The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on January 1, 1971 · 34
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 34

Miami, Florida
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Friday, January 1, 1971
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Fri Jan 1 1971 ''-T LSU’s Davis: He Ends Size Doubts By GARY LONG Herald Sports Writer Arthur Davis weighed in at 190 pounds shortly before Louisiana State opened its football season Tigers Coach Charlie McClendon claims he has been afraid to weigh his spirited defensive end ever since “I kidded him at our Thanksgiving Day banquet that it looked like his little baby girl was getting all the groceries” a grinning McClendon quipped But Davis who claims to be about 186 now hasn’t let size deter him from winning a spot in college football’s stingiest front four The LSU defense toughest in the nation against the rush is largely responsible for the 9-2 season and Southeastern Conference championship that landed the Tigers in tonight’s Orange Bowl McCLENDON and his staff selected Davis the recipient of an award representative of “courage unselfishness and dedication” and McClendon our type of philosophy gave him a better chance to show what he could do" NONE OF LSU’s front four is big for his position But Davis is particularly diminutive “Oh sometimes the size bothers me” Davis admitted reluctantly “Whenever I look in the program and see that the guy across from me will be weighing about 235 or 240 it makes me begin to wonder whether I can whip him “But once you put on the shoulder pads and helmet everybody looks about the same on the field” " Davis grinned "Of course I can’t look at myself so maybe I just don’t see the difference” Several Gulf States Conference schools attempted to recruit Davis with the line that if he went to a big school like LSU he wouldn’t get a chance to play “But if I’d gone to a small school I’d always have wondered” Davis reflected Now the sandy-haired senior from little Sulphur La knows He has handled the big time well HIS SUCCESS even surprises him somewhat Asked his most thrilling moment of the season he immediately responded “When I tackled (Notre Dame’s Joe Theis-mann for minus 18 yards He was going for the Heisman Trophy and here I am tackling him for a loss” Tonight he concludes his football-playing days And he hopes an Orange Bowl victory becomes his greatest thrill But he finds Nebraska awesome “They’re as big if not bigger than Notre Dame” he said “And Notre Dame was tremendously big” Still size has never' stood " in Davis’ way before and it isn’t likely to start tonight After all as a sophomore he weighed just 175 pounds He was the second-string "middle guard then brought attention to it Thursday “He’s the kind of kid who’s not going to win any other kind of award except as a 1-000-percentor" McClendon said “He’s been tremendous for us “I'm not afraid of anybody running at him every down of the game The defensive end’s job is containment and Arthur’s quickness and speed enable him to get the job done I never wcirry about him making contact” Size isn’t that much of a factor McClendon added “He could have attended a lot of schools and maybe never have put on a uniform because of his size But I feel THE MIAMI HERALD Cornhusker Linemen Cast Stern Eyes on LSU in Orange Bowl Game Tonight left to right are: List W inter McGhee Dumler Rupert IS'eulon Ingles Nebraska’s Johnny Rodgers Reaches the ‘ Crossroads By LUTHER EVANS Herald Sports Writer Nebraska flanker Johnny Rodgers’ wide eyes swept around the 80000 empty seats of the huge Orange Bowl “This is a long way from the Crossroads Shopping Center” he said softly “Quite a long way” The Crossroads Shopping Center? The 19-year-old grinned sheepishly “The Crossroads Shopping Center back home in Omaha is where I made my first public appearance as an athlete” he explained “I was in the third grade We got up a neighborhood gymnastic team and traveled around putting on shows I did a g- ‘fgl Basketball A nierirnn Association EAST DIVISION WEDNESDAY’S RESULTS Pittsburgh 123 Kentucky 118 Virginia 124 New York 123 Texas 113 Memphis 104 Carolina 136 Denver 132 Only games scheduled THURSDAY'S RESULTS Virginia vs Carolina at Raleigh incomplete TODAY'S GAMES No games scheduled 'ational Association EASTERN CONFERENCE AHantic Division W L Npw York 31 1 1 Poston 2? 16 Phtugelohia 18 Buaio u 31 Central DtV'Son w L pltimore 2t 16 Cincinnati 1 21 Atlanta iJ H Cieve'ann 5 8 l WESTERN CONFERENCE Pacific Division w L Milwaukee 29 7 Detroit 76 14 ChiceQO 73 16 Phoenix — 19 Pacific DiviS'n Los Anoetes 22 15 Sen Francisco 22 19 San D'eso 21 20 Seattle 18 22 Poland 12 28 GB 7 7 20 GB 5 ’0 19 GB 5 ’ 7’a 1 9 2 3 5’ 7 11’ 3 WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS New York m San Franc sco 103 Philadelphia 119 Mitwaunea i07 Detroit 119 Cincinnati 115 Baltimore 106 Buffalo 90 Seattle 1?8 Chicago 109 Phoenix 132 Los Angeles 114 THURSDAY'S RESULTS Sjsn Francisco at Boston incomplete Ceveland at Atlanta incomoiete TODAY'S GAMES San Dego at Los Angeles Portland at Seattle Baltimore at Cleveland Orange Bowl tumbling act a lot of different stunts like flipping over pyramids” RODGERS will realize a long nutured dream tonight when he starts for Nebraska in the 37th annual Orange Bowl Classic against Louisiana State’s defensive demons “I remember last August when we had picture day” he said “In talking to the press people I told them I wanted to go to the Orange Bowl I said I wanted to have Hockey National Leasue EAST DIVISION W L T Pts 25 6 5 55 24 7 6 54 16 11 8 4Q 16 19 1 33 14 20 3 31 11 19 4 26 7 21 6 20 WEST DIVISION 23 6 5 51 16 8 11 43 13 16 6 3? 12 17 S 29 9 17 1 1 J9 10 18 5 25 U 22 2 24 GF 165 124 119 117 104 ICO 67 131 89 77 80 102 98 83 GA 91 78 96 109 130 12® 128 18 84 97 95 1C8 12 119 New York Montreal Tot onto Vancouver Detroit Buffalo Chicago St Lou'S Minnesota PhiiAOeiDH1 Pittsburgh to? A-qcieS California WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS Boston 6 MinncsOid 2 Toronto 3 California 1 ‘ Pittsburgh 3 Montreal 3 1e St Louis 5 Philadelphia 2 Vancouver 4 Los Angeles 1 THURSDAY'S RESULTS Chicago at Detroit incomplete Minnesota at Pittsburgh incomplete TODAY'S GAME Boston at Buffalo Atnrriran Lcapup EAST DIVISION W L T PH 15 13 4 34 14 18 1 29 11 18 5 27 11 16 4 26 WEST DIVISION 19 8 3 41 17 11 4 38 12 14 6 30 13 14 3 29 GF 107 117 105 ioa 113 124 9ft 102 GA 103 i:o 123 124 0? 92 9ft ra Quebec Sorjnafield Mcn’rf A1 Providence ’ Baltimore Cleveland Hprshev Rochester WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS Cleveland 4 Provioenee 2 Montreal 5 Rochester 3 Baltimore 4 Springfield 3 THURSDAY'S RESULTS No games scheduled TODAY S GAMES Providence at Baltimore Quebec at Rochester Laurel Hits Bill ‘Double LAUREL Md — (UP!) — A pair of longshots combined for a $244020 daily double return at Laurel Race Track Thursday Roey Issue a 5-year-old mare who had won only one of 25 races this year won the first race at $9420 under Larry Kunitake Celiuni ridden by Carlos Barrera won the second race to return $8120 T he 3-year-old filly was scoreless in 22 attempts this season The winning numbers were twelve and eight TeamSfe' a big part in taking our football team to the Orange Bowl” The role which the 170-pound sophomore played in helping get the Cornhuskers here is almost inconceivable He caught 35 passes for 665 yards the most by a receiver in 79 years of Nebraska football Seven receptions were for touchdowns Orange Bowl Grows Oaks Continued from Page IE loss to Texas Perkins’ first pass was delivered by Joe Namath who even earlier had keyed Alabama’s 17-0 shutout of Oklahoma in 1963 Joe Who? Well 01’ Joe Who had a couple of other illustrious teammates in the 1963 Orange Bowl One linebacker Leeroy Jordan will back up the line Sunday for the Cowboys Another will be rather busy this afternoon He’s Bill Battle bossing Tennessee against Air Force in the Sugar Bowl Obviously as a 28-year-old college head coach Battle is a young man in a hurry If he really hurries today he can watch the Orange Bowl on TV after his own game in New Orleans This pto season ended all too hurriedly for the man who threw for all the touchdowns when Georgia buried Missouri 14-0 here in 1960 Name: Fran Tarkenton Occupation: New York Giants quarterback SKIP BACK to the Orange Bowl of 1955 Nebraska had rather forget They lost 34-7 The second-string quarterback on the Duke team that wiped out the Cornhuskers was Sonny Jurgensen Now with the Washington Redskins he is regarded as football’s most accurate passer Yet Jurgensen was such an obscure figure for Duke 16 years ago that the Orange Bowl pressbook still lists him under substitutes as “Jurgenson” It isn’t a bad spot for subs at that Bart Starr was a reserve quarterback in Alabama’s record 61-6 massacre of Syracuse in 1953 Starr did get in long enough for one touchdown pass Today he’s a senior citizen with the Green Bay Packers Often Starr must throw against defenses devised by Chicago Bears head Coach Jim Dooley who got his Orange Bowl exposure in Miami’s 15-14 defeat by Clemson in 1951 That’s about as far back as they go in terms of Orange Bowl heroes still prominently actively in football Oops One more Bruiser Kinard is the only lineman ever voted into the Orange Bowl Hall of Fame He was a one-man gang here in 1936 although his Ole Miss team lost to Catholic University 20-19 Kinard isn’t a head cnach but he’ll be one Saturday agapnst Auburn in the Gator Bowl because Rebel chief Johnny Vaught still is recuperating from a heart attack In infrequent rushes from a slotback's stance in the I-formation he picked up 219 yards for a 61 average He led the Huskers in punt returns by running 26 for 349 yards a 134 average He topped the team in kickoff returns going upfield 359 yards in 17 opportunities a 211 average All that adds up to 1592 yards and 1 1 touchdowns “HE’S A GREAT sophomore” said Coach Bob Deva-ney happily contemplating not only having Rodgers on his side for tonight’s game but also for two more years — Associated Press Wirephoto “Johnny doesn't have tremendous speed” Devaney said “But he’s very quick accelerates fast and has real good moves Over-all he's been very valuable to us" Devaney chuckled “But when you talk to Rodgers remind him that he’s just a sophomore and not to start believing all this stuff” he said IF LSU’S defense isn’t as sharp as its reputation tonight Rodgers is likely to make believers of the Tigers early The first half of the first varsity game of his career hadn’t ended before he’d caught a 61-yard touchdown bomb from quarterback Jerry Tagge against Wake Forest Things were getting sticky in the Oklahoma game with the Sooners leading 7-0 Sports information director Don Bryant explained the sensational style in which Rodgers came to the rescue “With the ball on our 45 Tagge throws a short pass to Rodgers on Oklahoma’s 45 Just as he catches the ball he’s hit hard by two guys But he just spins away from them pivots toward the sideline breaks into the clear and goes all the way” NEBRASKA fought on to a 2S-21 victory “Rodgers the most exciting Nebraska runner since All-American Bobby Reynolds in 1950” Bryant said “I never think that anybody’s going to stop me once I get the ball” Rodgers said “I just worry about the quarterback getting the ball to me Confidence means a lot in this game” The 5-foot 10-inch breakaway boy is convinced “It'll be a real good game with LSU Really tight It's not going to be a runaway for either team If we play the right kind of a game and stick with our game plan I think we'll be all right” JUST LIKE everybody else Rodgers respects LSU's defense But he believes Nebraska has more offensive firepower than the Tigers’ regular season foes including Notre Dame “Most teams had to pass all the time against LSU's defense But we're not going to have to pass all the time We’re going to run on them And they're not going to know when we're going to pass or run Most of the things we do start out looking alike whether it's a run or pass” Rodgers fell silent and again surveyed the 80000 empty seats “All those seats will he parked New Year’s Night he mused “This place should he really jumpin’ It'll be that kind of a football game" UCLA Scores Gamecocks Win Garden Title By JOE CARN1CELLI United Press International Writer The almost count less string of holiday tournaments is over with the top-ranked basketball teams continuing to cruise along and a few highly-regarded squads catching their lumps UCLA the nation’s No 1 team had some unexpected problems with Pittsburgh Wednesday night before putting the Panthers away 77-64 to win the Steel Bowl Tournament South Carolina ranked second survived a last-minute scare from fifth-ranked Western Kentucky to win 86-84 and take the Holiday Festival in New York and third-ranked Marquette stopped Wisconsin 72-69 to win its third consecutive Milwaukee Classic Southern California ranked fourth defeated Houston 77-64 to capture the Trojan Invitational WHILE THE leaders strug-g 1 e d to victory others weren’t so lucky Western Kentucky didn’t lose too much prestige with its fine showing against South Carolina but eighth-ranked Jacksonville suffered a stunning 78-77 defeat at the hands of Wake Forest in the Gold Coast Classic And Villanova (No 10) was dumped for the second straight night losing 103-87 to Michigan in a rainbow classic consolation game Kansas (No 11) won the Big Eight Tournament with a 72-52 romp past Nebraska and Tennessee (No 12) stopped Michigan State 81-70 in a Trojan consolation (But St John’s (NY) suffered its second consecutive loss 94-80 to Providence in a Holiday Festival consolation and Oregon (No 17) feH to Oregon State 68-64 in the Far West Tournament Indiana (No 18) beat Ohio State 85-77 in the consolation game of that tor-ney UTAH STATE ripped Louisiana State 97-81 in a battle of 18th-ranked teams in the All-College tournament Representatives of both top-ranked UCLA and No 2 South Carolina were displeased with their tournament performances “We didn’t play as well as we should have” said Sidney Wicks UCLA’s star forward “But we’ll get better” Coach John Wooden of the Bruins thought the tough grind against William and Wednesday’s Cage Scores COLLEGE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENTS Holiday Festival Championship South Carolina 86 Western Kentucky 4 Third Place Providence 94 St John's NY 80 Fifth Place Holy Cross 84 Cornell 64 Steel Bowl Championship UCLA 177 Pitt 64 Consolation Duouense 79 William & Mary 54 Kodak Classic Championship Fordham 128 Rochester 72 Consolation California 94 Air Force 67 Gem City Invitational Championship Brown 83 Vermont 7? Consolation American 78 Gannon 73 Big Ei9ht Tourney Championship Kansas 72 Nebraska 5? Consolation Oklahoma 83 Kansas State 52 Milwaukee Classic Championship Marquette 72 Wisconsin 69 Consolation Texas 85 Dartmouth 76 Old Dominion Classic Championship O’d Dominion 89 Auburn 76 Consolation Xavier Ohio 82 Tulane 66 Tangerine Bowl Championship Ohio 84 Seton Hall 8 Third Place Stetson 67 Rollins 57 ALL COLLEGE TOURNEY Championship Utah State 97 Louisiana State 81 Third Place Montana State 101 Wichita Kan State FAR WEST CLASSIC Championship Oregon State 68 Oregon 64 Consolation Wainofnn State 65 Stanford 55 RAtNBOW CLASSIC Championship 89 Stretching Rivals Tip Rail Into Air Gamecocks' Ribock Hurls Rose for rebound Mary and Pittsburgh would help his team “We needed road games and we needed this style of play' because some of the teams we play in the conference will play it that way against us — deliberate” said Wooden “I think we learned a little and I think it will help us” Wicks and Curtis Rowe scored 26 points each to lead the Bruins over Pittsburgh FRANK McGUIRE South Carolina’s coach said his team "Got tight at the end” after the Gamecocks nearly blew a six-point lead in the last 19 seconds Two inbounds passes were stolen and a basket by Western Kentucky’s Jim McDaniels just failed to beat the buzzer McGuire scheduled a practice session for 8 pm Thursday despite the fact his team didn’t get into Columbia SC until 11 am “There’s no rest for the weary” he added “We have a tough schedule ahead of us” Sophomore Kevin Joyce who nearly blew the game when his two passes were stolen near the end led South Carolina with 25 Consolation Illinois 78 St Louis 60 CHARLOTTE INVITATIONAL Championship LaSalle 75 Boston College 63 Consolation Davidson 63 Georqia 55 HALL OF FAME CLASSIC Championship Massachusetts 79 Colgate 67 Consolation Long Island 87 St Michael's 81 Sormgfiold 54 Valparaiso 49 TROJAN INVITATIONAL Championship Southern California 77 Houston 67 Consolation Tennessee 81 Michigan Stat 70 COLD COAST CLASSIC Championship Wake Forest 78 Jacksonville 77 SUGAR BOWL Championship Vanderbilt 92 Toledo 74 Palmetto Classic Navy 78 Raylor 76 PRESIDENTIAL CLASSIC ’ Championship Ooroe Washington 81 East Tennessee State 76 Consolation VirgLia Tech 77 Richmond 57 OTHER GAMES South North Carolina 98 Northwestern 74 Duke 67 Penn State 56 Florida Southern 77 Maine 64 Marshall 96 Moreheao 86 Midwest Kent State 73 Northern lllionis ft8 Minnesota 79 Australian Nationals 75 Butler 104 Ball Slate 96 Southwest Wrs TpvaS state 89 Colorado State 63 McMurry 78 Howard Payne 71 LEADING SCORERS G FG FT Pt Avg Neumann Miss Rinaldi St PTr's NJ Carr Notre Dame Humes Idaho St Gilmore Jack'ville McDaniels W Fv Ourrett LaSaHe Mangel Auburn Frying Mass Yunkut Gi Tech 8 137 79 353 441 6 76 60 312 353 72 31 175 350 63 46 172 344 84 38 206 343 91 41 223 31 9 49 47 1P5 30 8 74 60 20B ?9 7 72 30 174 29 n 55 33 143 28 6 points McDaniels named the tournament’s most valuable player was high for the Hrll-toppers with 26 ’ Dean Meminger’s 21 points led Marquette over stubborn Wisconsin and Chris Schro-bilgen scored a career-high 21 to pace Southern Cal over Houston KANSAS led by big men Roger Brown and Dave Ro-bisch romped over Nebraska while sophomore Ernie Di-Gregorio scored 20 points to lead Providence over St John’s Henry Wilmore another sophomore had 31 points as Michigan upset lOth-ranked Villanova Jimmy England’s 29 points led Tennessee over Michigan State and Mike Keck’s four points in the last 17 seconds helped Oregon State upset Oregon Terry Wakefield scored 2-1 points as Utah State stopped Louisiana State and Indiana led by Jim Harris’ 24 points defeated Ohio State In other tournaments Fordham ran its record to 10-0 with a 128-72 victory over Rochester in the Kodak Finals LaSalle beat Boston College 75-63 to win the Charlotte Invitational and Ohio University edged Setdn Hall 84-82 in the Tangerine Bowl Tournament Navy beat Baylor 78-76 to win the Palmetto Classic and Vanderbilt took its third straight Sugar Bowl title with a 92-74 victory over Toledo Massachusetts beat Colgate 79-67 in the Hall of Fame Tournament and Hawaii stopped Brigham Young 94-90 in the Rainbow Classic Penguins Call Zaine loDuly PITTSBURGH — (UPI) — The Pittsourgh Penguins of the National Hockey League Thursday recalled Rod Zaine from their Amarillo (Tex) farm club to replace Ken Schinkel who suffered a broken collarbone in Wednesday night’s 3-3 tie at Montreal Schinkel will he sidelined six to eight weeks a spokesman said The Penguins also were without the services of Greg-Pol is who suffered a severe ankle laceration Wednesday night He was expected to lie back in 'the lineup against Jhe New York Rangers Saturday night

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