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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 6
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 6

The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
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SWVDAY STATE JOURNAL SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 1.9, 1931. LINCOLN SUNDAY STAR Tulane Continues Toward National Title, Beating Georgia 20-7 ONGSBRIINCSBEAT il the custonmry monthly report that Lincoln ii to be taken back into the Western league next Nobody knowi Juit how. With Tulia again failing to get into the Texas league, the Topeka franchise is likely to go back to the Oklahoma metropolis, fit. Jmeph drew well last year, ZIMMERMAN PASSES GEN WAVE 10 TW OE ITS TO SEWARD TURNING IN BIG GRID YEAR OWNS Piank Haley keeping bis team in the race moat of the seasmi.

Where would the franchlee come from that would be brought here? ui Ham. in the Daily man makes this comment: "The Nebraska State league reports 1B31 as one of the most successful seasons in the history of the circuit. Jack Holland can be thanked for that." Buster Mott Tallies for Bulldogs on Long Flip From Key, PENALIES ARE FREQUENT It so happens that there's considerable truth in that but Jack Holland isn't kicking himself because in helping the Nebraska By ALAN GOULD. Associated Press Sports Editor. SANFORD STADIUM.

ATHENS, Ga. t.I^. The mighty green wave of Tulane engulfed Geor- cause in helping the Nebraska State league he also helped him- i ilas gallant football forces Saturday in a turbulent climax to one of the most spectacular elf to a young ball club and some neat profit on player sales. And it's Jack Holland and Barney gridiron spectacles. Burch who are trying to put Lin coin iNick in the western.

A SOHNt Wlwt fMi IhlBk af tNIa far Thankaclrtng Slah? 1 rrU high aa Nartb high la aar Nehrsaka sataaraltg at aar ft paraea, nrW aaaw flrat ef aaata. ta aag It waaM team a neat aom to tara to thtir towa for W. D. NoKh PlAtte Legion is talking up this same idea, with exception that they would hold the game in North Platte. Pop Klein, however, has indicated that when his team completes its regular seaaon It will be thru for the year.

TWO TRUSTS. of the brethren who find enough to worry about In the Manchurian problem, the good old depression and the Winkler case, are wondering if football is beginning to run itaelf into the ground, basing their fears upon the consistent success of Northwestern and Notre Dame. They think if these two could meet every Satur- vDcrrsALL MS SSKU oef- tri DtcwiMS ITt OM ytAtl day, everything would be fine and dandy but that the practice setups other teams made for them are taking the wallop out of the game. Ralph Cannon doubts if there is any obvious reason why either team will ever slump again and since very few of the other universities can keep pace with them the question arises just' where do we go from here? "The popularity of the game depends upon normal competition, the wider the better, and certainly numerous big schools, euch as Penn State. Princeton, Cornell.

Chicago and Illinois and a hundred others, without some change of setup, have little prospect of ever again being in the class with the two superteams. they say, is the life of trade but college football seems to have drifted into a monopoly by a couple of trusts," Cannon stipes. AU of which may be true. But these thinge move In cycles. Rome undoubtedly, had few, If any, obvious reasons why it should slump, but it did.

The final score was 20 to 7, as Tulane achieved a decisive conquest before a crowd of 36,000 spectators. Except for a few dsEzUng moments of the third period when the red shlrted flashed their one scoring thrust, the battle of Athena was turned largely into a rout by the powerful and hardhitting aggregation that carried banner another big stride along the champion.sbip trail of 1931. The game was marred by to a record crop of penalties, as well as disturbances along the sidelines that threatened to develop free-for-all fist-fighting in the closing period. Engineered by the flashy Don Zimmerman, a triple threat halfback, Tulane's aerial attack accounted for the first two touchdowns tallied by ibe Green and put Georgia in a hole from which it threatened only once to escape. In the third period Georgia played Its one big hand.

With the ball on 40-yard line, Key faded back and tossed a long pass down the middle alley. Buster Mott grabbed the ball over his shoulder and outraced all tacklers to the corner of the field. Catfish Smith added the extra point on a perfect placeklck. It looked like a typical Georgia rally, but the Bulldogs were not equal to penetrating the closely- knit Tulane defense again. The next thrust thru the air was a boomerang as Francis Payne intercepted the ball deep in Georgia territory and raced to the Bulldog 20-yard line.

Shortly afterw'ard the green wave hit the red shirts with a final smashing Impact. Payne dashed off tackle twenty-six yards for the third touchdown, Zimmerman then booted the extra point and the door 'vjte Ben Seward high school eleven has been going great guns this season. Not an opponent has scored a point against the team while Seward has rolled up a total of 313. The record: Seward 51. York 0.

Seward 14. Cohege Vlaw 0. SeA'ard Oaceola 0. Seward 3S, Concord'a Academy 0. Seward 13, Friend 0.

Seward 20, Aurora 0. Seward 60, Wahoo 0. ScwKid 04, David City 0. In the picture: Fourth row: Harry Campbell, Bob Oglesby, John Hints, Gordon Dlers, Wilber Misner, Charles Mayland. Third row: Wilmer Jacobs, Russell Souchek, Elmer Dohrman, Lloyd Cardwell, Von Hlllyer, Palmer Welsh, Everett Oaks, Photo by Oumbcl.

Floyd Glelsberg. Second row: Ben W. Kellner, coach; Lyle Foster, Leslie Menze, Henry Imlg, Charles Coke. Arthur Baker, Roy McCallp, Lorranle Patterson, Line Coach W. Hansen.

First row! Lloyd Morrow, Jim Dowding, Frank Oat. John Tom- andl, Bill Thomas, William Rousselle. Allianca Mitrhcil HcottabluII Bndt-port MorriH Bayard Torrington shoes. also had an edge, piling up 199 ablcd the Huskers to beat the against 90. i Kansas Staters 3 to 0.

The defeat eliminated the Ag- The Husker coaches used sev- gles from any chance at the Big i eral backfleld combinations during Six crown. Tlie Husker have Iowa the game. State to dispose of next Saturday, also undefeated in conference before they can claim a clear tiUe. The that ths K-Aggles ever got to scoring was the advance In the second quarter when they rushed the ball to the Hus- ker 20-yard line where the attack bogged down and Cronkite delivered his 3S-yard place kick. That was the first time the K- Aggles had had posses.sion of the ball in Husker territory.

Despite the fact tliat the Huskers were outplaying the Aggies most of the afternoon it appeared that those thiee points were going to do the business and it recallad the time Bobby Stephens kicked a field goal from around the 43- yard line back in 1926, which en- Stai'tlng lineup: Shaffer Stcphenaon Mtcharlt Hrnbi WlEKlna Croihlle 1 It. If? re qh Joy Rhea Ely Justice Durkee Manley KrelatnRer Penney Sauer 0-3 Auker Hareh Score by quarters; Nebraska K. AKKles Field goal: Cronkite. Touchdown; Brown. Kubr.tltutlor.s; Nebraska Debut for Jua- tlce, iJllben for Brlen.

Bauer for Manley, Kilbourne for Durkee. Paul for Penney, Hoby for Sauer. Adafna for Debua, Eaujr for Paul, Masterson for Krelzinger, Bishop for Koster, Swanson for Penney, P.aul for Swanson. Brown for Bauer. Kansaa Aggies Smith for Zeckaer, W'ertzberger for Stephenaon, Hardtarfer foe Hanson for Wlggina, Hasler for Michaels.

Teeter for Hraba, Wiggins for Teeter, Hraba for Haneon, Bushby for Harsh. Falrbank for Bushby, Weyhrew for Hasler. Kartcr for Hraba, Pilcher for Falrbank, Blaine for Pilcher. PLAY BY PLAY REPORT GIVES DETAILS OF NEBRASKA VICTORY OVER KAGGIES Lewis 70-yard dash in the fourth quarter gave Nebraska a 6 Lo 3 victory over Kansas gies Saturday. The field was WM ing hope.

thing that will run football into the ground sooner than conUnutd superiority of North- wastem and Notre Dame art some news reel ideas of what the publie wants to sse and hear euch as a coach addressing his team between halves. violating the sanctity of something or other. lineup: Bankaton McCormick (c) Dawaon Score by periods; Smith Maddox Batchelor Iieathers Cooper Kelly Chandler Dickens Roberts 7 7 Haynee, Tulane scoring; Touchdowns. Pelts, Payne (eub for glover). Point after touchdown.

Haynes (pass from Zimmerman), and Timmerman tlpace kick). Qaorgia scoring: Touchdown, Mott (sub for Dickens). Point after touchdown, smith (place kick). Officials: Referee, Campbell, Tenneasee; umpire, Army; field judge. Dahlene, Kansas Aggies; lineman, Ervin Drake.

CHAMPIONt. Pop Klein's Crete Cardinals have that calm assurance of champions. They go about their work of winning football games in a business like manner. Against Lincoln high, the Crete elsven, using Coach Bible's offense, proved a coordinated machine but above all those rangy lads from Saline county have the desire to win. They gave each other plenty of punishment when something went wrong, one lad kicking his team mate in the seat of the pants and then turning so that the same lad could kick him.

They keep the fires blazing at all times. In Parllek, Klein has a shifty, broken field runner. In this instance of game, "broken field" is the absolute words for it as the Lincoln high grid has been plowed Thursday and harrowed Friday so that it was so soft that pimts, instead of bouncing, would wallow into It. NEBRASKA SUB RUNS SEVENTY YARDS TO GOAL (Continued from Page 1-A.) K-Aggie homecoming crowd of 14.0(H), who began filing out of the stadium and seeking shelter. It also made the ball even wetter and heavier and that nullified whatever passing attack the desperate K-Aggies could get started, although McMlllln managed to toss one for an 11-yard gain to Cronkite.

The Huskers were watching this rangy lad who last year raced saventy yards after taking a pass to nip the Huskers in much the same fashion that Brown did it Saturday. Tte big delegaUoD of Husker followers who came here on special trains and overland will be telUng their grandchildren about Brovm's run. And also relate something about the magnificent line play of the Husker forward wall. The Nebraskans had the K-Aggles bottled up badly, their best showing being in the second quarter. Husker Line Looks Good.

Ely, Rhea and a pair of reserve guards. Debus and Bishop, along with Gilbert and all the rest of them stayed in and fought the full sixty minutes. Koster was hurt in the third period and had to be carried from the field. He had been playing great ball but Bishop, his relief, and another pint sized player, was in all the plays. That sustained attack of the Huskers which traveled sixty- seven yards before it was stopped, started on the Husker 25-yard line just before the third period ended with a plunge of six yards by Masterson.

With Masterson and Sauer lugging, the latter doing most of the toting, the Nebraskans began what appeared to be the same sort of a gallop which carried them a touchdown victory over Iowa last week. But after making four yards in three plays, Masterson tried a pass which fell a trifle short of the receiver and Auker. whose punting had been keeping the Aggies out of holes all responded again. A second Husker offense fizzled and Sauer punted. Then it was that Brown came tearing in to replace Bauer.

The Aggea lost a yard on the next two plays and punted on third down, Auker failing to get his usual high spiral, it being a low ball. Paul ready to block for Brown, saw the ball coming to him and attempted to nab it but the greasy oval popped from his arms and a K-Aggie recovered on their own 42-yard line. Brown Takes Bail On Run. The Nebraska delegation gave up the ghost then but the Husker team Auker and McMillin failed at the line and Auker again punted, with about five minutes remaining. It should have been a punt that would have carried the ball deep into Husker territory.

It was another low kick. Brown, seeming to sense a chance for real runback took it on the dead nm on his 30-yard line. Then he began that trip down the sidelines. Following the touchdown, a low pass from center prevented Masterson from a chance to try place kick for the extra point, but this young man of destiny. Brown, who was trying to hold the ball attempted to rush it over but he was smothered before he could get started.

And having watched him just snatch a victory from them the K-Aggies were not gentle in the manner of smothering the Wisner youth. Statistics Favor Husker. day rain that stopped just before game time. Following is the play by play report: FIRST QUARTER. Game Captain Manley won the toss for Nebraska and chose the south goal.

The rain had stopped. Cronkite kicked off 57 yards to Sauer who got back to 30-yard line. Sauer punted 48 yards to Auker who returned three to Kansas Aggies 25-yard line. Harsh made three outside left tackle. Auker punted 22 yards to 40-yard line.

Kreizinger made three yards at right tackle. Sauer punted 43 yards to Auker who returned 5 yards to the 20-yard line. Harsh made two at left guard. Auker punted 38 to Manley who returned 15 yards to Kansas Aggies 47-yard line. Kreizinger, on a fake punt formation made 13 yards over right tackle.

Kreizinger added two yards on the same play. Sauer added four at left guard. Kreizinger hit a quick opening at left guard for Uiree yards. Sauer punted 25 yards over the goal line and the Aggies scrimmaged from the 20-yard line. McMillin made a yard at Center.

Justice was hurt and helped from the field. Debus replaced Justice Harsh made three at center. Auker punted 40 yards to 34-yard line. Sauer punted 46 yards to Auker, who returned six to Aggies 26-yard line. Harsh made two yards at left tackle.

Auker went over right tackle for seven yards, but both teams were offside and the gain was annulled. Harsh went outside right tackle for eight yards and a first down on the Aggie 36-yard line. Wig- gltie was hurt and Aggies took out time. Both teams are punting and waiting for breaks that dont seem to be coming. Auker made two yards at right guard.

Harsh added three at left tackle. Auker fumbled a snapback but recovered for a loss of 14 yards. Joy nailed him. Auker punted 44 yards out of bounds on 31-yard line. Sauer made four yards at right tackle.

Hanson replaced Wiggins who was hurt on the last play. Hanson communicated and was a 15 yard penalty on the Aggies. Sauer made one yard at right guard, his own interXrence piling up in front of hlnv. Sauer hit a stone wall at left guard. Sauer punted 48 yards across the goal line and the Aggies scrimmaged from the 20-yard line.

Ely dumped Harsh for a 2 yard loss. Gilbert replaced at tackle for the Huskers. Ely was thru again and stopped Auker for no gain. Auker punted 42 yards to Manley, who got back 3 to the Nebraska 43-yard line. Manley lost a yard on a fake punt.

Sauer made 5 yards at right tackle. Sauer punted 40 yards to Auker who was downed on the Aggie 16-yard line after returning 3. Mc- Mlliin went one yard ao an out of bounds play. McMillin outside left tackle The statistics of the game give the Huskers an edge of nine first getting back two to downs to four for K-Aggies. 32-yard line.

Sauer In net yardage made the Huskers yards at right tackle. for 8 yards as the quarter ended. Score: Nebraska 0, Kansas gies 0. The ball is on the Aggie 25-yard line, third down and two. SECOND QUARTER.

Auker punted 46 yards. Manley made two Bauer placed Manley in the Husker backfield. Kreizinger added two at right tackle. Sauer punted 30 yards to Auker who got back 9 yards to Aggies 43-yard line. Harsh picked up 3 at left tackle.

Gilbert stopped McMlllln for no gain. Auker punted but the gies were offside and penalized 5 yards. Kilbourne replaced Durkee at end for Nebraska. Auker punted 49 yards, Bauer being downed on 12-yard line. Kreizinger broke lose and ran 18 yards to the Husker 30-yard line.

Kreizinger added two at left end. Sauer added a yard at right tackle. Sauer punted 35 yards, Auker fumbling but recoverihg on the Aggie 33-yard line. Auker hit right guard for two yards. Harsh got loose outside right end and ran 17 yards to 47-yard line.

Rhea came over from the other Bide and nailed him. It is the first Ume that the Kaggies have had possession of the ball in Husker territory. A psuts by McMillin was incomplete. McMillin went over left tackle for 9 yards. McMillin made it a first down with a shot at center for a yard, Auker added 5 yards on a half spinner at right tackle.

McMillin added 4 more at left tftckle. Harsh added 2 and a first down on the Husker 25-yard line. Auker made two at right tackle. Harah made two more at right tackle. Paul replaced Penney in the Husker backfleld.

McMillin made one yard at left tackle. Michaels was hurt and the Aggies took out time. The sun is shining brightly, but the field is all cut up. Cronkite dropped back to the 28-yard line and planted a beautiful place kick thru the heart of the uprights. Score; Kansas Aggies 3.

Nebraska 0. Hasler replaced Michaels at center for the Aggies. Cronkite kicked off out of bounds and it was returned for another kick. Oonkite kicked off 55 yards to Paul who returned 23 to the Nebraska 28-yard line. Roby replaced Sauer in the Husker backfleld.

Teeter for Hraba. Hasler stopped Bauer for a 2 yard loss. Roby tried right end and made a yard. Bauer went out of bounds for a yard gain. Roby punted out of bounds on the 50-yard line.

The punt was good for 21 yards. Auker ran left end from punt formation gaining two yards, but the Aggies were offside and set back 5 yards. Kilbourne stopped Harsh on a wide sweep for no gain. Auker punted 40 yards to 15-yard line. Bauer letting the ball drop for no return.

The half ended. Score: Kansas Aggies 3, Nebraska 0. THIRD QUARTER. Adam and Masterson were in the Husker lineup to start the second half. Penney, Sauer and Durkee also returned to the lineup.

The backfleld now includes Bauer, Penney, Sauer and Masterson. Masterson kicked off out of bounds and it was brought back for another try. Masterson kicked off 45 yards to Harsh, who 21 yards to the Aggie 36-yard Une. Harsh made two at left tackle. Aggies took too much time getting their play started and were set back .5 yards.

Auker punted 67 yards over the Husker line. The Huskers scrimmaged from the 20-yard line. Sauer plunged seven yards but the slippery ball popped out of his arms and the Aggies recovered on the Husker 29-yard line. Auker made a scant yard at the line. Auker added two at right guard.

Rhea stopped McMillin for a yard loss. Cronkite dropped back to the 35-yffrd line and tried another placekick but it was The Huskers scrimmaged from the 20-yard line. Masterson went over left tackle for 8 yards. Sauer added a yard at right guard. Masterson made it first 'down with a two yard rap at right guard.

Sauer failed on a half spinner at left guard. Sauer made five yards at the line. Sauer made two more and Koster was hurt, the Huskers take out time. Bishop for Koster at guard for Nebraska. was carried from the field.

Sauen punted 26 yards to ths Aggie 36-yard line. McMillin made seven at left tackle. McMillin added a scant yard at the same spot. Penney had a cut on his face and the Hu.s- kers took out time. Swanson for Penney.

Auker punted 46 yards to the Husker 16-yard line and there was no return. Bauer failed to gain at left tackle. Masterson made a yard on a half spinner. Sauer punted 22 yards out of bounds on the Husker 39-yard line. Auker made two yards but the Aggies were offside and set back 5 yards.

Harsh went over right tackle for two yards. There Is quite a little breeze from the south. Rhea broke up McMilliiYs flat pass. Auker punted out of bounds on the Husker 13-yard line, making the kick good for 28 yards. Sauer punted 41 yards out of bounds on the Aggie 46-yard line.

Auker lost two on a wide sweep, Masterson nailing him. Bishop stopped McMillin for a yard gain. Auker punted 49 yards, the ball rolling dead on the Husker 7-yard line. Bauer went out of bounds for a three yard gain. Sauer faked a punt and ran the Aggie left end for 16 yards to the Husker 26-yard line.

Masterson went out of bounds for a yard gain. Sauer added three at right guard. Sauer made two more at left guard. Sauer punted 35 yards out of bounds on the Aggie 32-yard line. Wiggins replaced Teeter in the Aggie lineup.

Auker punted 43 yards to Bauer who was downed on the 25-yard line. Ma.sterson went over right tackle for 6 yards, and the quarter ended. Score: Kuiaas Aggies 3, Nebraska 0. FOURTH QUARTER. Masterson added three at left guard.

Masterson made it first down over right guard. Sauer fumbled a ten yard gain and Bauer recovered for three more on the Aggie 45-yard line. Hanson replaced Shaffer in the Aggie lineup. Bushby replaced Harsh in the Aggie backfleld. Sauer went over left guard for four yards, Sauer added five more at right guard.

Masterson made it first down with a two yard plunge at the same spot. Sauer failed to gain at right guard. The ball is on the Aggie 34-yard line. Fairbank for Bushby in the Aggie line. Sauer went over left tackle for 6 yards.

Sauer tried the same hole and added two more. Sauer broke over left tackle for 13 yards and the ball is on the Aggie 12-yard line. That is the fourth first down in a row. Weybrew replaced Hasler. Sauer made a yard at right guard.

On a triple reverse, Swanson added a scant yard. Sauer made three yards at left tackle. Fourth down and five. A pass by Masterson was incomplete and the Aggies took the ball on their own 7-yard line. Harter for Hraba in the Kaggie lineup.

That last march started on the 25-yard line and stop for 67 yards. Aggies took too much time and were penalized five. Auker punted from bis own end zone 38 yards out of bounds on the Aggie 40-yard line. Masterson went over left tackle for three yards. Paul replaced Swanson in the Husker backfleld.

Masterson was smothered but managed to get rid of the ball for an incomplete pass. Another pass by Masterson was incomplete. The Huskers were set back hve yards. Sauer pimted 45 yards over the goal line and the Aggies scrimmaged from their 20-yard line. Brown for Bauer in the Husker backfleld.

Pilcher for Fairbank in the Aggie lineup. Breen made a yard at left guard. Rhea spilled Breen for a two yard loss. Paul fumbled short punt and the Aggies recovered on their own 42-yard line. Auker failed to gain at right tackle.

Mc- Millln failed to gain. Bishop nall: ing him. Six minutes left. Brown tmik punt on his own 30-yard line and ran 70 yards down the sidettne.s to a louchciown, the llt: tic Husker eluding tackier and outrunning two more. A low panii from center was fumbled and Ma.ster»on was unable to try for the extra point.

Score: Nebraska 6, Kansas Aggies 8. Auker tried an onside kick on the klckoff but it travel ten yards and it was brought back for another try. It started to rain again. Cronkite kicked off 4ft lo Paul, who returned 22 yards to the Hu.sker 37-yard line. Blaine replaced Pilcher.

Paul went outside left tackle for 2 yards. Nebraska was set back 6 yards for too much time getting away a play. Paul failed to gain at left tackle. Sauer punted out of bounds on the Aggie 35-yard line. It was a 33-yard punt.

Less than two minutes to play. McMillin made a yard but the Aggies were offside and set back five yards. McMillin passed to Cronkite for an 11 yard gain. Smith replaced Zeckser, in the Aggie backfleld. Auker made three yards.

A pass by Auker w'as incomplete. McMillin lost two yards and Nebraska took the ball on downs on the Aggie 44-yard line. Wirtzberger for Stephenson in the Kaggie lineup. Masterson made six yards at the line. Paul went over left tackle for five and a first down.

Masterson hit center for six yards, and the game ended. The ball was on the Aggie 80- yard line. Score: Nebraska 6. Kansas Aggies 3. ST.4ND1NGS I 4 3 3 3 Si il 43 T.M» A4 II 43 0 AAT 4 113 2 (1 A 1ft 0 A 1 ft ,1 3 0 3 OIVI 4 0 4 1) well.Infact, PARSONS COLLEffi 6-0 Mt'rcier Runs 26 Yards for Team Drives to 1-Ynrd Marker.

HA.STING.''A college of it was none othtr than Knute who once assured me that he rated Wtir and Hutchison as two of the great football men It had been his ur, FuirfieUI, rnn into nn inypired Ha.HtingH here SHturdny BLOCKED OAOGER PON Chamberlain King of All the Backg, Reverting to Mr. Grover's choice of Tommy Johnson. Kansas whtzzer. at quarterback, there can be no quarrel as to that. Tommy was as a field general and a ball-Iugger de luxe In going back A yard run by Merrier with splendid Interference in the second that was a touchdown proved to be the deciding margin of the game which was replete with Ihnlls thruout Pnr.son.s unle.ashed a passing and running attack in the last half that threatened stantly.

Hjistings proved the master when backed up against its with kicks and He helped goal line, making Htm.sational wreck two good Nehra.ska during his term of toll at the rence Institution and not get over that in anything less than my second hundred years. Switching lo the other positions in the backfleld, Nebraskans generally win agree with Mr. choice of Dick Rutherford at one of the halfback stations. College football In any region of the realm has produced only a few of the Rutherford type. But as to the nomination of "Chuck" Lewis, Missouri, at the other half and Claude Reeds.

Ok- stnnd on the 1-yartJ line in the llnal period. The Bront hos were content to go on the defense after scoring their lone touchdown and wero kept within their own territory most of the last hah. Pass Attack Clicks. Two pa.sses from Harris to Marquer and Harris to Hyndc placed the ball on the 8-yard line In the fourtli quiirter and another to Sever Parsons the hall on the 6-yard line. Harris drove to 4-yard line lahoma, at full.

I am compelled to Sever picked up anotner disagree with the Grover verdict. was chcv ked on vho It would be quite impossible to dl.s- Harns GIVES OHIO STATE WIN BeU Palls on Pigskin Over Goal Line for 6-0 Win Aerials Successful. MADISON, Wls. (A8. A blocked punt which was converted Into a touchdown in the last minute of the first period brought Ohio State a 6 to 0 victory over Wisconsin in a homecoming game here Saturday.

The Buckeyes earned a berth In second place in the conference standings by the victory and sent the Badgers down into the second division. A crowd of 36,000 saw the game, played on a wet field and in a heavy fog. A guard and tackle brought victory to the Buckeyes. Martin Varner, left guard, broke thru the Badger line to block a punt, which John Schneller, Wisconsin fullback, was trying to get off. William Bell, giant negro playing at left swept in to fall on the ball behind the goal for the lone counter.

kick for the extra point was wide. A twelve hour rain that let up only a short time before the game began made the playing field a sea of mud and slowed up the fast running backs of both teams. Despite the wet ball, however, the Buckeyes were successful In their aerial game. Cramer passed for several sizeable gains to Hinchman, one of which went for thirty- five yards to the Wisconsin line. At the start of the second half Rebholz brought the spectators to their feet with a 56-yard run.

He took the ball on the kickoff behind the goal and aided by good blocking, forged into the Buckeye territory. A Wisconsin blocker missed his opponent on the run and thus prevented Rebholz from getting past the last man between him and the goal. quite impossible regard the superior claims of Guy Chamberlain. Nebraska, Without the slightest doubt, Chamberlain was head and shoulders over all other ball carriers in Mi.ssouri valley history and that goes for the full forty-year period that the great college game has been played in this section of the I must confess amazement that Mr.

Grover could overlook 80 remarkable a player. Reeds Topped by Howell. Nor does Claude Reeds fill the bill as all-time fullback, Reeds was an exceptional kicker, but not in any sense a standout In other departments of the sport. The ability to outkick the other team Is an asset of some Importance, but the ideal fullback must be a great line plunger, blocker and defen.sive mao. Reeds, therefore, would run second to "Blue" Howell Nebra.ska, Howell was that type of football man capable of delivering against the sternest opposition.

After he had concluded his three-year career in Cornhusker moleskins, "Blue" performed In two post-season all-star games -one on the west coast and the other in Texas country. team was the victor in both contests and catapultic plunging was the deciding factor in each game. The my selections likely will bring a shower of verbal suggest that 1 have spread it on a. bit thick in naming so many ex-Nebraskans. As to that, Mr.

Grover recently go on record with the remark that Nebraska teams, during the years he has been following football In this region, have been the dominant factor in the Valley? He did. And Mr. Grover give some of the details of an Interview by the late Knute Rockne, during which the great Notre Dame mentor credited Nebraska with playing the best football in the nation a period of years He did. So I have the word of both Mr. Grover and the super coach that Cornhusker football, in the average year, is quite as potent as the very best.

final thrust failed. Duttiin responded with a fifty yard boot that saved the hos. Hastings threatened only one other time when Moore recovered I a fumble on the 8-yard line hut the Bronchos lacked the punch. The work of Mes cier, Dutton, Moore and Krebsbach featured Hastings on the olfense. bruck, Pier.son and Ha.s.sett w'ers the defensive bviK.arks.

Harris and Lower carried the attack. The lineups: llu.stlliRS (lynde MartiaUKi) WilKcii Chanahfrlln WaKiier Consbruck Piereon Hamilton Hassett Marquer Vonng Ilarne denn Sever Mraire McClelland Dutton Ixjwcr Krelisbiicn Score hy quartcri; 0 0 0 0 llaatlnKi 0 6 0 A Touchdown. Mercier. Elliott, Nebraska, referee; Jamre Conway, rrelyhton, Dwight Thomae, NehrasHa, heatilinosman. POROUE CROSNES IOWA 22-0 HOMECOMING MIX Haworth Stout Rabat Kranhold Smith 'C).

Catlln Pacetti State Ferrali Bell Vamer Smith Kile Haubrlch Oitlman Cramer Hinchman Holcomb (C) jb. Pacetti Rebholz McOuIre Schneller Ohio State acoring: Touchdown, Ball. Referea, Joe MagHaohn, Michigan; umpire, W. D. Knight, Michigan; headlineaman, H.

L. Ray. Illinota; field judge. L. 8.

MacPhail, Michigan. BRASS TACKS (Continued from Page 6-A.) son, team pal of Ed Weir at that would not be an easy thing to do. The I'd have you know, lugged about at much fight and fire into the bali game at any exponent of the pigakin eport that ever came under my observation. a eure-ahot tackier, "Hutch" shook them up from head to heels. From his station aa roving oenter, he had an uncanny ability to diagnose the opposing team's Riays.

Let Charlie Bachman Tell It. I recall the remarks of Charlie Bachman, former Kansas Aggie coach, following a Nebraska-Aggie joust at Manhattan. "Losing the game Is nothing to moan said, "but I would like to know how you Nebraska fellows got wise to our The explanation was simple. Nebraska know the signals, but was such a keen student of the that he could spot the opposing formations and, nine tlmea out of ten, call the direction of the play. The thing which Oach Charlie thought waa signal swiping was merely a case of playing it calling his shots.

And "Hutch" was more than a demon tackier and diagnostician of the other plays. He was a constant Inspiration to his mates; his enthusiasm and fightliw spirit infected every man on tie Nebraska team. It was the rare pleasure of Harold Hutchison and Ed Weir to wear the Scarlet in three games against Notre Dame, in two of which the Ornhuskers wrested the laurels from the Fighting Irish. Knute Rockne knew "Hutch" Laurels as Coach Belong to But the roster of super footballers in the Valley is not complete without the nomination of the greatest all-time coach. Such a selection, I admit, involves a sharper distinction than the naming of players.

Nevertheless, 1 am willing to call my shots. The laurel wreath of supremacy in the Valley region goes to the late Jumbo Stiehm, great leader during a five-year term beginning 1911. record as a tutor of Cornhusker football teams is an enduring monument to his memory. Duriqg his regime at Nebraska, Stiehm-ooached teams lost but two games. In three of the five years, those teams were undefeated.

Match that record in the Valley? It can't be done. I ques tion that it ever will be done. Boilermakers Run Up Total of 429 Yards Hecker and Horstmann Lead the Attack. Ind. lowa'a Hawkeyes had the courage but not the to compelc against Pu due's big crew of bollerm.ake Saturday and were cru.shed into a 22 to 0 defeat before a homecoming throng of 18,000.

Roy Hor.stmann and Fred Hecker were the big guns in attack, an attack that was so deadly that it netted 529 yards from the Une of scrimmage, a.s compared to a mere 67 for the Hawkeyes. BLTach scored a touchdown. The Boilermakers went to work on 33-yard line. Coach Noble Kizer sent Hecker, Horstmann and Pardonner into the hack field and thev sixty-seven yards for the iirst touchdown. donner calmly drop kicked the extra point.

Purdue came back with a sixty- seven yard inarch for a touchdown. Starting from their owm 33-yard line the Boilermaker backs shelled the Iowa ends until they reached lowa'a 14-yard stripe. Hecker tor charge of the drive from that point and took it over for a touciidown, scoring on a final frf ni the 2-yard line. Pardonner drop- kicked the extra point. The fourth period was just It.s infancy when the Boilermakers pushed over their final touchuown.

the 1-foot line Yunevlch then plowed over for an easy scoie. Lineups and summarie.s; a lot Bunny Weda. LONDON. H. W.

"Bunny" Austin, ranking tennis player and number one on the Davis cup squad, Saturday wa.s married to Phyllis Konstam. English movie actress. The ceremony took place at Hamstead parish church. Purdue lOWiI Moss ('learman Eehrlnk It. J.

FobU Tompkins Miller (C) ilantleniMiin rl. H' m.jelsoii Merr. rt. Ixiufek Pelle qo. Risk Ih.

Hicknuin Purvis Knz Yunevlch Pi (C) Hanzen Ity periods: Iowa 0 0 0 0 7 7 8 23 Purdue HCiiiiim: Horst inRiin (suti for Vun.cichi 1, llcckcr (f.uti for Itltk) 1. Yiinevlcn 1. lety: Moore (sub tor PurvlM. Point touciidown: P.u- donner to: 2 (drop Offirinlii; J(im-(i tiorlhwestern: John Schommtr, Chlcaf.o; field Judne, Inad- llneiman, Terry (Jravea, llllnoia. ATTENTION! AIRPLANE PICTURES OF LINCOLN FOR SALE At less than ground Capitol and Business Distriot 8x10, $2.50, 11x14, $4.00, 20x24, $12.

Framed, $15. If anyone wants an aerial view of their business or town just call B4366 or write. H. A. Ray Radio and Aerial Photography School Balcony Office Terminal Building.

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