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Sun Jan 3 1971 THE MIAMI HERALD 7-I? Texas' 30-Game Streak Was Made To Break' 4 1 (y it 1 of Iris st igict who said Ara could not win the big one I'd like to see them explain this one" "This was a great accomplishment" Parseghian said "We held the leading scoring team in the nation to just 11 points We held the leading rushing team to not much more than 200 yards (216 to be exact) and we broke their 30-game winning streak It felt pretty good" Notre Dame befuddled Texas' potent ground attack with a specially devised defense which employed eight men intercepting the flow of attack but disguised it until the last minute "We learned a lot a year ago from Texas about the Wishbone and even adopted the offense so we could learn more about it" Parseghian said "I talked to Darrell Royal (Texas coach) about their Wishbone during the offseason We wanted to learn more about Reprinted from late Saturday edition By Herald Wire Services DALLAS Ara Parseghian had no reason to hide just exactly how strongly he felt about Notre Dame's 24-11 upset victory over No 1 Texas Friday So he came out and said it "This has to be one of the biggest moments of Notre Dame athletic history" he said "I've been in a lot of locker rooms in my 21 years of coaching But the jubiliation of our team today was something I haven't experienced in a long time "You've gotta realize these guys just broke a 30- game winning streak But that's what streaks are for to break "I told our club we were due for some breaks after that Southern California game (a 38-28 loss which spoiled an otherwise undefeated season) We had eight turnovers in that game And we certainly capitalized on the breaks we got today" QUARTERBACK Joe Theismann had one comment he wanted to make above all too: "I've got one thing I want to say To those people with the typical defenses "Actually we used an eight-man front but we camouflaged this real well with different adjustments We had our people in the middle of our defensive unit to line up just like the offensive players in the Wishbone-T "We used man-to-man coverage in the backfield and I was pleased with our consistency in stopping their rushing attack" Parseghian added "We hoped we could force them to pass and they did They threw 27 times We hoped we could win that way" NOTRE DAME defensive coach George Kelly said the Irish had worked against the Wishbone "every day as of one year ago today Not with the thought of playing Texas again but just that we might be faced with it by other teams It's becoming so popular" And even though the defensive alignment worked almost to perfection Parseghian said Texas quarterback Eddie Phillips still almost beat it "I've said all week that I was impressed with Phillips and he was great today We had men in position to tackle him all day but on individual effort he gained yardage" And the Notre Dame coach said Phillips' 63-yard sprint on the Longhorns' first play did not give him any concern about his defense "I saw what happened Our deep man just came in too quick and Phillips got by him" THEISMANN figured the Irish were as high emotionally for Texas as they were for rival Purdue in the second game of the season "We were just loose enough" he said "Yesterday I started to feel it building and I knew we were going to win" And Theismann thought Notre Dame's second touchdown coming after a Texas fumble on a kickoff could have been the turning point in the game "I think that loosened up their defense a little bit" he said "They might have looked up and thought they were not unbeatable after all" it "Ever since our last game and after the Texas-Arkansas game I spent idle time just messing around with different defenses" Parseghian said "We used a new alignment there's no way you can cover them McClendon Nebraska 17 ill elleves No 1 It Orange Bowl Team benefit from the harrowing experience he suffered in the final minutes of the Orange Bowl loss Jones threw an interception with 59 seconds left that enabled Nebraska to run out the clock "Jones is the type of athlete who will respond to adversity by climbing to a higher plateau of skill" McClendon promised 1 ''-T775' 'c ''k-i-:" 1 ii 41ti -i 7 '-if-e''''''- i 0-- tzip: -1 '0 eI i tilotNI 4 (7 pli :::1 lir' 1i' -Nc -1 a' 415:: A 1 kt: 0 1 1 it 41 7r '''''4' ilEIWKik' 1:: ''''1 S' 3i: i0 70: 4)t1 Viet1 4V '''''i44ir 'ir' IN r3 4 Ht It ''2' '4 -L 7'- lair NI fi''''g4 1 A 1 H'V? tit 4t 'i -r 1 71 I' I PI il 0 --t -7 ff -fki -i4fov- at 6 4:1 I5r Ih' 411 4i01': $''''' Ir: i''-H 11:: 1" -'1 S1 ''''A 1Z P': 4' 1 -44 vt' By RAY CRAWFORD Herald Sports Writer Nobody could blame LSU Coach Charlie McClendon tor reflecting wistfully upon what might have been if his Tigers had held their 12-10 lead over Nebraska in Friday night's Orange Bowl game Instead of Nebraska which went on to win 17-12 claiming college football's No 1 ranking LSU would have had an outside shot at the mythical title "The voting could have been between Tennessee and LSU" McClendon speculated Saturday "We were the next highest ranked teams in the polls higher than Notre Dame I wish we could have won It would have been interesting to see the got rapped hard and was fuzzy We had to get him out of there a couple of times "But that's the kind of high character he has He was afraid he'd sound like he was making excuses if he admitted he was injured" McClendon revealed "We should have an outstanding football team next season I'll tell you what I'd like to do though I'd like to go Out and find some of those big fine boys Nebraska has in the line" he added "That was one of our weaknesses We had some small defensive linemen at a couple of places and Nebraska planned to run at them by overpowering them And it worked" McClendon eluded "To their credit they knew where to run at us" And Nebraska probably ran right to the No 1 spot a place LSU may challenge for next season if McClendon's plans materialize covered But the official didn't give us the football" All-American tackle John Sage who jarred Orduna on the controversial play was near tears as he described what happened "The instant my helmet drove into him the ball flew loose His body never hit the ground It was a fumble That's all there Is to it Instead of giving us the ball with good field position Nebraska was allowed to keep it and they went on to score the winning touchdown" Sage said and was thinking ahead to 1971 (Earlier he had discounted as "all rumors" reports he might be headed for Alabama) "We should be much improved offensively" McClendon surmised "We lose only four from the entire offensive unit and only two of them are starters Buddy Lee (quarterback) and Glenn Alexander (tackle) "Bert Jones (sophomore) is going to be one of the finest quarterbacks in the Southeastern Conference next year He's big (6 feet 3 inches 205 pounds) and strong and he gained valuable experience this season alternating with Lee" McClendon believes Jones rated a great passer will LSU'S offense next season will be built around Jones passing to Andy Hamilton and the running of Art Cantrelle who suffered a sprained ankle in the first quarter against the Corn Huskers "Our rebuilding job will be on defense We lose some good boys like Sage and our two defensive ends Art Davis and Buddy Millican We'll have Tommy Casanova back in the secondary Incidentally despite what Tommy said last night about not being hurt he was He BY MIDDAY Saturday McClendon after a night of replaying over and over the game was ready to forget it He accepted the 9-3 season Staff Photo by BOB EAST Orange Bowl Queen Congratulates LSU Angler John Wood holding aloft 3712-pound amberjack biggest catch McCLEND011 is proud of his Tigers for several reasons "People have asked me if I'm disappointed in our season" the affable coach said "How can I be? Nobody except the members of the team the coaching staff and myself know how much we accomplished how tar back we came from a disheartening beginning "We suffered a misfortune (death of quarterback Butch Duke) just before the season that was tremendously difficult to Overcome Depression was the word that described the team's feeling "Disappointing season? Not when you consider that we played two of football's finest teams on even terms Notre Dame and Nebraska I believe when the final polls are in Nebraska will be No 1 and Notre Dame No 2 and we lost to them by a total of eight points" LS Tackles Fish Edge Nebraska 0 110 players and coaches No total was given on the fish catch but one of the judges Alan Fogg said it appeared a little below last year's catch :7711 2:7: st 0 I :::0 i t- --i 1 0 311i ot 404404 l' I 0 0 '4 Liii) I 0 It -1 I 16 0 4z44 4 ProucHpowN it g'WA' --f' tr -4(4-0' "'w alitit'4 1 '4'' 4- 1 latt mm- Act 4ie 'i00 ta-- '4iott 4 or'-'? 4 4 4 4i' -m- tik' it -'44'' 4 "4b0 4 ::4 3-'4' fr3 7 1 0 ti: 0 i 'r' ''4-- 4 ao 40 s'll 071 tto 0 4l: 'N? "1:::: utio" 1 4yr St: 2: 1 re t'1: f'' 1 '7tv :1 '''''''''ii 1 41 if I i 4 :4 f'-'f s'''sk 16 -L' rt 0 4111 ''A -2 tio yo 1'-- t9 ti) 4 "1111:1 8-ounce grouper Buddy Millican landed a 23-pound 12- ounce cuda Best catch for Nebraska's players was John Decker's 32-pound 8-ounce barracuda Dick Whittier landed a 23- pound 12-ounce shark and Alan Austin's 20-pound 10- ounce cuda was third The players and coaches had a beautiful day for fishing it was clear and seas were light to moderate Judges were Jerry Matthews Sid Coogler and Alan Fogg The weigh-in was conducted by Met manager Lefty Kreh and former Met president Luke Gorham assisted by Bob Stearns A VARIETY of fish was taken including a beautiful 8-p ound 8-ounce sailfish landed by LSU assistant coach Donny Bozeman The catch was rated tops among the coaches Runner-up was Nebraska's Stan Schaulis with a 30-pound 12-ounce barracuda NU aide John Metton was third with a 15- pound tilefish Wood's amberjack was the best LSU catch Runner-up among the players was Gerald Keigley with a 27-pound By JIM HARDIE Herald Fishing Editor John Wood proved as adept at using fishing tackle as making football tackles for Louisiana State University The 220-pound defensive end latched on to a 37-pound 8-ounce amberiack which proved to be the winning catch in the I I th Orange Bowl Fishing Contest Over 100 players and coaches from LSU and ange Bowl winner Nebraska were at Miami Beach Rod and Reel Club Saturday morning for a try at deepsea fishing LSU players won on the water what they were unable to achieve on the Orange Bowl Poly-Turf a victory -over Nebraska When results of the contest were announced by Rod and Reel Commodore Dr Albert Ehlert it produced a rousing cheer from the Ti gers EVEN THE Orange Bowl loss could be rationalized and some of the sting of defeat removed by McClendon "We gave them 10 points with two fumbles" McClendon said He pointed to the ka's 26-yard goal by Paul Rogers and the bobble on the 15 that gave Nebraska a touchdown all in the space of 34 seconds of the first quarter "We managed to fight back and even go ahead" McClendon continued "And there's doubt in my mind that Nebraska could have scored if a fumble had been awarded to us on their winning drive The play came at the 50 Joe Orduna was hit he was in a stack never down and the ball popped up into the air and we Press Wireohoto Jackie Brown (33) Heads Four Yards for Stanford's First Touchdolm Plunkett's lazzling Play Indescribable for Coach Browns Eve Nick Skorich As Coach? p' iif iv' A i -774f es ci- ip i xt 01 i-: -4iz4 i11" i -)1T'1 z3-- t''' 744:: iZ '61'1''' r4 I '14 '4 4 0004 4 ip 14 40' 1 Af 4 0 k4 7' 01tO'd'''7- eo- JTrA or' 4 1 -1 0 allowed us to keep the ball moving toward the goal line" At another point he said: "I don't think they (Ohio State) ever saw a quarterback like Jim Plunkett before because there's none like him in the country" I Reprinted from late Saturday editions By Heald Wire Services PASADENA Calif Stanford Coach John Ralston was literally at a loss for words to describe how he felt about his quarterback Jim Plunkett Breathless with emotion Ralston had awe in his voice as he said: 0 the Buckeye defenders in a one-on-one situation "I don't want to take anything away from Ohio State" the Stanford coach said "But our individual receivers were able to break away" Ohio State Coach Woody Hayes praised Plunkett saying "He's a great passer but remember he's got great receivers too" Hayes said Kern "developed a charley-horse and wasn't too effective" Kern completed only four of 13 passes and had one Rose Bowl defeat in four New Year's Day games appeared calm and spoke in a low voice outside the Buckeye dressing room "Our game was one of missed opportunities" Hayes said "Stanford's defense was about as we expected We moved the ball well but we couldn't get deep We moved the ball enough and I'm sure we outgained them for the game (439 yards to 408) But they scored on their drives We didn't" The touchdown that Stanford ahead in the fourth quarter at 20-17 was set up by a fantastic catch of a pass by Bob Moore that put the ball on the Buckeye two ORANGE BOWL Queen Ear leen Carey and her court were on hand for the trophy presentations Another LSU player Boyd Perry had the distinction of bringing in the smallest fish a 10-inch bonito It is a tuna-like fish and Perry downed for his teammates by making a simulated tuna-fish sandwich with four slices of bread and his bonito! Nebraska Coach Bob Devaney missed the bus to the Rod and Reel Club but drove over himself rather than miss the outing "1 caught the last boat out" he said Devaney caught a small wahoo He appeared tired but was relaxed and stayed at the dub until the presentations were made There were 31koats with 86 crewmen to take out the 4 4 4 CLEVELAND (UP!) Nick Skorich is apparently going to be the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns and that announcement is expected next week Skorich an assistant to Blanton Collier for six years is believed to have had the inside track all along Browns owner Art Modell said last month he would name Collier's successor sometime after the first of the year Collier retired but is expected to remain in the Browns' organization "I have confined all my thinking to inside the organization" said Modell "I have spoken to no one outside the organization about the head coaching position and that takes in a multitude of poo PLUNKETT really began to click in the second half bringing Stanford to victory after the Indians trailed at the half 14-10 "We were a little overcautious in the first half" Ralston said "We decided we would go after the ball on their option play If one man missed someone else would have to take up the slack" In the spcond half Ralston said SInford's receivers came bade to the huddle and told Plunkitt they could beat "Isn't that Plunkett something? Jim Plunkett I can't say enough about He praised Ohio State's quarterback Rex Kern and fullback John Brockington describing both as great But in trying to analyze the Indians' 27-17 Rose Bowl victory over Ohio State Friday he Ittpt going back to Plunkett Plunkett was the difference" Ralston said "He PLUNKETT was asked if he thought Ohio State was the toughest team Stanford had faced He replied: "Yes I would to say so" Hayes suffering his first 0 I a a 1 "That was the ball game Hayes said "That mad-dtg pass to Moore should never have happened" Staff Photo by BOB EAST Only On(i Thing to Do With This (Itch Boyd Perry attacks his 1V2pound bonita.

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