Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 24, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1916
Page 2
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10E fWO, STERLING. ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24.1916..'" For Every Out Door Sport and Every Kind of u Out Ctoor Work You'll Find a Suitable Sweater Coat at E« JcW* Clothing House A In spite of the unusual market conditions we are, in most ever/ case, maintaining' the same high qual- . ity at formei; low prices. /Our East window display reveals the season's newest sweater coat styles—also shows the yarns from which these sweaters are knitted. Every style that's good for men,, women and .children. • 65c,,, $12.50 Capitei match 50c-and$1.00 CHILDREN KATE PILLS, CALOMEL AND CASTOR OIL !F CROSS, FEVERISH. CONSTIPATED, GIVE "CALIFORNIA SYRUP OF PIGS." !.,-.-';. '- •.. i; .-T ^..:v- .-i.iidh.'.Mt (i '•;. m<"in!"-r ?h«' "d.•«•'•'• nV.Th.-j- irm M.)il !l.tUd . Ihr-j:'.. hi rmah;.-! I,:,!;!?".;; them U'hh '.-ui en It's*. .\J'it In-11 '>v!.ii chut? '11 She i-ld f'lrm of ph< • H ; iiniiK il-'ii'.'t "ji-.iti/'- "A hut tbt-y i-. wt-ll-found- V, i'l! lie KiV- 1 if, ;"' ati'' .' •, r. What The Knows, vn:j do. T!," « hild! •!.'•-! K ! i.'i.un < t! ftv t h.-in. l.m, < !--. in , •! i i,-;(ii'-Mu;. :.:t'. :r!<,H" ' "t 'a lif'H nia S> rnp "f ;int!ti!i i- p''«!t)vv. ''lit j'.fiitie... AlilHohs j of m»'th'-i ..• k'cp this lut unless "frnit jJax.Mlive" h.-itidv , l!t"V kti.iv, efiildtt'n •|mi' lii t.jfce jt; that ft never foils to ; r|i,-in (hi- liver .-un! (n.urlM an.l tli" stomach, .-Mid ihit :i ten? fcH'I'll tn'iay M.IVI-'i ,| Mfk ehild Ark \i cKt fur a .'•0-r'''nt bottle of ' Caltfdi iiia >-i\ni|> of 1 "iy«t." vi hifh l:,i:< full tlir« t-t j,<ti' f..i b.'ibiei. t-hiltlren ~ff all ar>"; add f"i- L:I DW it - nps jilalnly un t m h 1'iiitle. ISeware *>f counterfeits sold IH !(•, Set- that ir (K tnad" by "t"n!I- f-iiiii.i l-'if; s». rnp Cunipitny." any other kisid « ith < djiteinpl. MORRISON BRIEFS Walter t'.mr I'll! -Icii i.-; i Pa t-l\~t-*i- (n - Hiin-i-ity.- ............. -.MI-.H i'ha Th'otn.i/.; \»e»i mi\fd Sunday from 'K Ua'*liaii. t ~~fn-?,l n fur a \ i.wit with rpla- D.'Kalh • at Fti I - larf THE LADIES' AID MET.-'- Thf M. K. !,;<•:;•"*• Aid m-t \'.'. -b • -.- day .-inc-i-nonn "ifli Mr* v\". .f !,<•»' find tin-re \*';i« .i l.-iicf 1 turnout 'Hi. i ij'.iitc :i >i!'t> vif-'ifc d"i(". Th«"- w-<i! j.,r (h«' ni'ntt'xl !':i7Anr i« t/rojires*:<n: r-if-r-lv ;>;!.( s! n iH br- h.-),! th"'ilr,<it »>-n) (.f I >>-<l>Hl!K'!'. :t!i-! f?:;« : b< eft I h# i'llKt'ifll weir* ."ervt d I", tin 1 j|(i«t>"---=: nr.'i vrrr. much rnSmi•-! {Kidneys Must be Right "to • Intwre Health. . Tllf TMt'FALL WORK. tSt L'Hiutfi <*;<!. irict h'-M ;i r«j)?»r rvrrrlnsr nr thf ?)ornr «-f .Mr. and Ml> V. K. |)f-ni«(-n. a-il l'htttn«-i! !(w> UMJ'K ;,.| if... , urniiic full. I<'(i«1v rs I«>! «e\i'r.t! »n>'''tinir« IKJMK ;i|>- jotn?''«i !;. . Tlv. rnti.n, i»i>- f.;i!»tt>r f'H thr- (•(irniiiK ycii .•,•«•* ii'it j lie sifid htw l. itt:;h'- In. I h->t Tlt^-y :<H' rxc^-tt -••» h'rifitiy. thr-ir rimt^ :i'i'il Rf,»o<ls <-i'Tr,!tsK -ivi-tHfttl !>v run< ;il.!J.-i,: St.i tl--t i' ', Ui.ilM'. .-'! de-i'h.-! 'ill i V.«f!, .!!«.,:/ nr<* lit'ld n CANDIDATES VISIT TAMflCO. Thf» si>*H'l,Tl !;ain l>c > nvli\K < 'olom- ytsdpn '(lid i'!h r f.-iH(i|f!.i!r« fin i.flict iurfihiy ;if!.-rii<M,i, nr.d it and hear-I be ••.ti!<hd«1tes. 'Th<n 'il«ti|>P >itited i.'i that the Colonel foul l.Ot U-M |.i« «, ,,uc .it ;ill. lint otll"t memln'M <n (lie inn ty in.t'le '«hiii t Kill: heroin the tiivni |-ull«. d fit HARMONY CLUB MEETS. On account of lhi» in< b-tm<rH \\entht of Thurnuu.t tht Jlurmwriy flub did not meet in the ciitintr> wjfli .Mrs Hro«n but .it the M. I', <hui<Ij It \\nn' ;tn all tbi> inceiinur the ntteiiiiance wn.% |fi»od. At.:in<>n a line dinner wa.« st rvetl and the afternoon in illfTfrrnr. liiMvls «ubjects v. «TI» '*! planned. The ' Indies tl when the l.owdcu sjirn-ial uus IiiLi»tl-;^'«' ! »' *l<i\vn Itislve tile tKir- . from . Ahina Smdi-r and <l.'uipht«'r HJH tit Sniiihiy w'ith relntive« in . v r^tutoit' r-'titrneil Knndoy \ I- 1 !! of .«i%eral nuJnths wit.h [0RRISON DAILY GAZETTE MOfcBISON, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, OOTOBBB 2 4, 1910. relatl\e«i jti U'ondMtot-n. Vermont. • Ueorce I Inlet I ;tnd Hr. C. N ton went t't ThomtMon oti ' i Chill ll'H Wexl unit J4H1I Clllirll'S j .M«>ni|ii> in .Steflini: : ttoy .litine.s 'ami Mifsu'H Viola and j l.*'inui Un-en ntnl Until' lionler were jrn«-HtK Klinday nl tin- lionie of Mi; iiiitT iiNJ0YABLE STAG PARTY , SISTER PASSED AWAY -m,,,,,,-,,! ,„ < •.„„„„, Stag of Season at Morrison Club .Shannon Sperry Called to Fairmont, - X||s '• Sebe .I'.randH nntl It I' Wotxlworth bilNlnr>KH' ,Mt>n- - fv th ROBERT KUtoLE»TPA88E& AWAY, t W. Smith r^cHs-wl a Hnturdtty mttrtilng fplUnjr of the ut (levehinil, uhitt, of Mr. Kober.t Kum- Jei, u brollK'r-inrltnv of Mr, Mr. for hp Iliu] bc(>» 111 pcH)|- hfidt h time ntul wan '« submit to «>i 'uperutton when the call * Big 8uee*M. N«b., by Death of Sitter. 1'imirhv nnd datishter Anna f»penl Sunday uith felatUoi In hundred attended the KUK j Shannon H|M-rry left on Saturday !';iyi llovd went tu t'hicnuo MII buni- y. p4 the Morrison Hub on Satiir- ' iifternoon for Fairmont, ' Xeb,. heini; nes-n Momlay. t ' . «venjn«. A three i;our«((< »culled there by the dtutth of his only- Mixn I'l-m-c. .-^ returned home mnrVfd ttt !».'30, which was fo|- ', siKter, MI-K. .!. I,, Marker, who j,iiH>ietl ' .M«nd;«v cveiiiiiK I'min a v.l«lt tif several U itnmodlntely by addre«Be» aiutlawa>' at her home* in that city Satur- : w«M-k« ' wlib rcl.itiveH In Cincinnati, ftlkr by neveral of the lending , tlay >niorninir,- Heath wan « ati»efl fr'»m i • 'bio. . ilUdgu K. IX Mitnwny pi'rNld- ! tiinter of tlie'xtoiiiach from which she I It, M. " Sehn \er, • of rrophetptown, lOaatnniBU'r. Tbone who ad- i had been fnitTej-lnjc for, several'niomhx ' WSIM u busineMi* viMilor In -Morrlaon 'th* iiKHemblnKe were Hex. \V, ' Knnenil 'JHervieti'B wero be Id J't'slerday I Monday rnnie, BOARD MEETS WITH ARCHITECT. -»TI»«»»JM«ttril <>f cHjiit-atten held a meet- inji-\viiJLjlie-_iUjJ)lteci ..the Jutttr .ajari of the week when the pUtntt for jv Huilil- iHK "'ere gone <»v*r tuul H«rn« -of the mnuller details fiwne ov*r caK-fuDy ami some rhiinK^ff HU'I--. . The- cMtlinn'tei) COM, prints of tlw pro- biilldinjr iuuJ u, choife of »U«» will l to (lie jmblio boforo long tVr Jinal id', .tin •''!] f"! Ill ' :i-'( .1 iic .11 !V ti-!t i;i- •, <-:ir in t In- H':i Ther. f,.t»-. t' i -•nr\ lii p-'V tiH'H it h i<( t he>.. inij' 1 An iite;il !i'-|!..!l cofiii'i.niid tl-.t! h;-^ Ii,id f'tn.H I-able yii. . <•'.:; rt« n Kidn«'V rrmedy i-' l>r. KiiiiH-i'M Sw ,'i|ni'- Hoot. till 1 Kte;|t l,ii|li('\, ll\ef 'ntlll Id.lddef The inlltl and hi-alint; (hiw pr<-pur;ition. in nii> a f Whf'ii tioii, K'' liny ph l the reinetl.\ . f'iif kiiltu'y.H Swiitnp- I'.iic-t y.K tiMjniie flMen- nii-t :tt tit;, e fiom ll Ic sold 1.'. e 1 . t-ry ill bottl)-H of two ftlxeS- :>''»(•. and $1 do, '., Howev'-i'. if yini wis^b fir."! to test ! tliis ureat |i|er,'iiiiti!in Mend ton iints In,I'l. Kilmer \ ('«., |!int:hnmton. N". Y . for a sample boltle. \Vlif-n wtit- i fnir be nnre fitti.l mention the Stftlinu I, Daily «i.i?.et;e. . ( -* v .V,.-l(^«U»rH"l K ;w^*..^ .I.--M.- j '!'•< in Stii'liini i.-eeiiily. ' - i Kev, M. \\'. VVcchsler, iff 11 iinlintjon. ' d.. -whi> • 'HIM liei-ri boldinK ineet|ni{«! i Tit Vim—t »riTi~-jirru-i'rt—*lT!nrhn—fnr—n.. - slloit vihit vvitl'i. iciiitHc-.' belof f\ • j tiuriinc borne. ' j Mr. und Mrs K. 11 \ i-ited j rtundny itf the <!c'ji w Hover li'iitje near Ui'VlIb*. l.ilth' Atelba .tint Xob'ii u do hrive l'«-c!i ;it the Tillmati V ffi htitne the J.isi Jew \vel(M, letnilied to their hoyji^l. • . An nuto load of l j 'r( e|»)rt down to Jordnn l;i"t They took tipper tit thej Hi-boll home. Ii< the party "were--' Hev. MoHely ami «ilt^ m»d,seveitil other! fritnds- • j fharlcs I'arKs nn I Mr. itraybsll btJitrilnK—i"~Trtnic<*~nnfl~nuM-hit«»—T Fm going to appear every Monday for one year in this space. By special arrangement Mr. C, A. Briggs, famous cartoonist and creator of SK1NNEY, will make a new drawing for us each week for one year. | Be Sure and Mr. ami Mrf-. VI'. 1'. l>et\veiler enter- i talneil |{«-v. and Mrs. Towsley and l!<n lo dinner Sunday,, TAMPICO BRIEFS. Try Hrneldler returned «utard:i.v . 1,. T, It, Hr.. Judge W. A. KlndKett nml ^IjUderw, The' affair proved in Way n mie»'t'»fti. Those preneht .the principal buxineai* and of tht» city. SAJL^rSTOfcHAI SEVERAMTTEND. , Mm George llnlvtt ' went to Sterling: :.\ti>nil:iy for si few day*' viHit with friend*. W. X. • Humphrey WilH U Convention Women'i Foreign Mission-!»" flib-ap» Monday. »ry Society at Sterling. . f Minn Kleaitor Montana returned to n, , IN , .Monday. after Harry iiui|-ninir mmi a wrekn.vticutlon spent with iii.s relullveM in l^inurk and Klgtn, HIM family reinutniHl for u limber Vl«i!,. Mr«. Harriet t'nulU.uvk. of was here tttis week RiieiitliiiK a fe\v tluy«. wiUi lier tli! u»: liter, Mr*. .1, Al. Jiu-oba, wlio r«f<»mly r»- turned f'ru'm Davenptirt « IK-IT i»h<? )m<i bt-en tmitnif«ntx for her health, , Tlio t'omwntion of the. VVumen'." the week end with her parents, Mr, l lM)iei*rn Mimdomir^ snicicty of the I>ix- hind MIM, lien MonuiKiiiK . Jon district of M. K. chnichf*, which \a Mr fin 1 Mr*, .fiiinc* Ilavls, of n.iven- Hntf;Mr«. Jay Oliver Sailed Lnit ' heim: In-h) tnd.iy auid tomorrow at H(cr-. |»,i i. VM>IC Nundity ' """ ' ' "'" :»H f at the L, T. |r, and Mrn, Jay Oliver-and Bfl milled from Vunctniver tho latter ptut uf- la«t week. WHI Ko"l» ShnnKhal.- wheii* Mr. HV»r-*fJll be fonne<'ted with the Y. L A. work. The voynKe will be ••Weeks in lengt-h und the Xmu* mt by their friend* had'to be pp«J on th« Name wteamer In order " tt>»y recolvo It l>y JCmus. Mr, flit a. Morrl8on boy.'the son of Mis* f llattield nttltned to Uelmont, t Dorothy ' .tone*, it nilxxloiuil.v from | Wl«.", Moinhiy, after PiielidltiM a few i-.Chfna, who IH beintr mipported by the May* with friend* und relatives In thl.f tilt- of thin ilihtrlrt. \vilj »peak nt evening. THEIR AWNTVERSARY '.Mr. and Mrn. Hobert IteHMe, of Kter- i«i»ent Humliiy at th .of ; Mr«. HeHHe'K i aieiits, Air. and Sirs, A. • • It. I'ltrmenler. • <.lei»rtte Annpitch. of Kii'r.linjr, visit Mr. and Mrs. William Gray Entertain ed o\er Knntluy with ..friend* In tlris Friend* Sunday. .Mr. and Mrs. William Gray enter ' lelty. # »%, t ? ', A. Ollvei oC this city, jtutned at dinner at their'Jvmrie on Kant !• 'lant Thorpe, who ban been at the W, .V, Humphrey home Mitt.- Wolfe and fhlblfen r« ; turned Kituinhty niornliiK' to in Hi»)vi(ttf« alter v Mis. (*h .«' hor viBitlng her 'hii«. Darby, Darby- returned with' !ier IJN stay, Will" iMlyem. of An- mm, vlnlted hrse the latter part of ln»t for a few PANTS INVENTED 100 YEARS AGO M!y rnit.-il 1'recO. i ChicflKo, Oct. j;).—-Ntand up >-lraii!bi i men, swiiiK >t>tir |e«n nboikt—-111 -tt one. ! UK n. the .olhvr . look at 'em and then (,'liulfv the memory- of Ihf man who invented, ti'oviM'i*, pantulooiiK i>r jus! i plain" piintH. . j It happened J'iiM ion ye;u ; >< UK<> today. | A.'('hup whoMe mun«) in lon« Cilice' tliiht. Kt''W tired of breeches with their uncnniberinK HniiKnetiM and evolved th.i forwuiiMvr «f the present style of truim- ' m*u * * ' • • * To the boy who cuts out each cartoon and has it mounted in the neatest way we will grive one $6.00 suit. To the boy who has the second neatest set of cartoons we will give one $3.00 sweater. For the third neatest set we will give one $1.00 cap. The judges and the time of awarding prizes to be set later. , KIDS, SAVE THE CARTOONS . thoir Vlriujrhter, Mr». MilRittt;, and i.ther rclutivrM in thlH vieinlty. L, ('. »ulf<'red a Kcyerc. tack of paralyjiui Sntunlay " \vhilu |»vlil£ f«im 8outlu-iu«t «if town. An fct*w us b> ts itbli* he wJH be broujrht tolil.H 1minr> in town 'for trwti- nu'nt, «. Satur- WERE MARRIED HERE tuple Wer» Married in Mar- Saturday, .W. Jlrowri tind Kerno Hn»of Clinton, c'«mt« to this elty afternoon arid were united [«•&$* by Rflv. W. H. Cremeuni< »i,Pre»byterl(U( purnonage. They t" to Clinton Immediately after ir-^i'^ 011 ?!' IHI13A8* HcenweH luive heen iMsuet! •girry D TAMPICO NEWS Main Ktreet, ^iiiMiiiy, : in ; lionor <nf ih«|rur worne time, went, to iMiicuKo Mbn- thirty.third anniversary .jgf tjierr mnr- duy for u visit with' r*lnlives in that rli»Ke, TttoNtv pnraent-w«re Jain^x nnd {city:- ; J«ihn Ryan, Goorife-' llowell, Henry Welier, und MlwraR.-. Ajpiva and ISee Hiley. «nd Miss Kloreifce. Oray.'nf Hter- ItMK, Ml«H Llllbin Flrnch, of Hock Kails, und.Mitia Minnie MlU'hell. of Chicago. THE .Y.T7. CLUB Entertained at Home of Mii« Raridon I Monday Evening. "" -" ' m>rld.nn'ple(Hti RECEPTION FOR PASTOR Appointee! Ta Make Tho Mr». Anuuula Sljanks day of tt?niiK)ii i>u«Ht3iiger for w hero t*hi? will visit her .. At. ti. Uiva J^ft Satiifdur nf- fpr I*rupbetiiUiwn ~ will visit «t Ihe hutno pf ht-r .Mm. Wcorgo F, A, Brewer »*• iJatunlny afternoon visitor tit Proi>U«ttNtown, where h» TOBACCO HABIT EASILY OVERCOME TKo S'i'Oi-r* AKr-aci A New Yorker of with) rxperlenre, ' . j hu» written a book lullinir bow the! tobacco or snuff It nib it, may bit ciiNily . rjulckly biiiiiHhod in threw ilayn with tltilluhlfill litnc111 Tb« u.utluir, i. A NOVEL DEBAJE. k ' Ind.. "it. I'l. r.«e 'the Uiixetf fla»»Mifit;i| colnmiitt for l-sK-ri t'-irnn with IHtle njunt'*; Kdwurd J. \Voodn. J297D, Klntion Kii'Ade and .Meredith Nicholson bepap u j es-r . New York .City, will mall his book fro* on -request. debate on ;t monoKru'ph The health .Improve,, wonderfully i | rl '" siK " ^ 7^\ '"^'"'f''" 1 • ' u " i ter tobacco craving Is oomjuere.l. ' ! >!l! " "I»'»«''l w«lh the display of a j ASTHMA SUFFERER after culled on biiHlneus matter*. Mr«. -Poacl Akorberg left fvhc, (Kith of HopkliiK.'and Wil-Ttertulned the rnembnrM of the V, "v Y I Mvnn Murray a:nl Miss Haatei'elub »« her Aomo on «*herry «tieei*. i eman, of Hoek Tms returned a vl«it uf Hoverul wm»kN ut th'u of her aun John ut Twin K«iln, { .Monday eVenlnK". spent i—.. ._ The hour* Were , Arrangement*. Tho coinmiitee»i appointed tn make for tin- reception tu lit* ! . ucsaJJiiffiuelt-WiU-I K4veu-4{«»v,-Tii«Htt.»n-«titi Hrtt^M't Noi'rlHh and 8011 Knadi (it <'h|ca>fii on hiiHineKM Hunda\ l-Viday evening, met Kutnidiiy afternoon nl the homo of .Mrn. J, \V- Kelly nnd pei-f<<ete«| their jiri'(MiKi*tnent». A Hhort mixed .|ii:oi»ram will Iw-uiv^ for West Bend. \Vig., to- visit her father. %jr,.--l*t*tUTT-who Is not in the be.Mt of health, ....... ' . . - , Mr. and .Mrs. t s riu'lus, from Indiana, were here la«t week xo visit liiw. mother, Mrn. CriuMnx. who IP PO >M r" OH* IMIIII tranquil «l«0p, clc-«r «>•«••. i forty • Hve - won!. Write today. 1 will lell-yuu. free of e. of n «inipl'' home treatmenf for normal appetite. Rood dlKe«tloii, ronnly { Vretddent. \VII*«on 4 K re - election which : usttiina which enred nw after phj»«|. VlKor. «tronK memory and a K«iic.r»l * written bv NMoholson. The '| ilHt -'.-'aiiK and'eha'ime of if^ln In efficiency are amontr the "•'" »umii o\ .>u HOIKOH. i nt I.IKI of her ilunghjov, Mrn. Ai. U. Ticket Kellsr* ti»v» been out tho juiat two weekH eellinK Uckotu for the Ico- turo foury? which in t«_b<i hsy u^t. delloen _ nnmber, Th« Men- HeMe.tte," is' to IM> given, Fb*-l"'* i , »»., »f ft-K, Tuesday eyenlnjf, t»'t. 2-flh. A, T. (HaBtdnirn, Vi'ho wan upon homo week*! iigo, has- bei-n down town since, bin arrival home nnd In t'he bank a piirt of -tint tlnntr=Hbtut-i»u»y friendM art 1 glint to make not« of IH» recover.y, Alls. Tluuima Jlejvdith, wf Hturka, ' many benefits reported. Get •' rid of that nervous, Irrlf "" " " more need of pipe, •nuff or .chewing tobacco to pacify nervous, Irritable fculltiK; cigar, no week ln'fore the ".elt« tion Ade's I am >-.• Kfateful for my inent for r'hnrlpM K llnirbett' eleel*ioii l "' ;iltl) ' «'.ttcr ycar.v of »U/1T«fTn|{., Iliat I ,,.,,, , u "' Ia t ""'•"""! want evt-rymie to know of thltr wim- will be lla«|KHi on the ,«lun; in antiWer , )1( . rfll , tM i, mwit . Mr», Ni-lli« Kvan». to Nlclujlson. • r:,r, ; T Ithb;., l>.-« 'Moines, (own; to dith. |t b*»r sjHtt'r. ,Mr.i. K. W. Hilt' will then so to {Jutland j. u " ~ . Wm. Mvt'uvdy carrfb homo FrJ. day evening from Un MoiHe whero nht» hail been Vioitintt her *i*tor, M*-«. HoppH. MTH. Mot'r*#dy alwo attoudcd till) l''armeiH' Institutu in that place. Mr«, Puiw Jt^htul, of starlinir. coino down liint wreH <uid vl«it<nl «t ths* homoK of uht friends $uid former MfJ bor». . •*-. I'harleH rusac, of lt>itl.Tn4, why been Visiting n« the home of hla daughter, Mr«. K. \V. Meredith, returned to Ilia home, thin week. JORDAN NEWS Ut.wser retiiri]e_d_ reeently ~ 75 Ct. Eye Glass, iitrti Reels, SOCts. • We Can Save You Duplicate Lenses '• ^ H, H t tj where lie has tin option on a farm. A number in -Jordan nUxnrjed th Joseph Maxwell nack s.iie near oil A\*i'due!4du.n • i! K. Uilhert hnilei! cb-ver T A i, ery «ood. vu-id per acre. ^Ir. ^tumiitell. i»f*W«p>d«torki III, visited bis nfe»H*. ,Mr«i Robert CII>KH. M-V- »r«| days i;i»t week un Ttieadtiy air. iuipjiinel jtccompaniwl »\fr, juuj Mrn. *>!>*» to Duitlenpluln ami wi»-m, the day willi en her rrt.uivt* -Mj-. ami *h> «' H. Kline »vvris dinner jjiKfatu Knnduv ui Uw F. 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