Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 4, 1964 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1964
Page 2
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2 - Wed., March 4, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts "Telewoman" Editor To Be Speaker At GOP Women's Fashion-Luncheon Returning to Redlands where she was so warmly received as guest speaker last year, Katherine (Mrs. Wiiliam Lawlon) Wright, editor of "Telewoman", will speak next Monday at the annual membership fashion- luncbeon'of Redlands Republican Women's club in the Elks club dining room starting at noon. Luncheon reservations must be made by Friday with cither Mrs. Keith Carlson. 792-2104, or Mrs. Louis Fletcher, 793-3687. Nursery care will be available for small children. Program chairman Mrs. Betty Harker has arranged with the Lou Ray Dress Shop for a style show with GOP club members JImes. Clifford Farrar, Ed Dorabrowski, Harold K. Marcott and Bertie L. Kruegel as models. Flowers are being donated for the occasion by Hockridge Florist. Luncheon arrangements and decorations arc being supervised by Mrs. Donald F. Norland. At membership tables for the convenience o£ d u c s- payiijg members will be -Mmcs. Roland Tomquist, Richard Smith, Charles Dawson and C. A. Luttrell, under direction of Mrs. William H. Jlorrison. Mrs. Robert H. Wilson will sene as registrar. Mrs. Virginia Herzog of Yucaipa, president of the San Bernardino County Federation o£ Republican Women, will intro duce tlie speaker (who is also her sister). Mrs. Wright is a member of (he board of the CaUfomia Federation of Republican Women. .\ Phi Beta Kappa and Stanford University graduate, Mrs. Wright's serious interest in politics really began in 1950 during the Nixon-Douglas campaign for tlie Senate. She has since served in several capacities for the Glendale Republican Woman's Study club; has served on the board of the L. A. County Federation and in 1959 was appointed research chairman for the State Federation. Mrs. Wright is in her fourth KATHERINE WRIGHT year as editor of "Telewoman a monthly fact sheet for Federation members. She has served as an alternate on the L. A. County Central Committee and as an associate member of (he State Central Committee. For 10 years she was associated wth the County Central (^mmit tee speakers Bureau and compiled speakers' manuals for Sen ators Thomas Kuchel and Wil liam F. Knowland in 1960. One of the local club's major events, the Monday luncheon meeting is open to all Republican women. Mrs. Lee Harris, local club president, stresses the fact that notifications went to registered GOP women from precinct lists not yet containing the names of all who should have been contacted. "We es pecially want to invite Republican women neiv to the Com munity whom we do not yet know", she says, hoping t h a t many will call in reservations and join the group for tne Monday affair. Think of "LARRY" For PAINT LARRY'S PAINTS are The EASY Paints LARRY'S Paint House Winn Bld0. Cotton & Orange 792-1044 SPINET MEETING NEXT TUESDAY Spinet members are reminded of theu: meeting next Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock m Trinity Episcopal church for a program of music appropriate to the Lenten season. Taking part will be a woman's choral ensemble, Barbara Jones, first soprano; Mary Breihan, Bonnie Smith and Laura Baldwin, second sopranos; Gladys Andrews and Nancy Smith, altos. lAdele Silke, accompanied by i Lowell Lacey, will sing a group jof Lenten numbers. Marjorie Gurtler is chaurman of the social hour to follow the program. Play if Safe Before using new bread baskets, swish them through warm, soapy water and rinse. Such baskets are often made in foreign countries and have passed through many hands. Christian BPW Council Dinner Meeting Nears Edward Greenwood from "Picture Land" will present a special feature on art work and will display pictur&s and ideas on art display to the Christian Business and Professional Woman's Council at their March dinner meeting next Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Gold room of the (California hotel, San Bernardino. Mrs. Paul Meares of Colton who has served eight years as a detective in the juvenile department of the sheriffs office, will be the speaker. Deadline for reservations for the dinner is 9 a.m. Monday and they may be made in Redlands with Margaret Battjes, telephone 792-2129, after 5 p.m. MISS JOSEPHINE BEAY Society Editor Street repaying program shifts to south side The gas-ta.\- street resurfacing program shifted to the south side of Redlands today, it was announced. Scheduled to receive a new asphalt coating are Cedar avenue betwen Center and Highland, San Jacinto street between Highland and Cedar, and Clark street from Church to Alvarado and from Center to Bond. Work on these streets will conclude the first phase of the residential street resurfacing program proposed by Public Works Director. John Shone. An estimated $35,000 of the city's state gas tax refund financed the maintenance work. It is the first time residents of the street have not had to "share" the repaving costs. First streets repaved under the program were Union street from Texas to Tribune, Columbia street from Colton to Western and Alta street between Colton and Lugonia. That work was done last month. At least si.v other local streets are to be resurfaced dur mg a second-phase schedule which will start in June if enough money is available at that time. GOP Candidates Menfone Club Women's Guests Republican candidates for of- five were introduced and spoke last evening during the "Know Your Candidates Night" sponsored by Mentone Republican Woman's club in the Mentone Woman's clubhouse. The meeting was open to the public. Mrs. Julius Friderich, president, first introduced wives of the candidates president. Mrs. Sylvia Parrott gave devotions. Program chairman, Mrs. D. Ellis Oane, then introduced Mamie takes her annual beauty trip PHOENIX, Ariz. (UPD—Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower, wife of the former President, is making her annual visit to Elizabeth .'^rden's Main Chance beauty spa here. Gen. Eisenhower remained at his Eldorado Country Club cottage in Palm Desert. Calif., the couple's winter vacation home. In past years he has gone to Mexico to fish while Mrs. Eisenhower was away. Mrs. Eisenhower left Palm Desert by car late Sunday for her annual tivo-wcck visit to the beauty retreat. TO CREATE VIENNESE SEHING - Mrs. D. Clark De Roo, center, confers with two of her decorating committee members, Mrs. Nick Karahalios, left, and Mrs. J. Davis Applewhite on initial arrangements for the Redlands Bowl Associates' "A Night in Vienna" planned for April 17 at Azure Hills Country club. Every effort is being made to make this one of the season's most festive occasions. Mrs. William C. Miller and Mrs. M. N. Estridge are serving as general co-chairmen. (Redlands Daily Facts photo) "A Night In Vienna" To Highlighf Social Season "A Night in Vienna" is glamor theme selected for a festive evening, to include dinner, dancing and entertainment, when Associates of the Redlands Bowl are hostesses at Azure Hills Country club on April 17. .Airs. William C. Miller, chair man of the fund-raising event for Redlands Bmvl, and her cochairman, Mrs. M. N. Estridge, called a meeting this week at (he Estridge home to make initial plans. Arrangements have been made for the appear ance of a prominent artist of the Metropolitan Opera Com pany during the evening. During the planning session, t h c decorating committee, headed by Mrs. D. Clark Dc Roo, presented a master plan to impart an atmosphere ol Old Vienna for the occasion. On ilrs. Dc Roo's commhtee are Mmcs. George M. Bailey, J. D. Applewhite, Edward B. Darrah, Nick Krahalios, Volney C. Kincaid, Richard N. Moerscfa and Ernest R. Larscn. Mrs. Lloyd llulbcrt. chairman the I of the ticket committee with Mrs. Charles W. Harrison Jr. as her co-chairman, announces that tickets will be available near the middle of the month from members of her committee as well as at designated Put a "iaundryefte" Laundry right in your home WASHER & GAS DRYER $2^0 • R. II • ••••• •••••••••••#S#wOWV**#j4 for Only per week YOU COULD WIN FREE, one of 6 Grand Prize trips fo Mexico City by fabulous Western Airlines Fan/Jet. REGISTER AT OUR STORE NOW! SAVE: iioi tooling for a clofhei dryer that'i foif, (rouble-free, and SAVES YOU MONEY? Get a Ga» Dryer. FULL PRICE DELIVERED — WITH TRADE REG. $379.95 ^«%#Q9^; COMPARE ^ M Wm ^W OUR PRICES Mm%0 m WALDO F. BURROUGHS 117 E. Sfafe km\mn\ Phone 793-5485 Redlands '^^i'^l^^k^'^' ii IP sources in Riverside and San Bernardino. On the ticket committee are Mmes. C. Carl Bank, F. R. Banks, K. T. Boughncr, Robert F. Hurt, Kenneth H. Jacobs, Edward F. Losee, Everett A. Hayes, Jack Cooper and James A. Smith. Mrs. Raymond A. Beeler, president of the Associates, will make arrangements with other members of the group to serve in various capacities. This will include the provision of luxury baskets of gourmet foods which are traditional at the organiza tion's affairs. Meeting with benefit commit tee members this week were John Pike, member of the board of directors of Redlands Community Music Association and for several years chairman of its board; D. Clark De Roo, chairman of the fund raising campaign, and Mrs. Carrol M. Oane, publicity chairman. Another meeting has been sehcedulcd for March 16 at the Hulbcrt home. the moderator for the evening, D. Clark De Roo of Redlands, vice chairman of the San Bernardino County Central C^m mittee and county precinct chairman. Jerry Pettis and V. Demus Wardle, candidates for Congress from the 33rd District, were both presented and spoke briefly. Mr. Pettis told of the possibilities for industrial development in the County and suggested that the economy should not be entirely military oriented. Mr. Wardle told of the dan gers of Communism and of the need to fight its evils. Be also noted the importance of returning to the basic truths on which America was built. S. Wesley Break and Alvin Short, candidates for Super visor for the Third District, spoke as did Judge Ben Alexander and Attorney Charles Bierschbach. candidates for the Redlands Judicial District. Questions were invited from the audience at the close of the talks, after which refreshments were served by Mrs. John Lagerquist and Mrs. Frank Parrott. DICK GREGORY 0\ck Gregory To Appear In San Bernardino Nationally - known comedian Dick Gregory will appear in San Bernardino's municipal an ditorium, on 6th street between E and F, tomorrow at 8:JS p.m. The event will be a benefit performance for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Riverside and a kick-off for its spring Festival of the Arts. Redlands area gospel-folksing ers Claude Duckelt, Clarence Butler, John Fulton, Joe Town send and Joe Kelsick, known as "The Jlutonic Singers," will appear with Gregory as members of a San Bernardino-Riverside - Redlands area group called "The Jlessengers". Gregory, whom Time magazine called "the first Negro comedian to make his way into the nightclub big time," climbed in little more than a year from a SlO-a-day car washer to a $5.000-a-wcek entertainer. Active in the civil rights movement. Gregory has been in jail several times because of his integration activities. In his nightclub acts, however, he treats racial problems with good-humored satire. According to Time: "What makes Gregory refreshing is not only that he feels secure enough to joke about the trials and triumphs of his own race, but that he can laugh witli white men about their own problem.^, can joke successfully about the N.A.A.C.P. as well as the P.T.A." Gregory is the author of a book. "From the Back of the Bus," a title perhaps suggested by his comment on bus segregation: "Secregation is not all bad. Have you ever heard of a wreck where the people on the back of the bus got hurt?" He produced a phonograph record, "Dick Gregory in Living Black and White" which rode! the best-seller lists for si .vj months. His appearance in San Bernardino will be separate from the Unitarian Church's Festival of the Arts series which will run from March through June in Riverside, church officials said. MAKgfRIEIjDS Secretaries looking for new employers had best leave b r z a r r e clothes and buddy- buddy attitudes at home. We, the Women By RUTH MILLETT. An all-male "beauty" salon has opened in Beverly Hills, Calif., dedicated to the proposition that, for a man, "looking had is not only unromantic, it's unbusinesslike. That "unbusinesslike" pitch may be the right gimmick to draw men into the shop for such little niceties as eyebrow and mustache shaping, eyebrow dyeing, posture improvement, hair styling, facials, and so forth. Because men — poor things — have to pretend, even to themselves that they aren't vain about their appearance, that they are way above trying to aid and abet nature in making themselves more physically at tractive, the way women are wont to do. While a woman can preen un- self - consciously before a mirror, a man feels he has to sneak a fast look at himself. While a woman can refuse to have gray hair as long as she lives, if she chooses, a man is stuck with gray hair as soon as he is old enough to see it start to turn. While a woman can flaunt a wig, a man who hates being bald is often too timid to wear a toupee, for fear he'll be laughed at. While a woman goes to the best hair stylist she can afford, and watches and directs every move he makes, a man will walk into any barbershop and nonchalantly read a magazine while a barber cuts his hair, without any regard for "hairstyling." Men just don't dare to be as vain about their looks as women are, for fear it will make them seem less masculine. But if men can be persuaded that making the most of their looks and trying to stay as young-looking as possible is simply "good business," the beauty salons ought not to have too much trouble drawing men in. That alibi should be good enough to overcome men's timidity in following women in the struggle for eternal youth. Luncheon Report Gratifies League Members The Camellia Luncheon report by co-chairman Jlrs. Melvin E. Haas at the Assistance League's monthly meeting yesterday at the Country Club confirmed opinions of members and guests alike that it had been an unusually successful benefit. Mrs. Haas, who planned the February 26 luncheon with cochairman Mrs. Nick Karahalios, voiced special thanks to sustaining as well as active members for donating their homes and help to make the event a success and to the many merchants and friends of the League who gave so generously of food and flowers. She also thanked Mmes. Harold M. HiU and Richard N. Moersch for their efforts as ticket chairman and prize chairman, respectively. .Additional recipe boxes, containing recipes from past and present Camellia Luncheons, as well as individual packs of recipes for the current year, may be obtained from Mrs. R. Gam Haycock. Reporting for the Children's Dental.Clinic, one of the principal recipients of monies raised by the Camellia Luncheon, Mrs. Stephen Nicks noted that a new dental unit had been intsalled with the aid of Dr. James R. Subject. Mrs. James Lee Clark reviewed special cases, and e\pressed appreciation to Dr. James Willis and the Redlands Dental Laboratory for their generous help. The Community Thrift Shoo report, given by chairman Mrs. Robert B. Break, noted that the Spring Sale will be Monday, JIarch 23. Mrs. Break asked members to bring accessories and jewelry to the Shop for sale in April and she urged interested members of the com- - munity to donate items of ail sorts for which they no longer have use. Pickup of these items can be arranged by calling Mrs. Break, 793-5831. Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Robert G. Campbell, acting as chairman for the monthly meetusg, thanked the luncheon hostesses, Mmes. Urban M. Derkum and Haycock, and reminded members that the ne.\t meeting will be April U. Luncheon reservations for that date will be automatic unless Mrs. John C. Ferrall or Mrs. Roland K. Miller are notified prior to the meeting. Clothing drive now under way An announcement of a clothing drive for "Save The Children Federation" was made at class sections meetings of Redlands Senior High School Tuesday. The drive will be held this week, ending Friday, March 6th. The clothing collected will be sent to needy families in the Appalachian mountain area. Sponsored by the Executive- Committee fcf the R.H.S. Student Council, the program is under the direction of Nancy Mapes. In collecting this clothing, students are asked (o collect from home or neighborhood clean, wearable, clothing. As an added incentive, the student government group of R.H.S. will give a special "party" to the class section collecting the most clothing. 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