The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 4, 1931 · Page 18
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 18

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, October 4, 1931
Page 18
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fi-EIGHT CYCLONES TRIM ' MAROON ELEVEN Iowa Stale Win Second (iame of Season Hy 20-6 Score. hlOUX CITY. Iowa. Oct. 3 <Ur lovia State College cxpfuted a trjo of long runs tonight to cle- icn:. the Morningside College ioot- fcall team in a flood light game 20 to 6 . It 'S.'. the .itloniil ball Ing- Rlni, iwfivitic- of hichard Orele. low a half hack, that provided thi chief punch in the wlnner'.'i of- All three of the Ames touchdown-s inllov'.ed long run.. A 60 yard uprlnt by (Ireie in the Initial period pa%-d the way for the first touch- dnvcr ; Dusf uberg raced 25 yards to i.cer-= the ^econd counter in the ec- ond quarter and (Erefe run 25 yards in the liiHt period for the final fcorr. fiiTlth .scored the Morningside touchdown in the middle of the last qn; . tr-r on an end run after a .series of pa. - had placed the bail on the 3 yard LINCOLN OPENS WITH A VICTORY (Continued from Page One.v of it until Baldwin wa.s seen hiking It down the sldeline.s. Urst Score on Pass. Schuyler held lor downs at this point. However, but five minute.s later Johnny Williams tos-sed a beautiful pa.s.s to Ray Baldwin which gained 25 yr"fi.s and a touchdown. Baldwin making a beautiful catch on the play. 'Williams* plunge for the extra jxdnt was stopived short. The seconil touchdown came early In the .second quarter when Wil- liam.s .slipped through tnokle for 11 yards and a marker, but Baldy’s "nlacekick was no good for the extra fvoint. Cleisler cros-sed the line a few minutes later, but the ball was recalled rnd Lincoln penalized 15 yards for roughing. On the next play, however, Williams pn.ssed to Herod Ml'.ler for 20 yards and the ilnal .score of the half, Baldwin's THE LINCOLN SUNDAY STAR- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4. 1931. Cardinal Fielder’s Speed Pays neither Wildcats nor Cornhuskers could tangible results in the direction of scoring. The Wildcats. however, once lugged the ball deep into Nebraska terrltorv. but Rentner fumbled within a yard or two or the gcml and poases.slon pa.ssed over to the Huskers. Rassell and Rentner. Rrb Russell, who performed in Cornhusker moleskins three yeftf* ago and subsequently transferred to Northwestern, was a power in the Wildcats' back field his drives at the line netting substantial yardage, but Mexican Gridalem On Jaunt To Denver MFXICO riTV. Oft? J-- ,IXSi—Twenty-four members of the I nlverslly of Mexlro football team, with Head i "«eh Fred J. IJnehan and Assistant Coach Stuart Ludlum. will leave tonight for Driver 'o meet Denver univerrdty, Oct. 9, In the first International intercollegiate game of the ootball seaso. vnrds. Boswell grabbed Renlner s pass anr rhr.^ed it back out of bounds on the Nebra.ska 28-y«rd line Krfiz.lnger went in the Nebraska backfield for Boswell, the latter being hurt on the last play. Sauers punt rolled 41 yards to the Northwestern 33-yard line as the third quarter ended. Scow: Northwe.stern, 19; Nebraska. 7 FOl'RTII QTARTKR. Olson made four yards before being fotced out of l'Ound‘ Rentner tore loose around left end for 10 yard.i. Tne starting Nebra.ka line got bacK Into the aame The Bcarlet A utomobile N ews DE S(VrO GIVES NEW EQUIPMENT ENGINE SECRET ON STUDEB.AKERS Aided by Facilitating!: Air-Fuel Mixture. the stellar Wildcat in action today Nebraska backfield for Pen- lorwor 1 wall read Koster and Jus- was Right Half Rentner whose ball yce. euard.s; Gilbert and Rhea, at lugging ability on plunges off tackle i forward followed by a lat- tackle.s; Ely. center; Schmitt and or .spirits around the wings and his Potter to Fencl to Hentner, ourk«'' ends Rentner ran the right added ability to hurl forward passes good for a 25-yard gain. Rus- p^iji eleven more and another made him a‘constant scoring threat, gep hit center for three yards and (t mn Boswell. Sauer, and ^itMerson rammcfi lefMack e tor eight Brown Plrks Up Fumble, were in the spotlight for the the next play whenever the Cornhu-skers w^ere on on „p ^he ball and the offensive, while ^sprtn'cd down the sidellne.s whirl- forward wall Coach Bible to , for Ne , . tackle Rentner made ing v from tacklers to the Pur- the battle line performed so ^ tn ct Oil- pie 15-yi,rd .Mrlpe. but the play wa,-. clcntly that Nebraska foUower.s were a >ard am O Brien wcm at recall, d on the fumble rule and the engine power, sugge.^ting to night that the Corn- oeris lat«^ Fumble Costly. Huskngiven the pu^kln at the xiie little tornado hu.sker mentor may do considerable ! . ^" h,T L hall into i'lEOt e! Brown's recovery-the Ne- rhaklng up of his line forces when .^R^^t^fi^tnbled the ball 25-yard line. the Huskers «1« into r?cavered the ball for a louchback. Samr tried the center for no gain rKcvery brought the ball to Sauer's^ long ^ Power and Acceleration JI t I uxc Fxiras Offered On President and (’ommander Fights. A miniature tornado Is set in motion in an automobile engine every time the driver "steps on the gas." When proix’rlv controlled, it has much to do with economical OL>eration and ttie development of the Nebraska 20-yard line with the in vaslon bv the Oklahoma Sooners The Blblemen without a sing e no.'S€s.Mon exception thp"^WlidcnS in Kr^izmger broke through the ling combat with the Wildcats in ^ before he was satisfactory physical | stopped on the Northwestern 45- week of preparation for yard ¡.»le. DeBus replaced Justice in Scxjners will not be hampered oy a Cumhusker line. Krcizinger was crop of injuries. througn to the .safety and a tntle I.intaii «nd 7 better interference would have sept .. Schmitt ' him away for a touchdown. Rhe» i Adnmu went In the Nebraska line i ior Koster. Sf.ucr recovered a wild -ws fiom center for a three-yard end Northwestern ly‘.*r — J Riley . Dllley ... Weldln .. F.vtn» ... M»rvll (ft Fend ... Potter .. Meen»n Rentner . RuMiell 19- Pof. LE • LT . .C. . . RO RT.. RE . QB.. LH RH FB .lu.stice ' P* lo Id oiibert loss. Hf l! replaced Fencl at Durkee and McDonald went in at center for eight yards more. Wildcats Forge Ahead. is caused by the “breathing" of the engine, w the air that is drawn into the combustion chambers through t'no carburetor on Bve intake stroke of the pi.stons. With gas, it forms the fuel mixture. In the De Soto six and eight engines. close attention has been given to working out easy breat'.ilnp and an Ideal fuel mixture with even Manske replaced Eylar at end tor distribution to all cylinders Ncrthwestern. Moore was in the "Xo facilitate this flow of air. the Purple backfield for Meenan. Sau- intake must be as large as pos.sibIe. er's punt had backspin on It and ap tpp while matntatnin? a prni>er was good for only 25-yerd.s, It roll- mixtureexplains N. T Hadley, ing d 'Cd on the Huskcr 43-yard line. p)©soto chief englner. "The valves Rentner hit tackle for a yard and „¡ jq be ample, compared with then took a pass from Potter tor capacity of the cylinder. In ttie failed tc connect. Nebraska drew an offskle penalty. Kreizmgrr lost two VH*-dE at left tackle. Petr, went in the Nebra.ska line for KUbourne, and B uer for Brovnv in the back- ileld Special equipment for its President right and ('ommander eight model.s i.s nnnoum ed by Studehaker nt extra co t This follows Studebaker denier here, live new' equlp- colors and is de;.lgnrd to add the final touch of pntrictan smartness. According to Frank DeBrown of ITrBrown Auto Sales Co.. Studebaker dealer here, hte new rquip- inrnt ron.'^lsts of a shrorniuin plated radiator grid, dual Salon horn.s mounted beside the headlamps, white sidewall tire, and full chromium plated tir<' covers Studebaker's decision to offer these deluxe an]>oinf ments was the re.sult of widespread admiration ac- rorded the three President elgli’ roadsters which recently cimpletcd a transcontinental tour sponsored by the Elks magazine goodwill ears were .■similarly equlpived. The addition of this equipment to President nnd Commander eight models enhances P.veir apnearance to a notable degree The new equipment adds only $100 to the price of the car. D«ufr Weldln for Northwestern. Huskers Fall To Gain. Penney Krelïlnger Jens for Nebraska tried the Statue of Lib- Snerd and a neat slide helped George Watkins. Cardinal outfielder Substitutions; »!lr*wei I ffty olc.v but thc Purplc line was :yitr H«i: for Fenct. Mc^nsWJor^^^^^ ihrotigli and tosscd Saucr for a six- 'ruefsVTfer Larocque for tMiiey: {yard Io.''s The Huskcrs failed to gain B Rllcy for Mar»ll. Sulltvsn for | on n plungO and SaUCr puntCd 32 Manske fcr Jens Berneiteln for «'''!“?"• j yards OUt of boundS. froberg for Weldln M**'*'**' JF/‘* ' : Olson, who replaced Ru.«.sell in the Lrnhaid? foi M-i>re! ‘ Wildcat backfield. failed to gam at NebrlikB KUbourne for- Durkee, Nesmith . right guard. Corw In Hulbert rCCOV- . for sehii.itt, Mathis for Bauer. Boswell I Wildcat fumblc for Nebraska for -* ... 'twi-Ms; hVron' Lls Wow to crWr tlrld in the second wprld nlPtvVr i ™ series game. In this Associated Press telephoto he is .shown slid ng into o Brien for oubert. Masterson for ann second before Williams, A’s shortstop, could put the ball on him. Kreuin'r'- Brown for Mathis, schmitt for j replaced TEXAS FARMERS BOW TO TUIANE OREGON GETS 9-0 WIN OVER VANDALS Brown Krelilni'- Brown for ms . ms, ocunuiv .... j Master^n Nesmith Krelalnger for Boswell. Petr for went In for Krelzlngcr In the Nc-, Bauer for Brown. Paul for Mas- i braska backflCld. Penney for Bauer, trrson, Bauer Fcore bv periods. » „ Northwestern ...............n n N<*brii'k% ...................... PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 3-(INS)—; Touchaowna^Rentner S. Meenan The Idaho Vandals gave Oregon a battle here this afternoon as they Mathis for j failed to gain but on the next play he shot a pass to Nesmith which wa.s good for 22 yards and brought the Huskers to the North - a 19 a- 7 Bos- rge The ball was in the center of the field rnd Olson made it a down with a three-yard gain. Both teams were offside and Olson’s 10-yard pass tc Rentner was called back. A series of line plunges which wound up wHh a 7-vard plunge by Olson brouf'ht thc ball to thc Nebraska 24-yard line. Rentner Stopped. Olson added three more through the line. Youngberg went in for Evans In thu' Wildcat forward wall. Olson's last made it a first down. Ely and Petz dropped Rentner on an end run. The play wrs called back and NorthvT .stern penalized 15 yards for holding. Rentner’s par>s to Potter ! rolled of the latter’s finger tips, i Northwestern was set back five De Soto six, to lllu.stratc, we have roughly ane square inch of valve - — . « area to each twentv-six cubic inches 1)R \U1)T of pMon disnlacam*'nt. The central « idea Is breathing cap.Tcitv however. IS th;kr star or ttie amount of air that can be taken in i PRINCETON. N. .1. Oct, 3 (UP» -------------------------------- I,rd bv Millard Draudt. 19 year srCCESS. old undrrslung. swivel-hipiTcd half The baseball properties of Sam bark from I anea.ster, Ohio. Prlncc- Breadon of St. Ixiuis have not only ton'.s Tigers opened their 1931 foot- brought in good profits but have ball campaign today with a 27 to 0 won high honors in baseball Ttie victor over a .scrapping Amherst Card.s won their fourth pennant in eleven. six years. Rochester won the More than 15.000 customers forgot four In the International, and Honston won its second pennant this year. All have made money. Extra point • 1»- rns.s to Williams for the extra ixvint Tniirhrlnwn Stands conference foc|.ball sea being no goxi. tiariy loucnaownoianus ^ ^^ 00 ^ Up For Victory On Jetng The thli-d quarter wee. the big period for both teams. Lincoln scored first when Bill Kulper intercepted Flshlcr's pass nnd raced 44 yard.s to a touchdown, but B a I d w I n’s pass for the extra point was blocked Schuyler Marvll. Maatersen Official* RetBrre. F E Birch. Earlham, Umpire John Bchommer. Chl^go; Head llneiman. J J Upp. Chicago. Field judge. E. W. Cochrane. Kalamazoo. Oregon won out 9 to 0, their, m* 1 1 1 J touchdown coming late In the fourth I Muddy rield. period after it appeared that they; Orf g_(TIP)_ ^ COUtOnt With tWO i NEW ORLE^S.^^t. 3 (UP) scored on a safety In the ; Tulane university took a 7 to 0 de- ' «pHod cisión from a lighter but fighting »«^cona period. Play-By-Play Detailt. FIRST QUARTER. Game Captain Gilbert and Captain Marvll tossed and Northwestern won choslng to defend thc came' right back against the Lin- Texas Aggie squad on a rain soaked ^ ^ roln regulars, however, and Fishier jipid here this afternoon. Domlnguc, ® J. Rilcy. wno returned eig f\w o i\ciec F-kl a tr frnm l^rcjnat* • _ 1 - 4 * w 1 FUn TVjf/'TtV-HH 4 »n RHCl RlttlOURll S6\ PrSXl b^ClCfiClCi COItl* ttlC WlldCftt 35*yftrd ItllC to J. Rilcv. who returned eight yards to thc Wildcat 35-yard line, blnatlons were tried by Coach Speer, xhe Wildcats got to work early a. r/Jii »>nauo.. ...eo »y ^cn «peer, ^be WUdcat. »ot J. wor. ear., • in« .me reenvery. by OoateUo o.l a Tnlano'., sturdier line. , , Je^^w.s S;.'n*tn''ci‘b 5 ?'S w'as nearl yover. I other side after a double pass be- Mltchell had blocked punt after blocke dthe kick Tram on Rampage. A rampant I.lncoln eleven bac.k to march down the field and let Kulper hit thc line for another marker, and a lew plays before the end of the quarter Baldwin intercepted a pass r nd ran 35 yards to a touchdown. Williams p’.unging for the extra jxiint Dalrymple. Tulane captain ngid all-American end, and Feltz. who returned MePayden’s vicious punts, | bore thc brunt of the home team's burden. Fritz .scored the only touchdown, on the first play of the second quarter. The Green wave had ad- vr-nccd the ball to the Aggie two- yard line at the end of the first l>eriod aft(*r one of Feltz’ punts --------------- hind thc line and went nine yards Moss at end. Miller at center and for a first down on the Nebraska Risk at halfback are All-American , 46-yard line. „ 1 . «„«4 possibilities at Purdue. Meenan went outside Rheas I^si- tlon tor ten yards and another first down. Gilbert, Huskcr tackle, broke through and spilled Rentner for a two-yard lo.<'s. Pass Over Goal. Potlcr fliDped western 4-yard line, first down and pi^her Rentner toss. The Concordia Bowling league of Chicago has started its twenty- yards when Olson failed to grab an- seventh year. flAc blazing sun that beat dowm with furnace heat as the Tigers, using a modification of Warners double wing formation, opened a last half attack that ha'- not been matched by any Princeton eleven in thc last five vrar.s. goal to make. Coach Hanley shot in two Northwestern substitutes, Lewis going in for Potter in the backfield and Crivesky replacing Evans at guard. Pans Good for Touchdown. Potter punted 43 yards over the Nebraska goal line and the Corn­ huskers scrimmaged from their 20 - vard line. Lewis went in at Potter's position for Northwestern. There was six minutes to play as Master- Brown lost a yard at right end. I son drcve through for a six-yard Sauer got the yard back through gain. • ■ ' Paul a Pass Intercepted. ptec Paul went in for Masterson and his pass was intercepted by Rentner. WILDCATS GET 19-7 W IN OVER HUSKERS • Continued from Page One.) taliy* ^Schuyler canie back against scoring position as the period drew . . ♦ Ha «ih<;Mtiites however and with to a c*ose. Coach Bible s reply was to send the su . , . Domingue. who featured every into action a set of substitute for- play during the .second quarter, wards and, thus fortified, the Corn- twicc ran the ball into scoring po- i hu.sker Kacks proceeded to give the sition for the Aggies, but the Tu- Wildcats 0 . two .seconds to play, Fishier skirted Lincoln’s left end for four yards nnd a touchdown, thc Schuyler quarter also placekicking the extra point. A penalty for roughing placed the ball in scoring position after it had been punted out. FTancls Fishier was more than 100 per cent belter than he was I against Omaha North last week, the 145-pound Schuyler quarter being the big reason his team remained in the running. Coach George Baldwin of Schuyler said after the game that It was thc time this year that Fishier had looked any’thlng like he did last fall. Schuyler Tries Passes. Passes formed the big part of the Schuyler offcn.sivc, Kramar and Fishier tossing a total of 29 forward flips, II of which connected for a total gain of 56 yards. Lincoln's center. Masterson cracked center for tw'O yards, Sauer passed to Boswell in the end zone for a touchdown. , —- ^* tr»«« Score: Northwestern, 19; Nebras- i Moore gained a yard at fpnter- Foska 6 i ter replaced Rentner in the Wildcat Mastenson placekicked the extra backfield quartet and Penney went point with Bauer holding the ball. , in the Nebraska backfield for SauScore: Northwestern, 19; Nebras- er. Rhea swarmed i-i on Olson and ka, 7. i blocked a pass as the Purple back Larocque replaced Dllley at left 1 got rid ol the ball, guard for the Purple. Masterson j Moore tried the line and lost a kicked off 50-vards and Rentner yard. Olson punted out of bounds on made a 26-vard return to the North- . the Nebraska 15-yard line. Hall re- western. 36-yard line. , placed Fencl at end for Northwcst- Hiiakera Hold Pnrnte «rn. Bouer lost five yards when he la Pnrpie. I was sn:othered before he could pass. Adam spilled Meenan for a two- Huskers back to yard Northwestern drew a five- ; thpir lO-vard line pard penalty for offside. B. Riley puVpIe Holds Nebraska, went in the Purple line for Marvll. | y^rds on a fake I Kllbouine stopped Rentner after a , , Mathis replaced Bauer at »"f.L i“'"- tor Krelzlnfrer Fossler made a 13- Kreizinger’s 50-yard Purple had the ball on the ‘¿■¿brr: Northwestern, 6 ; Nebrask., p„,pie ^ubs came In the game. Mail^e going in for Jens. for Rentner and Sullivan ) Bernstein •Gators Win Easily. RALEIGH. N. C.. Oct. 3—(INS>— Starting slowly but attaining the crushing iurv of a tornado in the final quarters, the University of F.orlcia 'Gators defeated North Carolina State college here this fuft- ernoon. 34 to 0. Marvil kicked the extra point. .................................................................... Score; Northwestern, 7; Nebraska, i Meenan. Bosw'ell tried left tackle 0. au * u ariti 1-st a A Sauer to Nesmith «¡Ition tor tne Aggies, oui me xu- wiiocais an argument that was 1 ian° llnr w«., Imprcgnsblr « thc worthy ot Cornhmlter tradition, moments. Fmmaclt Krelangcr once rSerticklcr. The | ”weit" "r'lght s& hlmsef, t?ee ?rZ a pair of “thI Wllde'aJ'ta ihe'’dn'l«on of’Se'*Norii*' Marvll kicked off 55 yards to I on „{ the ball on the Husk- yards in the direction of the Nortn- g^uer who ran the ball back 22 , gj. i 7 .yard Une. ♦H a wiiriAatc* y^^'ds to thc Ncbcaska 27-yard line, j gcore: Northwestern. 19; Nebras- Tlius con\ inccd that the Wildcats i pennv hit tt'e Northwestern left i v« 7 defense wa.s not impregnable Bible ; ^j^^kle tor a five-yard gain. Krelz- ’ ' rushed a trio of backfield subs, j rippecl through center for a Brown. Masterson and Boswell re-1 gain but lost that dis- THIRD QUARTER. Northwestern opened the third placed Moore in the Wildcat backfield Lcnhardt tried the line for two yards. Olson added seven through center. Olson drifted in for seven more yards, Lenhardt made two and Olson adecl one more, each drive being at thc line. Olson’s pass tj Lenhardt failed to connect, the latter fumbling the ¿atch. Fossler took Olson’s tu' S for a 16-yard gain. OLson failed to gain at tackle as the game ended. The ball was on the Nebraska 4-yard line. Final score: Northwestern, 19; Nebraska. 7. Tlip Gators .scored only once In olacing Bauer. Penney and Krelz- j tance vhcn Fencl dropped him for a quarter with the same Uneup which the first half, but In the final 30 -- mak . ccv « minutes of play, they tallied 28 points. ST A^ORD^ N S ON LATE MARKER Inger. A fumble by Meenan gave the Cornhuskers a favorable break as Tackle Hulbert pounced on the ball and ixvssesslon passed over to loss on the next play. Sauer Kicks Long Punt. Srucr punted on the fourth dowiv started the game. The Nebraska backfivid was Brown. Boswell. Sauer and Masterson with the same line which finished the first half. Nebraska Automobile Owners' Financial Responsibility Law NOW IN FULL FORCE! The New Law in brief provides that in case of an automobile accident, if a Judgment is rendered the owner of the automobile he must pay the judgment within thirty days or .surrender his and turn in the number plates on his car. and before he can drive a car again he must pay the Judgment and then lurnish the state with proof of his financial resixmslbllity in one of the three following ways; He place with the state cash to the amount of Ill.OOC.OO; or He must file a bond of a surety company guaranteeing the payment of any amount up to $ 11 , 000 . 00 ; or He must file proof that he has in force an automobile liability policy. A Nebraska National policy will fully protect you under the Law and is good while driving your car anywhere m the United States or Canada and the policy is backed irt. an Old Line Legal Reserve Company with over Eight Million Dollars ol as.set.s. Please give me full Information about automobile liabilitv insurance. Mgned ............................. .......................... Address................................... t’vlinders......................Model f own a. Car Nebraska National Insurance Co. 1». F. ZIIV1MB:R, Sec’y. l»honc AT 2l\22 Seventh Floor Electric BuildinR. Omaha, Nebraska. AGENTS WANTED S6§ Ñ^rasTa '¿«"am ^ «i : Masteren k.cka. oH 60 yarda ovar line. rolled dead on the Northwestern 26- | Ncithwcstern goal line and the yard line. The 'Wildcats tried a Wildcats scrimmaged from their 20- nncc from forward pass but the toss to Rent- ¡yard line. Rentner went over right I on vnrriV ¡ner 50 yards down the field was in- tackle for three yards but Master- llusker Passes Click. A brilliantly executed lOiai gam or no yaia.s. juukuih n r»*T o AT TO rallf Oct 3 <INS) ! C dha ^ to isiAimith nAttcH'50 vnrris ' ner .> miu .> utrvMi i lacKie icr inree yuius uut - jvassing attack, which was expected *wp j^st Tntv arrfs nrASAntAd a ' Potter punted 40 yar^s to ipicrcepted Rentner’.s pass on to '■offer bv romnarlson ’o the —Scoring a touchdown in ine . xhe Wildcat forx.ards presented a . gj^^er, the Nebraska quarterback i fv,A r*Avt niou and mn t.hA ball back aeria tout? bv the BaUermcn last n^inuUis of play. Stanford defeated solid wall against a trio of Nebraska a fair catch on the Corn- neiial louie by thc Baiiermen last g down : line. noon before 25,000 fans. ' Sauer flipped a pass which half j Northwestern forwards were Captain Harrv Hillman. Stanford back Boswell snagged In the North- | through and held Kreizinger to no fullback, tallied from the 4-yard line I western end zone and the Corn- ; gain on a try at right tackle. Reb on a plunge through center after huskers had gained their objective j Rus.sell stopped Sauer on a sweep five previous Stanford goal line j _a touchdown against a'foe that is ! around right end and Kreizinger on threats had failed. j rated as a formidable bidder for the the next play g-ot only thr^ year, was efficient, six out of flips being completed^ for 86 yards. Lincoln gained 81 yaods from rushing to Schuvler's 44 and lost 19 to 35 for Brldwin’s team. Lincoln out- Tknvned Schuyler. 9 to 8 . Lincoln’s net yardage was 156 as compared to 65 for Schuyler. Dawdv Hawkin.s, Ray Baldwin and Rill Kulper looked fine in the l.mcnin backfield. while the w’ork The Broncos outplayed the Cards national title, during the first part of the game] Masterson's toe accounted for ex- but wilted in the closing minutes., tra point and thc scoring w’as over Santa Clara displayed a sturdy goal for the day. with Northwestern the of D 5 VV Rork Dick Smith, Bob line defense, halting the Cardinals j victor. 19 to 7. Rav and Haroid Miller In the line, five times withi nthe shadows oil The exces.sive heat took its toll was excel'ent. Fishier nnd Kramar their own goal po.sts. during the two final periods and ■were tho whole show in thc Schuyler bai kiielrt and Pesek, Costello and Bn.ccii iratured In the forward wall. Next week Lincoln goes to Beatrice, while Schuyler is host to Central City. i'ummary ,»nd Lineup. Pepper Brings Home the Bacon througa center. Sauer punted 30 vards. the Wildcats making no return. The ball was on the Northwestern 34-yard line as Nebraska took time out. . , On the first play. Rentner circled the next plav and ran the ball back to th" Northwestern 36-yard line. Sauer's pass to Nesmith was incomplete. Passes Incomplete. Brown tried the end but failed to gain. The Huskers were penalized five yaid? when Sauer’s pass to Kilbourne was incomplete. Rentner batted it down. Meenan knocked down Sauer’s pass to Masterson and it W'as Northwestern's ball on its 46- yard line. Rentner swung around the left the left end and 'then cut back to I end for six yards and Russell made reverie his field and race 64 yards lit a first doivn wRh a five-yard for the second touchdown. The cut- punch at the line. Rentner slid^ off back apparently had the Nebraska secondary baffled. right tackle for three yards. Russell fumbled on the next play and Brhuy’.fr, 13 Bpirtlf ... ____ BfcXfr .......... r»>;rk .............. MUchfU ............... Costrlij ............... Bkod« ............. Bu-'ph . ........ ri hlfr ............. Bhcnka .............. Krantur ...... i>arrfll . . Score by periorts Schuyler Lincoln . ......... Touchdown eo.*. IK .. l.T .. u .. c ., RU , • RT.. ..RE . . QR .. l.H . RH . KB, Lincoln. 14 Harold Miller ............. Smith ............. Bork ............. Rav Weaver Rankin ............ Qreen Hawkins Baldwin . Kulper Williams I .AC I Fish- ''0 6 7- 13 ........... * U 19 7—44 Baldwin 3. WiUtims Herod MU'er. Kulp. r 2. Fi.shler 2 Fxtr.r point* William 2, iplun», l«r iplacrkick.i Substitution,« Lincoln Shutu,.ff R inkin. Clrt.«ler for Ku'.per p^,:. Oreen U p IU k for Bork Christna WcavrT, Broun for Hawkin.s, H. rod Mri r ior Fncr Derringer for Williams. Oih,«« for Drenngt't, North for Rav, Srh»..,!: Ray, Srh»,.,. for fUi.vler, Chowin.s for Smith. Schuyler: Folda for .Skod» for Rr.nkin Ku.*lk for Pr rk, Strom for Kramar Referee- Max Roper, Nebra.ska. Umpb. —H. H. John.ston Doane. Headline.sman- Dcn Elliot! Nebraska. Trojans Repeat On Oregon Ags LOS ANGELES. Oct. 3—tINS) — Pla.xhing a power attack that swept the heavier Oregon State line aside, the University of Southern California Trojans today won their ninth straight victory over the Beaver grldders 30 to b. Gaius Shaver, stocky quarter for Troy, scored 20 points on three touchdowns and -wo „oal klck.s. Oregon State opened a desperate passing attack in the ourth period, but U. S. C. with 73 to 0 lead, had still another ace in the hole. Griffiths, a substitdte for Shaver Intercepted a long by Biancone. raced to the l-yard line and ^ J ■ xT-hras- ' lost two yards. Reb was hurt on the Sco c. Northwestern, 13, Nebras ^ purple took out time. Kn»i U Marvil failed ................. to kick the extra point when the ball went under the cross^ bars. Third Touchdown. The third Northwestern touchdown came in short order. Marvil kicked off to Durkee of Nebraska who returned three yards to the Huskcr 28-yard line. Sauer’s pass to Schmitt was In- terceoted by Meenan the Wildcat back running 28 yards to a touchdown. Meenan had an open field on his touchdown scoring jaunt. Score: Northwestern, 19; Nebraska, 0 Marvil’s placekick for the extra point was wide. Nebraska fans got their first opportunity to cheer when Kreizinger made a 45-vard return of Marvil’s kickoff. Kreizinger brought the ball to the Wildcat 45-yard line. Jens went in at left end for Eylar or Northwestern Just before Krite- Inger circled the right end for two vards Bauer slipped through center for a yard. Penney failed to gain and Bauer punted over the Northwestern gop,i line to a touchback. Northwestern scrimmaged for its 20-yard line. Meenan cracking left : tackle for six yards on the first play. nv:ssell smashed center for ' three. Bauer made a fair catch of 1 Potter’s long 47-yard punt on the i Nebraska 23-yard line. ^ ^ ,, ! Bauer made a yard at left tackle. 1 Kreizinger added four more on a sDinncr and then failed to gain as 1 the quarter ended with Nebraska I in possession of the ball on the* r 38-yard line, fourth down ' and live yards to go. I Score: Northwestern, 19; Nebras- ’ ka, 0 . I SECOND QUARTER. Nebraska sent in three new men at thK start of the .second period, Nesmitn going in at ^hmitt s encl. Are yon SURE yonr olil car is really «^GOOD EXOUGH?” ? ut the ball where Mohler. with a , Pepper Martin, vnunix rnrdinal DUtfielder. provided nuch of the , klibouine at Durkee's wing and misting slash off tackle, srorc^ thc fireworks in St. Lou^.win over the AthleUcs in the second series Mathis replacing Bauer at quarter- iinal touchdown. 6 ame. This Associate^ ^a«;« telephoto snows hhn scoring his and his Ernlc' Smith booted a placement team s secom run in iv: .„„«„th inning on a squeeze play. Gelbert ck for three points in the third , laytng down a bunt to former Rochester speed merchant kick quarter. home. back. , . Rentner returned Sauer s 37-yard punt a distance of 25 yards to the Husker 45-yard line. Boswell went Nebraska Makes Good Gains. Northwestern drew- a 15-yard penalty for holding. Masterson intercepted another Purple pass and it W’as Nebraska’s ball on the Husker 40-yarrt line. Boswell ripped off five yards at right tackle. Sauer hit center for six yards and a first down, Boswell broke through right tackle and ran 12 yards to the Northwestern 37-yard line before he W'as stopped. Masterson went out of bounds for a yard loss to bring the play nearer thc center of the field. Masterson gained a yard at center. Brow'n slipped through right tackle for five more. Sauer’s short pass to Nesmith failed to gain and Northwestern took the ball on doB-n.s. Rentner hit the left end for four rards. Russell fumbled a bad pas.s rom center and lost eight yards. ‘Reb’ Wants To Stay. Ols-on tried to replace Russell in the Wildcat backfield. but Reb wouldn’t come out and so Olson came back to the bench. Potter kicked 44 yards out of bounds on the Nebraska 26-yard line. Olson went in the Purple backfield for Russell. Sauer caught Potter asleep and with a quick kick. b<x)ted the ball over ills head. Potter retrieved the ball f.nd got back 11 yards. The kick was good for 54 yards. Olson squirmed through center for two yards. Brown had a clear shot at Rentner s pass but couldn’t stick to it. The flip was Incomplete. Olson punted 46 yards out of bounds and Nebraska had the ball on its 21-yard line. Freberg went in the Northwestern line for Weldln. Sehmi»t went back in the Nebraska lln.) for Nesmith, end. Sa icr dropped back for a pass but W’as trapped and the play lost 19 yards, putting the ball on the Nebraska ‘2-yard line. The Purple line sifted through and partially blocked Sauer’s punt. The ball rolled out of bounds on the Nebraska 26-yard line. Boswell Snatches Pass. Rentner fumbled and lost five Maybe you’re right—maybe you have good sound reasons for putting up with its shabby, out-of-date appearance, its noisy, sluggish performance and frequent lay-ups for repairs. On the other hand, maybe you’re enduring these annoyances through an entirely false sense of economy. Are you aware of the rapid progress 1931 has brought to increase the buying power of your automobile dollar? Bring yourself up to date by driving a De Soto Six. Find out what a truly remarkable value this car is at its price. Leam what Free Wheeling means in performance by experiencing it. Thc sensation is beyond description. De Soto ofiers a perfected type of Free Wheeling that permits shifting between all forward speeds without using thc clutch. The finest features of this great engineering advance arc enhanced by combining it with an Easy-Shift Transmission with Silent Second. Learn what it means to have an a©- ccleration of more than 50 miles an hour in second. There is nothing resembling it in your present car. We will be glad to place a De Soto Six at your disposal any time. Right now, when every dollar counts, you owe it to yourself to find out whether it isn’t actually cheaper to own a De Solo. It will pay you dividend* in contentment and economy. *09S AMD UP, P. O. B. PACTOBH FREE WHEELING ,20 EXTRA IX ALL .MODELS / nm gOTO SIX McCERR MOTOR CO. 1743 O Street. FAIRBURT GARAGE. Falrbury R. P. HUBKA, Wilber LINCOLN, NEBRASKA. MYERS AND THIMGAN, Geneva SERVICE MOTOR CO., Wymore STAR GARAGE, Beatrice B5162 SEWARD MOTOR CO., Sewsri RENTING MOTOR CO.. C^fMCO

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