Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1916
Page 3
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_ .t? IJt Jbl-jllfOiS. W£OMSBAY.; M T. &. I.9.I.G. to Avoid Distress -After irr»v,-«rdly. , •: unu- .4 :t tr-Jis.ii.ic l,-,r;.-).,; hr-U-- h.i«T ,.»!.•? i;T.,> i. in r. p!ftTP" re »he if.if- 1/"*"*' .\ .i *.n,'h [I * I i.-i«. -, <-,£ i r !(•••» (•> in ntRht 1 ,>t. i iUcv;*V s iridlt;.'* iif !t-r ;,Mi»im* Tb" in i'\ i '••irTrfiin/i h<'V*-'' >ri,-ihjf a n't Milt liiynrv. 1'ul t i;i< h r>art!\ • michf Fr F. A. Building, tit t'Jl. e ^>( IJ;| J | 'K j^amo ee Trial Coupon Stuart Co,. 2,1? Stuart Marshall. i i f i "< • 1 1 MieH.. send lal p.-i.'li'li.'e T;i!sti.| s. in' 1 ..f Street rity Stiite sivc- »j,"ii to thr- sttnak- "f j, ami ietttn how to , i , !> f iirU t;ll \ i • \ *-r ll.'Hi i (••-; •Thi" is t he tui tfic tlltt ADOPT LONDON WAYS Americans Abroad Learn the Ways Of the Englishmen and Imitate Them. . HIT ..r. \v. C<-K!« '-. tSiilff I ',,) M sf'Scl'-lit 11! rtiiff,) I'tcsa^ V.iitiilnii I'^iit* < it t." .' ' li» sti.iu tul- <i)i'<l iili«i ?-ilk\ iitul c;ui !>•• f" HI wllll Hit- ni'lic'l i'V»' n't --intsltltiv 'lays SnlDi titiH-,-. ' t hi' ln>> ii|Mi(ci liilli.«*!V rnii .««•«» it when h" i:cttt''it-» fur* 1 • l«»Si' i<» 'fltf- mtn*")- in isH ii(iii~TrrrTifiorii untl H'-t-Hi'- Unlit "«i mi-r h'y lip. thr' 'in tlif H';' «'.»ftoi •!("«!) in t? 'll,i!>' sit« u\r) in IMtlf tiihlc nl hi*)- nwii ft tiuig hr:«f,- "f :nt<l {''"''n'tl || l,,,lii «»ll ii^ hnvv in» :i -'nnri «- h.ltlirr- lla.t - JIK Iik*> n nf «sitr-i. iK r'.Mjni _-.-.. ^ nrriM* -"it c won't hir.p fo i))**-ct s, mi pfil \vltli ;i crown ul Mill!"*-! ri, -,iu- (s (hf rr'Scnine: tpicf-n "f h:rt, .1 •tl|it;lillf.«« nf tilO fitiiil), jiittl. si'mlemrn, . n» Un» muiil th** (Sink with tlit- ln-(lcf» on his i-Mit Is ii iSt-lKtiHi HID Yh«« old lH>y \«"ith thf i'ilhB'i',iii-i-. i-t n U'lffian. \\4li til! tin 1 NMIIJI i'M)n« « _"in. Ah, ti-,*> HUM r mrtr<|v. rich and rnllwlilskpiod, with i ;iilctic«'H n ltd trill*. Us iniiiiip!iljit»'« <ln' !li:U'*i »iiii!<> iiinl Tlifii l»r- runs vyin|ihnny in iw!imltior. > >t\ ith <>hliit:tto |>l!i>(>d hy the v Tlii'V (ii|i the hill of fiir*', th<>»<- H)(*n irnni the I'liiuinent. othfis thfic an- Ml the i . •i«n)u|Mdtlnti boiutl, it Is twi. yuittliH iniin the middle West. InK they nl for the st.'tr at t. .\i> .\nierican jtoon lire:il,i.i.«t grapefruit when IK- tno\ p eH iniii thin hojirdliiK house, lnxte,ut be n tner«> bt t i-kdro|> U,;tek of Ills CHICAGO MAN HONEST He Is the Only Man In London Who Admits Being Afraid Of Zeppelin Bombs. Ity .1 \V IV-Rlrr (t'nlt*i| f *»•«•««(! St. iff < '01 i <-m,iini!«'iii. ) l.i'iidmi, Oet. -;'•. It t'li'k u rn;tn frotn the Wa\ to distliiClii-n in London, His illstlliftlnn is dmibtfnl but nev**rihel»-.«i!». he l« t\\f Inly man in nfr.ild of /CeppHln b'iln"o<« or •• only tn:ui wli-i i«n'l n liar. He never saw iu'e in passive ->r Active mood, and when he heard them re* t-r-ntly 'hl«« n-spert incie;iwi-d by several IttirnsniiKx in one Insirintaneinis liound. HP has no desire to <i«Bir«'l wl(irr<tiu pounds of eordil* 1 nnd sernp-iron, li'c dne«li'i even want to lU'Kile with it. l|e dnesn'i want a d. r n n • thini: to do with a Xeppetln bomb! When l-'lehl \lar«hiil Lord l-'n-ni h i.«- snen a < Vitnrnuiiii(iH' hue ;ii nh;hl nay. ins "Xfppelins raided Has! <'OKH! luu ac tonight anil were enyflired by i»<ir ilnti- aircraft mins nnd »eropbin«'H" the unit 1'rojfi l!ii« IIH I'ork tnKe>i an intense (n- in the location of Mtibway sta- If .the cnminunti|iie. •'adds i»mb*> were dropped without tnilitarv tlnmatfe; the raid IN pro«r hero to f*'(<l oni ><eamper- ill- tin- ticn-lly rich; milk is FOR THROAT AHD LUNGS KTlt ItfMHiX «Ot fillH \M> (OIJt.H Alterative NOM» tlV AS.1. DKK.UIKTS when tht! ntiitt hit* tiin'ee. Klnp-jnck)» haven't '..•en he.iid of vet und the only variation from bii't-on and CURS In eggw and La. on. . The chef in n. wonder. Ho come* Wi Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater —a Household Necessity In the fall before the furnace fire u needed—hi cold weather, when the.furnace f»il»Mo ,keep the comeri ,w»nn. a I'rrtei'tion Heater take* the dull away and makes the whole hou«e comfortable. The Perfection Smokeless .,Heater mi»y be euiily carried about from room to 'room— • hantllc doe* not get hot. No imoke, no diut, .no ashes. It Is Odorless Can be regulated to the heat will radiate straight up or outward—pure and tweet air. Burnt kerosene ~ cheap and . alwayf available, Any good keroKcne will give latitfactioo^ " but for bctt rciuit* me Perfection OH. * It ii eaiy to nil,and regulate. 2S inche* high, 12 indie* in • diameter-—finished in polished »tecl or blue enamel—trimming* are nickel or black J.ip;in, It it an ornament —and in use in more than 2,000,000 home*. • Price varies from W to $7, 2S, iMH'ording to finish. Look for tJie triangle trade mark. R»yo Lamps give that mft melluw tight M'l\ii-h enables you to read without eye 'Jtrain. Get one. STANDARD OIL CO, (intiiiiiiii) ; 72 W. Adi«> St., Cbu.go, U.S.A. 63 ibo street pianos play "lM lame.'* i'heff, however, in one of ihotM* nliHt'iit patriot*—too butty to light. He «..<'« out In (he evening after xiip|»er iw Mt-rvud and at eloftinii time in delivered, thoroiiKhly boiled, at th'- resident iuI doorstep. •d up like a 'pneumatic •n'one-of his American him "Major,' tun he never heard of t'oxey'M army. Thlx in the plnee and thejte are the people dt'HerilM'tl in lettem to the folks in ChfiiKo. U is-not him**' for Ixiidnii ami the people-an? merely roVitliK' folks. \ViUt iil[ that. niufctache Krou-K-—then ,Vh«» boy reporter- will be one (if them. IK up nnd down bin nplne, Lord l-'rei|(,-h did i»NUe tine ,of thupt hotiehiiliint .«t!iietnent!« n few nifsbtn uco. The ilistlnuulHhcil p;iriy f>:il nt hi* desk oir the night trick, hniidliitu new* to New York nnd other point-* w«'«t. HP hatl never been through ii XeppHin raitl. He womb-red whin '«.hey really were like Inn of eonrne he itiNltti on a demniiHtrntlon JUM for the mike of Oh. n-i; the X»>p|)f»llnM nfeiliVt bother on hi* nV. .The biiildlni: i* un old one with rnns- TitvT r ntonrH^m^i whifh a foot fit 1 1 sotindN lils«» the report him ilrolleil «* — Close Observer Take this thought home with you. Apply it to your own case and s^e how many places you can improve your personal appearance. An inventory of yourself will surprise you. Dress up and feel dressed up. ' . .;. : -.__ _...___ _ - -.; _.__„,___ _ : _. ___-— .1. i Hart Schaffner <& Marx clothes will help, Stetson hats, Eagle shirts and ajlof our furnishings are just as necessary. We'll see that you get the right things if you leave ittcTus—it's part of the service of this store. Try it and you will be a regular customer of ours. ' Bradley-Boyritdn of a The new ticker befo ALL ARE QUIZZED Every American Who Enters England Must Undergo a Regular Thiffll Degree, ^ , Hy J. \V. Pegler fl-nltetl- .|"r«,iw..Staff Correspondent) I<oru.lon, <Jct,-25. — Ufc-ominn im in off rtiuline new.*.- No hum!" It wtis u dull niKlit; if KomethlnK vvo'idd only happen to make n utory for the cabl«*.- Kv«'?i the tinker went Hitent. An hour panxed. Ciet;. it wan. dull. The f'hicu- KtiVin picked up thiit mmmunli|ue. "The iSudilenty the thrkor hail u spiism of einiKbinK; it sputtered nnd jl^uled and the type-roller made n few teniuiive jabH at" the tape.'threiitt'iiliiK to print ttomethiug. ...... Then It -caihr. 'Tht- npeclal cotiAtableM of the lx>n- ilo'n Distrifi been^^tU.'''*'!'! to 're- poff to-'their Htatittiia-, Al&^ee." saltl the ticker, . ^.£?&*<i!-£' t\ T]ie..LcanitrietJi ttut T'/sj^iSlij'Ujg tan; M-amperlng with -Ivy /iul»v>o^ up antl dowil a liberal lenkll/of vertebrae. Over near the black-mouthed lire- place the corpulent cable operator dozed In a chair. Maybe he would like to know iihoiit U; not that anyone wanted comforting word* from' a veteran «f many raids but Just— maybe he -would matt' of London un American huna t» ukc> the police d«>«»p Into hl« .The wurchliKht* of mmnlcjon 44» 4ti« *ntul |iiol(in« ii« utmottl |»ro-Germ»n «en- vtim« and llt> IP\\H thfin whvnre why und how long 'lie has to stay; lie Iwer-nnd If hr Is wear- hU ld«iK on tho Freiullnn theory. a four-in-hand tie and the officer ieanif 10 bovvs he Btunds a good chance of beinR investigated further. On the other- mitt. If the Inspector's dyspepsia huppeim to be offwateh, mtiyltv the arrival IH parsed. "-The first st»MMlun of tlu> third degree Is jbtuged ih Liverpool when the ship warpa up t-o t'hn dock.""Sietvanibi go up and down the decks ribooing the low-lived pasMenKerw into the roped- The -man. afraid of Zeppelin niulKeii him into \vakeifulnfj(« and handed him the sdip off the tieker. "They'll probably come to l«ondoi theiji"-he wil.d. hleepily, "They're that'« ; whnt they (ire! 1'ialn hell, r have been tu a.lot tif rii'liln and one a bomb dropped u block away fnim me. '"S that'*<»? .What dlil it do to you?" ca«ually. ' . '' ''1\ nocked "hie clean over. Tlmso t are Ktrong; zz-izz-mmu-itu-xx." Hi UN axleep UKftin. Homewhere 'way down the lone hall a door Hlamnied und the Zeppelin rookie looked around. It wa« only a door Hlnmmtiifr. I'retty soim the siam- mer re-entered hlw room-ami the door billiKt'tl Five minuten'ilater « gun boomed, Them-wan iui''d«nr about that. Like the JloweiH of wprlnK 'tie Zeps were here. OUCH! RUB BACKACHE STIFFNESS, A 8Cf n ** tho Academy of lv*u»ic, Nov. 1. off i>a»t saloon." ," linl- the. a number Jt hack helare formed gentlemen appear harriiiK the way and the officer* take their places at tublcw near each door, 'with long registration formH on which to enter the arrival. l __ , ICach piiHtenger in hul Jlte Jnmiectti the official 'razuoliiK J» ever. A tinhorn, »taj--fin4tnKleii reporter from Pallus ya« u typk-uJ Victim *be- forv being suffered to land in the Ktonrny old burg. • j • A man ca!M his number, the ernt- whlle piiMMriigt-r Mtepped forward wttb ft clet>x> Kt'iiullection and weishty mis* givinnn. He showed hi» hand, u jww Wi'i. and some kindred docunvents. The Inspector showed nothing but »UH- pjelon. , , "Kver het-n in Kuiope befoie?" united the official "Never." "XfVei "Xo. not ever" ' • ^ - -- v "Then, uhv aie sou (unililK heiV now'."' i u crack in the atmoHphere thr 'operator zipped down the hall and tumbled down the wtttlrif three at « hound, The man ,ufroid of K , the basement In fifteen <mhititt»M less than noihlUK rtat. but found tho cable operator there before him. "1'ini not uft-aid at tho«u- thins* but lt'« best to be <towii)itulr» where thev'iv " The Zeppelins xreined to lie keepmc jfeudani l» a way from »i he main stern lie kee of Ln hi-nteiii-e of Ibis court 1-. ( (Tie de- ' in the e wtreej.j was iiifre umj ey- »iai-B were bursting u dei«f- boom. A Jii'pplin wax. franu'd on |>if. it duj-eli liKht.»hat't of 'h«Wf TRIAL STARTS t on trial "for the murder of in-lmar "II tilt a .voiini; niili'iimi- trtiinrnaii. last Involved- in the ease attorneys t.-e plots and c<ninter-plotp4 all around Mt««- Muyme of it »'bnrl«"«tori 4iank» er. vshiiin both Hill and Sniilh loved, llooin-bno-ooin! Doom-bee, oom! The party wan getting very roush. A voting fellow Ciijjib Ihroujjli the " the nljfht «Ir that hU te*th "rhuttortHl like .ctutlejiets — Jlu wasn't Afraid DRINK MORE WAftR mm BOTHER f The bi'oliliiiK died ("nil. The tin hud tlisappi'a ifil and one bail been brought to i-arlh..' Ami there is iio idiitenipi for ilu> Whiic .Mus.s Iliunniark ut one time tv.>>> eiii.-.iij4e<l .to iiiarrv Smith. f*he has him, ftnd -wtll- Smitji, Son Of Wealthy tilU '- u '."": - s " u ' •'«»";««• Farmer Charged With'Kill- ^'auwhue 'UM- d!-tv'n«- (>.» hhti.W.. IJlt* Rub Paint From Back With Small Trial Bottle Of Old "St. Jacob's Oil." Buik hurt you? {,'an't utraijthtVn up wiUtotiNftetiiiff sudden pains, sharp ache,, am! ' twinge*?" Now listen! That's liimbiiKo, sclntica or maybe from a stmln. and you'll net relief the moment you rub your Imck with «ooth- ins, penetrating "Kt. Jacob* Ofl." Nothing .else taken out «orcnej»«, lameness and Htiffnt-HM «o quiekly. You *lmply rub it on your back and out ronu-« the. pain, u IH harmlese and )e*n'{- burn the skin. . Limber up! Don't suffer! Get a small trial bottle of old. honest "fit Jacob* oil" from any drug afore, and after IIWIIIK it Jusit onre, "you'll~f0njj«t thin you ever hatl Imekaehtv Ittmbairo or sciatica, bei«iu*e your back will never hurt or cau*« any morn mittry. It never disappoints and has been recommended for fit) year*. * arrest him on un order for contempt , Tuff mission he picked up a. and Ih-ed at them. Th* Wriff <i".p|M..i to the jioor mortally woumteti. ' , t ."?• J*' 1 " 1 hatl lied from the aimuiy, and Tan* ran »IH io,»i aimed with tt riftc and a beiHy *npp|y O f ammunition. i oik « wnforveuwms soon nrriveff ami the K m i the Chanty wan surrounded. Taff, klnK 'a pipe, tir*<| «ever«« ' ahot* which were returned by th« police and I 1 '''! 1 "?' * lhf>ril1rB Afli-r thft Hv» -h«d--h-nn- wnutidcd bv the ««,„» had laid wune,* ««,„» Hu^rtM obtained an ing Railroad Man, woman irtlled with, the ;rflW'Ction-s of both men ti, SELF DEFENSE -lii_i>tf!ri iu .' Jii! I hull' IlilUvd L , riMr from the torpedo boat and, ap- pro.tchin« iuo-4»ui ordered. Taff to «ur- rcilder,, | < Kv I'nitt tl l'n>- • i — ~ «^»B«=—»_ , _ _ i t'Uailfhttin. lll_ <'L! „•"• Will Probably B« ' Women's Lcfentt itlllmuV Mnumcjti nniid-'r To Murder Charge ' (open.-d here todu> when tllj (,'lifted. I"rt'tt>*> Neuuik. N. J, <u-t. „»,, -.sell t i» expeeted U> be the plea of Mr« Sel.luin IMH a Wollo-n HltllexK ill a \v;i ; . ,:Mllln r :, - ;iUnl in-> > art; known I have pi.tuned tor -M\.->h ll.unnuicK whei i'7. Mm of a \\ealth) linnu'i. «dft pi-it » >hi* take* the stand. «!!!ji!j!.".!li!.',!»MJ r -.J I..J..I... -r-., ..' . . J" : ' j.'. . .'.."''. Lw'f' 'JPrfilllp CHJ tljt iH'lll !»>' llOtll tile (itllt "WoiU"."' "Yen, Mill U." ''When weie in Kiuope lust'.'" "I was* never in KuioVe IdM " "S'tH |a?-t,"' • ' "Yen, not l.iM," This IM v»'ij adroit < iii.>.s-i-x,iiiiiiiu- tiun. Mile U> ii.iji unvone trvint; to slip umihnvK ox IT. 7 he insn»>i'tur iooKn • the lnt,pet tor rtunare in the eye while he's talking, ••eviiiini; lo ^;iy "tome out (mm behind thai i«*i>-Ji. 1 M-e >IHI," Eat less meat and take Salts for Backache or Bladder trouble —Neutralizes acids. Uric uciu in maoi beetle* i\it* kidney*!, well, New Jersej wonien fharuetl \v|tb Jmnrfliu-ln*: lu-r huuuaiiil. when her tr|,U * bej-inh Ueie toUio. .Minor t-u«eii initv I delay the fmnvediiiKH but Mrs Itftitin- Ker will be-in rnnn and her t ,!«.• nutj eome Jlrwt. m t-ordiNK to holietlnit IF HAIR IS TURNING GRAY, USE SAGE TEA '.iinl tiefeiiM- al.^o itdtl to tlu 1 unuMual ^jtinH >\t the ea^t'. The tlefense plan* in Hiiu^ jhtji j^iuith. H.ilH'bi'fll hUbjt'i-t lo epileptic tltH. U1H Urn hv Kit)< it Hill while under the In- tluetu-tt. of The at.tie h.lrt as- It*, chief CJtl'tl. alb'Kitl Wl'lt* l< n conf*»hMnn niiult bj Sinilh, t.|ionl> he attempted lo commit civerwork*tl; Then lie tin- t.inaidutf * or him Uit-u to New York on -the K\< t-pi l(.i- a tew di.slinrlive wiin- kU*> i.f iiiiiiiu.v (he l.umlun pulii-e dup- he.ttf ihe |i.ui'.>,s. They want to ttnuw wlu-ii^ >oji ,iie KOIIIK to t|\e und ho\v loin, .ill,) \\h\ >oii i hot-e Hut! plate .M.d vou'tt bt-tti-i ItH tlu'iii ^IM • Mi.Vill 111 Uje Iwuil, Wi tli IT,—UK,.,.) >ul f III till Ji all I )!•• •„.' .i- Tilt huds of Ihv , ( lr but Wllli iii, ,.<!, M i lie. .17,111 ',,( ., tilel in an In. i . .i , .unp He HUI> i oatn -tlu- •i..i n, . .-in;, ti.ttut . att tv, >lnn>, la;; I • \U«i.i\(t lit a l.u^i.l !.y s ( rt- "! I " '-nip 1 1, ,' f !! i they ache, and fe.-l like hi nips of lead. The urinu hccoino.1 cloudy; tlu< bladder i>> IrritaiiMl, and you may ho obliged to welt relief two or three time* durink the night. -When tho kidney* clog you must help them flunh off OR bodyV waste or you'll be a real 8iek shortly. At first jou feel a dull \- in the kidney re«lj»n, you suffer from backache, tsk-k lujnuluche, dl«- /iin-.MM. htoinuch K^ts sour.'lougue coated and »oii fe<l rhetititatlc twinges When the wj-utlier M ImU. R»t less meat, drink U»IK <»f water; alwj K*H fiom any p)iai'iuuci»t foui ogni'en of Jatl «ultn; tnke a tablt<iipooii> ful in u «I«iss. of water in-foro bit-.iJv- fawt for u ft«sy d»ys uutt your kidneys will then act Jitu', This famous salt.- i* nmile from the'acid of'grape* jiud eome tirnt. m corduiK to Mrs I ~ • ul lus rt ' Sl ll> ''«>""« lll!> 1 "'' l(l ««»»'"! ! WT' r i m^'T 1 ^ lt r ^" t " --"loon 1 ! look old! Try Qrandmoth- V;:i;^\T;\H\c^!%;;r l \,;n i ; I »,,urdt, hmir a.UT ,he KUU«K that ,he MHH he, ,„„,., ^ jj)e ^ dar|(en and , II|U «„„ . h(ll |1|IWII Hl t|w gruv beautify faded, streaked hair. 0,uul t4> tleath IIM the iei-ult oi an Impulse hei'uuttf hv> abtiKed her H-m*>is Juice, een for The mate contends Mr hough! u ?un by m.'HI In Xe\\ Voil. a' few d.ljs belt.i'e thf fchoolilta JUDGK CHUBS IN SENTENCING BOY TO t.nil unhin u tuindted .variln of the il.tmm.iek home ,ti l> oVIot-K at nijjht. to c|e,ui kiOiH'.\h ,utd t>ttmuUt«> them to iiotniul .i<-tiu(>. tu iieuti,ilixc the in unne, j.o it no longer !.-> y 4.1" niH.itK'n ihiix m.linjr: bladder w<?akm .s JUH tnaki-s a dH*}.-hUiJ| cJtel vescuit .MaU'! dunl. Illicit e^l>i.!^ t.^Kt- »','» and tht it tu keep" the jh and. at live l>iii ( «i~N y Un j M Ii i,,!s o,f Jjni .S kl l( s ll( ul), be||«'V»< in ii'. i-it iimdlg t'j 1, lm.ld, v. i,,{, u , k ,,,,| V )( ,,,1,),. Chicago, HL, oci. ii, -,h IS. tvibath vvept when h Uoyd itopp. I'S the inuulti of Milton vcit Hrrttmn Alttiou 1 , 'of uak I' uey <"uai1i-K i' William*. r.opl 1 ' <ll»o Wept -\i.ui> . te.dh. The set ne \s,t,-> ilt.i "I uJwa,\h pi,is upon 10 H ian'1 tlo an.vtbfn^ duty to pt'ifoiin I'tUlv^llUJ Ililll"! C.IM*' ^~ A* ' J<l«Il .to tlui> rlud ,li<- hiid ju.-t lett Mir--, liammatk at the '-:itt "t her home* ,\*, he panbeti tin; — — '..i.i\e \,iul si f.nni t<li ppftt tiom be- j.eii.ii'iiui.-«vi. Mud.- ..! d.nk '!"!; il , < l ; >m "r"."v- »«'- a • t , 11|t " •••«« »m • i o» 1 in- till. 1. i \ i • 'bad 'li.ulxs tii>m the lointmloiie f ^.t^e Tta and .Sulphur > )v . „ ,,',(, ul ,|, ,, ' tu . w |y 'e.xplodetl linn IH \.-ni th.iim It nitl.i'--. >'i < .itm'Ue «,i- luuiid .Smith was plac- ihe fan _ U In i. is i ill-•« nun- •,! -'lull i ,ut.-<(. ,in,l addnnucd, the u tli.n,i tl i i-l 'ii ,ii|ihi itlxii i>i l"''i'• -l\ li tt ' I' hut d> be done ' H'M li wa^.tltti J..uitj.'d while Vir,"- :t'n» i( tit. l, uj .VJlf*". Hiiinniai'K. v\-i 'lit; 1^1 a to immn Mi's |-'io Itrew- u-i ..[• Maitooii l>t-piie the evitlenrp .11'uiniil tied IK iiti-i Hifl, Nhouinu, au- i''nti t. „ tonitoti, he »»t« utitrur to her, tl! U.'in., the .st..( ! I M'< Ol i»!ti;e \liil !app'"(tia/ii f ,i btin<ii> dfoiit j l)on'( t.oihei (» ii!.pl|. 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London, Oct. 25.-<Jrouae shot on Klng'u urUwrve* durinir the shoot season, Juist opened, wiirid~ttftno»r«xt i-uinivftly to wounded l.ona«in, Oel, ih- r tloned rn }>ola is Hrltish soldier* 'u lakes and riveris !u Xwth- CMiW*J<i«s4 columns Iff Wowkifol $ To thoae who have endured e itqbitig torment* of «iK'k »kiu-eruptiou» > tliu r otlwr th» Dintrocut | and d i v, «n|d m Vt-l he « ,ui oiili'Sil iU. Aiilmih "t:.u" I dlllt'leiil 1 bttv« ,i SEVEN WEfiE WOUNDED ' r^WUS lie BUlkriuij I enduri)4 atitfail . 1 U*» trt'utmi'BU ,huve uptwt good |! I \ ...I '•! l tl Death Siege At- Squatter'* Hjit Fatah ^*' c *'*** 8ton Ww itdiiijg «| To T«o Men. i '• V ^'«<ATA,1 / A»tl thev li , N ti , ., , .. ,J luoro woad«?fful that -t-ti't .' • i (.u , ,i »u«l u (I. V .till < .l-'i '' I'...(.O III.. .11.1 and tin lit.I l i.i I tin jil I "ill l l .-•, ,t',,il ,>*(•! in i^. i,|i • V< 11 (' » , )'!," ii, .1 I in. it—^t'? 1 " t^—~ t"—" N". * , J' ' * ,,' > r , l< i ' n . "I .<h>l .t I iv sjiel • < t ait< .1 'i . .| i,, A&»4 Soap For Baby 5km A g<M*d baby 8014, «koiUd to arc. »liv ••« ^ _ 1&,

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