The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California on February 3, 1857 · 1
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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California · 1

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1857
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t I B1411ARY 3 1857 t smitANIENTO Till MORNING FE-1 9 ' tieleAv -14o 7—--- 1"104'-'iNe a litasseasmasasuFal -slatarnammaaanaaaamsom 1 fi r -1- BEE 1) et - : Ai" - 4 n LXCEPTIT) A ?' try-e- rrl WEEK t o I J t 4 :‘C!: " f r 1-141 — $10)13 2N 10 11“ t 1111011 0 - "‘ 4410 at ram 0 WW a- t t it:"1 mt 1 7 1m tmt It I 6 s o 77--4--e Alt s - 4 - 4 - ttAlL' 4 9' ' ji DIIIPATCII 4 -0 " Oftleo A Isio of oxecutI t t t''- s 1" 4 C‘1 Kis f )t) 4 st$ nfit A Fs IN1 I t & AINT?4 w! 1 1s1 sl' C " 4 A 111LE & 111 sad mini oro kg Om opmoo A 111111111111111 t A A 'I 1 J 1 t- 0 ' lAy She' lair 1 t t to Ito g 1 ' us hair tre - v :WO t veil 4 t ciao t 14 - spell i I b ( suet wiN) I ' r -At ' ' 4 "4 - 9 be '' o brow t -a ' 31141 9 book Ti AULIAAtlialaostrAm '!4! ' t beautiful val t - 4 4 v 4 I 4 n t : -r' - od or its lava -i t - -' i2fr- F I Of torles and i ' - I 1-4-‘ - Iddat equaled 1 : f I 7 ' -- estige or that i - 1!1 - t ” inhabitants - 'J - t ' i was a Quaker i' - - ! - - I peaceful die' v 7 it ' : ' 1 : nest to the In: 4- '- f I - it I t thti torch aud 1 - : '"4t his neigh- 0 barnt and short dare - - - 4 kS who was 4 : 1 ' 7s - !bat the In' "' b- 1t : r 1 ' ' '0 ' dt1POMPOPPhaVet 1 ' ' ' ' 1 ' " 1 ' t P the wife of - - - II '''gc-ro ta' n Iptive by the -“ u r A f it) - t- ' 1 :-' ' en and the 1 : t i '- - - aarti0 frillr t 11 3 i il t J ' ' some four ' t k ' krit r - NV ich mule 1 i f '' redsktu 4 t lir 1 I col be In& a' t ''''' f b0 )(S ad ' ' ''' "-'-'4 a IrfLeanti 4 ' ' '-e:i tion14tic 4 & ' 4 IL i'lled by a ' ) boys Step i 4 - arthy warrior v k e - boy with the 1 orror-etricken anti was tot- 4- it warm reek- ' c tug about him -1 - lung to tempt e the Wife of An India' age It in Ohio wrote to an editor : ptive by the en and the of one of the ne t4papet4 in Pennsylvania in- 1 n l ! forming hic4 th t he b ad seen and talked with I a white w':4 La L i among the Indians who bad il i ' ! some four toll 1a) thtt her name was Slocum that her i — -it r NV ieh made father wa-t 42 faker and wore a broad- k i redin sk ''''''7444:tdill i that he lived at a place on the ? I ad he vici 6etnuebaitt viver whch was near a town f a 0 )0N sd where thcre 44o) a fort and that she was taken 1 4 a 11-7: e and from thence while a child by the Indians e- L t - This letter the editor—who deemed the mat- o PIW 11 atilied by a ter a hoax—threw among his waste papers ) boys Step- - arthy warrior where it laid for a 'tar or more until his wife ' cne day in looking them over came across It 4 k e - boy with the Iler sympathetic feelings were aroused and r iorror-etricken the sent it to the Intelligencer in which it Wag - ' an was tot published i t 4 il warm reek- i It happened that on account of a temper' tug about him ance address it contained an extra number I - hing to tempt was printed one of which foand its way to : - f eayrying biz Wyoming and two brothers and a sister imme- lad in his wayertitely Ptarted for the West to find the long ' lug him in hie lost Frangss: '---- -t then Mrs Slo- They found her but 0 how changed ! She e: g caught him was now an aged woman with grandchildren 1-i ton" of earn about her and fast approaching tile grave lug him in bia vhen Mrs Stog caught him ‘ tope! of earn -vo sr of her poor thel no good a Mlle &nigh t onctiet in feat : sid wrla making sgairtstoppedt I moetpathetio I rive hvi bright homrsad the might Abe bate q-11 rocia or the of the homage - -nest appeals of 1 f i : koodtt terrified be- paws would nee a been sbonnie and white as 1 C I I ekey are" f3 — I 1 r)--r bolder of the so ie when Ale saw her second end tdy I vittlicatil torn fran her and carried into captl 18'y t4‘k an(1" the affliction and gave hersiV 'IP tpt stiil apathy: little short of despato Ontjef Airs Slocum 8 children had witt a sag ty beyond her years at the r first wpearance of the savages snatched up the youngest cilia and fled to the Fort where she 'gave the Sarin and a party started at 0e for the louses but the Indians were ready beyendbe reach of successful pursuit In a short tie after the above melancholy bereavement Y Slocum was called upon to part with aer!usband and father who were both shot and kalped by a party of Indians while loaderial cattle near the house Thus In the short epee of six weeks was that happy bouseholl broen up and destroyed and its surviving metvers wrapped in misery as with a mantle ID' religion sustained Mrs Slocum lit btr bar of trial and she tneew herself and her nie retaining children upon the mercy of healeavenly Father and bowed her head witout a murmur to His decree For the dead pe did not mourn—they were at rest and IV) lorrow or useless repining could restore then l to her again But her lost daughter heldarling Frances was ever present in her Oughts Like Rachel weeping for her cbildrenthe refused to be comforted and entertained lively hope that she would one day be restaild to her arms again Her spit- its seemed tioyed up with this hope and she lived in theanticipation of again seeing her and pressingher to her bosom -Days moiths and years rolled on and the lamp of bar still burned as brightly as ever 4 No tidings lad ever reached her of her child and all ga1 her up but her poor stricken mother When peice was declared and many captives returned tetheir homes and families she sent two of bersons to Canada in search of their long lost tster They sought her wherever there was lie slightest chance of her presence: they offer et rewards for her recovery but all in vain at they retarned to their mother with the cheerier tidings convinced of her death Not so wid her She felt satisfied thatIrances still livedand would not listen to any supposition et At lengh her long cherished hope seemed about to be realized a wnman was found 1 among the Indians who had been carried away when a dad from the Susquehanea and she was sent for by Mrs Slocum who cherished her and indeavorecl to feel that her child was restored' But the invisible link that binds a mother tb her offspriog was wanting and the bereaved mother was bereaved still The foundling toofelt the she was not the long lost and looked for ghter and ultimately eweaerneetto he-' 'zet el I I ::1Z 7—m" '—'"''''''''—''' t: Years roller' '1ni Ti ! had whitened the t locks of ther et ti!eg 11 ther with age ' her sons had paglei tut tneridoln of life and their childrea hruzl groen to manhood and yet she still eatertalued The belief that her Frances lived At length he Was called away to join her husband in Inuoiber world and she " went down into the geese moerning" that she was not permitted khi' ride of the grave to embrace her darlin'g child Some years arter her aeath when her brothers were grey-haired men and when all had ceased to en tort iin a thought of the lost sister their feelings wilee aroueeel by an announcement which placed feyond Neestion the fact that 1 sill" Ittill livell 21 14ialPirm"4r 4ormer haeeaa-eeeaea-eee - ---- -----' An India' age It in Ohio wrote to an editor of one of the Ile tpapet4 in Pennsylvania in- forming hire theft t he bed seen and talked with a white w4tAe among the Indians who bad toll I'm Lis t het) name was Slocum that her father wee a itaker ' and wore a broad The interview which took place between the long separated brothers and sister was affecting in the extreme She informed them through an interpreter (she had lost her native language) that after her capture she was treated in tue most tender manner by the Indians who took her to their towns where she soon became attached to their roving nomadic life and came to dread being discovered by her friends er v — — — — fI TACT IN Bitooixo—The human heart is a curiously strange instrument It produces stranger vibrations according to the skill of the hand that seeks to get music out of it The art of approaching the mind from the right quarter and successfully arousing its emotions is one thak every man does not understand Some seem tt have the gift of doing this thing very adroitly We give the following as a specimen : An English preacher advocating the generous support of an important charitable object prefaced tbe pirculation of the contribution boxes with this address to his hearers: " From the great sympathy I have witnessed in your countenances and the strict attention you have honored we with there is only one thing I am afraid of tbat some of you may feel inclined to give to much Now it is my duty to inform you that justice though not so pleasant yet should always be a prior virtue to generosity therefore as you will be immediately waited upon in your respective pews I wish to have it thoroughly understood that no person will think of putting anything Into the box who canaot pay his debts" The result was an overflowing collection 41111MD JONAS G CLARK & Co FURNITURE WAREROOMS - (formerly known as HOWES & CO) 49 and 51 4th—otreet between J and K '''' SACRAMENTO And 124 Washington and 119 121 and 123 Jackson street San Francisco Importers Wholeale and Retail Dealers IN EVERT DZSCRIPTION Furniture Bedding &c ROSEWOOD MAHOGANY AND WALNUT PARLOR AND CHAMBER SETS - - In every variety OFFICE AND KITCHEN FURNITURE Looking Glasses every size Chairs of all qualities and newest styles Particular attention and earn given to the execution of TRAMS ORDERS and furnif !ling of Hotels sod Public Buildings - "" - We wish it distinctly understood siqr That our goods are Custom Made and superior to any in this market : scir That our facilities for doing business are unequaled on this coast alr That our prices are as LOW AS THE LOWEST Goods purchased will be sent to steamers vessels and all parts of the city without charge 13 ran and Winter DRY GOODS! i Received fromNow York and )313ton! - E:P Itastings Co" IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS AND It DEALERS! 1 84 J street between Sixth and Seventh Have just received a large stock of - - Fall and Winter Dry Goods direct from the manufacturers at the East and which they are prepared A rd able to - Sell at the Lowest Possible Rates t It would be superfluous to enumerate all the articles but especial attention is called to the foliowing name goods : 300 pieces Merinoe 300 Helaine Patterns 250 pieces Plaids all Wool '400 Mantilla quality ""'ies-frorq S10 to 100 according to 1 A large and well assorted stock of La - SILK at lower prices than have ever before been s in this market Call and see for yourselves Our prices are inducements We are determined to sell cheaper than the cheapest FOR GENTS A large and beautiful assortment of Gents' Under Wearing-Apparel! Of every description WHOLESALE AND RETAIL They would remark that they have made arrangements to receive and are constantly receiving by every steamer all the latest and most fashionable as well as serviceable styles of Fancy Dry Goods and also by every clipper ship from New York and Boston every variety of Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods of the Latest Styles — It gives us no trouble to show goods and the public are invited to examine— before purchasing elsewhere "—as we are satisfied that when they are viewed they will be disposed of E P HASTINGS & No 164 J street south side between fith and Ith Sacramento All the different Is uguages can be spoken and undertood at our store 164 J htreet f3 J SV REEVES City Sexton and Undertaker No 63 Fourth street (east hide between 3 and K) LOBEIPSaeltfo ztainnuttly on hand oarndMlithanlanye fins Coffin Plates Shrouds eta etc 6 Funerals attended with single or double Hearset and Carriages furnished Charges moderate f'd HOMEWOOD FRUIT AND SHADE TREE DEPOT So 0A Front street Sacramento THE undersigned occupying the above stand gis ready to enter into arrangements with Nurseilmen and Dealers for the sale of Fruit Shrub Shade and Ornamental Trees Banking Houses ' Drexel Sather & Church t 3ES 4 3PE NC 3ES Corner Tbird and 1 'streets - SACRAMENTO Draw Exelkange at sight on Geo Peabocy & London Van Vleck Read & Drexel New York J W Clark & Co Boston Drexel & Co Philadelphia Brown Johnson & Co New Orleans Bari' of the State of Missouri St Louis Haskell & Co St Louis A J Wheeler Esti Cincinnati A D Hunt & Co Louisville Ky And other principal cities of the United States Purchase certificates of Deposit and other Exchange at current rates Pay axe Highest Price for Gold Dust Maks advances on Gold Dust consigned for Assay or Coinage attend to collections and remittances and transact a ' GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS M DRE3rFT Philadelphia P SATHER Isan Francisoo fa-tf E W CHURCH - THOS S FISKE Sacramento - JOHN PI mitotwos Banker Exchange and Banking House ' SECOND STREET BETWEEN 1 AND K VIRE-PROOF building formerly occupied by Adams & Co receives deposits general or spe cial makes collections purchases gold dust certifi cates of deposits and bill of exchange andsells exchange on Metropolitan Bank New York Exchange Bank Boston Lucas & Simonds ' Bankers St Louis E Sturges sr & Co Mansfield Ohio Drafts on Lucas Turner & Co San Francisco at customary rates Collections made on Shasta Weaverville and Yreka Advances made on gold dust destined for the Mint or Assay office at San Francisco f3 IMINISMILICIIIMENVIKUltall4NOMMINEW J C EDDY & CO ARE MELLING CLOTHING AT LESS PRICES THAN ANY ESTABLISHMENT IN THE STATE — They have constantly on hand an Elegant Assortment of Fine Black Frock Coats Velvet Vests Silk Vests Cloth Vests Marseilles Vests Fine Black Pants French Cassimere Pants Overcoats Wing Talmas Sleeve Tuamtlewv - Raglans Opera Cloaks Silk Undershirts Silk Drawers Merino Undershirts' Merino Drawers Alexander's Kid Gloves Silk Hosiery - Merino Hosiery Cotton Hosiery - Suspenders Fine White Shirts Beebe's Latest Style tints Soft Hats Navy Caps Cloth Caps In fact everything that is necessary for a gentle atan7a wardrobe all of which will be sold szaxuva you v— A fine 'assortment of THIN CLOTHING - for persons Homeward Bound always en hand Don't forget the place J C EDDY A CO Northwest corner Sansome and Commercial sta directly opposite the St Nicholas Hotel SAN FRANCISCO aar The Store may be known by the Stained Gin es Windows over the doors f3 Cotton Duck ITYhe Factories innteblIntlanteic Sit!if Cotton Duck of all numbers and brands vis U S Pilot - Woodberry Boston Marine (Sze" We ars sole importers of the celebrated BUILEKA DUCK pos 0 00 and 000 Manufactuted expressly ler mining purposes and superior to any Duck ever imrorted bat° this State Cotton Seamless Hose always on hand For Male in lots to suit by Al PAIN & STORY gg Front street one door north of Clay 13-tf San FtS110i1 ! -ei waiting aliens woo tOOK tier to 'LIME' l'uw uel' v‘Liz'' ''' 6 Funerals attended wan single ur uuuum oftn ' IgiUri"tPPedt soon became attached to their roving no- and Carriagea furnished Marett Brandy I -t mottpathetio madie life and came to dread being discov- charges moderate f3 I -tre het bright- ered by her friends rreHE undersigned having been appointed by the I manufacturers Messrs Arbouin Berea &Co of t r homtand the ht di When sed she married grew up a young cand her foster parents 1121 hif of the H Dela- TREE DEPOT OMEWOOD FRUIT AND SHADE Cognac Sole Agents for the sale of this Brandy in g fte have California have on hand and are constantly receiving e or the i Of the bevage wares (the tribe to which her captors be- No- by every vessel direct from France 'elf quarter and q-n roc's 'peals of longed) and after his death she joined the 04 Front street Sacramento eighth Pipes which we offer to the trade on the most THE undersigned occupying tbe above stand favorable terms - -nest a Miami with her people and married again She had been a widow now for many years is ready to enter into arrangements with Nurse- Parties ordering this Brandy through us can have it e sale of put up in Cognac in any style of package and branded ''' a mantle which I gr) men and Dealers for th ' other the dress e h i dren and grandchildren were growing tip - - F ra it Shrub Shade and Ornamental Trees with their own name on each cash W C ANNAN & CO ' t i a e 1 em her and her life was passing pleasantly together with rd 89 Front street San Francisco With met y away C 0 pliShei her pur- site was comparatively wealthy baying a Hot House Plants Flowers Vines etc IA the business B A I It CO 0 0 lt1 1111 P A N I0 N S i ed in his exit 1 Genuine Farina Cologne : 9 large stock and all the rude comforts of In- $ eel be dian life in ithilndalice besides one thousand public li88181kn t Having had several years experience in I can now offer unusual advantages to Dealers as aside Lubin's Lavender Water Sup Bay Rum d rai 1 ltd it to from the benefit of location and my acquaintance with the h dollars in specie which she had sax d f command of near the entire Gosnell's and Lubin's Extracts Turkish Bathing Towels ' I ty and her life e from trade of ' I shall have El Dorado Placer and E l Nevada counties ' Rowland's °dont° and Macassar O I's detettnnt the annuity which Indian w tc as an n tan she had drawn several t3 ation through the agency of B Tadman s Express wagons ' l from government After spendin 1 J R JOHNSTON J a Pirer's anti Bayley's Soaps days with her her friends bade her a final - - agony keyond Home Wood Garden Balm of a Thousand Flowers ‘I apos h 2 farewell She died a kw years since and was Rowland's Caly dor s '"' teloe" Gosnell's Patent Hair Brushes '-'(' 't tet ' : REMOVAL Together with a complete assor'tment of !DRUGS at his I l I wino buried with considerable pomp as she was re- Yancl t ow garded as a queen among her people UG STORES BOSTON DR I Ileekitt bis n - izedtpon nes No 58 J For sale at the 11JUSOtrSeeT4ORMin Labatt:ea:a CHEMICALS PERFUMERY BRUSHES etc o i TrireunEvedi"IteS"NoN5D3 street between 2d and 3d i ‘ i aruse Neu Building nearly opposite the old stand i Just Received f3 lAtham's Building '''- ' -Y 'w311 be also A LADY In a neighboring town was one day A fresh linty of Pure Drugs Fine Chemicals Elegant entertaining a large party when the ennverna rerrameryFaacy Soaps Brushes and Come together P H & P A OWENS ) ' I a few ramentn tion happening to flag one of the guests re- 'with every 'Ateis usually kept ina well raratahedDrue s Store i ' SIO 3E-I X X20 i heart-bNking GII NE AIL VI I Mt 2E1 NC 1111 p k ' : 11 h U -9 short Nod marked : "Awful pause I " sir Preerriptions prepared at all hours r sad dealers in "And what's your business with my awful HARNED & D011E'RTY Apothectams - C 4'6 ot 'paws ? " terrible in wrath retorted the lady "if you it t htn- rth in thow h i 1 i 4 74- '4161 bi 63 3 street between Second and Thir& Anchors Chains Manila and Hemp Cordage Cottos 1 and Hemp Canvas Pitch Tar Rosin Oakum Oars i ad scrubbed the house as I have done your 1 uti ‘ C IL Ware etc etc A RTE'S 1 Blocks Paints and Oils Turpentine Tin - - 3 t'lett bulb in Mow t I I mad scrubbed the house as I have done your A V ARTBIEL' 1 S i paws would nee a been sbonnie and white as CHEAP ROLF-SALE GROCERY STORE f 1 : kolAtt terrified be- I iv y are f3 91' K street - ( f3 91' K street t 14 ' 1 H°S &C IfILERCHAN'av HOTEL Fire-Proof Brick Building Second and Third Fts -14‘ 60 K street between' 1 --4-mento 11 J PF A SLEY PROPRIETOR Pr HIS HOUSE is in the moet central major in the city and but a short distance from the steam boat Landing General Stage Office for all parts of t mines k Stages leave UAL house every morning for all luta of the State The best accommodations can be extended to famt - lies at the most moderate pri-es ' Rooms newly and neatly furnished for families Board per week 117 00 6 " with lodgings—S9 to $IS 00 i Meals and lodgings ' f3-tf 1 ' Cincinnati Restaurant I No 21 K at between Front and Second :t "-- 0 the in 1850 being It 4 e oldest established house - ' in the city The proprietor A A through the earnest solicitaii tion of his numerous patrons has consented to con- 1 tinue the above business and hold out still greater in- I 1 ducemente to the public Its reputation has been such during the last six years as to secure a large share of the public patronage By constant attention to bust- p netts and by furnishing the table with the best meats I t and vegetables the markets afford gotten up in a style r-A not surpassed and at the lowest possible rates he i hones to receive a continuance of public favor f3-tf - - W F SWIMLitllr Proprietor t ORO ILOTEL9 133artrares-matxrcr 33-Ermaroakmem No 47 IC street (Between Second and Third atreeta) SACRAMENTO- - - ORIENTAL HOTEL N Corner of Bush ard Battery streets - SAN FRANCISCO CAL - T1518 well known fashionable Hotel having C311 been recently enlarged refitted and newly til furnished throughout in a style for elegance and comfort unsurpassed by any House la the State the citizens of San Francisco and the traveling public in general are respectfully informed that every attention will be given to promote the comfort of those who may favor the House with their patronage There are now thirty suits of Paez--s with sleeping apartments attached for the accommodation of families besides a large number of specious rooms for the accommodation of single gentlemen in all ens hundred and sixty-two rooms Prices moderate and in accordance with location of the rooms Regular boarders will be charged from $16 to $21 per week governed by the room occupied L D RICHARDSO 13 Agent for Rassette Rouse THE PROTRIETORS of the above well known and popular establishment begs leave to inform '' his friends and the public generally that he is CLASgMtntlt off" allttrs '717rna ni"Atoecagistf et EMS of a Home on terms to suit the times This House contains two hundred commodious and well ventilated Rooms which are under the superintendence of Mrs Rassette There are thirty tables in the Dining Room capable of seating 250 persons A large number of respectable Families make this Hotel their home The attendance is prompt and respectful and the location desirable Ile pledges himself that nothing will be wanting on his part to merit Imblic favor LODGINGS for either Deubk 4ng1e Rooms $1 N B—Wm N Wade's Cos& -eked “Ilissette House ' will always be to attendain carry passengers to and from the house for I - JOSEPH BASSETT& San Francisco Dec 71855 f3 TEHAAIA HOUSE' - - - -- Corner Caassft I e Ssinsome streets I " BAN FBA -- rill MD UNDERSIGNED WOULD respeet IL fully cat the attention of his friends and the pub! - - he to Lis having leased the property known as the Tehama House from the late purchasers at the Fol-fsom estate sale and vrould inform them that the house! ' - will contue to do business as formerly as the building - - IS NOT TO BE REMOVED as has been stated in the up river papers — - This House is well secured against both I - --- QUAKES and Fires as it is a substantial Fragile ULI lug and surroundea on all sides by convenient Beano pies affording every possible meanie of egress To those who would prefer a QUIET and RITMO House the subqcriber cria aulhtittexYrapg every nom- ort Lu-eergiven to eserve a e gro-‘f their patronage E1 LIEU W FRIN11--- samannnessanonnossnen New Goods New Goods 11 HE undersigned having received a new supply oft - GOODS would inform the publiethat he is sellingi his entire stock at teduced prices consisting of a eral assortment of Jewelry Cutlery Musical Instru trients Books every variety-of Writing Paper lognes Perfumery Powders Soaps Toys Daeuerrea Goods and Instruments Patent Medicines and a hug ssortment of varieties generally i Please give me a call - - - JAS R TOLLW -"'— f3 242 J street between Stb and 9th - - WANTED - T I EN THOUSAND DOLLARS of Sacranieto n count i Warrants W R CANTW 13 Corner Third and K streets up statrk - ' IV at$ I T EN THOUS WA-11! AND Bonds W E CANTWELL DOALLANTIr 01? CALIFORNIA CALI' No 6 Maddus Building tor Third and and E ate- ri - - 111140 ANILLJL140A BLOCKS TALI 45i0 iT 1000 coils smtil size Manilla Bop g 36 1000 coils large size Mandl Boor 1000 Blocks and Ehieven assorted 250 bbls Tar each Sze 500 bales Oakuin ' 1000 Oars and 3culls ascorted Bunting - lags ST ' - aADS streeRIANt arnoSrtTi3bRT ofomkOV: '1 For sale by 410 f3 Son Rowland' s lin01110 anu BLEM so Rowland's Ca ly dor Balm of a Thousand Flowers LAW PAWNV11f iN ig EIREFORD - Gonne It's Patent Hair Brushes' ' ‘"ESS RS FOOTE WATSON o E- orootioo of LAN ‘ Together with a complete assortment of !DRUGS IVA give personal attention tr tile- adjoining tiea mg—No Merchr glast-Third an ILI d CHEMICALS PERFUMERY BRUSHES etc in San Francisco S'acramento er For "ale at the NDwiteell 2Sd an rtlildE' ' Sd thon e :-'--- - ' eteet San Francisco ' ' f3 No 58 J 13Cstrert betl Building lding bud Muson's Saadi -- n -- o - n6 -' Sacramento Ktrit Fro 1 O r -ac H & P A OWENS a"1-iiiilsog s" - ) -1r UPTON e 8romoste - - - le 3E-I X X0 Gil 3EN AL Ig' ra Is 3E1 NC 1111 1 s I'll CP FIORD '1 sad de asrs in ' I l r f3-tf - '4's-----rr Ares ------ Anchors Chains Manila and Heihp Cordage Cotton ' N 4 co - OW rrortic 1 and Hemp Canvas Pitch Tar Rosin Oakum Oars 0408111-X RH 1 Blocks Pai Turpentine Tin nts and Oils Tur t ' ' - JONES az CO—Wholesale gSfft 1 19 8 D I Ware etc etc ' SU4 o S 10 in Boots Shoes Leather aittlitnell!op I I No 81 Front st 1 between blay and Merchant sta ta"-7- between hd and 4th streets1 t3 Ban Francisco - r16 J Fg" i " r 44' i 3 I t t irdering this Brandy through us can have It Cognac in any style of package and branded 1111NILLA 11-01 114 BLOCKS TALI e'' ' 3 own name on each cash A 1000 coils sm4-11 size Manilla Rope g c 4('' 1 w C ANNAN & CO 1000 coils large size Manila Rope- I "''" 89 Front street San Francisco 1000 Blocks and Shieves assorted - ---- OMPANIONS: 150 bbls Tar Pitch &s la ROOM C 500 bales Oakura uine Fariba Cologne - 1000 Oars and Scu'lls asnorted 's Lavender Water Sup Bay Ram Bunting - lags & - - - th Bathing Towels ' For sale by ll's and Lubin's Extracts - i i 1ADt streeRIANt arno8rtTaltefoYr'i '10) i 4'--" I and Bayley's Soaps yg Sst3 b aid' s °dont° and Macassar Oil J nd' 8 Caly dor of a Thousand Flowers - VAW PARINVItfPAVnicaluroRD' : ' - z- N ag- It's Patent Bair Brushes' ' RS FOOTE WATSON rE:Pproou of LAw I r with a complete assortment of !DRUGS 1IE:Sive personal attention tr the odjoiotios cous -- LS PERFUMERY BRUSHES etc- in San Francisco S'acramentomr 2 at the BOSTON DRUG STORE ' ties ' t'eet San Francisco '-- No 58 J street between 2d and Sd Ocncze—No 101 MerchrrluezeiThira and Rs — 1Atham's Building And Munson's Bitildino -- - 0 Sacramento 1(Yrit 1 son NA' ta -att J' ' ' H & P A OWENS ailiiiiilsog 1 - J - UPTON1 goooassote - - - X: C NW AL IV' X Xs MI XL 1111 1 i A OR FFORT) r t- 4 and e ars n d al i r ra-tf - 144--------- III ' - i : ' ---1- 1 I 'eo S COFIP °' - '-'"f - -4i Chains Manila and Hetop Cordage Cotton Roos irrOttEi - - np Canvas Pitch Tar Rosin Oakum Oars O—Wholesale and tigpsixe- acks Paints and Oils Turpentine Tin A a JONES & C f I Ware etc etc - ' 11 I Front st between blay and Merchant sta SUAT4SIftlttadootialZiwit-easar adts'aziSh°e‘d 4i&Leastriseteth:r72112rlidi211 - ::t:t- '''' i Ban Francisco - -- r - I ''' ''''' ''''' I ''' f " -- ' - - - - - - - - I rt-F --- 4- i I: I I - 1 - - ' r" - 44 - iri' ! ring '''': IIVII I ilt t :- - : that ' fort ran- i 1 o f t I OMB ! arta I et $16 f Ir - - -- - i ' r - own t or 11sTie is °rut ---- "tad - 1 Et 'r- - - ----ii I I- --- - l' t t 4) o - ' 1 t o I :--' -' ' 3 'A - '-- 9 4 ':1 -51'' - - -- 1 --T!( --rT' o 1 L 1 1 4 --( g- L I L-r f A ---"” 4 P1-'l i: : 1 ' :: ''''" - cc----- --4- - ' ) L --v '- '' !' j 1j 41 -4s'otL' --7- i 4 - - t t 1 o- 1 I 1 2 - r it - - - 4 1 ! 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