The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on December 20, 1982 · 31
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 31

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, December 20, 1982
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Y yririt y—Tf f" f iriril8Vy‘ JJw'T-r’i a- fT- Y“i vum - ''srv-'x The Miami Herald0000 Monday Dec 20 1982 Lively fly s 7B - f 1 j f Jr v! red heat X PLATO’S RETREAT WEST V OPEN 1H3U12 A M Fill 4 SAT TILL T-OO KM A less-than-playful ‘Toy 3 iTfiric 's t"’ji"i''f '' $r"Ti)vt3fir"iiiffc r By BILL COSFORD Herald Movie Critic Jackie Gleason and Richard Pryor in the same movie ought to be worth something The very fact they’re willing to work together ought to be worth something — a hard-drinking fat man with his comic roots in Ralph Kramden the troglodyte bus driver who would have made Archie Bunker look like a liberal if TV had allowed those kind of jokes then opposite a black comedian whose intoxicant of choice has been cocaine and whose repertoire includes an array of viciously accurate impressions of foolish white folk Two energetic and wonderfully physical comedians each among the best of his generation But in their movie The Toy they do not amount to much Pryor seems unhappy about some of his lines and situations and well he might It’s hard to know just what Gleason thinks as he is able to deliver even atrocious dialogue with a misanthropic zest that is always appealing but he has a right to be embarrassed too The Toy is a remake of a film of some years back by a French director named Francis Veber The idea is basic situation comedy — a rich man is persuaded to “buy” a human toy for his spoiled young son It’s thin stuff to begin with having nowhere to go but the inevitable moral lesson by which the toy shows the boy how to be unspoiled and hence requires plotting and dialogue of considerable wit For this the filmmakers substituted the obvious having a white man buy a black man And outside of a few moments early in the film when Pryor is establishing his black-man plight (he is nearly roughed up when trying to jump the job line at the neighborhood carwash) nothing here works There is much rolling of the eyes and much capering — Pryor is made to dress up as a waitress and is hosed down by a fellow toy (a stuffed dog that wets) Gleason pounds about the rich man’s mansion blustering at everything The story never gives him a consistent attitude about any of the other characters so he just stays mad most of the time In the middle is the spoiled kid played by a young actor named -— "4! rv y 'u x t Af i 1 1 1 - 1 0 ' 1 r S rIovia Review The Toy (PG) CAST Richard Pryor Jackie Gleason Ned Beatty Scott Schartz Teresa Ganzel Wilfrid Hyde-White An nazette Chase Tony King CREDITS Director- Richard Donner Producer- Phil Feldman Screenwriter- Carol Sobieski Based on the film 'Le Jouet' by Pranas Veber Cinematographer- LaszloKovacs Music Patrick Williams L Zm Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason: “The Toy Scott Schwartz who has a bad case of the Annie cutes Schwartz is adorable most of the time but he doesn’t really act much he is seen to be giggling during most of his “serious” scenes and you get the impression that Pryor wants to strangle him A strangling might have made for more entertainment than the be-a-good-boy mush that takes up the last half of the picture The comedic tone of the rest of the film is indicated rather well by one of the early gags in which the boy’s family name being Bates a family retainer is forced to call him “Master Bates” Both Theaters Now Open X TWIN I ALL MALI CAST X TWIN II FEMALE A MALE CAST Open 10-11 AMFri A Sat 'til 1 AM 4SWei UENACE USiEIS X WHITE FIRE u COUPLES SECTION V OPENKUHlOt EBITOIJOIKT UHAJ Kj I X ROOMMATES X VERONICA HART — JACK WRANGLER Plus 2nd Feature X Open 12 Noon TWIN i All mate cm! BOOTS t 8AOOLE9 — LEATHER THINGS X TWiN H WALE ft FEMALE CAST UP IN FLAMES A CHAIN LETTER X NOON TO 9 AM Daily J0INA1EATTHE SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL AT VIZCAYA January 12 - February 20 V T ’ -A In Six Weeks you can find memories to last a lifetime A UNIVERSAL RELEASE 1 mverwl Cm studios Inc cr-PG PolyGram Pictures csstei Collins Ave eccnnn At 74th MB 8661700 107 4 W HAULER HOUPT PLAAA 23 3636 N Kendall Onve '279 9990 1 4ROWARO CO AT GATEWAY MVERRARY BROWARD MALL ANO BOCA RATON TWIN ?! hMh mevle IlM ttocli Uy because tkewthwes ar vbi -tA f-Yx DEBBIE DOES DALLAS XXX & 2 Co-Hits n $400 ADM 68 17 1 SO Maw fsSkii 3 X-RATED FEATURES! "SEX BOAT" and "THE TAKERS" plus "PRIVATE LESSONS" ksc POMPANO1 FASHION CINEMA 1750 N FEDERAL HWY POMPANO BCH OPEN I AM-3 A M XXX “DEEP RUB” XnOBTUWUDIES rr HCTTrg ± BADGIRLS AND CANDY DIBIT LOOKS (X) II MB POSTMAN (X) THE MOVIES ot THE FAUS land Sevihweit 136 St 255-5200 ALL SEATS $200 OPENING 'TIL EVENING SHOWS SUNOAT FUST SHOW ONIT AIRPLANE II (PG) T-OO 3-15 5-39 7 55 10-00 OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN () 2-V 8-007:25 9-50 CASK CRYSTAL (PG) 1-00 3-15 5-35 7-4 S 10-00 The newest and funniest ‘Panther’ of them all NTU XlUXJ tuu UMAtX v " NTAHKtM IM M V HI K hi til 1 1 KAN KMS A 1 1 Ml I API IM KOHI M fiXtlA HANV n KOkMAN 4 W HI kWH k Ml Ml H HI Mil MAM IM OK hi HI AM I inVMs 4 SI NH W A HI I Mk DM AS lOM VL A1 OMAN 4 hi Akl I DVk AK IV ( I OH Kl I (WARDS HK 1 ) H hi AM HVAKI)s AM) HM AIMMx DIHM III) H hi Akl H)U AKI 1a PG FMWTM n— — iru O 1 " 3uwMaMiw SOUTH OA DC CONCORD Mtoao 4 1 14 Ac 221 2202 CUTLKR moot Cinema us i 4K4 ran 2J4S21! t OF S KBNOAU TWIN M MNOAu M 4T 107 Avt aMiU MOVIES AT TH8 FALLS USllSPDtST 2H-5200 HIALEAH tom coma LUUKMUOHHi IMISNOM 0 EMUMKACN: OCA EMU A CHOMCOUWTV I CHECK TIME CLOCK FOR SHOW TIMES & -ft- ' 2$ IrTilftlA" '-f 'Mg && r -Mt '------r — — - 11 — — -A- — SOUTH OADC — WOMHCO ASTOR DADELAND $TV( AC0B4LW4T THIPlE 22J2482 JtliT OFF US l At VMMST 29 90 CHECK TIME CLOCK FOR SHOW TIMES MIAMI 8EACH LOEWS BAY HARBOR 01 94 ST JUST W Of COLLINS 686 2441 ft 640WAE0 HOV'I UTV to SOU’MLANO TWft ThuHOEABMO 01 PT UUJOCKOALI HOUOA SPftHGt TWft C04A4 SPftNCS umjdeshiu cinema a laaesnchhoi Margate twin herceoe cinema towns rlantauon hum aim pompano IN PALM REACH HOvtEi AT fOWN CENTER OCA RATON CROSSCOUNTV WPS PEMOhOnE PINES PINES TRIPLE CINEMA 1784 UNIyEMSiTT 04) 4J2 HJ2 Another World Another Time-In the Age of Wonder Distributed by Universal Pictures and Associated Film Distribution Corporation poj © 1982 Universal City Siudios Inc FlDl Dolby stereo - I' I M SALKC1E6 IhCAIAIA F NOW SHOWING! OH US lAndSW ! 136th St 25 Hollywood Blvd A University Or 432 5225 1446 Mi 49th Street-h-mart 825-0055 5$ Bird Hoad and 114 Ave 221 22021 IN BROWARD CO AT MOVIE CITY CORAL SPRINGS MALL MOVIES AT POMPANO LAUDERHILL AND MOVIES AT TOWN CENTER Nmm hftk hA lRk $lly bvi ihtwtknAi art Mblatt kana r 77 7' ri7ri t MATINEE & TWMJTE SHOW BEFORE 6 PM DAILY 1 OMNI 6 OUM MTEHNATXMAL HOI BOCAVNE UVD 358-2304 r “THE TOY” (PS) (1:30 1 430 ttOO)-UG10:t5 “PETER PAH” (t) (2)0 A SiX) $2X0)-Sia MARINA 8 IDIHUAHNS PLAZA 11741 SSCAYNE OUD 931 2873 DUSTIN HOFFMAN IS MXTIN SHERIDAN 7 4099 SHERtOAN SY HOllVWOOO 987-4680 “TOOTSIE” (N) (130 1 430 V2G0)-730-l(M5 “BEST FR!EKDS”(ps (130U30UJO)-1J(MO:IS f “STILL CF THE KIGKT'on (2:1S 1 5:15 (n) S700)-i0G3SS “43 HOURS” at) (2D0 1 SDO J2JH)-J0G 1030 “AIRPUSE II” (pg) (200 tSfl)J2J)0)-m 1030 COMIDY AND DIANA A CO AND A CON NOLTI AND NUAAHY M “43 HOURS” (i) (1151 115 1200)730-9 4S “VERDICT” (R) (1200 1 230 1 SOO ft 5300) ) 1510:15 (ilnfifKmU H “43 HOURS” (N) “THE TOY” (Ft) (1215 1 245 A 530 (a i2Hhtl5lt:30 “TRACJCDOWM”() 130 A 430 Co) $200) 745-10:15 “AM OFFICER tn I EENIlEMaN’ (I) (200 1 5® ® 12 DC)-U5 It 15 “PETER PAK” () (I®l3®l5®(am)l53:15 “PETER PM” () (1200l2XU®15l5U®)-l®j “BEST FRIEHDSf(P6) 210 2151 115 “AIRPLAKE II” (pg) (1230t2l5t51552JB)751tl5 j “TOOTSIE” (PG) (12®l2l5HI5(a J2®)-I153I5 '"'t-t"1-"’1" — - if What has two wings flies and is a popular Christmas gift? Hint: It’s not a partridge in a pear tree :r N Si kjT Nn PG® AMC SHERIDAN 7 987-4680 4999 SHERIDAN ST HOLLYWOOD FLA a r-iv i pr 2nd SMASH WEEK WOMETCO AMC THEATRES WOMETCO SUNNY ISLES MILLER SQUARE OMNI 6 MIRACLE TWIN THEATER 387-34M MILLER RO S S W 137tR AVE 358-2304 OMNI INTERNATIONAL 443-5201 200 MIRACLE MILE 949-4537 302$ INTERAMA BLVD HIALEAH CINEMA THE MOVIES AT THE FALLS CUTLER RIDGE CINEMA LOEWS CINEMA4 $579888 PALMETTO EXPWY 2555200 US land SOUTHWEST 136 ST 2385311 SOUTH U S 1 8 FLORIDA TURNPIKE 432-52 2S UNIVERSITY MALL AT HOLLVWOOO BLVO Also in Broward at Coralndga Lakes 6 T-Bird Boca MsH Cinema 6 Movies at Plantation Movies of Pomoena Lakes hore Dnve-tn r - " -r v- 'V'K' r- -v ye ' r J® V -JJ -sf )V- A - s -'--s'' 'v V f Vi y V ? “ i' 1 rEvniTii avn Rira zauvbrovi pRoixcnov PMl NEUMAN CHARLOTTE RAMPLING JACK GARDEN JAMES MASON THE VERDICT MILO O’SHEA Ml SIC BY JOIINVY MCNDEl EXECITIM PROMCER Blim HLRRIS SCREFNPUY B) D1D MAMET BASED ON THE NOVEL BY BRR) REED t?0 PROm CED BY RICHARD D ZAMQt AND DA ID BRC N I DIRECTFD BY M1AFY U MIT -”1 " — d -tl (' i ‘ f ' Vj V —3 7 fc r? S! Clint Eastwood and Kyle Eastwood Ilonhytonh Man li!C0 y-- “-A IStBi i-lEpfSiSft i Vi- ai' SOI3WS3' MATINEE — EXCEPT SKYLAKE MON THRU SAT TIL 6 00 PM SUN 8 HOLIDAYS TIL 2 30 PM SENIOR CITIZENS 2 00 AT ALL TIMES aysharbob 5 mi of jhe night ON 96lh St JUST W Of COLLINS M a 8667441 PG n TOOTSIE dustin hoffman PG LiJ 8 blocks west of isjki si A-’ 3 - SHOP CENTER 6S1 2481 i TRA H OP THE PINK PANTHER PG THE DARK CRYSTAl ijaWTITi'S H 8lnoll or i07m t J79311 PG THE TOY R'Chard mon A n A It OF THE PINK PA NTHER PG PG CREEPSHOW R T THE MISSIONARY I also uiloewscinema4P(ubroa( pines Showing Lot ws coral springs 9 I m COWBMV4CA rrjA 7 J88TIW f SORRY NO PASSES THESE ATTRACTIONS PLITT REDUCED AOMISSiON TICKETS WILL BE HONORED AT ALL TIMES nsEajaa 43 HRS ! VERDICT 274 W 2 15 1 10 945 L CORAL WAY 44S-24U2 1 tootsie! 2M4 56 M5 44C HOMKY TONI HAN tftiW )25 TiTTTYTTlAMnScHiriuTT"1 — Pri i 5It MIDNIGHT ROCKY HORROR BRAINWASHED 1MIW1MI-Iia f j ( TT80LLTJUDyLntTto SIX WEEKS 24G-4 154 ET 2 4X214 T77T77?AjD?!DAL6n4?7 FRI a SAT MIDNIGHT ROCKY MOHROf! VERDICT rit'irVI'-l'! AIRPLANE II tTRHELOBtACIJWAur ET (h 2-4X2 15 43 hrsn FRI t SAT MIDNIGHT ROCKY HORROR lutffi —iT ‘ut r 1 ‘ 1 lihnij MONDAY thru SATURDAY tri 800 PM SUNDAY and HOLIDAYS ttl 2 30 PM SENIOR CITIZENS and UNDER ITS $200 AT ALL TIMES &Eastwood Ilonhytonh 3Ian r-Tl EDDIE MURPHY jlv lj o U O C J u 1 1 1 Jf TECHNCOlC j Now at f WOMETCO S PLAZA TWIN I1 450 S RO 7 — HoPvwd v 937-1000 ) Pla5E CC NOk'E cioc f 04 Times in B'- 4PD T TT0 ar’'VES-POMVO NOWtfS TCa CEtT4 C TV ie m HjNES- TC - a t C'L c TOOTSIE (PG) 1-30 4-1 S 7:109-45 WOMETCO S 183rd TRIPLE 163-d ST SMPG CTR 945-3518 y PLITT THEATRES ' PUTT GABLES tOPAL HI IS TWO AVE 445-2402 WOMETCO S NORMANDY 74 ST ft COLLINS AVE 866-4244 r WOMETCO-S KENDALE LAKES II 4 KENDALL wish N1 ave 385-8363 GENERAL CINEMA CUTLER RIDGE 20739 SCH( HWV 238-5311 PETER PAN (G) 1-00 3-IS 5-35 7-55 10-00 JIMMY THE KID (PG) CUSS OF 19M (t) 1-00 3-10 5-70 7-70 0-4Q PUTT THEATRES SUNILAND 11975 S t?f HWV 233-2540 THE TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER (PG) 1:00 3:13 5:33 7:53 HHX) jilPL g® iPwiUk a i

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