Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 13, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six WAUQATVCK DAILY-NEWS THURSDAY, St. Francis'CYO Loses Sixth In Row To Mt. Carmel St. .-Francis bowed to Mount Oirnicl In. n WrUcrlniry CVO IcnRUr jf.nmc, 7-J. The game was plnyed'nt Hnmllton park. ' The Sninls iiJSinK Miruitk i:i now nix cnmes long. Tho local Ifitls put up a good frame, but the steadier playing of the Hllltcppcrs was a little too much. •Goinp into Inn first of the third, the church Street team led 1-0, but then the Carmelites went ahead •nnd stayed thnt way for the rest of the Kiime. to stretch their win- JilnK utrcnk to four straight. Mount Cnrmcl has yet to lose its first . The wlnnei's were spin-Iced by Steve Mnatrlanna. slugging third bn.icman, who got two hits, • The score by Innings: Mt. Carmel . . '0 0 Z 0 -I 0 0—7 0 I St. 'Francis...... 1 0 0 .1 1 2 0— ,1 C I! ,K. Mnstrianna and St. John; Narducci and San Angolo. I This 'n' That Uy 11U.K1S KAZLAJL'SKAS (Sport* J5<lltor) . ; BITTY GRABLE IS CURRENT LEAD AT THE LOEW THEATER jrdcr of TJhrongs arc still the •things nt the Loew-Poli where the -ever pupular Betty Gruble Is showing In her greatest fllm triumph.. In technicolor, "Pln- Ur; Girl" and this winsome miss, who hns been proclaimed the "Pin:Up',' girl of more soldiers, Navy •nnd Marine personnel and all •branches of the service, than any .other of the fair sex, »howu why In this film, a musical treat that has cast in the other leading roles such •other favorites as Joe E. Brown, •the cavern mouthed star, who also •Is one .of the favorite entertainers of ,G. I. Joe, till over the world whsrc hn h,?s brought-them a smilo .and Inugh to their section, no nmt- ter where that had been located, nnother favorite suir in this film Is Martha Tlnyu and addud attractions are such other favorites as the Comlos Bros. , "Pin-Up Girl 1 " has all the TequlflUc.i of great entertainment nnd Is well worth seeing, an the crowds thnt havo been in attendance .for the past live days havc , •hown. On the same program there Is a very popular co-fonture "Candle Light .[n Algeria" one of the crime. Jntrlgu nnd m.y«lery !!!"-.s thnt are always so popular. ' Wnterbury Is tigaln to have a chance to find out who is Its most popular bathing 'beauty, when on thCiStfifro of the Loew-Poll theater, on Friday night, July 2«th, there will be held tho annual "Miss Wa- tcrbury" contest, staged this year •In conjunction with the "Swim For Health Week" an~ nil Watorbury jrirls who would like to compete The members of the All-Star teams arc now juyl .more names' in the record books. ' ; '.I'liey're tired but. happy as they' head back for home .tramping grounds. But none is 'happier than' Rollle Hemsloy, the 'New York Yankees first string catcher. Heni: sley v is especial;^ cheerful when hj'-'co:itroal* his present -lot, with hi lot two years ago—at just the. same ti'mc. ' During 1 the 19-12 .All-Star fracas, bile Cleveland Indians were trying to trade an old .worn-oul back.slop —35-year-old Rollie Hcmslcy. But they couldn't find a buyer, even for the waiver price. So the following Saturday, -the- Saturday after the All-Star gam Hemslcy was handed a ruioa The ex-Browivj and Indians pli boy was handed his return tick from the baseball world. That same night. Joe McCart! Ihi; Yankee pilot who seldom nils es a trick—phoned the washcd-u catcher and offered -him a 1 co tract with -tlic Yankees—in .spl of his current ..113 batting avc afro Hcmsley flew 'Lo. join -Ihc tea and caught both onds of the ne. clay's double-header with his ne club. He finished out tho year wit an average/of .29-1, but played sc i oiui fiddle to Big Bill Dickey th theater ncst s t. lS on. .fn 19-1-1. with Dickey in -thuNav .Hcntslcy is the Yur.kecs' tnainstii behind tho plate. The 37-year-ol veteran is the guy to -handle Yankees' young pitching croji. Big Leagues Resume Star Game Layoff Two years after hc^was w.-ushcc up he nitccl his third All-Star rank ing. Dynamic Buff .Donelli—the sturd> lit!la jruy who made Duqucsiie collcgia-le gridiron power—Ls hop in;: to -do the same in the pro ranks. He's taken on t-lic top coaching job with the Cleveland Kanis, am, that's « louph- assignment. The Ka'n'is dropped oirt-ot Uie National Professional Football league last yunr. And now they're stnriirif; off a.sriiin after the year's layoff. Their players we're pooled and divided amon« the rest of the teams. So Donelli will hav c to taUe a hanrlt'til of .returning vct-«, ndd some new candidates, and weld the whole into a smooth football machine, "It will be plenty hard." he snys, "but It .will be Interesting, too." .Donelli is glad 'to be rn, the pro ranks 'Avhcre a man can belt-his (By United The .major., league.;. Learns, climb Mjuck .Into ;lhe .'ring M'oday and -start skipping, • ••:••'- ....... In the.American, league, the sit-' nation, is I.OTISC, .' •St. Louis, Luke Sewoll's "iriyH- tcry leain.".-still is 4he..surprint' club, of the cl.rouH. The.'iBrownlc.t -arc only two and emu-half games ahead', of the Boston Rod Sox — but .they nave bcon .on, lop ' ;alncc June'2nd. And -they've successfully repelled New York nnd .Boston/ 'bids for : top pl.icc. . '.'• ' The • Brownies _ have about the boot infield, in ..the,'leugue, and a - .. hard-working,, if'-no.t brilliant pitch- ' fcl ' cd 21. this year. Tho reason-ho ' '•• • • 'gets away with u.11 that larceny is •this: Stirnweiss Ifew SpeedJfingjOf The Major Leagues When , Georgo 'Stlrwelss •first base all you ace .Is a grrey 'streak und a\cloii 'dof dust.' T,he dust «el,tlca 'downi '.around nqcond' base—and l.hcre's George sifting on. second—safe and happy. ,' .Stlrnwciss plays .with .the New Y,6rk -Yankees. Ho jcavorts around' secondl.baso—•and plays Jiob .with opposing pitchov. Few pitchers''in 'the American league feel',-safe' When George—they call him "Shut-' fy"—is on base. He's on u of Ire bast base-stcalers In the business, "Snuffy" is loading major leagues -In swiping sacks. He's ,pil- -MAKES BATTERS .DIZZY-By Jack Sords He watolies pitchers—.he studies .•iiigVtaft 1 .. : Second-place Boston Is l-hc team that .'may.•unseal,! thu-Browns. The. - - club'.-.boasts',.'throe/^ot the league's I lncm — hc finds, out how; they op-' four-''top .batsmen.,'.:'"'and the loop's I cral0 - Nearly ov.ety .pHcher- hat leading hurler in Tex Hughson. I so me- characteristic -'mannerism Boston takes' to'.the road today that "I' 8 ofr his throw. 'If a. run. in a-trip.'that .may. make or break Its chance's'in the'American league. The Red •'Sox'-, play tw.o today igairisl -the -third place New .York Yankees, at New York. The "-Browns meet the sixth place jidians m. a double-header .at Jioveland. And 'Hie Chicago White nor..can learn the secret of those little movements of hands, feel, or gloves, Jic can outguess the -man on tho mound. Back in 1942, Stlr.welas wuw run-' nlng wild- through the International league. . He swiped 73 bases', for the Newark Bears, nnd Sox tangle'witti the'Tigers at- DC-; . wa - 3 a-now record .for .the league.';,» roll. Washington .and Philadel- •- "Snuffy" made them 'think: of •>lila aren't .scheduled. • J T V Cobb with his speed and his In the -National .league. It's the'l savv y- He -made opposing p|tollCI-M- Cardinals all. the way. They're 10 | *'_f h ' lnc y "ever had set eyes -on •2 gnmcs . ahead of '-J.'hc second )laco Pirates am<l 'the third place ^ecls. Any .excitement will be In a e<;ond ' place race, with -l.he Reds nd the Bucs as favorites. him. Manager Bill Meyer recognized Snuffy's tnlonta.. He knew that those bases, Stirn.weiss pilfeiied would mean,, more ii'un' for the Tho saddened Brooklyn Dodgers Bcars - So—unlike--mainy managers taking an extra day off to ick their wounds. They lost 13 -Lines on their last road- trip and •unit scheduled to play iwvtii to- orrow. The Cards play the Reds, the i.-atcs taclcic the Cubs, who've of tnama weli,>up in a. pennan! race—he gavo-the speedboy a free hand oa. 'the bases. Hc told "Snuffy'! to ..go -ahead and steal, whenever . he felt he could got away...with-it. . One day the Bpar.s faced an In- Cnem. Co. Features League M AMERICAN I-1SAGU1S No games yesterday. SL Louis ... Boston* New TforK Washington Chicago Cleveland . Detroit] Philadelphia Tile Hlundinp W. L. 45 34 42 36 30 3!> • 38 39 3-1 37 37-11 ... 30-12 ... 35 42 Pet. .570 .538. .527 .-134 .-179 .•174 .»'G2 EMI, BristolAad Eisdon Also. 6:15 P. M. The returns to .the' war, three, games on tap, jf. i... • rain. - " _/ , - aot B > , Naugatuck . Chemical with its relative In the-Vs l>cn world, .the;. Foptw^' ' Chemical is sporting a K, so (M- in the uecond round .Lcwia Engineering ALI BAB A" FILM IS-AT THE GEM LAST TIME TONIGHT FINE DOUBLE BILL SHOWING NOW AT THE STRAND THEATER come out of thc cello.r, I 'ernationaJ -league, pitcher who.wa.s . id the Giants play at Phlladel- down •>'" "Snuffy's" little book . H's-a far .cry from Jon Hall 1 . hia, . - • . ' SUrnwelss ,had.. studied the '.hurler I chM.dtiood.home -in Tahiti, .where —:.—; — he .had. iwa'lchcd.,him..-carefully n °-' 3 ;' !caln e the best all-a.round ath poiicnt to his heart's content. f01 ' " ' lc "iK'timo. He .know just-when'Pete.of that South,Sea. Island's his- for tlic various beautiful prizes that arc to be -awarded may register at the manager's ofllcc. Starting Friday at the • Loew-Poli theater, one of the best Him shows that have been shown in town in years will be the .attraction, Irene nunno In "The White Cliffs of Dover." thc college football politics play to br cak on.-thc .guy.- The '.pilchcr importani role.' Hc says the col- dldn 't- know just what he-was do- 'y^' 00 ' 1 - l.-gc coaches go from'-I he angle of. '"P that tipped' Stirwclss off 1o his- • ffrog ' totl to t/hc palm fronds .of .Hol- tjeyt .you badly this year,' '"ten-lions. Bu't.'.he knew .lie you "If J when I havc a .pood team, may .belt me 'nroitrid-. pretty ibadlyj] the next', season"."'? . ." . ' Another.-thing'Hhat, in- DonclU's' o.^.'iniation, rnnkc?-.' the piny^for- paygame .better than its collegiate 'v.-ouuu-rpnrt,- is that thc gaino Is not centci'Od firound -one m.-irv. But that makes It- tougher :on the coach too. He's got -lo stay on his loos. ' ... BuL where world-wide fame hi-m ,-La a. .screen star, a true, life story just ,-us doing something. When Snuffv' '' UorcsLi ' 1? : aji thc screen roles of • • - ' that .day the!. 11 ." 5 . low »«' 1 S i'oung .man, who reached first pljchbr was .worried.-,. took a-long-ilook .nt •"Sn.urfy" nnd -Rlanced down at .his catcher for the sign. Once more -hc loolced a-1. Stirnwcis?, saw -that "Snuffy's" wosnlt too, big. •pi;li;hcr tutncd and"blazcd in th-c pitch. As he 'threw; "Snuffy" whizzed away from first and b.-:at the^catohcr's 'throw to second. He stood up—dusted off his pants— and down at the .pitcher.'. The pilchcr growled a couple of unhappy words anxl looked for another sign from his ca-lchcr. He gol it—and then checked "Snuffy" •wgnln to make sure thc speedy base runner wasn't getting too much of a lead. Hc s!retched und rammocl . down a fnst ball. But "Snuffy 1 .:'was faster. He was mcnv- ily .down to -third by the time -t-ho caluhcr got the ball. He slid in. safely. The man on. the-mound was dis- gu.>.-|cd. Two steals on -two throws. This was too mudi.' He looked at "Snuffy 11 Stlrnwc'lss laughing, on 'third base and .promptly blew up. Ho losscd his glove into Uie air. He rammed the ball ki.lo his ; hip pocket, and called ;|.imc. Then' hr> turned to "Snuffy" nnd roared: "Now co on and home and crot oft this field so I cnn pitch." He didn't wan'! to hnve any more dcali'n.£o wi'ih the Newark spccd- Univccsal's Technicolor picture, "AJi Baba and 'the Forty .Thieves, Js_as-aiii co-starred 'Wi-lh th.c alluring Maria Mon.lcV.. Tu'rhaix Boy, a new csrccn star from an old. and- noble family in lurkojvils ;i third c.o-starring per- .^-<xn^lM.y- fn • thc -oxotic picture, 1o- night' al thc Gem theater. Jon Hall was born in Fresno,, -bui h.o WHB .brought .up in Tahrll, Ihc .homo of his mother. • 'Hull conius from a long line of hardy forbears, including -New J£ngland sea caplams and French pioneers. His maternal grandfather. Captain Charles Chapman, sailed his own schooner into thc harbor of Papeete and became or.o of the South Seas' most respected traders, . His father. Felix Loch or, and his grain-dpai-cnts, were business men wilJi sound contincnl.-!! connections. Today, Hall's relatives arc Ihc most -prominent white cil.i- nons of Tahiti, and control many of thc i'Shun-d's leading industries. Hall Is a cousin of Jnmes Norman Hall, co-author of "MTutiny on the .Bounty and other South Sea novels. It al! adds up to one great, big, grand musical comedy) -Three of thc greatest zanies of stage, screen "and radio—Jimmy, Grade. Allen and Ben Blue. Two o'f thc nation's most •popular band leaders —- Harry J.-imcs and Xavier Cugat and their orchestras. Two famed and^uilcnt- cd singers—Licnu Home and Carlos Ramirez. Two new beauties headed -for stardom—June Allyson and Gloria DC Haven. And thc screen's newest romantic idol-—Van Johnson. Two of thc world's master musicians—Jose Iturbi and Albert Coatcs. .Add. .twenty-one musical numbers, including, many new hit tunes, a touch of the classics 'and thc ditties Jimmy Durante has nadc famous, plenty of comedy, omancc and Hollywood's stunning Groam Girls. Result: "Two Girls ind a Sailor," M-G-M's ace show of the season which will close its Watcrbury engagement at the ilrand Thursday, evening. Companion feature on the Strand ill Is "Attack—the Battle for New Britain." .... Today'* -Game*, Pflchcrs " Boston at New York (2), Hugh- so'ii. (13-3) and Terry (2-<3) or O'Nell (2-5) vs. Bonham (-1-3) ruid •Donnld (7-0) or Page- (5-C).Chicago at 'Dc'-roil: (twilight)— Grove (7-8) vs. Trout C10-3). St. Louis at Cleveland <2)—(Iwi-, light and nifchU — JjiJcucki ("-3) and Shiriey (5-3) vs. Reynolds '(&7) and Smith .(-J-6). (Only games scheduled.) NATIONAL. LKAGUK don ,in anolhci: game. Lewie v an upset in the first game second round by dcfcatj,,, f once'*! thi-cc clubs to tie in ihe-flrnin wftu also an .upsei .vfcUm bit thc h.inds'of the Bristol Co Thc Estate • Malleable ton u and the Bristol plant colide Vij third game at Recreation sui EMI won the game in the " meeting of the two clubs. 'J'hc games will get under w ' No games yesterday. The L. Pet. ZL Louis ... Pittsburgh . Cincinnati N'e-.v York . Philadelphia Brooklyn Chicago Eostor. 51 21 39 30 •12 33 37 33 32-51 33 -J3 29 -10 30 -16 .70S .505 .SCO .-]87 .43S .-)3-5 .•i20 .335 Todny's Games, ritchcn Pitlsburgh at Chicago — Ostc:-- mucllcr (5-2) vs. Wyse (7-fi). Cincinnati at SL Louis (night) — Wallers (1-1-3) vs. Wilks" (5-1). New York at Philadelphia (night) —Feldmar. (7-3) vs. P^ (S-10). (Only games scheduled.) Footballers To . •. Practice ..Al Rec Field Friday The hJsrh school gridiron ti •will hold a practice session RccroHiion Field Friday «. 7.3;. Tuesday night, th^ sudden 4^ showers left the field loo wci & n-nything bui tish. frogs, ant! j«. pic wearing hip boots. Tho boys will work out rat» Tuesday a.nd Friday nights « ft. above mentioned, hour. Coach Peter J. Foicy tt about 30 husky youngsters to n- -BUY \VAlt BOXJ3S AND STAMPS WakefieU Rejoins Detroit Tigers Detroit, July 13—(UP)—Jock Zcl- lar. general manager of thc Detroit Tigers, announces thai young Dick Wakefield will be i'n. thc lineup for lonijrht's twilight game against the Wihitc Sox. Wakefield has been given ,-ui •honorable discliargo from the IN'iivy. Ice cream--was commercially p*. duccd in Baitimorc in^lSSl MOM mean; of • disposing of a sunfe supply of milk. STARTS FRIDAY, dteel for tin cans took 7 percent of all the steel in thc U. S. in 19;i. Now IL .is laJiing- somewhat less Uian -t per .cent.. Kansas ranks fourth among thc .stales hi. salt production. I ! ', .:* ••;)*. NEW GAS RANGES AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO QUALIFY < If your present cooking range is. worn out beyond repair or if.yjpii, are without nuy means for cooking, a gas range ccrtiificntc can to pbtiiined for ibe piircbnse of n brand new gas range. •' '•'••' ' ;•• i'ji • Full details nbout .these ranges, and cerlificnles for purclhaiie under government regulations can be obtained from yoiir gas appliance dealer or at our store. Get the facts now. GAS HOT WATER HEATERS, TOOI Automatic Gas Water Healers also are obtainable under similar regulations. Your particular situation might qualify you for either . or both of these new, gas appliances. Get the details now, -.'• CONSERVE * DON'T WASTE * BUY MORE WAR BONDS THE CONNECTICU! IGHT& POWER Co, ALCAZAR TONIGHT "PASSAGE TO MARSEILLES" This JV15WS,.COMEny nnd FKATURETTES GEM TONIGHT FRIDAY- SATURDAY "PHANTOM LADY" Anil ALLEN JONES In '-'SING A JINGLE' Fnrtnmo FRANK PUGLIA RAMSAY AMES MORON! OLSEN KURT KATCH lOEUI'S POU NOW The ALL SINGING ALL DANCING ALL LAUGHING ALL LOVING MUSICAL ^*^*^**^* "Clyne's of Course" That's right. Clyne's is the place to go for handsome, gitta, gifts that are treasured, CLYNE GLASS SHOP 29 IlnrrUon Avc. Wntcrhiiry *+++++++++++ ;* 1* * * CLEARANCE SALE Co'iits, SultH nnd Greatly Itcduccd Prompt, Export. : v WATCH & -JEWEtBY BEPAJRING: William Schpero Jnwplnr 180 CUUJBCU ST, — 1 Flight Up — AlNO COMEDY,- CARTOON '-. and NEWS- FRIDAY - SATURDAY ,;—2nd HIT— :; ;; "Cowboy Confetti" .CHARLES STARRED -JANE !OHNHJI(ie-Mn(!IHARAyE-JflE£.B(IOiffl COMING FRIDAY Irene Dunne and Alan Marshal in "The.White CBffs of Dover' . .-••• Also "ARIZONA TRAIL" 2-ltEEL' COMEDY. .-CARTOON ' NEW CLASSES WCflncsdny, July 5, Summer School. Still time to enroll. POST JUNIOR * VP. A cor,tEGE OF COMMERCE BAZA ART! St. Hedwig's Church Grounds Next 2 Week Ends 15-16 Ju^r 22-23 BIG DOINGS! '•Entertainment!' Prizes!-- -•..••Jir----^«T™*^-J^/-.-\ ,aj :&X»*@j^- with VAN JOHNSON•:* JUNE AUYWN ^S. GLORIA O.WVVEN »^ JOSE ITURBI t'MMY DURANTI ;x-LENA-HOllNI- : ::-.^ -/ ^-h 2nd. — S I'.K Cl AL •:CK •"'..-• ER. SET --(for -6) •. : • *5*^-'-1

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