Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 8, 1968 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1968
Page 11
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MW Enounce -WIN Are Only Luxuries (A£K George C. Wallace annooneed today AS a third party candidate for president, declaring that neither major party Is heeding the "wishes Of the American people" and pledging "1 will run to win." The former Alabama governor, who withdrew from a similar third-party campaign bid four years ago, told a news conference! "I am in the race irrevocably," Wallace said he hopes his name will be on the ballot on all 50 states and that he will be able to finance such an effort. "1 believe the American people will finance any effort to give themselves a voice in the affairs of our country," he said. When he Withdrew in 1964, after the Republicans nominated Barry Goldwater for president, he said this showed his message for states rights had been heeded. : Today, Wallace noted he has repeatedly stated that unless the Republicans or Democrats offer the American people what he termed "a real choice In 1968" that he "would lead a political effort which would in fact offer thischolce." "There ;has been no response from either of the parties which would show the American people that .they are heeding the growing disillusionment with what amounts to a one-party system in the United States," he said. He said, "The American people are hungry for a change in the direction of our national government. They are concerned and disturbed about the trends being followed by our national leadership." He called for an end to "crime running rampant in every city of our nation," for punishment of What he termed WftSf NORflt <ft) AJ9 f K4 *J8763 AA764 EAST VQ1087 fA96S »KQ95 41042 AKJ3 4Q1G982 SOUTH 4AQ1087653 ¥J32 • A 45 Both vulnerable North East South Pass Pass 4 A Pass Pass West Pass Opening lead—* K Today's hand has appeared In print many times before. It was played by Belladonna at the European championships at Ostend In 1965 and is really one of the classic safety plays of all time. He was third hand and reached four spades the same way everyone else did. He just bid it. Unlike the others, he made his contract, The king of diamonds was Anti-mllitary Ball Planned CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) - An anti-Vietnam war group at Oregon State University plans to hold an antlmilitary ball Friday night in the Memorial Union—a building dedicated to America's war dead. opened «t eaeh table aitd every declarer except Bella' donna proceeded to lead a heart toward dummy's klftg. East woft Wilh the aee «nd re- lumed ft trtimp whereupon there wft$ fto way to avoid the toss of fhtee heart irfeks and the king of trumps. How did Belladonna make the contract? It Isn't easy to see when you look at all the cards, but he handled It with ease. At trick two he entered dummy with the ace of clubs and played the four of hearts. West won with the queen but could do nothing better than to lead a club. Belladonna ruffed and played a second heart. East was In with the ace and led a trump, but Bell* adonna rose with the ace, ruffed his last heart and conceded a trick to the king of spades. It doesn't look like much of a play from here, but Just see how effective it was and how sure It was. Suppose for example that East held the queen of hearts. If he ducked with it, the jack would cither hold the trick or force the ace; if he rose with it, Belladonna would be left with the jack in his hand and the king in dummy and would have no way to lose two more heart tricks. Of course, Belladonna's play might have cost him an overtrick In the event that West held the ace of hearts, but the Italians always play for the contract and treat overlricks as just a pleasant luxury. Wft (WO STH, MM* IT (MM Auto Softly to Court "treasonable acts" aiding the nation's enemies, for what he called a return to constitutional government and "a nation wherein our states are able to run their affairs, their schools, hospitals and other domestic Institutions without receiving directions from Washington, D.C." Q—The bidding has been: West North East South 2* Pass 2N.T. Pass 3 4 Pass ? You, South, hold; A3 2 VKQJ10975 462 485 What do you do now? A—Bid four hearti. This will tell partner that you can play In hearts even If he doesn't have one heart in his hand. TODAY'S QUESTION You bid four hearts and your partner bids four spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow 6y BARftT Associated t*f ess Wrllef WAsMWGfOS (AK*- the battle over auto safety stand* ards, now heating up again in Congress, sow way Shift to the Supreme Court. there the lawyer for aft ln« Jured youftg ex-sailor Is seeklftf a ruling that eoutd force auto manufacturers to stop making cars that can zoom ISO and 160 miles an hour* If they did not, they could he held liable to Innocent victims of high-speed accidents, William Haddon Jr., director of the National Highway Safety Bureau, observing that accidents often can be attributed to high speeds, remarked last August: "We would like to see ears built so that they cannot exceed a certain speed, say* for exam- pie, 80 miles an hour," One of 41 safety standards proposed by the bureau last October was that all cats by 1970 or 1971 be equipped with devices to limit their maximum speed. •At the moment, the governing law on auto accidents is far different from the ruling sought In the appeal of Billip Michael Schemel, the Injured ex-sailor from Springfield, Ohio. Early one April morning in 1964, Schemel, then 19, was stretched out on the back seat of a car traveling a highway outside Oakland City, tod. Sudden- EXTRA LARGE Lettuce RUBY RED SEEDLES s Grapefruit GOOD if LEAN Ground Beef 2 . 95* WHOLE Hams Franks n Potatoes GOOD <: TENDER steak LARGE Eggs DOZ, fid SLAB SLICED BEST GRADE Bacon 2 4" r Potatoes NICE & IEAN Pork Chops WHOLE HOG Sausage 3-1* ALL MEAT Bologna ON LAND OR SEA this new Army research vehicle performs equally well. Called TcrraStnr by Lockheed, the designer-builder, amphibian can "walk" through mud of swampland In which conventional vehicle* would be Immobilized. Green Beret loses Fight But Kills Tanks By JOHN T. WHEELER Associated Press Writer KHE SANH, Vietnam (AP) When Noi'th Vietnamese tanks rumbled out of Laos Wtxlnesday ly the car was struck by a 19GO to attack the Lang Vei Special tmpala zipping along, according Forces camp, the U.S. Green during the night to Khe Sanh. other 10 were dead, captured or trying to make It to Khe &tnh. Marine and Army helicopters pulled the survivors out plus a few wounded Vietnamese ami Montagnards, and so nut Laotian soldiers who had taken refuge In the camp after a recent North Vietnamese attack on their post in southern Laos. Perhnps hundreds of troops were left behind to fend for themselves. Miny made It out to papers in the case, at 115 Beret troopers Inside decided miles an hour. the strange sound came from The young sailor was tempo- the camp's erratic generator, rarily paralyzed below the neck Minutes later the Americans, South Vietnamese and Montagnard tribesmen were battling and later got a medical discharge from the Navy. His appeal contends General desperately to Motors, manufacturer of the giants from Impala, is legally negligent In them, two ways; (1) For designing a Vietnamese and tribesmen were keep the overwhelming They lost the fight but de I think I'll go to bed and say a prayer," said Doom*;. Moments later, Khe Sanh was hit by a heavy artillery and rocket attack. Many rounds landed In the area of the tm«dl- Iron cal aid station where th& Special Forces men were being treated. "God, now we've got to put up with this," said one of the men car that can go so fast; (2) For stroyed five of the tanks which from Lang Vel. "emphasizing speed" in adver Using. Several courts have held the manufacturer's duty Is to avoid the North Vietnamese were using for the first time in the war. The attack began shortly after midnight with tanks hitting the hidden defects and latent dan- camp on two skies and an Infan gers. The fact that cars can be try assault up the mi/Mte. Before the onslaught against the camp three miles west of the U.S. Marine combat base at Khe Sanh, the North Vietnamese pounded It with a furious artillery and mortar bar- driven way beyond speed limits has been ruled out as a hidden defect. Also, the courts have said manufacturers cannot be bound for reckless use of cars. H -* In October 1966, the Supreme^rage****.»-#*•*•*. Court would not hear a widow's "How much did they fire? The claim that CM was negligent In Lord only knows," Spec. 4 designing a station wagon with Franklin Dooms, 23, of Waynes- an "X" frame that did not havp boro, VaVsaid. side frame rails to protect the The tanks smashed through driver from a side collision. the camp's outer defenses with And ruling earlier in the sam« ease. A wounded American sur- case, the U.S. Circuit Court in Chicago declared: "A manufacturer is not under a duty to make his automobile accident- proof or fool-proof." vlvor commented: "That barbed wire just doesn't slow tanks down at all," The d-"fenders fought the tanks with recollless rifles and But there have been dlssen- grenades. Men clambered atop ters, including Judge Roger J. Klley, of the Chicago Court the tanks, wjiich were firing 76mm rounds Into the camp's nades down the vehicles' es. The battle ended quickly. hatch- when it ruled against Schemel bunkers, and tried to toss gre- last July. "In my opinion," he said, "General Motors, as any other person, Is chargeable with the Special Forces radio operator duty of reasonably foreseeing called Klie Sanh: "I've got twu the probable dangers of a de- tanks sitting on top of my corn- sign and the advertising It has mand bunker." Then the radio chosen." If the went dead, It w.is feartxi that Supreme Court takes the entire camp was wiped out. this view, automobiles may never be the same. Donating Car to Charity GREEN BAY, Wls. (AP) Quarterback Bart Starr of the Green Bay Packers, who won a $6,000 sports car for his performance in the Super Bowl, is donating the car to charity. Starr, the Most Valuable But a strange siege was under way. The headquarters bunker was under three feet of reinforced concrete and two feet of steel. The tanks tried to break this down. They couldn't. The North Vietnamese started pushing satchel charges down the air vents of the headquarters bunker. Nom? got inside. Then the Cornm mists tried gas. That didn't work either. Eight the Spacial Forces m«?ri were *•"**» * i viiw *f*v«?% i *»*w**fc/*v yj lUc £>l/cv)Mi r U| Player in the Packers' 33-14 vie- inside the bunker, tory over the Oakland Radlers Jan, 14, will give the car away at a benefit March 3i for Raw. nlde Inc., a home and camp tor underprivileged boys, Chess Players Draw 44 Moves MALAGA, Spain (AP)- Ber» nard Zuckerman of New and Antonio Medina of Spain drew in 44 moves Wednesday In a sixth'round match in the Sun Coast Chess Tournament, LEGAL NOTICE In The The camp, but not the bunker, fell early Wednesday, but not before the Special Forces men called In air and artillery strikes on their owu positions. They counted on the steel and concrete bunker to protect the eight nu'n inside. The call for bombing strikes inside the psrjmnter of the camp brought a request for confirmation from astonished U.S. officers. The Special Forces men radioed back; "Roger, Roger, that's affirm." Heavy air strikes continued through the day as a relief force Jed by other Green Beret troops „_ tried to Of were heavy casualties. those BWff^ftpj^jffjff(ji^ii^iMflMfcTpiffi^iMiffiffi^^ffj^iniMiM8^^niffffiffiPBffi^i^i^i^ Moore Bros Serving You Sine* 1896 PR 7-4431 — W« D«!iv«r r iff WWW *•** *-*-*•»-*-*-* Grade A Large White Eggs QJ Doss, JL 00 By The Piece Slab Bacon 3 1 Lbs. JL I 00! Large Loaves White Bread For • 00 Solid Pound Oteo 7 1 V Lbs, JL OOi Fresh Pork Ribs Giant Size Super Suds But none was hit. The Negro Community By Ester Hicks Phone PR7-4678 or 4474 THOUGHT FOR THE DAY The man I want to be is so much better than the man 1 am, that the man I am can never bo the man 1 want to be.-Blshop Hughes said It. CALENDAR OF EVENTS The Rising Star Gospel singers of Toilette, Arkansas will appear at the Union Baptist Church, Fulton, Sunday February llth, at 3:00 p.m. The public Is invited to attend. The Cotillion Federated Club will meet at the homo of Mrs. A. B. Yerger Friday February 9th, at 7:30 p.m. All members are urged to be present, JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES The local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses are preparing to attend a three-day semiannual convention at Columbia High School auditorium In Magnolia, Arkansas March 1-3, Mr. Surley Bernard, presiding minister for the local group, In discussing this announcement with the congregation pointed to the rising tide of world troubles ard materalism as a challenge to Christian thinking and Chris tian works, "The purpose of the program," Mr. Bernard said, "Is to strengthen one another to remain in the faith." With this In mind, the Watchtower, Bible and Tract Society, sponsors of the three-day refresher program, have set the theme of the assembly as "Strengthening One Another to Remain in the Faith," (Acts 14:22) Mr, Bernard explained. Whole families will be attending , and parenls are encouraged to have their children with them during all sessions. Jehovah's Witnesses Invite the public to attend the assembly. Will Counsel Bar Patrons Heavy Smoked Bacon *. Squares 7 Fresh Dressed Half or Whole Fully Cooked Cured Hams 49 Lb. Dry Salt Meat 7 1 0 Lbs. JB. 00 I Country Style v_uumi y ouyic ^^^ Sausage 5 Fresh Pork Chops I Fresh Pork Roast All Sizes tf Sf Lb. Chancery Court Countv Arkan«tt<; 2T Lindsey Teim Plta »IjfniStotiw?:S •«• bunker decided .0 make £$'• a Amorce jet, nu* tomb* appear In this Court within thirty (30) days a,nd answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Johnnie Mae Lindsfey Heim. Witness my band as Clerk, and the seal of this Court, this 6th day of February, 1968. Jim Cole Feb. 8, 15, 22, 29, 1968 w , ,„. CHARLESTON, W, Va, (AP) reach the camp fhey _ Charleston Clergymen will times wim ^ nightcjubs and saloons to counsel bar patrons who they think are "lonely and unhappy," The new "night ministry' 1 was voted Tuesday by the Charleston Ministerial Association, Cash on Line f©r Ugense DENVER, Colo, (AP) - It's cash on the line now tor a rnar» riag« license In Denver no more checks, Officials said they've teen getting too rnwiy bad checks, The $3 fee Wasn't changed since 1391, 8 Pound Pail Pure * '* __^^«i Lard I 00 Pound Sack 25 Flour I 79 18 Qz, Bottle bombs. While the North Vic-t- aauifcs* took cover, the Arn-ri- cans ran for it. Seven (rude it. Some Were wounded, to ali, 24 Special Forces m«-n were reported in th* fight. Fourteen o£ the Americans escaped, with at least eight of them I aid sorn*- griv<ly. The Apple Jelly 4'°1°° Pound Sack ,^^ ^B^ jruunu oat.* |lU Potatoes

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