The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 11, 1931 · Page 16
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 16

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 11, 1931
Page 16
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R-i:if;nr THE UMCOLX SIM)AY STAK- SC\f)AY. OCTOBER 11, 1931. AL LUCKE MADE R.O.T.C. COLONEL MfiVfH Jewelry Store To Laryer Location SHIPPING LINES IN AGREEMENT Y, M, C. A. Notes Leroy Jack Second (’ommand of l'ni. Regiment. in I*romotions of 175 Men Is Announced By (’ol. Oury. rrn^T-ritinn of iiiorr fhftll 175 tJnt- vrr.sttv f>f Nrbr.i ka ¡urlon' t =kinK HdvaiK'd miltt .ry m iptirc t the wpfp ^nnounr d H^Lurday bv r^i W H ti’Jrv. f'lmtr.Hndant F AJb#'r« Li.rkr of f:maha was HBtn^d r~drf irolonrl and .uv Ja k of TPkamah. Irinpnant rolonol. Cadft malor? aro CUuJfip B Olllr pip .,f Omaha, first battalion, Ott- U DPtrlrk of York. < ? >»nd baf- tRllon; Frank R Dmlon of Linf.-ln, third battalion, and Rooprf H of Lincoln, nrovtiional b’tt.Uioii. oner, on the rcgim. ntal t .ff arr William Cnm.stf-k -f cimaha, icki- mental .adjutant. Vlnrpnt .1 Barlow of Lincoln. {Kr->nncl adjutant; KPtth K Turn- r of Linc'-ln and Milton A, of Lincoln rp«imcnt;U supply offU'pr.s wHh rank ->f captain. First lipufcnant.-. atta- bed to tlm rrgtmpntnl .staff arc Robert W RauKh of Lincoln, Leonard I ~i.M>n of Llneoln. John H Truell of Linc-ln and Martin F Anderson of iimaha Make ( nnipany .\ssl?nments. Officers of the thirteen cadet companies follow roiiip«n> A W*!!«-'- 11 nr'.nmv (»pfion N-rnii n r Wi li-v t.incoln, tir^t llPut-’nunt. Ctisrlr T .ton of B'->tf-bluff. Bi-rnr Three Concerns Approve Plan to PHiminate (ompetition. Dole i>hot >. (Ol RT S. MI LI.FN.'iiln jcviel-r, who ha moved hi.‘= * laldi.tiimcnî from L12 North Tenth .-.trect to 141 North Thirteenth .street The new quarter* will b’ ojiened Monday, Mr MiilUn, who has been in the jewelry buane.s.s in Lini «j!n I »r m \ entern years. had h* n in the Tenth .street place for the pa -' five yeais New B oo U h At of of .fnhn W' I’«- kor of City Library l.incoUi, Eft' in D Kl.-h»r of Fulls Cif . E:d«lir<1 n HUft of Cliovonnf, Wo, Ch«rlo» I., H eb nrl'. of lanroln Pa il C Jfn'on of Pintreo Ida Pobor- n Kifftn of Lincoln. Fart A Tcmp a of VNvmorr and Mar-in n, Worrell of< o!n, »etond lieutenant Comp.-.iiy n .Sta.ilev W Kii-er of Om-aha. raj,lain. Harold W Caster of I,in- roln, Fred tl Her—rt of Linroln. Fred r aief r of Da.tiin. flr .i lieufer. nt Carl I r Hopeiseli ol Bol.i'-. Id, Vern K M- ■ ; tlowen cf Linroln. F H niaiik-nahln of ; Linroln. Robert R Haimnn of Indian - - apoll.s, Ind , Harold H Hind.- m Werpins ; W' ‘er Donald F .tarobson -f Clordon Willard Krenur of Btaiit.-.n, Fd-r. r VVreke.s , of n»Ttrir«-, Marvin WaUoord of Hirkman i and Char>- R. Williams of Warson, lad . a-C'-nd Ib uienaiii' Smllh ( aptaln ( i>. C Company c Klbrn H Bmith of I extns;- ■ ton. I aptaln Rl- hard W Bril of Bell- ! » wtl, Robert K Johnson of I.lnmln. and W'llltam N. Richardson of Newra.dle, fir-: l.eiitenan's, Fred Aires of Lincoln, Ad-' dl.s.m K, Cady of (irand I-dand, William A Crahlll of Red Cloud. Roheri D. (iO- er i of Omaha. Rosme R Kro«er of Crand , I.sland, Howard F erhultr of Siiiton and Roger W Wolroft of Che-enne, Wvo , ' aecond lieutenants Company D Raymond Frrrlchs of Tal- ; mage, raptaln: Kverrlt (l .Mvers of Cairo. F Moirt.s Treat of Chfvenne, Wvo Oeorge | Wragge of Houeth, first inutenant . Olid- , den T Brooks of Lincoln, Carl R. CarI.-en j of Llncolt , Marvsn P F.dmlson of l.Irn oln. Edgar O Huddleston of 81 Joseph. Mo . Leo Krlsl of Milligan. Kd«arrt T. .«L. kel of Linroln, Clav W' Stcpl.rn.son of Kanss.s City. Mo. and W C. Tuft, of Lincoln, second lieutenants Company F Willard C Hedge of Lincoln, riplaln. Noble E Bttell, .Slurriock. Joe A. Clema of l.tncoln, Thomas K Ka.son ot North Bend, Jack W' Houi k of Omaha, Ia*cnort; Lar.son -f Lincoln, fir.'-l lieutenants, Kennrth R. Majors of Lihertv. Ill, O.utrge H Ryan of Heatrice Willard 1. Ssanson of Omaha, Judson B Do-iglns of Tecum.seh, Donald B H ilbert of BurllnR- fon Ka.s . Henry W l.enhotf of Lincoln. Jsfk T. Miller of Omaha. Howard W Mlsson of Omaha Ronald R Rol'inson of ; l.incoln, M-irle H Wells ol Linroln, William H. Wh.son of Lincoln, .second lirulenanis. j Prlr Heads. I Company F H.irold O Petr of Nelson raptain. Frank B Davis of Linroln, Cleo , K Mnirl.son of laromu Piik, D C, La- , vern M. R'lth of Cairo, fust lieuienanti-. A Bainey Oldfield ot Lincoln. WiUim O Wiwren of Cheyenne. Wyo . James D. Carhill of Red Cloud. Frank P Cnini of Pt. j Joseph, Mo , Don P Fasterdav of Lincoln ; Charles L. Hu.sfend of F.hls Cllv, He-man ; M Lfvlo.son oi Oinnha. CHnton C of Portland. Oie Earvin K Olsen of Fremon Wilbur C Wilhelm c f Omaha serond lieutenants. Otis H, Uetrick ol York C.idet , ‘‘Yomnanv O Leroy O Jark of ead»t, lieutenant eolon-l, D-m W Fi.sen- htri of C ilbert.son c aptaln. OrU A Barber ot Lincoln, Paul K Met/ger ol Merrt- man. Ralph A Rogers o. Lincoln, first Iteuletiant. • F.dwin A Fraltrk ol Lincoln, Horaces V Munger ol Lincoln, l.estei O Bul -1 of Pender. Corbin I. Hulbert of Biirlingtor. Kas , Carl O Humphrey of Mullen, Harry O I.effen of Fort Irf-iwen- «orth Ka.s . William A Miller of l.m- foln. Stanley D Moses oi Trenfon Marvin O Schmid of Columbu.-». Carlyc H Staab of Bougn, .second Iteutrnant. Law Commands II. Company H Robert H Lau .of Lincoln, cadet major, Reginald (' .MiUri of Lincoln and Keith K Tnrne: captain.s, Charles R Bulger of Lmnin fJobert C Scott of Buffalo. Wvo. fit >1 lieutenant . William T, Hurges.s of Omaha Roy F Btetnhelder of (loehner. Jack R Beard, of Lincoln. Jack K Hammer of Lincoln. Jame.s K. MrOenchln of Beatrice. Archie L McMa.ster of Lincoln. I rank A Morrison of Rr.idshnw. Arthur W Pinkerton of Omah.i, L-e P. Young of Parson.s, Ka.s second lieutenants. Company I Joseph F DeKlotz of eoln. Milton A Ciish of l.inrnln, captains; Ludvcig B Oartner of I.lnroln, .Arthui F Wolf of Edgar, flr t lieuteunnts; Stanley Y Bartos of Wilbur, W’.srren 11 Alden of Ornnd Island. Vern" Avre.s of Lincoln, Carl Cl. Chriswlser of Nehawka. John L. Conbov ot Cheyennf, W\ i , Jack W Cia- blll of Lincoln. Orlin C Dean of Lin.'oln, Vincent C. Drvorak of I.incoln, Robert L flarmire of l.incoln, Tabor W The ffilloalng hooks have heen recelveci at thè city librar- and «ili he r-ady for Clrculitlon a* 9 o ■ |oi k Monday morning Ameririn Indiali A Warrior Who Fomyhi Ciu ter, by T B Marquis Bee. The Romance 0( thè Hre b' F C. Pelle! t ntographi. And No Bird Sing. Riography of Paullne Leader Christina Ro-.etti. fv, D M, Stuart. ( lue bv R J Minnev Plani Anfte EU: more about thè life of an ordinaiy «oman. Btrds BLd Memortes Ot thè Rorkies. by E, A Mills. H«als. The Boat erlited hv Sam Brown. rii iliralinn. Amenc.a, We Need YoU, by E MuUer- Sturmhriin. Oemoeraev. .*?AN FRANCI.sCO, Cal . Oct 10 UP' Th" Riin.-vcyrl! and In- tprnBtinnal MorchantllP Marine .stpam.'hip linfs have aRrrcd to pcr- mif ihr I>ollnr-Dav -on-Chapman .khipping tntrrp.kt.g to acqulrp the United States line.s without opi>osl- tlon but in rxrhange for an agreement that the Dollar line* dl'iccn- tinue Interroa.ktal .kfrvice. It ws.<; .-tated on high author.ty here to- nlcht The ncreetnent, still to be ratified. climaxed a three-day confer- enre among repre.ientatives of the llne.s invclved. It is expertcd to have a far rcuchlng cffe ton American .«hipping. if validated It would eliminate murh inter-coastai comj>et tion and place operation of most of the nation s mer hant marine n an entirely new taa i.s When the first conference of shipping magnates. representing the linos and their Mibsldlarle.s. whs called Thursday 11 was rejiorted th«’ ' companies, holding 181 ves.«els with a tonnage of 1 . 500 . 000 . would mer^-e. but it was .said reliably tonight that this wa.s improbable Failed By Shlpnlng Board. The conferences were called prl- ; marily at the In.stlgatlon of the j United States shipping board which ; dlrertrd the Dollar and Roosevelt j group.s, compjotlttve bidders for the ' United States line.s, to reach some agreement as to the purchase. ' Tlie Dollar line.s. In their acquisi- , ttc.i ol the United States lines, will it wa.s indicated, get the 23,000-ton ve.s.sol.s now being built for the United States lines and will put them into .service in the trans-Pa- clflc trade in competition with ship of the Japanese N. Y, K. line. 'Flie Dollar line only recently put the palatial Prcsid“nt Hoover into service and is building the Pre.sident Coolidg. In exchange, the Dollar line.s will dl.scontinue intercoastal .service, which confllct.s with that of the Roosevelt and Rcosevclt-con- trolled I. M M. «I NI1\I. H Y F'dcriitlon 3 3b MONDNY. (",,n,nc* conference t, II • m men* lounge und L-ker Incili ;rl't*l he«ith tter-. ire ,>pen • ' Hl-Y buiirtin, 11 13-1 M»ff onfe enee boy* drpiiriment 3 ^-der h< • i H Î'm 3 IS « botfk' .«.»Idriiim citi 4 00 4 30 P.t.neei e« inimitig <i ib ■iv-'i, 4-.i. oiiiig men i gm 3 1' ; 33 0:-mpi«n club (1-7 -■(irr ho' • A c m « '■-■•3 13 Pioneer "' Mlpi ' imming 8 13-7 i.- i ---=nf men ■1»«.4 7 lS-9 Tl I il» 33 Bîtff .'infr-renie ph »iiiil cjep itmrn*. Ils m to 10 p m . men ^ louii ;e nnrt locKer ritorni and Individuai health lenire open; ;.;t= lal hour at Hi-Y bulldlni; 11 15-1. advanced v illeyball 13 Half conferenre beve Ptoneera C gvm S 44 4 45 L « C midlleld A Husker fumble halted the drive at this jiouu. A few minutes later, Nebraska took po.-.<esslon of the ball and Paul and Roby matched drives for a first JO r were well on the way to ■mi ar.i another when a penalty nipiied the at hour attack in the bud and Roby dropped back to lioot the lippi ry to the Oklahoma nine-yard line, TI h * puntiui. duel found the llusk- ers with the advantage, but the pio- ture went dark late in the third quarter when the Cornhu.skers failed to punt on a fourth down and the ball pa.nsed over to Oklahoma in mldfleld The Soonrrs, however. on playing a defen.slve game and Ellstrom obliged by punting on the ff Sportsdom Mourns **(iaiTicst Loser. Famous Baronet Yachtsman, Who Won Wurlii Admii-atimi f.u* Gallant Attcm])ts to Wrest Kacinp 'I rophy from America. Leaves Faiviahle Record of Ideal Sportsmanship. / gvm 4 45- first plav, the ball rolling to a touch- Y 1 M"ti » bark ■'lub 4-4 4'j h(f, . Pioneer» A .3 4.3, hoyi boxing club 4-8 bib 8-7 Lincoln Hl-Y club nt Hl-Y buHd- #»„ ,u. ti-... In* 8 15. bovs Pioneer» B gvm 8 15-7 13 .Nauer On Ills May, Are club 7 30-8 30 Yi men s loUeybtii Snuor'.s 79-vard kick, which sailed " 30-9 and rolled to a touehback. .set the 3vu»sfii»3v. .stage for the fourth }>erlod rally. 11 8 m trt 10 p m men lounsje *nd Durkcc .spilled Warren for a four- lorker room» .nd tndtvidu.i heMfh .-ervire yard lo.«s and the Sooner.i puntcd, open, »oclul hour *t Ht-V building 11 15-1. Ir— bu inr men* v.iUevbaii 12 . boy,. »oi»rium Kreizlngrr trapping the b.ill on the i^ia»» 4-4 30 hov'- Pioneer »..Mmmin« club run .and cha.sing It back to the Ok- 4-5. boy.»' Ptnnei r* D »im 4 IS-S 13. boy»' homa 47-Vard line. . vrf Itllng club 4 8 older bo-. pader.» club OkUihnrnn tnnk nut limn nrd on 5 13-8 15: gle. club 7 30-8 30, radio pro- ' gram ovrr KFOR 8 30 fl^st plnv Sauer broke away foi THLR’<n 3 V ^"'1* 47-yard touchdown .sprint. Mas- 11 a m to 10 P m. men » lounge and made g4H>d the cxtra ITOlnt !o. ker roomr. and individual healt'n .ctvicr open locial hour at Hi-V building 11 L3-1, advanced vollevball 12. older hoi.-’ B "ym ? 43-.Î hov. fir-v aid fta.ii 4-5 bu.vine',. men » gvm ¡ Ir.i» .3 15-5 35. older boy.V A gvm 6 15-7 15 f RIIIAY The Hu.«kpr touchdown Jarred the Oklahoma aerial tactics out of tnc bag and the Sooner.s .started to.s.slng the ball in irrnzied fa.ihton. In this hurried attempt to pull the game out of the fire, the Oklahomans met a n a m to 10 p m . men i lounge and tight Nobra.ska which jwr- lofker room: and individual health ^e^vtce mitted Only thrCC .scattered COmplC- open. »octal hour at Ht-Y building 11 15-1, tions In 12 nttrmntu bu.ilnr.» men » volleyball 12. boy* Pioneer* A gvm 4-5; bov.» Pioneer* »«Immlng club , riaurr piCWs It I p. 4-5 hoy.x boxing club 4-8 hoy»' Pioneers Oncc the Sooncrs had advanced B gym 6 15-7 15; Y M -Y w party 8 30. (he ball into Nebraska territory, sATt ROAY. Sauer grabbed a flat Oklahoma pas« Bov»' life '»ving 9-9 40, boy*' Pioneer» and .sprinted to the touchdown whlcn n gym 9-10, boy=- corrective gymnastic» 9-10, boy.' »oi.riiim cu.-* 9-10. 11 a. m. to; defeating the Sooncrs Satur- men * lounge and locker room* : 10 p and Indi Friendly neer» C rlub 10-iii, DO'S aavancru nuiiiiiii, i,, j . j . , , 11 05-11 4.3: boy.»' tumbling and uymnas- functioned In gOOd .Style and Not only millions of sport.smen Irtsh parenf.s and owed his surer H.uiJd Vnnderlnlt, who sailed tlu» but countless 1*' business to hl.s own eftovt 1!.- Amern an defendt r Kntnrprtee. Rut llrst attempt to the enveted HviduRi health »ervice open, boys' day, the Nebra:>ka .squad turned in numbers of people whose .sole con- ,rnnhv fmm thn iTnifoH .statrs uns 0 - 12 , bo-»' advanced f-«‘mming , The Oklahoma niourn the pa.ssing of Sir feated bv the varhf Columbia off ties 5-6, Saturday Evening clib 6 Wesleyan Notes Mrs. Clyde Moore (Leila Admire. ’07) Ithaca, N. Y. is a vi.sitor m Unlvcr.slty Plate this week. pa.ssing the Sooner backs, although falling ’Thomas Lipton, the veteran British in their rushing tactics, showed yachtsman whase gnJlant but futi c flashes that indlcaieo .speed and attempts to win the America’s cun when they were able to (^e admiration of the entire world. Sir Tliomas was born in get under way Sconers’ First Defeat. The Saturday reverse was the first Glasgow, Scotland, in 1851, of jrior Sandy Hook Five time.-, in all, he came aero.s.s the Aflantie, ea, h time witli a new Shamrock, confident of victory, but he never leaiized liis chrn.sheri ambition. Hi - last aftenv t WD4 made in 1930. w iien he acain .«uifered defeat at the hanci.s ol thougii he never w-tn the roveted tropliy, one (d the liapplest moment.- of hi hie came wlien lie wa.x pre.--ented wltli a <>’(1 cup bv Mavor James J Walker, ol New York on belialt of tlie Anierier-n jieople in t^iken of their .sincere admiration il hn- \ >rl.,man;-hlD. 1 lie harnnet wii . 81 a. tlie time of hi. deatli at his liome m Middlesex. Fngland. defeat of the .sea.son for Oklahoma, Dr. R, W. Deal and iamllv mot- the Sooners having defeated Rice Rrewn «cnt in tor Bnucr for N.’br»»k* od to Dr.voniiort la. Saturday 19-6. in the .sea.son opener. Rice Sat-vRrd»''tL ' ‘^tory over illy'w«»%";Lird «nrNrbrR^kLpcn or October with Dr Deal’s mother. A Rp.Jist I/ioki »1 ITcmocrsrv, hv M A Pink. Hr* w». Mndcrn rontlncnt <1 PI»i»tighti, by F. W ChsndPr Hrcsmi. Dr"8’ii.^ Their M"»ntnc *nd Prsrtlcal Appllr*(ion. by Clement \3 nod Lronotnlr». The W.*y to Recoverv, hv Sir Oeorge r*l.yh. Fr«nre, Frunce A .Study In Natlonxllty. by Andre Siegfried Indu-trv. Onw»rd Induxtrv, hy J. n. Moonev »nd A C Reilev. I.«n(iiage«. Talking Your W«-.’ Through Etirope Converiatlonal .Aid« For Traveler.» Abroad, by C. E Massen* and E. L. Hackrs I Ihrariei. Library Service for Children, by E. L. Power. I.flerature. Builder» and Book», b' A. R. Marble. Moimtalneerln*. Mounlaln» And Men. by I. H Robbins Ocean. Oceanography hv H B. Bigelow. PalmlHrv. Hand» of De»tlnv, h- Jo-cf R»n»Id You *nd Your Hand. by Chrlro. ipieiid I Poem» South and Ea u bv .tohn Ma.icficld. PiohlbiUon. The I.,Die Oreen Bhutter, by Brand W'hiilock Radio. Radio in Advertli-ing. by O E Dunlap, Jr. Social Problem». The Social and Fconomic View» of Mr. Justice Brandet». bv Alfred Lief. Social Service. Horne Running Away Climaxes Hard Luck Of New York Family the University of Texas. — — 'Tile varsity will meet the Mrs. Ralph Crcs.sey of Fairbury frosh at Memorial .stadium next Sat- visited her daughter Marian at the urday afternoon. The next scheduled Willar.1 house for a few day.s game on the Biblcmen’s book is the week. Mrs. Crcsscy is an rlumna of homecoming game with the Untver- We.slfjan 'sity of Saturday. Oct. 24, at - Memorial stadium. Summarv: Frank Uzmann, catcher, wnll be Lineup and Summarv. Boriai Work Administration, bv Flwood Street Fiction. M KclL. of Atkinson, Mcrrll N Scclcy, second lifitf nant.s. Hcnton I» 51 ijor. Companr K Frank R Denton of Lincoln. major, Oilhcrt T. Webster of Delton William Comitnck ot Omaha, cap­ tain.s Merrill L Plimpton of CUenwoo«!, 1» . FU J. Skinner of Riiikin, Melvin H. Adam.» of L*moyne, William H. Congdon of l.incoln, Floyd F Hedhim of Chappell, Herman J Koch of Lincoln, William C Summer» of Beatrice, ntchard H. Wimri of Ashland, .iccond hei'trn.inii Company L Robert M Phillips of L<i Angele;!, captain; William K Stiverson of Omaha, lieutenant, Clifford M Ault of Lincoln. John A Quadc of Onida, S D. Heniy L Scger of Emmet. Robert Barkley of Linco'.n. Robert W. lllrd o! Ltncoln. Waldo F Minford of Lincoln, King P. O Sawerbrey of Omaha and Jul- tu» Wilson of Llneoln, .second lieutenant.» Brubaker Captain of 51. Comp'iny M Eibridge I, Brub.iker of Olcnrock Wvo, captain, John H Trucll ot Lln-oln first lieutenant: F.iv I, Oarn- er of Seward. Charles H Hood ot Wahoo, William S Kerrigan of Lincoln. Fred O C.vmmell of Carrol!. Hcnrv S Oembala ot Loup Citi. B.rnard C Ref.ihauge of Lincoln. Ftank M Simmons of Culbcrt.xon. E Flovd Wrbt of I tncoln, Clyde D Clancy of Onnha second Itcutenanli Headqiiarteri companv Oerald I. Phll- hppe of OreyhuU. W\o.. capialn. Fiank R Neu*w,!ni-..r of Alliance, Kenneth R W.xr- nt Hershey. Martin F. Anderson of Omaha, lir»' Ucutenanti, Clyde F Cnid of Lin- lOln. l.el«tui F Coppie of Roiahe, Giles 11. Ccr» of Lincoln. Karl W Oeilaeh of Lincoln Donald M Schew,- ot Murdock Hen- ir'"’'*’ w L Lincoln. Mallow 11 iternoor of Alexandria second lleutcn- Beyond Ihe Rio Grande, hi W R.unv Rig-Enmigh, bv Will Jamr« File Big Road, by Ruth Crov». Bug Fve, by Alan ly Miv. Conducted Tour, hy Oil Meynier. The Dictant Prlneeis, by A. T Ser- »tei ens The Dutch .Shoe Mystery, by Ellery Queen, (pseud i Kncumbrance». hi A I,. Martin The Expensive Halo, hv Gordon Daviot, Fir.xt Per.ion Singular, by W. 8. Maugham The Flower of Life, hv Thomas Burke. Friend.» and Relation.», h> Elizabeth Bow en Grand Old Man, bv B D Aeland. The Haunted JeUer, bv Donald Coilev Judith Pans, hv Hugh W.alpole The Kirbvi. hv Margaret Whipple, A Man s Ow n Count rv by K iN.i Burt. The Ma.iked Rider, by Ma. Winne, (pseud. 1 Poison Csie Number 10, hy Louis Cornell . Red-Headed Woman, hv Katharine Bniih The Sheriff of Chi .pa Lonia. by C. H. Snow, The Siandi.ih Gaunt Ijiie, hy Innls Patterson Tiger Bayou, hv N O. Henshaw I'litarni.ihrd, hv Peter Aih, ip.-.eud.l f hildren'i Rnoki. Th,'- Bov Who 1.01 fd the Sea the story of Capt James Cook, bv M H Wade Thf Cat in Grandfather » House by C H Gr.ibo The Champion, bv .A S Pier The Magic Canoe, bv F M Fox. Marie of Old New Orleans hy R L. Radfoid. North .America bv Mn. L (S ( Mitchell Sc,illv” Alden. bv A C Darby. The Topaz Peal, hv Edith Heal The Treasure of Belden Place, by Prances Vaianah. Yellow Jhcket. hv R O Carter 3'oung Hawk and His Pony, hv Harriet Salt Young Man in I.eather, by P L Fits- geiald. NEW YORK. Oct 10—lUD—A frw people paused for a moment today when a horse ran away, and then went on about their business. It was Just an incident to New York’s teeming millions, but to Henry Bornslcin’s family It was the end He started out this morning In one desperate attempt to get food for his wife and three children. Ou of work, he wasn t licked yet. Others might have their courage but he hadn't. In hi.s pocket was $9 40 He had hall-interest in that sum, which he and Irving Gltlin, unemployed, crippled, and with a wife and two. children, had borrowed from their friends, a quarter here a dime there. nntU the whole 'ad amount had been raised. Their .srheme was this; They would rent a horse and ivagon ior $2,.50 from a Brooklyn stable, buy vegetables and peddle them to Brooklyn hou-sewives. Their Ucbt could be repaid and a living eked out in this manner. The horse started after the vegetables. Five minutes later the horse bolted, the wagon struck a curb and Bernstein was thrownto his death. Gltlln's ankle was broken. A pas.scr- bv took Gitlin to the home where there is no money to treat his broken ankle. A policeman went to tell hungry Mrs, Bornstein her husband had been killed. named manager of the York club , Nebraska, 13- In the N. Y. P. league for 1932. He Ne.smlth ___ was acting manager after Jack Hulbert Bentley resigned. Pos,—-Oklahoma, 0 Adam McPherson Justice (c.) O’Brien .. Reports from Boston Indicate Cricket Urban.skl will bo started as the regular shortston of the Braves i Kllbourne next spring, with Rabbit Maran- Ma.ster.son villc on the bench. I Sauer ... Tlirce Smith brothers — Glenn. ..LE., . .LT. . ..LG. ...C., .RG., • RT.. ,.RE.. QB.. . .LH . . RH. .FB. Watkins . Graalmkn Teel I Young I Whittington ' Corey | ... Curnutt ■ Dunlap Warren tc.i .. Ellstrom Ma.ssad Clyde and Ray — furnished varsity , Substitutions: Nebraska — Bauer football center material at the University of Missouri for nine years for Maf.terson, Petz for Kllbourne. 1.') vnr.I.s for holding Roby ph «a» incomplete Roby punted 32 vsrds outside on Ihe Sooner 2.‘i-y(ird line Walker r-placrd Pans/e for Oklahoma Maloney plunged two yards. Walker pa'-«! 17 vords to Pnell for a fir. t down on the .Booner 44- yard line Roby Intercepted ’Walk.r's pas.» »nd returned to his own 48-yard line St.iah replaced Roby. Penney lost three vards at end, and Staab's pass to Brown was Inromplete. Staab tiv.ung around end for »even vard- , placing the ball exactly in mldfield On an attempted p»».i, Staab was downed by a Sooner taekler on the Husker 32-yard line as tlv gun sounded ending the half. Scorj. Nthraska. 0, Oklahoma, 0. THIRD gr.ARTER. It had begun to rain as the period .started Ellstrom kicked off 43 y.ard». Roby returning 14 yards to the Husker 29- yard line Cornutt went in for Snell for Oklahoma. Roby hit tackle for eight vard.s „nd then remmed the middle for three yarda and a first down It began to hall. Paul fumbled and Oklahoma recovered on the Sooner 47-yard line Massad made a yard at center, and S.VUER DAZZLES IN burt. Ko.stcr for Adam, Debus for Justice, Ely for McPher.son, Gilbert for O’Brien. Penney for Boswell, TA.’T"to A oil-A ^?’ Kreizinger. Paul for 8au- ]N FiRASKA V IL l UK l i er, Dmkce for Petz, Brown for Bau„ _ . - n„„„ 1 ' Sta.^ib for Roby, Justice for De(Continued from Pace One.) _ Stabb alert Masterson. rose to the occa- Brown, Rioier for Paul. Krclzinger pcnmitt for Nesmith. Rhea for Hul- ¡ Warrm prssed to Ellsnrojo for 12 yards and a first down The Husker» were penalize 1 five yard* for off'lde. Ellsironi failed to gain at center, and Warren'» po.'» 'o Ellstrom was Incomplete Warren punted 35 yards over the goal Roby fumbled, but recovered for a three-yard In»» Paul lost two vards at Mnfhilc fnr ' )8ckle Math!» went In for Brown, Roby s ^ i ' 42-yard p((nf went outside on the Sooner iiiriv ivsnen I V” -------- T»”: - .... ....... KrelFingpr j 4,',.y«rd line Ell.slrom punted 40 yard.» sion and kept the vaunted Sooner for Robv. Boswell for Penney. Bauer ' Mathi» returning dght yard«. Paul under a blanket for Kiiizinger, Joy for Durkee Ne-I rammed nght tackle for in yard.» and a team smith for Schmitt. Bishop for Kos- i Jwo plunge.» fared to gain . xt_ tpr rsnKi.c T.i - 1- _ .IT” land th" Hu.skers drew a flve-ya.d offside penaltv Roby's punt roomed 8.3 yards. aerial attack whenever the Oklahoma _ , — -------------showed signs of activity. The Ne- D>r. pebu.s for Ju.stice. Oklahoma— iiragkA rnds madc it a big defen- ; Snell for Curnutt. Maloney for Mass^ e Rf tcFnoTn » -around, the ^ -«ad. Wll.son tor Whlttinst'on. Pansze winist;r,rhobblln|! (be Iloat and ^ F.r Warron. _ Walkor for Pan.szr-, elusive backs as they tried their sweep.«. Husker Punters Superb. Ma.ssid for Malonev, Curnutt for Snell. Bashara for Wilson. Whittington for Teel, Warren for Walker. Italian Foreign Minister Plans To Visit America T u h.u nffenVe did thLkusk- ' Sv^’offord for Warren. Cherry for t i! th^ kicking toe' of i Curnutt. Grlmmctt for Corey, Lewis ^ icon- Maioncy, Stonger for Dunlap. John Roby and George Sauer con , Touchdown—Sauer 2. tinually Soonens ; Extra polnt-Masterson (goal from their plays well bacx in Oklahoma , placement), territory. . , „ Score by periods: In the opening period. Sauer got : jsiebraska ..................... 0 o off three punts that averaged 53 Oklahoma ...................0 0 with no return lliiskers Held for Downs. Dunlap punted 41 yard». Mathis rp- tiirning nine yards to Oklahoma's 40-yard line. Three plunge,» by Paul gained nine yards. Paul was held for no gain and Oklahomi took the hall on down» on Us own 21-yard line Ellstrom fumbled, but Dunlap lecovered for a four-yard los.i Ellstrom fumbled a pass from center and lo:it nin’ vard- Ra diara rep nerd \Vil: in, for th* Sooner' Fll.Uiom punted 7.7 vard Mathl.v .sign: Hin t for a fair catch on thi 8 oner 47-vard Itii" T«o Hnhi pluiit • , netted four i ri Roby 1- ;nted 43 v.vrd.s o' cr th. i goal for n tourhb,ark Gklatiomv .•■'■rlin maging fiooi the JO-vard line W.irri ii ■ punt hit »n Gklahoniii man on th" b- . k and rol’.eri bark to Oklahoma ■ 37-yard line, ,v 17-yard punt Robv hit the left Ide for four var-- Kreiringer and Bau -r n eni in for Robv and Paul Thr. ■ .B.iuer phinv rallied but foil! iard.s .and Oklahoma took the hall rn d(wn: on It, own 2R-v«iti line Ell-troni punted 14 v.ird» nut of bounds Rosweli and Masterson replaced Ma'lit-, and P-nnv Two plunges hy Sauer and one hv Ma.sterson netted fUe yard' An ailempted pa-- was spilled for a lf>-yard lo s and Oklahoma took po.ssession in mldfleld Eil«trom punted 58 viirris to a touehba"K Krrir.mger failed to gain at center as Ihe period enied Score N'ebra-ka 0. Oklahoma, 0 l OI RTH QLARTFR .Sau-r punted 50 varo.*. Warren returning reven yard» to the i>mn"r 42-vard line Wi,rren sifted through for three yards, bui the p ay. a p.i inrom­ plete Ellstrom puntcd 37 yards out. of bounds On a fake punt. Krelelng'r mad three yard.». Pauer's puiil rolled 79 yard.« ovei the goal Oklahoma scrimmaged from the 2n-v.»rd line. W’nnen lo t four vard' at Durkee ■. end Ell troni punted 39 aid' Krei*inK-i returning eight yard.v to the OkUihoma 47-vard line On tl’.e next plav S-uer -mashed through for 17 lard*- and a touehdowr A jiretty euiback am' side.topping exhlhtt.on lea- tur-d the jotun-'v Masterson Kieks tioal With Kvelzinger holding Hv ball, M- m - trr.eon plaeeklrked th" extra point .Prore Nebra.ska 7, Oklahoma. (’ Master.ioi' kicked off 35 vards to W'r- ren. who returned 27 ynrels to his own 32-yard hin- Fly Intercepted Warren long pa»;, on the Sooner 48-yard line Kreizlngrr made n yard at renter Maloney replaced Massad S.iuer puntcd 32 yard.» out of bounds. W.orren lost four yard.» at end Fll- strom piir.tfd 34 yards, Kretzniner re­ turning 11 vards to I I" .Boonrr 34 lari lln< Kre.ziiiki'r cm d tuiough (cnt.r for elfbl v.-.rd* b* i(. r ma..- it (( In J- li, " T ,(' (oc next t'’ ■ \\; li'Kion *eot. to f'.r T'' I for ( ; tiom,( 1 u o vil lii: • s bv Krei-'uirer !■ i d to c-:n ; ud ■ , ium » pa « •- incomp.rte. Pwolfool i. plated Warren Whitlin- ' "U blocked i s pa - and Okla:.. m.! look the Imll on douns on ib" ■9 1 rd line afier ih. Hu kcr.s »et.- av- -ed .1 In •' arti )»ei-.aliv Cher. "eut III for ('..tí..HI Dunlct» lo.ct a 1 Id on an oui of booudv pi»' . Ma.stei 1.1 knoexed down R» ifford' pas'. Sooners (.»In on Dunlap ii,is..''d to Flh-iiii'n for 17 iarda and (1 fli.*; down F.lMroni plunged for l«o 1.1'.; and Dunlaps p«-- »«' tnmui- pl. te f 'Fríen replaced (.liberi Fllslrom punted f.3 i,arr:. In Kreiviiiger. «ho returned 10 y.iids to the Hu.vker 2b yatrl line Bnu-r »ent In for Krelr.inger Mss'er- son ¡dunged for i»o vardr., and Sauer punt-d 4.1 vard-. F.lbdrom losing a yard a.v he fumbled but reeovered Fl.'tivmi paw to Watkinr- «a» Incomplete roni'.s r>0-vnrd punt met no leturn Jov end N. imlth «eut in at the Nehrasva end,' Sr.-nr punted 3.3 vard-,, rilAtiom returning four vards Grimineit went In foi Forev. Dunlap's pas- wa.s in- rmnpl.-t ' M« tersoti intercepted Dunlap* ¡lass on the Husker 2«-i ,rd hn. .Master .or. in. do 8 vard at retiter and SaU'T I'unleti 46 i rd' no return being made. DeUiis nplaicd Justice. S.iiier Pioies Again. 'pllied ril- rom for a two inri! -.■ell bl. -‘ d M bmc,'. pa-ss Mard .17 vard to ilnmm.'tt lor a (¡.■■■n on lli.>*Hu'ke. »■' vard line per lep’ d F'unlnji Two plunge» bv F.l'-t|Pui and iHo-tu.- eaine.l L " V .id. I. repisi -rl Malonev, Siii.r ii.i-rei'iiied HldronV.s pv r-.e. d 7b vard.s lo s Kuichdown. M. ■ on i '■ « a ■ lov- .Bcore N.-bi ■ ika 13 Oklahoma, b M Oci e>n kicked off 60 yard.', ov* r the Sooner ...d O'-.lalioma put the hall in palv on the F..oner 2b-vard line, T»n Kll.-.trom plun:. made two vard;- L-wls hit th* line for 11 vard» and a ¡.it, down on the Sooner ,33-yatd lino as tho game errbci Final -t(»ie Nrhraika 13. Oklahoma b. Phra los n- In-.iev ¡V- fir ■ <!.' S per \ nn<{ • rr- Poor Farm Inmate Is Killed with Cane by 82-Year-Old Companion WASHINGTON. Oct. 10—(UP)~ Thr Italian rmbassy confirmed re- poii.7 from Rome tonight that ar- r.angemenUs were being made for a vi.sit to thi.s country by Dino Orandi, Italian foreign minister. Any formal announcement, it was said, would have to come from the state department. The state department rcfu.sed to comment. America’s position as the capital of the world would be .solidified by a visit from tJie fascist diplomatic I chief, representing Benito Mussolini, I Also, with a visit from Grandi. a series of international conference i of tremendous Importance, pointed i at the establishment of a peace' time basis of co-operation among European nations to end the world: wide depression would reach its second stage. Premier Laval of France is due to arrive in New York October 22 for a visit to President Hoover and ♦Secretary of State Stimson. At this conference the ground work will be laid for prolongation, during the ! period of the economic emergency , of the war debts and reparations. vards. In the second period. Roby booted five for a 37-yard average. In the last half, when the ball was slippery. Roby averaged 49 yards with three punts during the rainstorm and Sauer avcra-.ed 48 yards with six kicks during the l^t aiiarter. one being a 79-yard bcwt which .«ailed and rolled ^ whole length of the field. Thcs- 0 13—13 0 0—0 Officials: Referee — Le.slie Edmonds, Ottawa. Umpire — Dwight Ream. Washburn. Linesman—Munroe Sweeney, Bethany. Field judge —Larry Quigley. St. Mary’s. Play-by-Play Details. FIRST Qr.ARTFR. Csptaln Justlcp of Nebraska won th" toss nunts were laid down in such fash- »ncl rho»" tha south ftonl. Ellstrom ,» first * ion that the Oklahoma retrievers | ,«»» outstna. but tha »acond was i good for 43 yards. M»»tarson raturnin* 21 vards to the Hu'ker 36-vard lina. Sanar made no returns. _ Sophomores Start t*ame. | made a yard Bt rantar Kreizingar failad r>r,arU Dana X Bible Opened with to gain around tha Soonars' right and. hi? ¿Phomíre lineup and ' VOUnRStOrS, after making a DlCf re 1 Oklahoms I'crimmaged from the 20-yard turn of the openinc klckoff, went | line. Dunlap made a yard at renter and oQtrQV on a Dalr of passes, each of | »hen rammaa tackla for thraa yards mora. astrav on a pa« ---------- Dunlap puntad 31 vards to Kralzlngar. who raturnad 14 yard.» lo Oklahoma’s 41- W'hich were intercepted by Oklahoma backs. The Sooners. however, couldn’t dent the Nebraska forward wall and in the exchange of puntó Sauer continually shoved the Oklahomans back toward their own goal. ...................... ...... Sauer’s 22-vard sprint to the Ok- Two plunga.» by Kraizmgar and Mastar...a« Corn- ^ »''o yajd» Another Sauar pa.«s yard Una. On tha next play, Nabra.ska draw a flva-yard penalty for offside. Dunlap intarcppled Sauer's pass and carried it to OHlahoma's 42-ynrd line. Warren fumbled and Boswell racovarad for Nabrsrka on the Sooner 43-vard Una ant R O, T r F moil K Paterson of \ r!\r "of' ’ H.ift of Lincoln, , '‘’>'’*13 ot Wilhm. Robert A. la« «It of Lincoln, hcuta-.anl- Pan F Be matt of Rbarldan. Wyo . Charles Fro ^•«co of Lincoln, s<cond hcufcnnnts. Kearney Notes The thirty-three acres of land bf longing to the Kearnev state teachers college, north and‘west of thi dcrmitorFs. produced this year ihe cuttings of alfalfa from eleven acres, appro.ximately sixty tons of forage, and between 400 and 500 buchels of uotatoe.s, besides sweet potatoes and vegetables. ROCHESTER. N. Y.. Oct. 10—<U. P. 1—David Edgorly. 76. and Arthur Willey, 82. inmates of Strafford county poor farm, went walking today. A mile away from the farm. Edgorly .suRgested a visit to an establishment banned by farm rules, according to his companion. Edgerly hit him over the legs with a light cane when he objected. Willey said. He hit back with his heavier walking stick. Edgerly died from a crushed skull and battered face. Willey walked back to the farm to tell authorities. They found Edgerly scn.seless, his eye glas.scs smashed and pieces ot cardboard from a dump over him. The tiyo canes were found, and only Willey's was bloastained. He said Edgerly hit him on the legs and back, but authorities asserted they found no marks to confirm his assertion. A special session of the grand jury probably will be called. Meantime Willey was held at county jhil which adjoined the farm. He entered the institution only this year, i while the dead man has made his home there twelve years. AHUEE'S BARGAIN TO AID BOSTON’S lahoma 35 -yard line was first Corn initirfpt.n by Dimi.p on ni. b»n husker threat. The Husker running 39.yajji warran swung around and i att'ick fizzled from this point ana ^ tor flva yard». Sauar haullnq lilm down. i I two nas«es misfired RS the Sooncrs . Mas.»ad made a yard through guard, and ' two passes musiiivu - ; Dunlap punted 29 yards. Kreizlngrr r»- I took the ball on down.s. ine tw yard» to the Husker 43- teams tried running plays to no yard imt avail the remainder of the period. sauar Romp* 2i Yard*. I In Action tlrst plav Sauar drove outside I '5* u tho Mo 22 yards and a ilrst down, i The veterans took over the NC j Krelzlngcr lo.»» three yards at and, but ' braska front line at the start of the ; Sauet regained the lost ground through «ornnd neriod and manned the fort ; the mlddlr Warren blocked Saurr's pass tho oamo Thecen- ■ M»star.«:on. Sauar s pass to Nesmith ;the remainder of tne^Rame. inecen , incompirte. Mabra.»ka gatttiig a iiva- ter combination ol Khca, ^os- ^ y^rd panaltv, and Oklahoma took the. ter Justice and Gilbert, with O’Brien ; bail on downs on its own 40-yard line. I seeine some dutv at the tackle po- j _ .. p >« vs by Dun'^p and EUstrom , seeing some sitlon, rolled --------- ^ , with monotonous regularity. Durke ¡mom back the Sooner jushes , ^ .S NEEDY IS A FLOP BOSTON, Oct. 10—(UP)—Aimee McPherson Hutton delivered the ' first of nine Installments of spir- ' itual food to Boston residents tonight — and afterward the undernourished jobless and their families were as gloomy as ever. -Mayor James M Curley’s bargain with Aimee, in which the ; evangelist agreed io donate half the profits of her revival meetings to the city’s unemployment fund, looked like a "bust" as the first I meeting concluded. Richard Dunn m nager of Boston Garden, estimated the 5,000 persons in the audience dropped I $500 in the silver collection plate: And Aimee had stipulated he must I first collect $2.600 expenses at each ' meeting before splittl ig with the city. On an envelope in which a generous customer donated a $5 bill was a : penciled instruction that it was ‘‘for you, sister, not for Mayor Curley." and Schmitt saw the mast duty a? the wings with tl'.te wall and made it a long afternoon for the Okla- home fleet-foots who tried end its own 42-yRrd line. Two plunges by Warren and Ellstrom gained two yards, and Warren passed to Ellstrom 'or 14 yards and a first down. M r .*,« ad mr.da » yard at canter. Hauer replaced Master.son for Nebraska. sweeiis Schmitt on two particular | Ellstrom made a yard at center. Petz re«Uh vlomii« i Pl«cad Kllbourne in the Husker line and on the next play tackled Ellstrom for no occasions cut loose with vicious ^ tackles of the teeth-jarnng variety, j gam. schmitt went m for Nesmith for Roby Kicks Superbly. Nebra.ska. Dunlap punted 30 vards out of Behind this front line during the i bounds on the Husker ll-yard line. Sauer Dtriiuiu 1 ft «Aarvin Paul Punted back 54 vards, Petz dropping War- Second period were Marvin Paul, j return on the sooner 36-yard John Roby and Lee Penney, working , ime. warran slipped through the Ne- with Lewis Brown. Henry Bauer and ; braska lli.e for four yards as the quarter Christ Mahls. Roby &nd Paul were the driving rods of this combination with Penney backing up the line in good shape. Roby, in his whirl at big league competition, .surprised Cornhusker fans with his punting, the ox-NeLson prepster's kick.« into the rather stiff wind making it an uphill fight for the Sooners. ended Score Nebraska. 0; Oklahoma 0. SECOND QI’ARTER. Ely, DaBus, Koster, Gilbert, Rhea, Roby. Paul and Pfiiney enter, d the Husker lineup and Snell and Maloney went in for Oklahoma. Dunlap punted 48 vards. Bauer returning 12 yard.» to Ihe Hu.iker 32-yard line Bauer «a» spilled for a fiva- yard lo » at end T«o plunges by Paul made up the distance. Roby punted 34 yards out ot bounds on the Sooner 33- yard line Warren cleared the Huskar An exchange of punts, with Robv ; ^Rbt end for nine yards. Ell trom and tbip Malonev gained nothing in two pmnges. having the advantage, 8^ve iiiv j , pu„, rolled 59 yards over the Huskers the ball in mldlleld ana Husker goal for a touehback Nebraska the Scarlet cut l 00 .se with the sec- scrlmmaglnc: from the 20-yard line, ond threat of the game PiunR'’* bv Roby gamed 12 yards ona inrcai OI uie Kanir. ^ Penalty Halts Drive. ,hree y.-.rd* m the next three plunges. Roby plunged for six yards and Wilsou replaced Whlttmgton for Okla- added five more on the next play, >»°»»»* punted 21 yard* outside on ;only to have the ball brought back ' PetTVor^Ä«ka"'w°''*'''" ' Pastor Denied New Trial ! ad‘Nebraska penalized 15 yards for i^rdr^t N;bra?krs‘‘\nd^'X^^^^ Dunlap'» pass to Watkins. Dunlap punted A Thrcc-I league attendance record was set this year at Peoria, where 13,573 person.« saw a night game—a crowd that would have pIcBised a class AA magnate. Son Held for Killing His Faithless Father The Pecos Country club. Pecas. Tex., has posted all its grounri.s in a move to establish a game preserve. TOLEDO. O.. Oct. 10—(INSi — Lvnn Hill, 25. accu.sed of .slaying his father. Arthur Hill, 67, when he found the latter in a love embrace with hl.s 23-ycar-o!d wife, Ann.9. was 'neld under $5.000 bond ton:gh' for action of the grand jury. I CHICAGO. Oct. 10—flNS» — I John A. Logan Warren. Durant, : III., minister, unfrocked in 1927 on charges of misconduct with a housemaid, vas refused a new trial i today by the Rock River Mcth'’- : di.'-t Episcopal conference. Bishop Edwin Holt Hughes said thta under a rule of the conference a new trial cannot be granted. Warren plans to carry his fight for vindication 10 the general confer- en-r rf the church to be held at Atlantic City next May. , holding. I T*hp npnnltv thP Husker : yards, the Huskers making no return. ^ drive and Robj, promptly punted ; yards on tha naxt play, from punt: out of bounds on the Sooner 25-yard , formation. Roby * 44-yard punt rolled te line. The Oklahoma team worked a ' Oklahoma ; 46-yard ime. iinfll-cem i P*n»z.*’?Xced'wVr7en' ?or'oklahom. but Roby bounded up to Intercept pansze loi* a yard »t each end on the the next tos.s and the Huskers con- next two piay* Duniap want outsida for trolled the ball until the half ended.!» two-yard io»i DunUp punted 44 yard», ; This .same Nebraska backfield ' yards to the Hu*ker same LcyiartK-a unLi»inr*v, Jg.yard line, started an offensive tnrougn the j Thre» plunge» bv Paul and Penney rainstorm that opened the third > »«Ined «even yard» Robv .» punt rolled period. Roby plowed through for a I *2 yard» to tha sooner 12-yard ime. no first down on the 40 - 3 .ard line and | punlap punteii 4 « vard» Bauer reiurn- paul brought another first down in ing 11 yards to Oklahoma's 49-yard line. Take a Broom to Cobwebs! *‘THAT DESK has stood there for years. I wouldn’t think of moving it.” . . . “George is awfully fond of that chair. It belonged to his grandmother.”... “Yes, I managed to match the old dra])erics exactly. It wouldn’t seem like home if things were changed.” You have known people like that, set in their ways and hide-bound hy tradition, (iood souls they are, fine, solid, substantial . . . hut missing out on so much that they have every right to enjoy. Wouldn’t you like to shake them awake . . . sweep the cobwebs from their mental horizons . . .give them words like “new” and “latest” to re])laco the “olds” and “always”? If they would only read the advertisements in the daily ncw.sjiapers! Kew foods and balanced diets. Household appliances that add hours to the day. Stylish di’csses at astonishingly reasonable cost. In fact, all up-to-dat(‘ merchandise in complete array. That is the sort of news the advertisements bring you . . . new ways to do old things, new articles to rejilace the old . . . news : Tiead the advertisements every day. It will })ay . . in added enjoyment, and actual money you . saved.

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