Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 8, 1968 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1968
Page 4
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lUrf (AM) STMt WPlil Wf WHlT Po§tur« Contestant MISS DONNA CONNERLLY Miss Donna Connerlly daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Connerlly, is being sponsored byDr. Charles Johnson as an Entry in the "Miss Correct Posture Pageant", sponsored by The Arkansas Chiropractic Association, at the Marlon Hotel, Little Rock, March 5. Entries will represent most cities and town of Arkansas, and are judged on Posture, Personality, Poise, Grace, Beauty and Congeaniality. The Arkansas Queen of Good P os ture will attend The World Posture Pageant to be held at The Condado Hotel In San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 5, 6, 7, 8. long Island Increased Its Lead By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Long Island University's unbeaten and top-ranked Blackbirds have Increased their margin of support In The Associated Press' weekly small college basketball poll. The Blackbirds toppled three more teams last week to boost their record to 14-0 through games of last Saturday. As a result, LIU received seven first-place votes from the national panel of 16 sports writers and spoi*tscasters and a total of 144 points. This gave them a 16- polnt margin over Evansville's Aces, who received three first- place votes and 128 points. The Aces won their two games last week for a 15-2 record. In last week's poll, Evansville just trailed LIU by flve points. Kentucky Wesleyan 12-3, Southwest Missouri, 12-3, and Southwestern Louisiana, 12-2, also won all of their games last week and mtalned their 3-4-5 positions. But Indiana State, ranked sixth a week ago, was beaten by Evansville and Depauw and fell right out of the Top Ten's list with a 13-7 record. McNeese State College of Lake Charles, La., 16-2, which was unranked, filled the gap in the No, 9 spot. Trinity, rex., 15-4, moved up from seventh to sixth and unbeaten Norfolk State, 15-0, advanced from ninth to seventh. Gullford, 14-1. and Pan American, 13-4, maintained their eighth and 10th positions, re- spectlvely. The Top Ten, with first-place votes In parentheses, through games of Sat. Feb. 3, and total points. I. Long Island U, CO 144 Z, Evansvllle (3) 128 3. Kentucky Wesleyan (1) 93 4. SW Missouri St. (I) 91 5. SW Louisiana (1) 89 6. Trinity. Tex, 57 7. Norfolk State 52 a, Gullford (1) 45 9, McNeese State (1) 38 iQ, Pan American 36 FI 9 M* lo.t llit*t»S£ "* •""*""*>• By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS New Jersey had pulled within NAGOYA, Japan - Jose Me. 102400 with 2:06 ]eft when Hard, Ing hit two free throws and fed Oliver Darden for a layup before the Americans scored the last three points, Denver broke a four»gamelost Ing string in its bruising defen* sive battle, The Rockets lecj most of the way and Dallas got no closer than seven points In the last period, Larry Jones led Denver with §0 points, Maurice McHartley topped Dallas with ?6 f Doug toe scored 36 points and Larry Brown contributed 30 In New Orleans' victory over Oakland, The Buccaneers pulled ahead by n points before the Oaks drew within 109-107 with 17 seconds to go as Steve Jones connected on a pair of three* .- e KAR&L, UMtt 1441 A F 1968 (COLdO 7:00 (COlXlt) 7$30 (COtCR) 8iOO (COtOR) 9:00 (COLCR) 10:00 (COLCR) 10s30 (COLOR) 12sOO M BATMAN fME Ft! »0 KUH BEWITCHED WTWT H4 nJ WP i^^k vi An i c*\ ujuin* *\*w COWBCt » AFftlCA THE 10 O'CLOCK RETORT JOE* StSHOP SINE OFF 9. 6:30 7s 30 8s 30 9iOO 10$ 00 10«30 12 tOO fhutfddy, February 8, Daniel Bo one NSC (C) Uontlde HBd (d) Dragnet NSC (C) the ttedn M^ftln Show JffiC Mews and Weather (C) Lonnle Gibbons Sports Show (C) Thte tonight Show NBC (C) Sign Of£ Pipers Are Lost Without Con Hawkins By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Life for the Pittsburgh Pipers without Connie Hawkins has been miserable. miserable enough to drop them out of first place in the Eastern Division of the American Basketball Association. Hawkins, the league's second leading scorer, left the line-up with a blood clot In the leg last week and the Pipers have won only one game In four since he left. Their third straight loss came Wednesday night when Houston pounded them 133-112 in Houston and the Pipers fell a half, game behind Idle Minnesota. In other games, Indiana won its flfth in a row by slipping past visiting New Jersey 106105, Denver beat Dallas 97-87 at home and New Orleans whipped host Oakland 111-107. In the National Basketball Association, Boston nipped St, Louis 102-101, Philadelphia pounced on San Diego 125-103 and New York crept past Baltimore 114-111, Houston, last in the Western Division, set a club record with its 133 points as It took an early lead and pulled away under Willie Somerset's 28 points, Chico Vaughn had 30 for Pittsburgh, which also missed the rebounding of the 6*fooU9 Hawkins, Indiana continued its rebound from a seven»game losing streak as 7»foot Reggie Harding, acquired two weeks ago, scored 18 points and grabbed 27 re. 6:1,5 AM TEST PATTERN 7iOO (COLCft) BOZO'S BIO TOP SHOW 8i 30 DIALDJO FCR DOLLARS THEATRE "Lev* Letters" Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotton 10t30 HOW'S TOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW 11:00 BEWITCHED 11(30 (COLOR) TREASURE ISLE 12:00 N THE FUGITIVE 1:00 (COLOR) NEWLYWED OAME 1:30 (COLOR) THE BABT GAME 1:55 (COLOR) THE CHILDREN'S DOCTOR 2:00 (COLOR) GENERAL HOSPITAL 2:30 (COLOR) DARK SHADOWS 3:00 (COLOR) DATING OAME •3:30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "War Of The Satellites" Susan Cabot, Dick Miller 5:00 (COLOR) ABC NEWS 5:30 (COLOR) 5:30 REPORT 6:00 RIFLEMAN 6:30 (COLOR) OFT TO SEE THE WIZARD 7:30 (COLOR) WINTER OLYMPICS 3:30 (COLCR) CO1TENARY CHOIR 9:00 (COLOR) JUDD FCR TOE DEFENSE 10:00 (COLOR) THE 10 O'CLOCK REPORT idVjb" •' ^ THE BIG MOVIE "I Saw What You Did" Joan Crawford, John Ireland 11:^5 (COLCR) JOEY BISHOP 1:00 AK SINE OFF Fridayi February 9 t 1968 6:45 RFD with Sob Buice (C) 6i55 Morning Devotions (C) 7{00 The Today Show NBC (C) 7:25 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 7:30 The Today Show NBC (C) 8:00 The Today Show NBC (C) 8$25 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 8:36 The Today Show NBC (C) 9:00 Snap Judgement NBC (C) 9:25 Nancy Dlckeraon with the Newa 9:30 Concentration NBC (C) 10:00 Personality NBC (C) 10:30 The Hollywood Squares NBC (C) ll;00 Jeopardy NBC (C) 11:30 Eye Guess NBC (C) 11:55 Edwin Newman with the Newa 12:00 Little Rock Today (C) 12:30 Let's Make A Deal NBC (C) 1:00 Days of Our Lives NBC (C) 1:30 The Doc tora NBC (C) 2:00 Another World NBC (C) 2:30 You Don't Say NBC (C) 3:00 The Mike Douglas Show (C) A:30 I Love Lucy 5:00 F Troop 5,:30 Huntlcy Brlnkley Report NBC 6:00 News and Weather Report (C) 6:30 Tarzan NBC (C) 7:30 Star Trek NBC (C) 8:30 The Hollywood Sauares NBC (C) 9:00 News Actuality "American Profile-Music from the Land" 10:00 News and Weather (C) 10:15 Lonnle Gibbons Sports Show (C) 10:30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) 12:00 Sign Off iAti& *L eoftboii 6fi Hh30 tHf foftfdttf '' &8V6T torn 3. 6t2« AM MOftNiNG DKVOf tONAt, «|25 tBXARKANA COLLEOf - C SMS fAfcM BtGESf - C TtftQ fOOAV. SHOW * C .7iil TQOAif 1JI tKXARKANA - C 7*30 TODfA SHOW - C 8s as fOBAy IN SHREVEPOMF - e 8»30 tOBAY SHOW - C 9»00 SNAP JUDGMgfcf * C 9»25 NBC NfiWS - C 9iJO CONCENfRAflOJi • C lOifiQ PERSONALITY - C I6i30 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C ill00 JEOPARDY - C Hi 30 EYE GUESS - G 12)00 TV PARfYLINE - C i2i.1rt LEf'S MAKJ5 A OKAL - C It00 DAYS OF OUR UtVES - C liln THE DOCTORS - d 2»no ANOTHER WORLD - c 1l 30 YOU OON'f SAY - C JiOO THE MATCH GAME - C 3i2S NW NEWS - C 3»JO LAFPALOT CLUB - C *»30 HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL - BfcW 5tOO MARSHAL'DILLON 5«30 HUNTLBY-RRINKLBY - C 6»00 NEWSCOPE - DAVE MCCLELLAND BERN SflERMAN - C 6i20 AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C 61 30 TARZAN - C 7t30 STAR TREK - C 8»30 HOLLYWOOD SOUARfiS - C 9iOO COUNTRY MUSIC SPECIAL - C 10«00 NEWSCOPE ..- DAVE MCCLELLANI VERN STIERMAN - C 10)15 AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C 10!30 THE TONIGHT SHOW - C UvOO EVENING DEVOTIONAL 12130 it 00 ItjO 2125 2130 3100 5 6 I 00 *00 130 *00 ftp tit tfff oft AfttFtfi* (d) Ai the VdMd fnfff* CS8 (fl) &e*t l* • Knit Splfndti**! Alt tinklitttr »• Hdtiii fifty f» ftii th§ from ees cei CBS AttifRttm Wgw* fftt S4«t of Right fh* Start 6 3 torn (C) Mason "Borrowed 8ftfjf*«ttf McMl«'» N*.*y*3eerot Ohlfflfi 06? CBS Evening §i«i CfiS (C) AWttA !»««r«*(J«OJ«8* Moot* 6125 i30 »30 *00 10100 lOt 10 101 IS 10130 121 OS 12110 Sports 0ttR0ft*^lm tftndtf* (0) U6t »«v« Rcunduf (O Wild, Wild V««t 06S <Jom«r Ptl«*«8KO CBS Tht Pfiday Sighl MovU (8) APiL Jonn Cnulflsld Ooorge Moor* (0) (G) 00*1* fcO Slo"- Ann Sofeharn, **fty Sulllvwi Lute H«w« Roundup Sigh Off (0 KSLA-TVVI2 FEBRUARY fl 6«3Q 8iOO lOiOO 10 i 25 10t30 I2i00 LITTL6 ROCK Strip > CBS Thursday Night MovU "the Man Who Shot liberty V«Unce,"4«me» St «wi r t , : John Wayne, Vsra MIU« ; Newi/Erwln Weather/Of If fin Thfi Ute Movie C "Th« McConnell Story," Alan Utdd, June Ally a on W«athcr/Ve*p«r* - FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9 '• THURSDAY . FEBRUARY C 6iJO PM DAMIEL BOONB - C 7t30 IRONSIDE - C 8s00 DRAGNET 1968 - C 9iOO THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW - C-> 10i00 NEWSCOPE - DAVE MCCLELLANt VERN STIERMAN - C del, 119, Mexico, and Masataka 0no, 119, Japan, drew, 10. Future, Past Share Spotlight By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS GRENOBLE, France (A?) *Pasi and future Winter Olympic c|tles are seeking a share of the spotlight at the Grenoble (lames, Innsbruck, Austria, site of the 1964 Winter Olympics, ifld, Sapporo, .Japan, host to the 197? games, have opened pub* IJeity centers here. Tall Sag§r Arm Encouraged by Release of Homes By JACK BELL Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) _ Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield calls North Korea's Identification of the USS Pueb. lo's dead and wounded an encouraging sign the crew may be released. But the State Depart. ment cautions against expecting a quick follow-up. Mansfield said In an Interview he Is optimistic because Pan. munjom negotiations with the Communists are "being carried out on a reasonable level without the usual vituperation from the other side," "I think that the North Ko* reans' release of the names of the dead and wounded Is an encouraging sign that we may get the crew members back," he said, Mansfleld, being briefed dally by the Johnson administration said he regards as significant the U,S, removal of the aircraft carder Enterprise from the sea of Japan, where It was stationed after the North Koreans cap, tured the InteUJgenee^gatherlns Pueblo and her 83.man crew, Sources at the United Nations said removal of the Enterprise was suggested to the United States Jast week by Hungary's U,N, Ambassador Karoly Csa* torday, who said it would be a conciliatory gesture, Still sailing in the Sea ofja, paij are tvo other American carriers, plus destroyers and support ships, with about 20 ves, sejs making up the force, Meanwhile, the Soviets have moved 10 or 15 warships Into the same $rea. State Department press offl« eer Robert J, MeClosJpey called "positive" the furnishing of the list of the Pueblo's dead and ini MEMPHIS, Tenn, (AP) -Steve Turner, "Moot?? center for sujb/qyrbin Bartlett High School whp Is rated No, 1 on many col* }ege baskjetball recruiting lists, suffered a broken right arm in $ game, point baskets, Brown then converted a pair of free throws with nine seconds remaining to put the Bucs safe, ly in front, But he added: «I don't want that act to lead to an assump* tion that we feel a breakthrough or a conclusion of this case is In any way Imminent," Additional meetings are expected to be held with the North Koreans, he Chief U.S, negotiator at Pan, munjom Is Rear Adm. John V. Smith. Pentagon sources said he is due to be replaced by April 1, in what they called a routine change, by Army Brig. Gen. Gilbert H. Woodward. Sen. Mark 0. Hatfield.P-Ore., deploring the death of an Ore« gon man In the seizure of the Pueblo said "it raises the question: Is what we are accomplishing worth the price we are paying? "What in North Korea was worth risking our ship and its men and the chances of setting off an even greater war?" HaU field asked. Mountains in Ocean Last Earth Frontier By JOHN CUNN1FF AP Business Analyst NEW YORK (AP) - An aero, space magazine in recent months featured a story with the title, "Earth's Last Frontier," and developed the theme with this quotation from President Johnson on the dedication of a research vehicle; "We meet here today at the beginning of a new age of explo* ration ,,, I am speaking of mountain chains that are yet to be discovered, of natural re» sources that are yet to be tapped, of a vast wilderness that Is yet to be charted," Outer space? No, hydrospace, the oceans that cover more than 70 per cent of the world's surface and which contain most of. the earth's undiscovered wealth, Why was a subject so seem* Ingly foreign described In a magazine of space? Simply because the oceano* graphic Industry—the industry that is now developing and re* searching the oceans— Includes many If not most of the well known aerospace companies. The two searches in space an4 water are going on simulta* neouslyj and It appearsj witfc equally good prospects, The exploration is not only bv private companies either, ft is estimated that more than 30 fedt eral agencies and 35 congresr sional committees are involvedj as well is 30 states, 60 other na» tions, and almost every Ameri? cajj university within 100 miles of the sea. The Bank of America, the nation's largest commercial bank, cites * survey that shows more than 100 of America's 500 largest corporations have some sort of oceanographic Interest. Another estimate puts the percentage at GO, THURSDAY. FEB. 8 6:00 ARKLA News-George Moore (C) 6:15 Safoway Weather-Bill MUoholl(C) 6:20 Sports Camera-Jim Lor.dorn (C) 6:25 Late Newa Roundup (C) 6s30 Cimarron Strip CBS (C) 8iOO CBS Thurnday Night Movie "Tho Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" -James Stewart, John Wayne, Leo Marvin 10:00 PFS&L Nows-Qeorge Moore (C) 10:10 AP&L Weather-Bill Mitchell (C) 10:15 Sporto Eye-Jim Landora (C) 10:30 Channel 11 Academy Theatre "Great 3inner"-Gregory Pock, Ava Gardner, Melvyn Douglas 12i05 Late. Newn Roundup 12:10 Sign Off FRIDAY. FEB. 9; 6»28 Sign On 6»30 Economic a (Mon. thru Thur.) - Sunrise Semester (Pri.) 7;00 Arkansas A.M. with Local & State Newa (C) 7:05 CBS Morning News 7i30 Arkansas A.M. (C) 8tOO Captain Kangaroo CBS 9«00 Candid Camera CBS (C) 9:30 The Beverly Hillbillies 10i00 Andy of Mayberry CB3 10«30 The Dick Van Dyke Show 11:00 Love of Life CBS (C) 111 25 CBS Mid-Day Newa Ilt30 Search for Tomorrow CBS (C) lljU.5 Tho Guiding Light CBS (C) bt25 Economic* 6 1 25 Acro0« Th< Fenca 6t55 Your Paator 7 « 05 CBS New«/B«ntl 7 1 30 Bob & HI* Buddlo 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 9 i 00 Candid Camera 9i30 Bov«rly HiUbillUa : 10 i 00 Andy Of Mayberry 10«30 Dick Van Dyke ' lit 00 Love Of Life lit 25 CBS New«/B«ntl lit 30 Search For Tomorrow lit 45 Guiding Light 12 1 00 Neva /Owen 12 1 30 Aa The World Turn* It 00 Love la A Many Sp lend o red Thing It 30 House Party •* 2tOO To Tell The Truth 2 t 25 CBS Neva /Edward a 2 s 30 Edge Of Night 3 t 00 Secret Storm 3t30 GUllgan'a laUnd * 4«00 Rawhide ' • 5iOO McHaie'a Navy 5t30 CBS N«WB/Cronkite 6tOO Newe/Owen ; 61 25 Weather/Bolton 6t30 Wild, Wild West 7j30 Comer Pyle, USMC 8'jOO CBS Friday Night Movie "The Secret Invasion," & Granger, Mickey Rooney 10:00 Newa/Erwln : 10t25 Weather/Griffin •'•• 10«30 The Late Movie : "Rocky Mountain," ; Patrice Wymore 12tOO Weathor/Vespers ,,. «<;oo»s; \\ INCOMING OR OUTGOING, we're equipped to take care of your shipments, from a carton to a trainload. And our service is linked not only with' other railroads, but with truck and steamship lines as well. Container freight is a growing aspect of our business, It involves the use of large protective units in which freight of all kinds, including perishables, is packed and sealed at your plant, for removal only by the receiver. This method nullifies pilferage, reduces the possibility of damage and saves shipping costs, especially on export and import shipments. Yes, we're in business to deliver your goods, and we'll appreciate the opportunity of working with you. A call to our local office will start your freight to rolling. J. W. SCOTT Vice Pros • JraHiC AGENT PHONE PR 7-2794

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