Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 24, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1916
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t*fc«* tMng* from th»y «re »nd puts they ought to be. SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO/97. NG DAILY : .AND DAILY STANDARD . STERLING, ILLINOIS.TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24.1916. ADVERTISING t»V*s things from where th»y are and puU theri- whers th«.y ought to be. PRICE TWO CENTS. TRANSFER MADE Fidelity Bonding Company Takes Over. Contracts Of Conducive Paving Co. A. C. Arnold Of the Company Made Arrangements With Council Yesterday. Rterllnt: has prohalifv seen the Irift of the I'ondticlve Pavttn? Company of Korejil I'ark, but their memory will linker a IOIIK time in the jninds of hiin- «lred« of the people of the city. At ft meeting of the city council Mon- dny afternoon, the matter of tnuiwfcr- IrltiK -and accept inn fhfj Fidelity Hond- ins Company, In place of the Conducive PavInK Company to complete the work of puvltiR .Second nvctutc and Second Ht. and HiXth Ave. .-Hid the Third HI. ny^temw, wn« formally train*- ftf'ted. At thlB meetltiK A. C. Arnold; representing thf» Fidelity HonditiK Company, wld InftHtnuch a* the pa vine company had not ncvompllHhcd lt« pav- IIIK contracts as they hud aureed to. the pnvliiKcompany had its«i«ned to the bonding company il« contract and If ajjreeable It would flnlxh the Job. This the city wait-not only willlOK,-but anv- lou* to do. The promise* of the Conducive I'avinK Company have become ~*—liy«**nrd -to—ths- people--<»fW«>rltnK,- and the.clty wa« glad to be free from It, and lrunt It may now have the paving proposition RO. forward as It oupht to have lon«r a«o. Immediately upon ihe clty'8 acquieHctnK to let the bond- Init company ani-timo the OWE LITTLE LETTER ADDED TO TELEGRAM CAUSED SEVERE SHOCK for pa-sr »h V. U. .at \V5 r-r- to /< <)« "'ll !hf t ! Miite "f petplexity Monday from 3 I.'CJ.H k tint It !> 'r, Stelner nnd >>o?i Ktnr>«! hn 1 .' 'hic.'ijro, she hfiylnc bought atc.tsen flore. Her h»?oVi!i I!! :t iff.-I '-fiTc reslc-nrd hi* i \Virf eiimpruiy (n ti«H'' t-fff weeks, and has the j rotilifse poMjtjnn itt <"liieriKo, where he f of the paving nyntemn Mr. Arnold tei phoned to Baltimore, Md., the head of. flee of thd company, telling what had town don* and ho received the sanction of the (Company, Mr. Arnold ban chnrtje of thin territory for the Fidelity llondlnic Company, and will Ktay on the job •He will necure competent men to the" job' moving fant. Of course bin ^onipaiiy haw takt'TT o veTITtlof the obligation*! of the pavtiiK company, and will Bee to it llutt all hills are paid. It In undernlood that the" Conducive Pavlntt Company has in about four thmiKBtid dollar* In the work thutt far and the IforeM Park bank, which ha» advanced the compartv money, ban in now About twelve thousand dollar*. What provision* .have been made for thin, between them and the bonding company in'not-known, Tlie mounter fconcrute mixer now on the tracks In the Burllnitton yards, will bo taken ov- ,t»r by "th« bondlnK. company and bo retained here, a« It IH needed, A «on of Mr. FYey of the firm of the Conducive Paving Company, who waw Umnkeuper here during the procre^M of the work, wan lu town Monday a I HO. and ho gave Mr. Arnold the time of all of th» men who have not be«>n paid. So th« pay pf theiM men will be ad- Justed at once, xald Mr, Arnold, Mr. Arnold made diligent Inquiries concern- Ing wh*t had beon done on (he job. and *"~lQk«r0VW the KltuftUon carefully and nftld-he_ntouliLna-.wluU he could-toward completing the paying started by the fjtflly re.Mited, Monday ;iftei Hoini lie rci eived a telepram from Chicago frotn hlf .""n I-'rncMf. which contained the follow Intr wotd«: "A Steinr-r, chief <-\i- Klticrr N. \V. \V. \V . Stcrllni:. I'ome totiltiht. you are needed positively M.I died as she said. Kt'!ie*<t." This priced-ii shock to Mr. Steiner. and In v,;i.« at n loss to explain how hi* wlfe.hitd died, nnd he nuked lii« hnilnn fA- n solution, lie (lustily «?e- i-i.U'd there must be Rome «rror In the wortiitiK of the telegram. He hastened to the office of the Western t'nion at St.'''llntr and for ,«om ri time the wire*! nere kept hot for a nolutlon of the mcp.miKe. At f* o'clock the mystery jtolved by the son Krnent, who had la en located'. The telegram should haye rend, "Come • tonight, you are needed piiuitlvcly. Ma 'did' n» nhe Fiiltl. Ktnust." The jidditioti of_ the letter "e" In-the word ''did" caused' the trotilde, Q PARKpCTION County Judge BIddptt Sets Date For Special Vote On Tuesday, Nov. 21. Question Of Park District and Five Commissioners Will Be Voted On. The election for the the proinmetl' "Kterllriij ParK i>lKtriet" irrrrt-thi' I'trrrffin of riVe'|Mil'k cotmoi«~ nloni-r« IH to be held on Tuesday, Nov. "•Int, An order to thin effect wan Is- mied Moiulay. afternoon by i'»>unty Jud«e William A. liloilgett at Alorrl- ASK INJUNCTION Effort Made By State's'Attor- ney and Council To Close Button Place. They Charge He Is Maintaining a Nuisance In Anti-Saloon Territory. PROMINENT FARMER DEAD W. W. Hcckmrto pi«-d at Hi* Home in VT. U' It.-, km r < T HI <! f . ' T -* 1 ti;«' ird -1* fo, ...n loon ti rrHorj. The ht-atvl diirini: tht pr* a! a tltii.^ rtcre«-Mli|e The application v the state's attorney hy himself a-< Hliite'* cry menihpr of thf . s ell With the r-xveptii ii < of In filed Mor- •otlft. St. i iinu. a lit i - -iii - _ :• . realised thu proKont condition of the '. «trcet« for travel for tho winter nnd wiKhod to hasten tho work, nnd If tin weather doon n»t turn «ojd too noon he hopon to h«vo thf HfriM«tB now ox- 'envated pftvod thin ifnll. It IH under- Ktoofl thnt'thoro will IIP plenty of mon- 0y placed In ono of th« HtorllnK hitnkw. that tho .material bouKht and hauled on the lyrrnundM may ho paid nnd work- ..mon rooolve tholr pay. It in'iUxo un- i_-dorntood that John t). Wotzol. of ,stor ling, IM to bo paymnHt«>, If the weather hoIdH K"0d. and tho work goos on ft* Mr, Arnold nay* It will, the work net out to do this full, will be arcomp- Untied. Thon will tho people of Sterling- rejoice. of BISHOP M'KIM SPOKE Or. William A. 1'erty. chairman the parks committee of U>« A««ociatlon cf iV'tinm-rce. took to Mor- riMon .Mom'lay n petition ni^niNl by one hundred |i-,p,,| u-tors residing In tla- pr« poned dlxtiht. \\ hjvh !H' the tttime an tli" terntiiry «mrj-ed by the townBhlp of Sterling. Thin petition, which- WUH nthlroHftod to the c<|i;mv judge, prayed that otHcial to call an election ^o tliat the propimitlon to cMnhllwh the pro- poKod park diotrlct could be Mubnilt'c'd to the vo'.era of nald proposed district for dominion. The judge wan found at bin otttco near the county clwrk n office, and oil reading ihe petition, Higricd an order calling, an election to bo hold iu« HJJOVO stated. Tho poltK nro to he open from 7:00 o'clock it. m. to 5:00 p. m. Tlu-re are to be throe- jwlllng places. All 'legal toUr*- r« s >«ldin^ «*«t— of- Hrotdway ami a line running north uC tl;,at will cant their ballots . a<-_ tho rpisular_ ..polling place at N. U Wjlger's Htoro. All vol- er« roHldlng west of Broadway and a lino running north of that, and OHVI of LOCUM street and Pesin^jigton road will cnHt. their ballots at Kterllng city hall. All voters residing went of Jao 5 - ctiKt wt red and Ponnlngton road will cam their Imllotn nt the ntoial lolling place in Gait Hou«o bulUilng. I The i»or«oriH naiiitd to act aw judgon at wild election at Wllger'H Htofe 'arc iOlmerU, Mennch, fjeorge Hurch and M, i'. Hte\ ; etif4, and a» clorkd, A. -A- Wo'odyatt and Frank ThotmiH. At tho city .hall the judgon. are to be Kamttel Wctstol, Harry II. Over nnil George F. Whlattk-r. and clerltH. K. K. Jenkins and John .M. Huckloy. At the (Salt IbpiKe the judgen art to ho W. H. (iloason, Harry T. KerKUH;>n, and Karl Hallott, .and cIcrkB. J. W. JohiiKon and <\ndrow liuhcr, ai.-'i Att.iMiry .t. .!. l.ndi-n-! pplication foi an Injiinciloti in i Mondiiy In-fore the <"ii<iiM ••aioliu; l,.-e Mutton in hitii lion \\ ill he --i ti! let In of court to bo'th p'artleM. \.i-i drawn up by and It was «li;ned < attorney nnd ev- HerltriK City »'otin- n of ConitnlHsioiier Harrnoti. Tli«-y lnelud«:d Mtiyor A, J. I'latt. Cointniw«iioiii.r« It. A Kidiler. bend of the dep/it ttnellt of llnatl'-e; .1. I'. Overholser, bend of the depaftmi-llt of health ami safety; Theodoto Troutb of the head of Ihe department of public biilhllnK« and John <i.. llnuloik, chief of police llutlon condiietH a Moft ilritik pttrlnr T>n t-'it-rst nvmtr-. At the ht-t:itt» nitiK of the (iitoiii't- *e«i«ji,.n, the criind jur> found nineteen indicimentM nKalnst llTtltnn frTr^r-llirtir lt't«"r in i»ttH-*ftU«-tn tesrltoty. other* from Fulton wen- indicted at the same time and sill of them pleaded KUllty and were nivett Hne« whlcl' wen 1 paid. Mr. llutlon .secured counsel and pleaded not guilty to the Indictments ami lntendn to ll«ht the cawe. At the time the cane was f«et for li'-alillk' lluttoft sent three affldll- vlts< from differ* nt doctors in KterlltiK. sayltiK he WIIH very sick and would be unable to apiicar and asked for a continuance of the case until the .January term of court. Thin of course had (6 be. Krunied. ilntton ne^ have rt>~ covered quite ...rapidly from the tllncHS nnd haH been d«»wn town rlKhl IIJOIIK of lute tMUh«cnnunti«'ft lu .operate_lil«. no-called Jw drink. purloi-K, and to rent rain hViirfroth conductiuK what in claimed, a nuisance, the ntale'« attorney, and the city of Sterling and police head, luive ankejl for an Injunction. Mr, I i< i I. nri 11 of the Mcitiit-v patt of Idd life refilled "11 !! fill u as in cotitited of I,...- t- ov i'il to !'nvi hiis lir'en li\"itu: in (hat city decedent ai- !.<-e Snnrit?- nrrh*. Hi!.'-- hn.'J of It) Kor i in ti contiiy. j.atf-r he _re"i ariit for «otne ye?ir.« on \\>M Third ,«tref»t iJtititit: hifs Ufftitn" the inlfed nuiny aerrx of bind iX'ifi the «rr«-n(er;-. >'<-ais he :>f thnt. < Hy, ntut county and in North I>ak CONTEST THE CLAIM Voters Of Ooloma Seek 'An Injunction To Prevent the Spreading Of Tax. • An application fur nn injunction was died in the Whltenhl*» county clr; uit court Monday by A. C. .Stanley, Alfred WorthlitKton - and others lit Coloma township. n-KkltiK that the county ch-r!' pro tern Wallace Chapln, he rex trained from KpreadinK certarti .taxes ,,n the Colotna toHiiHhip collector'ft honks, to he collected ||,e followlnc Winter. ThlM lx Ihe aflcriuath of (tin ". hich !R lielnu collrcted, to the ami of-- SIS7 «'», rlur' rnrtn*n Ifiwvrrs ns torneys fur the Anti Saloon t^niut Cojoma and Hock l-'alls. - ti'rritory, the Ih.- wet.M and county judite ffir a decision. The dr>n won th*« case. They employed certain attorneya to fisht the cause for them/niid tiio due them. 1137.00. \\iut not paid, Tho Voters l-oagiio endeavored to have tho hill paid by the tmvnuhtp, Thin MupervlHor Kobert McNeil • re- ftinrd to do. At the town meeting' huit .•Mjrlnir. a renolutlon wan pawO- that thla bill bn paid, and the motion mill HtandH on the mlnutefi of the town clerk. Considerable has l*»en wild and written regarding thlx inaiter pro'.and MEXICAN REBELS! Gen. Robies With 22,000 Men te Reported Marching On the Mexican Capital. Prominent Military and Civilian Leaders For Gen. Carran7a For President. PREMIER MAKES A PLEA (T-y !~ni!«<! Prey*, j f:i I '.'is... T'-.V , tl'-t. L't. • -That CJr.j). .Iiivr- ft"td*-«: in command "f «.-< vr-r;)! thousand ri \ "lulit'iilst.x. ha« stalled t<. march mi Mexico t'itv. jfjhe stati ni»-?it "f Ktnilln'Ki I'tintti. ftecj-f.tarv 1>- UI-H Hobles. \vh" ,-itrivcd from the tuttiotuit capita! aft, t delivering a !<-!!«>r de(hat C'ai tany.a al"ti<-at<- Mini rmfil prisoner* Tin- revol- h ivr fntf-tdl thf state nf lh nf tti«- f,-ip|(.'il, li" <|'M lar- release - utionists 1'iH'Mo f'll. \V MMtiii hill iint lit e of was vcti'd dry t-asn was con(ri<tcd by «•;(«„ ra fried heforo tho tKt»n st.-lU- drpai tlnint i>(Yi- '•.ia!n havi' tcliali|.> Infrirmatinn that Uf'fl. !{(l|«|«-?< 111 CtltJlttlfUHl flf ^'^.ItiKt m*-|l r(in!tnl?< lh<« statf nf Cnxaxai -a. A 1arK»> ntiitiln-r of liin cotiimnnil wro f(>|-tn<T- ly aillicr cuts of l-Vlix ?)!!>•/„ START BOOM FOR CARRANZA. • My rnllnl l'riM«) Mexico »'ity, Mox,. ''i I. L'J. Scvi't'al f I ho ntosi pr»mitt«-'ttl tiiilltiiiy and civ- ili.'in li-tidf'f.t have' plfittioii 'inn. (*ar- tlu-ir "ii|«|n?tt fur iir«-sid.-nt ,,t ,, li'-iVf nt' thi- ' hotni- itf""i;7-ir' f;t«!ixalf.-< at Tai-iiltji>a law! (Jon/alf-H rnllofl ih ri rut sriiiiiitT tnnMi<" fn" "if j f <;«<M. Olifr-Ki'll. IH-II. I-'I.SM. l-' ri'tary f i«'ii. a hnfit A»t<s th* Canadian 'Railroad' Men Their Threat^ed Strike. 1 1';-, I -i-i(«-«t f-'t,— i- i (.:. .Man. i>ct. ,' i !' ; -I'IK to -at fin nddrV-u«t (n !) wn I'l' • •!Titi!«iy< -: <>f Ihr- road iirKins: thf-m to post pufj*-" thr-ir <'•":! ft f" C>>t^t ^'tif<t' Bt'hfdul''d t" K" jniii rffr-i't at 5 !>'"cl<"'k ti-rrmrt'iiw nftfr- 1M"'I>, The ITH-II il«it-l;tri'fl (hat iU-lay \v.'i.« in!t"'*-' ; i(>Ir lifcnu."* 1 of th« l rni!- !!i:ur,-! ur'.-iit i-jrnintr puwtr btcan.sf of ih« war'. HUGHES MAY REPLY The Democrats Continue To Their Drive Against Him Concerning Hyphen. two Powerful Armies Threaten To Crashjhnimama Out Of War Before Winter, \ Decisiveness Of Victory Is Expected To Have Its Influence On dreece. \v>r». tciKII Sayi Qovornment Japaii Absolute Control Of the^Pacific Ocean. .. Thf« Ttighl Reverend* John McKIm "Blwliop of Toklo, Japan, was the principal wpeaker Ut-n-tneellng of the 1'ro- teMtant ICplm-opiil chorehe>j (ty ^'iit* Ul«hop t«MI HtorlliiK man and hi* frlenilH here wero very much intercut- ed in hid trip to the United .SiHICH Urn :•- mimmw. The CIHCIIKO Trllmn'o hmi tlu • folIoWitiK to any, In pail «f hlti talk" before ttu* ineotlng; . ' *" ~ "The government ut \Vu«hfnBtxin was ~t*?Htrged~wlth~~1igvinB r jtlven" over" tlir ~""controt~of" the~T"u<"iflc~io •iiru'JjiplinliHe and uf witlulruwliiK the ttnited KtateK flajf fro.m <>u«t<;rn wutet-H, In an uddreNM . In Moulah temple in connection will) __Jhe KennfaI oonvention of this I'rotest- ant TSplncojial «hurcH. "The Biitittker WUM the HI. Itev, John McKim, liiHhop of Toklo, Japan, " *Tli» JapaneNe,'. he mid. *«r« charg. «M|-wllh attempting to-.get control of DIXON PIONEER DIES Franeit M. C.aurtright Married a Pro- pheutown Woman. .FranclH M. ('oiirtrlglil. one of the old: olt Pel t beena-Tjf- Dlxonr^paniiod" away ~ii t hlw home, 816 Hemlock Avo.. at &:30 o'clock Monday morning after an III- neHM of about five montltK, He suffered from a nervous breakdown about .Inly 1. hut wiiM conllned In bin bed ENGINEER WAS HERE Expert From Rock Island Looked Over Damage To Ave. 0, Bridge. Knglnocr. Khorntan. of Hock Inland, who in .in charge of thin diMtrict, for tho state highway commiHHioli was ir< SttM'ling thiK forenoon in conKtrHatl<ui with V. H. Tuggctt, county Huporlntend- ont of blghwnyH, and John Landls, road commlHHloner, , of Sterling township, concerning the Avenue (J bridge pier w h I eh—;-ha«— s t» rt'«•»!—t o—e/pumbl t»~ «\?«-y-.- caiiMltiK the span to drop eight or ton laches, ..Supervisor fihernmu luukiul (»ver the situation carefully and thought It bcHt to tear down six or eight- feet of the top -of the pier, and build tip from the pier then to the bridge. It wax also thought advlnabk* by.him to huvt« tho pier re-enforced with Ht'oel ax it was erected, to make it stronger, and. lew liable to crumble 'an tho ohi one hat* been doing. It* W«H aluo thought bofct to havo the part to bo put on. -flare iia it woni upward, so that the top would tiave conHiderahlo of a projection, mif tlcleiit tt> allow the weight of tho .ends of tho npat>. .-'-.. Superintendent V, N. Taggett wan given Instructions to make plans and estimates of the cos.l. H'ifH tho Intention of the MiiperviNOr to havo work commence on the • bridge at'once, so that travel on the Htrurturo will not be oliHtructid any longer than IN nee* oHsary. While It can not bo told what tho cost of the work will bo It in.'thought (hat it will be quite a hit ICKH .than three IhoiiHurul itottaT.-*, and In all jirolt- ablllty the county will asked in pay fine-half 'of tho oxpctiHK an. man,y con,—but—Mtlll—ih<*—i>u|>*^rvlm>r—-refOfHf) to piiy the hill. He w»y» he hax con- Mitlted excellent counsel and they nay It would Sw-Hb'Kal for him to pity if. and jti«t a» Rood attorney* for the other side nay he should pay it. Therefore thin Injunction is imked reBirnin- IIIK the county i-lerk from even ^pread- itm the amount a KM! nst the property o\vner>« of Culoma township,to be collected Shis'winter.. H "l« expected there ^yl!l he a lentil titrht of eoiiKldr-rahle proiiortlonn made when the matter In tip for hearlriK. which will he in the near future. an appolril>«<| pr<i>i|f|<>nt nf rKiMtlxiitluii lo f.tnnn poll- tlral party to mipport <', <!<-n, Cnh-iUiwt lw.sii«'tr*n df>crrc shortly provifliiiK that nalnrl'-H N- paid in the tintliinal mold or It* ripi! vulcnt. The Hiilarlr-w of Kovr'rnrn<>t)t will he Ki'vrr hy a ftnplriy<>(>s lr>i>r«'i> to ln> (M^ PLEA FROM CHIHUAHUA. (H.v I'nlteil I'leXH. I K\ IVuui, Tex,, o,-t. 24.~-Hnmlrr.lji' of OFFICIAL BOARD MET At 4th St. M. E; - Church and Elected Officers For the Ensuing Year. Tiffii TuSfe!', "la'jii r'.tuii! and early todav, bfineitic coi-.r-rtnnljon of <1h< ret'ort of VillaV piescoeo oiitjstde of Chlbu.'ibiia. Thene refukeeK declare that the are on tlje western »lde of the city, and nn jfttiieH on the northern Mexico capital iw expected at any moment, • •About mhlnlcht S'.IM residents (> f ci|j. htiahiia city arrived in .It-arc?.. ,\n- «>Uier irnin brought the faitiily <•( <;.-n. Irevlno. CarnuulHla conitnajider, | r , one car were-thirty jrirls. d.-umhtcrH of modt proniltietit fiitiitllcH In tlu the ~~TT TH gpfOnif-Too^fiitt! liT~thi> "seiiKon to advertise for bidn for thlw work, con» «eo.uently work will K» forward either' under the NuperviMlon of the road com mlmdoner or Ihe.county (tujierinti'iident of hlphu'iiyM Mony-'l 1." "!!•' "f Hit Tho lirst monthly mooting in th«* now conference 1 , yuju'-^f-tho-UillPlHl*-Hoard of Fourth St church m'«-t laxt'ovonlni;, the pastor, HoV. \V. l» follln. pn-sld- ing. ' A niimhor of rcportH uoro proxontv;!, th.ii."from the lljiiinelnl H«»rrrtJiry'being ruirtlritlnrly onconrHKinif. It wan tluu u-Htim of Sfi.aso had boon for tho running oxp«nscn of tho chui-ch and ItM. boncvolottt i-luitn« during th<« past- yenr, i-vory rout of which has boon paid Into the troAMury. No'• ilnwr r<?j>ort on tho lltmnrhil affairs of tho church IMH, PVI^ boon prowontod iiccordliiK to thow longpst idpntillod with Kotrrth Bt. nrtlvitlo«. Tho Im- .iKtrtnnt IIUHIIIOHH of tho evening had to do with tho roorgjinlwitlon of th«» hwird and tho wlcctlon of comtuittees for the (.'nailing year. The foHowInK ollicet-H worO'"<>l(>rt«<dt' The .piisttir in .pertnuwnt Chairman jn virtue of hl« otllct;. Vlco <'Jtulrmnn— H, K/ Jlostotte'r. l-'inanclal S«M-'ry.™.|)r...l-'ord A e . Smith. TrouM.-'—Hurry McCasJin. . iu:e, hon ry.—KoHtor H. Kike. 'Chuirmitn of tT»he,r« (morning) -('. II. Woodhurn; (oy«nln«l John \Vnsnnr. moHH, VV. !>. l*almer, H. M. MJiiKle, Frank Iteltxel, P, A. Ankeney, Uobt. Klmbro, Ch(i«. Hammond. Janitor Committee-—A. T. Scoyill. C. K, Censlngcr, J. |.'. .Stephen. Harry .cnpltnl. Many of the red, Keen to t,he America n Hide of tbc horder. Nearly all of t,hc refnuce,; hail left ItecaiiM they feati.'d \ m,i w,.uhl a«air» enter «'hlhiiahna city, and Koine of them believed don. Trovlno would nva- the city when the aK,«ault bo- BATTLE IS REPORTED. (Hy United freHH) K» I'axo, Tex., Oct. 24. Jtr arriviiiK hero roport a «klr; twwif oiitixtWtti-or tho dofat-to Kovern- mc-nt and Villista« at Fro»no, 10 mlloj* from Chihuahua, Fiwno !« on Vllhfn own ranch pun-han«»d when ho was In control of Chlhuahun, No dotalls o-f tho outcome of the flKht wero i«;<M>Ucd. ANNUAL CONVENTION Of W. F. M. S. Opened Today at 4th-St. Church With a Large Attendance. The annual convention of tho Moth- llut \Vot»en'n Foreign. .MlKwIonnry Koclety of .the .' Dixori I>I.Htrict ; met at l-Tourth Hi. church thin aftcrnooiiHir o|»«iiing {tpHtiion. ..Mrn. ('. K. I 'ago. president ,,r i| t< , orgaiiizatinii, in the I'hair, The dcvojhmn were coudwclod by Itev. VV. i,. .i.*oUin, pantor of the church, i Hy flitted TVen.-*.) New V«»rh. N'. Y.. Oct. 24.---Candidate f'harlew K. HufiheH, upcnklnK in Queen*"- boro toniffhfmny have .«orneth_itiK. to va\- aliout the hyphen charKe. The ean- •lidate bimielf early lo«f«y wax Hllent !>!it thoff; clone tri him «UKRent that he may reply to the Democratic claim. The iictnocrallc national committee continued it« hyphen "drive" ncainMt him today. Their Intent Installment In the «ericM conjiideritiK thc> ndnitftslon of a cuufti ejn-.e botwooti llll«!i* ! >t stud the Anierlcitn - Indepi-ndencp conference. United the (mine of .Supreme C(vnrt'-,^r'i- 5Ji:iLl''.'.hjiiyi J _iiLlhL« j'lty, witM the hyphen ort'aiilwitlon, it"Vi'tTihii'd" him an a s-peaki'r Iti tljr "Conference" an d rlainu-d he ur^ed dotting in touch with the Kepijtilicnn leader* more closely, Ans.weriii»r thlw Republican National Chairman Wilotrs reiterated his ntatc- tnent.thal HiiKhM had made the or- 'lixatlnn no pled^en nnd h«d entered DO uirri-eiTient or nny deal*.. WILL DEPEAT-WILSON. (Hy United Pr«'dn.) WdNhltifiton. D. f',. Oct. 24.—"The \\ lUon Adanwmn wnirft Increase bill u'ill do more than any ono l-hlng to defeat T*re*ddcnt Wiliion'B reele«-tion." -l^tMiUlfrtttt "f'jattonnT^Cliriiriniin \VfJciix declareil In a statement which he mailed to the WaHhlngton newspaper correxpnndenttf today, • "Mr \VilHon may have some nuceen>t lit palming off u Rold brick on the president* of the railway-brotherhoods hut he cannot iU-( elve' tho men they represent one*, they havo a'chance to examine the hills themnclveH. The hilln make ever-y railway, employe wih- j.H-t n<»t only to tho injunction, but to «'fine of $1,<HW and one ycar'« Imprisonment for Interfering with Inter' Htate tratllc, Thin fact him already been reported by William J, Wnkeftnh'i landidate against \V. O. l/ee for pre»<- hh'nt of the brotherhood at the ln«t election,',', . . ' . The .announcement that President Lovrtt of the t'nion Pacific and I'ri'Hl- tlent t nderwoi'nl of,the Krle, will «up- l-ort \Vllnon, sthould »nakt' the mil way men »IIHP|C|OUH, declared t'halrmun l.ottdon. than half J'.v fnlted Prr-wH ) KtiK., *>ct. 24.- With morf>. if the Con«tntix.,'i-Cernavodii railway in IIJM hnnds. Field Marshal von ..Mncken-en IH . advanclnir Ttorthwnrd. nimliiK to drutroy a jiart of flu- Htufo-Hrtiiinnnitiii force. The capture of Hn.«nivn on the- IJanuhr. by his left wlnit. If officially announced in Herlln. llooovo id only elRht tnilf^ smith "f (Vrt)RVoda where is locateil the only hrldne over which the retreal- itii,' ItituHistriM and ItounmnlntiH withdraw to old Houm.inla with nnd ei|tilpment. The center of Mrtckeanert'c rtrrny can their ha« ciipturod tho railway junction of Mod- lidla. a point utipportlrift tho HIISHO- Honniitnlan linon. Tho rlKht wltiK ha-« .swepf thronnh (V»nHtnn7.n In purmilt of the llotimaniiinft rind the ptirmiint; -cavalry haw reached the Itoumaiihin town of ("arntnurat. Thr (Jertnan-HulKHr-TurklBh f.orreM have c'lptined 6,76« prji«oner« and fi2 machine "|iun«r ~TTi<? nefTnilTI "Wnr nf- Ih-e clulniM no'larK 1 * amount of booty. apparently confirming a Homo repot t thnt- thi'~«ttppUo*-wprc. ..TiUrtovcd_l£uui «.'onstnn7il Hovoral days ago. While Mackonnen wan ronumlnir HIP ofTeriHive In Tranxylvanla% tho effort x Jo cruHh Houinania hetvvoon tho two eiiHtorn and wen tern armies haw been mectlnK with «omo «ucco««. Prodonl has been captured «ft«»r several weeks of fightinK near l'r««dfal paMM. It'ith tho itoutnnntHn and Iluwilftn \Var offii'OH lnHuod official ittntpmcntii. admlttlnfftho Ion« of Conntnniui. Koth HtatementH, however, announced 'Rou- manian vIctorloH near tho Transylvan- lan frontier, onpeclally In the.Cltus vnl- loy, where tho Houmanlann attacked nn th<' who!*-, frontr -In Mwondonln Sor- , resumed the offoitHlvo toward rapturing {Sormwn-Bulgarlnn I'le roll call fol In wing IX-Knlb, rtftt- in In uere ffjven from the HgfictieH: Uochelh',' Dixwn, Stewiirl (Mulla, BODIES RECOVERED Pour Perished Wl\,en An Auto Plunged l^hrough Open ". Draw In Chicago.- (Hy Unltod Proud) dil.ago. 111., (let. 24.—Tho polh-o today roeoverod tho body of Htmh J. \Varni'i% drlyor of tho auto which pluiiKcd throuRli tho upon draw near Twolfth «tret»t and plunged Into tho river laHt nlKhf. Tho hod leu of th«« threi- other victlmn arc bollovod to-be held at tho bottom of tho river hy Uu< car., Tho car ha« boon locatod" and will ho takon from the river an HOIJH ax hoistH can ho procured. J. A. Mat-Klon, a*nlstaiit harbor mtiH- tor, after an inquiry 'wild: "Only one policeman is on duty at tho bridge in tho early morning..hours and he i» Hta- tioned, on the euat »id« from Which tho traffic compn—• I t'-tl-fl Htlll foulld thltt- ARE CRUSHING ROUMANIA. (My Unltod rt-esrt,) rlln, Her,. Oct. 24.— Two powerful oH. attacking from, tho pant nnd wc»s; throaton to cruch the HnumanlanH In a mighty vl«o and put h'er out of tho war before wlntor, • Field Mnrxhni viiti ' Mnrkoncnn's OIT- nmn-Miilgtirlun "Turkish forces hav« captured nearly a third of tho t,*on- Ktanx.a-Ornavoda railway and are upon Cornavoda itself. Tho Uoumanlan force that evacuated Con- Htan/.a IH falllnK h'dck hastily to e«cape annihilation., On tho . Hoiimnnlnn wo«tern front Field- Marshal von Falkenhayn ha« re- Hiimed the offonnivo anil in carrying the battle to tbe : KonmanfwnH at «ev««U different place** on Uoutrianian «oU._ js»__ It i« hrHrVWnhere' that Rerlbui' riots will occur In the Houmanltin capital _ Important nea.port IB mudo pub' only lic. Wat An E««y Don. .MacketiMMt'n »ntty Vjctorv. . tty victo ctory nt Ihv Kong.and ligiitN wore in workitw ordor. 1 believe tho only reason Warnor did not «oe the danger ulgnaltt WUM . ConKtunsai was <luo partly to tho KUH- Mo-Houmarilan lack of artillery. It IH underHtood here. . \Vhon tlon. Kalkon- hayn began Hwoojiing tlie HoumiinlanH out of Transylvania the HoumanlatiM hiiHiU'y Hhifted their gunn from Dob- rudja to the TraitHylvanla paitHea to check the invasion of their woHtern border. The HiixKlanH hrought reln- forcemeniN in mon Into Dohriidpa but were unable to bring HO adequate artillery equipment and the enemy ballet-Ion won* unable to offer adequate oppoMitlii.ii to the Teutonic advance. Ono report from Kothi «aid that CoiiHtanza, wnM.woti with hardly any lighting. Tho Roumanians evucuiited tho city tthortly after a Uorman dotacbinotit cut tho railway to tho we«t. j'aVolry'dotach- mentH entered tiu» clt>' in the afternoon and found it deserted. s ' Tho deirlHlveneKN of tho victory IH expected to havo iretnendouH, liilluencn attempt to i v.recce, sniiTuK In win the Hupptirt «f fJreecn in the war. SERBS ON THE OFFENSIVE, •.'ruddock. 1'arl.M, Franco, Oct. 2-l.~Sorbian tr(»o}iK have roHtinted thoir advance on Monawtir and IHUSP cjyiturod enemy trenches to n depuT^titliinir^ mile, it IH officially announced. Tho'Serbian only two daj'H hof»>re hi Francln-CourtriKhi, who wa<* more familiarly known an Frank,, was horn bn - the farnlly hoineHte-Hd one «iu! r half mile east of Dlxoji, Oct. 30, IH-I8 nnd had hp lived one more week' would have e.ompl_e>ted_ hjK |8Ui ycar.7 J work. points u« well us Ntahlllty iif. th»« Uopairtt - \V. .T, . JenniiiKK, I. Hnavely, V>". .r. Hell, C. \V, > piffeiiicni oj i-oiirtti «f, Auxiliary, at 1 1 'Mr«. -\Vebb. A particularly RIDGE LOSES SUIT " There IN no need of their making any mich effort, for.the Unitwl StaU* ftiy the pannage of the si-amnaV i>jti ims hiuidcd to tho .liipiini',41- us. H free gift the-willful of tho i'aelttr. As H rottuK of lh« NtHiui taken by the United State*, there IUIH been a» almost- complet . Withdrawal of tho United Htutes from, fuiwteni watorn." ' , ... .,..,- j and ttaid they had never broken any treaty nor viuluted any a«rce- inen! will} tho I'titted frilalt>>, uiul that they did not want war with thix coun- iry." ' ' WATCH FORJ[HE BAN.DS Qovernmunt A«k» Hur?t#r» to Keep Tab On Wild Puck.. If yuu kill or capture- a wild duck bearing nn Aluminum hand amiiiul one leg. having u nuinln'i on one hiili> and on the nlhor 1i wlutettuuit ici|(ie»itiiiK that thw United. Klali'H ru'p.ntmeut of Agriculture or- the IMoloKical Survey' tit! tiutMli'd, you ay leijue.-H-il In wild this hand nt onrn ttr the Iruiean ot Ditiliglral »urvey, t7epuitinettt of Agriculture, W«»hiu«ti>n, D~{' This. band. if accompanied i,y a wtitcmi'iit -is to datt», plmie (uiil c'ircuiiifttUHr* jiadet Whifh thw IfilXl \\drt iuken. Will hi> ot wviw to tln« Survey m iLx.i'tioii-. to iit'iUUiUilit;-Jilt'- ivlUj.*-V4t< i.i( K>,lnniii;ii (UicliM and thf H.ute.i of nii>;i.<u<.ii oj tlH> hpcctCf.. The baiulN HIM iniin4",tt HIM entire l|fe WHS «pont in ,tJUti,.corn- (uiunity, where he. Was respected wild esteemed, , . • On Feb. «, 187!), ho WUH married to ...,e|en. K, Htttkew of I'n.phetaUiwn. who with two daughter*,-.Mm, B. R Wat IK and Ida, are left lo mourn hit* death. On« Sister, MrM. Jonnlo Ketterly, ol Kureka, Mont., hiMo. «urvivi*u. . |l« w«w a charter, member of At. W. A, Camp, .No.'841. .Mr. Courtfighl was quiet utid rotlr- IIIK In muunor but wast, a true friend and cnnKcieiiiiouM In all Ma if with his -fellow men. JSft*n_pen[od Commission On : ^F«rm"~F|e 'llP.ysh*' •"_•"__ Tire "Jifry "r«5miuifea~" a "viTfiircr , [fiTA" mornintr in the Hultrof Wollwr & Brack* fit ver«UH l.utht'irKhlgi). <>f Kl,erllng, at .MorrlHon. before tli'e Circuit court to the umoiuit of $172.00 In favor-of the plalniiffH. \V«»'d was a'tinrney FIRE MARSHAL HERE •auc -- U«P (ilouild of tilled -Mvljftt-r,-. ptrv-iipnt Salt Lake, I'l.ib ami thc-it- Tlu* ilfjiat'tnicni tn.p.u hcui uiv MI\U!* to xt'ctiro n-jitti tti ftoia UK s«- iutiK f their totnplvti l..-i.\.ts li)» lrr,ibid> ivhi. tr h,<-, Utlh >l |,un »>f tlnHl>!U:iU of link k> Iji ft.iir Betrtck; — of — Chicago, — Maksi Sterling Relatives a Week 1 . Vieit. <ii'OJKi> Detlirb, of C'hiot-igo. diove ihiw car thrutiKh from Chicago to Sterling Sunday and will visit and hunt for a week ((now ih n son of Matlin Hetrlck, of NeUorf tovviiKhip. The VI*- itor hnw hi en holding down « good jot, for M vetal >wu> a*, fin- mattthal i>{ nvi t>f tilt' I'IKKfst elfvatorn ill Chicago ioiupli>t< conttol of these mon- atcr elevators and hiw ciew of men are foiinrunily on tho Jo.b. t'nder hi-> Hurvoillance there han hcen no the ol uny C4>nsfuueiu'o -iluting all t of the year* he ha« been in ch.trge of the r* 1 ^ ,Mi> iM-tiic'rf .spent mo»t tit itfc 'Hi N'eiwon and for >cai<t h« ilcd a lht<nhinjL{ uifM-'hlne Ljiti i he wild out and rnnvfrt to l>i\oii luul enleied husiiie«). DivillK th-tt up •was ti|ipotntc<| ufnl in iile 'Hi CN< elli lit ollx l,ti lit HUH iri'i'liiiagij ,ind vn (lie ill pat luienl , N"t hettm hl-, l,c 1. 1. idined tl|i- pi^ In l»i\on .if! t sU v* i I 1100(1 'l til U\lld. Trnrtrr,--, ittt-k« arai i"\ eml it i , Hi'!! ktlo\VU ' ir. . o| • I I i .'I I Ml. i. N Sv oloicd Mv Mull isott liiuf .loho |!n-l/ the |i tit i wiii I c tt llll (he I )-. I'm v \viir"nil liu'nUir.;' tf KUrrHs^rui - with lli.'in Su thii .-n-(»t|ii h APPLES! f«ir the plalntiffjt and Van Hant & He»ne mtorneys for the defendant. ; Over « year ago Wolber '.^ Bracken, real estate men of MHUsilgeville, sold « farm ff»r Mr. HldKp> '*nd th<« ci> Hlon amountwl to- $172. Mr. ....,„. claim** that the firm told him if be ever xolil a farm which they had listed they would Kplii lifty-flfty .with him on the commiHwion. ijjter All. ItldK*' and another man. bouttht a certuin far.m east of KterlltiK a few miles, tinted by the (inn and Mr, IttdKH vhilme.i one- half of Ihr purchiiHer. ThiK with ionte»ted by th< real i'htatc Dim. hence the .suit ' .Mr, ItldKe uxpecteil hi- would' ofthet (ho lull «f 1172 an.iin.-t the other, but Hilt, thu jury, denied HOME PORTRAITS IN H, $/ In On» Frame There la Over 400 Portraits Alcne. Von vMll h.irdlv believe that in oui U S then.. ,uv ,,n muns putitrct. ot '• Committee^ oh l'*-e of Church- N. (.i. Van Rant. -C-.-..IJ, U"m«lhiirn. John AVa^* Pj.nanclitl Cummlttec«~C. K.- Ji*ra*oi\ V .SaBt. Kr-Mrr feature of (he afternoon pro(\riaiu was a demon«(mtioii by the .Kings* llentld« of the junior tnihMioaai y t, churcli. bottles were found In the rear of the •llmotiHine/ by'tlus diver who had-been workitiK i»n the bottom of the.Chicago river all day. The body of Sylvan Kufel wax enuttiKled in tlio front neat of th' "" • uftnr r»- pulse of enemy-at tnekM by French uniln on the Cerna river front. Kresh Our- man troop* co-operated with the But- CON8OLIOATE LINES. er . Yearly Financial Statement- \v: T: ennlriKs. F, A. Hinlih, «'. ' K. Fnisicr. 'Harry Mc("'asliii, Mower *'oinmit't <•*>••'- Mrs, John ner, Mrs. J Stakemiller. Ponichy and Miss of"the church at.-a. downtown rtmtunr* lint. They will be taken this ovtni to th«» homcH ivf-Hiel-r-hotftwMit. 'Tomorrow .at noon" a dinner will. b« 8'erve«i in the pnrluiH of tH'« church. Tonight the. program will consist of . -„. A now position created watT.lh'at of Director of MiMxionary Kdiicutlon' and ono "'eminently lilted for the post-In the pcrrtmi of VV. T. Jeiinlii^H wax 0|OCtod,-r . . - . Other oommiite."s uppointod uniktr dlrectton ot the quarteil.v ('iinfeu-nco are : ~ Committee on I'htitch M umc- P. Fikf. A. T. Scovxill, W A. Wo«'kH t'h'iich Hciotdh J I' tivcihi'lK \\', .\ Weeks John a mlstiionnry a«ldresn by Jones, of <'lilnii, and in'iiMii-al Doroihv by Mrs. Kvejyn K. Mice, ' ;*tn| ,\lr. Klmer Aiiilitln^ Wagner. II u Minlhterial Supl'ort \V T. Jcnningi.. \V ,1 Hell, C U. Woodburn. John N <i Van S. i » I > tour hiaidlfd old .scUh-in nt \\'llt|ej.|d!«, Ihe pt.iplH-i in the center The. luics aj<; Miiiill, but are nil ca^ilv H-- "tlMnin^ .mil iithei.H Then. HI ,4 long hliou lUx ate p^tUle.i ot our< i priiplr Mittio lujiiK, many rte k u( phul'iKliit-h^ U' \oui (.),.» |(, (i! ,t 1,1'te It oilKht In H<< 'J'hl;* |H the phtn \s KO|I!I n -vc,j tttSS- i»l 'llfV nrtlil\Tr J - 1 irV-T,rT-iit» Th U lc<|Ul»< » tin- j'i, /. -.! i he h'loi, to a;, the -•< i t> i u v • lips it >.n( in, > 111 -i i lit i tin t i •!, i : t<ui s i IM t),, u, >!,i .ft t"i'. i "' * HKI" T ]7tr./ln~ t ,"}~ teen.'te \V.»| t tiUiK'oll ,tt ll\e 111 1 j uiFie< Join l»i\.,'i ,f iiih-. \\.UInif! \ ti!l. i.ll^i II Ulle of litilMM". *,'-.-,.-|-i i 'If- ol llh,i ,- ill tune oil! li .! ioi 11,1 lii , ,11111 i t 11 it i .,ii It i tl j, ill, i h.tll nl Liu,. 10 Ki.c/ei It u,i,s nol pushibl<< li^i <<>niple(e all the huhlnc*.?. at IUHI iii-^ltltt Mesfion and motion U.IK c.irtied adiuuinmt; the meetttiK until ne.xt Kfl>n> nu^lu ^t 7.3ii vUien (he inljouineii' board •nicet- Inii v>ill t» held lor tne consideration ot o.h> r ini) ort,itit uuittciH BIG RQBBERYREPORTED Xmv Yot k N Y. <>i-| -.'» i >m« , ( f .4i-w_ut-t-u t ml . ... . . UlotllHt NfiV Yolk III >csl,H \l,4H ported In, I'j.nik 'iriMWold H I'toinliH nt Wall Miict said t'ia( i Jilt t.lpeil v\|!)l t« IV\Ci <! J 1 "! J ,011ft num. tod.ty. Hv 1>V buti;,s la,M h"tfie vv,i~ ln> <'*and >jher )'l" IHMI_ "HI, FKLLEKS Today. Mra, Kmmeliutt Van Fleet will aei at. chorister 'of the wnventlort and ,Mis8 ItenHiiiKer a« accomi<aniHt. • The inornitiK- MenHii.n will <on\ene to- mot|t>u ut ii i»'c|o<'k, and the afternoon tjttd cU»hi»K Prttithm nt 1:80. w^hen ttd- diMJMCH will he-given by MI«" James Kioi.v, ol .Mjlta, and ,Mis< S. .M Hen- Thc lull list of the di.Hiilct olIicetH ~ilh i. iK-Kall) FilM Vice Pjen, Ali.M, \|. \\. j s W. 11 II U.l GERARO SEES WILSON Ambassador To Berlin and the President Decasa German Situation, By Robert J. Hen dor, (Staff Correspondent of t'nlted Press.) . Itt'iig Uranoh, N, .1., Oct. 24.- 10very subject In ihe (iei'iitiiti «iliiatlon includ- Ihc .HuhinHfinc IBMIC. wa» to be gone tutu thifi afternoon during u conference between I'retiident Wilson and Jantoi. W. ticutitl, American iiiiiliKHsudor tn Second Vice 1'ren. AI K«'n, Stettaul Thini S'lic Pict, , fttn fug. .\lt Morrlh. Cor Siv't> .> Mis. l-'i.inU C Potter. ItH •c'i> . Mib M. I, PicKI", l!o Ticiih, Alt» K. C. FiKc, lio'bfll*' ftup! ot Voting IVopU 1 ',^ \\oiU,.Mi« Janteis Stone. Malta. Supt ot children'!) \Voik, ,MtH > lirnnett. Paw I* t iu Supl or Mite HUM-.S, Mis \\ ,1 ,\|. - arrived at Shadow Lawn, the summer white at 1M.3(» tint, aft- 0011 for luncheon and then expected So npeud most of the afternoon with ihe pi evident. liowJoitK.he remain*. tivntrU h.tid [IcpcixlH upon \Vil«on There IH miH-h to he ^ dlt-clit-Mi'd said Lieranl owing to thu fact that f tHt« i* i lie rtrnt time he bu/s been back Hitu-f the war begun, . (ierurd wild he hole no oftidal cotn- nulnitMUuu fvutli tlu- (iciiuaa govern- 'IH'Itt eJtlUM' I'cK.llditlK tilt) KUhlllll fllli- MSUI* or (MI pe'tice, though he expects •her*., will l»t> u fun iithfuxxion of both the ttlM ' ut«- nt »! i ii >\ S \V I Make& in i nnd (i'M, • >t d st'tle* of udv t iliselileittfii t I V «I(III,IIK di.tun b\ C A it ,iint of • SUiiici \ " They i« a »i' I'lfpo^itii'u ft ttif < > ,-tnml'l 1= -i.) t I'M l| ,t>l\tltl.^" J H-ift «'f l.iu-fatyiF, 'Ail-' "John .Mi Nul. Hock l-'.iIU. Audlloi. Atloli.ev r.' (I \',ui .Sail StullHK 'TH^EXPOBTSOFF .',»* hf|.,'t u I) 1 " ( I) ! -Jl I'll,.».„"•'l'..'iU !L;-m Qi..__ IIIIIUK tile i ollfi-rence. The .ijtiha«..idoi did nut know when will retuin to his. |A»a hut not until Uf. departure dependt.' much on the •litpoinu for he niuxt not take a vessel hat 'vviU touch ut KnjjUnd U would H- h id l.-rto fin huii tu take u* that (.IH hc.i ihe hhoti-K of one uf (jciniijnjV .lit Ollc.-. ||« Mill tdkl* 110 putt III (III- WHEAT JUMPED AGAIlT !< lulii-i. totalled 1?.', ,i t -m i- 'I 'N on ,i HI >' St!til!l|t UK }ol '<! t"' ilf< •! $]'•" .ioi.\" 1 i .in i' r.-l the |« HIM! Jot ill. I $,?_'( .« j....^ T . ...4' t<l'V«'t~i>"Hl« -4-f—»*!T» at "|1,?r clP»«d at |1.78 ?• ll!v Cnited Pret.' 111 «llt ^1 (». a * t* r ,i -.t. ^iU\ '&, I i> t elilh. i is he. lie clostin- tlt'Ole «.\ u>'.-- fully cotiHolldatea th« 1,000 ya*d»won yt'Hterday in their advance ugaiiiHt- liiipautne HIIHI of (Judecourt -and Leu Hotifffw. There wati intennittent Hhell fire on the Homme front. Own, Haig •oiitrudlfted the German claim that the capture of Hchawben redoubt wa« ina.dit Ut great fxpenue. He r<*pori*"l that t'h« Uritish hmt only ,1.200 and firouglu jti 1,000 prlronei-M. .."•'£ AIR BATTUE REPORTED.' (Hy United Pren«.) Uerliii, <".er., Via WirelesM to Sayyilh'. 1«. I, <»ct '^4, • A xcore of (iennan und allied aeioplane« battled olT the l-'lan- coaxt it was nnnnuncrd today. (ln« enemy plane waH shot down and thu other* tit iveu off. The iJetmitn aeioplane attacked III enettvy «(|Uitdroil of three hydro- Ii'anejs and two InnttpltrneH Tnt)iliiR~theihr 1 I'lie enemy w«« rcinfojccd by 'Ci^hj. more aeroplanes but were drive'n bacH by eight (ieiinan muchlne,s KAISER ON THE 80MME. . (Hy t'nited Pre»*K.} . * PariH. Fiance. Oct 21 Tlie Kainor in reported lu IMVC teuchid (lie Ha- •>;>ume /ion! to nupeivixr prcjiarathuiM for ^t hc.u'i (iettnun (ounter olfoitsivH north of tlie Somnif, «ln.'-l.ihcrli* te-ported. tod<i>. BETHLEHEMJTEEL SOARS One Time L«ador Of The War Brides Cnm» T& Life,Today. ( I H> rutted Plena i H_ —New York. X Y . o< t -.'}. neibuheiu Wteel, one (imn leader of (he , bndfs mine t>. lite to>lay with above the ic« it! piitvH itilrtbllBhcd mi < tohcr "*. HII*; •«• in Hiiijihheii the .slur [i>r- $;ju lieforn .; (ui./to oven Fur months? MI.-,! tint «*cord The U'Udmij M»U hrld's (Jin. m<». tin t, ,md lie thli-h ell) at* el \v lui )i -i ilii lii . lo*A $3« hi fof e thf \vt4l f< ,itui* tl >»,! t\ H in «l kit vvltii !•!„- j'Ui,j».- i D. I i . ,\ 1,1,old*-' I!. Mil- In in tdv.tni.Ml $li )., ii,,"», ,Un i m iktt.*. a J'i , iii ,?.;,,•?< i -L 1 - th" tt;"ii

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