Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 7, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 7, 1896
Page 3
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ipll^^ "DR. MILES, Through .His Nervine .Is a Ben< efactor to Thousands." a WIDELY kaown Wiscr.-nsin publisher, who resious a: Gre.vn Bay, wrlics M:irct Mb, 1SK. as to'.'u: fs: "Five years itgo 1 bt-catni; so nervous that mental work was a. burden, i could iioircss at nlRhi on account of siQ';picssncn:,. My Attention iras culled tc Dr. Miles' Kestorij.- tlvo Nervine, and I commenced 10 use it •with the very best cfTeci. Since tnen I have knot a boitio in my flousa aod 'use It Irtcnovur my nerves tecomc unf iruns. with always the sumo gooa rtnmiu. >iy son also takosl: lomtrvouiiness w!!E lii;c „,,..„ failing success. I iiavo rccora- Biondid It 10 many and It euros them. All woo suffer Irora nerve trouSics should try U. It Is tree Irom narcotics, perfectly harmless, and yot soothes and strengthens. Ijr Miles, through hia Ncrvino Is a benefactor to thousand.?," A. C, LEHMAN. Editor »nd proprietor of Dun LAXOSMAN. Dr. Miles' Norvtno is sold on Kuaranloe Brat bottle will benefit or money refunded. Nervine THE Is a Good Machine. 1 blgti standard ol excellence. Manj of tbe "Jlunson" conilder U THE ,BEST. Sou «1H nnii it a vnluable asslstaut In jour office. Address tor particulars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO 240-244 Weft Lake St., Chicago, In Greatest Discovery or the I9tli Century. Dr. T«»guo'» KIW RXIODI FortheCuiBof Catarrh, Aithinn : and all Pulmonary Dlwasw, It ban DO equal tot Sink and Nermtu Hcad- ache, 1,000.000 people die annually from tbe aboTe named dlaeawt. ••dlenteil Air nml Drug Co., BIcbmond, Ind,, n. S. 1. U li the beat remedy "oa. earth for La e. it will give Immediate relief will effect a cure where all other die* fall. • -. •••••:•• fold by B. P. Keerilng. STATE NATIONAL BANK ' JLOOANSPOKT, INC. — S2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President B. W. Ullwy. Vlc» PretKlent ' B. J. Heltbtfnk, CMhler. ' DIBECTOES. f. F.Johnton. B. W. Ullerr. J. T. Elliott. . W. M. Elliott W. H. Snider. Buy Hid i*'l Government bou^s. Loin BOB«7 »n penon»l ucurlty and collater- •li. iBiue apeclal certlflcates o( depoaltt b««rlnr t per cent. Interait when left one nid: t per cent, per iinnum when depot- fc«y D«PO-lt Va^t. of thU tor th« deptalt of deed*, ln.ur»nce mortfaie. »nd .ther Yallumblei, from S5 to 86 r*r yew. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers fcEmbalmers. 610 BROADWAY. CH AS. L; WOLL, x UNDERTAKER.•••«'."... <;.,! . N*v417 Xarktt Street • Calls attended to .promptly, day or "Central Union and Mutual telephone*. ' -. Offlce, No. U; Residence,,.No. -in.- . - Qeo; Harr|»on baa the flnwt line of hammock* In the.city. • ,- '.-.••:.• ; What yon want when yon are-ailing '•'• ft a medlctae'that..wHl cure TOO:' Try ; '' Hood's Sarsaparilla and be convinced r,. ; of lt». merit,,.....-.-;.. . -.-..;• -..-.. -;.- THE RAILROADS Grain Manipulators Before the Commission. SOME LOOSE METHODS General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. The luciuli'y of the I'utof-Stntf cmn- me-rce eomnifcwiou'rogjmllus'priiiii rnte uiiiiu lp ula tors nc Kansas CKy i>rom.Ue.< some wusatloui-l poults. At yesterday's Chicago session, Vice 'president Trui'silrtlc of tlie Rock Island, ami Joint Aiient Miiojfley, of Kansas C:.;.v, were 'the only witnesses. Tire investigation has rwolveil Hsidf into a buttle royal between (lie Chicago road.< nor ruir.iln^ through Kansas City a nil the f.lirimsh linos, rriviideut Stlck-noy. .ol' Hie Wreal Wiwtern, a local wail, fried to prm-e that t.lio Western connections <if ilie Iiulhmn. Illinois Jt Iowa a-ml I In- Klgin. .Toilet & Enstorn. b»>lt lines aroutul Chicago, hud authorized those roads to pay law rebates t,o heavy jjrain shlppcis and that the treasurers of rhe'iljltovi'iir flu'oiiKh llniw had t.iinnert over money to their attorneys to be pakV shippi'is as rebate?. Mr.- Trucwlale dt-isJeii mi;- •nhiiire of these deals dnriUR Ihe l»'i'- iod covered by the inquiry. April 1 to date. Mr. Trunsdale practically ch.-u-.m 1 .! ciMiipiMin.fr roads with jrivlnj: rfbates to the Anjrlo-A tnorican PacUUiS Csmpaiiy. The olliceiv of this coiii'pany h.ive boon subpoenaed to appear before tlie commission. The interest ot the day cejitereri around the evidence of Joint Agent Mi\ej;ley. of Kansas City. Macpley's evidence proved Uuvt the. rammer of re- consifft'iiiifr fjraJn from Kansas City to tiie East It very loose: that expense bills fiw tratleiVii) and the liTeiitity of smiu lust. When asked to produce tiu> expense bills cif the different roads Maes-ley said lie had turned them all ovi-v to tin; Interested roads, which will IN; asked to produce them In evidence. The heai-lnpr will courlnno today. T!ie St. Paul line* held a special is at Chicago yesterday.lo try and simvuce a (II vision at the east-bound Immigrant business from tlio northwest thereby petting the Soo into tnc inunl- sran.t ivpriwincnt. No apreompnt wa« reached at the session. FOR MALICIOUS .TRESPASS. Marion Chronicle: Tilts' morning De- teotlve Brings of the Panhandle was before Prosecutor Bumly ami swore out an aflidavlt chawing six Upland .citizens with malicious .trespass. Tlie wwmv of the six could not be learned, btU they wUl probably be arrested tomorrow morning. The eases will .be tried before a Justice of the peace at Upland. The clinrge on which the men wttl be arrested is based on an occurrence of last Sunday. On that night a party ot men went to the tower station, about a half mile east of Upland, anil succeeded In pushing the. building off •Its foundation. Tlie foundation was rather high, and in the fall the build- Ing was tw-lstcd .and, the timber broken! The telegraph w'iri?* which ran through the building were pulled down and com- umnicatlon from flic east' w'itii this city shut off. It ]«i not known why' the men did the work, but it Is supposed to be mere deviltry,on their part.. RAILROAD NOTES. 'WlieeUiyr & 1/ako'Erle hn.; shortened the working time InJtsishops from tun to di'glit hours.. This'was done'at t-ho I'enucst of tho iiicn. as otherwise, a part of tlie force would have riecessar- Lly been dilscharpetl. Chalrmtin Caldwdl has made a mllug for the benefit ..of the -western roads as to tho effect of tho regulations of the association permlittlnp the' red-ncion of fares to race (meets. He holds that'the >rivMeges ol' reduced fares docs., not apply to bicycle moots. . • Seventy thousand men.are now om- loyp'il on the construction of the Great Siberian railroad, which', when. com-, plcted -win'extend Twin Cliibra'brlnck to a point on tlw Japan'sea, a distance of 4,457 miles. During' last year 91S miles of the road was btidt. Up to the first of the present year $32.4SS;000 had l)'een expended ot> the work: When the road is completed therewlU.be a direct Hue from St. Petersburg to I lie •Taipan sea, a distance of about 0;."00 mile*. ' There Is reason to doubt the rumor that the C.'H. & D,. Is tlie backer ot the recently revived project for building a new line of road between Union City and Huntlngton. At Huntisfiton this line would connect with it.lie Chicago & Erie, and at TTnion City-with the ol'd Dayton & Union road; now join'Iy o-wn«l arid officered by the^Blg Four and C., H. & D. This would give.tlie . H. & D. a new and direct Hue to Clilengo, but onci? in operation would interfere tnnterinlly ivltb. 'the Indla.nnp- olls divlstion of the C., H. .& D. ,Even the matter of cblldren's fares' l>a«i come to be /i disturbing ifactor, nud Chairman Caldwell lin* lonna it- nec- efesaiy to ea.iitlon members of the Trans- cWlnontnt Passenger Asstoclation 'to exercise greater caution-•;•«>• preyew . tit Is -alleged : tljiit some-roads _ the association have'boen'stretcblng tlio limit of age for children and thus- traffic. Under tlie ruJes cliJl'dreri under live years .are carried free' and those between live and twelve years arfi ^h'argod liaK fare.' When there are several children .In a party going to the .Padflc, the exdmptlon from payment or the half fare is a strong Inducement t travel by the line wiii-eh gh-es such 111 oral terms. Republican Speakings. Republican, speakings will be held at the following- places Ja-Cuss county: Friday aifter.noon, Austiat 7th, Hob. James A. JImint, Hon. Goo. W. Steele, at Logansport, at 3 o'clock. Frilly night, August 7th, at" Broadway vlnt, Logansport, Hon. John W. O'Hara ot Pern will organize a republican club. Saturday night, August Sth.-llon. W. D, Owen at Walton. • ...'.. Hon. D. C. Justice will sp.pak.at Jle- t.ea, Saturday evening. 'Augu'sf'Stii, _ Q. A. Xlyei-s will speak Tuesday'night ,Vug.nst l.'ith, at Shiuly Nook "aftliool hmiKi; in Clay fomshlp. Q. A. Myers will speak at the Red .school house in Noble towaishlp, Thursday evening, August 13th. There 1.5 more Catarrh In this section of, the country than all otiicr diseases put together, and. until the last few years it was supposed to be Incurable. For a great r.iauy yeaVs doctors • pronounced 'It a local disease, and prescribed local re.nie-. dies, and by constantly falling to cure with, local treatment, pronounced It incurable. Science has &">«.• >'<"J catarrh to be a constitutional disease,' and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hail's Catarrh Cure, munuructured by F. ,T. .Cheney. & Co,, Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional cure on the market. It is taken Interna!!y in doses from 10 drops to u teaspooufnl. It acts directly oil the blood and mucous surfaces of tho system. They offer one hundred dollars for any case It fails to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address F. .1. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. 0. Sold by Druggists, 75c. THANKED MAJOR STEELE. Major St'eeJe recently received a letter from H. K. IHIIhraise. stx-retiryof tiro Indlau!i.po-l!s ImiiK-h of the Assoclntio-iv Letter Cai-rlers, thanking him for Ihe assistance reindered all the letter earrleiw of. the United Status by his vote a'nd efforts in behalf of their bill, whlcli was before the hist Congress, and assuring him tli-at h-ls Idndness and cf- fwts shoulil not be forgotten. TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM s ; ECtectually yet gently, ivhen costive or, bilious, or when the blood 1 Is Impure or. sluggish, to permanently overcome ia-' bitiial constipation, to awaKe.the Uid- neys and liver to a healthy activity, without irritating or weakening them, to dispel headaches, colds, or,fevers, rise Syrup of Fls«- $25 CASH PRIZE. W.111 be given to-'.iny person making the nearest guesis to the number of Columbia- cigars mnnufacrnred by Julius Wagner 'from August'II 1800, to October 1,1SDO, By-buying a Columbia cigar froith your dealer you-will receive' a coupon'on wlilch you -nMU write your name and guess. 1 THE HEAT DID IT. Drove the Street Corner Politicians to Hunt a Cool Spot. It wasMiot yesterdny! T.Iuit Is tu .say, peojile who were compelled to brave the ton-Id rays of flw sun were of the ophiio.n-that It wns hot. -A.s a matter of- fact.the -Uiermoinerer registered from S3' iu the early morning, to 30." In the he.-H ot the dS.y, and that where the shade was rJilifliost. What degree the svm'.s .rays direct prcnluced was not told l>y the nnea,suH.ng machine*. The iiioreuiry meltol and foamed out at the top of the -tiui)o. So far as known there have bi-e.u no prostrations from the hesif. U lias driven ninny people to the s.luule of the park and everyone who IKH! business to at- •tawl'io, did ItJn a. pcrfume:tory inanner. Tlie m*m with a linen suit wn.s envied by lei« ifoii-nna.te sufferers and the few ladliw who were on Hie ilowntown Htre-L'tB looked a<3 though th(;y wished- tlwinselves sO'mow.here etee. Tlicrc Is one -tiling .r-hat should be cred- Hod to tlie excess ot Temperature; H bus driven, rhe..street cornel'.politician* in and one ea,u wflJ.k Ha\\n rtrec-t without, hetug tor,tuiwd wHli liii.ul-volced free stlvraltcs and their opponent* the sound ir.oncyimen discnsshig the "stPon to one" proposition. HE TOOK HIS CHOICE. Declared His Marriage off Rather Than ftand the Feast. r,. 1',. HuJllugiT, .-i widower o. 1 .' jrarion s;nv a newsiiaiK'i- advertU-.-.uen't: of :i lYm widow ujnucd Margaret Sola, ro: n luisb.'iuil and wrote to Mrs. Sela. 'The corrospoiideuce thus begun, two nifluvlts since re.siih,ed in a meeting Tu'lug arranged for July -1th at Peru. H.uMin..u r i!i- went aail wa,* s:v.::ieii witu Jlrs. Sel.-i's charms ami last we^k pro- pn>'L'd ai:d was acc-eptcil. - Tuesday evening was t!i« time sel fo: 1 the ceremony and Ilull-iti^er got off the train at Pe-.-li \vlrlj high hopes and a wKilly throb.bi'up heart. Mrs. Sela wa.s tlw.'re w.':lh a cab to moet him aiwl tool; liinn hrane. Eight, guests were presoiu and Mrs.. Seto remei.rkPd that she had ordered a wedding.supper for ten.and that I-Tuiliuger wouild piny for it. and al«o for ca-bs to take I hem down town. ' Mr. HuIlLiiger was nghas.t. He. refused to pui-'ii|) a penny and Mis .Pel:: who is thiriy-six yeais old and weighs 130 ponni];'. said he could either buy the ,,rub and haul.the party or declare the mate-iron!. aii'd'HuUi-ngcr lock the latter oru .if t'.K 1 dll'em.ma. •Xhe''W>i4.16'w has two daughters, one ljrlitueii'-Hiifl the-otlier. foiirttc-n whilo HulUugei-Is the parent of two boy---. The consolidation of.-the Natural and Artificial Gas companies, makes the payment of bills for consumers using both, kinds of gas mucli more convenient. The person paying for . natural gas who is also a'.'user of the artificial can now pay both bills at the same time at the company's office, 317 Pearl street, All bills are due and collectible oh the first of «ach month With customary ten days' grace. Elite for August, 1S90, now being due. , fS.OO CHICAGO TO ST. PAUL AND ! ' . ., RETURN.' On account of the G. A. R, Encampment The North-Western Line (Chicago North-Western Railway) will on August 31 and September 1,-lSOO, sell excursion tickets from Chicago to St. Paul and-return at rate of $8.00 for the round, trip; good for "return passage until September IS. with privilege of further Extension to September 30,' 1SOC. For tickets and full information apply to igents of,connecting lines,-or.address A. H. Waggoner, T, P. A., T Jackson' Elace,'Indianapolis, Ind. .It is a big thJng to say,-but nevertheless true, that a great multitude of people have crowned. Simmons Liver Regulator, the ."King of IJ'ver Remedies." There Is nothing like it for Malaria, R'heuimntlsrn, Chills and Fever,,.Constipation, Biliousness, Sick Headache, In- Jilgestlon atid-all-troubles;arising- from n sluggish or diseased, liver. Simmons lilver'-Regula'toris the'jifeventlon and :ure for. these, ailments., ; ~ The fttagnant waters Jn-the bottoms are diffusing a sickening: stench, aud, It seems .tlmtsometlitog-ou:ght to be.- doncin;the:way of i purification, A green, scum is -bestanlnB to IOITO, and ln-:a.-- few days, assisted .by. tlie hot weatlier,, 1 It will bo a-great, deal-worse and sick- n,B8s : may -result to those Ihlntr, In the Immediate- vidnlty. . •. .'•-'-.,,•':.;: '. Subscribe' for The Journal ONE DISEASE A^'D O.VE REMEDY ."The'art of painting" said Mlllais, "consists in selecting the right colors and putting them in the right 1 plaee." —"Tlie way to win a battle," said Napoleon, "Js to mass your troops at the critical moment against tiie weakest 'spot In the enemy's line."—"The way •to cure many ailments," said the great D;r. Abercromb'ie, "Irf to purify the poisoned spring in which tlioy' arW- 1 ; generally- tlie torpid and Inflamed digestive systeu:." .Thus wisdom and experience simplify and condense. Thus 1 tho Shaker.? of 1 Mount Lebanon reasoned when- they sought, and finally found, a remedy for i-Udlgostioii and dyspepsia. Where our> person has something else, they argued, a! thousand have'this. To cure this -alone will almost fid the world of sickness. Why''should -we vex ourselves •w,ith confusing definitions? A good di- .gestlou Is'life a.ml health; a bad one disease and death'.' Hcnce,'froin"the hea'l- ins and'-stimulating -mountain- 'herbs, they extractor 'the principles which make the"Shaker 1 Digestive Cordial the 1 rarest, the most effective of medicines for one disease 1 ; ami one only—Indigestion and dyspepsia-. - IDo yoivsuflfer from any of these mis- .era.lile feelings?—depression, heaviness a'nd pain in the stomach after meals, •bad 'tasl|-in the mouth, tvlud-ln the -bowels, irritable-disposition.- nervous weakness and alarm, worry and -wearl- n'pssi'costivencss or Irregularity of the .bowels, nausea,' palpitation,- sick hand- '.afelie, heartbitrn, loss of appetite and .sleep, dry'sklni etc.—? " , : -Don't ; indulge In fifty foolish fancies. !YOU have indigestion and 1 dyspepsia aud .nothing else. Set the disordered ston> ach'"right with the one medicine which will surely do it, Shaker Digestive Cor- ,diul, and these symptoms will vanish' .with their cause.': A good effect will 'follow the first 'doses. Even chronic 'ca'e'e's-soon yield.- ••'•••.•• iTcst-the cordial, at practically no cost; by taking a'ten-cent trial bottle. For •sale by nearly'all 'druggists. : Special Ratey via Pennsylvania. Lines for National Eu-campwect. August 30th and 31st and' September 1st are the dates upon which low rate round trip tickets to St. Paul will be scJd via Pennsylvania Lines, the short route through Chicago. Tickets will be good : returning until September Ijtb, Inclusive, aud If deposited-, with the joint agent at St. Paul on or before September lo, the return limit will be extended to include September SOtb. The rates for this occasion will be exceptionally low via- .Pennsylvania Lines, the only system of railways over which trains run from Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana to Chicago Union Station, the natural gateway from those States to the North-west. Dally trains from Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Louisville make convenient connection at Chicago with St. Paul trains. Arrangements may lie made by G. A. R. Posts or partiei of friends to travel together on special trains or special cars that will go ttooirgh from starting point to the Encampment without change, If the number Justifliw It. Information on the subject will be cheerfully furnished 'by represent)tires of the Pennsylvania Lines. iHAL-F RATES TO MILWAUKEE. • .-; On account of the National convention of'-BepuWlcari League Clubs, August 28, 24 and 25, The North-Western (Chl- ,cago & North : Westem Railway) will •eell- excursion .tickets from Chicago to Milwaukee < and 'return' nt rate of one fare for tueTOtrad trip: For tickets and full information apply, to ticket agents of : connecting 1 lines; or address. W. B. Kniskern, G.--P. & T. A.i Chicago, 111, • 'Natural gas-:bllls,tor ; the month' ot August-are noW due/and^payable at the company's'offlceVon Pearl.street. •- • Drawings of All Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Logansport G. A. H AT ST. PAUL. SUNDAY EXCURSION TO CI-V- CINNATI. August 9rh, via Pennsylvania lines; $2 from Loganisport; excursion train leaves 5 a. m. central ttae; retimxtng leaves Cincinnati 7 p. m. central time. Base bolt gaimc, Clniclnnatl Reds.vs..I^nls- vllle, League teams. Lots of'time to see the Zoo; the Lagoon; the Parks and other attractive resorts of *hc "Queen city." •.-...>.• CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO THE WEST AND NORTHWEST. On August 4, 18, September 1, IS, 29, October G and 20, 180(5, The North- Westcrn Line (Chicago & North-Western R'y) will sell Home Seekers* excursion tickets at very lo-w rates to' a lafge number of points,ln the west and northwest. For full Information apply to ticket agents of connecting lines or address W. B. Kniskern, G. P. & T. A.-, Chicago, 111. : ' HALF RATES TO OMAHA. !YIa the:North-Western.Llne'(CliIcase .&'North-Western R'y) August 15, 10 .aiid 17, 1SOO, one fare, tor .the round trip. On August 24 excursion tickets at veiy'low rates'ivUl:also be sold from Omoha to Denver and the famous Hot Springs of South Dakota. For full Information apply-to ticket agents ot connecting lines or address.W. B. Kniskern G. P. & T, A., Chicago, 111.. ' ... i SPECIAL .EXCURSION TO FORT; ' : . ' •' '..WAYNE. - .:• , -•_..- ...... ion Sunflay',.August 9, 1S90, the Wa- b'ash Railroad-company will run a Bpe-J cial .train. to-OToTt. W]ayne;:leaylps,I#i gansport it'TJ-VcVicfc'!^ Jn::'/re|!U»iitfafr' leave Fort W^y'ne' at 8:30 p.-m. Tickets good- for spedal'traln only will be sola at rate of $1,00 for the round trip,,. • C. G. NEWELL, Agent.' |St. Joseph-U a mo»t delightful resort during this; extremely torrid weather. Fare for the.roundutrip; $2.00.. Train leaver Vandalltt atatlon at 7:00.. *• m \ every Sunday.' •:•;;/: .' •:•',",. : -- • i Subscribe for The. Journal, 40 cents a month.- -.- - "•-; :•-. " : ' '•':' '• • " •' 5UHMER TOURS - VIA "BIG FOUR" TO THE nOUNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORES Solid Vcstibulwl Trains Wlrh Wanner Sleeping Cars .to • , . . - .' New York aod Boston »' from. St. Ixiiis, reoria, Indianapolis. Clncln- uati, Dayton. Columbus, - Ti * CLEVELAND AND BUFFALO "Tlie Knickerbocker Special." "The Southwestern Limited." Six Terminals at ihe Great.Lates. ciiicaso, B«nlon Harlwr, Toledo Detroit. Sandiisky. ClcveJaBO.' Tourist Rates "In all Dai-ecllons." . E. O. McCormlek. ; Pass. Traffic Manager. D. B. Martin, , Gent Fas* and Ticket Apeat. SIX SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS -TO- HaxinkQCkee Lake V . VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July i9th, 26th, and August and, > 9th, i6th, 23rd. Fare for the round trip $1:00. Train leaves Vandalla station at 9:56 a m. TAKE YOUR VACATION NOW. Go to tlie pioturesque M^acktaac Islnnd via the D. & C. (Coast Line). It only', costs ?13.50 from Detroit, ?15.50 from,Toledo, $1-8.00./from CIoTelaml for Hie routia 'trip. Including incaJs and bertha. . Tickets good : -.for 00 days, bicycles car- rlod free. 1 . One thous.'iud miles of lake and rirei 1 rid-tag oil new modern steel steaniicrs foy : .tilic al>ov<! rates.' Scnft'Zc;- 'for Iffliisfcratosl pamphlets. "Address, 1 A.-' ; .V. Stlwntz. G. T. A,, Detroit. ' / WABASH LOW RATE. Honieseckera Excuns'.on. August 18, September i. 15, 20, antl October G and 20. 1S06. Tickets -will be sold at one " fare, for the round trip plus $2.00. from • Lojwnsport lo'polnte In flip ^Yefit south . and southwest For full particulars Inquire of Wabnsli ticket ogent. . ..CONVENTION . Of Yotaig. People's Christian Union, Omata, Neb.. Atvcust 1C to 24, 1S06. •For -this occasion, the... Wa.bash Railroad will sell tickets from all stations to Omaha, Neb., and return, at one fare . for the round' trip. Tickets on «ale. AiiRust 17 and IS limited for retunrto and Including Aufiust 24 aiwl 25. For . full particulars-1-noulre of any : Wabasa . Tl<ck<rt Agent, • ^LOOKING AHEAD.; .; i. Bond Times: Tbe. Indiana .ftase, bhH leajsue luis broken up. .Anderson Miracle, Terrc Haute, Kokomo, Logans- ; port,. Mnrlon, Peru, Lafayette, Rlcli-,, mond and probably Ft Wayne-will or- panlze a league next year.- • :•;'

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