Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1916
Page 5
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"Wfi< ; h th<> eu.-..rd«;in»-n d»-truinfd t-r» I'if- border tJ-.'-y tv*-r* <»«Sy pnrtiy t'^nli;-«!i»--d for iA;;r ;.:>r»? r ;i»:v cot>dit i.-.rss. \Vilh f»-«- * *>.'• t>l;.,,'!~ ?>:»'", W.i-.j!i.l hnvft l..-t-n {<!.'<» f'i t 4;« ;f-,i- jj'-l-J only :;f!«r li.iig !*)ny f<>r •:-.'•' »•«' «-<|uipnv-r.-t. B=it w j ."!t !bf-v t?-*v<* thr-. b-r,-}-r !'n- e!i- Sam will ,'mv«- m P<r»t»t 1".».<"'») "riti- ?.f-n *oldf. r<" r.-n.!>/.-!. '-serins: to nima country." Hi-!'- ;sre s *n>«» of th* tntfirtnl things th<» '•.M'f-Mf-nn f»it>ta-ti<m" and moblliza- tJV~n of t»< Mits..iul smud has done. J'nivid-d u n« w army of more i!i,'in jmioiifi trinixl litlfn »tt!di«T-». And"d 1 "-HJ motor tru<k«i with 1r.-»in- ehtli,<n and *..idirr drivers and in:i- ONS CENT A WORD HEli» WANTED— MALI WA.XTKi' !'* Mr..V To i'h'K !"f ''n.j »- \ V f: V ' ••_• T'.-o ; M..'«',*( - , \VAXTKD--MAN TO 1U>'K- CrtHX, J,y ti-fjh^t. »!.-ty t,r rnr«?nh. .'.nrno-a barb*»r' pay, Rupy to learn. Rp«u!ts ob- tftin«--d hpn>. Bices (<y«t<>m of Bar ber OoJ}«T»*"fTr-th» l f r •£,— 6S frtTTmr srhools and fthop*. Writ* for enfft-« _____ Trit Clu* -^Barber. .... College, ifi !§th fttr^t, Mnlln*. Ill, WANTED WANTKI>- ROOM CI/JKI: IN lit HR- finf-d bu.«i'ij<-i< rtiriri'in tirivnt«- h'«me. Modt-rn, riuif'l p!;ic<-. Uatry .1 ¥«-ai'-h- r-r, .US l^awrf m-*--Bltlu. ii-ll WA.VTED—SECOND-HAND AUTO mobllps, will pay the highest price Aifto sell all kind* of repulrn. M|k« the $15 Tailor. Both phones. 36t> DR. GOULDIN6 • .---**" . ly' manager of StMir _ Kitil Avenue and East Third SC, Sterling,. 111. /Over Obermiller's Store had nut t.-it n f» w wore m,ichin«\i. th<» ri'-ro *.{;.-idrnn \uf}, HIt motor convoy and am'-mmiue I th«- bopl. r \\f }i;id li-ft 'imp in JtviriK oi-mliti'.n. fi'i.ovo h«ir««>«i and mtde« to the nf tb(> arm-, inehiduif; ' in thla the thi>s!Katut-and-on»> article with «iirh nn lm r*»iw, i and brine the ihfy to thf> attention of the wnr ill WANTKM--HV AN ntirsf, invalids to rate for ,u my honsi-, - f!f«t of rfforrfirf. J*.i\- "X. V. X.'" t'(ir»? (»;is:Pti'». '»0-!i7* IJHKSHMAKI.M; WANTKH — AT 1302 First Av»s (iiinrantcwl jrood fit. LOST --- _ -»>X»«^^«^^^» aL ._. _ . ---------LOST-NORTH ,mi)i:, wi-:sr rintii) HI . piickMK*' coritfiiniHK child'x «h'»"«. Saturday «'Vfiif!iK. I'tionc ISi-ll LT.H-a / Who Is Getting Your Money? \\ h Y do vnii \vnfk" ,' hi nnir ' 'i'MSi'i I'tiuif, ',i\'" yi'U ;;'>!<< in p.!*-.' fin' j>.v, !-:>,' ,' The time to save if? Now-— -while M->;I !<;-^-<> lii i ;iii:h 071*1 n <r<><>«] jto-i f i('ti. O|.»-n ;ni ;r< i-nnnt ni TflfS BANK ,'u:«l -:iv<> -mi," «f !>:<•' !M<.>r.c>\ t'mf yon linvo curiK'fl hy bun! vu>rk. M hr-n yon jr,o to vour ~;iyitiir~ ;i---'-ou!ii for- lu'ip. yr»n fins liol<| your iifiul us-; v\ "h«n vmt imvt- fa prs to n frtf-TT<t, Ymr T^t UtF "l.-f f m^ if ItnniiY •_ • W«» Hivi(-e ywi t j > open, yon r ^fiTmir- ;t •••'-. now. • . . • .* ' MRS! ' NATIONAL BANK -.i ^ . -a Tfi!-nf-njTrrfniH"Kun» thai would Tf.nt* of dift«rcnt typ*»*< ar*> now U>KT— A I-KDOMKTKU, Hf.VDAV m<trt)ln»t li».for«» t«'n o'clui'k. on U'cnt Fourth ftf., Ix-twcn Avrtw (! ,'ind -vittui-'s cnrrnT. «>r Ixtwo-n Mifucv t-i-rtnor and tin- Knii'r««n rmiil, <>n !i<nth Hide- of rii>l «li"ii. Il«unrd 1U.1I tthi>n«*' t»C-\\'. l«G-!>7* Ll^ JiHOVVN HATfllKL. fmc i kiii'< v «i, \vn,« !<>ft on jun- Ininrd uf tnito, nwir Ml«« Abliutt's 'ii /eofil Ht., Hiilufday. l'|cant> )•«>turn !i> tSftsn-tt'- offJfp. '.tft-uT APPLES f HOME GROWN NURSERY COMING srH)N TO Mn.I^KlKjKVHJj; | M v»OI,t.AXt> lirKmrAMK. I.ATF* - r«r of chnlr-f» Maryland winter :ip- ! tlii'-* V»IT ?h«'\ .in- fi^ic nf>«. unit p!c.«. TclcHhinip order* to Julm (><•'.n i -u A N-> ! >.r..i-j.-. Tnli|>«?. Aumnn & Itnrrixon. !<-i!fi diin»dil<-, CM > u<, hfiidU h!! «)tl-Hiti»i»"« notv rn>* MISCELLANEOUS pltal. City Tit" f»i »!«'f who \v;i»it« i fdioiild do Ji linli- slndyine ' ty. Tln« <.i;iy.»'l(t> in tin- only li i» t>ifi''<f>fn>' touiitv in llie«f the ii:'N ulL "Hut." of Sterling people of tore-sled in iiiiv<. liirge purl town.*., oiji) pi n 11 tlii'.V ilo Mot t- In ttiii; i-tyy. .K'.'t tho most luiyfrrf to n!!«*nd Ida sale r the map of Whltt-xl«V find f,o«> colin- impcr inil'li.shrd in Sii'i'liiur and Hock i '.MK-I- riri'iilntintr nny number of cop. ;idV«TtlM' Just v.-ip ill T1.K* -(JllXl'tt" tln-y «,i them (f|T tin- truip ' ' ' jiyr 01. > f.i!in<T, "we «-nn't yet any hidden* or buyers out ,ind !!.,. U Fall..." Till* in a «reni mtotiikf. lialf the ie»e t-iu>..H are retired farmers or owner* of farniN or in- fainiH n'id faimlmt. Itepr* scniatives of T*t« Oaxette who iiUcndtd mutiy :;tiv-!iotui Jlhd tint the Twi'n Ciiie« «ii| ply a ,„,„, ^...v <it i\a< crowd at all auction;* within a reaunnable diMtance of SterllnK ft!! 1 ! lto\-lf ^alln. _And they are not npectiuortt. They are there for HH-.KIUIJ.H inul they lirinj; aloiiK a fat check bofik t.o pay. for whal. lh'-y'i|«."t. They have lived in town luhu etioUKli to' IcMirn ;Ui',v kno'w the vallir* of Murk, They are the best bid- cjin j;et at Ida auction. . who thinks he is l^Hnjr nut by iidvertfoin-i; f(tr Hler- bidders makes (In 1 l»l^«t-Ht kind of ji 'mlxuiKe. the v«-ry bent *-la«s of linyt-rx coiy« from tin n<*l hi'Siinte, they bid up •a?/* the eity man who owns a - d«r« u fa»rsj»-r %'hi* farft liiijr Jio, k Kiill J'or thf |)O|itil«Uiim the rllU'S. Tl>'',v nr* 1 not -afraid, llicy fast nn«l K<*<'1» thhiK« nioviist;. C'liltlv --- -.- _. aiul you will not J' % Ki't>t !t. Mvcry r«ailt'r of Tin- <!tu;«>lt«> within. auto salo l« a poHMtblu bidtlor or buyer. diKtanco of an unction and tho lilinl ,«r»»«.r»ifd to luivo a ' tiiaitrin. ~' : • "" : 1*'<ii'»i c;inif> tht> la«t ii'.iaitcr '. t "'(•;(cii \Yijct»~.*< nitui JiessU!i to rain l»r- wnr«! isrtSHfK, A lope oi»w HUCC c?»ii< i] And put ihc b.-'!l on tin» Illi jiftm-n yunl Juif. Hen. Illiii) lir,.k.. mi'-thr-'-r ; MIXWH. < >tj tho fourth down.- Harley , took tlio hull aitil ran iin-und Illlnoir, i l«ltt-t-uil for n toiiclsituwn: — ll ua« •Mvct'hsary for Die HiickcycM t«> kick uoal to uiii. llariey put mi a n, \v f.'air i.n. KIKH s ;uul <ti< ceoicd, Timf vva.H t-a!!i>d in ;• few minutes, DIXON BEAT ROCHELLE «-.»:»!ji!!!ar trar«.,r«, traction .-ill nt:mnf>r «.f tx>nU tiuihling muchlncs>. traxoiinp tank trucks, wat«T cartf.-, iMtrtabto ra«li«» Nations, ^rorfst tourinfir.cart for o.Tlrprs, t-tc. <>pJar«.l oitt>r.inh!>vniH) mulf-drawn with mnii* Than one liun- Added ii-iir!y one hunderd traveling J'rm-klrtl hundrtnls of other n«^d<? of in arniy and thrown th«- n«<>t-1i«;ht on tht> a!'«*n<-.> of \th«iu<indn of mh»-rs. LO»;T--tJciLli HKA/JKU r.MlWKLI-A A, l\ Mooro. Hrturn to Laundry. H««wnrtf. !'i;-!>H STERLING BOARD OF TRADE Maxwell and Qulnlcvan Member Hnard of Trado, Chlcajso, 111., Oct ".1 whM Op. n H. B h Lov, C.o M 1.74 J.7, f »T« 1 7J'« 1.71 IK >s, ';'.'•-U"l ... explains how we teach the barber trad* quickly mailed frro. Barber College, Chicago, 111. 71 l!etm:.M Hi--, nil hi !,u< ninl mn.ny varl. !!'•«. |(.t '•nit -.Mown n'11-.t i ^ ^d • K (.f .itj fciniN, in,, "{..f K. nn bidn >; h >nU priv« t. ,l;t|iiitn->i.'.'FTN, «uitaidf f,tf i""<li ' : > *'n fuui"', l'i ln.;*> •itiintJjr.. '"' H .'* \'!'. I'lV. [.Ili'l- All kllldM 'role ;Mltl fl nil ' tui-:, IftlWI bll *h t iff: for F , . ,,.- . -, j, | ptotnpt iitti ntti.n. ( 'i^ ?.h»p bv p.»ir I r« i post an>uhi-n> in fbi»< nation FOH SALK -AT HACHIFICR (rn ten-room house with hard wood floor*, bath. Kfi« and Hectric liuhtM. A line Immc on Heventh Ave., Sl'T- llftK. 111. KUNVterniH. Irtfillli'e Fir'.t N'ational ]tank.~1tock Falls, 111, > «I:..'»T Olio -V .\* lini" , l.iitnUi. )».. r; : inhicr HVCI 1!! t»th Av,, SI»>r- I'.i II phnn.- JiJ'rtV,' !n*.-<te rSTERUNG WINS Local Higlj School ^EleVen De- feated Qenoseo Saturday By 13 To 7. * At~-lttBt! Thp KlerlliiK High it',].' football team Journeyed to " Ocn<-x«»o *sjl Saturday and won their tlrm Kami' «J' y" tbo scttaon. Score: Bterllnt?, 13: Gen- LM'.IMWO. 7.' It wa» an exciting cotil/m as ?ijr most of the Npeetators aro willing to '*'' testify. AH the home leum los-t «ome j i:-' Of tllO homo folks Were peeve.), bill I '•'„ ..nn'r hoys tlenpffimpiteil ..their.. .i*_iii<er|r I su -Vi,'itor, :!«; Illinois Xor.mnl, 7. Liiwreruc, lu; Uike Forest, 6,> Cufleton, 12; ' Kipon, 0, Knux. ty; Cart huge, o. EAST. Harvard, 47; li. Princeton, 33; I'l'imsylviiaiii, it,;' 1'cminylvanla .Slate, 0. • Cornell, it*; Pucknell, 0. Army. M; Trinity, 0, Navy. ):.'; \Ve»|t..Virginia. 7. PlttMburtjh. Hn; Syracuse, 0. flcor«eto\vn. 10; Dartmouth, 0. I'nion, :f; Colurn.bla. 0. -.. Hrowft, U»i; \VIIHams, 0. Ix'buniiti Valley, 3; IJehlsh, 3. J.. l"; WfHimiimtfi', *>', from th<> tlrnt, ulthnuKh ii nfort-d during tbfl-.-inHial ~n 0, al e nmer '-' QcnPHeo latl» Bcvnit'd to lnh« '-V and near ih<» t nd of the si- J- l*»p by titnifRht line i>hinB*'H th.p bal '* -was rarricd ovei* for a toiifhdowii b> •• "Schultti of ;„ tsco, 0, The third (|iiai-trr wa.» a '"' titioft—of ilu«'t<cc<ind*- ; -alinil»t. Htt-rllnB -,'<",.carried th» bull eiimo to^hv BOJI! sev- * * vf$\ tinu»M but vve.r« pciu»H«{ed~inTit~liaVl ' tf> *tajt alt over aKUin. It one r—of-t)»o«$ urltlca) tli«e.n that .sioeckie, on llrop R|ok7 and it "wnV a* beaiitlfui at; tempt, for the oval sailed directly be•"'". tWe/Bn th» uprlKhtM and ovev th« cr<m« , bar. Spore: Htcrllnif, 10; (Icncseo, «. V J44»t tu show that it wnnn't an accident .tried thu^Hamu Ulck aKuiii, n |I|H aim i. 0. . . Wut ttwi* 13 lookt^t Uk*« n fnwidcut tor .* the Ijohna boy a '-;. tl>» iast quarter, 6y forward baoU vnUmUly In a touehdoun , trh'k pla>H Uueh as, • •- hiding in tho crowd, und some other ^ "Softd oi)e») etc. The policeman of lii-n- rWu»«?d or failed 10 attend the and con»u<jtionliy' the croud onto the nt every exeit- it>8 moment, jnw- llko cruwdtt do when ! Uiey feet csciu->l., Heon-; HtarliiiK. ll. 6,'7, Uui ,lt «t»od tight iheii" - . 11,, _ .. .* . , ,, The 1 trip wan made over the' I't ton and liock Island rond*. \Uiich mad* it foV tl><» « to u-ave ster- at th'» o'clock, d. m., im-iviu'i in itoino thre« or tour hom> Ittt- lahuid, o. yirglnia, 13; UcorKia, 7, rretirgia Teeh., 10; Nprtli Carolina, « Howard. 1'tj; .Mercer, 7. • Vaii'h rbllt. ."t'i; MiNMlHaippi. (>j Alabninu, IS; Florida. 0.**-p, «i, Cluitlanoog-a," o. n, ia; Virginia, 7, Tulane, 4ii; JoftVr«on, 3. • Kentucky, 0. Bewaneo, 0. l.ouiHi.'iniJ. 30; Ml,«HlHHlp|)i College, f » K-etidull, fid; j\ha\N*ormal», U. Texan, 21: Oklahoma, 7. MORE SURPRISES Purple Beats Maroon* And Ohio De fjatu Illinois. f Ther«' wen' two blK BirfpiiKes In tin !!iK .\nio Saturday. tl»« iletVal of Chicago by little .North'we»t*-rn and Uu ju.>t us ime\|ic( ted \lctury »>t > ihlit «>v- Won Hard Fought Game By Tho Score Of 7 To 0. In one of th<> r*ifitt'j»t games of thp ^awon at the Athletic park Saturday afternoon, UixonV jilK^ktrt warriors* ovcriiinii- the taut ltmrh«>tlv. team by _ the tuno of T to M. The day was cold !«nd u line Kiime wax ,xviinesM-;r) by the fans, ' .''"., The whlsllo blHf <H 2:31) o'clock and the «;mn- wa'a on, Hochetle ti-on the Uwa. .iiiul..c)u>n4» t he -wwti--»jt*tth—l>txon Kicked to ICochelle but failed to make their wim and punted, Hixon took th«bull ti|> the Held on a .writs of, line piuhKc<4, (nit near l{yche!l«-'n gonl the sdaycrs held, Eorcinjir IXxon io punt. 'The quarter ended with Itcehelle hav- Ini? the Iwill, WILL PLAYVBASKETBALL Strong St. Mary's T«»m Will Play The Rock Falli Five. t An in^orvailnir game of basket baK .»;il! be" piayi-.l tm St. Mary's campus* TueHdax t-vj»nlnK b'-uve«»ii 4tock Falls IliKh Hctiot'i. and ihe fawt s?t.- MaryV tlve, Ki, .Mriry's have been' doinir Kr>at play|m; with Wurd nt. center, Enrlght and -A-ntlei«on, forward*, .McAndrews, Knutb, Mercer and Hack* U as ruardK Th(> boys irilend to play thc-ir b»>?it. Joe \V«rd. center on the te»m, strained the muscles* of his niioulilcr.s Wednecdrty evening at practice. A* « great deal of 'jumping !M r« tjuired of Jw, R IK WILL WED NIECE Alonzo R. P»ck, 85, To Marry A Woman Of Fifty. X.-w V..rk. X. Y., <Vt. 'J3— S«m>>timf> lH-t«««<«n this d.ty and SVj.ttmlM-r 21; r.'K, AJonzo it. IVck. «>iKhty-rUv yt-ari" old and wealthy. tpt«-nd« tc* make Ml«s Kauntv F«rr> tJuluisan. fifty, nnd a oiOM' ,o.r W^/llr.-i wi.'«>. his' JdushlnK bridt>, Annt«ttiu'«>n»t«nt of th» \\cHidlnK- to-!»f \\ii-, inadc tmn month ago. Tin- nine w«t iiM'd UK mt.r«» than a month nnd It','-:; tt'.in .v year from dut« * f f an- nonm-fnu'nt. ih*> -wcddinif nnnouncc^ nicnt was a. •'txilt from the blue" to friends?. IVvk'n wuv fi'nni four y«!iirn airo. A .Sfl Harvard Is Trying Oui the Opec Against Yale, * Led b> that isrcat little w.u-iior, Put- U«« l)»ih(.iil, a |.lu>cr who brought back to the minds t.f oldtfntcrs the , Hunter, ))!•>!" t'JlaM* 1 \.m other* iianu>M are enrolled m the Pur plo hall of tame, Northvvt'htern defeat'<.! (hiniKu Siitui'il.iy tut HtaMi HI M '», ii.r the lir»t time iu lit In Vi'ill » - »'! "The KtiU> (Htle leadt n who \vei),'!i>-- •no 1 lit pound*, scoiid nino ot Hit >vfute i hlh <l'!e»i«Hi . ;;trdiy «>u)d h.n o iu-ea Uler elm I upois ' «r, if you think u trip liK< take tlu 1 "pep" out of a IcilpM, ti> . it one?, and then wit around .m ben\h- •—i?n-tttttl wait |brc« lii'urs |or dinner, .ind then alt on h^nchcii ttuei* liaiu-.s mou. , ailU wait for thi' game ut hctiin, aiul thpn-divss ami hu»t!« to <utdi \.oni train without wuppcr. "«ud then nde (hreo 4?°ura more on jerk-water tiaiiis. But Htcrlinj? won 'and Him ««» a Line-up, wanip'a.-i lant ttt<'" lout Hit- ir.'.ll on line .11*'a n'i-oli ^lf \\'li\t(>~ MHnli!" in ihe oiieninK 1 petiod. North-. • i »-siviii made a MictvMstuI much t< tl.ti jju.-i! \\'J(li l)rlHco]| (aii.vinjj tin It.i'l tlilce I'lH o| live ('*tn< -5 'liu- o%.i' ua> |!t,idnilK \votK«il to ilu or I'M. », Ml m u-K .ind then tuoi'-il Tin y<«ii u.i'» IticUi il and jS\irtUwi'.^u>tn han Hy II. C Hamilton il'.ilted Prehs KtaW t k oiTet> t »<»u*-i4i.< N«w Y.irU. «MT. 23 •—, With Harvaru ind X.Uo jL.latih ^Jov. ^5. tu Hn-ir jiiuiua! big football Kitme. the Harvard «oach> ^H iaa\ xnrprlfM? followct.s of the «ami by tin- method of play they -adopt foi (he encounter. Alter yearn of adherence to trid- foFiiuitioptt and !<iiiat«niiii; uttucU. anu f oncentration upon kl'-kers the Hur* vard ttaui In* bt>i>n tryitur out tlu open t"»m«- this >enr. The • O;M liei^ hav* been I.unit; moie aiul mmc hiu«h» upoi hidden b.Ul .ind forward pu«a plays wiilih. Ju the I.IM few \enfh, have buei rather «lde-tia«'Ked in favor nf *ir.UKh. fnoHnll The i onwei \ ,ilivt- style of faollutll winch has. !>».«»n Harvaid'f. cilice !Vrc> 'iauKr>ii>n took t u.ji>:i? nf tin- (t'uin n not f.i\ot«d MI Mti*atl> bv UHMistutu o,ul,t N who hii\e bad much to dt wiilj Iwililiiirf Hit' team lhi» year anc __ mother dUni, Hh» th*>n took up '' rt-hldi'nci. in tli<» homt' of Pwk, Oatmtniti caU«-d htm Tnt-to lx»n" ^n cammon with hnmfrf-tiH of hi« acquain- tam.c*. 1«nl- Sunday tho pair attended scrvi^a itt the Ffrlck' JPrwibytt'rian churrh whort- they won* known a« "thp tsu> bricka uf _tlui amen corowv" _4Jur* tiiKT tho lifetime of the lute Mrs. Peck, «h«». with h»r husband wiu» a regular atutulam and always, 'Twjth htm, and UKimlly with .Miss Calnijiiui, occupied thw w»lt'sarni>' "Am^n ^'orner.** Pt.-k h,t'»* s.'fv«'d nn ih* Rrand jury furty-tlvr- itni-^iHulvo ywura, I^»td<>hi Lincoln oftVrtHl htm «« Italian vbnsu- i«t« but Ji July ~ 'Corn l>r*.\ .May July O«t> r>««-. .May Pork <M J'«n, _ .. L.«rd Oot.- IS. CO D«K-, ir».u» Jan. ~.,.),4.40 Ribs *vt., Jan. 13.43 1,41'i I.TJ'i AT, 1' I5.KO 15.47 H.rr. I". M, 11.10 H.."!,*. 13.4;, ir.. li.7 14 CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. «'hlcatto, ill.. Oct. 2J. Ilog-H open .ste.idy to *iC lower. I-eft over ,...,.., '. 1,057 Good " £'.» FOR^I,^mjOELL^jEOlJS FOH .S'AI.K—ooou HAHI> c. r.Ti. Ninth Ave,, Hi'Kk Vtillft. :r,.:i«- FOU- HALK- TWO 1'ftbAXD-t'iilXA mule hogs. Win. Onckcn. luterMi.ite phone iH^V. M-IH;* Ff >It «A11F™>rTHOt'SK,~ IX~<;t )OD eondiUttn. Cheap If tnkfti H! «nre«*. s»l AvcniK- C, ISi-ll phone hl-'t-a :'.'•-<»0 ! F"ll KALK—CHKAI'. 1'IAXO AT rtll i \V",«t Third St. tn-'.-i;; FOU KAU;—A FKVV CHOiCK 7'VuF, j f.tll botint. Kp-«t of blooil line*. ^'l-CfiR> i i«ter rr»- v . m C. W. U. Fo»»l<*r A.- \V««bh,; . l j er C.'.A. Webb, I'olo, 111,' 1'honf K«6- 1 K f I" ' ,,.! II-*' **» . .*•,».*( •<>it IH:,\T~ FI . .. nfhhed roonin f,'tr fhrht , ,-...„, t round floor Hii!li! party, rent rr»an- I'tiaiili'. liniiiiii ;;IFT Xinth A\>, ta^-e. wiih , b.irn. 714 WatlncA 8t., Sterling. t^ii|!iire N. It. MrK^nKin. Jtock Fiijlf*. 'Farmer'H phone. tM»-97* 1CM HriTK. JOlfNT Hill phone 77«-l, Ff»K III-:XT -( Huipiinm jii ... II Moi'.i-m conviMi.'ence-i, ;'«;K\V. ll H12NT — Bell KUK KKXT— MODURN Thlr " «'« I"1«l« A. , WKST Hwfcnum, KNT-* '* U. HouKh ,,<^ P, uteudy. HOJSH / Catth* Shi>^p 4ii,f)Hi Hog* clone 5c Higher than opening; —Top, " PREPARE^PLANS Army Heads Arr«nfl« For Flying Re- wrve Corps. WaKhlngt^n, D. C, Oct. 2S, — Plan a }<a%-e bi«*n prepaw^ by the aria t ion experts of the army for tho organization of n military-^aviation reserve corji». " ' ant>>»>i»riated Sia.floa.mvo I'm the development of a jntal mllitat y avl- itlon ctin^n, to cover all branches, in- The «mcersi",r«««rv« corps la to conBist of ','98 oau-ern, with rank grading from major dow n to second Uc-n*enant, Ar- plica tions who. meet the mc-ntal and i>h)>ieui requirements will be taughl _ttu .... - CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET, / Chicago, III., net. 23, wheat — Xo. :.' fed, $1.72 l-2$i 1,73 1-2; Xn. 3 r«d. $1.C,'.4«1.?2; Xo. 4 red. $1.&5$1.6&; X*i. S hard winter, Jl 71' \-WlMS~4; No, 3 hard winter, $1.71 <fl.75;- No. 4 hard winter, 9FM8&1.T3 1*4, * **Corn—Xo. 2 'yellow, w l-2»n.0l 1-2; No. 3 yellow, 9Hl»2«rri.01; No. 4 yellow; 980I.GO; No, G yellow. 98-tf !>S i-:j; Xo. 2 white, 98 3-26jl,(ii; No. 3 while, 98(ft' 1.00 1-2; No. 6 white, SJKl-l': No, ;' mixed. 99fij'l,»l; No. 3 mixed. 93 1-2H" l.a<»; No. 4 missed, 988-4^901-2; No. fi mlXPd, HS1-2&&9', No. « mixed, 9K1-2 t>ats—No. 2 tnlxe-d, 4$ l-Zfitt>0; No 2 white.'f>! l-^Ct.Hs-*; Xo. 3 white, 5i «"••'• No. 4 white, 40^51; Ktd.. 5! FOH BALIS—SIX 1MJRB BFIED C'HKH- ter White boar« with pltnty gualltv. J. D. Mekeel, Harmon. SD-&«* _ .. ______ . oil UK NT- SIX-KOOM llolixe Jit t.fli; .Seventh AVi% 3. 1'hillil.K. • U6-97 HONEY FOR SAU3—YOUK . .-„.,, clmnce pure extracted or in comb. ,,,..<,,*,•. i, n lvl}<r ,,, -IWIH dcillver. ('all inprnin^s. n.Vonj l-'allu. $1S. Call ludj and evc'iilngH. IL. ffQuae, Bell phone! " -----927111. . -~ — ' KON-HKNT -T« r COUI'lJi WITHOUT children, modern H-room house with, Fourth Ht,, Ttock nnft 626*1.* WS2 1-4. Bftrtey—Cash, 80ft"1.20. Rye-^Jo.- 1, |1.32Cf 1.34; s'o, :t. $i.2i -*"—"*—**•*—the ex|>gnsf t>f Uncin jmmj They mti»t bf betw«*«~SJl anil^sT'year* af age and be college graduates, or h'jve **tl>c *tiulv;al<>ni of a coJlegfc ci'U" cattlon." - " , v The t"»Hst«Kl re»*n'e cor}»s of tht aviation brunch «Ula for .flfty-font Vtttes, 1$0 Brst class twr- 2«t senffsums, 543^ corp puvates, jirst claws, and 27C Not slnii t- nt H.irK in 11 II *ni-i (..-.i in Ilii- int.; l }-. «li)in^ ill.- hon'.- aittl'iK tile IttM atti tii| ( .i« n a lu'.* WEST. *te»'!l, 10: Clii«,i«o, u Ohio, 7: itllnoitt, U, Iowa, 25: I'ufjue, «; • ' Wisconsin, 13; HuhKiii.*'. Michigan. '.».- >1. A C «.', s, < >' Anu .n, o i/ft' thfir i-lt.u»> nf .iHi-titimi in Uu- tu>, U Ih' full KIIU tied oj tin 1 faiiiiiii.- li li'H in- ttotiblli -s \\,!i ^;ii«- .. Hl> lt« 1m m it.rtu . "li.-iti in utt.irk aiii It t<-tij>e b»\e lu'i-n UN. d with t^n-n-^t >\ bo.b \,i*;i> .,iul Mt.ib leanm m <ra. ru «> 'j iie «liin«<t <»jst,tfh tit iv ni'itetiaf Honi vni.if'l^t- Kiikiield \\,^ bud. (|il»- i> II tlliitlc iii'i r,-,s,H V JS i!itt i Ij.tU^f* |-"iu\vi>l .Uui C.'IM-V, tilllla hltl *«,ti ii'. the iu">|iitmii ••!»" en ale men .ni.'.ui! svti.iin llsv IMM>- «.[ »H. k p,!.»>'. pntti.(id\ uili luj fotnicd 'j'l.e ni>wVi t— Hi THE GUARDS MAY VOTE i Moinej*. la.. Oct. 23—Many mem- >f the fouti JCatI\*nal Uuunls i», service on the border may vou> wiihoiu upecial t-nablinu leniskUSon, It has aniKHinci*d by the 'mtoj"B*"J' 4t»*-ii office. The l,»wa ulevtSon law conutfio for au al«istiu voter a provision tti n»< the niiiil.-;. Sl'any aicmlters of the STERLING CITt MARKETS <Corr«cted it w«» »v here , »-»»m«« from rural district* 4l>.sent-\.»lrr law. ttwi re<iuir«*d, ».f- Hut OH SWEET FOR PROHIPITION, (Moses Dftloo Cojopany.) New No, 3 yellow corn 70c New No. 4 yellow corn 07c .White oata ., 45c No. y mixed oats-/. ,7.T7 : 430 Ry*-~r.vwr««r» rrr..,,..,..,.,..,,. ,86fV Barley ,,..,..,.,... 8pc Livt Stock. (Pippert Bro«, A Coe.) ' ^t »t**rt ,,,...,...,.,..,|»,00<»JO,Sr Cows ,.,, ,. ^. $6.00@7.0U <;alve« ,,.,,,,,.,,.. ,|8.00®10.0C Sheep ,.,,,..,. |5.00©0.0tt 8ALH— SHOHTHORX . yearling- Poland -Calna hoar. t)ne mile went ABHCW, nouth road. AK'X Mat- hewa. aterling, HI. «.V09» FOTl.-SAEB-^30~ TON'S" Ol' r UALKU hay, A. K. HcuU, Hock FalN, Farmer's phone. _ . !li)-u"« FOH SAM-:— GOOD I1ON13 IJl'luTc Ji-r«ey mock pijjK. t)tto Muninu-n. MorriKon. IJoth phones. U't-HT* FOH WALK — FlKST-CI^AHslu ~M ' K drivinsr tnure. Wyllrf Melville, .Mor- rinon. !>5-S7» SMALL 'FOR SALI3 — GOOD -- Htandard hre<l marer 000 \V. Fifth Kt., KocR Falls. . !*S-«i7» $.» monthly; no lntere»t or tax«w; nljthly productive land; close to 3 big markets Write for photograph* and full information. Mimger A-172. N. Y. JLift> Bldg.. Kansa» City, Mo, 77»102« WILL TUAUK^MY ICO-ACUK "' county farm for a farm of iOO or 240 acres. Must ba a «ood farm 1'IV 1 , mn £ l' ul difference in cash. Write "X. Y. 2." care Gazette, 8T*l)f8« PUBUO SALE FOU SALE—NEW PLUSH KOUK und Hinirle harness, 002 Went fri< v» enth St. ' S'f-PS* AUCTIONEERS A. U. COE, ATJCmONKER. UOCK Falls. Ilaye had experience in and ev^r> 4 where. Guarantee :ib»'mu« satisfaction. Can refer you to a Jonj.- lint of naiipfled customers. He<- m« for dateH,- 'Both phonen, r. nnr»M • soy. Coleta or» ajiltefl«eville, \Vi make a. specialty oS auction nalen Conduct many pales ev.eri year am. can refer you to many »atl*»tled cq«. tumom. ,W« BMarantee al>ui{u't«> wit. isfaclion. Write or i»hono • ua fui ' ' PUBLIC SAl^E. , The underniKned will •«»» nt ptibtio atK-tion, on T4JE8DAY, THE THIRTY-' FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER? A. R Wt> »t two o clock In the afternoon at th« , his residence at No, 818 West Street, northenHt corner of l,' and Eighth KL, In tl»* City £itcriin£. Ten-roum hiiUHe, with udurn improvnueiUB. KO»<| ret>alf and good barn. Terms of 8alu; One-hulf .the iitircJianfr prtcp casn i»nd the halnnca F. R. LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. (Bterlinir PfpU et,ow.) ' D«iry~- Retail, Dairy butter ..,,, .............. ,...34c Hansford ereainery butter .,,.., 40e. 0«iry«— WhoU««l«, iwiry butter .,«.,..,•>«,,,,..,,.., .anc 4;i.ii!d . Oct. 23. — Kdvvlr , . . . S\sv«i. Ih'thocrutic candidate foi «MU f, r prohibit (»n |ias> e* m reply t«> a latu-r addn«si.e4 to him b> chnrb'k \\L UArtiehl, of Urand Kn- pul-, u has, been anrttmiHvd. , SAVEP UFE Al'l'l<4t"H. , t Clboost- !«-t i<Ki»i' bv ;» th«s swill Ij J»S iht 1 i^kv ftivt'i ciik.s,NJii)j of the ChScu- ami NVi thWft-U'ru railway. ll*.> )i«'»rr 111 i'inpf ii> w. ml tlje (a.i r i»x .t,<>( ,int t.i'd II r O'li'sl ^^^l|^ lu tl tl' ,M,!f ll IHinoia Defeated. «'l'i-i In vntti'' (.!' 'Li- !>rj-m-r. • t'.-mi'v'h-rf-ri'Ht- vrsrriTt'>TTTrr,i, i'i' .f , '. i ni ti-i • K. ii,, 1,1, ' i I ilr,.> ' i i \, , i j t, , j . , ,—,t J^'SVU.. . '- . i.n n . .^.sjs! i i < if t V,' ! ' ' !lH It lit ll 'i ,lil til U ">K -( |r >'i Ii i I In nit U, i (.;>• ii ijoln H.t lit S % |i I'l . «-!• I m*ti HI 11< it i \ i!i- N f > 'itii «' ii> lit, UU « I'it t-i'4 H > K I. t. • Ul.'jU i <!.*» Vrttd - IH» , i. -u.«. tun SUi "t (u i!, ii Kind i>i i • u h«:^! • -CHit.l.>-Hii.L€O-av.A J. .."" , ,""' f , , ,, ," • ~" ( 77~V ,, "' ' ''I ' l-l Ml 'l..i \i'i (!!<', ' > i ' • I ' I .- M - , • } n. ui i . : . M,, }" ,,in i. _i— — « vi i > -u..,!.„. {'.- 1 la-I ,.' .>u U , ..IMA- Hjea4 lettuce, per head , , , , ..... Celery, each ....................... 61 Cucumber*, each ..... ......... , . . .10c Parsley .... ......... ..... ...... . . . . s< N«w potatoes, pk. ; ........... , , , , , |5c Leaf lettuce, bunch ..... j .......... 5i- Heot«, bunch ................... , . . ,6« Green I««ppe,f8, dozen .,.,.,,...., lOi New cabbage, |b. .... ..... i ..... ,,.,5< Fniit, Oran^e^ Calif., dozen ..,.,,,., 5S@60* (Demons, dozen .,...,.,,,...,,,.,..361 Twuiauws, Ib T, ................... KI Jersey swcel potato<-H, tf -iti»r ....... ','Sc TTHEIR APPETITES DIFFER. O, FIIUJN, LIV.K 8TOCK auctioneer, Dlxon. Ill, Have wild pun red ».tofk in ts«v«rul »mcK tho pa«i season. Hatisflwl cmitotnurs my l*e« referenff«. . AJi calls promptly intend- Hi. Hione t or writB for dotes, BUWAKl) B. MJKST, " AUCTToNKioT? Cliadwlck, 111. Salea made unywh*>rt> Farm and stock «iile» my ^pwlalty Kxperjpnce lias been my tehcher Hpeak hoth Knuliuli and (ierimtu .Uoth pliunea, Call, write .or wire a. my . pixon. Ill, .With yearn of t\-jm'k-ne< i m he auction hu*dne«s will ^u teo KatinfaOtlnn. For. rrteieueo iiejijilu for whom 1 have held -IMstyi-^HomtJ -iihtktiv, rcs»idi"nrp,' ufTice, SO, PUBUIC SALE, I. the underxlttiu-d. will Hell at ptdilto on my farm, 3 mlle» wf»i of Co leta, 9 mllen Moutheast of Chadwlok T^j 1 ii 7 o2?n l Sf« IM Jl^ll> v *' 11 of MHlttUrffvHIe, THURSDAY, OCT. »5 r 18l», tba follow- property; fl H<*ad of «OB properly; o ticud of iloracit—tliiy • m»re. u years old, weight, 1,400; black ' H l .'.!' n «'.... < : oail "^.'« v««». old,. wcjjrht : ma>v. coining^ yeartj'old: bay mare, comlntt 3 years old; t»ay mare •oinliiK 5' yearn Old, lit a good flinglo drtyer. 75 Head »f C»ttlV-10 B«H| •ndch c«iws; 15 two-year-old hclfera; -6 i-omlnsf g-year-oid utewrn; 10 y«ar- injj »tiwa; ST, last wring c«lv«C 10 -»t which are veal t-alvea, 8.0 Head of ,/hoatti. trfe Itmch nt noon. nat« Im- ifmV^lf . u " e /'' Ttt "" B: ls «n»»tft»-- time will be »iv«» on approval notes, lu-arlriK « per cent. Interest from data if palo? when due. o!iu<rwi«m 7 n»«r cent. M» property. removed until settled f«K l. <. und Ward tu-otn. Auctu., H, C, Jvnox, Clerk. MART FLY NN, Prop. Oct. 18. -1 K, 20. 8.1, g$. 'o anil^XetthWfj-tern railway. ll*.> •-— .-~ ~. . . ll.-.adiK^aVya IUH lif.. hy imping fr«.ns TTHSIR APPETITES Dlf in-- yiitoiti" nit' l,. iji,« ciiHHute Th! I - lUtntiuibtK" \v,^> Milusht-d. j ' *'*>' ''nitfd l'u<««J „ ~' "~-~~-~- — —- i .Mimic,ijioil.s,' Alum', < ii t ^'! l*e» Afi'ti.t-^, Its, * >Ci|. i'l. - Atwriic". ' Cn-.«m j>aHl thp ii-siiJt iuvu*«". •••«' ' team diiHMK the aumjuer would be r«»u.»w«*l i >; i.f liu- pu^r.. tiCr.-, uf teB»^.tt-tM-«- i. '»• Kt'.iKuk j,.!v'n«i ifij ihaiv^ of M-i , M IN" V 1 ST i GAT I N O"A! LEGg 0 F R A U fil »r rftrv to .«' £c..Uul Mille» of <J 'l'. K 'l >J)KVI 5 fs ' NY > AUCTiliNKKK •unywheW. Conduct leu lo'li'r Jilcl yearly. UefervncoM—liauk of 1'to n, t'itizens haul., Fmnici". bank,. i-'artui»r'» phifiuv b.«U oftice, |. I,. HAHUlNUT(Adf, Al'CTK»,NKi;H Kikiiit yeam successful npnui-.*. Hat- isfuction guaranteed, oifice with M K, Wilser. ^oth iihoneti. : I WILL WBI.L 3 ,» of heavy «*i»rinKert«, Home of wldcli - _ - ._, -— MJII'N Feed Sh.'d. MorrNoit, J||., Thnr*. d.»y, Oct. I'fi, |!M«J. cutniuciiritiH wt-1 ovlwk p. m. -sharp.. Thte i» « very M»od lot of U^tvU C»vi«. I'tJimi tCIWB, All FlH Cliff. Ailctlolt- i HvtiKvH. Clerk. Juhu JSETHECLAS8IFIEDADS •i* e tieain dmuiK the iiuiiuner, Mmtain- iiii! MinuieV Kltttxh n-pul.Uiou. UroUlei 1'jul, ai-ittj.!* flu* i her, {trunk 4,JOO.oO« jLil.i^fit of tu-.-f (1 .iii the' Haute Hint', , !ll. (t- l '_,', - U ii..|d",\t'n a tai| li.isiid dead'" w M h (u-, ii.ult iJort St.ittiit), is bv)t>\iU to ha-.c in miudtted .»>iiil hi«» b'nij (•!•< ^t .1 i.ji it? tU U, W. A15BOTT. 111, J3U*ck ftfld Aii culls' promptly your dates early, • tual. • • JOHN' 8?eC!AL|»NQlN tr»«tm«nt N. iJK.VriiJu ArrTIO.N'KF.H y, in, Fai;m and In . any HM iinui cj- i^ and U-ick I'.i!!.-. ,-jii.'..' '..".. .,., . -u« ii-«••• ui.-tied patrons lire ^u'fuui.t *nc.- tiu anvishert-. • un iifJl pjiooe l;. ; ,id. ii.

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