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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California • Page 32

Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California • Page 32

Santa Cruz, California
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Sunday, March 22, 1981 Santa Cruz Sentinel 31 Roman Polanski's less' A Slow But Splendid Visual Feast cruelly ironic ends (and in the case of his former wife Sharon Tate, to horrible revelations of evil). Tess and Polanski are both victims she of forces beyond her control, he of his own consuming passions. While the result of their "marriage" I'olanski with a peculiarly appropriate symbol for the tragedies that have beset Polanski's to Tess is sadly and deeply tragic, it also yields art of exquisite beauty. his own life. His own search for some sort of state of sensual perfection has led to By RICK CHATENEVER Sentinel Staff Writer In adapting Thomas Hardy's 1891 novel 'lYss 01 The Ubervilles" to the screen, director Roman I'olanski reveals a marked respect for the literary conventions of Hardy's times which blend surprisingly well with his own expansive, consummate sense of filmmaking.

CBS To Present Update Of Valley Of The Dolls' Film Review Disarming, with a cautious, slow manner of speech. Tess becomes prey for young Alec i Leigh Lawsoni. her whose foppish preoccupations run in the direction of riding either horses or the domestic staff, whichever happens to be closer at hand. Declaring his love for her. Alec rapes Tess in a moonlit forest with I'olanski and composer Philippe Sarde turning the event into one of beauty yielding to unthinking fury in a series of agonizing moments on-screen.

After the treatment she has received from her father and the dastardly Alec, the affections of the apparently worthy Angel Clare (Peter Firth I seem a long overdue reward for Tess' undeserved suffering. Tormenting herself with guilt about her past. Tess still yields to the bright-faced young man's marriage proposal, assuming that his adventurous spirit manifested in his rejection of his parents' stuffy piety and of the English class system in general can encompass the unfortunate circumstances of her past. As it turns out though, the spirited Angel turns out to be as big a cad as the other men in Tess' life, thoroughly rejecting her after she makes her confession to there's precious little left in the way of action. But lor those who appreciate the slow pace as a means of allowing I'olanski to show off his skills.

"Tess" provides a sumptuous feast indeed. Beginning with the stunning Nastassia Kinski in the title role, the film provides its director with abundant visual riches. Polanski's touch is assured and sensual but always deeply mindful of the conventions of 19th Century English social propriety that turned Tess' tale into a deep tragedy. Hardy subtitled his novel "A Pure Woman." and Kinski's amazing portrayal done when she was 17 imparts both meaning and ambiguity to this bit of hyperbole. She remains virtually innocent right up to the story's climax, an undeserving victim of the various men in her life, who turn their own weaknesses into means of exploiting her beauty.

The plot abounds in ironies that result from the classism and religiosity of English life of the period. Tess. the daughter of a drunkard whose family lives in poverty, is sent to seek service in the household of the wealthy Mrs. D'Uberville. when it is discovered that there are family ties linking the two branches of the D'Ubervilles him on their wedding night.

Tess' life continues along a downward path, until the film's unexpected climax, in which justice is served but Tess remains very much the tragic victim "Tess" is a film of images appearing out of deep mists as in one scene, the sounds of barking dogs announce an approaching fox hunt, with the dogs and red-coated riders briefly appearing and filling the screen with color, before disappearing once more into the grayness. Polanski is a supreme artist, crafting one after another of these scenes a village dance with young girls in white dresses out in a dusky meadow, buggy rides through endless sylvan settings, peasants perfectly framed on the screen as they toil in the fields with an effortless grace that camouflages the meticulousness paid to every detail. To some extent, this attention to detail and the very sweep of the film's vision tend to overwhelm the human elements of the story. Because of the distances in time and space between the meaningful events in Tess' life, the viewer winds up watching from a dispassionate distance that paints her existence with alluring, rather than agonizing, shadings. Ironically.

Tess provides director mons and James Coburn. Renee Valente is producing the four-hour miniseries at 20th Century-Fox, based on the novel by Jacqueline Susann. It was made into a movie in 1967. HOLLYWOOD (AP) -An updated version of "Valley of the Dolls" is now in production for CBS. starring Catherine Hicks, Lisa Hartman.

Veronica Hamel, David Birney, Jean Sim Flutist Delays Concert In SF SAN FRANCISCO On the advise of his physician, flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal has postponed his concert, scheduled for Monday at 8 p.m., at Davies Svmphony Hall. It has been rescheduled for Tuesday. April 28. Patrons are asked to hold on to their tickets and use them on the new date. For further information, telephone (415) 431-5400.

CINEMAS 426 6-8383 The resulting film "Tess" which opened Friday at the Del Mar is a splendid, sprawling panorama of rural country scenes, couching brief moments of passion and agonizing moral injustices amid all the breathtaking cinematography by Geoffrey I'nsworth. Of course. Century novels were lengthy, to provide their readers with sweeping escapes. I'olanski respects this convention, too. making his film three hours long (with an intermission to restock on popcorn.) It's not that the film is too long but those looking for lots of action will probably find it slow going.

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