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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California • Page 3

The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California • Page 3

Sacramento, California
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iwi THE LEVEE' COAST DISPATCHES! IJEFATtEIF tiST ARRIVED AND IN STORE A CAR LOAD OF THE DAILY BEE SECOND EDITION and Sagar-ccred Huns These two brands of EASTERN HAMS are decidedly THE BEST of any that to this market For sale low in loti to smt GKO VV CHESLEV IMPOltTER Ho ftl Front trt 1061 OFFICE OF 187' WILCOX FELTER CO 73 Front street Sacramento Wholesale Dealers and Jobbers in Wines and Liquors extra charge for delivery Iu any part of the elty drayaze floods shipped by Rail or Mteamer Murnm RodcrerHeidseick Private CnveeOelden A Imperial BRANDY Henne8sy and Vin Proprietors Old Eclipse Taylor and Miller Stewart SACRAMENTO AGENCY for St Louis Lager Beer Bethesda Mineral Water and East India Bitters THE CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE TO-DAY'S SB-BIOS SENATE Saturday Feb 9 Senate met at 11 Lieutenant Governor Johnson in the Chair Mr McCoppin asked to have the clerk read a newspaper paragraph which contained a criticism of a bill on education introduced by McCoppin The article was read and proved to be a weak attempt to teach legislators that they were a set of illiterate law-bred men wholly nn-able to cope with such a subject as education On motion of Lambert Assembly joint resolution No 16 relatiug to Chinese emigration was taken up A message from the Assembly announced the passage of an Act to increase the Police force of San Francisco Pierson presented a bill by request with a petition for the relief of the California Manufacturing Company of San Francisoo Referred to Committee on Claims A number of local bills were introduced and several motions made of no moment to the public Senate bill No 205 an Act to relieve tax payers whose lands have been sold to the State was passed under suspension of the rules Substitute for Senate bill No 51 the Bancroft school bill was then taken up and is being discussed at the dose of this report DRY GOODS WEATHERJEPORT Prepared for the Daily Bee up to the hour of going to press under the authority of the UNITED STATES SIGNAL SERVICE 8oiuiiEHro February 8 SACRAMENTO 3 3 BB gi i ez a 2 rf 3 is -5 8 of her sewage is down through my ranch and suppose I take it into my head to raise on mv ranoh whatever crop will pay me the best By constructing (2) two dams of five rods each I can raise tiie water almost as high as it is new with the pretense of killing gophers or the propagation of cat fish and if they sell as well as they did this year it will be better than growing hops The law will protect me in it What right has this city only by tbe law of might to run her bilge water down through our lands catting ditches when and where she pleases filling the air with unsavory and noxious gases tiiat a million eucalyptus trees could not absorb? Let us work together mutually tax tiie city such a per centage on the hundred dollars and tax our land so much on the acre Outside of the moving back of the levee in front of my place in 1876 and strengthening it this year also of putting in four wingdams at the same place with the exception of some piles that the Supervisors drove several years ago there has not been done one hundred dollars worth of work to my knowledge for sixteen years between Btreet and Freeport No levee can stand sixteen years without some repairs or additions For the last five years I have been stating that our levee must be raised and made wider As long as the gopher holes were kept closed we did not look for the levee to break where it did for we could staud twenty inches more of water Whether the city joins ns or not I will assure her citizens that we have got pluck aud means enough left to build up the break and levee higher wider and stronger than ever and shall do it and when the uext great raise of waters comes we will look out from our cottages among the orchards hop yards and cabbage patches with all the serenity of a rural granger and say to the noble old Sacramento river as tho palaces of human freight and commerce float up and down upon her bosom thus far thou go aud no It is a common thing to join two distinct interests aud thereby create a mutual interest for both If the city will agree to take charge of the levee to Freeport I will agree to use my best endeavors to raise a handsome sum from the two districts below and hand it over to the proper authority for levee purposes Daniel Flint A meeting of the workingmen of this city who sympathize with tho Kearney movement was held at Father Mathew Hall last evening The attendance was largo and much enthusiasm and some confusion prevailed A number of tbe members of tiie Workingmen's organization were also present and an attempt was make by several of tiie speakers to heal the I reak now existing in the ranks of the new party but it proved unsuccessful Tbe meeting was called to order by Thomas Sheehan and Johnson was ele'ted President and addressed the meeting Senator Bones also made an address counseling unity steadfastness and moderation and remarks were made by Day Mr Gliistcr ami Harrow the latter in reference to statements be had made and urging a union of the two wings A meeting of tho same party will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 at the intersection of Tenth and streets The Grand Island Information was received in this city yesterday to tiie effect that trouble was being experienced on Grand Island in tiie lower Sacramento on account of the wingdain on tbe Old Biver side of the island having pai tiully been washed out thus letting the water against the levee and nu-deruliiliug it slightly Iu consequence of Ibis lion Kerclieval and Clarke went down yesterday empowered to build a new levee around the old oue if necessary There are two levees at the ttingilam and it is the belief that tiie outside ono is the levee which was giving way Tiie captain of llio steamer Whip-pie who passed tiie island at 5 last evening reports that everything was all right tt tiiat tune and no trouble was apprehended A dispatch received in this city from It Kerclieval this morning from the island and dated 10:15 A says tiie levee is all right tiie washout is under control aud the island is looking Condition of the tt Mi-cel-iaueuua The levees aud the water and the surroundings thereof are in about the same condition to-day as slerday Nothing definite has been done toward attempting close the break nor it is likely that anything will be done in that direction unless the owners of property below the city take an interest in having it closed they care not why slionld others care that seems to be the gtuerul fueling on Bubjoet So far as we can learn the water has yet tapped tbe Freeport levee but it likely to do so one of these days and then of oourse that levee will be wept away As yet there is not much harm done to land or crops but the amount of damage that may be done depends altogether on the bight the water may reach and tbe period of its durance on the land But for the Freeport levee backing it up the curreut would have been confined mainly to the lakes aud iow uncultivated districts and below that point where there are not levees to back it up till it reaches far far down it is not much feared outside the street levee The water continues to rise slowly and raised an inch and a quarter during the past twenty-four hours The wash against the levee has no perceptible efiect and no water is seeping through at any point on the entire line INSIDE THE LEVEE On the city side the drainage water raised yest rday in consequence of the two pumps getting out of order and being compelled to shut down for a time Last evening they were again started up aud ran well during the night aud all of to-day the water showing a reduction Another pump is being placed in positiou Fourth street and this iB expected to start up very soon With the three pumps working constantly no difficulty will be experienced in keeping down the drainage water POISONING THE GOPHERS The Levee Commissioners have placed poisoned carrots aud wheat along the north levee from Seventh street to Brighton to poison the gophers aud other animals that are apt to injure the levee and citizens owuiug live stock will do well to keep it away from that vicinity The gophers have been driven by the watt from tbe low lands to the upper portion of the levee and have burrowed great number of boles recently These are being shipped np as fa-t as discovered aud the poison will lie kept out for several weeks as a preventive MEETING TO-NIGHT After consultation witbanumbir of citizens and neighbors Frederick Mier has called a meeting of those interested iu the matter to be held at the County Court House this evening for the pur pose of discussing and considering levee matters All who are iu aDy way interested should inako it a point to he on hand and givo expression to their views as by this means only can a satisfactory conclusion be arrived at A citizen suggests that if the owners of property iu tbe ovorllowed district show any proper desire to have the break stepped and will subscribe liberally for that purpose he will be the one to seek subscriptions iu this city to aid them As yet he says they have done nothing for themsi Ives and until they become activo and earnest in the matters not only iu words but in works they cannot expect others come to their assistance or to do thi ir work while they themselves remain idle The wagoner had to work before Jupiter would come to his aid MISCELLANEOUS The report bo exh nsively circulated ytsterilay to the efiect that the Signal Service Department had predicted for this vicinity a terrible stoiin the worst of the season to take place next Monday or Tuesday is without foundation according to Signal Service Officer Watkins of this city The rheumatic barometers however indicate that the storm is nut yet over The north and east levee appear to be in good order but thus far this year there has not been enough water in tbe American river to much more than reach their base At tho break in the levee tbe rush of water is decreasing i-s tbe river falls aud the precautions taken to prevent the end from washing further have tlieiUsired eff'Ot On the mountains this morning the weather was clear aud the barometer wus up On tho California and Oregon road the weatliL-r was cloudy to-day The wind last evening shifted ronuil to the north and has been at tiiat point all day The sun has been sliming but clouds are still plcuty in the sky The river at noon to-day was 21 feet and 1 inch above low water a fall of one inch since 12 last night 'Hip Jolinnuu levee Bill Eds Bee: Please publish this and asi those who feel tiiat way to cut it out paste it on a letter or foolscap sheet sign it and ask others to sign it also and send it so signed with oue or ten or a hundred names to the Governor not later than Tuesday next: To Ills Excellency Wm Irwin Governor: The undersigned citizens of Sacramento respectfully ask you to veto Asst mbly till No which gives to this city tiie control of the levee to Freeport as wo do not desire the city to have that charge and as there is vet ample time prior to the adjournment of the Legislature for our di legation to prepare a well considered bill covering the ease SPECIAL DISPATCHES TO THE DAILY BEE (By tbs Western Union Lins SAN IKAMISCO Nlork San Francisco Feb 9 The following are the quotations of sales of the liegnlar Board this morning opening and closing: Ophir $52 It 51 It Mexican $13 13 Gould Curry $8 Best A Belolier 18H California $28 Savage $11 4 Con Virginia $23 Cbollar 32 32 Hale Norcross $9 10 Crown $4 Yellow Jacket $10 10 Imperial 70c Keutuck $3 Alpha $10 10 Belcher $4 70 4 Sierra Nevada $4 Utah $11 Bullion $3 80 3 30 Exchequer $2 2 65 Segregated Belcher $26 Overman $15 15 Justice $9 9 Bullion $3 40 Union Consolidated $5 6 Alia $8 8 Julia $2 Caledonia $2 Silver Hill $2 70 Now York Consolidated $1 90 1 Dayton 20o Woodville 50c Andes 65c 75c Welbt-Fargo 10c Ward $1 North Con Virginia 60c Morning Star 90o Trojan 60o 65o Eureka Consolidated $40 40 Alps $1 4 Leopard 30c Hussey 65c 50c Benton $1 20 1 Solid Silver $4 Jo Skates 45c Meadow Valloy 25c Raymond A Ely $5 Manhattan $9 9 Grand Frizo $13 13 Defrees 4l)o Argeuta 95c 80o Navajo $1 15 1 20 Hamburg $3 Modoc 35c New Coso $1 10 1 45 Budio 70o Independence 70c Fur last evening's stock report ios fourth pag) Iocnl Brevities Two arrests were made by the police yesterday Two carloads of immigrants arrived from the East this morning Delia Martin has been granted a divorce from James A Martin on the ground of desertiou A Lodge of the Ancient Order of Uni ted Workmen will be instituted to-night at Rod Men's Hall Sixth and streets The blessings of the prisoners confined in the county jail ascend heavenwards in clouds of smoke for Mrs Emery and Mrs Elkus who donated to the unfortunates in prison the unsold cigars from tbe Howard's entertainment The mission of the Passionist Fathers at St Rose Church concluded last evening with instruction papal benediction etc It has been a great success about 1700 having taken the Sacrament while it was in progress The programme for the five racing at Agricultural Park commencing February 19th under the management of Robert AlleD is published in full in our advertising columns It will be a rare treat fur lovers of turf sports ItallroAd aud hoal Time-Table PRPARTUUPfl 7:00 A Folsom and Shingle Springs 7:40 AM Accommodation Tram (buudoys excepted) to Marysville aud Red Bluff connecting at Junctiou with Accommodation Train for Truckee 30 A Local Passenger Train (Sunday excepted) via Valiejof or Hau Francisco 9 :00 AM- Daily Overlaud Emigrant Train Freight and Accommodation 10:00 A Acoominortatian Train (Sundays excepted) to Davis Woodland and Williams-opposite Ooluna connecting at Woodlaud with Local Train for Knight's Lauding 10:00 A or as soon thereafter as practicable (Sunday excepted) Sau Francisco Boat touchiug at all Way Ports ou the Sacramento rivor 10:45 A Daily Express Train to Stockton Lathrop San Jose and Sau Francisco cot uecL iug at Galt with tram arriving at loue at 3:40 aud at at Lathrop with Express Train to Merced Mojave Newhail(BanBu uaventura aud Santa Barbara) Los Angeles Wilmington Anaheim (Hau Diego) Holton (Sau Bernardino) ludian Wells (Colorado Biver aud Arizona Bleeping Cars from Lathrop to Los Angeles aud Colorado Biver 11:00 AM (Daily) Wwtward Emigrant Train i Baa Jose and Sau Francisco connecting at Lathrop with Emigrant Tram for Los Angeles 8:00 Daily Overlaud Express Train to Colfax Keno Ogdon and Omaha 8:10 1 Daily Oregon Express Train to Marysville lied Bluff aud Redding 8:30 Daily Express Train via Vallejo for Sau Fraucisco 4:00 Folsom (Suud ys excepted) PassengerTrain to Davis to Wi Ooluss 9:16 (Tuesdays Thuridaya aud Saturdays) Passenger Train for Auburn Colfax Truckee and lieu connecting with It for Virginia Bleeping Car attached from Saersme to to Carson 10:00 Accommodation and Freight Train (Sundays excepted! to Stockton aud Sau Francisco Fob Star Hams and Bacon Oat Moal or Avena Holland Herring Limburg and Eaetero Cheese go to He doee square dealing and sells goods at bottom price et corner 2d aud streets Do yon smoke Havana UtgaraT You oan get Uivane Key New York end Domestlo Otgare -beltei and cheeper -at A op town White Wilcox dealer in fancy and atapl Orocerlee Seventh and Vimt Furniture Thi well known Storo till keep th lead Corn of Fifth and streets Sacramento Low I rices snd great variety of eteple and fine Furniture 1 AvknaI AveaI Avena ob Brkakait! at 0 Rapp Oo Grocery Eastern Oatmeal UlBcnlt snd Cre-rn Biscuits Only authorized agents for Stephenson's Oltt-edged Batter Ooldhan Is selling 12-lb boxes Muscat Raisins at 75 cants snd the finest Muscat Layers produced In California In 12-lb boxes at tl a box You can get 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manufactured to the world come Mo 197 of slrgrains of tbe tsHovlaied Presa Its aim- llsllj Bee FOREIGN NEWS How will Sossia Regard the Move of the English Fleet ENCLAND ON EDCE OF THE RACCED DOUBT! Germany Will be Neutral Iu tbe Papal El-etion London Feb 9 A special from Borne Bays that Prince Bismarck has instructed the German Ambassador that Germany refrains from all interference until the new Pope is elected after whioh the may take action Berlin dispatch says: If a Moderate Pope is elected Germany is expected to make overtures for an understanding Russian Trophies London Feb 9 It is stated that the Russians have captured oue hundred and twenty thousand men including twenty Pashas and one tbousanl oannon A Pernviau Tltlal Wave London Feb 7 A strong tidal wave has swept the coast Peru Callao has been severely dam aged The Times Talks London Feb 9 The Times approves the action in sending a portion of the fleet to Constantinople It says: "All danger of renewal of war between Turkey and Russia is now over The Russians are practically masters of Constantinople Nothing remains for us to be concerned about except the due settlement of terms peace and protection of our immediate interests Russia is under an honorable pledge not to advance further Should she do so under any pretext she would arouse the suspicion and excitement of this country of which the last two days have afforded some dangerous premoni tary symptoms But if she will loyally restrain her forces even within the lim its fixed by tbe armistice there is no reason why the conditions of permanent peace should not be temperately discussed and deliberately determined at Congress" The Sixty-first regiment leaves to-day for Malta A St Petersburg correspondent Bays tiiat tbe Russi war party construe tbe movement as a violation of neutrality anil a direct and unwarranted impoaeh mentof good faith He says it is looki upon as a defiance of Russia by England The statement of tho Chan cellor of the Ex-oliequer that tho Hoot was seut to Constantinople to protect Britisli subjects from violence is regarded as hypocritical aud produces great indig nation Russian extremists demand that war bo at once declared against England or rather tiiat tiie sending of a fleet to Constantinople bo regarded as a declaration of war by England and treated accordingly It iitNln and tl-s Conference Vienna Feb 9 A correspondent telegraphs that Russia besides her exception taken to Vienna as a place for holding the conference announced that she had some other observations to make which were sent by special messengers It is moro than probable that she will Insist on certain points as not debatable by tbe Conference IViliirs Weaver' Strike London Feb 0 It is reported that Mayne Brothers of Belfast in the grain trade have failod Oldham Mills will bo closed on the 21st instint the weavers having given notiee of a strike against the five per cent reduction in wages Ills Probable Effect or England' Iast Move London Fob 9 The effect of sending the fleet to Constantinople is awaited with considerable anxiety Although tiie order has been otherwise explained to Russia it Is meant to tako every appearance of a menace There is reason to apprehend that Russia will feel Irritated because as said by an attaoho of the Russian Embassy the move looks as if England suspects the Russians intend to enter Constanli-ople aud the fleet is sent theie to prevent carrying out such purpose The Conference London Feb 9 Active correspondence Is going on as to the time and place of meeting of the Conference It is said that the 20th instant has been decided on and that the place will be either Lausanne or Geneva No Objection to John Conic High! Along London Feb 9 It is said that a telegram has been received by tho Admiralty stating that neither Russia nor Turkey will object to tho British fleet going to Constantinople HOME NEWS New York's Token of Itespect to Plo Mono New York Feb 9 Tho flags on the City Hall are at half-mast to-day by order of Mayor Ely ont of rospect to tbo memory of tba lato Pope Gold and Silver New Yore Feb 9 Silver bars 119 in greenbacks 116 in gold silver coin per cent discount gold closed weaker at 101 The Free The judgment in tbe cae of tbe and Bridge Company declaring tbo bridge a free on having been entered In tbe Sixth Judicial District Court yestei day uo tolls are few being collected and travel to-day was largely increased iu consequence thoreof As one person expressed it "the Sacramento grocers are now selling sit pounds of sugar for ono dollar and contract with ont extra charge to haul it over tiie bridge and deliver it in Washington and A list of those who refuse to pay is being kept on rocord however and in the event of tiie Supremo Court giving a decision in favor of the Bridge Company the delinquent amounts will be collected Tbe cumpany have filed motion for a rehearing which will be argued at an early date Notabies Public The Governor to commissioned tiie following persons as "Notaries Public: Scott for Teha ma county to reside at Red Bluff A Kirtler Modoc couuty Camp Ridwbil John Payne Monterey couuty Pajai township Satnrilny Evening Feb 9 1878 LOCAL MATTERS TO-VAYM ADV1KT1V EM in rs Sacramento workngmen Situation to do housework Notice Card of thanks Citizens' meet ug Entertainment Father Mathew Society Nofl-e Sulscrbers to Bki below Dividend Home Mutual Ina Co New Invoice Burlingame and Wood He' er 8 Woods Lunch and fair meeting Notice -For sale at a bargain Bed Men Improved 0 Sacramento Jockey Club Van Heustn Huntoon To Crocker Co Dale Brewer tmP Coleman -Beal estate and insurance unt 89 at Cheap for McMorry apothecary Hay Crain Modi it The Undine Boat Clob Party The eighth annual party cif the Undine Boat Club of this city was given at Turner Hall last evening and may safely be set down as the event of the season The hall was handsomely aud appropriately decorated for the occasion with banners aud flags of all nations conspicuous among which were the National colors shields with the name were placed in the panels a largo anchor was suspended in the center of the ceiling from which long streamers were run to all parts of the room thus giving a peculiarly pleasing effect overhead evergreens were intertwined about he gas jets in snch a manner as to leave hut the flame exposed above the windows cornices aud bangings of tbe national colors bad been placed while fruin the ceiling and in front of the musicians was suspended the single scull with crossed oars and immediately opposite was a largo mirror framed in oars aud surrounded by flags From the carriage stand to tbe hall canvas had been 1-id for a walk aud on entering the dour each gentleman was presented with a buttonhole bouquet of violets and geranium The attendance was large and select the ladies seemed to vie with each other in the matter of dress and as a result the costumis were the richest and linest ever seeu at a public party in this city siuce the inauguration ball Many of the gmllemen appeared in full evening dress but this did not in the least detract from tbe sociability aud general enjoyment aud there was a marked absence of stiffness a formality The floor was canvased from end to end and wall to wall polite attendants were on hand in the dressing room and nothing which could in the least enhance the comfort aud pleasure of those attending was left undone A programme of eighteen dances occupied the attention of the lovers of Tirpsielio-rean amusements until an early hour this morning the large attendance continuing to the close and Church Jones A 15 -bee's band furnishing the music which was unusually flue for that splendid band To the uflicers and members of the club much credit is due for the entiio success of the affair and also the Floor Diieetor A Bock who was a-isisti ably by itilcy It Carsons Huntoon aud Charles Allmond ami the ltcccptiou Cominitt composed of II Blackburn Mo-Clatchy A Boyno It Burr aud Howard KiiuLruugli Bole Riubun The attendance at the Prt sbyter'an Church last evening at the temperance meeting was very large and much iuti-rist was manifested in the proceedings llev II Rica addressed lie meeting at some length saying that the liquor dealers were beginning to Lungitatid aud were organizing an oj position blue ribbon movement and that the pr sent temper-auco work was taking the props from under them Ho said tiie friends of temperance had no desire to fight the liquor let tin sell all tiiey could but the former did not propose to buy He said it was the intention to unite all classes iu tbe community and to hold a grand mars meeting of the children and get tieui to sign the pledge to get first the children of the Sunday schoolB then the public schools and create a sentiment for good tiiat shall last fur years At our meetings we shall invite prominent business and professional men of the city aud members of tbe Legislature to address us aud wlieu those who have keen drinking men sign the pledge ask them to speak Encouraging reports from some of those who liad been circulating the phdgo wire given The uext meeting will be held iu the church of the United Brethren on Fourth street between and on Monday evening next at 7 o'clock In Belation to An adjourned meeting of the Assembly Committee on Corporations was held last evening at which the IUilroad Commissioners Smith and Stoneman were present Communications were received from rU-r Donahue of the Ban Francis-and North Bailroad Company Milton Latham of the Han Francisco and North I'acitio Coast Bailroad Company and Kiduer of the Colfax and Nevada Bailroad Company stating that sufficient time had not been allowed to enable them to examine aualyze and understand the bills submitted by tbe Commissions and to consider tlieir probable effect if enacted into laws also that as the Committee had rofured to give further time they would take no further steps before the Committee but leave tbe whole matter in its hands The Committee thereupon took up bill No 1 and considered and approved without amendment the lirst seventeen sections after which an adjournment was had till Monday evening next The As a matter of general interest wo give the namus of the four biddeis to anslato the laws of the present session into Spanish with the bid of each: Kuuliardt 13 cents per folio Mr Eldruie 10 cents Mr Case-nova 101s cents Mrs A Cody 16 cents It is understood that the specifications required tacli bidder to do the indexing and- proof-reading aud the respective bids wire made with that understanding Mrs Godov the successful bidder is not tha wife of Jose Godoy as heretofore stated but the mother of that gentleman The Wrong Man to Fool A dispatch from Virginia City Nevada says that Jackson the well known and efficient police officer of this city was last evi niug met on the street by George I Lamtuon a brother-in-law of Louis Ash who accused Jackson of perjury in giving his testimony in the trial of Davis fur tho killing of Ash some time since Jackson at once Btruek Lammon when the latter drew a pistol but the crowd interfered aud no harm was done Full Attendance Desired A meeting of the Ladies Howard Benevolent Sodiety will be beld on Monday next at 1 at the Library parlors for the transaction of business A full attendance of members is especially deair ed at the meeting as an election of officers to serve for tbe ensuing term will take place Dedication The new chapel of the Christian Church on Eighth between snd streets will be dedicated tomorrow at 11 A Pres Smith of Woodland will deliver tbe discourse AU are invited to If the not is at a Tothe Ladies The leath of Peterman senior member of the firm Peterman Strohmeyer Co caused the firm go into liquidation The House of Peterman Strohmeyer Co of Chemnitz Saxony were the largest dealers in PINE Embroideries in the world I liave received 80 Caws contain lug: I yards or all widths to sell on their account These Goods were Intended for the coniliiit Spring trade and are the most Exquisite Designs worked In the best of Cambric Amoug themare some very pretty patterns suitable to trim Pillow Nhamv from 2K to 3 Inches wide at only 23 aud SO cents the wholesale prle- of which is SO cents also some Narrow Edges or equally pretty designs tor and Children's In'-erwear rang lug from 5 eeuts op to 13 cent per yard The work on these Goods Is equal toaoy French Embroidery snd tho patterns are superior I ho order Is tn sell these Goods within 30 days or return them and to dispose or such a large quantity lu that short time tho prices are put at such Low figures that Ladles will flud It a great saving to buy them now eveu If they do not need them before next bummer THIS IS NO ADVERTISING DODGE Hie Goods ore open for Inspection aud will peak for them-solve It eetli nothing to look at them aud I shall take great pleas-urc to allow them to every ono that wish es to examine these Goods BIEN 224 6t comer 8th Contlgnee of Peterman Strohmeyer Co Agent for Domestic Paper Patterns jio-imsp STOCKS AXD BROKERAGE 0 COLEMAN EXCHANCE OFFICE No 89 STREET Mining stocks boight and mold on commission fcT'Qold Silver Greenback Warrants etc bought and sold Money loaned on securities in sums to suit filrn EGW CADWALADER CO EXCHANGE andHUNET BROKERS 01 Slock Bends etc bought tnd Sold on temniiminu ASSFSSMJlNIS paid DIVIDENDS COILEOTED EDW CADWALADER Notary Public and CouiuiiMilour of Deedm EDUCATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE 320 Post st Ban Francloco EXAMINE ITS MERITS before attending elsewhere POINTS OF SUPERIORITY: Th oldest Commercial College in the State tha moht practcal course of instruction an ABLE Oorps of Teachers best ventilated and most suitable halls for school purport more Grad-uates occupying honorable and lucrative port tions than all the other schools of this close on the coast LIFE tfCHO bBlFtt ONLY 70 Bend fr CtrcuUra fil-lyat SACRAMENTO SEMINARY Reopened Jnn 7th nulls SCHOOL OIVEN A HIIL lu thorough course of instruction in the Perils branches Super or advantage ot-f-jrtHi in M' sic aud PaiuLnp An C'perLnced Tocher bo been engaged to givo French lessons to the entire School to tne celebrated method of Dr The young looiee reo ive three lee 19" it sn expense almost nominal h) rim ary Scholars receive trench Voce! 'da rnd am owing without extra charge fM a QEEAT REDUCTION of PEICE9 Al SIGN ILK Comer and Fifth sts li VVrilchumbrr and JeiHcr ate hoe cleaned ft to (2 each Glair 1 26 certs All wotk dine at equally lew figures Highest price paid for GoldOuet ana Quarts jpumiv Sacramento City Bondi LOM'llHMIMhKKa El 111 purchase to th extent of th (old and rilrer fund In their hands CITY BOND Issued under the Acta of 1868 and 1864 pMt due coupons removed therefrom at 33 pc ceut Coupons of 1871 at SO percent 1871 at 1873 at 66 1874 St 66 1875 at 46 ls7b at 1877 at 35 HO BEATTY I LORD GoiumiNduoera UESUI ERWIN) ptiM-MH IT ASSEMBLY Saturday Feb 9 Assembly convened at 11 Smyth presented a petition from citizens of Tuolumne county relating to certain evils connected with the management of Yosemite Valley and asking for legislation thereon Assembly Bill No 367 an Act to appoint guardians for habitual drunkards was reported back and referred to Committee on Publio Morals Tuttle from Committee on Corporations reported on Assembly Bill No 92 for bettor protection of Stockholm iug in incorporations formed under tbe laws of the Stateof California for purposses of mining and for prevention of fraud with recommendation that it do not pass A lengthy debate was indulged in on Senate Bill No 161 relatiug to incorporation of tbe town of Alameda finally passed LEGISLATIVE NOTES The right to call ayes aDd uoeB aud to have them recorded is a great thing in for the people as it enables them to know bow their representatives voted on ail important questions The Curtis resolution to remonetize silver and repeal the Resumption Act and abolish tiie national banks was under debate in the California Senate yesterday whereupon Senator of San Fran cisco offered this as a substitute: Beiolved by the Senate the Assembly concurring That we are opposed to the repeal of the Resumption Act and that are opposed to the remonetization of silver except upon tiie basis of a silver dullar of weight and fineness equal in value to a dollar of aud il so ro monetized then upon tho further basis that such silver dollar shall bo maintained by enactments from tune to time of standard equal to its relative value with gold and that such silver dollar should not be made a legal tender for more than $50 This substitute was adopted by thi vote: Ayes Bcazcll Brown of Amad Brown of El Dorado Coleman Dean Evans Goodwin Gwin llilborii Hill McCoppin McGar'oy Murphy of Sau Luis Obispo Murphy of Simla Clara Nunaii Pierson Beam Rogers Searls 20 Bones Craig Curtis Donovan Raymond Lambert Lewis Montgomery Battorwhite Smith 10 Absent and not voting Bov stun Crane Flint Fowler llowo McCarthy Murphy of Sau Francisco Norton Shir 9 Then Senator Evans called for a division of the question so as vote first ou the resolution opposing tho repeal of tho Resumption Act and this is tiie vote in opposition to repeal: Beazoll Bones Brown of Amador Brown of El Dorado Coleman Craig Dean Donovan Evans Goodwin Gwin Hilborn Hill McCoppin McGar-vey Montgomery Murphy of San Louis ObiHpo Murphy of Santa Clara Pierson Beam Rogers Searls 23 Noes Lambert Lewis Numan Satieawhite 6 Tiie question being then i the second portion of tho resolution to wit: "tiiat we arc in favor of tho remonetization of silver upon tho basis that tiie silver dollar shall be made equal in value by woightand firncncssto the gold dollar and tiiat it shall be so maintained and not made a legal tender for more than this was the vote thereon: Beazoll Bones Brown of Amador Browu of El Dorado Craig Curtis Donovan Hilborn Hill Lambert Lewis McCoppin Montgomery Murphy of Han Luis Obispo Murphy of Santa Clara Rogers Hattcrwhite Smith 18 Coleman Dean Evaus Goodwin Gwin Mctlarvey Nunan Beam Searls 11 There will be elections hereafter aud we predict now tiiat no man who there voted against the remonetization of Bilver or against the repeal of the Resumption Act will while this financial discussion lasts succeed in being elected by the people to any State office That is a test vote aud it has laid on the shelf many an aspirant for place Enjoined Them On a petition filed in the District Court by Geo Cadwala-der as atlorncy for Edward Cadwalador Judge Denson issued an order restraining the Trustees of the Woodville Mining Company from telling some 90(1 shares of stock on whieli an assessment of $10 is delinquent and of whioh the plaintiff holds 100 shares It was further ordered tiiat the Trustees show cause at an early day why tin should not be perpetually enjoined from selling such stock The Reason Why An advertisement was handed into this office yesterday afternoon calling a publio meeting of the Sacramento workingmen at Father Mathew Hall last night It was overlooked iu the hurry of preparing other matter for the paper and consequently did not appear as it would have doDO had such not been the case Father Mathew Tho usual Sunday night entertainment of tho Father Mathew Society will be held at the new ball on street between Fifth aud Sixth to-morrow evening A varied and interesting programme will be presented Sacramento Jockey A meeting of tho members of tiie Sacramento Jock ey Club will be hi Id this evening at the Capital lintel at 7:30 o'clock Important business is to be considered snd a full attendance of members is desired Incorporated Tbe Arizona Mineral aul Laud Company of Kan Fran cisco capital Directors-Wrn Atwood tteely Benjamin Lake Walton Townsend ami Bib bins Workwomen's The regular open air meeting of the Sacramento Branch of the party will be hdd to-morrow afternoon at half-past 2 o'clock at Foarth and streets Taken to Stockton--Shoriff Drew this morning took down to the asylum at Stockton a man named Michael Me Orath who was examined before Judge Clark yesterday and pronounced insane Fees of The Secretary of State to-day paid into the State Treasury as fee of office for January $99175 also $11975 received from 4he sale of old car pota and furniture belonging to the build ing of of i' dy 01 dy Maximum thermometer 51 degrees Minimum ther nometer 43 degrees Barometer corrected for temperature elevation and instru cental error Fob flavoring ice cream jellies custards pastry etc use Dr I rice's True Flavoring Extracts they will give perfect satisfaction Coitek Lunch 14c at Paciflo Oyster House street An excellent glass of Wiue the best Beer In town ani a quiet retreat to be found at street near 6th NAKKilll On Butter creek February Bailey to Mrs I Andrews In Ban Jose February 6 Rucker to Auguste 0 Weiner In Placervlll Febiuary 8W Triplet to Emma Ueombes Iu Plaoeiville February 3 Pbelpa to Carrie Btripe UOKS In this city February lthe wife of Noble a daughter In this city Febiuary 3 the wife of Cornel-Bus Baguall of a son In this oity Fobruary 4 the wife of John Picanco of a daughter In this city February 6 the wife of Michael Kueny of a son In this city Feb uary ilia wife of William Haines of a daughter in this city February 7 the wife of McKluney of a daughter In Oakland February 3 the wife Jese Veirs of a daughter In Oakland ebruary 4 the wfe of Fiuncy of a daughter fn Chico February 6 the wife of Cbas Pate of a son Iu Chico February 4 the wife of Walsh of a In Knght's Landing February 2 the wife of Huston of a daughter In Alta Februrry I the wife of Marling of a son BliAlllSi In this etty February 8 Mary daughter of Jesse and Ella Slaughter aged 14 years 2 mouths aud 24 da a (FrUnda aud acquaintances are respectfully Inv ted to atteud the fuueral which will take place from the Seventh-street A Church to-morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock In this city Febiuary 8 Elizabeth wife of Brown a native of Pennsylvania aged 40 years 4 imnths aud 3 days Frleuds aud acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend the fuueral which will take place from her late residence I street between Thirteenth tnd Fourteenth to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock In Fiddletown Amador conuty February 6 Scott aged 63 yt-aia Iu Vreka January 2 Mary Nixou ajedlO years In Banta lara couuty February 4 Owens aged 67 years Ntoves lu Hare and general Job blng at Van 110 itret between 4tb and 6th Don't fall to buy some of those Beautiful Eiubrolderlea at Popular Dry Hoods Store 334 street comer of Light Tney are Just given away A llio linest and fresh est "Tom and to be hat only at tne Ixlon Saloon No 73 Second street also fresh home-made di ugbnuts with It free ter very licet 42-lucbl nun mere lu all shades all wool at 75 cents go to Popular Dry Goods Store 224 cor 8th No ball cotton goods sold for wool llcst Waist ining only 12c at Wen's popular Dry Good Store 224 at corner 8tb Valentines! Valentines Ease i Heart A Remedy for Silent Love By Love's religion I mut here confess it The moftt I love when I the leabt expreoe it Small self tn find tongu i full coeks are tver fouud To give if soy yet but llitte sound Deep waters uoiaelHM are and tU we know That chiding stream betray small depth be low So when Love speechleas Is it doth express A d-'pth In Love and that Love bottoinlei-B Now since my Love in tong ieletw let (his Hue Which speaks ut little make me your Vsleo lice English Valentines: The finest and o-t srtlstlo ever before brought to this coast English xValenttnes from 60 cent 1 1 $5 American Valentines: Whitney's Flegact Card snd Box Valentines from 60 cents to $7 60 Fuhur's finest snd cheapest Card snd Box Yaloiitluos fr A cents to 3 Eng ish and American Comici: Hit HarOs zuil Centennial A 8 Houghton Successor to A Hopk ns aud 77 wtroet TRADE I7-7l3p TO WORKINGMEN Try the Live Let Live Store 133 ztrort WllOIiKMALE ASDja -We carry a full Poe jt and leys' Hooin IJl niid Mine manufactured by ourpelvts aud by palruuisiog lb you i in supportluft a Home institution tiiat pays honest watfes for honest work to ft bite tuen and as we have pernitently ref us ted to give employment to ClUueee Oar oda are warranted made of the br MATKKiAi byrkiiledw rkoen TO 4 IT THE FEET and we will sell at the logout iviu rate We also carry a full Une if tTothluff nruhhiug etc of tbe best quality which we offer at WAY DOWN PXUCLg Try us tHpedal inducements offorod tu the trade J26lm3p 0HA9 LOVgJQY of Theater Last Evening The presentation of the last evetiing for tho bourflt of Miss Adah Richmond attracted a good attendance at tbe Metropolitan Theater The variety portion of the entertainment in which a number of volunteers appeared was well received At the matinee to-day Kenilworth was presented and a large audience of ladies and children were present This evening the troupe will give the farce of "Gnu Thousand Milli tiers and also Chow in the course of wliieh a number of new local hits will be giveu touching publio officers and local events To-morrow evening on tiie occasieu of tbe last appearance of the company in this city there will bo an eutiro now programme and tiie prices will bo reduced to 50 cents for tiie dress circle and orchestra and 25 cents for tbe gallery Arrested on On a dispatcli received iu this city from Constable Hanks of Salinas Monterey county officers Green and Tryon this morning arrested a man named Caron who is charged with hawing stolen a watch from a party in Salinas At the lime of his arrest Caron was on board of tiie Emigrant train bound East Ho states that there is nothing iu tho charge as tbe maD who accuses him of larceny owed him $45 of which he paid Caron $10 and then gave him tho watch for tho balance of tiie debt Touce Five esses were all that appeared ou Judgo calendar this morning for trial and as a consequence tiie session of tiie Police Court was a very short ono Donahue a drunk was discharged and Ah Wong for burglary in entering a Chinese house on street and stealing property in the oourse of which he was discovered and beaten over the head by a follow Celestial was held to answer to the Grand Jury with bail fixed at $1000 In Regard to a Sinoinr A correspondent signing himself sends a communication to this office inquiring if there is a singing class in this city and desiring to knot the place of meeting if any such organization exists A glance at the advertising columns of the Bee would have informed him that Prof Skinner has organized such a clans which meets od Thursday evenings in Good Hall Odd Building Congregational Church The entertainment given at the Congre gational Church last evening was well attended and consisted of a piano solo by Miss Gilbert an instrumental duet by the Misses Goodhue and three M-enes from the cantata of "Fairy Pastiua Refreshments were served and a pleasant time was enjoyed by all Reduction in At the theater to-morrow (Sunday) night the last performance of the Adah Richmond Troupe in this city will he given The man agemi-nt have concluded to reduce tbe admission to 60 cents for tiie dress circle aud 25 eeuts for tho gallery An immense bill will be presented City Payments The following sums were to-day paid into the city treasury George Boystur water rates $1078 Farnsworth cemetery dues $85 A Kidder harbor dues $41 70 Titos Conger court fines $21 If McKee sale of chi Water Works material $40 Lecture on "Matrimony At St Church to morrow evening at right Very Rev Father Benedict Murnano will deliver a lecture upon the subject "Matrimonv What God Ma It and What Man Makes The pro eds of the lecture are to be used in the purchase of a new organ for tbe church Note From Citizen Hint Editors Bee: As no one liss taken up their pen to say a word in favor or to defend District No 287 the present overflowed laud I want to say a word and sign my own name to it Any porson can see that it will nut do to depend entirely on the street luvio for our defence on the south If the water continues to ruu through the break for two weeks as it does new I look to see it at Btreet from two to three feet highor than at present aud the consequence will be that it will take half a dozen pump sto keep out the sipage water This sipage water is an inconvenience that will be duly appreciated before we are through with our present trouble Citizens below the city do Dot want or Ak the city to keep up tbe levee to Freeport free of cost to them We are anxious that our lauds shall be assessed for that purpose and the money put into a fund with tiie city as a mutual protection to both This district should begin somewhere above the Bugar factory and run ea-t of the Upper Stockton road taking in all lands tiiat drain through Burns Sprague aud Willow sloughs and continue down to east of Freeport or railroad embankment The levee is good from street to Freeport with the exception of two or three weak places Of course it needs to be made higher and in some places a little wider Tako what we can raise in the two districts below and what it will cost to put a levee across at Suttervillo and we can make a levee from street to Freeport that will be safe and a credit to the oountry The people living below the city are just as much interested iu keeping up the American river levee as they are their own If the north levee breaks and tho gaps are closed in Btreet woo be unto those that do not live on high grade or second story houses I hear a good many howling about closing the crevasse for fear that it will cost them something but I have not heard oue of them saying a word about the expeuso of filling up the gaps iu 11 street or the other greater expense pumping out the sipage water Give me the amouut of money that will be spent on the stroetlevee this season aud with what I can gt from the two districts below and I will put the ievie in good condition from street to Freeport The only way this city has to get rid.

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