Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 24, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1916
Page 5
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StERLWG. ILLINOIS.TUESDAY. OCTCiB 24,1916. PAStffffc tXACZ •At* Under-m\islins Beautiful and Stylish New Offerings of DOVE We SeD DOVE We Sell DOVE BtAJdB Under-muslins tfjl tt c^ Under-musllni Prettinesa Combined with Price Attractiveness <>rv**.-i In v',Al«."t:r ! H'>'i »n \ «!ir»tU»- in th«" " :irn} f»r nv" vrnr* t.--ri«r!rr,-t('T)f-r in ttnl.«tr-r l««ff rn>n>(! trip, to tt)f!r many I«t on the K.r'»om> !•> farm In "f F'rrthn Itinrhh*, of MoHrif; • Mt. Mr.«. WUIinm Wnhl, Misers r«rrh' nn«! VV !t hl, SURPRISE ISSMODLER Kitchen 8h«m«r W«* Given for Mildred Modler. Night Gowns Drawers Envelope Chemises Chemises Combinations Under-skirts Corset Covers Every arm-hole reinforced Novelties Complete antortment of ~ sizes Before wo It'll you of the delightful sty IPS—wo wiint io present a word picture of tlu; wonderful factory whore these Under iniislins nfmo from: It is the faotory of D<,>\e Under muslins.>ije of the industrial show..spots...of the i'.as'l.'a favto.ry light, airy, l(M) r ; cletfu. The oj torn tors are an efficient, happy, healthy army of women. • Ml5i(«p*> Kvn. f»ntt i rf.'i4h«*i1 ninf trlrls, mcmttf'*"?' «f th" A. '» r>, fhilt. trtftt pvffi|fie_ Ht fhflr fmrnp mi Wrtllncp HtrrPt. Thr> wa.i .«f«>nt noclftlly nnd Mia* Modlfr, «>ne of th* mcmhprn. , he a lirldp nf this Wffk, wns Rlvon a surprise klt«'hrn nhovir. 8hr wn» also prpscntfil with nn rlfi-irli; Inmp of hasp nnd row 1 ro!oM»tl cllk a lokpn fn>m 111* 1 cltil>, Mi«M wiiw RTpntl.v nnrprlJ'fit liut th* 1 stirl* in n ffw well rr-mnikji. At thr r-tos<> of Hit* R.thrr<> rotimp lunch wn* »pfvr<l, Ihp The excellence of Dove Under-muslins perfectly reflects thoir careful making. Kvery jraruumt is spotless and trimmed with a master ham! of delicacy. Soft laces jjive hripht relief tO(sbme of the stylos, while others arc severely tailored. The stylos are New, NEW iir surpassing quantity and artistic conception. Daintiness 1 is perhaps the most used word for Dove Under muslins, ami our jirt':si r iTt:stoclcsm r e the most beautiful JTUTTIIT^ \ fi • Prices are on a very satisfactory basis—just coinv and see for yourself. "Witchery (.'rope" N'ipht Umvns and Envelope Chemises, some hand-broidored with the "Nu Art Stitch", the newest and cleverest fashion of the year in Under- muslins. . 44 Witchery (• ? repe^ ± -4'-fHler-^awn*mt-H-w44l-ap|-H i al to-you inunensely—a material •delightful to the eye and touch; and it. washes perfectly. "Come and see these new products of the. Dov.e-Under-innslin line, a make famous for daintiness anil durability. Prices arc attractive* too. ^ . with vfllow "ilMflp*, atnl Hnllowe'en ftwonttlcnfj «rr* a!»io un?<\ to nitikf th«" table uitr.u'tivf. THE KROWELDEEN CLUB Wat Enttrtaintd .Last Evening by L- Mi«> Bfattanjxrfl. ___ TIio Krowf>l(l«'«Mi rltih vtMt royally Select Your Wemo Carefully! We have alreadr told you that it i? essential to select. the right Nemo—the model desiffned for your particular type; but we can't tell you this too oflm. Our trained corsetieres will help you in the selection. Here are twomodels, both for "stout" women; but for two different types. They do different work, both are not suited to the same stout woman: ftawSHtlA for the very area! short typ* of med- him betgrit, with ranch fieri) rath** evenly dis- triiwted-Hi "wcD-pra- pertterjed" *taat fto-arr. Msdhtsrin *fl Jt* Bn*« s is Hrnttonbfj-g nt tht- homp "f Mr. and Mrs Kdwnrd Mowrry. In th*»,i»tt'rly part of thi» Pvenl.nK Mhw Brattenbent took hor «tti* > nl» to the Ornnil thi»ati»r, Intrr roturnlnif to thi« ^^owrl < ^ homp, wlinre thp pvpnlnK WHS up^-nt In rroehftlnn ntttl nwially, uftcr which dainty rofrp»«hmpntn wprc> m-rvcil. Dur- InR the- pvenlnsr the «lrl« plunnpd to piv<« n Htyks show at the next of th« club, ( SOCIAL AFFAIRS J v Ortrudo I'leuvplund, Fayt'tte. Martin,! Mr.'and' Mr«.'Lc lU>y itcymdda. Mr. I and Mr,8. J. O. Hill, Mm. O. J 8holi»««. j Ollbfrt' llogcrn. .Mlwa l-<o»i Ymma;, <*. j GOLDEN WEDDING Was Celebrated By Prophets town Couple Last Saturday Afternoon. Kattirduy afternoon lit I ho homo of Mr and Mt'H, K. I'. • Heard «l«»c wo.* col- elirttted tholr. grjlden WBd«llnK, tin* Idea •b«rrt«rTii«iO«tttwt~liy ^TjefFTiim- living in Chicago, Dr. \\'IUlH lic'urriHlee, and uw- Hinted by MTK. Kmery of thin . «'/Plumley, Mr. and Mrs. J, K. 1-Yary. Mr. mnd Mm William .Wathln. Wesley Graham. M!KH Ada HUI, Sirs. Kmogene Emery and Dr J. W, Heardalee. Fifty yellow roBos were the decunttiona. Mra, FOR MISSAN.NIN6. Fay Fr*«dhoff Entertained at ' Oinnar Saturday. Mm. I-'iiy l'Yi>«dhoff *-nlertiiin.e<i nt a «ix oVJuck dinner Hulurduy. oVenlng In honor of Mlns Ann AnnlnK, Ji. N . of Chicago. .The gue.uls wtr» <hi» MinH- . and Me«»r«. (?. A..Turri(fr and Krank Oorham. of DUon. and John Linus and William. Hawk, of thia city. .... , • , . , . 'I ho afternoon UHM «p«.nt mn- | Kollowlng tlie dinner the young pc-o- ,,i,. ,,,,,u, rt ,,i t o Dlxon. where they ui- ..... loJiy • lind during «ho. afternoon a two course Juncheuit won served. The in- vltatloiiH read no iirei»*trt« .ft.nd the In-" junction wan oheyi'U MHVP lr» a hu thi'tte fliililr>'ii tended' the- show. remembered thorn mibstuniluliy 'In th« I way of gold. Out* of the nous leaving ' In the home a gr»,|>hoi>hom». During of the _ T _ read an original poem. Th«»~folk»w ing Is a lint of Hume pi»Hent: Julia HoteliklHH. Harriet Mr*. and Mr«. \V. H. Adam*, Mm, Kutherlno Wttlch, Chicago; Cant, David Clpvp. land, Mr*. " Kemp«ter, Mr*. Harriet FNTERTAIN IN JORDAN. Mr. and Mra. .John Fiach pntertainad ' Friend*. Mr. anil MI-H. .Joliii KlHch nf \loi-dim, entertained at a one o'clock illnitfr Sunday,—the-following «i»e»m;- Mr, jitnd Mrii. Ferdinand Kl*ch and family, Mr. and Mra. Bdward KaltJcke and daughter l.oreitu, Mra. rteeda Nelt/.ke and «on. Mr«, 1'uullne Wolfe, Mr, and Mra. Fr*d CHURCH WEDDING Miss Dorothea Hinrichs and " Harry Bolster Were United In Marriage. ...'At the KvuiiKellcal Lutheran church in H«pkin» Monday morning at ll;00 o'clock Mln« Dorothea: Hlnr.lchs became the bride of Harry i>, Itatater. the wedding being one of the smartest of the y«ar. The church w*» taately deeo- rattui In i>alrns and chrysiinthMirns. the HALLOWED PARTY Will b« Qivtn by Mr. Snavely For Hit Sunday School Clata. I. H. 8nnv<>ly of l^icugt street will rniprtntn thP m^mbora of hUi Hundiiy Nrhonl clnm of the Fourth Street ^f. H rhtitrh. which con»l»«t» of young hoy«. nt R H«|!oweVn - party Friday pvpnlnsr. Dlifin^r wiU ho Bcr%'ed at nix o'rtoi'k and thal^vpnlnsr will t>« -«p*nt plnylna; Kamva ,and doing Hallowe'en stunts. ' ' - , » THEEtAiifAPIGLUB ' : ' ' ''' * ' ' i totn. the abdo- GTTM excellent fine*. Whit* rfw-8 22 to 86— woman wJtlt l«rff» bafk and upper limbs; perhape • Mt *%w«y bark." It' - r».fovtoi8 Uie wawt tec- 5O6 tkw: the four efMtic •fete-front (fore* and back band* produce axtreme reduction all «roond below the waist, with elaaUc comfort. S«if-R«daring Straps lapport and reduce the abdo- mea A perfect model for thn typ« descnbcd. While coutiJ, Rites 22 to! a/too* i § If you will permit us to fit you in the right Nemo, we 1 I shall hope to enjoy your corset-patronage permanently, i i 1 nuiiiiiiuiiniiitimfHiiumiiitmmtiiiuiiiniiunmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiuiiiimiiiiiiiuuMuiiHiiiiiniiiiir; /' r " -.nil... -MI i i 11 TOE Dry Goods STPRE Exclusive Agents for Nemo Corsets in ; WU.L ENTERTAIN FRIENDS. M|KB N'i-IIIf Hcedprrnnn will f and think* Dtxon l» the ioRionl <'«vi- UK- \Vlnconriln State Ilintorlcai i <«r. nn.i str.mrtanKprncnta aro Rntni? ! rlv K ,,i}, PrP ,i h^ri* for'n buidnetw a half ti <ln«-ii youn.H i>^»i'ji- at. forward wlih tNat wd in vifvv, Th«- ' ,,,, ! Ill(1 i, wtorlcHl i.roirram It h*r home on Av^nur D thin evenliw. i nilly.will b*' i«l|l,db*) ««t«rd«v »>or,.r.. f , ,,,. ,uii. fourth anm vl S^tinir -' C?rocheUnK will t>* thp <Ilvfr»ion of thp. nicotioTv " «ni i£ /T«^ ..t ..... !....„„„. s lll>% rixl > -<"«rtn annual mming . It will !«• One of ih<- ...„ after which nrri'shrm-nts will Katlitring* of wonmu ever holtl in tliln l-art of the.atatft. ~, i R WUrb,, Ent^^Thj, Ev.nin fl by | gig ^ LL y pQR WOMEN Miss Florence Ebcmolp will enter- _ ? ' ' ' , Oongraaaional Maaa Meeting Will HUSKING CREWSSCARCE tain the morpherH.of the Bla Beta I'l club thin rva>«n8r.* bo «p<-nt he BPi-ve ing forward ~to "a The evening rcfre«hmcnt«i will ladles »r« l<H>k- ..Mr. and Mr*. illiam Shuck Celebrated Friday. Mr. and Mrs. William Shuck wen? pleasantly surprised last Friday even- f ng-try 1 -^^ being In honor nf the seventh w«M|(1iiiK anniversary of the couple and the birthday of Mrs. Shuck. The and won »l»flnt Informally dainty refreshment* were served. MYSTIC WORKERS TO MEET On Wedn«»day Evtnino in . Th*ir Hall. The regular meeting . ._of_.__My*JLic. Workers IxidKe No. 3 will |M> held Wednesday night in their hall. All ani urged to be preaent a* ' an Imiwrtant meeting will l>« held.' Bev«rul candidates will b« initiated. Following the meeting the eventnjf will t«' npj-nt In daneliiK, to which all meinlxTs and fftandir are Invited, AN OYsfirTsUPPER H«ld At Dixon. •rhol-| rh*rnjjawn.v HJ., t»<-t. 24.- I.ons of n liar- j part nf ttw* W-AraJ THiiioiM;~t v otli""<'-?o|7 h«rK*: is threwtfned tnrouBh an unpreredent- > Aa a R«ault 8«m« of tha Central Corn _ Crop WHI B» Loat. Httttp. Commluwman J. r. Ovorhnl- ' " ** rl«!t Ii Vltlttm, of Chicago. In li the- . ivomnn'n Itfpuhlicnn wcwtcrn ' o<l shortaKe of farm hands' 'Tlu* himk* ^radtiunrterx. .asking him of tlu* ad-' i nK ,-rewn whK-h usually n.«-k f mm I wlwiliilH.v of having a nion»,t«-P wotnnn-s Indiana. K>ntuck>V~an<I miuthern Illl- *jly Irt thlM cungiVMHlonal tliatrict. ov^mas intt! th« t-orn fields at hurvf«t Milfi is to ho done. In every i«tntc. She; time ar» M»>«»?nt. Fanners are unable gjso aokrd wh»T«> tho bw«i IM.IIU would to gather their torn in the fat-e of fre- ' B* to hold it at. The jncj»HaKe *ti»»e<]L].5iuent:._raini«....:_".TtH!L.tXiro._ifa.far..harvrj«t... "i, oY~"Orea;on. has ; «*<!. has cht>wn an^avt-raK** yield of 35 chairman-of the*.bushels per acre. l: — TWO MEN WERE KIU Lot Ang«Ua Limited Sidaavtfped* Wr«ek«d Flight Train. tBy Unlttd TJ'rcas.')'' 1 ,* «'innhri7~Nebr., Oft. 24.—Two «-i'r«» killpo 1 when tli<> I<OH Anejelea): train whlrh had been r»i«hnell..' Nel»r.. early, today.; been nftiiointetl Congreaitioniil committee. »s Mr. GverhoJaer acquiesced In hold- 1 ing it district woman's ma*» meeting SOCIETY MET Madiaon. Win..' Oct. 34,— Siembern «. Milts Bcrihu lllnrlchw, a uiMtcr of the hrlde. -played Udunmrin'M weddlnK march while llin tiridul iwrty twok their n-rtiwrilvr- plai^H. The double rin^ aor- vii-»> was used HIM! JHev. Arthur Oe.t-' oyster- sui»l»or lawt av«nin(c In lumor Uitg. iithriated In thf pretwnVe of a, I her ciKhtl*th birthday. The gueata ciiurrl? full of frl«>u<ls and relatives, ] wire Mr. and Mrs, \V. J. Rfowrcr and •v" Mills Kieunorn Hlnrirhs, a y|»f«*r »f i^^Mln^^'g"•'"" nf rt "" lr **«»«« •""<•** Waa Given Last Evoning by Mra. A. J. Howard of 8«v»ntn 8tn»*t. Mr*. A. J. Howard of West Seventh entertained a few friend* at an TW orui«>. nctPtl li» iirldt<flmuid, while Mrs. U#org$ Thompson, of this dty. Juries tVuiBi-nn. mi intimate friend-of • ——«^ ' tin- gro-inJ. was the best man. ". IWUITPH Tft niYOnl The rlr»K boarw wa« Mi MS Dorothv IRlWllliM IVI MIAUIl • OTf.aH bur Two-Tone Boots v\a« handHomt'ly attired In a white »(lk dr«-««r, wlth~ar yp'llow-- sash: and" ttair IKIHB and carried a large white Illy. The bride was bvrnmiitffly Qttiml In white gt'orgclte-crfne trimmed In white- .witlii and silver lace, and carried a Mr«. Celestla Thompson, ! Gunln and Mr. and Mra. KVank Furrington, Mra..< ling. t'nderituber and family, and Mra, large bouquet of lilies <>f the vuttei ««n,u ,.« rt "—Anna H*eh. of Ster-iand r«*«» The brid<wnal<ft gown Cloak Selling is on in Earnest at Heckman's; You Can Buy SttrUng Chapter, O. JE, 8«_Are "16 Dixon Naxt Tgatday. The Thfmble club of the order of Kaatern Htars of Dlxon have extended in iuviuHon -to the Sterling chapter to attend their meeting pn next Tw«i» day afternoon. Oct. 81,' AH Sterling; members who intend to accept the In Hettle )Bber*u|eM»y Thurnday* night of this week. • Them at a Saving Here We have just received £ nice line of ready-to*wear skirts, amongst them the new plaids from $4,98. and M. E. SOCIAL CIRCLE Will b» EnUrtained Thuraday After* noon at Horn* of Mm. Lu»*. The Social Circle of the first Method 1st church will Iw entertained Thars* day afternoon at (he homo of Mm Kate I,uao, AH members urged tc The. hi?ftte>"* wlH Our sizes in two-tone boots «re broken' and' we aro now going to eloso ^ thofii out fHst. Wo liavo "your xize hi one of those bootB, but probably not in • all. U • ?? <-i dlst»-.i in by Mr«, "Kranl- MTH. Will Thomas, Mrs klnu, -Mrs. H. I", Ueohtol, and .Mrs Anna Fulton.' TO BASKiT SOCIAL All' up ti> tbe niin- 1 1 tf, Iwautiful fi^ti iij? boots would bavfl to retail for C*. Come curly your, c .,., , >wir Wanket and coniforter wanti while the assortment is complete, jPull ske heavy weight $1,50 blanket lor .. .u . .$149 $5.00 woollinish blanket, the big kind, at. I&95 l^injorlcr«^oni---TTT^ : T\-T7-vT:77;"-;'-/".-';: : . v$UO up He < • s^nitiHiipt-^pmi^- Will be Givan Ty«»day / Hum* jCfotr*'. .. The i'upil» of lluinc t'vntrw and their teachsrr Atrtoa W''"H«r«h- man, havi» prepared, the following pro- Ktarn for a bu.sket sue la I to li« given Tuesday evenirjij. '.Nov. 7. The prM- grain begins at 7:30 o'clock: " Solid'. "If We Were Y<»u «nrt Yaw VVfJ't 1 t >' ...... fcifhuol. » ' Phy, 'City Cu.umhU' ' and • Country. *' "'"'~~"'' ~" "~~~~ Song, "When .Vi»it».T8 (!?oiue -••Kuur pupilt*. • I'liiy, ".Cinderellu" - - Inttr-mcdlutp . . Virginia Heel-™ Iniernuxibt'U' ' " . l>iMti>jju«'. "Alahama." "OounV-- Kig-tuh. giinl All i'it'k' «;«!ritHVl|'y IJ it-uxv hrhij; liu.t>kv.itt. (i. l,y,itl*'» "SOCIAItV"'" Brown Kid, White Kid Top, lace. Dark Qray Kid, Light Grap Top, '. lace ' >', .....,,• Black Kid,,Gray Kid,Top t lace .. U A ,., Patent Leather, Ivory Kid Top, llOW • lace .,-,,•.,•..',,.• ..;.v ' ' ' ****** All Brown Kid Top, lace filack Glazed Kid, Grey button ..;.-...". ....... button 77TT7;. .7T7..'.",..'. ."•.. ';;.*"-* ',..--;- 0hi«apafne Hid Tep— in laee and button Close these two numbers out at SB.50 THE i lot tin-el' ufu' infU'" «>u»T"i)'f 4'en-" . vviUi'Jit't' pupils, will, liii'ki' a ' irt« "t * JT" .H.-Q, Bray Third "8t Shoe Repairing Pone S&S Market Co. Special for' WcMlnesday, Oct. 25 (At Store only) (Joo<l Native and Tender! Boof Stt-ak, Hi. 1( I^imh Chops, Itj. Pork HtenJk, tb. .... yy-.y- ~ ---"- For Best Service and Equipment Call Fofster & Sons Funeral Directors Day CalU B«ll No. 9 nteratate 9 Night Calle *itr-r — <i»* to ropaperj your parlor, dining rooii|| or bt'<l room this fall! " If-you art% be i»ure M'i i our line of decorativdl wall 'papers before y buy. Our assortment ii$- cojnplete and variei t'jiough to unit your every! nwd. ' -' Wo t'tu»I suro we eaa^ >liu\v you just tlu* kiud'off pap( l r-'-Vi)H"wai»1Tor auy of-i Hendricks The

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