Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1916
Page 2
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fWO SfEfiUMG. JLUNQ.S. WEDNESDAY. OCT. 25. 1916- • -'-" * ' -- Get the honie care of shoes habit—it pays WeU dressed ptoj^e always have well shined shoes. , With the Jkey lor opf fling the box, its quick shining qualities and the handy SWNOIA HOME SET jfor poiishiiig, makes the -y home Care of shoes a I pleasure. «UCK- - tAM- - WHITE •NINE WITH ANb SAVE At iII4«ilert— Accept no stibstltute MORRISON DAIW GAZETTE ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, OCT. 25, 1916, POPULAR COUPLE WED MARRIED TUESDAY Mitt Dorothy Cottl* and Michael Booh]Mis* Edith Port and Edward Taylor " Married Tuesday, j United in **---'— fill' [1 nmt .lohti Flf>lc!ln« uftt-r y.t*. (h«' how".Mr. U«>r»i hatl up in tii" "sit .'H«,V*» i>r«' TtH 1 t>rid«' !H th ir«n«lrtnuK>it<-i "f Mr. »"*> M". nnvlrtj MowHmi nml »>n« ;.lwnvx rV.»|ilp<1 in thiH! rllv Im'vUm !'«•«•» «ni]di>ypd for th«j imM thri-f y«jii'« nt the Htwjs»'l Bnkpr.v. ThP tsrti'im Is ;i vi ry «'«Hmnl»li» yoiing mnn a»<1 i* n WfmtW of th" (Inn «.if Hoeh * Hull ice tl«-«lrr.t. Tlu-y hnv«- a hOHt »»f friVmlw In thi« rily. -all o null*' Hi wlshhm for ' .rtn-rii" « nn.l unmiwrow* marrJ<>il • Mfo. SEVERAL IMPROVEMENTS F. A. Vim V. A. Osd«l i* Making Improve- On Hu Farmi. Vnn Oj«dAl hn* rerenlly been A PAINFUUNJURY August Wsterstrset Fell From HOB House and Break*.Collar Bane, UKII-JI WaterKtrt'i't, .Who redden lit three mile* north of Lyntton, w»n th«» victim of iin ~ iiwident Monday whb'h iniubt, have proved v«-ry serious. Me Wio*; HbitiidbiK hiH hot? hotiKf, when h«' Hirppml nnd fell ,fn>ni the roof. ,A- broken colhir bone wn« tbe rewilt of Ibe ru'i'ld«:nt but Mr. Wnlernlro-H *';IH very fortunate In ewapins with no more fiTinus injury than tbl*. «> _„.„...,„. tii the JtuAlliiinag-jai-JuJi. northeast of Morrison. Un tin farm Which i* l*»caied about woven «nd | on*.half mile* from thin city nnd which -la occupied by' Kr^il IteutK-l he hit* Completed the ron*t ruction of ;i fine iur>(4< roinblJuiUon barn. Tin- butldiOK .J»,J«x64 fwt in nlzo nnd IS fe*t to the ^ Thn'cow barn rompartmeni coriinins 'elsnteen xtanehiotiH nnd In the other rl two host mails have bwri con- aiuj there i« also room for henil of hrttjten. The mow „,_... of the bulldlnn h> aufflctenl for eighteen tm\n of hay. A new implement »hw», 2«s4« »*'V with el^ht-foot ifcalM haw almj.bWn vmxtructfd 1*11 thisj • On the north farm Mr. Van Oi»d»l 4 t» ffeoung » new hou*>**."^8*30 feet, a flue *lKlU-room two-Nto.ry structure. Ttotm place I*.occupied by Joe Olson. BOT A SAD:MESSAGE Mri, Courtney Receive! New* of Sitter'* Death on Tuesday. in Morrixon n few 'houn* Montla'y.. ,,,t i),, r Av -ny v> New Hm-kford. N. 1),, when- nh«» l>:»«i l»e«»n called by tht- ciiil- den ^eI•i^'^|^^ (linen* of a ulster. While waiting at the Million i" this city to make train (•onnecltomr whe ieo«'ivetl n «ele«ram nnnotinolnK the cad newn -of her flmer'K denth. HOLD'T BAZAAR Royal Neighbor* wilt Hold Friday and Saturday Bazaar PRE-NU.PTIAL SHOWER N. G. Club Entertain* in Honor of Mi** - Jacobeon. " The X. U, ('lub, of Union ft rove, niive « jjiiKcelltinooiiu Khower in hoiutr of .\llHs Mabellt' Jncobnon at the lunni- of Ml*"KO> r "8mii!W oil Til'lmdft'V n f teriloOtr. There- were nbout thirty-live friend* present and the nfterntHni bourn were pleasantlyxpent with KiimeH und mu*le. l>alnJly i«froHhme4itM were nerved; of thin x b " iiutlrul «»" l)sef(tl « -. evening of innny XSOCIAL:MEETING i AnMtvtt which tK£7,vUi'buM in the Morrivon p yt hian Sister*-Enjoy Social Eyenine ty .tinrFrWny »n»« jtetunltiy even- ' -After' Business Session. 7 Mi«j^ wfll IM» more than th««| fhe Pvthian SlHtert* held their reK»i- ahioupt df Httracttoiid thi« yenr| lnr mef ,,j n8 at the. K .of 1*. hull on Mon- ^anrt^d^dc^nj; will aH«> furnish «nttr-; tla? , ,. V eninK, There WIIN n Rood at- tglnment, eftft!| eveninK. - . Jiteiidanci' present and the biiKine«M KPH- "WUH followed by ft Kociul hour jduriiiK which refretthmciiiti Aver« MILLIONS USE IT tfi STOP A GOLD THE H, i. CLUB; The H. I. Club of the Baptist church will bold the ri'Kulnr meetiiiK at the home of ( Mrn, Helen. tJreen on Park St. All im-mWrn are recj'Uested to make a l effort to attend, i * Cold Compound" ends colds or grippe in hours. »*,4' s * Instantly. A 4<Mi» ialt#n wvery two , hours until thr«w Huawtiti.** tak«n will end '. up ^*a8«"fl-up nan. »«»»»8BeB lir the head. flin*c)iarKe or none run- elch headache, dunnt'«s, *0re throat, _-. i J blowing i'»ur jJ>rt»l»bJnit lns eJ*«« tn. the worid given ~ as "Tiips COW more. *tfn n Be _ It wet* without caufttn nu in- tne. BRTHS, IVMPU-;.— A baby boy was born Saturday to Mr. and Mr«, \Viilte,r Dalrymple, who renlde near Itound PROBATE COURT RECORDS KKtate of Nora Belle" lienton, decean- ed. Petition for appointment of tru»rd- ian ni»d, Bond fixed at J1.350 riled and approved Kntate of Jacob H, Adams, dece/iHed, Nomination of administrator filed. Bond tlxert at $6,000 tiled and approved. • Belief of .Maitje K. Koch. In the mutter of Mothcr'n I'ension, __ liJUL-UtJ,cr.fid, by the court 1 that the unuiunt bfl ri»J . Jvicetl to"tfj{< eum of ,»15 per moiuh, [trmiTTif~the--Thi1flrPirTiaVlrig "arrived lit ihe «se,A>f fourteen year*.. ___ '_^ __ __ ICstatc of Minnie A. H'torie, deceased, Bond waived in will, MUTS read, Kwtnte <jf Hannah RlKlln. deocaBod, 1'e.tition tii K«IJ pcrMOiiul property at An EJeetric Milk Warmer __ J»lly«««i«iwh«r« baby's wvinA and whw» th» h«atmft Bulk »u»*t tw bioul^Kt to th» «5u*t b« dona quickly and correct *ci«uifi« teapwr^tuiv. avenly, Nickel-plated ana " - -1—rr ... r _ ^^ ^^ ^ p j B £ .milk »n4 Other 88 shown, |6.50r collect, 72 West Adwns Street CHICAGO •>-d flr.d diKcharct- f\vd. l .'t f «'<, tf ..f ', ".if! ir ^tit'fTT!' •- ' ! i of m«-». in «—'i:u<'. f i-f H'-rrrjnn Sri i If;;;:. \\'- •< (••oi)r i .t>, <'*tl.;' tilrd nt }• . . . rdi.'Ui .sf Kltn .1. MAXfl*>!«f. In rcfi! «"Hfnt« nf fl*"r1fP l>.'t!»' JJdiid fSlf(1 ;irtd n|ti»ri'>V'"'l ,"'" .,f < »rt. ;. Ifilfi, MORRISON BRIEFS Cr.yi'i wtn! to '("hiras" *">>' ti . Mr< S. .\i. }tni(!i« i y. -if Si.r- line wiT«- .%f«>rri»on visJUTS <'ii M<-i»- jlay. • Mr. fti'ul Mr«. Hnns <*hri«stpnsori, of Mntltson, K. t)., arf Vl«ltingr frlt-nd< in Morrison «mJ vicinity. Mf«. Ktlwafd Sump, of Anifnrt«;rt-. l^., t« vixltinu at ll" v 8. M. t-add home in this city.. .. M,is«i Altn Jnnvriri (ut«f c^n* 1 t" I'f-.'a- tnnlrn. ill,. H>r n frw ttnys* visit with Mr*. K. A. Maxwfll n»d Mrs, I'.irn- hfim vvi-Dt i.» St/rllnu Tuesday, wJicn i di«trji't nf \.\\t* Mii^itiniiry f'H-li'ty ff ttif M; 10, rhurch <'. H. f'iPiTf wfnt t'» Hlrrtln^'on hu'sl- iifHM Ttifwfhiy. Mrs. Catherine Tlltmi, of t'tilcsijto, who has b*<*>n vlsttlnK.reldtlvr-^ tn this-vicinity for Rum*' tim^ wont to fllti- iiiti Ttifsilny wh»Tc- »<lip will vi«it hcj nlffp. Mrw. "l>nvht BiiHr>. ,Tuy Htnnltz, of Full on. was a ViMitor in Mofrlnon Tui'HiIfiy. ' Mr«. .1. W. Ht<'lnpr «<p*'iii with frlHuls In flintott. .Mrwi 11. Thtd<>n l^fl Tiipsdny fnr n visit nf the hotm- «if IHT pnr<'nt« at l.'wan III. r~ COLETA NEWS Mr. I'i)W«'f«, of r»f )unl wwk with— his-,Tln«KhtPr, Mr* Hnlph «>v«Thi>l»*>r. ' MlKt» I't-atl Munr., of St. rllUK, sppul ,w«-t»k. with ht-r wlstpr, .Mrs. Arch lh< _?!» Mrs, Hoy )tlg»b<>i> nnd »»ul>y, *>f d(in, uprnt ' liittt wi-«.'k with h<-r .Mrs. Fri'il Uortoti. HiUly Day will )•«• nlmi-rvcd nt Liberal V. i!. ohurt-h Nntnliiy, jOct, GocKVlnVJKT< % "."ri'cltiiti»intt,' «'tc,, «r<? IH prrpiiri'd. Win,. Bci<rH, of \Vhrnton, Hatiuday niKht nnd .Kiimtny with »<l«t«*r lii-r'f. hie 111 -nntl under « doctor'n curr. The little iiifnnt HOH of Mr.- and Mrx, Andrew Hwnnnott died of pneumonia Monday eVeiiliiK. Itev. and Mr«. Thompson nnd daughter nnd Dr. nnd Mrs. ilohnrtt spery ThntiMliiy nt .the I»evi'ts Sieiiimeyei iwn«p _in White I'lReon. . Mi M," .liiini-M KntnKpther and daush- ter, .\tlsH Winnie, nre HpendlttK « few days ut the Fn>nkfnther nnd Glpt M, NUNhanm U hiiihUiijt u milk hounc for HuK.h. Brown. ,, . .'' " , f** '. Wm^ Beer* preached a \'ery good f lif the Jliulical church Sunrtaj The ..1. K. ci'iiF will iiie*t \V«»dijpiidai nftvrnoon with Mrs. UertJia Uu'rwlck. Tho Joe- Mnxwfll «alo was - w*U ' at- tt»nd«1 nml th« stock nold flne._.j MI«MI*K fJrncf, "iiiH> Mary Auinari en- tertnihrd tm^Snnrtny, MI»s<*s"?r«lH«j and llniile NuNbaum, Kt)m Grom ttn»» Mnryhplln (Jetty, Mr, and Mrn. Jpff Kmltlv ftnd M!H« f Smith, of Kldoru, la., art- vl»lt» tit the Ji'fT Hunnln «nd MllfN Wnl- Mr, and Mr». Mart Frnnkfuthi'r.won Kiii'MtM -Sunday- «f theli- «t»nr WHUnro it ml fufnlly of Clyde, Mr. ftiul Ml**.- •• Denver Hollowell, of MiUvdKvvJUr, vlHlttd Sunday with Mr «nd Jlrn. Howard Kftynnld*.' Mr. nnd Mrs. John Frankfather and- clilldren and Mrn. .hi in CM Krnnkfathei and daughtpr, 'Willie, visitwd Bunday with .Mr. and Mra. Ham (llpe, "• Mr. and Mrs. Hoy ' Jierrlngtofi «<nt*r- taini'd on Hundity. Mr, and Mrs, Jeff Smith Biul Mi(*H Fiiye Smith, 61 Kldora, la.. Mr, and Mitt. Jeff Hitnni«, Misv H«rtha Wallace and John Hannlx. Mr. and Mrs. Chu.s, Mouck irpent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mr?«. Joy Milter, of Kouth- uf I tuck r FENTON NEWS 1 FENTOrfaCHOOl- REPORTS Report", of fifth, ulxth, seventh t and eighth erado; N'umoer of nupila pn-, rolled, J|4. jumibcr of nmleB,4^;.num« her of femiileu, 13, Number of doyn tuuRht. 82', grand total numftw'of dayp ?ittends.nce. 609H: overage cliilly at- •tendnnee, 23 ?-44- Those nelilu'r nb- fleht or tartly* are Wwlght Klilott, Leslie Hnyiler, .Harry Klltott, ,Arth,ur Korth, l^iwrence VVaiik, Agiys I'y»e, Lorin 8tephen»oni -Almtt --Gooperr If « *•, ,4fu>r*nc*~NwtrVr wfary' Korth. TSaater<l Kthel Goope r N «mb*r—of—y-t»ltow f —8,---4- wQuld like to urge the parents to visit tho School frequently, Ml»rf Cora M. tlutikt teueher and principal. Keport 111*81. wcvond, third and fourth gradtm of Kenton school! ~N«mbec of pupil* ««im»llwl, 3St »umb«r of boyn. 2<; number of girls. J2. -Orand total number-of days attended, 78T;'average UtthY' attendance, 38^. Tho** neither timly or absent ar*: Anna l»yw. Willie Heuler, Cteus T*n-H«er, Krwhi Frank, Itoy lilftKideU, H«rman Roue, Henry Ten-Ho«r. 1'aullne UkeM,' Olgtt Thompson," ArdtJtta 1'restley. Dorothy Bnyder, lnt'2 i.ikeu, Asa Wood. Charley Hlas> <lell. Johnnin • Forth, Vivian Forth, fliirem* .Pooper, Number of visiloiw, 6. Teacher, Ml»» Nelllft^Cowjier, * FENTO^TBRIEFa. Mr, and Mre. Jpiwph Shepherd and win Ward Were passpnirerH to rilntoji, lcm-i>, Thurntlay mornlnii, uml did spmu nhoppin^. Joe returned, hume on tho uV«nii>K train, Mr«. Sliepherd will rc- mrtln for u few iUiy«' visit wH'h friend* snd r«l*,tiv«s. Mr*, Uettrge niulwlell and «on Hoy drove t<» Erie Kuturduy on important Clark Jame*. of MurriKoii,, und Mrs. KH/rtU'tU HmltU, of Amt'N liivsu, wcr* very pletMdtuly intertalmnl Sunday at the home of "Mr, and Jlrw. Oliver. Jordan. Mr*, i'arrip <'wlvlllt» of l>avis, III., was H n arrival Saturday evrning at tb»- ItoinrM uf her parent*. Mr, nnd Airs. K, .M, .1'ivstley, and her winter, Mr»». Hoy Tlu'inpson ami family. d«>» (In*- Jia».l VVfeK in Clinton, low.!, visit ittit 1'rlend*. . Mi', und MI.H. Adon Klliott and t-'in of Clln'ltin. low'u, motored- over ^ttJ^^(^^s < -,w»d wen- * *-ry picaiianily t-n- t«*it.Uiif<l at tin- hitiiu' of Mr. and Mrs>. i >bvcr .loida'n. t!t"iiK«- i''r«iiiK uiid ,4i>tinnu' iiiei-n. of oplu'tstow n. wrvl eiitri taine«l ovi-j iiiiTdiVuV lKre'~M*oliu- THT Mi" *iiVit "?Tr. . 'iJJk i'iilUU 4U4 iHItUtiij--- — .-.-1..=. -Mi .vis-! Mi*.. I. C. t'yiUlvi vluni- lo .\loii isnii -Muutl-i.v, Ail;- I'ililticv. lud MI. il wi'iK*doiU' vviiltf tlu'U: » \)l,-. (."t.iH'iu r Tiune'v am!'.hU'!, llc .M i.i,-> Hfl« it, j,|t« tif Tuit>di> :ii \inlljM.ll, , It I III- It'. 11. t' ft Ml-^ ,. III'! !-,. ,\ll II -t Ml" \ I m u DIRE DISTRESS .-^ .. .-*'if,- N?a> a! rf' ?e> Hi»r>d.'*ds of j Reader. S2^^*-"^*,'W%r^^^er 1 K JY>! I.*?.- s.i v,. •;»!•!. I Ui-t (•> - t-rinif fif-!", i'i!« rind if.,, (tic .«|!:! ;fj<»n' v. |.*MSI»j'!» \v. v HI I- ••* I »•«••• <•«(!<'« ;uvl . th !}•• l;<"'ji" fur trie I 'ill-- it! I'|'.T>'* . l>r -UK St<>r<- TITi'l I Kofii •«•<! ! nf(«r the Uviid box. Today ! am Uj> an<\ around .;s>4'* (<> d" nil my own work. l">i>an'« Kidney I'HK ur>- n fUu- mfdii jn*>; I {m»- thftn rUI thf credit for i <•*!<>! in ij trie- (f ;!"<><I health." J'liif "-tti 1 . :rt Sill i)«'al('T«, pfin't «ifti(-'iy a;»k fttf ;i HHn<-v t-rmrdy srt Irian's Kidney Pill* tb«- ».ttm- th;it Mr*.' Keif, <••»•! h;id. I \i-tf-i - M ilbiini «"•<•. I't-'.ps, li'.ifT.'ilo. N. V. ..... Mr, ami Mrs. Oliver .Jordan and ".\Jr ahil-Mrsi Iliiftcn I'ope went t<> Aibriny Mrwlsv nlcht,. :7 rall<*d thi-re by «h«* w- rii'iiK Him"--," "f' Mr. .Ionian's mother. Kir*. Klvlrn .Ionian. At thJn wriflnn *dip is on 'the '.mod to tvrovwyr whl<-h her rnnYiy frl«>nd« .lier* 1 will bf> plnd >•• lir-rir. Mr, nmt Mr.*. I, (". i'inklcy drove to lvj-i<!> Tu**f»dn_v i>n Important busine*}* Mrs. HtrrMiJK <''ro$*mnn ntnl tvvn children (mil Mips HuOi l,ik«<«- were tjiuwncers to Vim < irinn. Thuifdiij tnortiitiir, » Miss "hike* returned txiin*' that evening: .Mrs. Cr«».«*tnnn nnrt family r»>m;Ut)fi| fur n luiiKfi - visit. Mi. anil, Mrs. A. K. \Vo'n\ u-iul son ,\nn nnd Mr. ntnl Mrp. W. .(, Forth and •liumlitfr Vlvlun attpndfd t!io matln<'»- In l 'Union. Iowa, Hmiiluy nft^nnmn. .Mr. and Mrs. J. K. I.ikf.s aiu'l thr»r children anil Mrs. ,T. A. Kwcrs Wc-nt to Morrison and Hric Tiu-fidny, «ni a Mrs. IThrv*^ My« ; r.« nnd two IV»rnth>" nntl KvHyn, anil Mrs Jon llwwk w«»ri» fntfrttilHi'd Mon<liiv hnd Tupcday «t tin 1 liurni-o ut Mr, mid , MnHiiii Thonifls nml Mr »nd Mrx J. <'. J REPUBLICAN RALLY 1 . \ |{pp»l»llrnn rally jn nnrimnu-t'd to SFTTield in It. l". llnn-iietrs liall Tliurs 'lay cvf-ninn A spt'oker from 'out of town has heen xei'iired and the mwl- will he 1 opr-n for 1 all »'oifrc, lioth women. VISITING IN ERIE. Mr». Lucy Huewher. who reA-nlly •tnf! frpm Colorado, ro turned 10 st«>r- 4ln« Saturday mornliiK. ufipr xpendlnc two Tvefk» .in Kt"l«* with Iwr friend, Miss Antik, MoiRhHii.' Hh«* will KO to Indiana < Wednesday of ihis we««k Jo It r»!fttlvt>« of her late hu«l»and. will return to llllnolji to .spend remainder of the winter. Mr«. B\l«K'her WUH formerly MIMH. Lm-y .'tt resident of this vicinity, find her vUlt hero »ht> «>«lled on a number of oM frlendu, hiil found nn- Deroua change* had taken plui-e »«lii<e Title toft tofra thirteen- _y««ra a VERY ILL. ' Mrtb JHae, DlckiiiMon wart calU'd to the wuthern part of thr stale 'l«y to Htm h»r Hlster, who .i '-y, ill, follQWinif nn uperutioii whh-h was performed some time a«o. Mrs. Merrill has Uiken MmS, •DIckln'wm'H a or Mlaw funtirl Wet?, who trmalnn quite. HI. , L API Eft' ^ AID SOCIETY. 'ilAdleU 1 AJd Bonloty of tho M. K, «hur*h*Vill »»«rvp a ten cent dinner to the member* anU famlllex in the din- in* room «t the *hurt'h Thursday. The nenu' otHiHtetf of meat pie, bread und ; >utter. i>otatoe«, pk'klet*. oorn, apple ind 'pumpkin pie, tea, coffee and EBIR BRIEFS, John VOUIIK. Will I'fund- nnd Jolin,.fame8 are attending tHe misaiunalT convention In SterlinK jhte iveek. Mr*. YOUIIHT repre-sents the soolety of Erie; an Hn j»r*»«ldenft and the tetter tw<v ladles are dejegutes, ' An eight pound son wo* born to Mr, and Mr«. Verhon Unwell Monday. aft* srnoon. Mother and imhe are report- fed to be doing well, " Miwaew Olive Urynni nml Myrtle Moor«, jvho are attending Cornell: college at'Mt, Vernon, lowu, spent the K^sttk end In EH* wltM M i»» Urj-ant's parents, Mr. nnd Mrw. Joseph Uryant MiHH Moorw 18 the daughter of Rev, and Mrs. A. D. Mooiv, who were lo- I'ttted in Krl« prevloiiH - to removal to Pulton. . Mm LliRie Hatton and daughter, Miea ISmmit. Hes««. Who Ofoupled th« llurchSlj house near the Erie ho«8t% hftvuT'b'rqfcen" up houseikeeping tor jthe preBenrr— 1M>s»~reeiiiJir~ wHI Tfoarff through "the .'-winter and H«r mother will- *i>eri(t— tflt*Ht<lne~fl*monjr -her <* 11^ dren. . • Mrs. George Dudley, of Sterling, «p«nt Sunday in Erie with her niece, Anna Meltrhan. ^aiut vlaited her GIRLS! TRY IT! HAVE THICK, WAVY, BEAUTIFUL HAIR fVERY PARTICW& OF DANDRUFF DISAPPEARS AND HAIR STOPS COMING OUT, Draw » Moi»t Cl«rth Through Hair and Doubt* It* Beauty at Once. Jtuir becomes liHbt^w.-ivy, fluffy. tfbubdant and apueara as soft, lustrous and beautiful a« a youijK girl's after a >ii»a»*lae Iwir cle&nw," Ju»t try this t mui*t«ii H cloth with a little Dund^r- i»% ami eurt'fully draw it through your Irnlr, taking one small »tranrt ut a time. This will cleanse Ihe hair of dust, dirt tthil excessive oil and, in just a few moments you huvo doubled jlu.-_ beauty uf yuur luiir, Hf«Ule» In-uutlfyinK the hair at once. Ouudvrinv dihsi>lvt>« vwvy particU*" of duiidniff; cleanse^, puntlet; «iwl uivis:- orate?, the i*c«lp.' fmvvcr »t',yiptiifi Hch- K uitii falitn^ huir, t Hut \vb.H will jihw.«- AOU mo,st will ' .iftvr a .f«w wei-K*' » H I* When >'<>o ai-tuully st'C IH-VV h.wi - fine and cUm-try - -It tor pi>U\. b-ur til DanuVtuie f|,jiu -ttiy b.ttt ! 1 •vv^-. th«- of it. I Teamwork Counts I Co-operation in football or in business is bound to brinjr good results. The hearty co-operation between the buyers for the five E £ \\"stores assures our patrons of better .merchandise, bigger values and newer styles. Late creations in smart Suits and double service Overcoats; TTfe best' fabrics, the liveliest styles and finest tailoring ever shown... Our.buying 1 gives you more Value tna get elsewhere for '0: £.• $15, $20, $25 lni>1 Siii'itrwIfiVIj*"¥inpTfsyetr fil meat market. ONE BORN EVERY" MINUTEhiSl'K A ni-w- Tfti "The volunK 1 of rnai! .for tin* *i'V- * Is rupblty'urowlnsj." wild I'ost- I'UrdV. "and todiiy \ve re- Thousand* Give Dime* Expectino To i Get Silk .letters, eitfh co ponrtiiK into the loi-ut porttolTi^t" da'Uv from wotneti in various parts of tin* country who have joined in an "end- le«« chain" scheme promoted by the <o- called National Hrokerajie Kx- chunue.- .Federal atcentf* -are sra'rrhliiK for of- flcer.s of the "exehiinKe." who are wnn*- ed for uwitiK" the rnallH to de-fraud. A room in a local l>u«lner<» lilock, to which all ilje IfiterH art" addressed. \ya« suddenly vacated three WeekH a«o, tbe Jiil- JTOWN RUtED^BY PODTICS ct-niH. are; Kankakcc Schools Condemned for Lack I ; of Protection. 1 ! Kunkake'e. 111., dct. iT..—-Divlni-bur! j that tln< political ^ituiitioii! In KanUa-j ; ke'e'in «uch th:M the public' sclmnjH ami, i vb*' comity almh'iuse Uie uni-d for tin'; ! furthering of pdilicnl InfluenceH, <.':ir-'; 'ulyn Hartlett ('rune, of Kahunnzoo. MIII-'J i Itary expert with n niillona.l-repnta.iion.; i}!av«d both the county and citv in li'-rj i report after Npendlne three dayr- .there, i j "(Ji't these !ii.«iltutions cuj of'p<ili-| ilifls:," wa.s Mr«. Cnuic's - an.lvit'e. Thej p halls "iinil not miltieient iri( v dU«,i! aiieiulant* for inmates, Tht rily hall was defcrjt'K-il a* l»t;i.-i' uf which Kankak'ee ousht to ash:imv<l. with .small, poorly lluhtedj julTiM'S £i>r (jt.v einphiyes and' with 8,1 'dumteon f'» tb«« imprisonment of c'itjff j»4r<ijid«-^, ..". .......... i- ............ •- ........... — ............... --- i The ci.iuity, liuui-vti, •K.I!' com»| i mended and'llie i,;al li;u;e.(iis|»i'4sil ! li-irl i.f til-- I'll \ pfjiived.: I schools were romU'ituifd fnr lack <,t'< ifin? «*Hcnpt'rf and a vlHitltiK nurse. The I To every who would i»eml V 1 cents in .tsilvot' and ;>vrlte. five friends ..., --., —, - ,, - urging...them, tu Join in the chain the Bounty poor farm wan clenouncetl nn Art of Making Enemies. "Arc you hoping to br- lovi'U fur U plied Si'iuilor SorKliuni. "Thai sort^ of aiVi'i'tion Is Ki'in-rnjly pmniptert by,| selrtsh n!oilv.i«s .t-iiinhlni'rl ullli n d sin- to h'l somebody riht- ilu.tht- llgbt*| 1'se the llaKelle ('IsiKait'l'-d " for- blK n-iiiriiM wiih'litil*? niM We Can Save You ^ Money on Duplicate JLenses _ 75 Ct Eye Glass* Chains or Reels, SOCts. ^Pl^^^^ 4^ • T|^^ i^l^^^ ^j^9 ^^^^^^W ^^pJF ^^Hff ^^P^ ^^^j^ '' -w • ' : •• '•-' '• •• ._.. Rimmed or Rimless, the Eye Glasses have the very latest finger piece mounting, on and off with one hand. The Frames or Count- ings are of extra quality Gold Filled Guaranteed. * '• Each Eye is examined separately by an Expert and the Lenses ground to order, this is your opportunity to secure a pair ot f high grade Glasses at a very low cost. . MOULDING, Optician - - First Awnuo mul East Third Sf., Steriifiir, IH." C/ver Obernuller'« Store

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