The Wichita Daily Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on September 6, 1906 · Page 7
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The Wichita Daily Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 7

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 6, 1906
Page 7
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i I i r i 4 51 ! nil ""' - JmmKmmmmmmmmmmmm 11 "" 1 ii J hi nun in u ill. I illinium I, II mi n in im'.--iii i I, III II niM-uf.LL.. ' If " t . j .. " ' EThe City CALENDAR FOR TODAY JteRguIar session of the Elks tonight. The Progressive Matron -will meet this anernoon with Mrs. Macheal Fhonas at her home, S19 Burton avenue, West Side. Sunflower Chautauqua Circle will meet Monday, September 10, at 3 p. m., with Ola Kinkead, 913 North Lawrence avenue. Bpecial invitation to new readers. All ladies desiring to read in the Shakespeare Chautauqua Circle, please meet with Obi Kinkead, 913 N. Lawrence avenue, Monday, September 10, at 3 p. m. Itegular meeting of R. N. A. camp No. 477 on the second and fouith Thursday nights in each month, over 154 North Emporia avenue. Camp will not meet this week. The Ladies' Aid Society of the Reformed church will he entertained by Miss Ed. Sexton, Mrs. Tfm Sexton and Mrs. Kelly, at the home of the latter, 308 New York avenue, this afternoon. The Universalist Ladies' club will meet with Mrs. J. W. Ilutton, 520 "West Third Street this afternoon. A ful attendance is desired as reports are to be made and business of importance transacted. C. V. B. M. of Central Christian church will meet Thursday, September 6. at 2:30, In the church parlors, corner of Second and Market streets. Interesting program, election of officers. Visitors welcome. Come early. Don't forget the meeting of the German Evangelical Ail society which is to be held at the home of Mrs. Rosa Schnitz-ler south of the city on Hydraulic avenue this afternoon. Members please meet at the home of Mrs. Henry Schnitzler, 1002 South Lawrence avenue, where plenty of j, conveyances wil take the members to the ' meeting place. Please meet at I o'clock. Ladiea of the Maccabees will meet at j their lodge rooms this evening at 6 o'clock. ! A full attendance desired. GUSTS OF CITY NEWS Born to -Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Frizzle, 35 Bouth Fern avenue, a ten pound boy. A. T. llellar has bought of Carl Klein a nine room modern house at 442 Riverview fcr 33.500. . A. II. Hoekett has sued for divorce from Ms wife, Mamie Hoekett, on the ground of abandonment. Albert Ellis, formerly with the Western Newpaper Union now has a position with the Moore Printing company. The Kansas Sunflowers defeated the Little Giants in a one-sided game yesterday, the score being 16 to i R. Boit. the Sunflowers' pitcher, was invincible. The new file and book cases recently ordered have been put in place in the office of the clerk of the district court, adding to its attractiveness and more to Its convenience. Ross WiUey of Conway Springs Is locat- LAXATIVE BORO PEPSIN ' HAKES LIFE WORTH UYINj' S IF TOtT DOUBT IT, TRY IT ANU CO. ! , f .j VINCK YOURSELF". i?3 ui &Oc bottle at yaar dnaksUt'a, In Brief ed in this city now, in charge of the Van Noy news stand which has just been opened in the Missouri Pacific depot. Mr. Willey has been agent for the Eagle at Conway Springs for the past ten years and is thoroughly acquainted with his work. Mrs. Elisabeth M. Brown, aged 78, a native of Germany, died yesterday morning at 7 o'clock at the home of her niece. Miss Daisy M. Wilkins. Mrs. Brown, with her husband, came to America in 1856, and has resided in Wichita about six years. Funeral arrangements have not as yet been made. William Tunis of 341 North Fern avenue sold his farm situate-d five miles west of this city to Edward Hornicker for the sum of $7,000. Mr. Tunis takes as a part of he purchase price the brick store building and lot at -No. 315 South Main street at $3,500. Mr. Hornicker expects to move on Ihe farm in the spring. Miss Care Fees, who taught in the city schools the past year, has been elected to a position in the high school at El Dorado. Miss Fees is a young lady of very pleasing personality and was considered one of the finest students ever graduated from Fairmount college, having received honors in Greek and Latin in the class of 1905. j r COMING AND GOING A. E. Helm has gone to Colorado for a week's rest. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Appleby have returned from a four weeks mountain trip. Mrs. Claude I,arimer and son Richard left Tuesday for a month in New Mexico. Daniel Burk, of Van Wert, Ohio, is the guest of his cousin. Jesse Burt, of 321 South Lawrence avenue. Misses Etta and Grace George, of Arkansas City, are the guests of Miss Clara Appling this week. Miss Alice Houston left Tuesday for Lawrence, where she will enter the university for the coming year. Miss Margaret Garwood who has been spending her vacation weeks in Wisconsin and Indiana returns home today. Mrs. C. E. Martin of 428 North Market street will leave today for Lexington, Ky., to visit her daughter. Mrs. Isis B. Cahrles-worth. Mrs. L. Vance and daughters, Ruth and Iva. have returned to their home on Lafayette avenue after a month's outing in the country. Clifford Terrill and wife, of Portland. Ore., are visiting Mrs. Terriirs parents. Rev. and Mrs. L. M. Jackson, at 713 Robert avenue. Ed. Woodcock will leave tonight for Cincinnati, Boston. Philadelphia and New York. yHe will probably take an extend, ed visit to Europe before returning home. Miss Mary Cook, of 157 North Topeka avenue, is a jueat of friends in Eureka Springs. Miss Cook will also make an extended visit in western Kansas before returning. Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy and Mrs. EL M. Hagen, of Enid and Mr. and Mrs. A-Carroll of Oklahoma City, are at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Murphy corner First and Indiana for a short visit. W, A. Rea. secretary of the Peru-Van Zandt Implement company, left yesterday ICoaUnued. oa Eighth Page.) h EDGAR WILLETT HAS MADE GOOD Pitched a7 Five Hit Game Against Chicago. HEINE GEHRING COMES Chance of Wichita Winning Pennant Is Good. John Holland, captain of the Wichita boneball team. Maid to a reporter for the Eagle last nights M 'Heine Gearing will probably join the team Sunday and play the ret of the season vJth oh. With him on the pitching Mtnff, vre will hp able to repent the performance of the pant two weeks." It has fallen to Wichita to furnish the first man to break into major league company from the Western Asosciation and make good. In a game at Detroit yesterday Edgar Willett, pitching for Detroit, held the Chicago White Sox down to five hits and no earned runs. Teh big fellow pitched a remarkable game and would have won had his team played the game as well as did Willett. He was pitted against White, who is considered to be the best t wirier in the American League and coupled with the fact that Willett was opposed by a team that has been heading the league, he did nre than his most ardent admirers expected of him on the tryout. Willett joined the Wichita team last year during the latter part of the baseball season and was instrumental in bringing the pennant to this city. He ritched fine ball, .pitching a shutou game at b:. first appearance. His average for the season was .677, being tied for second place among the pitchers in the league who worked in more than ten games. His work this year was gd. although luck was against him in nearly every contest. In nearly all his games this season he held the opposing batmen down to from one to five hits. As will be noticed his bad luck is still with him as Chicago won on account of what is known as baseball luck. Following is the report of the game as sent out by the Associated Press: Detroit. Sept S. Detroit tried a recruit named Wllletts from Wichita and he pitched a splesdid game, though beaten ; to . Baseball luck helped in the makir.g of both Chicago tallies. Detroit could do absolutely nothing with White and p2T i but two men on second base. J Score: ft H E Detroit 0 00000000 z s j Chicago l 90000910-! S 2 f Batteries: Willetts and Schmidt; White and Towne. j But e?ghteea games remain to be played by the Wichita team cf the Western association this ascn. Six of these wai be pulled off oa the local diamond. Tbw Webb City saries, wfciaf was transferre In buying Paint of our agents throughout the soutH-west, and of us here in Wichita, you not only get a Paint made especially for this climate, btit you get a NICE NEW PAINTS fresh from the grinder, which is, undoubtedly, the best, and works better than old paint. Our agents are right here at us and always carry fresh goods, because they can order often and get stock quick. We do not grind up great big batches of each color at once, but always keep them coming through. Think this over. AT RETAIL. We will sell Paint at retail to all citizens of Wichita. Outside of the city we sell through the dealer only. Salesroom at factory, one-half block Frisco depot. THE HOCK AD AY PAINT COMPANY. to this city at a big cash guarantee upon the' part of the Wichita management, will start today and end Saturday. The other three games will be played wltb Oklahoma City September 21, 22 and 23. The game with Oklahoma City September 23 will be on Sunday and will also be the last championship game of the season. After closing with Webb City here Saturday the Hollandites go to Springfield fvr three games and from there to Oklahoma City for three more. "After that they visit Jopiin and Topeka. coming home from Topeka to close the season here. Naturally there is a great amount of speculation as to the chances of Wichita winning the pennant. Rght here is the place to say that with the present team and with the addition of Gehring the chances are good. Topeka has taken a slight slump and before that team re-covers Wichita will be tagging them too close for the comfort of the scrappy aggregation. thirteen games have been played and in twelve days. Al lthirteen games were won. This is a record that is hard to beat among minor league teams. Out of the last twenty-five games Wichita has won twenty-two. If the team wins thirteen more straight games it wiil be so close to Topeka in the percentage column that a sheet of tissue paper couldn t be clipped between. Wichita should win fifteen out of the tighten games, that is if the tam continues to play as it has.durinx the pa fifteen days. If Topeka takes ten out of the eighteen games the two teams will be tied. On the other hand. s"me other team, Jopiin most likely, might take a w inning streak and show both Topeka and Wichita how to capture the rag. Topeka has charged the other teams with sluffing games to Wichita. Concerning this Manager Breese said that Topeka will have a chance to charge its own team with siufing games to Wichita after the Champions get htrough with the Cooleycrows. Manager Holland is In the gest of spirits and is confident fhat the team will make a great fight for the silk stringer. He said that the hoodo had been slipped up on. "It !s true we have won thirteent gme straight, which sounds unlucky but we did it in twelve days and on the thirteenth we rested. That's the new bible for you. So you we are on the blind side of bi luck and It will have to move faster than the other teams of the league are doing when playing us. to get turned around." It is up to the people cf Wichita to shc-y thir apreciation of the ball team that is now representing the city. It has -ft the management a big cash guarantee to get Webb City to transfer Its games here and this was Sr.e fnr the benefit cf the Wichita fans. No douM the attendance at the park durtn; the rreser.t series will cot be catJse for dls-apintment upon the part ef the WHERE TIIET PLAY TODAY. Webb City at Wbrhita. OUahoBM City at rt.cfJd. Jopiin at Imtnirtnk. ToM-kji at HntchlnMMu Xatlonal Lsr. Chicatro ft SS .73 Nw York a ,ti Fltfburp fl 4 . Pb.Uir-Sj hU $7 .4-4 Oir.ct r.r;tj ii i .:; lrwk'yn T$ St. Lou-: 47 j Bwtt-a ST Mi I PITTS BUB G. 4; ET. LOUTS. . PltUturg. Sejt. St. Lcuia U made its last appearance of the season here today and won the game handily by hitting Leever hard. Score. R H E Pittsburg 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 1 4 I I St. Louis 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 5 9 15 4 Batteries: Leever and Gibson; Karger and Grady. NEW YORK, 4-2; BROOKLYN'. 3-1 New York, Sept. 5. This being an open date .or the New York and Brokiyn club their respective teams played a double header at the polo grounds. The local team won both games but had to play ten innings before the first contest was decided. Scores: First game; R h Brooklyn ....0 0 0 1 0 2 00003 I 3 New York'...'. 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 1 4 4 4 Batteries: Eason and Bergen; Wiltse, Bresnahan and Bowerman. Second game: HUE Brooklyn 0000000 1 0-1 5 3 New York 1 0 1 0 00 0 00 2 4 1 Batteries: Scanlon and Bergen; Ames and Bresnahan. PHILADDELPHIA. f; BOSTON. 3. Philadelphia. Sept. S. Philadelphia won today's game from Boston by scoring six runs in the opening inning. Score: R II E Boston 0 00OO302O5 S 3 Philadelphia 6 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 8 10 2 Batteries: Dorner and Needham; Dug-Cleby and Donovan. American I.eaajne. Club- Won. Lost. Pet. New York 7t 4 .6r7 Chicago 73 43 .109 Philadelphia fa .Mi Cleveland 6 3 x ,5M St. Louis i t ,.f,2. IA U .57 Washington 7 7'', .i2 Boston , 23 M .312 CLEVELAND, 1; ST. LOUIS. 0. Cleveland, O.. Sept. S. Cleveland shut oat St. Luis today. Joas pitching his first game for some time. Score: R II E Cleveland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 g 2 St Louis 090 600000-0 0 Batttri's: Joss and Clark; Pelty and O'Connor. PHILADELPHIA. 3; WASHINGTON. 1. Washington, Sept. Fhilad!phla out-fielded and outbt!e1 Wahington today and won handily. Sc-re: R H E Washington 000 01 0004-1 i 4 Philadelphia 0 1 0 0 0 042(-1 1 2 Batteries: Huches and Wakend; Cuombi and Powers. NEW YORK. 4; BOSTON. 1. Boston. Fpt I New York won Its tkird straight game from Boston today. 4 to 1. Soar: R H E New York 00X41094 C t 6 Bten 0 90000191 4 S Batterl': Hrr asd Tt.mas; jr.urs and Carrtgan. Aart Club CrSusRb'i MiSwayke Toledo Mir-nearolUi .... lxu:vjn Ktn Cfty ... gt Paul ........ Indlanapolia .... A ritll. C 7 72 71 73 4 W M Alt 7 r: .;: 71 71 .r 7t .-o $1 Jtji, a At Minneapolis Minrp;:a. I Kaaaas Ctty. 4. At Lulrrm First came: Lms!avi:ie, ; Toie'?. 3. Second ararfje: Liwiirvtll. 1; TbAedo. A At Cclsrabss Catursboa. 1; 2c liar pel's L Called ed of Sth. At t- P3l-t- ParxL 1; Miiwacte. 12. W rwtrrm Lex. PUEBIO. 1M; UKXVER. 4-C t Ptj. 04... 5S- Pab5a as-4 D"&- ver rr6ke era her In a &x4tt t--3r. PuebV wtsBing tb tint gam by a gar risen r:LJh by a acor ef 1 to 4 ax.4 tls r&Lixon t 9td k? av acora tfltsi Scores: First fama: HUE Denver 0 01004100 ( 11 1 Pueblo IO 000 0S6 10 12 0 Batteries: Engle, Paige and Welgardt; Btimmel, Morgan and Rennicker. Second game: R II E Denver 3 02020200-8 11 3 Pueblo ..2 00120100 6 '4 Batteries: Storher and Zatuaky; Minor and Tonneman. LINCOLN. : SIOUX CITY. 0. Lincoln. Neb., Sept. 5. Maddox, Lincoln's new pitcher, shut out Sioux City today. The game was played at the state fair grounds. Score: R II E Lincoln 24000200 I 12 3 SIouk City 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 2 Batteries: Maddox and Zinran; Newlln and Freese. Lincoln, Neb.. Sept. 5. Lincoln defeated 8iox City In the first switched Western League game of tho season, the game being played at the fSfata Fair Ground before an Immense- crowd. Sr: R.H.E. Lincoln 3 4 0 0 9 2 0 0 11 2 Sioux City 000 0 0 0000 I 2 Batteries Maddox and Zlnran; Newlln and Freeae. Umpire Endinger. SURPRISE AT S KEEPS HEAD KHaloe, a Forty to One Shot, Won $10,000 Race. New York. Sept. 4 Tha urprie r,f the yr ram in the third rac at 8heps head Bay trday, the great f ISIy tka worth JlO.onn, t six furlongs, -n-ben Kllafoe. 4-to-l shot, easily defeated the Kr, entry. Court Dreaa. at th prohibitive price of 10 to 1. Mr. Kent started Court Dress and Pop Joan. tb Utter of wh') finished aacond in the FtrturHy. They wera considered to utcl thlr field far tbti practically no prVe n IJ1 against theta exoept 10 to t. wMU the price on KHalo wr.t up. Court Ire went to the front at tha art anl -t a fast pac. In th final furJorg be tired an4 Kotrner brougkt ICiialc on the rail and woo eartTy by two langtba. XuHt; Flrt race. 1 furkw.g. Fu Turfy fo-jrt Tom a coo won; rVyal lirez rtid; BVndy third; tfm. I ? 1-t Second ra-e. Runner-g Wt Mor.tgnrr.ry seewvd; flTwr . third; time. l:n. TT.iri race, the Ornt HHr furl r a. Futurity cowrae K'-lxUf. .r,. Court Dt r-rrr4 ; Kenr.y? i.U4: ttnse, 1.12 3-5. Fourth rare, tb Flrlr-tr Hn4lrap. 4 furivTi. rjvila ore It.islt'r wu; Ark art tor.5; C&r.ststcat tfctrd; tirs. 1 :2 FTftfa rac. ml k.TA f'aryr.-MJw Craw-tcr wwj; Martin Dyla teor s tmo third; tlm. 122 Kixth r?e. MUIag, tr,t axuj or.-KSf on trf fiw P-a'; wwi; 0&t r-vtA. Ebory thir; Utna. 2 24 3-1 BIO CROWD AT RACES Fact Use Made at KePhmoa in 5-8 Mile Daih. MfiVfMa. Kaa.. Spt, 2-Af ti lf-Pfcri niSTy ftr ta5af tr rr4 wa tmnfnm. rry t is tK graft r4 waa takea ajs4 ti trak u trselr. ?d by tfa arni pr?pj ta t-,& x cf bora efcib!t4 arm tcria!:y T. rar rn'l-$ a ff:i. CV 2S f- tia If, Trry C1-itvjc wn r.r! pn; fw-arv- wti Miaa IoTfr tJ-!r4; M-Strt JtaH fwrrtii. Tlovt 2-IV Cut 2 trfHT2aesflekl w-&s; S,Lr 2af. acw34; Oaaur&brrt. Ciri. Ttsaa Class H mile dah The Doctress wonj Sliver Laf, second; Mattla V. third Time 1:03. Class H mlie das?j-V. John Griffith won; Tom OIn, recond; Je Rustell. third. .Time t:37. Starter Jordan announced that In tha H rnlle dash that the ttma l:nj w tha fentet he had t-vrr seen. The track is In th fint condition to-lay after tha rain Monday and the raca ara tit beat ever pulled of In this prt of tha atat. NEWS OF RACES Loulseville, Ky.. Bpt 4 -Douglas Parh resiiits: Urt Tare. furiongt. a-illng-AloriSO, won; Wetjer Fltrldw, aerorxi; Wblppoor, third. Time MA, hrood rac. furlong Zlrjfand!. won; Moruior4tn, arcond; fUIr.rida third. Tlma 1; 2-5. Third race. cnil and a aiilMnth. ing Ambretta, won; Atbeena aoeoMl-Hwlft WUig, third. Time 2 SI 24. Fourt raea. handicap, mile M: DcryJ. woo; pir Itueil. second; Oml Ston. third. Time 1:41 3-4. Fifth rac. six furlongs, llirg Hiater Huffman oa, lion Vian. aetnd; Wet-m. third. Tim 1.14 2-. Ftth race. 7 furlong. e!itrg-Car1hf . won; Tarp, Kcond; Obroa, third. Tlr&ti 1.3 llartf 'Td, Crn., Fept. i Orard CSrealt ruls: I rla. tr'.?lrg. tfcre beats. p(f r:.bnt-i'.rV,nr:i 1; rl won if firt aol -ond Leafs n l:V?. J.IP4. Captain hr.n wm the thir-j l-i tn 2.124. T Phanfotn. Exf.n. MaJ. Tti, D!r nrg9r. VisrU and 8tr Co!u aUo start d t- rrr t'rr paOf-.g. t r pyraa f 1 ryv-A rca Pointer wr-t thr h' 2 fcS 2 M. 2 litn Ortftn. rand. E-tatic tA Krrrla at atar. 2.11 r!f trotting, tfcre h?s, sgtra f K? M.l$r-'t fhra hata In 2 2 1. 2.1J O. Jl. v.. rjf.ttan In. 1. Ity cAU Wtn. CUV St X Vt Rwr t:o psii ,. j Crt;t-n Owj-t-M ra tbew-atUst, At your irvKfrt m PrVr. IV'Ji. H it i ft m. I A week anil vou can Irt tlif! of .mv I mako of Talking Ma-e chine. f Ebcrhardt k Kays ti I Corxtr Dscglu and Erspori f 1 nriDDUfMr HunrniNL UyUun c r-4 t uwt. a xrrlkt. !- r ttrtfl rr totiK iHr4uia, 33 tC UilM. x , t 1 ! if 1 ; V

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