The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 4, 1931 · Page 11
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 11

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, October 4, 1931
Page 11
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SK fhhiff errfn’ìì, the ¡»on'ì nntft • ìì hn^r phvfif of f fu fttorh thr foot ìtali t(nm.< thm foli. \ Thr i¡ufif t( f ìtark ran at Sotrr ì)a v - ìtrttrcrv Ja. k- rf- rh and Mnrphtf and n lof of old‘fnfthi< nt d fané think if > a If ont fimr an Irishman had thr job. A lit ir (¡nlf Îtnll ff'frp yrur madd ffi''r tjolfrrn a ro*i- t^vanna niilti, and n'hnt rhr )> worr hndhj nrrdrd? Find a Stfdch nnnir In an Amrrienn f/olf tourna!,}rnt • nd null point out an Irishman on thr Sntrr I)nni( /oof- ball ft am. -—TAe LINCOLN SUNDAY STAR.^,^ S PO RTS LÍSCOLN, SEB. SUNDAY, OCTOBER i, 193L I fJACK WIIsSOS has a ton h f »u -ofh thr ht'-jh* liahts. In thr inj!) f -, i u th* n is hi ■donuifalL In fhr J; lî pttn.a f ine, ihn. eh n- if ■ ; thr moon. Football ain't fm thall nnfd it's i‘>>.r to n tar a toon. ,^kin coat. = What nc i.rtd nom is so r kiud of paom th^t can hr played in the daijUilht. I ‘ ------------- Í ,Uss Willard still Is !n thr yroc, ro hu^in,ss. Hr nF ^waps likrd his foodstuffs. EARLY SCORING RAMPAGE WINS FOR PURPLE Wildcats Qet 19-7 Win Over Huskers Nebraska Stajjres Gallant Stand After Wild First Quarter to Score Touchdown and Play Hanleymen Even. BY “CY” SHERMAN. EVANSTON, 111., Oct. 3 — Northwe.stern University’s Wildcats may proceed in their quest of national championship laurels in collej^e football and Nf^braska will not say them nay. In the presence of a throng of forty thousand or more followers of the pastime, who all but filled Dyche .stadium to overflowing, the Wildcats today clawed their way to a 19 to 7 triumph over the Cornhu.skers —a triumph that was so decisive and likewise so convincing that the .several hundred Cornhusker rooters who witnessed the rout of the scarlet clad gladiators waved aside every alibi and frankly concede that Coach Dick Hanleys proteges are well on their way to a high ranking in the national race. ^ , SOONERS UPSET RICE GRIDDERS Huskers’ Next Opponent Walk On Texas Team, 19-6. NORMAN. Okla., Oct. 3—<UP» — Oklahoma university’s .sophomore football team upset predictions today by turning back the highly ; touted Rice Institute team, 19 to 6 Rated as the underlings, Oklahoma’s attack flashed in the first quarter when it pushed through lor a touchdown on a 21 yard pass Beatrice Hi^h Next On Lincoln Slate. / X Sending into action a ¡set of tor- %ard.s who con.M; trntly outcha'^ged the Nebra.ska linemen and a quartet of brilliant back.s, the Wildcats unleashed a first period assai It which quickly placed the ball game quite beyond the Cornhu.skers’ reach. Wildcats .Score Early. After tackle Riley had returned Nebra.skas kickoff to the Wildcats 35-yard line, Meenan and Rentncr, a pair of super ball carriers, drove outside the tackle stations beyond the center of the field. Gilbert, Nebraska forward, temporarily halted the parade by slamming Rent- nor for a two-yard los.s, after w»ilch the Hanleymen switched to an aerial attack and registered their flnst touchdown. ^ Potter’s was nabbed by End Fend, who flipped the oval to Rcntner on a lateral Northwestern blockers md their work neatly and by Bob Dunlap. Sooner quarterback. gSil'Mn? Ma" to Smith Watkins, end. place-kick for the extra point was a and the Wildcats were setting the pace, 7 to 0 Use Lawral Passe*. Northwestern's first touchdown was a questionable affair, as Fend, who executed the lateral pass toRent- ner who was locked in the embrace of Ely in a tackle whir« apparetly nullified the sub-sequent pass to Rentner, bMt the officials in charge detected nothing wrong with the play and the Rentner touchdown went into the records. ^ . Tncre was nothing doubtful, however, with reference to the Wildcats second scoring achievement. A brilliant end sprint by Rentner. who covered sixty-five yards in his run, took the ball over the Nebraska i • i goal. Marvll’s try for the added Placckick point was a fizzle The third tou(iidown came with startling suddenness. Captain Mar- vtl kicked off thirty-five yards to Durkee. The Huskers’ possession of the ball w'as of a t-’ief duration, for Series Shifts To Quaker Toivn Park Athletics and Cardinals Plenty Confident as They Prepare to Resume Series in Shibe Park Next Monday. BY L. S. rAMERON. PHILADELPHIA. Oct. ,3—(UP)—For the third time in as many years Philadelphia tonight took on a world .‘^eries complex. Connie Mack’s Athletic.s were home from St. Louis, where the first two games were played against (lahhy Street’s Cardinals, and the western club wa.s rolling in from the banks of the Miji.‘iis.sipi>i. The opening skirmishe.'^ loft the status of the series the .same as it was before play was commenced, for the Macks captured the oixmer anil the (’ardinals won the socond game. Philadelphia has a law against Sunday ba.seball so not until Monday will competition be revived. ^thlrlhs Feel CmkT, Beatrice high school, next crponent of Coach Bailer’s Capital City high clan, has split even in the opening two games of the current season. The Beatrice team, again under the tutorship of C<^h Dav Hamilton, opened with an 18-6 victory over Tecumseh. 8-7 verdict to Grand Island Friday. Beatrice is host to Lincoln high next Friday afternoon, _____________________—-------------- —Photo by Gale, Beatrice. Front row. left to right—Elliott. Robertson, Dick Traylor, Bloodgood. Horn, Murray. Holcomb Dillow. ^ , , , . Second row—LawTence, 'Warren Miller, Skow, Fraley, Langley, Nel- Back row—Bob Traylor. Anderson. Gaver, McCown. Gordon Miller, Robinson. Mauldin, Veon, Martin Sprandel. ______________________ KANSAS AGGIES BEAT TEACHERS Manhattan Team Piles Up 28-7 Score on Blue’s Pittsburgers. MANHATTAN. Ka.s . Oct. 3—<U. P.)—After a sluggush start, the Bill Pan.sxe. wiry Sooner halfback. provided the spark of the game with an 80-yard run to score Oklahoma’s final touchdown. Pansze took a Rice punt on his own 20-yard line, reversed the field and dashed off the 80 yards. Rice Lacks Punch. Rice’s vaunted attack failed to function until late in the third ~ (Continued on Page Five.) BLUEJAYS EDGE OUT CLOSE WIN' In Closing Period Enough Beat Rhodes Team. LINCOLN OPENS WITH A VICTORY Red and Black Steps On Schuyler Hi By 44-13 Score. BY ALEX STODDARD. Lincoln’s “Question Mark” fcx)t- ball team of 1931 was evaluated Saturday afternoon el the Lincoln high school oval aa the Bailer- , coached Red and Black eleven ran rough-shod over Schuyler high school, 44-13. Schuyler was unde- , feated in 1930. but the Lincoln reverse was the second decisive setback this year. Lincoln piled up .seven touchdowns on the Schuylerites, but the visitors crossed the Lincoln goal line twice, the second time with but two seconds in the final period left to play. Lincoln’s offensive ap- ! peared fair, but the defense needs polishing if the Ballermcn are to ! repeat as conference champions ithls Jail. Early In the opening quarter the At Lincoln—I.iBcMn. »4; Schuyler. 1*. At Vslentlne — Vsletitlne, 3*; H«y SpriBg*. S. At B*»hTllle—Ru%hrllle. 1»; Crawford. *. At Lswrenee—l.»wre»ee, J; CUy Ce»ter, Í. At St. Jooeph — Centrsl hlfh, IS; LnfsyHte. «. „ , , At BUdei*—Blsden, 1*; DsTeniM»rt. 1. At UncolB—Sewsrd. 14; Coltefe View, S. At LI bco I b —H sTeloeh, •; Uscolii ro- **ÁT*Ltné*ln—Bethsny, S3; mend. • At LInroln—Jschoon, «: Wyni«re, «. At Crete—Crete, .V4; Wilber, 0. MISSOURI EASY ON TEXAS GRID Tigers Swamped Under 31-0 Score at Hands Texas Uni. AUSTIN, Texas.. Oct. 3—(U. P.) ‘—Coach Clyde Littlefield’s mole sklnn<'d Texas trackmen sped to a 31 to 0 intersectional victory over the University of Missouri here today beneath a blazing sun. A crowd of 10 000 witnessed the conte-st. The invading team .several times displayeo a stubborn defense, halting one Texas drive on the six-inch -I. - .............. . . „... 1 «« « line but were unable to get closer ----V. oVJois u ' ■ than the 43-yard line at any time find N.rm.i At Neiifh—Neiifii. 3»; Tiidrn. S. I durmg thc game. * u At Vorh-KrsrnVT. W; Work. «. WUsoii “Bull” Elkin.s, quarterback At F*iu City—Auburn. 1; r*iu ciijr. «. j^j. and his team mate Ernie At North putte—North PUH*. CB»p- nlont fnllhnrk u»ere the mOSt IN THE BIC. SIX. At erantlon—Northweotern, 1»; Ne- brofka. T. • . At Manhattan — Kanaat A«fle*. Pittaburxh Teacher». At Norman—Oklahoma. ID; Rice. «. At Rolla—Mlaiourl Mine», 5«; Ml»»ourl •*B*’. S. At AuallB—Teia*. »1; M*»»«“,'''- "• At t*eru — Nebraska '*B , 13; Peru Teacher», “. ^ At Sloua City—Iowa State. U; Morn- lnt»lde, *. IN NEBRASKA. At Omaha—Creighton, 3. Wyoming. S. .At Norfolk- Norfolk Junior, 13, Spring- What the future may bring i.s not known Thl.s time, everyone is fairly well agreed the Cardinal.* we:e lucky to win the .second game. The Athletics were at on their special train ihi.s morning when it rounded horse shoe curve One of the players pointed towards the large white horse shoe laid out in that railroad bend, “That thing was over St. Louis ye.Merday.” “It’s probably no more than likely, however, that the Athletics were only half sorry' they did not Kansas Aggies .sprung a vicious of- win two ’straight at Ft. Louis. The fensive to swamp the Pittsburgh a ’. s have bet n such outstanding Teachers under a 28 to 7 score in favorites to win thc series that con- Memorial stadium today. .secutive triumphs bv them would Apathetic under a brollirji sun ic.Ast>ned interest in the series, during the first quarter, the Aggies ., Mack* found themselve.s iraUing, 7 to 0. 7^”’ when it ended. The score put new Betting odds left the Athletics as life in them, and they unleashed a the reigning favorites, but the odds plunging and passing attack in the were not prohibitive. .second period which netted them 21 One much overlooxed fact is that points. th*' Cardinals won their game The powerful .sophomore back- against George Eanushaw, the num- field, bolstered with two regulars ber two man of the Mack pitching from year, spelled the defeat .strff. Whi\r they were expected to of the visitors. The line plunging of lose against Bob Grove, iire-.serles Ralph Graham. Eldorado iullback, cxoertmg was nc< united on Earn- tore the Pittsburg line to shreds, .«ihaw’.s chances to tame the Red and the aerial work of Auker and Birds, though he twice licked the Cardinals in 1930. Çl. Louis was all excited over a story which had Grove with a pitcning finger so badly bllstered as to leave him unlit for further .«■erle.s duty Bob exhibited this “awful” blister today. It should not be enough to bother a concert violin- OMAHA. Neb.. Oct. 3—(U. P.)— on Uie wS Captaii^Willte’^WortWi?“ of^Cre?gh^^ LUicoln hurled a forward r^ss wnicn Wvomlng’s 20-yard line! touchdown when Hawkins, who Meenan intercepted, running iijom tocav and sent a tierfect place- caught Pi.shlcr s 33 - yard punt, midficld to the Nebraska goal. between the goal fX)sts to win slipped thc ball to Baldwin who re- plenty Interference. pame 3 to 0. The motion picture turned 46 yards to Schuyler’s 14- T'ae Wildcat interference agam j,p ^ game replete with t yard line. Thc transfer was exe- Hoidrefr—Hoiurrsr performed clflciently, as not a thrills, in which two perfectly and i cuted with such skill that the en- ai »irom»b«rs—str»m»burf. W; Ely»»«'* braska tackier laid as much as “ pvenlv matched elevens had battled tire Schuyler eleven was unaware i». Koy. giant iullback. w-erc the most ^Ai DsTii city-Dsrii City. 12; ewHt- ¡outstanding of a dozen bacfc ton a. . : used during the game by Littlefield. At c*iiimbii» — CMnmiiii», *«: Centrsl a Star relav runner, dashed twelve yards around end without being touched for one touchdown and piLSsed to Craig for another. *«¡ Centrsl ^At ckmbrlif^-CsmbrMte, 18; Ar»»sh*e. IN THE WEST. At Vermilllen—Csrleton. 18; Seuth Ds- keu, 12. At Celumbui—I rbens. Oi C«r>t*l. At Athen.—Oblo L.. 4«; Butler O. At St. P*ul—M»rAle»ter. IP; Stout. «. At Carthofe—Csrtbsfc. 6; Ausu»tono, «. At Cedar Fsll*—Grlnnell. 12; low* State Tearhers, 0. McMlllin was the final straw. Pittsburg Scores First, Pecking away at the Aggie line and injecting an occasional pass, the Teachers caught the homelings off guard and whirled over a touchdow’n early in the game. The forward passing of Kahler, with Lucas, Kennedy and Vanek on the recei\lng . , , . ainnn a lankv erstwhile end brought several bursts of spon- mining toSm bo^ He\l taneous applause. nit'>h if Mark tells him to and Three consecutive passes took the ^ ihat M^k is ex^Tted to do ball from the visitors’ 30-yard line tnai.s wnai mbck is expeciea ro ao. At Falrbnry—Falrbnry, #: Teenmooh. •. ^ -----------At Owahs—Omaha North, «; Omaha Missouri Line Leaks. Central. *. « . « « v w. I Kov. also a track star, fought his At Omaha—Nehr*.k* Deaf. •; Nehra.ka , through the Une for repeated -Grand liiand. «; Beatrice. ^ gains in a manricr rcmini.pcent of City. n. At Beatrlee At Imperial-Imperial. 1.1; Park». «. At Elmwood—Elmwood. «: Ashland. #. At Edpar—Edfar. I2i Hebron. «. At Holdrete—Holdrepe. I; Franklin. •• the gieat Yale back of long ^(Contlnued on Page Five.) age hand on the fleeing NorthewesYern unavaiimgly up and down the field, back during his snnnt to the I'Ga* Wvoming. plavi chalkmark Marvil again foozled (Continued on Page Eight.» PURPIE-HUSKER aASH IN 1932 ---------------- Wvoming line was in part to blame X'.n... 4 ku'Ac 4 Avn -NAhrnska ior the defeat. Penalties cc»t the Northwestern -iNeDrasRd^^^^ several of the Due Get Toijether * offense came at critical moments, ' (Continued on Page Eight.) Wyoming, playing a team made j ___________________ up largely of sophomores, unlea.shed . TkTfTiYYnrin ill A 117 r beautilul Apa.ssing attack, which , ||L Uv I I \\m found Creighton powerless except in 1 £\ij IIULillkJ v^Liik If the crucial moments. Ross, the Wyoming to.s.ser, 16 times called formations and ten of the throws were caught, for a total gain of 123 vards. O’Connor and King »Iso 'starred for the visitors. WAY TO VICTORY i^f the^'^'lnexperienced Crippled Hawkcyc Team Bows To Pitt By 20-0 Score. Next Season. IOWA CITY, la.. Oct. 3—(UP)— Effective interference enabled Pitts- preveniing possible score.*. For Creighton, Comie Collins, BY 'TV SHERMAN. | ¿Site EVANSrON. 111.. Oct. 4—In taking 50 yards, today and doing it iSceluuiTheAND PERRY braska also landed a solid smash in j r’/Y A OT» mkJ AT C the direction of establishing per-> IIN UUASl FlISALS manent relation w^h SAN FRANCISCO. Cal.. Oct. 3- universlty. just as the have, ,ij,s)_Experiencing little difficulty, done with ^innerota Coach Dick ^ ^ Pasadena, na- Hanley of the Evan.«iton institution tonight assured Head Coach Bible of Nebraska that he would bring today. 20 to 0. Coach Jock Sutherlands’ hard hitting backfield was going so well that time after time Clark and Raider sifte# through or ran the ends of Iowa's line for long gains. Sutherland’s Pfk »ers scored one touchdow’n in each of the first three quarters and it was not until liie easern coach had run in a long At Stapleton—M*ywo*4. «: Siapletoa. p. At Wakefield—WakefleU, 1: Pone*. «. At Gordon*—Gordon. Pine Bidie. «. At Fairmont—Fairmont, 4«; Crete re- aerre». ». . At Aurora-Aurora. •; Harrard. •. At Broken Bow—BaY-enna, 2.Vi Broke» Bow. «. At Reward—Genera, •; Ooneordia, «. At Norfolk—Norfolk. I»; W>,t Point, 18. At Wahoo—VVahoo. 24; Oakland. At Ba»»ett—Basaelt, *; Atklnaon. 7 At Mitchell—Mltehell, 1»; Wheatland, ^A^’siiubert-Shubert. 4.8; Broek, •, At Analey—Aniley. ««; Merna, ^ At GotMnbiSTf—Gothenburg, Cozad* At Atwood. Kaa.—Cnibertion, 12; Atwood. 2. At Bayard—Gerlnr, 2fl; Bayard, •. At Morrill—Morrill. «; Lyman. • At Kimball—Alltanre, 88; Kimball, ». At Lodfepole—Sidney. »2; Lodfepole. P. At Mlnatare — Mlnatare, 42; Hemlnf- MeCook—OberMn, Kaa., 14; McCwok, *At Seottabluff — Cheyenne. Wyo,. 2«; Scottabluff. d. WHITE SOX GET BACK AT BRUINS to the Aggie sevcn-y ard stripe, from Grimes Due Monday, where a short pass, Kahler to Ken- , .street is expected to choose Bur- nedy. put it over. leiph Grimes, right hander, for the From the time the Aggies started Monday game. Grimes is desper- At NoVthfieid—SI olaf. VS: AuMbur*, S. their sconng drivg in the second > anxious to get hLs shot, He At Bowiinf Green—Buwiinf Green, 1?; ! quarter, their Ruperilority was nevTr confidence in the world in doubt In the first part of the fear period, plunges and end runs by j Breen, Auker, Graham and 'IcMil- lin score(5 two touchdow’ns. Near the close, fleet footwork by Auker and McMillin put the ball in scoring dis- IContinued on Page Five.) Mount I’nlon, «. At Delaware—Ohio Wealeyan. 2«; Heldel- tt 6 At’ WeaterTille—Otterbeln, 26; Hiram.*. At Marietta—Rl® Grande, 6; Marlet- tA. A. At Defiance—Defiance, 2«: Olivet. «. At Oxford—Miami, 47; Ball Tearber», «. At Ada—Ohio Northern. »; Bluffton. P. At Xenia—Wilberforce, 02i Kentucky,*. At Granville—HlU»dale. D; Bluffton. ». At Woo.ter—Wooafer. 21; Arhland. «. At flerelaiid—Ca»e, 6; Baldwln-Wal- Decorah—St. Marya (Winona). IS; *’"Ât*Slou* Pall»—Slou* Fall«. 7; Weitern ' *At"' Hibbinr—C'oneerdla, 2»; Hibbini; Grove. Probable lineup: Cardinals— Athletlrs— High or Adams, 3b Bishop, 2b ROCHESTER ONE UP ON ST. PAUL Three-Run Rally In the '“."¡""¿Jiu,.-«. *- 1 .».., i busue, 0. At Dubusue—Columbia, .V»; Du- Fifth Frame Gives Chisox a Win. CHICAGO, Oct. 3—(I. N. S )—The White Sox evened the city series with the Cubs this afternoon, winning their second game by - score ni’úevViíé *. ^ . of 4 to 3. At Monmouth — Monmouth, 2«; Norty _ « « _________________A»»..«». l«% r**nlral 1^. -Wabaah. 27; Erana- *; LaCru»»e Teeh. ' ... At Mayvllle—Mayrllle Normal, «; Jaqiea- town. N. D., 6. . _ At Emporia—Wlehlta, 7; Collefe of Em- ^*At*'Tnl»«—Tul»*. 18; Tea*» ChrUtlan, ». At W’l.ltew*ler—Whitewater Teeh. 19; Fonseca’s hcwner with two on In International^ Leaguers Pound Out Victory Over Saints. FT. PAUL, Oct. 3—(UP)—Two hitting sprees gave the Rochester International league champions a one-game margin tc*day in their thTd contest with St. Paul. The seventh inning wcm the game Rocttger, rf Haas, cf Fri.sch 2b Cochrane, r Botiomlev, lb Simmons. If Hafey, If Foxx. lb Martin, cf Miller, rf Wilson, c Dykes, 3b Ge.bert, ss Williams. s$ Gnmes. p Grove or Wnlberg p Umpires: Stark <N> at plate; McGown I A) at first; Klem (N) at second; Nailin <A» at third. the fifth Inning put the game on ice for the Pale Hose, although the : At Lmchburi-Lynchburg, 12: American, Rochc.stcr. Moore, (center fielder. Cubs In a desperate try made two ^ ^ ^ r.riham • ' scored after a double hit when runs in the e^hth and another In singled. That tied the the ninth inning. j HdAeiberr «. „. . score at 6-all. Delker, Rochester Washington Huskies Step On Oakes Team SEATTLE. Wash.. Oct. 3—(INS) —Jimmy Phelan’s Washington Huskies, opened their conference sea.son this afternoon with a 25 to 0 victory over Montana. Washington scored a touchdown in each period of the game but showed nothing exception in the way of offense against their weaker opponents. Thomas started for the Sox. buv. Chicago— cr*Br, 7; whcaton. shortstop, connected for a three- _____ —...... - - ... ... , was displaced on the mound by, At idmoBd;^oiitr*i Oklahoma Teach- scoring Puccinello and Several times the Montana line jii lrrri7bu7,-^tV.«’.^^^^^^ I^asicr in the eighth Pat Malone I “%!jriheV»tVrn' Oklahoma Bentley! Murphy^was sent in as a stopped the Huskies cold. tional tennis chamnion today advanced to the finals of the forty- in »w« lacr hlU«,u»d to Lincoln not Inter than -;,7“^byT/catlnrsldSr^^^^ that Swf afl. w'mahe 1935 Meantime. Coaches Hanley and ?^rk 6-4 6-2 6-^^^ a Bible will proceed with r.ejfotiations ^ vines will meet 'Frederick Perrv i ^ 15-yard penalty for holding involving the probable apiiearance of f ; started the Pittsburgi team off In the Cornhuskers either in Evanston J ’ the first quarter. They no more or Chicago In l«.i2, 1933 and 1934 pw'ifdeS fn S aay,%^ 6 !'r. 2 . he left end «th Put Ine- City, 41: 13. At Sauth atuu* City—South Slou« City 40; Wayne, 0. At Fawnec City—Fawnco Summerficldl, Ka».. 0. At Aatolmo—.Vnaolmo, 7; Maiee City, *. j Al Grant—Grant. Mi Benkelman, 0. ; At Orlean»—Ori«**«, 38; Bloumlng- i tOB, ». « «..„..d-fcri,..*, . 1 , «...wt... : Thomas. Frazler and Orube. City, 7. At “ Cole the Starting pitcher for the Cute,, xolchcrr i^Arlan»« left the game for a pinch hitter In . the seventh and May finished for the Bruins. Score: Cubs ........0 0000002 1—3 7 0 Sox .......... 10003000 X—4 12 2 Malone, May and Hartnett; 1933 will be one of the features oi the World Exposition and Coach Hanley declared tonight that he wa.s anxious to have the Huskers on his .-chcdulc during that .season. Praise f(»r Huskers. ‘ Nebraska gave u.s a clean, hard game today.” Hanley said tonight, and we feel more kindly toward Nebraska and its coach. I shall rec- 6-4. IRISH STEP ON HOOSIER SQUAD men ad backs bowling over Iowa tacklers and clearing the path. He brought up 25 yards on down the field, having picked up the 15-yard penalty and a first down into the bargain. Iowa Tteam Crippled. A brilliant run bv Clark; an effective pass and Reider then took the ball across for the first counter. At’ »rldfe»art—Briifeport. «: »terilnf. | />^/||| SlaUghtCrS !: | Swarthmore Team a ' i cSrkllcurti'ilf w.'U'"'"' *' ! PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 3—(INS)At chaira«—chxAro*. •; EAiomoBt, S. i The first appearance of the Univer- ® - *• .A - .r* ... - V ai.i slty of Pennsylvania football team At ^GuiAe Kock-Oul*. Bark, 7. Nri- Inauguration of the ’“ai WeopBif Water- steriint. 12 ; Weep- , “Gatcs plan” today showcd head ins vvatpr, 0 . : Coach Harvey Harman to have a At Peru—Peru Prep. 6; *■ powerful team, the big Quaker roll- At‘ Aira“u-Arrl5i;. «: Laup City, *. i Ing over Swarthmore to triumph 32 At Bur»ell—Burwell. 2«: Com»laek, 7 tO 7, here thiS aftcmoon. Rapid»,. 1«; Penn w'as held 7 to 0 during the — .......... ■ , - relief pitcher. Judd’s fly was caught II ; »v D cv I s , but uclker Vored aaer ton 0. ' the catch. At Holland-Hope. 19; Ferri». «. Rochester's other big inning was At Mt. Ple*.*nt-Iow* Wealeyan. 28; ^ WUsOn, MOOre and At New“*?ue’-Depluw?’ ni\ Manehe.- Pepper all got home. In the fourth, ter. 11 . I Pu<;cinello maúe a home run and in At Keno»ha-Keno»h*. 25; RaHne. 18. siXth, Manager William SOUth- Ust Mimite Touchdown STANFORD WINS LATE IN GAME ____________________ At Cedar Rapid»—Cedar roTend^V"the'NorihwesyrT‘te^^ NotrC DamC WinS 25-0 Thejiowa bac^ oed. «. of athletic control that our relations »r* a m ca . a ^ sadly crippled by iniuries. was ju g^rgcnt—sarcent. 2 «; c*ii*way, *. a rush scoring two touchdowns in ) «7--A------ ■ _ unable to gain in the early part of the game, and succeeded only in holding Pitt’s driving offensive away At Wauke»*—Carroll. 31; Northweit roller«, ». At Fatrmount-Indiana Teci., 7; Fairmount, 0. At Marquette—Othkoib, 6, Marquette Teeh. ». At Valparaiio—Valparaiso. 1»; Daneillc Normal, ». At Rt. L«ul»W*»hlBttoB, IS; iilinoif Col­ lere, 7. At Oklahoma «ty—^Oklahom* City V., 2.5; Arkar«*» Poly. 12. At Topeka—Washburn, IS; Baker, *. At St. Paul—Shattuek, IS; St. Thomas, It. ace pitcher Raymond Starr, plav scored Delker. The Saints scored in the fourth anu fifth Innings before Starr rr- lie' ed Ray Moss. Roettger scored Saltzgaver ahead of him when he made a homer. Hopkins brought in Victory To Start 1931 Campaign. BY JIMMY CORCORAN. BLOOMINGTON. Ind., Oct. (Continued on Page Five.) with Nebraska shall be continuous.! But I can definitely say that we -shall be in Lincoln not later than 1935. “In propOwSing that Nebraska return to Evanston In 1932, I realize that Coach Bible will have a Chalk up win No. 20 for Notrs, stronger team next fall. Bible s Dame. An assortment of first, sec -1 sophomore linemen and backs jave ond. third and fourth stringers wal-! us a fine fight today and that means loped a rather snappy Hoosier outlay ,.m«d Bible will give us the toughest sort here this afternoon under a boiling «„j d«w«» penalty -Red Oak, 12; Omaha At Red Oak South, «. At OuunHk Bluff*—Thom%A Jeffereon, 82; Bcntnn. (Omaha). ». At Greeley—Slleer Creek, 12; Greeley, a each of the third and fourth periods. Sw’arthmore averted a shutout by employing some well-executed forward passes in thc third quarter. McKentif CORNHUSKER-WILDCAT STATISTICS. In Midwest Stakes NORTHWESTERN CMVEBSITT. Of opposition. Season Football Ducats at $875 A combined seas<m Ucke( to the four remaining games on the I’niverslfy of Nebraska home 'thedu!« will be placed on sale M »nday at Latsch Bros., 118 O The book, which Includes »cats to the Oklahoma, Kans. Vnlverslty of Iowa and the ’ .wa State games, will »ell at I sun, 25 to 0. About 20,(X)0 bugs sat j Tard* pal Bed rushl&c around the place in their shirt Yard. ie.t m.hinp .......... ,1«.« so you know what the players had to suffer. ' Intcrrepted by eppeocnt .................. ■When Hunk Anderson accepted j J«'»*'* »•»••• r**p‘et*d .......... rvjaWvsA'ci ‘•psoF>rr e\T\*^ fi\T »Efdl ............. gained passe» Net yardage gained Rockne’s burden of “carrying on” for Notre Dame he found a string of nineteen wins. Today’s achievement; Kiekoff yardage ............... was his first while handling the big R'«heff» returned ........... w. e; Punt*.eerage Two Chicago boys figured prom- Punu returned ................ inently in the scoring. In the third Puct» bioeked .............. period Kitty Gorman of St. Philip’s «'j- high speared a stray pass and i«.t *n dewna ..!!!! skipped 30 yards for a touchdown. : rumble* ........................... I Late in the fourth quarter “Kinky”, '®»‘ •" *»»bie ........ (Continued on Page Five.) I rrnaltles ..................................... I Pcaaity yardage ..................................... l-Q 2-Q 8-Q 4-Q Totals 8 4 1 8 11 ftft ftft ft 12ft 17 28•2 224 81 12 5 2« 1 l 4 7 IS 1 ft t 87 ftft 8 ft 8 ft I ft 2 8 ft38 ft 1 * 47 11.8 44 18 79 R81 3 ft ft t. 8 142 ft ft ft 112 1.8 28 ft ft 41 2 1 4 4 43 414.8 8.841 ft 81 ItIS CD ft ftaft ft ft ftftft ft ft ftftftft ft0 ftft ft ft 4 4 1 .8 ft 4 ft 1 8 ft 1 1 2 4 ft» 18 2 ft 4ft First desrn* earned ................ First downs penalty .............. Yards gained rushing .......... Yards lest rushing ................ Forward passes attempted . Forward paste« ineemplet« Intereept^ by eppenent .. Forward paeees camplete .. Yards gained passe* . Net yardage gained .............. Kiekofft ......................................... Klrkoff yardage .............. Kiekoffs returned .................. Punts , ......................................... Pact average ............................ Punts returned ...................... Punts blnrked .......................... Flrld goals ................................ Field real* *ueee*»ful .......... Ball lest en dawns ................ Fumbles ......................................... Rail lest en fumble .............. Penalties .................................... Penalty yarAagc ....................... UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA. 1-Q 2-Q 8-Q 0 « 2« t 1 « 1 • IS I .3« *3 8S 8 A 87 11 4 1 1 2 2t .■Mt 1 48 ft 2 4ft • ft ft • ft ft ft A 4-Q Totals A 8ft J» 8 2 ft 1 A It I «» ft 8 SS ft ft t ft • t 1 * ft « s II 2 1 I ft ft —8 ft • ft t 39 ft ft ft ft ft ft ft 1 » S ft 9.4 48 1ft 4 8 8 24 7S .8 Í* 39 2 ft ft 3 IS IN THE EAST. At Manlleus—Manlieiis, 28; Seheol. ft At Store*—Conn. .Aggies, 7; Wesleyan, ft. At Elkir*—DaTls-Elkins, 61; Dakota Wes- _______________ ^At ’ SerantoB—All Marine*, 14; : Sun Beau Wall Back Thomas, «, At Annapolis—Kisklmentas School, 14; Navy Plebe*. 1ft. At HamlUen-Colgate, 4.8; St. Lawrence, ft. At Easton—Lafayette, 2(t; Muhlenberg. ft. At Strendsburg—Seten Hall, 18; East Srendsburg 6. At iAeaver Fall*—Bnehnell, It; Geneva. 14. At Villa Neva—Villa Nov*, IS; Getlys- burg, 6. "" At Annapolis—St. John, IS; LaSalle, R At Lawreneevllle—St. Pa«1. 13; Shaw, ft. At East Orango—Moravi*. 7; Upeala, ft. At Pittsburgh-Washington A Jefferson, 1ft; Carnegie Teeh. 7 At Syrardse—Syracuse 4.3; Hobart, ft. At Alfred—Rochester, 42; Alfred, 6. At Cat lisle—Dickinson, ft; Juniata, ft. At Bethlehem—Lchlgb. 18; P. M. C.. « At Grove City—Waynesburg, 6; Grove City. ft. At New Wilmington—Westminister, 1«: Adrian. 8. At Detroit—Albion, 7; Detroit City eo4- lege. ft. At West Point—Army, «7: Knox, ft. _____ Brings Defeat To Santa Cla'*a. PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 3 -<INS) —Scoring a touchdown in thc la.xt Durst. 'When he wa.s up again,. minute.s of play. Stanif»rd defeated Roettger dou'oled to score Ander- Santa Clara 6 to 0 here this aftcr: sou Durst got his third hit of the noon before 25.000 fans, game a.s Saitzgaver and Roettger Captain Harry Hillman. Stanford cro.vsecj the plate. Score „ fullback, tallied from the 4-vfrd line Rochester 3 0 0 1 0 1 4 0 0—9 16 0 : on a plunge through center i.fter St Paul 00033000 0—6 12 0 live previous Stanford goal line Moss. Starr. Judd and norence; threats had lailed ' Harriss’, Murphy, Prudhomme. VanAtta and Fenner. (Continued on Page Six.) CHICAGO. Oct. 3—(U. P >~Uncommon Gold won the Midwest stakes race today with Jim Dandy second and Kincsen. third. W. 8. Klloer’s Sun Beau was an odds on favorite in the field of seven. Racing close up while Jim Dandy set the pace for six furlongs, Uncommon Gold gained command, turning for home and finishing the mile and sixteenth in 1:46 3-5. scored handily. He paid $67.72 on a . ----------- , ^ ,.1 .* a $2 wager in the mutuels, being an no reason why I should quit. A man outsider in the betting. should stop work only when he no Sun Beau performed disappoint- longer is capable of “ inglv. He moved up menacingly without causing J® leaving the back stretch but faded leal and mental out of the picture as the field .swung still have my J*,“ ’± into the stretch and finished well ing of a team which completely back. »atisfles my fancy. The Broncos outplayed the Card.* during the first part of the game but wilted in the clofdng minutes. Santa Clara displayed a sturdy goal line, halting the Cardinal* five times within the shadows of their cwn goal poste. Stagg Sticks In Qrid Sport A. A. stagg. In hi* fortieth year of coaching, says: .‘T still have plenty of pep and I’ve never felt more fit. So long as I continue to feel that way there I*

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