Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 24, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1916
Page 4
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STERLING. !LL!NO!S,TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24,1916, Ezra Mathew, Receiver F. H. Geyer, Gen. Mgr. 1 Sale Starts Thursday October the 26th. Presenting values without an equal. Forced -1 ereditors have ordered a quick sale—every article in the big store goes "to the cornnisnd of new—prices*——~Positively—the great;est sale sensation ever taking place in this vicinity. Never be- Ybre siich a hugh superb stock of desirable merchandise at such astonishingly low prices. It's a merchandise eruption, low prices Every man, woman and chifil will be interested, Why? Be- CRUseJhe_mle takes ^^jlawj^thpjd Winter staring you in thp face _ ^ because it takes place right in the face of rapidly Pass this sale by and you surely pass a golden opportunity— the scope of this gigantic event is boundless. Past sales are but a shadow to this event. " „ '. • " Entire Stock OnSale Nothing 1 reserved—everything at Bankrupt Sale Prices *-*•»'•»#' *w»-"^ *? j,r*-.*»**W*S«**»- * . . . ^K^ ' ' ' ' The values are remarkably #reat~H£i*eater than any ever put forth by this Big Store or any other store. Right at the start of the season—a mighty drop in prices. Womeftahd children of every type should attend this event. This sale is so completely out of the ordinary that we actually advise one to divorce all other duties until this sale lias been investigated. No excuse whatever for a woman or child to be clothed shabby when such values as these are placed in your very path. ••• : ••':.':./•'••:• ';'••?•(•' '•'•"'. ' -.-•.•- • ^^, ,--. , ..- _. _ * Skirls and Waists 4 V>r the past three years tins section lias been rcuvogni/ed by smart dressers as the style cent el* of-the--city. NOW, this ve)l known stylo section offers the entire stock of beautiful'wearing wraps at prices that uro going to amaxe you - -at iriees so tempting you pan not resist 1 limn. A harvest of wonderful values—neVer before uiul never" ajrain-such esimble wraps for inHnediato wear at -mu'lt low-..prices. - .:._ : _ •_ _/_ ,_ '_,_.±_ Bankrupt Muslin and Wint supply — stock up. GOWNS MUKlll! of 11 Hplf'lnll'1 Knidc; tlH'.HtyU- of the jjuniH'iitH nioKl doHif- al>lr. Set- them! Hank- rui't Pi»l'" prh'o, 79c 1 Prices on 1 er weight under gar for women andlmis SKIRTS Ill-It' Ullf fall rlllMIM! f r t» tn Jirotty nuiHlIn jit,irts at a price- <>m- can •It ..'"> xliirt?t In the land 98c V /cry Best Underwear ments at great reductions. High grade ses* Make no jnistake— • liiiv a irobdlv «, • SUITS Women'* nniitti suiiH nputi .from I'l-Ht (staple ft'hltt' I'uttiin; wwkman- t<hlp |t«>rf«M-i; K<"ttl ranict.' <>f fti;'*,*.*. $1."J5 Mtlltti. 98c DBA WEBS ami Vo^t.H fni' Kt-owlni? Klrls; ••orrt'ft wciBht for immediate wear. Extra w <> 1 1 made garments, 5!fic v til tie, .^ 19c Flannel Gowns, 49c One group of children's tennis flannel gowns, gen.-_ cronsly fleeced and well made. . Splendid 7fn i garments at ,'. ..-. T... . TENNIS FLANNEL GOWNS for' women'. The much In dr- ^^GSe JJ.OO Ki'wnH in the (lankrupt Male at .. TENNIS FLANNEL GOWNS t'.ir women. A|nki< lu\sli» und i-hiNis** your «lzo; Helect from, -tnittPTTls;—< >Hr $1.19 Towels i 1 Here's decidedlyJthe •greatesF bargain in towels that ((ver Went afloat. .AI»M»rlM'nt' -Tiirklnh towcla, very Kt'iif ; ri»UH In jtljtt*, liurafttv** lior- ih«r und froo from .all spots. HcKUlar Sue to\v«*h*, QO/» your oholco at Ot/C/ GINGHAMS Besj nproir check, wide. ality .sale, yd. . . .5c 36 indies Regular He Duality Standard widj h in many dt>sinib|e' new pat terns. The ^PERCALES Many light and (lark patterns free from spots.- T^o yard ........9V&C "' SATEE^, .Floral patt that will delight you. Ihiusual -5c „ WASH A large cfltleetion ,~ of beautify I patsS • * •*•?*?»* J CREPE 18c £ Most desirable triking patterns ;$|or kimonos. Jiank, New Dress Goods on Sale Albatross dress goods, the (JOc.quality, yd. .49c Batiste dress goods, the <>0c quality, yd 49c Wool Wepe dress goods, the $1.00' quality, vard 89c * , c. Kponge dress goods, the$1.00 quality, yd.. .49c Js!«veJtv ehHh^.splen.dJd^tl.OO^fii'bru's, yjl.. ;.75c Corduroy, sturdy desirable material, yd,.. .89c I'retty foulartls, best $1.00 values, tins-sale .69c Aiessiilines, all rojors, the $1.,"K) (|uality.. .$1.35 Sale on Crash ' ** • 8c val. . . , .5c 18c val. ..15c 20c val. ..18c 22c val. . .20c BELTS lOc One special lot of women's best leather..belts: desirable stvles. Choice .10c COLLARS 8c One special lot of fancy collars and - A —• 4 --r4 frills. Values to ,")0c, choice 8c INSERTIONS' This is tnily. a wondepful nssort- nieiit. Best 15c sellers, thin salo... .8c LACES 8c A wonderfn 1 as sortment of clean white laves, 1 ,")e -rnluesryu rd T rr. 8c LACES 69c ~^ Choice beautiful oriental laces Jar below their real viilm»; $1.(M1 value .69c MESH BAGS Ca re f n 11 y can-" structed from gpod inaterials; medium .size.. $1.00- Viiiua for ,49c Overcoats for yo.img men, Bankrupt i>nce ". Overcoats for young men, bankrupt.price, , Overcoats for young men, bunkrupT price Overcoats for men, 'bankrupt price Suits for young men, bankrupt salu price, ,.,. fleeced Underwear for men, $6.95 Pants—The business, or working man should Investigate these special values in pants.. ConservatiYc patterns in sturdy materials. Pr.$ $3.65 Cconomlcul peopl« will find thit one of th« belt opportunitie» of the ri. Thi* event m«ke« it poMible to save coniifferabU on your, shoe Come in unU bring the entire family— A positive »«vinfl on every Begular Regular Regular $3,50 Shoes, pair ... $2.80 Begular $4,50 Shoes, W $3.60 ToUet Talcum, 9c Graves Toilet Talcum, superior tpiality, Uae value .9c Isle of Violets Talc«m JN)w<(er, tlie 15e, can. .7c Laxets, a bowel laxative. Green Salve for cuts, - binnse*, etc. The ' jar _ , ., i! _ _ • "tQa yrttt AIsC Headache Tablets n i \ e prompt relief; L'.'JC box „ /i ij-_.. _ .. .^ 12c Cough Remedy,' picjiare.r" from liit nil''----- : i«^ l » ^- ; Cout Hajigers Hard Woott, smooth fin isji aiul cor«»et in shape and k\w. I'rw-e ..4 for Milk Fails brigljl tin pails, air tight cover, for ie .value Reg. $2.00 Wizard Assorlraenl, 98c This assortuiont is essential to the goad housekeeper-Wizard triangle polish mop, Wizard chemically treated duster and hot tie, Wizard polish. Surely many housekeepers will hasten to this event. We've a limited number so come early. No telephone orders taken und none sold to children. Regular $',1.00 assortment, bankrupt saU* prce 98c Bayo Lamp ^ Positively the best oil lamp on earth; best niokle finish, licgulur $3.50 value at .., V. ^....$2.19- Gas Globes Half frosted, perfect .in • every way; sale price.'. .8c Wash Day Needs on Sale Splfnt Clothes Gaskets, u-ted to h usage; bottom and ex- SUle priri. •: $119 dal vanned Tubs withstand extreme heat or cold; • large sixe s Bank-- rupl s-ale price .' ...... 98c Hark ; Brushes, .price .,,,',. ,8c Boys* Coaster Wagons \Vu spi'cially. invite yuit Jo bring yiay ...boy. to Jhe bargain, ba-^ see lhc>f wagons.- The bodies o"re of bestrhardwood, varnusJied and decorAte<l, w.heel?-., the improved type. - • Coaster Wagons., h-t.n11aj\>:,;..>) \'yJjii'..j.tL ..,.,.'. ,,.>,|S«?5 'Coaster Wagons, re^uiar value .:'..-. ,. . . .$3-25 Coaster Wagons, regular ^4.."»u \;>hu- .,...._., .$3.7lt Goldj! Medal Golden Sun Coffee, regular .'i5c ffrade ....... 30c White-House-Ooffee, -J tb. can; 7iic -grade njt , . .69c White House Coffee,' 40c .... .35o can, 1 lb., at .... White Hope Tea, '4 lt>. . .22Q package, 3 B. FrTea, the 48c gnule, at pmiifd ~T. 7 " ~. 77. 7. 25c B. F. Tea, the .'{He, ^rade, iy j)o,und... ... .,, ..... .220 Banner Matches, regular L'.V pUfr', this sale. . .140 Lenox Soap, 100 bars in Maple (Jity Soap, this sale JO bars . / ........ ,.38c Gold Dust, sale price the - package »-.-,, i- .«-,... 22o Naptha Powder, nale pricp the package ...,«.. ,22o Daynight Matches, regu- , lar 45o . . . . .40o Arm & Hammer Baking box, price .$3.00 American Family Soap, >ule price 10 barn. . .42c Kitchen Klenzer, regular >!"/,<• Van, Oils sulu. . < . ,4fi Bluing or Ammonia, this, >ale b^ftle , . rrr v . ,.,8c Crystal White Soap, >ule ID lmr> ...... . Kirk's Flake White Soap, Aldine V^hite Soap, tlii* '>ali- |u rfrrr^-V 42c Pink Salmon, tho 1Ii'Xs« grade, tin* can . . t . , . ,9c Calumet Baking Powder, 1 pound can. ,;.... .17c Our Motto Coffee, regular MOc gnide, this sale, ,25c Shredded -Wheat, regular 1 "jc package ---- .... 120 Post Toasties, sale price, the package ......... 9c Monarch Jelly Powder, the package ........ ,7c Oil - Sardines, sale price the can .'.....'' ..... . .4e Btue • • Berries , >a i » • ~j7r ice the CHU' .......... ^ .15c Corn Flakes, 'Kdlo^V, Krinkie" Com .Flakes/ Hie

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