall i Through Tickets are 'urnished including the transit of the Isthmus 4-0 4 11) GEORGE PRENTICE--This dishiguisbed journalist and brilliant writer at 1ast4ecounts was lying quite ill at St Louis whther be had gone with th3 intention of estanishing a journal MA litRIED In SI liFilln 27th ult Mr William Wall of Vacaville to Mi'as Jane Pigz In iian Franrieo 2Uth ultSr Thos LJura ro Gertrude Franklin formerly d- New Orleans Dec 22d kir AlogleyErsl of trlaryorille to Misa Zulle Virginia deughterpt the Hon fol)ert Edmondeon of Maryland Gertrude Franklin formerly I Deo 22d kir (I MotleyE Miss Zulie Virginia deughtert Edmondeon of Maryland i Fasseng scsirstied slisi al tk1ct for the steals ere-er else --OiCirNesiseterteelt trestinitip Compansr-masst- be presentni to ths ir ageht at Aspinwall for registry and exchange as their nsil not oth-rwise be available Artalr Tressure for shipment will be received on board the stc3 until o'clock midnight Wednesday Feb 4th No inerchtudise freight will he received on board after Feb 4th and a written order must be procural at the office for-its shipment For freight or passage apply to BAItCOCK Agents Corner Sacramento and Leinesdorti streets- an Francisco A ckoice of berths on the Atlantic steamers is se- ll c-eod by the tarty purchase of tickets in San Iran- fs Lock a 40 44 3pecia1 Notices Sn'mmersedes formerly ti county 26th nit by irthav-d 45 year eats Kt -Mi Smith city bakery Steen Millets hardware Patrick 9000 2500 1500 1000 'ZOO Geo-Haycock buildings 5000 Ogelby's residence and furniture 3000 Matthew's Hotel Empire Stables 1 McKenney's shoeshop 3600 5000 3000 2500 Edwards banker Wino bookstore -yamaiaati DI Wrilt In this city 30th ult to Gem Cadeen bakery Vogely groceries alliamal DIED In Shlsta 29th ult James 4000 iy of Mo sTecl 21 years Wells Fargo Co saved their papers The At Freeze's ranch San Jose Peter Realeysisie a Scotchman I Pacific Company's safe has not been opened AMEN yet but probably all their papers are pre- New Adverti eerred -0------------ itr gUtreitt it II Itepa A meeting was held at 12 o'clocitlfor th-1 Mail Steamer SONORA purpose of will ssalse at lation DArila-IalrnedbrWueserkl yltha paetrblPPMam 1 devi02------ omte A meeting was also held at to tlo- area o'clock for the purpose of taking into ter Sheets Government Envelop consideraticn the widening of the streets Pictorial Book Store No 1 Rea The work of rebuilding has already corn- Buileing one door from street menced Two houses have been removed to Rcokseller am Main street and teams are busily employed in B--ALtri Mail Bag open i hauling lumber for tbe reconstruction of others o'clock- Our town has suffered a severe stroke but the indomitable will and untiring persever- HERZOG ance of our citizens will cause it to soon re- I Putur Its 'IN la sume its place among the first of the mountain VARIETY GF GkSTLE towns FURNISHING G001 By the exertions of Mr Babcock uth Side of1 Strett bel SECOND DOOR FROM SEC everything connected with the telegraph office We are in receipt of New Goal was saved and by 9 o'clock was in working which cola! lea (I to prrwrit ai ti onble and complete assort order nnmmil BI ItTLIS In this city 30th ult Georqr DIED In Shl sta 29th nit James of 310 PTect 1 years At Fre Pre's ranch San Joaqui Peter Realeyside a Scotchman New Advertiseirn iblreat Steamer SONORA will DAY February atb at I 211 and Weekly Paper Pampli Sheets Goverumr-nt Envelops Pictorial Book Store No I Bea nu Being one door from street lIcokselle and Mail Bag open o'clock HERZOG IMPORTERS AND VARIETY oe GhsTLEmEN's FURNIsHING GOODif! South Side ofJ Strett bet SECoND DOOR FROM We are in receipt of New Giods which enai les us to present at fashionable and complete assortmrnt BLELAINOTYPES pittpviol ENT UN THE It Awr MR SUER- could reepectfully announce to the EaC raiment() public that in advance of all Impetitore he is now prepared tofurnith MEIALWIYPES having purchaseC pateat lot that superior style of pictures They arc lakes on' a metallie galvanized plate with a Japanntdtortaceand by moat who have teen them 44 men supremely dominant and using the party as an instrument for executing the most selfish of purposes regardless of the honor of the State or the happiness of the people They have ------c seen the American crieled be- eleath the weight of corruption which it was "flee lied to bear in the persons of men who thrust themselves forward as the friends of re' form when they Were in fact-thi-most loathe some moral and political lepers that ever it tainted the atmosphere of the world with their 4 nremence-'' They haree-eeen less cursed with the Influence of such men and 4 they have resolved to stand aloof from such disgusting affiliations The object of this paper is not only indepen1 deuce but permanence Relying upon a just 1 honorable and fearless course of conduct for Its support it expects only to make those men enemies who are the enemies of the country I i Its purpose is whatever may be the measures which it will advocate in the future to owe no oe'ee ---ettaaks to any cliques or factons but based on the broader foundations of right to survive the wreck of mere party organizations and still to be supported by good and true men all over the State Personal abuse it will not indulge in but it will not hesitate tvhen the occasion presents to speak of public men as the -Ine itself upon case and not misrepresentation As to its size the design is to afford the pa- per to the public during the present rather close times at a cheaper price and to supply the lack of quantity by the quality of its cont tents Every effort ill be used to make it a clear tetlection of the times and faithful record of events in a condensed and yet full enough sYsteta It will be the endeavor of the pub Ushers also to make it acceptable in families for tb000rretow0-r t1z1 anit ALwej -Iected as well as its purity of sentiment and general dignity of tone The name of the BE has been adopted as being differeut from that of any other paper in t-----e the State and as also being emblematic or the industry which is to prevail in its every de partment As to the claims it may have to the public s---0 gel port He readers must judge for themselves upon a fair trial Such a paper as this is in--Laded to be has seemed to the publishers to beedursotes ay of the times and if it cannot eubsist upon a pure and exalted public senti ment they desire to see it fail All the hope a truly independent journal can have is --A- et 1 the encouragement of the intelligent and Ct 4 11r 4pted masses and upon them this paper 1e I 4 I ment a 1 the iCt 1 1 1 1 of I i 3if)Se 011 A 'I the Steamer Pictorial ts Illustrated Letter Stemps etc at the Block Pe-t Office Newspaper Agent until quarter before 2 f3-2t 4 a 6 Co DEALERSt CLOTHING Pcoat and 2 SECOND STREET THE ches of tl other et44 Genii i 1-i BoOLS- 1kulla $'' l't'-' BLAICESt tirely rem day persor tki sop erery steamei all times the most to be found itt the State An we import our own clothing it enitli us to soh at 1111l REAStils-aBLE kriklES 13-1m HERZfiG C1L1 1Pa tte 'a fitit and 7t'- Fritikty ati7 for the Gentlerueer Children 4 14- 4 to twit 4pf f3 CALIFORNIA APPOINTXENTS letter-writer to one of the Bay papers says that Col Weller has recommend to the President the appointment of Richard 1144 of the Marysville Express to the office of of the Land Office rice Ex-Senator Rust resigned It was rumored some time since that Col Rust ixas promisixl the office by Col Weller hence the neutril position of the Express on the Senatorial question which formerly wai a Broderick sheet To the same office General Denver recommended Charles Lindley ind Herbert Mr Frank Hastiugs WORNSER UtIPORTERS A ND DEALERS ts CLOTHIS44 ESTLENIEN'S 46 htreet Second tore to fiestiogs Co'n BH House cippobite nignol" villyE are constantly receiving from New York a ald Boston and also trom Europe by every Steam Clippcfr-Aip the most Fashionable and Biebest 2tylesottieod oat the market has ever afforded I a WORMSER co f3 2it st street a To flit! netts jn untleit51 4c tttle syd lobe uen 1 1 BA'RNUM RESTAURANT OPPOSITE OREE ANS noTEL street betwea and Meats- a 1 a 00' 1 0 00 Lit aril by week Private rooms for parties LEM EL Serious Troubles in Southern California The steamer Sea Bird arrived at San Francisco Saturday noon bringing accounts from Los Aegeles of very serious troubles On the 22d of January the Sheriff of Los Angeles County John It Barton accompanied by Wm Little and Chas Baker Conetables and Frank Alexander Garnet Hardy and Chas Daly citizens started out to capture a gang of Mexican robbers who had been robbing and murdering numerous persons recently While on their way to the mountains in search of the scoundrels they were suddenly surrounded by about twenty of the robbers when a generll fight ensued in which Sheriff Barton Constfables Baker and Little and Daly were killed while Hardy and Alexander escaptul with the greatest difficulty and reached Lis Angeles in safety when forty men well armid immediately started in pursuit of the murt4- era The entire gang is said to consist of sixr 1 men all well armed and the prospect is thtt before they are captured there will be a cbs- perate battle but the party in pursuit are ail brave men and will conquer or die Business in the Lower Counties is repre seated as being excessively dull and Samuel Norris Esq who returned on the Sea Bird informs us that there is great suffering for want of rain none having fallen this season of any consequence The cattle are rapidly dying off and unless rain soon comes in abandaut quantities there will be a tevible drouth the approaching sanutter and the fruit crop will be ct failure i GARRISON NOT ARIIESTED-By tne arrival of the steamer two weeks ago it was announced that Garrison had been arrested in New York by the President-a ord1 but later accounts contradict the absurd report which was gotten up in New York probably with the object of injuring that gentleman in California as it is well known that the President has no power to arrest Vanderbilt has brought two suits against Garrison fir damages etc amounting to two millions of dollars IT7 LAD -7 eCleatet EA6144SI- I DRES4'atj SI itE PA EILK4vg-TA blettirtrat ornd in fVPi Ays not hoesn 355i efin ti 461i 1" wnianto Ni NG IN SIERRA COINTY--The rt cent rains 1 ad a glorious influence upon mineral cts ing miners plenty of water to a' out dirt been thrown up in pile all ---weitvr waiting for it The Sierra Demo- il erat Saturday contains accounts of gold taken Irhn)kirteen elaims in the vicinity of Forest Cit a loounting in the aggregate to -t twenty-one lindild ounces valued at $33000 all of which wt ta sen out in one week One -lump of pure weig gtit h- 24 Ounces was tu out by the vat Comp I Creakdast week and Lka -any at Oregon 0 smaller chunk are 'l daily found k'o SCARCITY OF IN COIN THE 40NA---The SIer- Deport-at complains that aid is very 4 scarce in the mines and miners' i to resort to the old custom mpell ed of vith 1 4 A dust centace by which they always lose a Nage )04- LI uley alwayS lose aNtrg1 centage k- t' )4 Ct tat -1- 4 er -r tii ('' eui 1 3 SACRAISIEl1'0 PIONEER ASSOCIATION LECTURES Tne Eecoud Lecture of the coure will be delivtred at the Hall of the issociation ot-pite the Uniin office on WELNESDitir EVENiNG 'NEXT at 731 o'clock by REA 1V INGRARASI of Vienna" The count trill consist of TEN LLC1114-4 eo popular subjeAs to be delivered GO Wediwstlay evening of each treeit during the scason by gentlemen 41 unquestioned ability The Lectures for he month of Feiruary MN MR BENTON Feb 11 scon- 1eb IS W11 RHODESt 01 Tickets tor the course admitting a Laly alio d-rntleman $5 Single Tickets admitting only one 4O0 etg Tickets can be procured at the Bookstand of Chef: Binney Gardiner Kirk and Bitbeit and Otto door on the evening of the Lectere-' 7 --t INSANITY IN sclireely open a mountain paper but it contains AteA counts of men committed to the Hospital Cr insanity which forces us to the belief that 'the horrible disease is on the increase in Calibrnia The last case reported is of a man named Mulloy at Shasta while the Stockton -dtgus of Saturday mentions that four new pstients named Jones Ezra Bt iggs Henry Fowler and James Enditoreaarrived at the Insane Asylum on the day previous -hetvcreeso f3 0 4 4 44 tb MOr 14NA factureun sv t3 Mattirm 1 Cheap by et tpre atieet 1 :5 1 1 1 I- vSMk 'a I tt) A- to a.

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