Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 13, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1944
Page 4
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Page Tour i'£i^ ; (gfle Baflp Fubll.shed Every Evonlnjf (Except Sunday) by THE NAUOATL'CK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK. CONNECTICUT TrlephimeH 2228 and 2220—AH I>o|iurtiiicnt» Entered n» second clna* matter nt the post offlcu In NuuRaUick, Conn. RUDOLPH M. HENN1CK, President and Trca»iiri! KALPH S. PASHO, VIcc-Fi-csUleiit KDWARD C. LINGENHELD, Assistant MILDRED HOLLAND. .Secfotnry SUBSCRIPTION .'RATES I month I .75 0 months frl.M I month* J2.23 1 year *fl.0i Payable In Ailvunco 1 work—18c By Currier \ year J9.00 The United Press haa the exclusive rljrht to uai for rcpublicat'.sn In any form, all nuws cliupntchus credited to this paper. 11 l» also exclusively entitle:. la use for republlcutlon nil lilt' local or undated newt published herein. I'J.KIJtiK 'i'O TIIK 1'XAG—"I pltMlK" it" 1 -'Kin net- to Uio 1'liiK of tin; UnlU.-d iStiit-t-H of ,\iiivrk-» Mlid to tliu Kupulille (ur whluh II *tiuiiln. Ono nut Ion Indivisible, with unil .(iwtlce for nil." DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files of.The News 20 Years Ago ; ,'.. Willinm F; Barrett, George" WlRglcsworth,'Harry Zcunor, and John Scully returned from u convention trip to Boston. They wore members of the Elks. • . . , • . o—O—o " \ ' " . Jennie, Mury. and Rnginu Wisnnwskl of Bridge street, Pnlon City, .spent u three-week aojourn In 'Yonkcrs. N. Y, • " '"''.'• ..' ,' . . o—O—o • • • 30 Years Ago '" David Owens. George Good, Hurry Ncodhum, Wll* • , • linm Wood. Horace Can dec. and William Wurtcm- burf,' were among the officers elected in the Knight of Pythias elections. ••:. .,-.•' " •'• o —O—o •• ,.-.'' Bill O'Connull, former pitcher for' the Naiigntuc high school nine, was being given a, trial by Clar Griffith, manager oC the Washington Senators o the American Baseball league. THURSDAY, JULY la, Jll-M COLLEGE FOR SERVICEMEN Education ; fi j'htei';! is not way down the road. It .is Jioru now. Xuw York university aliX'iidy lias 150 cx-soi'vico students', reports the AV'all Street Journal, Yale o'5, and ilicl-iiyai, slate i.s yetting- -0 a month. Sonic 'colleges offer liJ-n.ii.mili eonceu- .trtUo'l 'courses for men who never i'in- isljeil !;i.y;li school. Some provide technical and other training to fill gaps left -by-tinny and navy courses, which were good in their way, and hard, and substantial, Imt which left much to be desired in all-round, education. ''.Refresher' 1 ' courses bring former graduates up to date on modern work. . . Boston university and some others are •sending out ciuestiouiinires to find whal. f.rmc-r students." want and how many ex- '"poct to-auric 1 . The ."latter, needs knowing, in order tr> he 1 prepared with the right instructors and living conditions." • -Kducatin for .demobilized men is iiu- portfint and exigent, Jt is a problem new to this age. Soldiers of fo'nner wars.' in the Koinan Kopubtic and" earlier, were usually given some. sort, of mone bonus, quickly spent, or i'ui'rr.i land which '.iruuiv did not know how to use, and were then forgotten lintil they.?nade ii"tieeable tru- ble n s(reefs and in Uiverns. Uatiline onco aroused idle and unhappy men in ancient Rome; Hitler's success was based on thorn. The chance for our service' men to .build up their osvn powers for usefulness ds new. Thousands of them will be bet- •ler and happier for it. Around the Clack Betty Brcnnan 'of High street spent last week up in Wa'rel.uun on Cape God in Massachusetts. Bet's, going back.-tip there for another week 1 -to finish her annual 1 lay-off Mrs. John'Simmons of Field street is.a medical juilient .,at St. Mary's hospiuil. 'AutlipritieV- tlrere say .her condition is fair, . . .".„. A.nd Mr. and Mrs. Michael .Bryck, 116 City Hill street, arc the parents of a new baby boy, which arrived Tuesday morning at: 9:i9 o'clock at the place on- Baldwin street. The dad, an employe ol: the U. S, !Rnbber Co., is passing out cigars for the third tiine. v The paper salvage collection is on again July 24-25, so lay aside all your waste paper and wrap -it in nice, convenient bundles so that the street department workers will have no trouble at all picking it up. That 50 .tens isn't toe hard to get, not if we all try a little harder. . . . , .The Naugatuck Community band will present another delightful program next Wednesday on the Green..' The program will be announced later. Walter Winchell On Broadway f*MM Mark'. H»«M«n«. <teprn«M. It4l. tally Mir TIIK PJUVATE'1'ATERS OF A. CUK KEJ'OKTKB ' A VISITING MOVIE STAR ,-wa.s asked which man she would enjoy, meeting most. ..To the iiTjiJjy.cment of the interviewers, »hc suld: "Al- 'bcr't Einstein"...,.The - noted scientist was lecturing, in; Manhattan, and he agreed to sec ,her. . ..With the scribes scribing and "the fla«h-! light bulbs bulbing, the star in an awed, .voice said, "It's- a-thrill to think that I am .talking to the one man who knows more about the stars than any other Jiving person." "Not quite," replied Einstein.. "No- ona can predict what a .star will do—to got her name in the papers." Swedish means \vo' dope in .now ti over central Sweden at inj; 'to Und the righi knowing that even u h"^ ' lucky, the Swedish author,,!, 11 waiting tor him. • . '."«• I ELLA LOGAN, who went overseas to entertain troops for si weeks and stayed six months, was furious at a certain actor who re luctantly entertained at an arm camp and returned saying he ha just done "another benefit." "Listen, you!" snapped Ella. "I what you did for them is a bene Jit, what in the world do you cal what they arc doing for us?" THEY TELL THE c n the colonel, speaking ,-,t- , in his honor before cmbwki ""* Africa...-; thank yTu * ? "* ! « eluded, "for your kind' garding my welfare, and I you to know that \ v hr. n j away, Kurroandcd by url ning savages, I shall of you." THIS IS HOW Russia ii.,'-'IU. Black Market...gI soldiers rri-i. each battle they arc in SOME ACTORS were recalling snappy retorts last night. The best, we thawt, was the time London critic Hannon Swaff»r, in reviewing a Noe' Coward .show, concluded: "Noel, you arc a better actor than you arc .1 writer".... Later that nighi, Noel encounter- the you!" critic and" said: "So are Looking at Life By ERICH Private IHcrbert 1 Slither:.•bf.'- i 'Ttt-' m«;.W.ash.,'. a p'ar'atrooper','..'fo,ughi •Sicily,;.at- the.. Volturno' frorit'-jn ily -and- fhe'-first-lbree days."tot the inv.a'si'on.-of ,Normandy:(- ••:.•'.=';'-." 'He.didn't 'get a .'scratch."";'';,V ' r' : On' the foui-'th-.'day, a cow""grazing too close 1 "to his fox-h'ole 'fell in-;: landed of him and .injured .him .so badly .that he had 1 16 be taken back .to England' : and .put in'''a hospital. " ' ' ONE OF THE correspondents just back reports that the sirens were sounding an alert in the End End section of London. A woman lenr.od out the window and yelled: " 'Arry! 'Any! Come on in out o 1 to MUSIC TOR CHILDREN Yoim#- people of sixteen and older, boy and ,^irls both, are wiM-kin-; tin's your on farms or in CMC lories, fining their bit to win (he \var, ft' thoy do imf, overwork, tliu jobs are ^ond for them. They save money for college, Tin: ix-filly small fry are mure or l in' hand. But tin;' irmiip from elicit .Fourteen is apt, to be at. loose ends." They lielp a little in the home — or .should— . learning to do useful, ^rown-up tasks. Kut. they have much time to spare, and too much of it is spent playing war with disastrous consenuenees. .i Imv's \vhere music comes in. Music practiee has a bad name amon.n' the younger set, 'mostly beoausu it. eornes after sehonl. It's a forced march after Fnti.ifuc lias set in. But in the summer it's different. Mental freshness and muscular vigor are at their best of a summer morning. The young folks can learn easily in .half the time, arid with pleasure, what is hard and tiresome in the winter. • JOven with; windows open, neighbors take (he funny noises better on summer mornings than winter afternoons or evenings. The new clarinetist's "One. two, squeak, one, two, three, squeak" becomes inorely amusing, especially as the squeaks give way, from week to week, to mellow and lovely tones. The violinist's screech and squawk a-lso soften and sweeten in no time. The piano and flute mingle with voices of cardinal and thrush, or substitute for them. A\\ hour or two at n good instrument, and ;i t'e\v chores, leave plenty uf time for play. And how splendid to bu rcadv For school orchestra in the-L'all! Sophie and Jeiui Grabowski aix] 'Irene Gi.'uiiowski of School street have reUirnod home.after spending a wonderful time at Walnut beach (ji.ihhy Cowan, popular Union City resident, stepped on u s;cale tlie 'other day and the thing registered 1°-2 pounds. Tlrai, figure is only 12 pounds less than the combined weights of Rtitan Stabloy and Hay Dinkle. And Gubby is about G feet less in .the combined stature of both. A good proportion, Gub figures. Luftwaffe Through •_As ..Major Fighting-:, ,-Fcrce,-'Say;s' ( Arnold- •• • • ; .-'•.".•-. .'.','.- .. .--... Special to''Centra] .'1' See Douglas As Compromise Vice- Presidential' Candidate "WASHiNBTON '— Geri, . H."'. H:-', -be'.-liberalized, there wonlt'bc any Arnold;..chief of the-United.States I-----'-'-- -' •- -•--•- -— -"casing of it this yeni' or next so Army Air jrp.rces, lias supplied the far-as consumers arc concerned, answer to .the question'of military ' Tne ^^ons are: Western suffar- A .young- lady , has brought, suit" a .rodeo show -because -a cow', broke loose,-'leaped' into her lap, sat in it : and caused her/JTS,-'!,'* 01 '. 00 to meet the Allied invasion o 000 worth.of .injuries, she says, •* .Europe. T-he reason: .There is n ^ air force in "the men-.aJl. bvet-'thc ,world- : -"'Whcre is the German airforce'.?". Arnild, who" should know, has.ex- pressed 'the'opinion that, the Luft- waffe'.may never rise as.a "Tom" Dolan got a little sun the other day while laboring around the street department area Little Sandra Chappell of lyiulberry street, Union City, had her tonsils removed at St. Mary's hospital Wednesday Joe Mulesky of North Main street lugs three ice cream cones homeward every night. And we also see Capt. James J. Grant of the fire department taking things easy on his front porch after a day's work at the firehouse. Cows, arc supposed to be' harm 1 -' le.vs. -"animals; V 1 chewing..'their cud, mlndirifr'-'l.hcjr own' business, "and yel here arc, two .cows that caused a-lot'of trouble, "in "spite of themselves.. ' • ! • • - ; 'Lou "of trouble In thlj world is caused -by." perfectly harmless people, and .things. For" instance, there is the "pab r by individual wtio~cannot. keep his _(or her) 'mouth.shut and loves to carry tales-and posslp. .. ... Many a. fine, friendship has been spoiled by .people like that, many a promislnfTcareer has been ruined, many a 'home has been broken up by "liarml'"-Kossip rind little "secrets,"- "confidentially" told, repeated and exajTETeralod in. the" repetition. "_. -V,:- .. Then, there is the .weU-mcaning 1 person- who tells you "very frankly and for .your own Rood" t-hat of o modern German meaning of th'c term. .- • ' . . This, does "not mean that Germany airplanes. But it does moan, however, that Germany's remaining air strength has ' been so dispersed that .it now'is .impossible: I inff flocks. :beet growers did.'not; get all ihc •subsi.dy they- wanle'di and the.I9-H beet'acreage is not as large as last year's; 'the 15-15 Cuban . acreage is expected smaller. " Th'c fact that 'industrial users go.t tin. increase jn ,'allo\vances has Jib sijjriiflcanec.sp •'far as sugar to consumers is "concerned; thai was a move, in part to-encourage production of foods that, also would use eggs, thus su'r-, plus piled up by the nation's lay- to gather .it into one effective striking force. The current-allotment, not likely _^_. , '-.o be increased, is five pounds per Arnold gives credit for. the'i person each two-and-a-half months ,„,,,.„ ^r .!,„ T., f ....7,-«-- .. , i .. ' erasure of the Luftwaffe to American and British bomber forces, who struck relentlessly at industri.-.l targets nad reduced the Is'a/.i plane production capacity to the vanishing point. • --«x As an example of what happened to the. German air force in the invasion: Allies learned, it was disclosed, that 700 planes were ordered to converge on airports near thi; French invasion coast, but only. 3SO arrived—the others were destroyed en route. Of the 350 'that Servicemen's addresses: Pvt. V. Tar- nowicx,. -2o2fiUi AAF BIT, Sec. I,.Bks. 457, Lubbock Army AirJ'ield, Texas. ...... Pvt. Joachim Amariel, Co. "A", 9th Bn., 3rd Uegt.. FARTC, Fort Bragg, N. C Lt. AV'illiijin D. Thimlon, AAF BU. OCTS, Army Air Field, El Paso. Texas. T-3 Robert Sandblom. A-250, AAA S. L.'Bn., A.PO ^22, c-o Postmaster, S;m Francisco, Oil Bennett Booth, F 2-c, Co. 38-D, Sec. A, NAS.,. I.owa State College, Anise, Tcwa. ..,'.. Pvt. Joseph Spadola, Med. Del., Station Hospital, Camp Swift, Texas. what you do is wrong,. how you i arrived, only 200 were in shape to: dress .is. in bad taste, what you" do Lak c off to meet the tremendous is bad. . .. , ; air superiority put in the You g-ct to hate that kind of;a person. We all admire l.he truth, but criticism is dangerous, particularly when i|. is unsolicited. , But, coming back to the cow. Some years apo 1 I was visiting an uncle who,had a farm. Being a cily fellow, I didn't know anything- about the habits of cows. • :': My uncle'had a cow which, just the day before, had. given birtli to a calf.. "•• II. was a wobbly little thing, that up'to- 25 pounds par person for homo canning. You're Telling Me! li> WILLLVM JUTT (Centnil ITCM Writer) THE FRIENDLY - ISLANDS, nccordiiiR: to our; office atlas, arc in Uio Pacific ocean. Zaciok Pumhopf. thinks they rnust feel mip-htly lonely these days. JACKIE" COOGAN, recently back from parau-oopinR in Burma and India, said thai his Burma Glider Kroup landed near a small tribal village 330 miles back of the Jap lines. ..-Having: the assign- mem to .construct an airport in less than 12 hours. Coop-an called .over a Thugcc (native chief) and asked thai he parade the villagers that he wished 1 to recruit as workers. Hundreds of them were prirls wearing- nothing but loin cloths... One, however, was better frroomed lhan the others. ..Draped from her thighs to her.ankles was s. huge towel with the woixJs: "Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D. C." ha- send mnk . anywhere to spcnd it home. The kinfolk - more money (in spite of what you hear) ' and all-IMS is why Ruwfci± has too much surplus coin ~*a as A Black Market which' -W,, rubles for nylons and 5fl j^ bottle of Scotch .The Sovi«.;.., being- realistic about it, dcdrfiT. ZO .into the Black Market so now they have go'v stores in all communities " are "called: "Governmcnt-Chi-ii Black Market Stores" for -«t, ever the Russian is for th«tj x H.ny citizen can shop in then; 1 > I this way, the gov't gets b,' " thai surplus jnoncy... and Ihc citizens honest at the ^n^ lime. . .Over here surplus money'ii jcinff enjoyed only by the "mobs' vbo keep it all since they rareh pay taxes. COXG. DIES went out ia a bkj. of sour grapes. First he said hi nit because he was. ill. Then ht lamed foreign language CTOupsij he East, who onposed him. Ee aid they couldn't" speak Engljjh. Ncitlier could Columbus. EDITH GWYNN wonders i.' ou've heard .iboui the icddibly - eddibly considemie wife who'tboi bci: husband wilh a bow and if- row?' ' .' ' .- -• ;-. She didn't to wake drcn. couldn't, walk as ycl, Cluirlcs said to me: and Uncle "Would you mind carrying th'c little, calf over here?" I. put"; the little'thing- under my. ; , ai-m .(the way I carry -my when,"he., refuses to. walk) 1 air superiority put in the skies from Enjr'and. To add to the Industrial woes of the Natis, Arnold disclosed that destruction of Germany's oil refin- ing'capacity now has .top priority ,on''tho .Allied-Air "Forces' .bomhjr.p: 'llst. J 'Therc-were'.55/niajor deaneries' in the Eoich. Now, Arnold said, all have been' hit and largely destroyed, to cut the Nazis' oil and gasoline refining capacity to less'than 30 per cent of normal.— •A.-'eliow tryinp: to .battle a mos- ciuito U apt to -forget that he is by fan t,hc bigger, larjrct. . Willi Ihc St. . Louis Brown.s on 'o|i In tlic A'nicrican IcaR-ne, it's hard (o' reiijizc the xpnrts p;ike Isn't l>einjr held . ii|tNidc down. Mother Earth, an astronomer tcils us. .vveiR-hs six -thousand billion billion' tons.' Well, we noticed her war worries haven't cut down .her 23,000-milc waistline a SITU inch. atiS -slarled .over where my unclp^was st.nndinp. . ' v^ Before I had gone.tori .steps the cow, usually a peaceful, lovable creiiture, came after me and-with one powerful butt had me.sprawl- ing on the'ground. My' uncle, roared with laughter "'They say we'll soon be .u'Cttin^- fancy I'urs from sheep. Then we'll prohablv gel:' wool from goats. Or from sawdust, prec1i£-es!ed by goiiix. Henry Ackerman returned to his duties at The Naugatuck Fuel Co. after two weeks of very little to do Rip Ruccio got permission from the powers- to-be to play ball and did so Sunday afternoon The town looks more like its old self after a very dead week. So many people went out of town last week that one couldn't help but remember the great Teutonic migrations in the early centuries of our era-. In those days they moved by tribes and in these days'"they move by towns. ".Ttiis -should ihirigs.:. Le'ach.; you . two 1 "First; - never."do anything you don't .-know anything- about: "Second,; the most-peaceful creature viill;-"go berserk with sufficient reason." I rubbed by .backside, but I had learned my- lesson. . ; ' - (Copyright, 1044, -King Features SyndicaLe, 1 Inc.) .. -PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT still is reported to want Vice President Henry A. Wallace as his fourth- term running- mate as .the hour for the Democratic national convention approaches. .. WorryliiRv we'riiad, is bud for .-•:Wallace;r on his way back .from I the leelii. Whnt lire xvc Mipposed The waters of Tuc'cla Falls, North Africa, pour "down from a hci~lr of 1,800 feel. Ideal for a shower baMi. -says. G-r«ndp.ippy Jenkins, in weather like this. Sure: that man De Gaulle is n 1'niiati.c. And' so would we be if somebody had 'onr country.-.' Golden Gleaners , Hold-Meeting: The Golden Gleaners'" of Beacon Valley' Grange- held their Wednesday session yesterday nt the home of Mrs. .Emm**- Filonou-ski. The. meeting-lasted all-day. '•,_,''. 1 v" The' ' h.osiess, Mrs., Filonowsk'i,'' served, luncheon to'" the membeca" at nooni . , . . • •All 48 "of .the states grant some form- ;of properly ,|,-ax ' exemption to. arfucational^religjo'us and charitable... institutions. BUV H'/tE BONDS A^n STAMPS China and Russia, is almost cc tain to be-on hand- in Chicago's mnmmoth "S't'ev e n s 'hotel and •sprawling.Municipal Stadium when Democrats':start, th'c'ir'scssio'n, July J9.'-'- •''''••'.-• ••-.'• -•--'. • '. - • •"•,-'But,'-despitc." Mr."'Roosevelt's evident ^desires! He 'is bound to meet j opposition "to'-.Wallace within the party, and ,he docs not desire to cause too sei-ious a split -In the ranks. ' •The -result is' that the president probably .will .go just so far in pressing for the choice of Wallace, and then bow'- to,the majority 'of the forces opposing him. 'As'-fnr. the-southern vice presi- to <lo when the dont.lxl.'s MM rlvcs—burst out: laughing'.' AT AX AIRPORT the other'day, a dejected sailor sat. waiting: for hours. He appeared so depressed a. sympathetic bystander asked him what the trouble was ..He said he had just come in from.the South Pacific for a four-day fur- loaf. His home was an .hour and a half away by. air . .He had just been put off one plane in favor of a hifrhcr priority. ..He hadn't been home in two years. His father had died in the meantime, and every hour now seemed an eternity...'. But what really sot him down, he added, was that two planes had left for his^homc burp but couldn't find room for him—despite the fact that the last person to board the plane was a civilian—carrying a £olf bajr! MARINE :ST LIEUT. MITCHELL PAIGE (just returned after 26 months in The S. Pacific), one of two living enlisted Marines in this war to hold the Congressional Medal of Honor, has the unique distinction of beinpr the only infantryman in this war to bo grounded:.. .Wearied by the comparative "inactivity" of. a forward lowing -the Guadalcanal camtr.iinins: camp Jn New Guinea vfol- naign), Paipre "stole" ,1 ride on a 13-25 scheduled to bomb Rabual'.'.'. The hero-leader of a machincpun )!atoon was then "grounded" for the duration. Liberty cargo ships now b^r buil-I require about 4,500' toes-tf rough steel each. • .-. • "'.j.'i' Now She Shops 'Cash and Carry" Without Painful "When disorder of ki<iney _ ._ Jx3iw3noc3 znAtwr to : m^y wurc nnKipnc backacic, rh( ]CK pnias, low> oi pop and cncrrjY|iil*l»- EJKhw, Brv»'jap. puffiac** UDOCT u* ffl^ hc3dncbca nnd dittine**. Frcq pwwa^s with Bmariin*; ftad umc**hom Oiere in noracihi; •your kiilncj'B of bladder. • >*..'•'• Don't wait! Ailc your dre«i»t for Dull Pilln; -used pucccwifiillj- by niUioM 1* t«» -10 jTrnrs. They pi\-o happy relict an ins kt* .the 15 miles of EidncV iubc« fiu«h WIW 1 — oua waevc Irosi your blood. Get Daui! To make yonr home , more attractive — PAINT STYLING A no led phyik-Wn tnys that, at meal times -ihc dessert should be eaten, first...Junior thinks uhis i.= cxccllcni advice—"especially during the watermelon season. " dcntial candidate, such probably is not the .president's idea. ...Failing 1 .;to'get Wallace with the approval of the delegates, he may put his wciR-hV'back' of young Supreme Court ".Justice William O. Douglas. Mr. Roosevelt believes, 1 according to observers that Douglas .is a. lib- lei-a who would be-acceptable to all factions. • i . ..Chances of the southern bloc.ob- 'taining< .thc^-n'omination of House Speaker Sam'-Rayburn or Senate -Albcn 'W.. Bark- 1'ey are remote, indeed. '. ': If it is not Wallace—then, politi- ca.l observers v say, Doujrlas will be the vy'ce .presidential compromise,. DESPITE WHAT SOME . OBSERVERS ARE .INTERPRETING as .signs.that .sugar, rationing; may'- 1 MM 3^C Mason Is Home On Leave 'Theodore Mason, "U. S." Navy son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Mason of Highland, avonua. is spending a short' leave in Naugatuck after three months of duty iim Ui c North Alla-ntic theater. -~jThe local sailor WHEX XORWAY WAS invaded civilian Germans fled Sweden because they expected thai country to be invaded next...A Gc.rm.aT> who. bad been buying, up dollars nt half the price took a train one .night from Stockholm. His suitcase contained about, one million ilollnrs in smnl) and large "bills, ,, He knew he could not get by Swedish customs with it, and that even' if ho'did, the Gestapo would catch up with him in Germany Not long after midnight the tram stopped at a small station. 'The German hurried out with his va- -lisc, found a dark spot near a tree 1 , buried his treasure, took careful' note of-the spot and boarded ihc train. ..Thru his window he m'ado a note of a sign on n door (on "the side of the idcpot). . .It said KV1N- NOR...A few week's ago he got permission to return to Sweden. At the station he showed the ticket seller ihc memo of. the name^Ke"had copid down. The ticket sell-' cr'a eyebrows jumped hii;h and • then he grinned... KVINNOR in :, Did you know that you ctn ffl«l». f • small room look larger by 4» ' proper choice and placing of \ colors? Come 10 us for hinu «•' . modern faint Styling. ' - Vlurphy Pafnft CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET 'J''< TEL. 3507 : •-VOVK EVEGLASSE8 ;."' SHOP , C. H/ Tomlinson >"llll)t:lt(ick. Conn." STORE '-'CKOSKD' AXt EACH MOXDAY nD JULY AND AOGUST - was recently .promoted to Machinist's Mai.- 3-C • '.-/He 1 has been., in the Navy for 14 months. Great Britain h;is had ' posscs- •sion of Gibra.ll.oi- since 1713. Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment BOMB 'EM -WITH BOMBS • Victor — Columbia — Deceit Hocords EEECTRIC CO. 15 CHUUCH ST. TEI,. 2574 * BUY WAB

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