Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1916
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AibvBRTismo ki»8 tfting* frcm wVic'r* ftr* and puts I hum where they ought to be. GTTI?P T TXTI^ T\ A 1 f V f^ A VI?' k3 1 H/IY JLJ. iN VT Ur\ 11^ I V.TXTL /L/Jlf AND DAILY STANDARD ADVERTISING thing* ffOm trh*y «f« and putt ttr«m wfitr* they ouflht t« b*. "___•___ ^S SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. STERLING, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, OCT. 25, 1916. ROOSEVELT WILL STOP IN STERLING TOMORROW M'KENZIE SPOKE He Will Arrive On Special Train Enroute To Chicago At' 11:06 Thursday. Congressman From This District Colonel Will Greet Crowd From Delivered Campaign Talk Rear Platform But He Will Not Speak, J, Denver. Colo., Oct. 25, 1916. T. Williams, Sterling, III. Col. Roo«ev*lt will appear on platform at Sterling, but it is nb- •olutelyimpo«tibl« for him to make any speech or hold the train. He has two important meeting* in Chicago and cannot therefor* use his voice. Glad to see you on our car lit Clinton. R. H. POST. . The above in n copy of a tc|ei;rajn received thin mntnlnn by Judson T. WllllfitiiH, chilli titan of the Steilinw He- —ptihlicnn rluti und n rinse friend - nf HnoHPVelt. Last Mondny The Oiixctte contitint'd a *Noil notice from the I'nlted PresH, saylm; Colonel IliiuMcvclt. who vvus in the xvcxt •would Ket to t;hlca«o Home time Thursday, ami that bin special train would w|f*p at DcKalb. and possibly a idiurt talk would he nlven by him tin-re. The (Insiettc and local Itepuhlicaii leaders Rot btixy to find out whether the ''ol poel Would come through .Sterling. .Hid- T. Wllllnmn Kent a IOIIK personal to the Colonel at Denver lll'K- ln»r him to make n Mop at .^teiilm: loiu: to tniiUi' n xhort talk and the telegram IH I lie reply. Tuesday afternoon The <<a?.ctte. re- At Prophetstpwn. He Scored Democratic War Tax, Mexican Policy, Tariff and the Adamson Law. I M»nd.i v rnnh! I ' I i' M' K '-if / ie jM.ti <i- t i • —•• | lev"}* aildllivi mm I finu «!(b i he ei iii" i u bat he had to •-;»> i the country.. i 'lui ii trutn )•;, i;. A the chiiiliUiiii ol tile i sin flub. Mrs It. \\ in tnt-ii pieii'iited .lui i>l Stcrliut, who tfiiie iKt ' . u .«tn;in .Iiihn WelKIn of Jiiid- on th'e p or<'S ott litics of nnd u ere i: i tor i fact " introdtii •(•() U«idie« ISepllhli- . < Mlnwlead, \\lni ( f l| T \V|l|j;!tn-i. ti ;t«oiin n liy he Truisms in Advertising "The man who does not advertise because he tried it and failed should throw away his cigar because,his light went out, the man who does not advertise because he does not know how, ought to stop eating" because he can't cook/*—The Adman. CAPTURE BRIDGE PARTY LEADERS Gen. Mackensen Takes Eastern Terminal Of 14 Mile Bridge Over the Danube. Fall Of Cernavoda Imperils the Retreating Russo-Rou- manian Forces. THE CONVENTION LEAVES DENVER Iterlin. «:e«,, M\ ' WlrHes* To vi!l'>. L, f. t't'l. t">. i. "ern-t voda. • in terminal .of "i<- Kteat 1 t rnih- ^ ii > bridv cros-un^ t)o- Danube lti>umHni>^ .wai cuptiircii bi t'leti. Mack fliHcn tht« tuiirnint:, it WHS officiallx announced tmhiy. The victory is n ir" ilnp"italil thiin port of t 'onM Trying To Solve Question, How Will Milady Vote On November Seventh? As the Women Vote So May Go the Nation—The Women's Bureaus Are Active. Of Women's Home and Foreign Missionary Society Opened - At St. John's Church. Roosevelt Swings Chicagoward After Addressing 25,000 People There. •Mird*-d as vastly the c/ipture of the dnys IIKO/ "tVrniiX'oda was IllK," s;iid the o(T| details IIM victory the captured 1hi« tnmn- ial statement. "1'lie not yet known, Hy thin KUH.MO- Roumanian army in to nois the ublii an Pi the binner !!<•),ublii ill me IcjiMUi i>c,r«'«(«ix'es of.. < 'iLii It^ nominee w,i,«< the United PrcMM. It hcliiK the llrwl Information t ha t.. would lit- over The North that he would nlop bei-e punitive route. Western, WILL STOP IN STERLING. D«nv»r, Colo., Oct. 24, 1916. Gazette, Sterling, III. Denver, Colo.. Oct. 24.—-Roosevelt will m»k» platform appearances at • II regular stops on the North Western railroad through northern . Illinois on his way to Chicago, where his train is .due to arrive inertly *ft«r noon Thursday. At DeKalb) where his train stops for several minutes, Roosevelt will probably made • few remarks and •hake hands. UNITED PRESS, 4:24 p. m. the I'roiue-iHiv -» l!'l^ eripiMixei) the '-.lUKr- HiUTiii.Ke, which JH ch ( 'andidati* llughe*< The Hotl Uhlch he Bi'Vf and iM.'ieiu tot Vu)'pottiiiM the pnhlican lijeas \\a* th tit - what ..... he . plaifoiin o! n|' unniiHl'' mi'ioheil b> oilii'r |ea- deemed mif. man ol I'e- -tariff. .Mr. hid) to • M;IV Hhowcd how he aH a farmer tin \\eil SIM other,'* hul milTeied for the lilf) two yearn or the \Vilxon administration under the free trade regime of I'reNiih-nt \VllHon, He Kavj- one^ i'oti« i leTn" in'tiSTi alfoii atiil iTint was cun- deifned milk which nil .account of the i-heap proilni tiun' iiml the luanufnc- ture, could he laid do«n in New Yark ali«t m>lil (oj lcf«ri mojiey thaiT Churches Of the Northern llii-(Wilson: Leaves For Cincinnati ['oTTTTT - Hntlt, iplcgrnms nbow that tin- Col- oncI'M train will stop at HtcrlliiK and that tint crowd will hav«» u chance to ,««»«• IUii>iM»vHi, ov««u thoiiKh lit* il.ot-M not «pe;ik, ICffort* arc hcltiK rimde m huve tho •'BierllnK Military bund' out jirior to th«4 Arrival of the rti)*>c-hn tmln. ' few ott< ac- eatl- u i*. ;hl»« hiimt. ufter the train tsetK to lll)K, to have the Colonel nay a wordu from tho 'platform, • Any knowing the frlendnhlp cxi.-uiiiK tw«««- Mr, WtlllaniH and the Col know thiUftho latter would like to ~ commoflate/thif' lociil Hepubljcah .,*r. were It In hfw power to do NO. .likely that hundred* will be at the ntit* 'tlon when'the train comes in-und tin. Colon»'l appear*. ' The tniiji is .sehedul- t'd to be In .Slerlinr at ll;u« Thur«da.v forenoon. It hn« been sil^Kentcd by Keyeral of the merchant* that an many as can Vloxp their placcH <if bu»tneri>4 from Id: 5,% lo ll.'lfj to enabh. their clerk* to n< to the* Ntation to nee and_ hear Coloiic Hooxevelt. It IIUN alHu been nti(;j;cMtoi ' that the factorit-M which can to. t'hani{< . their dinner hour« from II o'clock tc . 11:30 or «ume other arra.UKc.ment Which will be mitlxfuctory. Many of • tho piirentK are atixlouM to have the MChooln dlnmlHMed at 10:30 so that theii ohlldren inhy nee )loonevelt. 810 Time In Chicago. Col Kooauvelt will be the paramount • fenturt'.of u blK xvelcomim.' parade tomorrow afternoon when lu* arrives 'In Chicago, The full membership of tin Hamilton club, between li.&otrand 3,000 niar'cherH, it in eHMmatcd, will ""^*-«oluwvl- frwiit—tl>4>-- North- Htutlon to thi«-<'onj{re«M hotel. No Tickets Nssdod; Demand Big. DoHpite the published Htatenienlw that there will be no tlcliei.s rei|ulred fm either tliu Auditorium or tho Htock- V'M'dM pnv|||o[t ni<.'"lltm;«, lU-piilillo.iK headi|iiiii (oi lcf«ri imyiey than n he manufactured and whipped to'Nexx York. Mr. U'illlsim« attributed the nil-ill i>roKpi>rity of the country at the I'lefeiil time to the great_ Uil |- j n Die cant, and not to the rrxuiix' uf Itetnn- cnttlc leRtnlattiin, ' After Mr. William-* had finished olniHiead iiitfodnced <'on«rew«- McKeny.Je. the -.Hptuiker of the xvho Mpoke a.t'^'conxiiU.ra^de reviewiiifi the -Ton.Hi Unix uf the counlry xxlien the Democratic party a.sMumeil' control and ttMMiincd The coimicKMinui Mild that the coiin- HUtniil i c.s|)(innibllit \ of i4iix-erninen,t, try w f a« fuuml Iii a mo».t pro»|iero«i» •r-.ondltfon with p a >Ifi<i,(M»t»,t)(t/i- jrj the treasury and in but n Ill-tie while nnd the treasury \yu« empty and gradually theiv xviito a deik'lt which 'OOKUII to Pile, up until the party fottnd them- nelVi>n w'Hlnint sulllcient revenue (11 i mi the «<iveriimeiit, ntu\ then - the next- thtmr xx-ris a"~n x\Tir tn;x~ of a JltMi,liii!i,t'(Hi tind Mill limit- wa« u-de- nois Synod Embraced in the Three-Day Session. "It ncxcr t.iiitM lint !! "poUlV ticVer- i-rv i loud IIM.H it jUlxcr HII- II. i<" cue hundred flcleijtitec i>-ito|f< calm 1 tn the thirty-ninth Mfinual i -mix •• nti.ui of the Wotnan'fl Moiiii' and FoTclKii MHwIonary »oH- nf the. Northern tlllnolt Synod, at .John's church, which opened Tuex- i-ty Kv dav. The afternoon »<i-«iNlon wai opened hy- thi> (|^t<-i|».ii-*i - "*»|!VH"«« .'i.||i!ll»-!*'d hv MI>I. I! K. lirenohle. of IX-na. Ill-, after which the president. ,\lrn, ,1. K. Maloney. of I'nlo, III. i.>ave the prcnl- ilenl'.M yi-ei-Hf.i.:?! to the convention Th. t<d with dt-mamto for ivM«rvalloh«. —Al 4 o'clock t^-il.- HnnspvPtt~Wtir TuT- dri'HM the women'x meeUiiK at the Audi- turlum. 'file duoj'it-w-ill-he-opened- ui »r-tnr and wilt tie Plrmffjl "VvTiT'TililI ure'oi'cuph'd, There are no tick- eta of imy kind for thin meetiiiK. Stats for 16,000. • fepartjiu,' from lh« t'ongruuM at 7 W'flock, (<ul, Kotmex'elt will lie escorted hy a committee from the Hamilton club to pexler park pavilion. Thwrw will he MMUM for 10,000 permum, it i« announced. No tlckutH will be re- i|Ulred her* nml the early arrlvalx will |JHV» flrtU choice. Hwipy H. Hathbone, president of the Hamilton club, IM to preside, at ' the meeting. Advance indication* are that the night nmotliiB will wltne«H a tre- tnendoilM iiiilimui-Jiii! Itepubllcaiiii and 11«> wtld thai he wa« not in the hull to personally hcrate I'resldent U l)Ri>n or any other member of the Drmn- crnllc- party becatiKe they did not think--ait In- did or-berati'm* they W;erf not of'the name faith an the Hepii'bll- catr*Vartv, hut he ' w'J">» then* to tell why tii his opinion the Democratic par'y had not ntn-cccilc I a» It had f'dli'ted <ind a.s it hud |nonu>-<-.| the people they would ptoHpe.r, In the tirwt place Ji»* look up the ,\lc\lc."ii Hiliititiim and iU.«rii,ise<l it ni Dtt-ldt liible length -and tolil is here he- thought I'resldent 'Witxoti had over- .stfppcd' lh.' lituindH of hlH anthoriO In inciliilin^ with the government and ult-ii uhcte he Wai* liimc in not ac- compllHhlnK' the thiiiK he, uniicrtool: to accompliwti. lie wtid the I'rcxi- dc'it hat! Imclu'd down and hud been the mcanx of Killing our i^oldlcrw .and t.hat the KU.Mtalniu^ of the army on th« border and the Invasion of Mexico it ml the UuulliiK <»f troopH at Veru <*ru« had e«JHl the Kovernment of the United HiatfK ,Jl;lt»50ftt»,<»)(i atnl there were no acfoinpliHhtncntM to off set thin and pay for the-real The fpeuker ulutwed *tlmt tht> I'icMtdcni lunt not kept u* mii"of war lor iie Ha Id thyro wa«Tjju nation under th« Hhining 1 »uu that wanted war wjth -thu I'nlteil Slaten He ijald. thai, we luul been kwpl iiut.of war for the J«IIIH> ,i;ciiM«n that Hwed- (Continued ou Fu« EhinU former ProKre»xive» frorn all over the utate have went word that (hey will rally in <'hiV««o tomorrow and attend the Hoimevelt demon«tration. Announcement wa» mude UI|H afier- I'lty will clone at iu. If. o'clock Thuirida.x murnlim. »o that (he pupllt* may .see Kuosi'Velt. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Held a Business Meeting Recently and Organised. . The i*'rc<dimim chinx nt—rtie" l1f«Ti *elu«»l held a bu»l;ieh>i meitiiiK Kud,i> tiVeni«if after Hu'clone of xcluiol. lor thw put pone V )I elccllilk r»(Tlci'| « j'l'nf Austin tii'tiiiK an tcinpot.n\ chuhmun TllC fullowllife iitTlcrlh WCIe elected' Vice President (\ennclli <i|i\ei. HM-rvtury--Mm y Hun-h. NEW LOCAL COMPANY Sterling Leather Company Is > Latest Acquisition To the Factory District. leH of Incorporation hav» bean to the Hterllnjj Lealher t'oiu- pany, of HteilliiK, for thu purpoms y of nuuiufactuiiiiK leuther. The company ha** purchased (lie Hiirphum Haddlery biilldiiiK MII Wallace wtreet,. It is « lai'Ke biructurc and HI-CIIIH lo be ed for the iu'edn of HIK-)I n he coinpHiiy~w111'~Tnirfiiifact\ir under u Mpt.-oial forei(.;ii und ilotncniic in'oct'ww. TIiM nuM'binery I he ma k I UK of leather IIIIH been ordered, und in now being "Ite|e(-nte«' MlH«iun" wan next I Kiven bv MI-M .1. II. Mulohey, of Hock-] ford. III., u ho very ably showed the j .need of every dcleKiM^lyhlK' well pre- | pared before coininM to tin 1 - cotiven"- ; tlon; the need of every defeuato Kivtntf ! her wliole nelf to tlu< work While In j attendam-e- si> that (after re.tUrnlllK to I their reKpec!)\'e societies every one [ would' be able to Rive the bent ,help s poKHtble for the furtherance of the inj«- J flonary «'au»e. -' " • i We were more than pleased to have j with UH ttii- general president of the: W. II.. and !•'. .M. H.. Mr». o. 1), Kaltzly. [ of Dihaha, Neb., who Kiive.tiM l|i a few T brief word ft. the iieedM and dutlex of •otirTwork', al^nMInK Hchiimiicher,"oiir field Hccrotary, who' wan introduced at tlila time . - lloll call and 'adjournment for the afternoon. ' • Tuesday Afternoon, The.- pvenlujj >exf!ttn wan opened by vj--—ij(i;i~iinrjiTl y feuderi'il" tiritiih volun-. t'nry offertory In 1) Minor,- Kdw. Lott. Mr«. .lulliiM l.inn,'or«H«L^t. • ... ,. • The coiuiecratit-n service leVI 1»y Mr*. u ' 1 lm< W. F, Ilex, nf Kreeport, wan u moHl I what 1 ItiHplriiiK and helpful Mervlct:. Her text wii«'found In iMulah »l 1-K ver*eH iucliiMlve, which gave UH tho true missionary lhoii«ht verne eight a«. fol. IOWH; "Whom nhall 1 *eml nnd who will go for UK'.' Then m»Id I, here am I, Kcnd me." which in (<<!d'H I'ommlHHlon in the rhllilreTr Tif"nVei"i7~" ICiii-li and everyone of us .are cominiHuicinud as co-xvorkers, nnd let UH rejoice and be willing to KO into all the world, and preach the Konpel-. The KreethiKti from xyntid were siven by Hev. HarrU of St. John's church. KterlliiK In a few'well chosen woidH he Kave us thin iiHMurance. that the mlxalonary «ocleiU'« of the Northern HlinoiH Synod were a Krait help to th«* entire nynod, and the nucce»* of the mitudnnary Work waw due In no Minall part to the women who HO nobly curried on thin work. KvidenceH of great progress were nhown. and bin Kreate«t wich was for the Boeletie« to reach the Riven uoal a -W. H, and R M. 8. i« every churcli tn the wynod. •SI. John'« church KieetinsH by Mrs, K. C. -Harris, a mo«t hearty ^welcome and a bte»j'lnj{ for each nnd every .one, jgfy'pin. In ii «'heery hoMpltablo nuiiitU'i' »o chwrac^rMUc of one wlio wants to mak«- UH feel "riKhl at home." SacrtMl memorlea uriMc and H|IO nee» herself in the foreign field, brln^biB cheer and comfort to thorn- .who ipever rich blennliiKH we enjoy. wulrninr Where He Will Make Four Addresses. Voder tSlafl" rorn->ipiiiident of I'nlleil Pl•|•'.«^^.^ l>env.r. t'olo., net. :!!»:--• t'olnnel llooMe\elt Mtiuted on the hint let; of one rnote Nclieduled SJ>eech, all Jtd- -\xhich In* htm labeled "une hundred per cent American." AH he went ten day* ano into Wllkcgdmrrc, Pa., to dencinrii'*' Iho Adaninou law, HO he tuini-d I'lilcitftownrit to ilenounce to | erluipM the IlioNt j'olyjjlot iiopiila.- n<'>fi"~ln" tlii- world', "lifty-tifly alien- lame to the suirn nnd ctrlpeH." The Colonel left U«»hver tl(iH morn* intf at i' o'clock over thi" 1,'nion Pa* Uic iv i l h 11 <> r n f* h o n k i n ii Iiemcr'A whistle* -tied down. It wan n jM'cotnl "Teddy" day, the demon- Miration-' beiiiR .tin great !m ftiat of yesterday when ho addrcMPcd two inei-titiKM, one in th« m'tc-riUHiji at* tendetl by i'.'MMi (.eople ami tn the evening when Iti.iiao people packed tile Midilotium, • • - . . KiMiscx-elt xvas Hover hi'tyttfr form than fur these two a'ddreHwcM, He was admittedly glad of tln» op|M>riunliy to bt« in Ih-nver at the Hame ( time UM the w-omen. iui h*. had previously I a denlre .to meet, the wo- -inan'N HiKH'lal and join In their efforiN to ciimpaUni for HngheK, What he enjoyed IM* mueh tin tinythliiK dm HIM h'is visit, here wa» t!l« l»»>cklliiK xvhlch greetixl him when he o'pcn<«l II|M ad- dreKti hint night. When • ntioutH of "throw him tint," Kreeted-'lhe KueHtlon of the Sleekier, "What wtnilil. yt'i'u have done If ymi '. had b$>.Mi president '!" Homrr-rrlr -look! ng~ toward Uie "Kallery. when' the police. wer>» riiHtliiiK out thi» heckler, Khuuted: ."Duri'l pin him Out, aimver him. 1 vvtll tell him did-. At the lirat H!KII «if trouble with liermany and at the llrnt nlRn of trouble .with Japan, J put the Hulled statin navy in the ilrwi pliiee umonjj l the navten of the world and then went the Meet, around the world and 1 dug thtf Panama canal between tiineH," "Vlat Vm up." ju-veral Mjro.uted. __"L think T~have nVoroiiKhly masticated that gentleman," replied Koo«eve!t, bin teeth tma,pping loudly and hi* lace teeming with menial combat. 'Dohrutlja l« depriveil of It-* las( r«tl- way. An i»xcecdlnKly Important NII.'- Cf'wx w.l.x Dallied and V'ulcan pa,M« was taken by the tieimnn-< and AuHirliinx In a NtiomitiK attack in bund, to hand dijihthiir." An offh-l.-il Ktatenie.;it from the l!nl- Karlan war office tendn to confirm the' lie lief..I hilt the I JIIM«O- Holltna lii.-in fiircrc ciiftiiid a complete unit. The Teuton force.-* hliye reached two vill.iue.M IS mile*! north of l^otiNtan/a and have taken S.L'iiu priMonctH and mjicb booty. The III.MS of (Yrimx odii, i^dmitted by the- t(lL"><lali XV,'il> ii'fllce, IM a more Me|•ion* bl-nv from a Kntmianian military >!and|iotnt than the fall of ConMtanxa. It not,onlx cutM off tin- retreat of the forc'e.K driven from v'oiMtun/.a from the railway but Kpeit.M the wnv for a drive on Huehare.xt. while (Sen. Kalkenhayn IH advancing from, the'west, Pi'troKt':i»l iiiltnllH that the HUHMO- Koiimanbins xvho retreated northward from the railway are m a prccariiiu*> poxitloll. N'O III illl^eM «'|IIKN (lie JJlUlUljt; "not tli of ('ernnvoila and unle.tM a lartce portion ut thu retreating ariny »;ot acroH.i the bridKe before < "e| IIHVoda xvast evacuated I hey xvill he trapped'eaxf of 44>t. I >iH44f| M . (H >4—)--Hffer (he ^tH-e-of—f)»f lioiimaniaiiH at Tiutakaii I"ortres«. \ ^ ABANDON CERNAVODA. (My I'nlted PreM...) pefro^niil. I!IIMM|.I. (let. L'.V. • Kuxso- K'-iiniatiiitn forccH have abandoned their position!* at (.'.'ernavodii leading Into old Itoumanlan. If Wan oiTiciall{,'>4tilmitt!'d hy the "War offlcu today. t Hy t'nltcd Pm-SR.) bica«o. III, Oct. t't. -How will ,n!y murk h«-r ballot' on >|0\-«-mber Hoth ninjor political, parties arc UK' to «h>ipe the atiMwer topthut Mion. As the women vote MO mfiy the nntimi. Th«y _mny swlnp Illl- '2',< electorial V"if'«' aiiiTTFie twelve stntex with ;»• total i*f i'l *'!ec- diial votes. That i.« why the woman voter xvill not nip unnoticed to tin- J»O||M thin y-ar. Hund-rfds >»f patty workfiH nml th'-xiwindK <if dollar** are being poured out in a feveriHh bid,, for'--their" VOIPH. by Western headiiuartfrK of both women'N bureaus. .Mr*. <!eorne Han* ut I)emo- ciiitlc hemhiuarlers nnd .\!|H« Harriet i;. Ylttum at Hepubllcnii h«>adi|iiiirter*t are nuikliiK their big limit drive to capture the XVotnenx Votes, ItooHeyelt will j>pea'k af a Woiii'a'ii'H rally toiiitiriow- iiiid is e^pecteil by the Kepubllcan leader^ to offset the effect t of Wll»on'n speech before the women "here lawt week. The utlman'M bur»-aUM are liitlepend- ent campaign 01 uiiulx.ntlons. inaliitnln- iim bureatiri for foreiftrt Women, trades union women, Kpeakern bureau, committee on literature, publicity, wom'cn'^ club ornanlx-atioiiM and finance, The women'.t bureaiiM are not pink tea affairs a busy office, with doxcim (if women moving quickly about atiMW.eriiii: telepJidiH's and operating typewrit* ••IK with row* of glrlst piittlnu campaign literature into envelopen and "tiimplni; them. , At the denkH--women are tn earn •• .«:?•:.!....e.oi).f»renci'S Thuy... -arw -youthful xvomen rather than old, with the dignified manner of m>eial workei-H or Well educated club womc'fl. There |H no chatter. Men never nhoW'ed more exe* i'lilivc jikilL—isiil—nu'4i—|«4Ut<!iitnw $44 leant-. The (imil wlndup of the - woman's national campaign linn, been planned to the mnalleMt detail. Hundreds of local oTKitnlzatK'nx nre lining up ttii' rural votcx, auto partiew wltli spcakcrx are cond-uctitiK Week-eiid nil- lie,-* in every dixtrlc'i. Rush Their Forces From the Somrtte To Verdun Front To Meet the French. Roumanians Have Retreated Twenty Miles—Russian Losses Are 1,797,622. t By United Press.) Paris, l-'rnnc<», Oct. 2ft. Oermnn re* nforcernf-tiiH nre brinu ru.«ihr>d to the etxRin frorit to meet the new French iffenslvf. n'-fordlitK to ad\ lce« from tho rout todVv. In rf'"sprin.«c to thr» Crown Prltirp'* up- i'tiT Tor Tidp, !he" Teuton* «r»> nhlftlnK their forePK from the Somrne to tho Vertlun front. (Sermnrt tmlt« nrrlvwl In for*- V't-rdun yp«t«rdny while the Krench were Hmanhlng their w«y north- wind, but too bite to trikf part In thd actions of, ypstenlay, Oen, H<»villp'H llghtninu nfrokp north- went of V'»«rdtin accomplished a two-* fold purpose. It definitely removed tho (tt>rntan menace t<» Verdun and hatt(?»t the muM.xltiK of u I>IK Oerrnnn nrmy on the JSapatime.l'erorinp line for n counter offensive irn the Hommp. The Oertnan HIH»M were thrown bnrk two mitf-H -nt-'tht- pntnt which mnrkeit their n<-iir«'Mt approtu-h to Verdun, Fort Doiiamont. the vllla«e of Dounmont and other piN.HltloiiH w*«r»« captured. The buttered Fort Vaux. •'surmounting' a hill MoutheaM of Douiithont. IH the only Im- IMirtnnt fiolnt on (he north eastern.front of \"i-rdnn remainltiK in Herman hands. ADMITTED IN BUCHAREST. ( Hy Untied I'rcH*, I Honmania. i let, LTi, T War office today admitted tjuit ntanian troiipx have evacuat<-d ' H TAKE 3,200 PRISONERS. t Hy United- I'ITHJ*,)' Holla. HulKarla. net. ;'fi." -"Our haw reached .Caranuitil, 18 miles northwest of Cim«tii|iK/i," Mild anofTi. ciu I !>t !i U'tnVrit i««i i i'-d loila}-. "A i vltln>{e~hiiM"u!>4o Ireeii taken. infantry f(u-ce« Imvc. occupied Medjidla The KiilRin iuiiM ca|>tured fit) oftlcrrK, 8..00 nifii, ".11 machine KHIIS, live IOGO- I v.t'H. 300 railway It in estimated that "0 per cent of the L:.O«I.OIMI voters will cant thfir ballot*. Tha( i« a prise worth the efTortn of any political party. ., ' in ALLIES ARE HELPING •-•-- (By j'nlted Prewx.J London, KTIK-, oct, -Tt, *-- Tilt* allies' the taking every -ponNible precaution to protect the HounniniaiiM. l>nvitl _l<«.'rd— (. juuixe,—wee i (> i dry-«»f—-wttr; • im • llotinced in the hoUMe ul' coinmoilH thin uftcriiotm. add j^(*rman . Hhlft—3t) I'mlnt SURPRISE MRS. JONES Last Evening the Occasion Being Honor,of Her Birthday. "M.'M- Harry "Jon*"*, "of: Third avenue and Twelfth wtreet, WIIH irlven n pleiiH- ant Murprixe hint evening .when twenty jtf her friends* and relatives wntkod iii _,. .^— «„,,,-,.-.-.——- her blrth- ii«y. Th -nnrt~mtrslr; per wan enjo During tho t»y(-ninK Mrs. JonvN WBH presented with a beautiful Mil of ditdi- en and with several pleeeH of aluminum ware. "~~ r - ~ "~ : -..-.» HAVE RETREATED 20 MILES. (Hy United I'IVMA.) Met Ijn, Her.. Oct. L'A. -The Uonmnn-. inn force which evacuated ConxtatiKa, IIHM retreated nearly twenty miles and, !•* falling fiack Hteadlly toward the Danube, official di.-pati'lieM Indicate, that (he Uoiininninii«. tin* fnrtnltisr'thcir^llnp lit a Meml-clrcle with lt» I'tidH n»HUnff on the Datiiibe, fur n ptuhtinrn defeiiHO on th»> feravoda hridsehwul, Th« whola Hluck Kea front north of la ,MVaciint<Ml by th<^^ii-rriv. ~ Jnterext Iwr*- In divided between O(>n. nsen'H victory In Dohrudjn ami H««n. Knlkonhayn'M new HUcceRKftil In- vuHlon of Hoiiniaida from the west. The AuHtro-(ierrtiftiin attacked vtoipnt- •l>'' following their miccesH nt I'rodeal ami are pu.whlnK onward loward HlnaL THE REPORT IS DENIED ha've the, We hid you WILSON LEAVES ON TRIP. Cy Itohert J. Mender. (Staff'Correspondent of United' I'tvfcH) UuiK Ifranch, N. J., Oct. if>.— -I'renl- dent WilBon left Shadow Lawn at noon-for t'inciimall on hi» Hrial nwlng Into the middle went before, olectiolt He will pu88 throuKh \Vc«t Virginia and Ohio on" his way and will continue his practice of Kicctinjf the crowdB but wfll adhere- to his dcterm- Inution not to nuike political BiieecheH eitrijute. In Cliu'lnnaii he i« Meht'duUul for four. 8pe*H,'he*—-one In recponso to an uddrcttM of. welcome, anolher a'flunclir etin, tlw third at jllnuer, and; : ihi\;iii«t ami most important."u nl^ht addremi. Tf~ IH expected VVilaon will devote ciin.stderaMi- time to the hyphen, tak- Uy?- Ml»4-<Hie from 1 fie Interest t'incin- nut I'M ln*H4» t'tireign population hax in witch n topic, Hetut ninn from t-'ln- clnAutl the President will not make take olT'eT" -to— homu u • may -«-ti-<m•••<>!»' UK well JIM leave AT. MRS. HENDRICKS The' ef ChriMun Church Will Entort»in»cl Thursday. ' of the Scoiid Divi > nit 1 1 in,, d '( home ( ,f Ali i \iniiii- «,ll .IniK.ut uil! company «.- leu t her dolaculic Annry for been ordered, built, mid it IM expected* that It will be completed Und""]nx(an< > d~ M'nily fo| ppenition, by the Hint of Jiimiftrj, I!il7. Already u fotcc of nti-n have MtiitteU the icintulellio: nf the itiLcu/'i of the HUUCtiilc to Mill the iiecdH of the company, and the xvmk wiil p401,1 CM* ,i- lupldl.x an po^Mldc JoKcph Pioiiaid, «if l''i nice, li;i.s been cii^.iytl (o MI|H||II fend the l.iiunti:.- ilepiu tloent, and ,hdin H—Ht*lti:«.~tif- 1 J hlc7rpu, will be manager" of the tlni->lUh»i ilcjiai linciil. The compjinx ha*» ,i ieii?.ukable piti cvjss t'ur laiuiiuK f4,Ui», und xvill fuiiUhh .i ic.ul) m.iiivct- f»» tin m,n j ftu bciti IIIK aiuuiiUM ttitppcd in lbi-> «i-i tlon !^hey xvill make a «.pei i.ilt.x ut thl- xxoik and piomihc 10 hhow <i-me ot iii be»-l l.lllllilii; <-X'ei ->t'CJi III ,St( ('olilp iii\ .u e Pi«*-itleut ' John H Hum,! \ ii t Pii»,id<ui t!eoi,-i' 1U< K'-i \ •nti^ Ti i .IMII i-i" 11 j Mrs. Keller, of Polo, told us in a fmv words ..why—wii-jij-'fi—KliuL .to__ hj. .Itipanetie Klrl, xvbo >van linked the.same and replied by wayliiK, ""I am hen' to thank' you two times." WP u'r« here for a purpono other than' to admire—for a Ooil given purpwu that we may plun for .belter w«irk for thu comiiiK year nml to catch •th»""Vl«Ion of v work yet to be done, Her conclusion wait taken from a most wonderful ITuTe poem enUlled "Why I -Live": 1 live for lhoHi» who love me, Fur thoMtt who knew ine true, For the hetiven that Minllew above And for the Komi that I can do. m*'. MANY AERO ATTACKS • Hv 1 'ulted l*ro*t.) Pcrlin, iJ 4 .(-,, Jly ' \\'|de|e.HH (o ,Si ( y. vlllf, L. I., net. iTi. - Herman aero- planes on the- Homrue front' alone made more fhau -M'"' rafdM Sunday, taking advantiiKe of the line weather It IK st-tni-officially iinnoiiuccil. In any air ll)i«lu.s 10 enemy plane* were shot down und a number forced tn behind (heir own linen," of planea nhot down II art-.m imsHesHlon. The Herman "llyrrti jy- tacked catnpM tind troop colurniiM with their machine nun« -and "took lioHtlle treaehc« Hying low. Tho (Serman Hyent dropped «oyeral toiiH of explosives near AniiiiiM and .on atumunltion depoln atCeriny ;riid of laud the . Lowest BIDS OPENED TODAY Bid for Battleships Was $10,- Gen. Caranxa Has No Intention Leaving Mexico. (Hy United Pi-egg.) . I). (•„ i»ct. 25.—Thi-Mexican cmbuHtiy oJll'cially branded ac pure Invention the report that Gen. I'ananyji Is prej.arintf to . withdraw leader of the defacto Rijvernrnenl anil would perhapti leave the country. MOVING TO ATTACK PARRAL (Hy;- United PreBH,) \VashliiKlon, D. i*,, del. 25.— Car- riin%iHta officials reHirt a column of iietut to troiipri are movlnt; north from Part-Mi a«aiiiHt Villa, Oen. Kun-. ston reported-In-: his tlrxt »l.nvw the latent Vililma uprlwlng'; ,|(IU>«» of iilir .edltiir™ of Women'a Work, Kul" M<«lB'l»«« He A re»oltitlou XVUN ptiMHed exp our Mrcui regret tlutt. on account of HlnewM «he feclrt tin' nececjrtty of rt'- tinnK' uir prtnnr^iit l/uthenvn Woman 1 * Work und. out deep appuciation of her unetjtmii'd editorship of one of the beat-, (t'oatinued on Page l-'our) Next Tuesday, Oct. 31, Is the Last Chance To Get Your Name Enrolled. State's -Attorney J. - J, Liule-iiH wnyn there seeniH to be eonrndt-rablw ml** apiirchcnsiuii tu the mutter of rcplh- t rat Ion fo.r the comiiiK presidential ele«'thui, and K«,VM he udvlncM every man ind woman who expecta lo vote November 7 to «e«> that their natm>H ar* iie r vt Tlle,sil;ty to be UVi I, A tt i n •> John M ,( WJil be *rt<'itionn lit tin- Jit*ltdllckh Th» Ht't'l.Ulj mtil iitu JODAT f S ODDS M TV. l-v Mi.. J WHORLEV'S . Ml nod .Mi i 1 1 f tuilu d ,it dii-ui i i ' lt,i/« U h- fl \ ^l .|.l . I i t In ..«. lid ( •'•I. Won-, Frvm \ .! ; O«/«ifij tft»_ wr , t \ H . ',, i :- On tita Countt I- i INTERESTED AUDIENCE la A-dand Address by A. J. Chamberlain. the xve.ithci xxan inch nieni sni InttleMid Audteiwe lihtciu-d tu IleV, A, J ('iuinibei l.lln l.«nl evening ,it tin- Ttinlty I'. !•; chuuh llin text WHI« J e|io«!» n ituin P.-I I PI II, ""Thy word ha'V, I hid in nu tn.i! I tniu-ht , r.u^sin ,iK-'iin>l thce ' He cpokv of the' vx'i'id; tin a Ko-'d tiling, a wooil piuct_,. Ulll I'M ,t (.ilfni pl!|po-e |Us m'--•^.4Kt• . the up an- vv,i<» hi Ipfitl • id-i.i, iniUXoi «-\nilii» n lo 'i '.i Till-* )n > l-il !Ul, 1)1,11 'l! a It- \ \ -•u ' II. . n I i.i i> Tl.iu—U \,.tf iift.,i DISEASED •.It I,. '. i , n 'J i, i -1111 u ind XM II Ulilcttiated bv ill >•!< i-tu! illui'l.lttulls si i x ice i« to !"• of , , --JII Ci^ll « tint t (N !»»• .1,1 niiiiis nu n pui 'I in 01 t«he**u confiiHJun .-rtfloiK; votei'H Jin nuiiiy think they do not buy* 1 to be reuixl.ereU, This i» a ini.ii.ikc. 'n Itt.ipiKc certain that every one culling for u ballot a.t the eieeitoji iVj|o'iL-_ iliLtae ii iml _jJil tltfi Mi.iUuti book, can not vole "unleH» vole IM owoi it In. ThiH will take a great deal of Him* und he ad- H^ all to .'ice to it that tin n.inic* dox\ll tin (tie 11 MlHti itttoii hook, Thele also ^e« lilt* to be coimldei abb' iJ'llflK-Jioll |< J.'.ildlllK Ihc,ln-Ul>. ijll XVlltch r ihc_ UUKlhl I .ItIon boaitl'Will be III He?.- IMIOH iu-\t Tui-.ila\. In cities containing ;a cettain nuinbei. like I'hlcuxo. tin* i lejk,istl,iltit|i bo.uil xvill he In hcHhlull .fiom K n't lock In the iiiuinint; until w |o'clock ut niutii, but not MI in Sli rliiii;. i for we ,11 c under the to\xn»hlp i/ittion laws and lltiticl this s\;-.ttin tilt- bo.inl xxIII only be in «t-f>4-u>n from nine o'cloi K in ttu moiniin; and at 4 uVlm-k -' Then tofi- It bi'lluo\e-4 c*i-l\ Xntei to phoi.e tu hee a mi lltbet of Hie - 1), J, r . T'iVinpany"w7i« of four biddetw when the driven , . and on two electrically driven baiilewlii|iN $Jt),37f>.- yoti each. On Mteam driven batileHh'ipK it« bid WIIH $l.U,t)|iu.uuu for nni< and $)ti;- fiOO.'Kio each on two, . One battleship IN to be complele.l In BD. month* und where two are to be built the second one In to be completed in 45 rnonthw. GREAT DEMONSTRATION In the Pra»«nce of Thou»«ndi Kejil of Dreadnnuoht in i.iid. ,' REBEKAH MEETING ., of the K«-b«knhn wan held last night mid In aplt» of the rainy xveatlior a hvrjji! attt-ndunce w«« held. .The.committee <m purcbuHinn a Hctruli« reitorifd and the Irwlge Intend* to buy one of the fine InHtrumentH for the \IH\KV room in the coursu of a few xveeks. They Billed on two cards. • _After the meeting the mem hern wtcnl TtTNill't! confoctiMnery,Htore,. whore they RUSSIAN LOSS 1,797,622. iHy t'nlted I'ri'Hu.) •Merlin, Her.. Hy Wlreh-MH To Sayvlll<>. I.. I., Oct. 25.—The HuttMlattH hav«» Jont I.7.!(7.iii2 in killed, wounded and cap- lured wlnoe the fiiiliclan offenHlve be«HH on June I, the xeml-official news nKency declared todny. quotlnK tho XIuuw Central IdentlfylnK <>ffk>« at* K« authority. •••-.. Among t he. number wero S5.981 of- HcerH. Two KenenilN, wix ct)lonp)H of brigade*, ^lifiit colonelH nnd lieutenant nnd regimental commandum „ thw-Ilttii»liin--Drf|{sei'j|- w ho"' hnvo recently f«.lk»n. The Kreiitent number of cuNtiultlfM oocurrert amonR the Siberian corpn nnd CuucnMluh cavalry. ADMIT LOSING GROUND. (Hy United Prewi) Ileriln, Qer, Oct. 25.—On the" north- CUM tern front of .Verdun the French attack (M far UN Fort Douamont Rained wime pound. It wan officially admitted. The flKhtiiiK continues. MAKE COUNTER ATTACKS. (Hy United Pro»a}\ ParlM, Krunce. Oct. 25,— Two violent (lermun counter ntt<u'k« were mttda i»Mt nlKln and thin mornbiK n«ninct puitUlonH on the Haudrfmont-Dam|oui> line, jiorth-euist of Verdun, won by tha French In ye«terilay'n grent u»«ault Hoth attack* failed, It IK -officlollx announced, the French malntalnlnK their iwultlonH. The French apent the night In ofeiminv up n, Douamoiit. captured yesterday, Amon^ the 3,600 prlnoner* capturetl wan the German cominandur of Fort Douamont. BROKERSlwDLY Wheat ing of the lodge xevcral candladti-M will he .initillted and io'bt' iireMentr SCHOOL OF-INSTRUqilON M«d* a« Ad vane*. '| l(l ,uil licUxte!! l1iii.'d.Ui> 'uild Ue\t Tu< •(' (1 , v <u ,,j ()ll . ,'; mu {». ( | naitu-s will In »-n- .uiitlhd In all likelihood Uicic will not I I 111! AX ill )•! i < \pi I -n. lit \\ ill .«4t>*! h up • Is | I be time i Itou fol .(H pet'pb , 'A iitti n .tt tiu J 1*M -t-n- ft^tr-T^F .liso II ilf Iii l! tt sh ilunny thi'.hhoit \x ),o ,e jiailie*- xx- I e' m>J • tll-l d,l\ 01 tt «l"t| Itli.'li }R—frn— f-tffv-hnf- <n " (Hy Unltwl Pri'SH) Mare Ihlaud 'Navy YardH. <'allforniu, Oct. H!>. -In the pfewiUH* of |hi)imandt< of wildly cheering people the keel of the Mipi'r-dieadnaUKht 1'aUforniu. the - battleship IUJ.M put uudt^r »wn» un on the Pnciilc coaxt. was laid tod-o U IH die Intention iu -launch the hhip in Ju'nuai) 1W1S. ll will be completed and ready for it« tiiul trip u scar lutei lt»< main bttiteo will consist of tnvlse H in. h tlitex. it will dl«pl.i,e 32.3UU (OHM and UP i'iliiu<-itc,l »l eed is ji knota IIM ina.shive ma- TWO MARINES KILCED , Wore Sent Ashore at Santo Do- nungo to Capture a Bandit. (I'.y Uniud l'm».-u \V.usl mcton. D «', i )< t .'!. A n.iv\ K*l 011 tiom ''"I Pctidleion i oninutndc'i til tlic .VuiClix^aii MUU.UU.) at sitiutu Domingo, bald that C.ipt U SV I.nw'i .Illil Si IKeatlt I-f.'uik \t\\ood welf,' .kljI- Cd, and HIM l.n uten.iHi Adiii M ir- 1 *io!T MIS mjincd. when in u IIICH ,went nxlmii to ,'un-Mt a~ Domini',tn Imijdit bv I hi- luitlK of Mitihti It I.-. ic|olUd Ih.t! n.illMI w.ts KlHid Hannah Mowwry, 'Mm, ham and Mr». Csirrie Hankenaon, menu ber.s of (lood Uuck Camp SO It. N, of A, attended Iho Utiyal NelghborH Bt-liool of instrurtlons whji'li wan held In Tmmday. They report u very mid tho altenduncc as. beliiR t'Xi'eptlonally lurgu. Mr« Hrown, of Stockton, was elected president and the school of Instruction w '|p bt- held In Ktockl-on next yfar. SOCIAL, A imctlii« t.r"iI^nTITH' Hltu* -YouitK Men ! * (Na«j* of Si, Jolin'a will bt* Held Thursday night to compleu* urraiiKt 1 - nients for ttu» Hallowe'en social to hi- Viv*n Friday eveuiiu;. It Is plttuned to liave a ver> }>Uat.ant ami iuiliUlt' sa>r t-uil occaslnn and ail youiiK people are to be pret-ent and enjoy tin? t-v Million* Ar» Baing Continut* to (Hv United Chlcugo, III,, 6c.i, 25.— VVheat ron- tltuied to /iiiiiib tovvard" tho txtwcted ti mark when th« (jruin pit opened today amldnt »ceneM of nome of tho historic Khain rornwrw. Brokers ,wer« bidding wildly. Heavy dernnndH by and exponent cauBed «OIIIM #»• to cnuse the, pit, |r wua a|-.._ .-.iiioaidhh».!itt -buy -«it-h«>r—Pecwm-*- h»l'• or Mtiy xxhijit ,'xcept in small amounts, : —— -•' — , iH^-embei*' «old for ll.M'i. an nd- viince. of a>4 In half an hour, iluy . - I1.83V4- 1-ortuneB ar«» Miitf «mde. One aoal- er holilB a million bimheU which h» f.'Vi" 8 '.. ,» at * 1 -" 6 ' Tho Armour Co. and Jim Piitten, ih« wheat kin?, ar« r*>- to Uw heavy holdcro of* futiirwu. c«bli<» from AdKfnUrte that Anmrlca. would b« uniiblo to a normal.mi|>ply.h«Jp«d to ml- TO GIVE WEEKLY PARTY. Die I'.HholIc club will yive theii vvecklv paiiy ThuiNda> mglit at tin Mouth vance .ii COMPlORYTTRAINING '» ..P.n>vld»d For In Decree lnu*d By . . C«rr«rua Today. ....... '"" ........ • ' (Hy. United I'r«h».) ' Mexico City. Mex., Oct. 25. -Oompul- feory military training JH provided for In *i deciee Issued by (lett. t'urransui to-' dny. STERLING LADY DIED s Wllflt ' HI 11 II! , ( ti h i%( tin H >! i\ n-t \0l( - I .Myxtle The nieetlllK of the UOIK.-IK NO (xxo, will ht< -held Ine meeting will he r<ilU<d to older at ~ 30 o'clock and .til m*n>tu<r* Bit* ur«e«l to In iMeJif'nl. After the meeting the ' " will be «pent in danchiK and xvil! futnlsh tin- IHU- .l.ii sic M l xx iII FIVE KILLED IN AN AUTO .p- f,. DONE " t I t I ,.! IN FOOT • <r ' > • i , I th. ). v\ I l.llj ! t- ' HI' '! i, 'Sir, I "II, l I ' i ! ti7cr. plH. time \\ ill I.. l.'l\\ ^l, "i U So.jl j'ln ttt ^.r ' Vl 1 > ill i t i"i. i, < nnir. -1 >, j|i nl I HC t V i Automobile uroan n>\ t'uit. o ul, lit nd Jtui in i 'n in in i < <,* i H.Tl v, I,', n Wd* Strutk li*- lnU;r- Sofeih-Bwntf. d I'n >, i t ii i I .1- 1,1 u I > »rr REMODELING STORE. l-Iilllk ,) lioXXIll.lll. OX\||1-I Of till' bull-iiiu on Thlid *treet occuplul bj tile J'., i! Teli plume t,o(iipaTiy Mild until ivniiil) by tiu" Wesu-in I'lUuii, is* h (X UIK 'the Jnoiii tn cupied by tile •e,,!s .,| id,- Abljott Ot,\ C!t)odj> Cu, I >Mel . ump.ui} ieniudeli-d to .suit tbv i"n%- trt "iTrf'-rfn i.nnist stro'C't Mli».- \ intcndi-a KvttlHK in the istole » itii'l hut oil ,4.itHit,t dt tbx« Wehtein i 'i * ' » ill.; (ii.ilde ft, yet in it*, tu-tt -- -rji—F. -ri af Jv- T:f —TOtfiotit-lilHf- Wii-^ _<le OAILY WEATHER REPORT. !'' • i"':n 1^1 VV» itl.i I huit.lU tii|t • ' ' '• " J'H' t-uiinlit and TJ,uis«i)\. • .' . ' 1,1.,!! pi'ibuildx liu-,1 HI >\ I t .- <• ,1! W t -l fio|(!>l. Tl.vUeU^j. Mr*, liattc LoFevr* Pa*t*d Away Thi« Mornirig. -Mr« iH.ta*' I.eFcvre laiKHctl uwuy ut tn'r liotne on Fifteenth a\enue this moniliiK at 11:45 o'clock. Death wu» i-uiwed from apoplexy, she r«eef \itiK hci llist hard utioke iiu*t November and. h.*s MitftfieU am era I since. A. ek UKO ItiBt 'J'ueuduy wtioke, which was thtt cauap of iU,Uh. 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