Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1916
Page 6
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SIX. CinnfMl f f TLfiT* ' W\ A irf mr jr* 4 /*'f?np^jpf> STERLING DAI Li GAZETTE MONDAY, OCTOBER 23,1916. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. iti Fox bett picture* msd* Vaudetle Tonight In " *><fy. Tomorrow— -Matin** and NigM "The Girl With the Ore«n Eyes" N6GL6CT THEIR TEETH. j i • i » n ^ i -> • *, i' i "' if t'l* ' \ l'i > '!< If, .J't - • > i ' £gf?;$ **• ! hiMr<- , i" ' t!4 >, 1 jn'-r <'• <M h.'ui r»nt bad tvw ;ih<! «nly ''»-'' .'itli nil.. n Over ! ft Stilrlil S.| H-4l, f/.'t wiiiti.'f ! I \ JiVrfi •<! fT!" ilrlilv (!"- (-• f"! rrt:H!'> i. :»«(•* . Semi-Annual Coat Grand Today The captivating Dorothy Gish In "The Little Schoolma'am" You will tnjoy thin picture—It brings back the »p<Ht cf youth. Also Keystone Comedy, "Wings and Wheels" •Tonum-ow, "The Innocent Lie", fViiluring Valentine Grant A ttirring photoplay of adventure^ difficult to excel EXTRA! SEUQ-TRIBUNE NEWS A CADEMY OF MUSIp Wednesday, October 25 ^ Tht Miflhti«tt Spectacl* Ever Conceived by the Brain of Man Oreh««tm—40,000 People in the Seen**—10,000 Hortec in Cav- «i. J3attlethip« • -35c Evening at 8:30 .25c, 35c, 50c Scat* now telling at the Sterling Pharmacy MART FLVNN TO M.'irt f-'lynn will h,tv- :i t«n(.ti'- ;M)C- ll'-'l'l. !.'D. .Jii u . ffirm. 'Jiff' rrii!*"* Wr-sf i if '••rl«-t:'!, Thursday, Ort. 1'S, wh*>n h*- will tiffri f"! £:i If. ?<jx h«n*l of hur,««-». «•*•%•• fn1y-?K<> hi'.'itl f>f rnltl", InrtutlfnK n Ti u f FiTTf -T'TiT" "i iYTTTTTT'Ti wTS ", " i»Ti tf 1 FiTiTv r> r a i f 'of S ! ><"' S?lil;lf«. I '!«•»> llirii'tl lit MoiiH •Sftl" hntin'Oiiiifly sifter. M, <*. nn<i \V«t<1 k"ii>nt, niM-fU>ni'«'r«i nix) If. i' Knux- uhrik. ..' TODAY )N ILLINOIS HISTORY. f>n '>'•!, i'2, ITS?, (*<ingr*KM wet :(»!<)<• ji latK' 1 trittt irf iiuul north of t Iff <)IU«i ' for th<> juirpiisf of BnttsfyiriK ihf- if"* which hint li»'«"i> iirfiinisoi! rh< Virginia troop* whn had ounnufn-d Ihf- Illinois ritiititrv <'n Oct. 1*3, ]?«;., Ht Aiijs*', Irtftt I'uni h ctunninmtiiiit "f f-'ort d«» ''li!irtl*-<, witliilitvt with i)K- tl"<ips tf> St. L"tiK FREE POP CORN SATURDAY. Tlif H«'!i(lrii'kB IHMIK <*<,imi»my lifts iti«tnl!«'rl ti «-(itii j»n|ip«T »>f nn ti|i-tii-<lnti {>!lftl-ril. A HXIII W»X SfMtt fillt frntti th«» factory !H «*-t i( ni> nml start It Vciitkini.:. Sri tm day over six hiunlr«*il H.-H k« of i mil wt'ic Klv«-n away fri-f. DAILY WEATHER REPORT. Thf t"hlr - n«o wt'siihcr hurt-nil fnri>- ra*t fur (tiility i« us follnwf: Cn.xvtth'd »•»•;. lh«'r ttminht atiil TtH.'xilay; |ittt|>- ahly mill In «;iitillt ni>4l \M-M( , <>n|«l>*i. tii|ili;!il 'Hi tlu« fxtrt'tw rn»tth.niul In Jhc miitli arul I'rntriil (lorljiiiiH Tiif»»i- •:x"?J ,- -- i — /' r \ fce' *^ : ci nit • ROCK PAUUS 1UNIUK1 Tw«.r*«l comedy, "BABY'S TOOFS" Also Universal Weekly DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Every Monday Evening From 8 to 10 P. M. , For prlvaii' IrtimmH call H, H. KtLLHY, Bell phono 430R Buy Pinch Back Suits'! AND ivercoats $15.00 $18.00 bermillers' I (NEWS INBRIEFJ SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE GOOD. Marl Mcl.'i.-nnnn. who (x «o1icitii)K !»ul>- for the fequiplitt-nt of hli« H. in having pxrollent lurk, TI»< invn ar«> Ktving Ubi-rally tttict it in i>xp»-«-u-il In' will Hfcurp nufflcl(?nt fund** • t»« jjs4 th«-in new wuitH and other equip- 1 invnt in-ot'«sary for th« fi-ileration «if the iniinl>.-r with ttic «tiiti« and national Vorps. H«» i» v«»rv anxiotiN to ijft ih«>ut *IH»W uniform* xo tht-y may !»** able to juUtiml tin- «tati> mt-cUiiK at FortSlu-ri- uUtu in tlu» ui-ar futur*-. Mr, Mclxm- j nan IIMH a number of boyn from t-arh of llu> two «'ili*>H. and h*« han.lM"t-n ptit- tniK on n prrnt tli*al of -tim»c In 4lieir formation and drillinK. '•. " FRANCIS ISAGLE HERE. Krancii* Sagle spent tliv wt««»k i-nu with hlw part-ntft in «t«rlin«r, Tho young man IH atlentlSriK C'ortH'H colIeK* at Ml. Vrrnon, Iowa, and IK a member of the foIU'Ke football team. While flaying Hits!*, Mm-rs nmr rnnftPa, Ttt Wnodn.* .%tn. ('. \V. Mnnilltuii «|»'nt the tlnj Hi l'<-<.ri:i with frliMuld. ____.. K. ('.. itmilnr, tnnhlit.* Mrs, .latni'M f.'itht'. of I.nilun. »|M>II( willi l In- iluy in tln« day in \Valt«'i lvi-iv,-uii jt| fi"l»'i{il« In ,l Hviiii. Mix. '!. It, hlllnii You will have no better opportunity to make a selection of your new Fall and Winter Coat than during this week. / » f ,Mrt, !•;, |.; t shtM<t« xp t'llll'rtgd. John r'onnHly trnrinarifnl |puniiji">< In toilay. » Alice D'Art'y I* HpmilinK « f**w yn with frli'iuln In (.'lilciiK". Mr*«. Ni'lllf Hilllivan WIIH n p(\««*>n- M.unl)- Hfunlin in upptullng o with frlt-nilH in ._ Mm. C. U, IhMtnl wf j nt to today for ii nhort visit with friend*. Mltm Flon-noo Womlyatt cnllrtt on frh'iiilfi In Dixon Knrulny. l-'rru)K nn«l A. 1* Hcfkman np<-nt Hun- tiny-on their fiirtn tu-ar IMxon._ " TitTBH M6n*ncp~.ToI)nH<»n~(r)»« % nt~Runilily with MlH« Mnln'1 MHUKCH In Dlxon. Mia* iliith Qlffruw «ppnt Sundny with MI.HH Joy in Dlxon, MtNH Martha IJUIIH npont Sunday with frl«?nd» in Dixon. A«a Kohl upent Sunday with In llixon, Waller (Hffrow went to Ulxon Saturday to attend th« football Kunie. (!uy Jones returnwl home Friday from a IJiiwiiifK.H trip to Kt. Ixulu, Hartley Wetxel is Mpendint; the week end in <*hlcaKo. . .Mrn. H. S. Synder. of Hutlor. Pa., i« vi.sitliiK at the home uf her nephew, <'n;ij iil'tcr Cojil in nil nf flic season'^ tldif-lifl'til vn ricly »>!' cithn's. ami i'niirics hnvc bt'i-n i-oiniiin' in i'i»r the liisf 1'inir <l;iy^. \vliich iiic;ni> Ilinl for Iliis \vcck we have an cmilesm viiricty id' liniKisuitic new cdjiis, innny full flare models. 'Bolivia. Silk X'eloiirs. Wool Plush ami Velvet Ctuil* with a \Mnuieri'iiI ^dl'lnes-i d|' fniieh atu| warmth of fa'lil'ies. Snuinly tailored iraharttiiies and seiites thjil are ejjually u"°d for liu>iness and social wear. Mohair mixtures of grays and irreeiTS \viTTi tlie roomy sleeves so neee-sary foi- sports and motor wear. Thessy iiii^dels of broadcloth and pile fabrics so charmingly irimmed with furs.ami vehetK. And eaeh is a m»«l«'r style creation -direct from fashion's centers. This week's umiMial "howin.v; is douhly interesting; ' in this season of fabric scarcity,.•»• . .,,. Tlie fort'liunded puivliascr wilT'plan to make her visit earlv. May we expert yi»u tomorrow. Prices ra'rige fromTnrOU to $65.00 COMING! COMING! One dny this wt«fk, ^creat I'nr exhibit and sale. Watch <Ytr spcj-iaLaniionnceinent, _ t« n, Blid O«, ,la8t Tuesday afternoon he wak Injured land it win* thought b«-«t <o Bend him homt» for a few dayw. U«« returned Sunday and thought he will be able lo Htar.t work in xchoot this morning. H|H lt»ft li'K wus inJur«H] Hi the CAPJ. BART MoCOMBER. Tlu« Pictorial vi«»HUy of the Sunday lU-auo TrlhuiH» Contained an c-xwl- [h'iH niottirc <if Hurt M«O«tnl«»r, captain of tlu* Cnlvorxlty of Illinois football U'.uii, Hart Is well known In u nvtkliow of and Ida UundleU, of Sterling. Hi* father wiw nlno a r«>!*ident of BtorllnK.'hav- lt>K bei'ii born Kuuih «if Rock Kallw «» few miles Itart in atrk'nowledged to be niic of thi< Kfi'iiU'st football piuyert*- in TO ADVERTISE FOR BIOS,' Htnte Highway Commi»«|on h'tm ~"^ 1), W. HoHenberK, of Rochclle. »p«»nt Hatnnlay here on bunliu'K«., (leorue Df-ventij 1 . of Kntunluy 'hehs M«H>re and Willliim ter, of rUn-helle, called on frionda here Sunday, DancinK nchiKil tonlKht from 4;0<i to 9:30. Hoclnl dunce from i»:30 toM2:oii in, th« Woodman Hall of Sterling. Public invited.* K. 8. I'hillps ha* returned home from a 'bublhetw trlti extendiiiK through lh« Ktate of Illinohs, Sam Hli'ker went to Iloxelanct, NVb., Httlurday for an extended vittlt with bin parents. Mi«n Martjart-t \ of Chicago upent Sunday here with friends and relatives. Mis* Mary Buyers hn« returned from a nix monthH' visit in the t>a«t. mocit of the time beinit »*pt«nt with rclaiive!« in Pennsylvania. llerlwrt U«bhnnlt came out Friday owning from Kvatmton to npmid the week end with part*utH. lU'lf Hrown rxturned to Chicago StU- urday after a iVw dayN* vinit with her *""" BIRTHS - 'H.-~A ttn-j«»uriir h.tby hov tnirn Humluy f«i "Sir. nml Mnt. FmT ciiK of W»»Ht Third ntrevt. Jh'runclH HuicU'. who aid rottd Ijnown a'« Swtion r, route &, in i..e«« t'ounty. which Iw on the Chicago road, to be publicly opened at Ha >»f- tu-e in Hpringtleld at II a, m. \V«Hlneu- iniu'ailutn Hurfucin« nf t-ht* l»roH<»nt Jinnl r<»iu1 owr n WJ-tton 7100 ^««it lt«ii(i uiul 15 fwt wide. Tin of SHOT RED FOX. v, MUII at Air, niul Mrs, Kl- wlu»t H large r*»«l fwx- In tlic- ivi»"t« Hour his huin*», Mrs, lly*-r»i r*»«ldu on farm. T»u* tif lil tho Mr. ntid Hmlth lo ,. tnan t« v««ry im«u4 na a hunter und will «Mn of' the animal ^ ^SAFETY IS FORESIGHT HITCHED TO >f ouly- 4ui-i4ulututian tluvt winter it« way. • f Why l»ot U»l us fill your eotil bin Now with c-o Scranton Hard Coal, all sizes Vulcan Coke, all sizes All graces Soft Coal Ebony Cube for the grates fry our fiOQ 0ojJ—0ar §n track today ncli C;UIU>K« tx hcrv upending the wtH'k ••n«l with liin parcntM. » Mr. ami Mr*, William Hoover wfcrv n tcr Lu4n«l -«t-- ttw —Churlew—Gl ta m m home on 8<>v«iUh avenue hint in IVurl Swan**on, of Kock Inland, lli\« lu-r W, A. few <luyn wartout,* '•" Holder left Saturday tnr«*« weeKb' visit In UalwhurK. miuth- t'fii JllinoU und Omahii, Neb. N. Wilier ha» returned home from a two WMJfcH' luwlHwwt trip und visit in Uttluth, Minn. MlHMt'H J'^lorence Orvcn and Delate Htephenmin attended th« VuiulfVlllt- «how_lti. _t)i\»n KUnefulorf. of Tutnpicu, wvr«« callDra In und DUun Humiuy. I>1B<» Jurwn and . 'riioinriH Honan, of D«*Kaw. *|H>tit aunday with friend^ in thlw c " ( AMUSEMENTS J CIVILIZATION* Civilisation." Ihf K«'*t movlnir plc- which will ht< shown ut tht« Ac««l-> of Mu«ir Wvdnen«]My. Oo<. i.'.th. rntttlni-o uiuS vvi-ninx pwfornuuKH*, i** di«clar«'d hy criUctt to he th«» wjuiil if nut Hu»M>rior of "The Ulrth-of w Nt»- tion." In' fact it i» rccojfniz«>tl »n on*« ut th« grwitent nim» -ever thadc>. It in perhaps the most eliM|ut>nt art fvt»r pr«?sent«l in favor «>f p«'uci'. Th«« horrors of war niul oouJtntHtinK **f*'«fH of |ifuc«» hnvi- b«'fii introflnrwi with great «ffoct aiul - 1»«- umiultiig detail. Whule towns art 1 «wn by aempliutfit, whlU 1 on Jaml and KI'» Have l»«on n'p with HUP that of pic Mlnklntr of tlio paiiMt'!)g«>r Miiip hy « xulmmritm, par-' the • twiM-rolitK -of" tht» " ' tiinia, TTu« iletaTr worinS" flnw'alul the horror of wtich an <icciJii^eiif«> In por- more rewllstlmlly than be diw« by tlu i written wunl. It i» l>y | far thu m»nt' i M^-illliU; aecen t»v»»r Bhuwir: • An iilwi of the irt*int'inl<ni« prupor- tionx nf tliN'tlrotna ran he it In rculizfj.} Umt iihi.nt were iiMiui ut varluMN IJIIK-M. uk UK 5.01)1) :uil)nUI iliK .if) out- scene. TJ'«' I'ttocl of MSIH-SM in well WuMhburni* 'of Terrj* Haute, Ind., i» here for a vixlt with his jt(Ktt»r, r«. Henry Obermlller. • ' Mr. tuiti Mra. (1, F. Hall enlrrttilntHl over Sunday Clold Hall, uf Moling and and Mm, Harry Stltssel, of PJkon. Julia McCarthy went to CW- today .for u nhort vlnit with — - Mr*—44, liujwo ami daustHer. ««U Ma* Us, mjiftil the J wwk .end with Mr, and Mr«. M. U, Schoenman, re- .(urning thl» tuornini;. Mr*. C.harleti Uirton and son, Har- uM. returniHt to tht»lr, home in l^kln loiJay after a short visit with her «U- t«r. Mrb, N. M KitiK- Uancjng «i>lmoi tonlglit from flmo to Sj:3o, Su<*lul tlonct» from S:3U to I^MIO in the Woodman Hall of Hunllng. J'tildU' InvlUd,* Mr. mid Mr*. Harvey I*»U« havi* re- to tMflr homis in liloamingtun, whort vlnit with relatives «iul .Swiuiuiit ami HwtutivMi. of Uwck tHlaml. uv»r Huuitay at the Frank Test- or home In pixon, •. &lia»e* Kva WIUiumB, draw Urelding »H*I Ho»u iM#« and W, Smith motored to Uixoii Ian! vVrliln.js und attended the tlia Hoover and iJur.U Aver- lill unil MfJ9Mi», UUlwrt and {.etjoy Kin- mitt w»-ri« fiiu»rtul>u'<l lq.«t' vvctiintc «t th*\ hojiie.|if Mr, uiul Air*. Arthur Alt'. «iuih uf -i.Uu.4i Falla, ' i»r urn! All*., Will Lynch Will Mr ili At:*, A ii Hv*'<) ant] lifuaHom «»tl t>i i>alt.,»)iviit HttiiUay at the fh"»' MiuUtv'lV " '41** — jaiMp* nf t'uMu ^ __ _^_____.__ „ "T{«uh c.tffnitt, of *» ' Til Ic'' Kt gival uiul iti>nor.'iina, as wHI a,s (tu> ht'intt "liirkfil by unusual clarltv. Tht* vast numlm' ut I'xtian «b<>w Uu» eflft'lM of curvful ill illinj; and havu IHHOI UtllUi-d to tin- ln-st iiilvaiHiiKi'. lin- iji>«(nu mnih>KM form n buukKt'otinil lit- tlnjt for tiin many HC*fi»'M of puwwintry and in t-vm'y wcfni' i» rvWonw of inw«- ti-rful t4'cl(TiJt|U«' uf th«> dlrt'i'tuis. in no othi'r pifiurt' JH tlitw fiinuil mK'h « gri-ut lilt luliitK <>f alj t<quIhHi>H that K>I lo maid* up a hitr int'iiui Mpoi-turlc. The utury of 'V(vill*aUfm" dt-ilK-'Uwl Uy HH -f»nM»«'*'« l t<» tht* muthf»-« of th«* tjeati in tlu- pri^i'iH world war. i>4 tho story huinuiiity unil uMUU' I'roiu it.s W»ny spi'et.u'Hlur ft^tiurfu, prcjH-ultt u dramatic narratjyt« "i»i nynibojii- fonn. «W::-^ -."'•* 4 V.'-"i A. t v'WtVj-c-'X /,^iiln .. "'.>' :.'.\\'..'•• j ,«{>' •>*$_ ,<i,tf-% ; " '• .*** * ..<-' ^'^ l ^ ^j, .,.«, • •• • ..• /*Zt*S? 'i-,>V.."'.iV {il'lx 1 *^ ' ' "S^^ ^<^ -^m-, *'*;• ;'.-.«", V*"<':M V-.<..i,'., •• Burnt Cat' CT.I\ K.tcUcifl jn t.v,nui*r JOHN A, WAEP Attorney at MONEY TO LOAN On Ke«i> K.ttate BecuHty MORTOAQiS FOR 8AL|E 411 Uwr*n<* BJdg* BUrllng, III. REAL ESTATE LOANS Firtt MoHgag* |fiveitmont» t'ur^fully 8el«ctedl FiwoL-Mort- 4iajpt£fi_JC£ju'fia»uit_tiiM. J4«bestJt y pa of tt«curity. Thu Income i» 4'i'Wit<ir than »h«t of 'arty other invp«tment offering A b B o 1 u t e < taiety. lateral und JOHN M. STAGER U«w Office Stas«r 4. 8t«ati* Duplex ______ Mcxrt Popular All America »\fi | ,<!i.| .Ml- It.iJti.'l KlVl h.Utl <•.'•!! v- .l ti. lift ii but* in Cuiuntlii.t Cu\, StttiitUx .ifu-r 'utu luitiii,; tlu- fa- ut llttiu Ji'ltit Vkickh'i. INVESTMENT Net 4 to 6 iwr C«»ot Exempt frynj Income Tax LOAN? INSURANCE 10 L»wr»nc« Bldfl. . 6ttrlinu, III THIS WEEK Woman JDemonstraior COME IN and let her show you the most simple and perfect Coal an(jl Gas Rangd made, Two Complete Range$ in One. Same oven,is used for either fuel or both can be used at the. same time, without removing or replacing a tingle part,, Simply, "/*«!! or~rush:~o~ £.ev«l^TpT3^ven^S"ri.'&$y for use 4 . ~~Cafi'r*tfa t>^at for Comfort^ Convenience and Eoanomy, All the Year 'Round. 44 Pup fax Alcazar is the Range for your Home, A Useful Souvenir FREE for the Ladies attending, IMJtoyJS.^Woofls Furnirurc Store \ "-I/.-a A.>.

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