Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California on December 5, 1980 · Page 34
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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California · Page 34

Santa Cruz, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1980
Page 34
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32-Santa Cru Sentinel Friday, Dec. 5, 1980 Most San Clemente Goats Have Died o -J2 TTI veterinarian associated with the program, visited the ranch several day ago to examine the ailing goats and perform autopsies on several that had died. the results, she said, showed the cause of death to be parasites and a virus disease known as sore mouth. "They couldn't eat, maintain themselves,' and that led to severe malnutrition," she said. The remaining 20 animals also had sore mouth a disease that produces multile infections throughout the mouth and their fate is questionable, she added. Ironically, sore mouth is a disease not present on San Clemente Island and thus the new arrivals were particularly vulnerable to it after their arrival on the Larsen said the deaths of the goats ultimately can be laid to the stress . placed on them by their : capture and the long holding period before removal to the mainland. Some remained in pens on San Clemente for as long as five months, during which their routines were changed dramatically from their days as free-ranging animals. Reached by phone at her camp in San Clemente, Mrs. Clapp agreed. "We started the project with promises of help from other groups, and some of that help never came. We waited for the help, and we waited for the brush control projects (attempts to use the goats for eating in fire areas) to come through. We waited and waited, and the goats waited and they got weaker." overpopulate the island and stroy the vegetation. "It's been a terrible disappointment,", said Dianne Clapp, who, with her husband, trapped the animals on the island and arranged for their removal. "We visited Tom's ranch before the goats , came and it is fine goat country. But their health had been weakened by all that's happened and they just couldn't stand it." The Clapps, with the help of several animal protection groups, trapped the goats, held them .in pens and moved them to the mainland to new homes. By and large, the effort has been successful: of 1,900 goats moved off the island, between two-thirds and three fourths have survived. Dr. Phyllis Larsen, a tiC Davis By The Associated Press . After thousands of dollars were spent to rescue a herd of goats on San Gemente Island off the coast of California, the majority brought to a mainland ranch have died from disease, malnutrition, , and stress, said veterinarians connected with the program. v- The veterinarians said that Tom Whisnant, owner of the Jacumba Ranch east of San Diego, where 190 of 212 goats brought there died, attempted to provide the best of care for the animals and bore no responsibility for the deaths. The rescue effort for the goats began earlier this year after the U.S. Navy which owns San Clemente Island announced it intended to shoot the animals. Th goats, the Navy said, soon would LP i (AP Laserphoto) That Season Again SODA SPRINGS Thursday after the season's first major storm dumped a measurables amount of snow In the Sierra, Herb Maunder used a small snowplow to clear the driveway in front of his home here. Attorney Belli Filing MGM Grand Fire Suits Alice At The Corner Of Cedar 6 Locust. As Alice approached the corner, she was startled by seeing the Cheshire Cat The Cat only grinned when it saw Alice. "Cheshire Puss," Alice began. "I have been told that this corner Is the most wonderful eating spot In all of Santa Cruz. But now I see that . there are two fine restaurants here rather than Just one. Would you please tell me whether I ought to eat upstairs or downstairs?'' "That depends a great deal on your mood and palate," answered the Cat "For example, the Santa Cruz Hotel's six-course Italian dinner is a feast you won't soon forget And as for the Bar fif Grille, I personally find the roast duck in cherry sauce to be absolutely delectable. Same with the lemon veal, the lamb chops, the snapper in homemade salsa " Then, before Alice could respond, the Cheshire Cat started to vanish quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin. "Which restaurant did Alice finally choose?" the Cheshire Cat was asked some time later. "How would I know?" answered the Cat "I vanished, remember? But I would guess she chose one of the two." he has filed a class action suit against the Iranian goverment in behalf of 'some 10,000 Iranian pensioners in the United States who have had their payments cut off. He said suits such as this make it almost impossible for the United States to unfreeze Iranian assets in this country in return for release of the American hostages. "There are three thousand business and individual claims filed with the Treasury Department against the Iranian government," Belli said, noting the value of such claims has been placed above $5 billion. He noted that one federal judge has ordered the frozen Iranian assets attached to insure that any damage awards will be paid. "The president of the United States cannot stop these suits or do anything about them," said Belli. "It would be unconstitutional for him to do so." Santa Cruz Bar S Grille , Santa Cruz Hotel 483-1182 429-1000 LOS ANGELES (AP) - Attorney Melvin Belli says he is handling some 15 lawsuits stemming from the MGM Grand Hotel fire in Las Vegas, and predicts damage awards of over $1 billion. "The wrongful death cases alone could go for $750 million to $1 billion with punitive damages," Belli told a group of reporters Thursday. "There are also some smoke inhalation cases that could go for tremendous awards," he said. Belli, who declined to name his clients, said he is representing seven parties in wrongful death actions and a number of others who are suing for the after effects of smoke inhalation including psychological trauma. "They're tragic lawsuits," said Belli, "things that should never have happened." Belli added, "I think they are all collective and will be paid off." f The attorney, known as "the king of torts" for his victories in high-priced personal injury cases, said he has no doubt that MGM Grand Inc. was negligent in its fire safety at the burned hotel. "There is no question there were violations of ordinary care," said Belli. "... MGM should have known what the new regulations were in fire safety and should have been responsible for putting in the very best. "They were bad," the attorney said of the hotel management. "They were negligent. There's a lot of bad feeling over there." The white-haired Belli said he would personally handle some of the cases taken on by his San Francisco office but expects most of the claims to be settled without trials. At a luncheon billed as a background session for reporters, Belli also disclosed He said the only alternative plan would be for Congress to approve a "substitute fund" of perhaps $50 million which could be set aside to pay possible future claims. "But what a price that is to pay for Moro foreign blackmail, Belli said. In addition to the suit for the pen sioners, Belli said he is representing some mothers and wives of hostages but has not Sni?anf!iKi I J TZA I 111 II 11 car owners arc yet filed any damage suits in their behalf. U UU VUy UU l ll -n W. J He said the suit involving the pensioners claims that Iran has cut off their payments averaging $800 per month per trading in their person and forced them to go on the u. S. welfare rolls. It seeks to restore the payments. os ini col) "Now, all of these people are public charges of the United States to the tune of about $1 billion," he said. "These people have no way of making a living here, and cars for now Chevrolots . . . Perhaps Chevrolet mahes the Dest they haven t got a dime. Foreign Car sivisQiUsir Today! lncoTTT)0 SHOP TUG OTHERS ... VALLEY U THEN TAKE A VIDE0 MONEY-SAVING DRIVE 1 CENTER J TO SC0TTS VALLEY! 1 Jl '"Tl - v-v SAVE EXTRA DOLLARS 0:i THESE CLOSEOUT 'SO CiMOLETS! Valley Drive (Opposit Fast Gas) PH. 438-6900 HEH3 MOVIE RENTALS bat I lUvk UT I KITAl ni With this ad only! 'OOCIIIVITTE I 'OO CHIVY I 'OOMONIA I '80 CITATION I '80 CITATION 4-DOOR TON PICKUP LDOOR COUP! UOCtt UOOR 4yfcidw, ifiMd Mnvninion. No. M9IJ9, V-8, oulwnotic Iron ynd, automatic IrammbMn. Ne V.o, automatic Irantmiiiion. No. V-6 qutomalic trommiiiton No intea tmHion. rum. 30wi. 317970. B300 ail200 52H00 )8C0 723865 '80 CIIZV ETTE 'OO MONZA 22 '80 CHIVY '80 CITATION '80 CITATION 4-DOOR HATCHBACK COUPI TON PICKUP 4-DOOR 4-DOOR y,inder, 4-sped trommiuion. No. 4-cylind, 4-ipMd tranjmiuion. No. I.D. 116003, 6 cvl., automatic tranj- V-6, automatic transmission. No. Demo. V-6, automatic, oir corKlHioftina 2055'7- 191699. mission, Dwno. 301561. No. 297838. SS og222 0SflSS 7300 73 JSF. SSS52 'ooepHPYluv MWa 4naW, 4-sp-d transmion. No. gMfpmd. oir condhioning. 4 4 V-6, automatic . transmission. No. V-6. oufcmatk. condmonino. No. 522 0S22C I i2fl r-OB00 Leis yuu som uHvuyo material at about nine times normal speed to find exactly what you want to watch Operates in both forward and SelecUVUion Remote Control reverse. Now featuring Picture Search with touch-button Play or Super Long Play modes RCA'S TOW high-SDCed ease. 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