Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 24, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1916
Page 3
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.-TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21.1916. THEBl, Window Shades far to i>tU:li-M<ns! !o Jlu- STAGGERS OUR INTELLECT, \\ |,r-n "-•• i-i-!;-><l'r tim the « : 7r»b We are prepared to furnish, on short notice, window shades— ready made or made to order, Telephone us, we will measure your windows and give you an estimate of cost Do not wait until spring; shade goods are advancing in price. in Hkf l)< <lr>T!-;n< Ntncpff \V> < n ;i*k »;i>ni' -tliinu l Wll« If drtfK'thr >•;! inf r*l t fct5 -irf Km thing" < im fl>-l int i| t!if n»'< 'ni i;iin(l*, woolen The Sterling Pharmacy Co. 306 First Avenue I IS!!' 'tnji ai" n j bi'tTH- •- hat ;it> t-'pt j inxt.-tii' • Wtr, «! of h'H- irscluiiittv. (jt'ix!"-. fi-iittn-r aiii) nviny vniiPtifrfi of , r-ioi( >•(.'.! nrnif- ro <>vn f>« n c<nmtry I tban till' SilMlf tl!in«f« Cii.wt ill '<l<H-k-»4*><l i < i«-i many, and ertnl-hio'k;id<-d Holland. I Sivrdi Ii Jind N'uiv.av .' CAUGHT ON THE FLY j~ We h.ive .»hv,i\« liotti.d thntMhe :'»<|i lows v, bfi x<> d:»H about sports nevpi j rend anylhitiK )tc;iviri tnnn froth, but j lire i-onv^v*-d thai ib''\ i m:)d run th«- !8tandni<l <>il M< H.MMT 1« .John I) 1)< .n! llifJ. iti»- "Ittnur'li'iij! ami ni ho liiin»ll''tl. i>> chililifn, S AND DAILY GAZETTE DAILY STANDARD |( «IXTY-SECOND YEAR. 0»\\y SONS, -Mditora and Publiahara. Offiet, 111 W»»t ThirdI 8tra«t. —^-~ ft* 8«cond Clatt Matter. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. 'Mail', QuUidt of Starlino and Rock •Pall** Anywhera in tha United States or Canada. In advance ' ,,$2.r»o month* lit advance, J.'.',' thun •Ixtttipnth*'. per month.. .i'.' CawUr In Sterling or Rock Fall*, or by Ma!) at th* Starling or Reck Pall* Poitoffica. " ytsvr in advance. '..... 15.00 f months fit advance..........'.. 2.f.« advance............ I.-."' month In advance. •*•"• be week, payable to Urn carrier .10 IARR1ED WOMf N AT WORK. ' I'la Miild that mnrrit'd -women make e*t ' teiichei'H. .Probably this i* bjH you can* mukt» a einKl" shcr .believe II. married tearher in.• nttu.ajly »ld- ind has raoiv i-xperKHn-e th.<n the :l« teo.cher.Hlu. tlHTefoti' iw bet- for t)u* tob. If c-\ nrv hody to runtlnm* nmklng v*-ry of>|iortiinltv. Itllt'. \Vlv<'X <•( ;nlni« an- fiiMji anil ii iHi "«i>i"K" to fill tin? liimily hi i ail h.nKi't ;inil di-K-tu! the t'iitiiily (ttirsi", tlinti^h thf n-sult in ilo- inc^lK 1 liliss !«u't cvartly ldi>al, Mt'it !rr "nthrr' "|.Ti>Tf'MNliin,s uftr-Ti wr-i! prn- fi'^sjoiiitl «i)ii)«'ii. anil In-run. tlic\ •!("(» ki v i""" pinn pp • n irrrr ~ t n~- t-nnt tnttt* thorn Ii may hasc rsiafrd your attention. hut th<- fact is AigpntltiP f«-tit us hnr tliHt shiitnirni of wheat the other day They'll soon hr« rarryinfj wheat to * .'ini! torn to Jlllnois. — I f<:-,!< ,lglft^j JfJWiOtf U,.j lc 1 | (!i'B ( I Indian* in llm northwest have taken to ralHitiK i attle, hut if they ever brltiK tlieir 'pFodiie't to "T'hlcaRO the «Iw-K \anls difttrlct will think a wild west thi> ItiiltiMi ial dUtlii.'tN are at Wui U helping I" .«w<-ll the family ies.»\irce«t, (Hi'' d tliiHK about the football r keeping- the u-olf from tin* door. f M-ason IM it doenn't IfltM long line Mhontd not «i-t excited over »tn ii | it Mili uufke loit \\*..>nfn alw exi'e(i|, (if eour!«f". M have lio«e of who deh'UHlvd labor t^' hired n tn'erly tunny uoinen worked ,il home maklm? the thing* thai now Hi- for the inov.i part pun-based at it ores, Thewe IhlllK" !""»• HOW tu a creiit extent made by men In factories, while the women who formerly made hem seek oth't-r lield*. r>n the oilier luiiu). many VCTveji — jit east more wivex t'harr he the •n «i*—keep li'oii'Se Vt'nhoui help from WILL BE MARRIED AGAIN ... *• Thi§ Tima Couple Hava Hopai Cera- tnony Will Stick. riilc-uK". HI". Oet. 24.—There probably IH still In existence a wiyJos" that "if at lit-Nl you tlun't Min'eoecl, try tiBiiln." However. It doesn't matlPV, for >!r«. IIiirrliH Wales anil I'rwl J> .»cot« were nwrrleil In Intllanw, It bring the BMV oiul time they Imp*' U will *tlek. Ideal heat makes lasting friends » How delightful-to. find that your friend's suburban home is t ld£attu heated -so- that youneed not hesitate to^take^the-chUdren there and " rtirim-antJ-M r*.- VV« h 4 * been married befon- In IntHnna. liut the i' ot'ca«lon. W«leM < anil work flseivhere si( the MI me time. Thin* la u terrible role to iiay in life': it in working twli-e its iiuril HM the maximum iim.t.-<(t wotnun xiKllt 10 work. v The idi'rtl fitariilard. ninlmihieilly, I." he liimih Ktandant niuleDh-il by otlit-ri work by the wife -the hiiKbanil beinic be Hole bread-winner nnd the wife hohfe. 'It if the American of U IKT (*tii»iibiid, and neither cupidity nor should be pormUtt-d tu break it down. YOU Will find that the sweetness and of K ru m b I es is evident mo re and more, as yoju chew. It. had another huwband. Thl« i* a thltiK that reiiulruH consideration — thLs rnnro'ttiK two husbands. Until Oct. IX HnrrV \Valen was the other hiiKband. Since Oct. 18 lie liun been n bachelor, Hut while Mr«. Wales was hlH wife she was accused of inUlH> cretion*. the last of which wax to meet Mr. Scott, who lx a pit trader for Lain>H. Ac Co.. In the lirfc-n Mill them romp and play all over the h6use without —fear of draft«7-elitiJ7 or damptiess. '—*—r- RADIATORS too* for UNIVERSITY HIGH-FLM«GING. It IH ti piea8iire tu.conteniphtte the lictlon of J>r. Hay Lynian Wilbur, president of .Inland Stanford niilvorHitv, In ruling tlmt Htntk-ntM aro not tu im-j coming homt* UB he wa« uncial .live* while in iUK-nduncty at the winter. Hut that failed. Wales InHtitiition. tlu> fact that had a luiHtialiil, lir •bcttiK out uf town Hcott proposi-d, and (it 2 o'clock In the- niornliiK a Kay and fi'sllvt' party routi-d out the cl«>rkH of court* anil JUKtlco of th* {twice in Crown Point. lnd..-«nd Mrs. WHICH borutnv Mrn. Hcott, or Hpott-4je- catnt' Wr. Wnln* II, ornomethlng. Tin* whole Iju^inpH* got Into the divorce courts when Wales met hla" wife to IJUM! IDEAL-AMERICAN Heating outfits are not confined to j city homes.. There arc.local-dealers everywhere, in hamlet, 4 [BOILERS village, town or city, atid vinth their much improved auto , delivery service, tiny are .able, or i suburban customer just as promptly as the city dweller. ,; >•'• ' % Easy to get Ideal Heating / ^ IDEAL-AMERICAN Heating outfits are also ready in heavy stocks of. alj sizea and styles in QUfJi -many warehouses, lotiaicd 6t ?:oiWentcn.t shipping pointsiTJiroughout the United States. There is no excuse whatever for any man finding it difficult to obtain IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators. Easy to put in Old or New Buildings—no tearing up necessary. n««ilr». .-... ...... Do not hesitate therefore, In getting your contract signed up early nnd the work started while the prices arc so attractive and the dealer is able to put hi* most skilled vyorkmcn on your job. " • rzi^ „-^^ ; - Ask today for copy of "Ideal Heating v.?°- !. J /^,i^ A k *&*" anu 5 V n -f f Thi» book will give you all the facts. Will show you ju«t' how and why »»n"r $295*»« JSdt?£l5uS?wVi! ,IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators make lasting friendships with th» pflce th* coods «n be botuht of any owne rs of all kinds of buildings, large or small, old or new, farm or city. . Copy of "Ideal Heating" s.ent by return mail if you phone or write our nearest Sales Office. .' ' "» Ai thh price th« . rrpuublc. competent Fitter. Thin did not include co«t cf Utxtr, pipe, vtivet, freigbt tie., which v»ry other condition*. be bought of any . Thin did not vtivet, freigbt, to climatic and They are not to "live high," spend money "like watci »np|M-rM.. entertain otherwise niako up a Ktututory charge, acow ftliw fc»r divorce. There wa* n bundle of name* calculated to mliUvad the fppblc minded repurteVs. but the bunKle cnino MumptoiiNly; or i mil in print all right, and there were foolit of And automobllw muni ..vxuMlHlte Joy-rldliiK — that t»f Koine *• H'dent >ett^riig->lLrJl''ly thiimb» down. Dr. Wilbur >v;»nt« It Indicated that BtndeiHK are to attend the California InHtitntlon for'pnriMiKCN of Htudy onl. 1 ; the less nodal gayoiy t)ien>- IH about It tho better they will inakv* good, |H his belief. " . ' We are inclined to believe with .(he two divorce*. Ho—— . , Yeiitcrday Mrn Walw» nnd Scott.--with the wlnte,clear, went to Valparaiso, Ind,, and tried It aUain. Khe is now Mrx. Heott. And whom Indiana h«« pnr'TO- Ketber,.b>l no man. ete. /•' Culifornffc that thei" I* 1 »l- CANADIAN RAIL STRIKE. \Vlnnipi-g. Man,, Oct. 24.—t'aniidiiui I'aeltlo trainmen from const to count worn ordered to (Urlkp at 5 p, in, Wed- lU'Mlay. Thin wan a middon ttirn fr<im optlmiMtic. repurtn week, (irant r 100 much, "hlfjli Hying" atgmr Heats i if IwrnliiK- Kven the Hull, tniinnuni mild, he Hot'ial life in Homo of our high uchoolHfect. jiol yet iliwil'iilred of HII amicable M'ttlement before, tho order takes ef- Ask Dealer about ARCO WAND Stationary Vacuum Cleaner Eliminates work, worry, and fatigue from cleaning. The stationary ARCO WAND machine is the^only-practjca> one for-long service ajulHhorough^vorkr tin electric light and costs about a penny a day for current. In sizes at $150 up. Ask for catalog (free). IDEAL Boll«r». laric fad pot* te the iu> rad OM! ... ...j In * raodqfa IM or oil man. tie or burner, t hut •*./ tractlhi every 'bit of " the be«t from the fatl. Katler Co run UuiB • ftovt. > Sold by all dealen No exclusive agents Public ibowroomi »t Chic.fe. New York, 8o*toa, WorcwUr, Providence. PUlUdelphla. Wilkcilum, Wtihineton. B*IU Qrtnd R«pid». AtlMU. Btrmta«h«m. New Orteww. IndUnnpojk Milwaukee. De* Urfnej, Omih^ Minae* — , PortUnd, Spotaine, trf» Angykt, 8*0 FramUico,-Tofooto. By»attord. (Ont.l.lrfmdoo.Parin, Write Department S-37! 916-922 S.Michigan Ave. Chicago tubu *~. li>. Bertin. Cototo*. Milan. Vienna WAS HELD FOR THEFT - VERY CLEVER STRANGER i SUNDAY PAPERS Former State Senator of Minnesota Arrested. Posmg As Government Agent Sells $5 Seed 'For |125. [ \\ tiini -JL t'iucinnati. «>.. Oct. '.'I.---While tr>i»«! |o dispose of M»\eral tlloiinaiid doll'll>'| 'JJand It.ipidh, 0 ,M|c|i,, Ort, 'JJ r'.n - ^ worth ut bondw to the Amelia" **tute t met* around tir.ind Hai'idi* admit lo-i bank at AniHIu, <>., a man who wtu* ,..,., ; • , i Are L|rg*d To 'Cut Their Issues To * Conserve Supply. inL'ton. I» I", < '('t f-l * IJ'Mlur- the M/.«' oi" Sunday n< uspt>pert< of t oti!<i;i'viiig tb« - siippl> of ry and tdentilied as Alon/o .1. SVhlti-nini) was,' .,., ; • < ] " n ( K " 1 '"' l "" ul ' i ^ pic Niblv iiexntinK th>; »>ps|>«'nt(l(«n of ->lli t'l in .'. M«.«|'eiv vva.s iVroininendt'd III .1 ifitii «. ( nt M i ho trade eom- III..-»-IIM, tu .il|, "tli>« publi»hin« of lartju Sundiv iieu^p.iiuT; in the T'nitcd [• "fl'be commission haw i conferred with a number of luuinincni put'lixhera, who ii.t of the opinion .tlmt tl.erw is still fn opporiiiiiity to efTect a conHlderablo ii'iluiiiun In cont<unjption' by cutting: dovvn jlu< nt%t« of Sunday nmv»pa|)*rrf, They feel tlwt the elijpinaUun of eer- tiiin features would meet with public approval and Would not dm>ri'nno Uio apprehended and hehl bv Kovernntent , tbe biiK i» open official*, who claimed that the bonds* i Si\ inonthn aK<> -.1 fat Mian^er, Wliilcman wan tr>in« to dispose of had (said l:e was a Ko\<mment «'V|'cit. been stolen from tln> bank several 1)1*,^ ( , Judf iloxen «i^u>rn -Mic-h.^ TOVJJ} "*"**'*• ~ ~ ~ ~ " """ I rt)MnTle^iTnd oll>«red f,uml'i'»* "Ibf new? • in lonncitdm witji HH invrhtlmitlon * iMli" ?" i •'" "-, '"" , ovation" !„•,»» Mt the Hd.culoM.slv l,m of m->^ pi .ill pru e fc ." tho letter .sav.s. UMB iiJenlMled today b> a repre>*en«a- . % , ,. ,,. | - Ul ,. , .. mim «».f t .n ban Kiv«-n ' serious tlV'l* i»r :i <l»*ti^*fiv>< ii i*i-ii*» v II i* llii-nl* 1 *' 1 *" l*"« «i IMI* UHK* • •^ijii»iju**i , F i"« . ii>f* III 41 II* I' I I 1 > I •*n* •»* J« if" II»* II j j .., .ni^i.t .*>• j t i,, tt tit iiiLWuflklil tllttilllU jjf .said that be had I n U i«,lo«t,.,l f.,*»J vonld bnv more limn *'.' woitli. nc wild, I * '"^"'^•»'»"" to pi^il.lfl means o! t'olumbiii and other law "I wuj* a .siaii 1 fu-niUur ui (.jijil "piivin..—lii'l'll .•en ({iiidnateil fiMin; 1 '" 1 ' tiu« i.", tribntlon,' Hi* ut tho ii'irrwiarntp- oi' papcrx be mnl .The enamel finish % perman- of polish brings back all its brightness. It is a constant source of satisfaction to the owner to know that he can restore the original lustre of the car at any time. ' - ' ' * - -. It win pay you to visit us and examine thh car, . The g«iolin» comumption U wnumally low. The tire mileage it unujually^hijih. " • * The price of the Touriog car or jRo»d»t«r totn- plele i> $785 (f.o-b. Detroit.) TwinTCity ' 320 locust Street from Unlutb. and In !>>'.i- i wa.f one of jt M-UIS .teA^r.!- 1 ' 1111 ' 1M "!'- llwi r <lf j.'.m«ioyc> i,,,, .TI,,,, Wliltwnan inttttiu-tl that he had pnr--* 1 ' 14 ' '>"'»«'«'*•«> «"" chatml the. bonds .tnd thut lie ( lid not! 1 "" 1 *' Ulau »««"'. »"«i g prlcejt. The pre«ent t Mltun- in' ;iiU''vhU>'d Ivy iiKht and bad .their , mi. the output or miviclny con&ump- of the "Tbo cuiniiiir.Hinii askH ytnir atii.ii in tin" matter, nnd. would Ul<« to Kiu>\v sour attitude toward thin pn>p- 'osition 'I'ljit roiiHiiiHhloii would alho ' iu. N on reKa'rdlng'tlcal waj'« ut making this propocnl effective." IOWA SYNOD OPENS < linton, la., <>< t. J4 With r< ati\eH (him every . l.iiilii-r.ui i hurt h in the xtnle, the Im\a .Sj'liod opxIUM—IT brohiT Tn" New "i'tu-k notim-d him. ' He intdsted thut'lif only wanted ,to Kt't l>ack \vhut he bad paid .for tlu* bonds and what )u' bud paid'for the bonds und for thai rt-ution went to'the bank that they had'been xtolen from. Since leaVliiK Miiuifboiu Whitenum ban been in trouble \stth ttu- policn of various htutc.s- lor $.4 a l-\irmt»i> who VM-ig|ud their pack- of heantt say they paid lit the I >l" 41'J'i per hc.shel tor them. Hov- dctfcth'i'fi an* M-eKiiiK ihw MEET-IN OES MOINES NEXT. j fHE RttCOOHfXCfi fttANDARD-AVOTD I'lhltoll. .b)Wa. tH't. '.'4. The lou'.i I . ... _ ... . .- .. STARTS SOLVING DYE PROBLEM (B> I'mtrd i'reusi West Orange. N. J , tut. ai.~A jllini' dy«> factory II.IH been i'.si»ihii«h- t'd ut Juiz de |'\u'M, sliiti 1 of Mlnufi fj«l*- ftcfe. Krom its inlti4«l work excelipin rt-Hultti have been obtained. jtritlsh i'prt'a*-muuvi'H are tryiim Jo b>arn whether it ha« tSerman backing IM- iihiblu it IB ol, b'OMl o«n_ei>hi_p u: * .m the place for th»* li»17 nief-t- ''' all of the Ki'Hiul liodtet. of tho order," For Rill RAILROAD IS BLAMED. Detroit. Mich, tit t --I - V ^uionei^ ury l»i>Iil ibe ihitnil 'jl'iiuik Uuilvv.i'. •espmihible for the >,iaiU' » lo.^^ing ,u- •idem on the ni|;h( of '< let.. 1. in \\lnch. en pefiiouh were Killed .tnd nioit- than' \vo score injured A cio*-iio\\n f-tict't •ar. Umdt.'d'vvitb pu.sHenKt-rK. \vah"<-truck »y it freight ti.uu on the Kor<-M n\ • little <Tot>HillK The Jill} held: tUitt lit r.tilrotid compans wa^'ni'tllnent in ll)li!il> IMf.' alt tlwomp"li*nt »;<ttvlieepcl WILL CONVENE IN. CHICAGO. C!lU\4 - _COU.U'.JL ut .aim. - JUJ*_U-t v -iuifl- otcd the U«1T tnuip of tl.e ,\bul : in Woodmen oj \M> tu i |o t'lm.i.'n '. he (on\enli»u to «ipvi> Hie ihtiil 'I'lU'. 1 ' ' Sterling' National * miW^f ^wWP jBb 4Wflw 9Ht - WA J T 1? f c l RnrR|0 -T"5i G .--,'.,.._ U 1' tift'V ( Hlii l.«'il«l l-'l i t». il U lalti'U III h.t\V. ill tK ., xitl-U^f ut lufU!!~ \\eli- ,U U'ci. ii !,!•>. '!'>,<• Ir.'.l,. «'. i HI I ("I .f> ii l< >' !' ••! tl>i'i! 11 i'<i. -i ~Si n4|'' ,i ~ i 'i H» . ' " i t" i (."'(" '• - ' T 'lUIK-K^^H A *i u'iiill' 'I tit • Hi Tiif, Dtopn Jt' h- ... in». bti't-vlliif; 'dli-j'. h< ».uri hoiils anil i* "iu a l»'.\ ut *ll iitfeU' tu>\ often «'iir«"T. FREE SAMPLE COUPON VUAMin l>i:t'n COMIWXV, . i, in I'iu t'lty. Making Real Progress -jMG&R&StN&yQur earnings whh- *• Qutjncfeasiny your savings is not making progress. Our Depositors Weakly.Savings Chth will adjust itself ULjfWjiin&^ppwer.^jAs^ us to ;f, M, Sterling Illinois

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