The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California on October 12, 1880 · 1
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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California · 1

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 12, 1880
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THE VOLUME XLYHL SACRAMENTO TUESDAY EVENING OCTOBER 12 1880 NUMBER 7333 DECKEXD- Into all Utm tome rtio most fall Into nil eyes some tear drop start Whether they fell aa a gentle shower Or fall like fire from an aching heart Into all hearts come sorrow must drop Into all errals some doubting cone Laabtng the wares of life's great deep From the dimpling water to teething foam (hw all paths some clouds must lower Under all feet tome sharp thorns spring Tearing the fleah to bitter wound a i Qrsntariugtheheartwith their bitter atlng Upon all Borrows rough winds most blow Over all shoulders a Croat be la'n owing the form In its lofty hight Down to the dost in Its cm el pain Into all hands some duty tbiust Cato all anna some burdens girao Omshlng the heart with ite dreary weight Or UftiBf the soul from earth to heaven Into all hearts and homes and lives Oed’s dear sunlight cemea streaming down Oil ding the ruins of life's great plain Weaving for sll a golden crown &et United for the Btage Not long ago a Ban FrancUco reporter called on Maguire of the Baldwin Theater and said he would like to Mil him a play “Well my boy I’m bothered to pieces with new plays” said Maguire “But let me tell you the plot11 per-aisted the journalist Maguire hated like the deuce to hear the infernal tiresome plot but as the reporter had considerable influence with the press he determined to be civil to him and told him to aail ahead “Well in the flrst act there iB a man who goes crazy” “Ah” skid Maguire “a daft man is a dead weight to a play the insanity shodd be wholly confined to the author How did he get cranky ?” “ He thought some one had killed his father and aocased bis uncle of it” “ Oh I see then the detective gets to work on the clue Of course you have a detective” “ Oh he does the detective business himself ' “That's bad how in blazes could a er&zy man work lup a clue Ton must change that and Ing in a detective of the Hawksten pattern- What next?” “ Well his nnole marries his mother” “ Now here Cap we can’t staud that business at Baldwin's Every time we try an immoral snap we eatoh it from all eidee You must out the part of the uncle It's good sensational but won't do” “ Then the orazy man takes the family to a theater and gets the actors to ring In a scene that will remind the uncle of the murder” “Adi bosh my boy If a man should coma to a theater aud ask such an absurd favor he would be kicked out of the aide door by the scene shifter There's nothing in it Beside how did he know his dad was salted if he didn't see it ? “Oh I fix that his father's ghost toils him” Here Maguire broke into a fit of laughter “That’s dead rot these blasted ghosts are too old fashioned for the stage That won’t work Cot the ghost my boy cut the ghost” “Then he falls in lofe with a young girl who goes and drowns herself being crazy too” “Two cranky people in oue piece won't work You must shelve the girl” “ Then they bury the girl and at the funeral the crazy man has a row with the girl's brother and licks the officiating clergyman” “ Hold on Don’t put such rot as that in It will be hissed off the stage A row at a funeral don't take anyhow” “ Then the brother and the crazy fellow have a duel he tills his man t (he old lady takes poison theu he kills his uncle and — ” “ Bay young man pause Fve heard quite enough This is the most infernal and confounded rot I ever heard ef They wouldn’t play it in a melodian What the devil do yon call all this b Us ted trash?” “ Hamlet” said the reporter without a change of countenance and then he vanished through the door The language employod by Maguire to express his feelings is not recordecL— Carson Appeal Midnight (Sunshine The spectacle of the sun shining at midnight attracts many foreigners to Bwedisb Lap and during the mouth of June For six weeks there is scarcely any night in the north of Sweden the nn never sets and the soil ooustantly heated produces in a mouth and a half barley and other orops At that time of year the Laplanders pen up their reindeers and hoove thoir bote toward the cultivated fields Beiug very hospitable they greet with great joy the arrival of tourists who generally meet st Mount Gellaware about ninety miles from Lulea From that hill which is about six hundred yards high the beautiful spectacle of the “midnight son” can be admired in better conditions than in any tier plaoe The 24th of June is the day elected for the ascension Ibis the longest day in tho yoar (he sun being twenty four hours above the horizon This year the 24th of Juno was not favored by fine weather aud owing to the cloudy sky the sun was not visible at midnight but the following day travelers were wall rewarded for their trouble the sun shining brightly at mid-night— London Globe A Girls Tostscript There is nothing fresher and more dewy and more delightfully emphatic than a young gri’s letter to her — well her brother Every third word is underscored and then there's the postscript The postscript to a girl’s letter is as iudispensable as a tail to a dog The letter is nothing— the postscript everything Persons experienced in receiving girls’ letters have informed us that when they are particularly anxious to know something the letter contains they always skip the letter and read the postscript flrst It iB like the peroration of the orator It is a great misfortune for a young man not to receive letters from bis fair young nieces and consins If ho is not blessed with such relatives let him go down into the old trank and dig up hitters written by his wifo wheu she was his sweetheart He will got more awoetnens and light oat of them than he would oat of Arnold or Tennyson— f Hocheuter Herald Mliadow-Iand Far from the world that we Ure la to-day Shadow-laud liw Font know how far I la noue know tbs way What art it boundaries uo ooseao lay Only sural No one In lift bai let foot on that bors ' formal from th wrack of the aad nevermore Memory govern thl li£low-land iicurnlus raprew Oft Mass there coins si her word of command Form w Uave known from the far-distsnt atrand Faint ae a dream Feme of those dear in the day that are flown Forme of bulovtd ones In life' morning known With them fhsy bring loug-loat scene of the past Back to oar view Pictures of frteuduhlf not leatined to lot Lovts that grow weak 'Death advefiUy's blast Painted anew jeJiaa and ripple in Ume’ shifting aand Mold till now in the far Madowland — Ttniey’s Magazine “BAD MEN FBOA BODIE” Peculiar Characteristics of a Late Outgrowth of Western llvlll-aation Written for the BesJ The man who swears and shoots turned np in San Jose the other day and created a sensation He was a Bod Man from BoJie aud as each has been duly honored by the civilized press of the State Having made e dose study of the peculiar class of ' bad men ” generally known as Bad Men from Bodie I am prepared to add my plethora of wisdom in this respect to that already extant in the world at the present time One of the peculiarities of a Bad Man from Bodie is his profanity A Bad Man from Bojie who never used an oath is ae impossible as perpetual motion or an honest election in Nevada This trait is especially noticeable whenever he kills a man or endeavors to kill one Whenever yon hear of a man from Bodie who did not swear when he “ pulled his gun ” you may depend upon it that he is base metal a tenderfoot a man from Pioche or Cheyenne or Leadville The oath of the Bad Man from Bodie is like the cheerful warning of the rattlesnake and like that warning the blow follows close npou its heels This brings ns to another peculiarity of the Bad Man from Bodie namely his excessive prudence Ill-natured critics have designated JUis morbid caution of the Bad Mau fnm Bodie to cowardice but every trtu W man knows this to be wholly false and will resent the imputation as a personal insult Whenever a Bad Alan from Bodie dons his war paint and strikes the bloody trail of carnage he is prepared for every contingency His little gun nestles cosily in his right hand coat pocket the latter generally being lined with velvety buckskin to prevent the hammer from catohing and frustrating his purpose of converting his enemies into full fledged angels Meeting an eligible candidate for a place in hit graveyard he emits his stereotyped oath aud “ blazes away” This mode of procedure is tormed in the elygant vocabulary of the Bodie classics “ getting tho drop on his Injun the vulgar tad man of other and mferior localities term it “ getting the bulge on tho bloke” a highly reprehensible and slangy way of expressing tho idea Sometimes the Bad Alan from Bodie entertains his victim with a short oration tafore butchering him He is very deliberate in his speech and always prefaces his remarks by stating that he “ means bizuesa ’’ which is Bodie for an intention to open up a little business for the Coroner the undertaker the tombstone sculptor and the sexton This oration is replete with eloqueuco its woll rounded periods do not Uuiguish in the couch of verbosity and its metaphors abound in gigantic figures Like the sublime grandeur ef his own mighty hills and limitless deserts his language reaches out aud grasps the irresistanle and terrible in nature lifting it as the Titans lifted the mountains and flinging it with awful force against those who listen to him I have seen him leap upon a billiard table and shout his defiance in the following stirring manner: “ Here I am again a mile wide aud all wool I weigh a ton and when I walk the oarth shakes Give me room and I’ll whip an array I’m a blizzard from Bitter Creek I can dive deeper and come up drier than any man in forty comities I’m a sand storm mixed with a whirlwind and when I hump myself I tear I’m a wild hog from Texas aud it’s about my tihw to bristle I was bom in a powder house and raised in a gun factory I‘m tad from the bottom np and clear grit plnrnb through The wild grizzly screams with scare when 1 crawl into his den And the bloodthirsty panther jumps tho woods when I choke her kittens I’m old Gash from Bloody Kuu and Dc&dman’s Bor I’m chief of Murdertown and I’m dry Whose treat is it ? Don't all sjx-ak at naro or I'll turn loose and scatter death and destruction fill brat for the next election Your treat is it ? Wei1 stand in bojB therad-hcadod woodpecker from Cow creek is going to liquidate Come up everybody Pass over the rot old poison” if the “red-headed woodpecker from Cow creek” docs not resent the appellation his case is attended to after the “treat” is over tho auborn-haired gentleman oftentimos rusticating a few weeks in the County Hospital for the benefit of his health Occasionally however the Bad Man from Bodio does not fere as well as his talents his courtesy and bis chivalrous conduct should warrant Last Bummer a bad man sprang through the screen of a Mammoth Cify saloon and declared himself os “the wild horse of the Pogonip just in from his pasture on the Tioga range— ” The dash which I have employed symbolizes silence It is also a clumsy device whereby is sought to be conveyed the fact that the “ wild horse of the Pa gonip” didn't know to use another Bodie figare of speech “what struck him” if the heavy barroom choir had been hurled with a single ouiid more force the gentleman from Pagonip would have been inventoried by the Publie Administrator (if such ta official existed at that time) On auother occasion a Bad Alan from Bodie beim? abroad without his gun was stared A by a stranger and as a matter of course resented the insult in true Bodie f- :i ion by challenging tbo stianger to pugilistic combat Tho challenge was readily accepted by the tenderfoot and resulted in the complete defeat of the Bad Alau Had be been caressed by a steam torching machine he would scarcely have fared worse His astonishment at the result was even greater than the inju-riea he had received “Who am I anyhow 1” he wailed “What’m I brousin' round these diggina fur I'd like to know Licked by a pilgrim I Whaled by a tenderfoot !” “If you hadn't ben drunk you wouldnt a got into this row dad” remarked his son who had witnessed the row from a distance “I know it son I know it” groaned the father “an' ef 1 hadn't bin tight I'd a jumped down hia throat an’ worried him to death Thsr was a time boy w'un a bundl ed an' eighty couldn't tech ver dad bat I jreckou ol’ age an’ bug juice is gittin’ a leetle the bent o’ the ol’ man” Then bo hmped home for repairs The Bad Alan from Bodia la drifting down into the valleys Ha is locating in the metropolitan centers where he may enjoy life without the inconvom-euca of always dreading a vigilance oora-mitteo that mushroom tribunal of justice from which there is no appeal save at the bar of Eternity Besides the W inters in Bodie are very severe and it is bard to “spar” meal wherewith to sustain e useful as well as an ornamental existence The Bad Man from Bodie if not too cautions occasionally dies with his boots on but never within the memory of man lias one been bang by a civilized hangman He may accident ally drop down into oblivion through the instrumentality of an eighteen-inch Bowie but he has not yet dropped through a legal death-trap and it is not likely he ever will When the warm weather beguiles the flitting swallow tack to ita task year's nests the Bad Man from Bodie will return to his stamping grounds in the high (Sierras or again breathe alkali and desert sand in the wilds of southwestern Nevada His lungs will once more expand with oath-burdened wind his cheery voice will ring out defiance to trembling auditors the short sharp yelp of his derringer or “ whistler ” will send tho echoes flying and the people of tho camp where he takes up his abode will smile grimly and rub thoir Jms as they remark in s Mlto mf-v tone: “liecou it’s goin’ to liven np this Bpring — I see the Bonebreaker’s got in” And the undertake dusts out his gorgeous dead-wagon and unrolls the oilcloth containing bis assortment of hearse plumes the Coroner gets toady his jury lists and makes a bargain with a particular physician iu regard to the holding of autopsies the grave-digger buys a new spade and the man who epitaphs the dead on imporish-able marble lays in a stock of new chisels The tad man has arrived and there is joy in Bodie £ H CnoroB Sonora October 10th 1880 A Shetland Cottage A description of a visit to a Shetland oottage may be of interest We were acoompanied by Uev Wm Smith the Established Church minister of Lost and indebted to him for this as well as many other favors The house of a Shetland crofter or fisherman is about twenty-five feet in length by about ten or twelve feet in width The roof is formed of wooden couples resting on the front and back walls Across these from end to end reaching to the gables are wooden “long bands'' about two iuches wide and five-eights thick On those are laid turf specially out and dried called “peats” These are laid edge to edge so that the whole presents a close smooth surface off which the rains run easily When this is done a thin layer of straw is spread which is kept on by straw ropes called simons Those aro twisted or plaited very closely by hand and fastened down by long stones at either side of the room resting on the top of the outer walls This process is callod “ liuking” The simons are made during the long Winter evenings As a rule two wooden box beds Are placed end to end right across the house each one fronting a different way The end of the outermost ld is exactly opjiosite the doorway in tho middle ami aliont three feet from the door-step A passage is thus formed between the two apartments into which the house is usually divided The inner or “ bedroom” has a wooden floor tho outer room merely a clay floor There the fire of peats is generally burned on an open hearth 'The furniture is of the piaiuist description and very scauty wood not beiug so easily had os in America In nearly every wooden house is to be seen a large wooden arm-chair with a straw hood or oovering sometimes there are two of such These are for the especial use and comfort of the “ old folks at home” That belonging to the old woman is fitted with a drawer under the seat and serves for her wrk-taeket A small wooden table two foot square serves for the family table upon which they eat their food Knitting the wool from thoir lambs is the principal employment for the women Thoir Skill is producing exquisite work such as shawls— sumo of which could be drawn through a wed-diug ring— ties mils hosiery and underwear in unsurpassed for nowhere in the world is tho wool so fine and the knitting carding and spinning so perfect The women are often seen knitting while walking to and fro from the fishing boats or to the stores where an exchange is made for necessaries of life — Cor Providence Journal Tho Fashionable Beauty iu Turkey Find as to Turkish beauties about whom so much has been written and so little roally known Are they indeed the bouris we have been taught to consider them? Are they the timid gentle gazelk-tlike partners of their jealous lords? Alas! poets and dramatists have very in cb misled us their chief heaaty is the mystery tta't Burr rands them nd the closer we see them both physically and morally the lesi do we admire in general they have ovpl fa i clear olive skin languishing dark ejes anu beautiful hands soft as velvet and white ea snow— beyond this nothing They lack the natural grace and pretty coquetry of our Levantine bcdlos and the firm tread elegant manners and becoming modesty of Kurrpean women Their figuruB aro clumpy their features somewhat harsh their lips full and often thick they walk with a roll (their legs being bowed) aud even their natural attractions depend more or loss upon artificial aid They thicVy powder their facepblscken ttnir brows aad dye ttair eyelids and lashes so that when half veiled by the yashmak screen they are ocrtainly striking and present a dazzling effect but uudor other circumstances most of them would pass unobserved — Temple Bar Popping the ueMtlon In Tyrol Tyrolean maidens are by old custom spared tbo necesaity of giving the tongue to their “Aye” or “No” The first time a young man pay a visit as su avowed suitor he bring with bira s bottle of wine of which he pour oat a gloss and offr it to the object of hi affection In any ease she will not refuse it point blank— that would be too gross an insult: but should the wooer not be agreeablojto her or hi declaration cotne a little too prematurely she decline the proffered wine pleading that it looks soar or that wine dioogree with her or any other excuse the feminine ingenuity may suggest If she likes the lad and it eqnal to owning it she empties the gluts taking care not to spill any of the wine for if shodoos so or the glass or bottle be broken it it an unhappy omen “They have spilt the wine between them” say the peasants when a marriage turns out badly Thb name thunderbolt which is still in use even by good writers seems to have been introduced in consequence of the singular effect produced when lightning strikes a sandhill or sandy soil It bores a hole often many feet in length which is found lined throughout with vitrified sand The old notion was that an intensely hot solid muss whose path was the flash of lightning bad burned itself quite out of sight melting the sand it went down It is quite possible that this notion may ha ve been strengthened by the occasional observation of the fall of aerolites which are sometimes fonnd in the holes they hare made still exceedingly hot And si Ueat many of the cases In whiob lightning is said to have been seen in a perfectly clear sky are to be explained in the same way Ont of deference to the Presidential election the Adventists havs kindly postponed the end of the world this year to the 2ifd of November It would be a b etaing to all of us however if we are going to have the same kind of a time over it as we bad last year to bur ry the thing up and have it over some time in October— f Burlington Hawkeys FLASHED OVEB THE W IKEA By a railroad accident near Stillman Valiev 111 14 men were killed There is a case of yellow fever on board a ichooner oatside New York Fourteen death from yellow fever occurred at Havaua during tbs poet week Another body ha been recovered from the Hudson air tnnnel The tunnel company pay all funeral expense and give pensions to th widows J U Hardee' distillery in Robertson county Tenn containing over 70U barrel of whisky has bee a seized for violation of the revenue laws The whisky la properly valued at $30000 The Anstralian mail from the last steamer has loft New York for Liverpool and if the ocean steamer makes schedi le '-me it will nave mode the trip in the shortest time on record 40 days The Delaware river above Lockawaxen Pa ia nearly dry in places and pedestrians can easily cross without wetting their feet Fish are dying by the then-sand The Iiaokawaxen river which empties tuto the ltolaware at Lsckwaxen Station is almost dry Beoretary Schnrs has received a letter from Bpotted Tail Chief of the Brule Sioux asking that the six young men of that tribe sent to Omaha bo aooorded a fair trial for alleged offenses committed by them according to the laws enacted for white men and promising to send money raised by the tribe to pay for lawyers to defend them (OAMT HTB1XGN Marshal Poole and deputies have arrived at Hanford Tulare oounty to disposes some sixteen settlers Francisco Jose Fartado who has been convicted at Hollister of murder in the second decree for the killing of Q A Payne in June last has been sentenced by Judge Breen to twelve years in tue State Prison Tho hotel and furuiture belonging to Mrs Lncretia Custer at Brown's Valley Yuha oounty were completely destroyed by tire Hunday night during the prevalence of a high wind The Ums ia stated to be about $3000 insurance $2400 Daring the post month the overland railroads oarried 3001 passengers East and 2063 West— hi loss of 428 The loss by sea amounted to 3U3 there being 965 arrivals aud 1358 departures The net loss by both touted was 821 This is the first mouth on record in which there was no gaiu by either route The exocss of departures over arrivals by sea was due to the exodus of (Chinese to Honolulu and Hongkong a loss that will lie considered a gain to the Btate A firo in Stockton 'on the 11th destroyed property belonging to Andrew Wolf insured for $2000 Hacket a tailor lost sbont $1500 no iusuraree McCormick a shoemaker lost about $1000 no insurance Probably about $2000 worth of stock iu the paiut shop of Lbert A Mty-hew was destroyed Gilliland a barber shop was damaged aud his furuiture aud fixtures injured to a small extent (Sheridan A Andorson'a tailor shop was also damaged but the loss was light MATTKB POLITICAL General Grant will vote in Galena for Garfield The New York Herald want President Hayes to hasten home os it fears violence in Indiana Special correspondents seem to be mighty afraid that the Democrats will capture lu-diima by force and fraud Tho Democrats say the Hhelbyville riot was caused by tho Republican and that they are responsible for all the bloodshed and the Republicans put all the tilame on the Democrats Probably each party is lying to the best ef its ability A friend of Hanoock's savs Grant always approved the “ superb ” General's acts m ljouisiana and Texas until informed hv the Republican party that such approval was spoiling his chances for the I’rcsidon-tial nomination This fneud says “Lot Grant bellow ami throw up dirt by himself Hancock's present condition as the candidate of the Democratic parly for President moreover should restrain him aud protably will from bringing himself to the plsue of Uraut” hat a Fat Maw I walked over many roofs at night I peeped into windows and down scuttles into tack yards and area-way when darkmms covered the face of the earth And mmo cyoB wore given to boo in the dark aud many hidden tlnugs wore rc veaied unto me And bccttuHe 1 saw the policeman kiss the earvant maid who handed him the cold chicken-pto of her miatrena at 11 o’olock at night while the burglar burglarized within the house and becanne I aw a gentleman come home at 2 a M and fumble with Uis latch-key at the wrong front door and because I saw cortain co-lego and boarding-aehotl boy st-al out of the gates of wisdom at a late hour and betake thnnifielvoa to certain pi urea and fill their juvenile stomach with intoxicating poison and that I raised my voice in ray own tongne and tried to bruit thee and other iniquities from the house-top Bergb framed an ordinary design for uiy extermination A-y-e I I see and know too much Would I not be safe if I wore to hold my tongue ? A-y-e ! Who wim it told ? It was the cut ! P n-t I Heat I A-y-e more and woro I saw — P-s-t ! Heat I itang I fFrom another honae-top— -I say I did (Beat! Bang I Beat yoa! Bang! Jiupg !) — N Y Graphic Swimming the Hellespont The fuat performed of old by “the amorous boy Leunder” is no longer considered marvelous The didkralties of Leander’s passage are not to b measured by the absolute distance between the two shores which is about three kilometers The stream is swift and the water are chili at all times of tho year Ibe low average temperature of the Black Bea is but slightly raised in the Boa of Marmora This surface warmth hardly affects the Htraita of the Dardanelles where tho current mixes the water at all depth together The passage has been accomplished scores of times by Atnerioans and Englishmen sinco Lord Byron undertook to dispel the illusion of its great difficulties The time required by a good swimmer is generally a few minute less than an hour— New York Mail Ta Tmbob or Puraioiairs— Maoy learned doctors consider wsll-dvalopwl Bright' Dta-eaie of tbs K1 nsya Incurable They dsipair wbttii ttioy detect its weil-kuown symptoms Nevertheless there is mire for this wont of Kidney Diseases BUNT’S BEMKPY h&a restored many and many victim of Bright’s Disease to sound health All Kidney Blsdd r Liver and Urinary Complaints art quickly cured by HUNT'S REMEDY the Orest Kidney an 1 Liver Medicine Bold by aU druwlste Trial alas 76 cents Yoa Have no Kxeasa flare you any excuse for raftering with Dys pepsla or Liver Complaint? Is Uteri any reason why yon should ga nn from day today son- lalnlng with Sour Stomach Blok Headaoba Habitual OoaiJvenaNS Palpatatlon of the fleart Heartburn Watsrbrash Gnawing and Burn-lag Pains at tbs Pit of the Stomach Yellow Skin Coated Tongue and disagreeable taste is he mouth Coming op of food after eating Low spirits etc! No I It la positively your own fault If you do Go to your druggist — — and get a bottle of Gukkn's Aooust Flowib tor 75 orate yorir cure is certain hut if you donnt this get a sample bottle for 10 cents and rv It Two doeoa will relievo yon JJ-DAWow A Household Kemetly—Xs Atm ily should be without some efficacious remedy fur toe cure of affections so umvei -aUy pr ura-leut as oougb colds -ore throat whooping cough and croup— aome remedy too which can bs relied on a life sure and oertalu Dr WUtar’s Ba'sam of Wild Cherry combines the dftlderotvm POND’S EXTRACT THE W0HDEB OF CEALINQ I IT STOPS ALLJ4EMORRHACES ! It ('urea all Inflammatory Dloeawea For lienor- ihagcs It is tbi stauncher o' leading iuexutauoe For I'ilea Hlfnd HtccdiBg or Itching U is tin greatest known remedy For Itares KfShKH caiuls Hru loon aid Mprains R is uu equaled -stopping peln and heeling It it a marvelous manner For Inflamed and gore k) et— it effect upon these Sell-ol organs Is slniplv marvtUous Good hissed without the slightest fear of harm For 4'atarrh — It cures th most obstinate oases to on Incredible brief Ume It to tho 1 ltd too' Friend - Ah female complaints yield to ita wondrous power For I lot n Old Korea or Open Wounils-hi a c lion upon th is -joet remarkable The moat olwJuate ee are cnred For Uhriimatisn — There ore in our poeaeeMon rework-Able tMUmmdala of cure oi rbeuius’ltun In It various stages Knrsche Hors Throat Anral- fin Toothache aocaclie kitten of Insects More FecM'hilbltUuH and ail dweawe of an Inflammatory charac ter are certainly cured by Fond'S Kx troct DrC !$ 1 hay or of Falmouth Msar ears: “I have rv4 a great deal of KX- TKAOT dutnir the pact eight vear and consider It the beet article bf that kind ever offered to the public and aUo one of tlie very best rewodioe tn niv daily practice" Wm Mimpson Iff Dof Seaside House Oouey Inland aytt: “Hcamdy a day passes that 1 do not have oooaalon to use POND’H EXTRACT ond Irirartadlv pood re- BPFOIAL PREPARATIONS OF POND'S FX-TEUTOOlUllNUl WITH THE PUItKMT AND MOST PKMOATK PERFUMES FOR LADIES' UOtUHHU Pond's Extract $1 ini and 1 n Toilet t'roaui Improves tbecumpiex- ton 1 00 Ltp Halve beautifying aud heabog 28 Toilet Mottp softens the akin okIl) 60 Ifcntifricc sldteoa teeth and sweetens breath SO F(cpraiious of Pond's Extract for oon- VCTiteuo© tn travolmg etc aud for setere and sensitive oases t Catarrh 4'ttre nasal throat and ear discharges 16 Nawnl MyriiiKC simple aud durable i for the pocket) 26 Ointment (Piles) convenient ehuc the Extract cannot be applied easily St’ Planters i Porous) ?f Medicated Paper Plica and dialing 1000 sheets Caution — POND'H EXTRACT U seal only iu bottles with tho uat a lUowu in the glass It Is unsafe to use other aitlrW with our directions Insist on having 1’ON If EX TRACT liofuse oil linlUtioUB ami sulwtltutes MOLD II V ALL DIU'OLIMTM rnKPAUfcl) ONLY St POND'S EXTRACT CO NEW TOdKAIO LONDON Chir New History and uses of Pond's Extract and of our New Preparations will be seut free ai'pih'AUou to U West Fourtoonih street m iiIi i ll-!'!' Ii'ri h 1m New York oJl-dJ’uT!iwly HUNT’S REMEDY Till G it 12 AT (I KK nil DIcmo ol the Mid-spy Liver Dludiiet nud Crl-nnvv OrgitnM ii opwyfrnvel litcti M riuh N GtNCHHP k'til n In Co no It Lolita or Mdo: Detention or Aon rte-tl n of I i In fc'ervon Dlnaen I e-male W nLtrea tvx-CCKSCS JlllMldlce Plil'illM-net Hi nd't lie None Sto ‘'licit Dyaprplu I oil - iin ion ifid P lesa HUNT’S RE 0UID8 WHEN r 1 Till U FD1CINES K AIL no U pet rtlrcetly "i 1 nt ouci on the Kidney Liver aid ((nnetrltr !pg 'hern to a healthy a'iln- lil'NI'H KbM FIY ! a snfs sure and iedy cure nttd hundreds have been cured by it when i-hyplcians and frlendc hs I given ihcm up to d1 Do nit delay try at once HUNT'H REMEDY Rend for pamphlet to W M K CL IKK VC Providence It I Prices 7k cent and large wire the fPf-t Aril jultr driigcPt I of Hl TN HL1IFIIV Take noolhur AH08EXENT8 MI53 JESSIE SHIRLEY 7U blSTlKOl’ISHKD ’ n j't ART&TE f Of Chicago will give an T rrt lnueut al the I lrt ItnptlMt Church TlfliHIlAY KVENINO OUTOIiKU ’J 1S0 The praea both Laf iul West untie in pronouncing her cn of the flrat now before the public The Hants Rnea Tim My: “She Is lodeol a prodigy and the star lonulinnlit ’ "IMt FREE AND EASY ! STAG 0 i:ltT HALL KO K street between Third and fourth Open every evening ellh ibe best pmfeestonal and amateur ta'nt both vor and IruHnn’enial Hpwisllv ngaged MR ''ONY HI bTON ih Irish Comedian and Voni'Ut PROP H LI AIRMAN piano NohilM and PessoProfnnd'i Rest bran'l of Ber Wtnea Ibn-w-Bnl Cigar tl-lin LOL’18 H I K4UHM Proprietor FIRST ARTILLERY REGIMENT BAND Ft KiMll ll I save or der at headquarter No 7'io K street K A Floh Vibft 0trwt Leader EL W DAYIH ho 1 W4 I street l-lra RICHMOND CROVE flTThla 4 rv has been thor ougldy renovated Dancing rlalfono eu-largd two Inptn Alleys added aleo a complete set of Flying Horse thus giving amn m"nt to young and obi A trnwt pleasant plaoe to spend an evening it the Grove t 1 1 up every night o and take tbo llltle onus along Grove to let lor parties on (he moat reasonable tonna All kind of IWreabreente an la had a cheap a any pline In the city oS-lm J II KIJKNY Proprietor IIAII TO JLirr FL4HUHf AYI) renovated lb Hall known a the ATLAN C OAKDKN4 ail preuii desiring to give HocIqI Parties etc will do well to aal1 ai d - ‘ Term moderate A aplendid flaw 1 aMi-'i for thea’rlcal jmrp"e Lobd luuthi'uai corner Heventeeniti sud F street s2tMm A J DILTitiCli Proprietor W R BTfiONO Sc CO Wholesale Commission Hsrohants AoU DesJen la all kJtds ef ti It F R IV tIAMFOHXI ) Drtert Kmi but Hooey Hr1 nl fieri-ay M'rctifui'tt A1J orim promptly sU tetidixl to Address W II STIlONf k W o'ft-ff Nos fl rad 111 rtrr-t £S O ir LIT 25 3 CKIKDUATED MILWAUKEE LAGER BEER ALMO HOC It K Fit OV DtAUGHT AT Grahlsr’s 8atooo Fo 522 J street Oil ID Al WHITE Cl WODDS OHOCKItH OOBNKK Of BlVENTH AND M HTftEFT PI KE FAMILY i and fr'-vl Ion H‘'nrt wpg’it and fnli measure All t r 1 t "liki t"M “o’’l a tb vey low tat living rates ( all and i pi - WRITS & WOCD3 Corner f Seventh und 11 Mtrceto sl6lm KECHAHICS’ STORE NEVER Have we been so well prepared to meet tho wonts of tho Fall and Winter Trade AS AT PH1CHKNT sar OUR STOCK IS GREATER OUR ASSORTMENT BETTER - AND OUR PRICES LOWER Than at Any I’rorlnn Soiuon (X Fr tb put tlirM or lour veeki hiva boon dolly opening oat oibo otter oaso ol tho Newest and Cholooat Oooda to bo toand tn the East ern and Western Markets We bava placed tho following linan oi goodi on the Shelvoa ol oar DRY GOODS D33PARTMBNTi NEW LINES New New New New Now New New New Now Now Now New ourt FA15CY GOODS OFFRltH TflK FOLLOWING HEW LINBSt Now Lires of Ladles’ and Children’s Merino Underwear! " “ of Ladles’ Woolen Hosiery! “ " oi Children's Woolen Hosiery! " “ ol Fringes! “ " of Gimps! “ “ of Cloaks and Dress Ornaments! “ " of Ladies’ and Children’s Worsted laokets! “ “ of Children's Hoods and Caps! “ “ of Ladies’ KaMas and 8carfgf " “ of Ladles’ Shetland Shawls! “ “ of Fane Ribbons! " " of Fancy Battons! " “ of Bachlngs! “ “ of Woolen nnd Lined Gloves! " “ of Neckwear and Handkerchiefs! Hs sail special attention to our unuaaally large line of Ladleu' and Children’ CLOAKS DOLMANS AND ULSTERS UT Our erowded atoreo our vast mto clearly that we aaar above alt us ia priooo We have nver been undersold In the past and we never will be undersold in the fntnre Onr prices have been still are and always will be lower than those of any ether house on the Pacific Coast MECHANICS’ STORE! NOS 430 402 404 406 408 K STREET HAC1IAMI2NTO Samples and Prloe List AUMHEHM IU IKTTKUMI WUffSTOCK & LU3IN SACRAMENTO CAL EOHAmOS’ STORK BEFORE - OF BLANKETS ! Linos of Flannels! Lines of Waterproofs I Lines of Satins! Lines of Silks! Lines of Worsted Drees Goods! Lines of Cashmeres! Llnoe of Skirts! Lines of Shawls! Llnea of Velvets! Lines of Brooades! Lines of Table Linens! Lines of Napkins! DEPARTMENT and otlll tnereaaftng trade Intf I and that none dare eompeto with Sent Free to any addross THB IRITEBI0N WE ARE COMPELLED TO ANNOUNCEMENT ! THE MKK Never been made before on the Pacific Coast AND t’NDttR COfiDTTIONi WHICH HATE SSr NEVER BEFORE OCCURRED IN SACRAMENTO! CW Va itarted tn business here In April last unheralded and unknown although our reputation was already established In tonr counties in OalUornla Vo fonnd after careful Investigation that here wa could BENEFIT THE PEOPLE! And satisfy our own reasonable wishes ta merchants these against whom ' ws wonld have to compete being IfflMs n Ian Not W Prices Dan AS THKY BHOUID OK COLID But Who Have Relied Upon Sensations to Attract Purchasers for Their Goods is soon as wa deolded to stay WB PAID CASH FOR THE BUILDINQ VS HAVE OCCUPIED since our arrival not expecting that our name and prloea would quite 10 aoon ba reoognlsed by the publlo Onr trade however has grown so rapidly and atroog that wa find OUR BUSINESS A BUILDING Thau Lhe pieaent oue We have to-day In oar store a stork that would only flud proper space In a bulldiuc AT IKAMT TH ICK AM LAKUK a we occupy and our tUMtomers are already observing how we are pressril for room Besides this our store Is daU erowded with purrhasrrM who requre our attention from early forenoon ontll eveolug The number of these customers le growtog constantly larger and The Demand lor Oar Goods More Emphatic and General Our Business Has Really Reached that Point at Which We Find Ourselves Compelled to Ask a Fcvor of Our Friends in tho Country Which In ltMelf Hounds NtravA tint becomes neceanary fbr their Interests ns nell as our onn We nlm to attend promptly to all who visit ns eltler for pcMi)aNe or ( i ex: mine price and In our present premises WE HAVE NOT TH- ROOM OR CONVENIENCES For handling our quickly Inero&Nlng trade at the same time giving attention tn orders received through the Hal! or Fxpres from onr country Irirnds Therefore as we are lilly receiving nure numerous orders In tills way from the country WE HAVE TO ANNOUNCE That for the Present Our Frlonds In the Interior will do Us a Favor by Abstaining from Sending Orders to be filled by Us In Their Absence The trade as It cornea Into oar store here demands our entlreTE tontlon and we do not wlah to disappoint t ountry Customers by receiving their orders aud at times unavoldbly delaying them WE BELIEYE IN FAITHFULLY SERVING THE PUBLIC Ai U their interest! were Identical with onr own knowlnQ that they will not be slow to Bppreolite onr action IV" Tills announcement Is fbr a abort Interval only as we ars sow malting arrangements for the t'AfcMI Pl tli ll ArtH of a piece of prop erty suitable for a business on a much larger scale than we have now The public will reelve due notice when the time comes und we will then be prepared to 1111 Country Orders In the mot satisfactory usaouer Thanking tho people for their readluca to examine our methods and prices nnd lor their eager sanction of our efforts so far In the reduction of pries In this rlty we remain HALE Nl3 K Htreel hetweou ltjyfhth ami TVlntb BACBAMRNTO VBT0RS FROM THE INTERIOR O A HAtR A (X) SUN JOSK HALK A CO BAMNAB THE CRITERION MAKH AM Otf WHICH HAS NOW DEMANDS MUCH LARGER BROS & G9 WILL RECEIVE SPEC AL ATP2Ti)f O A HALF A OO 8TOCK TON HACK 11 ROB A CO ft’KTALUMA

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