Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1916
Page 4
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GAZETTE , tt(JH0AY» ocf osm Entered ut Pe«*sW<c<", Ste <• a* Secoftd Class W ,11 <f< >! t h* 1 !ft«t fl" • »1 \ < 11* ' '" ' ' Vt ' ! ll>r ^ '' " ' '• ' 5 ' * . * * » *"* 'UJl'i * t * 1 ' if* - ',' , , i , r • ' • > • , r f • ,- , " * ,tl ' ! . r - i • >n^ It ,1 ". I- By MaH» Outsid* of Sterling ar.f Falls, Anyv*Her* in thf> Un-tr;' States or Canada In f»lv;< - h'' !n &•'•• >4s inoi • i ; ; Carrier in $t*Hmo, or Rfcl- ar by Mail at tbfe Sleeting or Reck Falls Pestoffiec. month* in .i<t<"m< themths in ;>i! On** month in sriivn »>. By the ' TALK AND -IDEAS. "T!> .ft!,;ii}v ;,. .iv .1 *t ; -:^ nif.'iHy in :ilhi,'*i ;i .•-,;. i.t.V. in >'. V1 1'ifnl ;mv I,-ij-t -;,~f —h \!*' I } i in -r • cisrphiS to v i, ;i ..tnpwy . v/«, i ifi * *<'I|rl|i:Wy '• ' nt [ I \l t tfi« •' ' »trifju* !«- m>t ! jMr.tffiht lion, CAUGHT ON THE FLY , .Miinv "f ihr *t:»»!il| •int- <*mnt''ir*' itltr, ' |HK i i tbHr I*«T- "fitni'lh .it'.•'). c r.inini.'t' if.'U frnit K'l.-nitv nf !<r*-N<»ntft- hf'ir- ;iw»'-iti':|iii itm ilit'Tf- liji in ntn.-i'Uiu; tM» nr : ilti- t!n'«f u-itli tin' rlp-snort- may , iri il<' ' »* liil «v-f *mc*t M> H a flirt, but sumo i>t<i Khntilil visit' !i lung <"K'f il! ;i ' r I Af!' ! tit!"' i Iff til It is <>V'-r hiTiil«"l by 1tit> linn. l'»!ly ' rn<-r,t, ••Who vJtmr-d tin- \viir?" Jxs 1 Hiltulity. Hilly tu'Vi-r went to rt then- j now, ttmr<' v iitioihr-r not M"*" loKii ill fw'tnlMiiry; In* w:ia m*\ IM- polish- pi'ttlcil. lint »;..!nt(1y is won-yini? na !' l|f» (N illl r<K;ih1p|r> of r<i<lsh-.itlll-1iitnlil" j i —-1- firtliv*' r-riiiil-! tint'i'H'hi'd li.v tho Imni.lNJ Thi«' :tl.--•>' i^'thr- thru- .if th<» v< :il fjf ti-'i'hriiral ifuld«ii!'i> nor tho nivnm- J « •'.',' H it H ,-iit>r ini I: jir«'f Oih'iilt hr'du.iiiK I'tilpit or-j hi-'tt "if ' ,i|»- H;itti>t-;iN or in th** tin 1 wltiio «l"Vi-!« of; in- mi tli'- ill rut U'il<i>«». fftrin \n \\(- txiti'-c Unit Air*. "Wil'M'in'B Rown.*, hli'ijt«. \vlin h;iv<> to turn into wir-|i'ty or tint y«iii Hlt«» Hills* Fun-j i'i!nm« t« df> it: }*}•" -nrn\ "htw mfttiiifts. you'll tmvi 1 '!'tn J ~" .«—.,-^-. """ tluit hf Ii«'«r!H .nit wh:tt th«- i.'if-l Thi' »t<';itn roller' is tootlna in lion^ Htiitt;' '.MM lit" thr i}nntati«tn| Jn."iiii:i. !MU tl.t-n IH no uttr'-'-nu'Dt :IH to itb'ivi', Billy, and six-nkt'i* Ilko him, jv.tii.h t it!i- IN running it. K»"t an . l'tl',11 "«iraij!ht. and sx-cuniJf 1 ," fttiti then li-t It lly \\HhoniVi-ifitrd for TO WED ON SATURDAY Miss Mildred Modler and Arrain Znnger Will Be Married Saturday, Mi. f! , it. itn.t Mrs !>!•• li.'ivf f th«ir MofU«-r cii th*> > n-Ui «i rrnin Mr. ,-unl .Mrs, t' v,,|l. will ho fi . Mil- '/.an- "in In ttramrtmr or <IU-tl«m. Whi'ti one n'dllwft ilml It Is a ,ij«<?il mure diiiii tin t«i talk MI-SIM tp ttilk'tn«4o talk, «>(»• .ic«|tili"«'» a a ftp- ^prptt|#.W<>iv-4»f-m«*O}<Ml* ami rfwulifs tiint by no mt-niirt tw tv.iix'il Hiinn litRhtircnv anil lowbrow t f SOCIAL AFPAIUS J >,^ j — f WOMAN'SlUB rmtf THE FORD PROFITS. nnrl otficr puW h< I 8.1t(iitn to print nhout tho profllH of Hinnufarlutinir Forrt fiutpTtjohUfK, Mtu-h of wltat IH lit relation to tlH 1 ' Ford car "would !»«' 4 < unt-ldpfd .»•« n«l\«-r lining Whl?n t'nlirii'Ctfil with *i!!n;r r'.u-s. , 1'iiblJ* 1 mr)f)«|ty IUIH nhvays l)nf?n hft-n ns to thf (irolltw of. tnttnufttctur- Ihg thl* RHMiUno |4tihllr utility, It can (iiw«ily be ilirur«t] out. He Flags the Sleeper tim b<iy co»Ut», to wake the rullrojul man. Th«? Cjr-clonw on th«J Job first.--Tin Sfni:t- the dny at thre*. He IH right pil the mlnwt« when there's an run. - The railroad boys nil like* The uyelonif. ll<- hfl|irt (horn itiulu- tlin umile. Mt* calls, "^11 HlMmnJ!" *«.th»y'rp «ut of bed —ylenty of time »tnd u" tfrln—«lihiul« set a grouch—all— cheery The Cyclone will ran your day «tt ncbrdult* tjmf--he 11 side' frack tli«« HnndJiian whenever *»y. Vou'll like Th» Cyclone face to Hte'si »ev«»n Inches tail, - Bjiunky, itftBhlwrly - • downrlsht good till thr-ough. -H« rlnjrH two m<*» to our Francis G. Blair, State Supt. Oi Public Instruction, Addressed the Club. The 'refjular meeting of the Sterllivj: Woman'M club %vfi>4 held S/iturday iift- ernoon in ilie ojub ro<,>m«. AtnoiiK tin- items* of intert'.'it Klven in the r«'iu>rt« of the'v'arioiw t'<miinltt< < cn popularity t»f th«» PuitlU' 1 Kent From May Jut to O.-t. aoth of th eit year 111,775 j>w»j>io -hav«. visited the room. . . After the buniness meetinsr n larxe. .a4itilfHf «>. '• inelnding both women nn«1 »ncu, llHtrned with attentive apprecia- tlonUo an" intere^Cing program. Mrs, H.-H'fie KhMrxolf. accompanied mi th«' piano by AHMM Mildred Hull, wan* two charmintf.»«oiiK^ then ^generourfly r*-. Hpnnded to art encore. i, The adrtiv«»i vtiven by tl»> State Su- Sntunlay. «><(, 2sth. :U 4 o'clock at the First H;ij>tf(«t churrli in <Vntarl I'nrk. l«i>ih MJKH MoiUt-r !»n<l Mr. J5utiK*'t" fir«> t*ii|«nfiir inrmln-rs nf tlN; yminxfr socltil «.«•! iiint hnv»> hoslH uf ifih'inlH in tin* r-Aill ('ili'--:. \VlXJ Will h.'lXtl ft tO Con- ttmiiiliHi" t!nin <in thi'ir IMUI t i;t.u«'. ANNUAL CONVENTION Of Missionary Society Of Synod Of N. Illinois Will Be Held This Week. The if t he thirtv-ninlh tmnti.'U convention _\yi)imm'rt_| fotn*:- ___ tuut^ Jiui'iiai XTTjixio»ni > . yocifty iif th«« Hynoel «>f Northern ' rilliv>lH* will !»• (n-iil at St. -Irttm'!? l.uthvnnv f »fim'nr r Tcrr?tV7inTrTi i'llih. Tin- i>roKfam fur the nii't'tltiKH .u« KB follows: ..TjMtdny.. Afternoon. i j r*-litiiiti»'iry W»Min«»«s Cession. M. K. of l'rcN*'iitntlou .Mix* Ivliiu l Tlu*. Ufi of l.ltrruturc ul. HlcrUnc-i •"- ' 01 , convention df Toir U..I1 rail. Adjournment. A,H.-»!«mm.'jH of - Tuesday Evening. . — Voluntary. OonMwrntion H« 5 rvico— .Mrs. \V; V. Hex, Fri-fport. Thi» .Synod of Northern Illlnoln «5iV»'tn You. ^ The <Mty Union Miss Klixutwrh Hundlett. St. John'n Church Greets You -Mrs. !•;, C. Harris. Arc rMjia to IT M. ICrtlcr. Polo. Announc«>in«'7ii«. ' J'*ranclH O. Hlnir. W«H forceful and con- vineing. --Hw apt illustrutlonH: \ver<? drawn largely from hla own varied experiences. Mr. i.lluir took as n subject for his addrctw the title ttf Iwraol ' j -"The Melting J± ' __ i«f peaeo, and of a manent 'democracy r*'«ied un the figure of Atneriica n« « huge melUns pot. The junk mun'Koes about. Kathern up an old coiiklnii Move here, a «ewln«r machine or u Mtuiiohary enitine there, whiffi iirtk'H-rt "art « v nt to the furnace where they HIH? melted and afterward refashioned into new, serviceable • ma'*- chintn y. . Ho fur^iuni-ra of , a'il nations have ifockwl -tu America— men differing in lanci'iuiiie. In er<M»d», in mann«?r», and in etlilcfi! codes, Our buwinews i* to take thl:! heteraKenfeous ma«« of humanity, melt, it in the rruolblc of our national life, then reshape it Into' serviceable American Citizens, Then? «rt; vaiiotifi institutionH which can aid In ihlM work. Our churches, princitile of r'«IIgiou« toleration in a »init«-ii iii'jsr««t'. Our <'Urt «UI, but only o{ gov- ^ tiun uf the »(ji>uiiiy of all, men, can, iii the jtrocfKi* t)t ttif i'Ulilic Ht'tiuot. -Mr, iJlalr tiuit tht; school hiul two «i- man wji» helieveiTTlTarir and the roan wl)o cia Tuesday & Wedncsda U^re — Mrs. A nth em. Adiln'SH—Mr«. O. IX Brtltzly, Omiiha. Nob,, oemtrnl I'rc.-ii- dmt \V'. H, & K. M. ti ( . - Hymii. • Ufnrrttrtlonr : : " - .""" j{oc«*i>tfun in Chtir<''li Parlo'rs. I'roKnun (urnlHli««l hy the Mt. Carroll W. H. & !•', M. S. nwtlmUm—Mni. U. W. Xy- Ptirn. U<>ndtnK—-The Church at Ke- Under Our New Selliriq Plan , _ ^jf These overcoats will look betttrr to you than ever before. At one low price the year through, you can get your coat now, wear it f have .the...gppd-of. it and do it as cheaply m when you waited for "clean-up sales." i Hart Schaffner Marx made us an unusual range of coats this season. We can fit you in any style you choose—loose* form fitting or pinch back, light, mediunlTof heavy fabrics. We are featuring a silk yoke and sleeve coat in both loose and form fitting coats. Special values at 113.50 $16,50 $19 $21 $23,50 on Clo. Co. Kfpctlori of ~i7cl0t;'iil(i 16 " .uitrlr fMiintH \vcr<» hrotmht ont on! fr, <»f -J^J-J*—ww-^H^^Hr^^ Hnrlmra I'fundKU-in, —I'nflnlshwl nnd n««w.! "'•>«•«)I vlctrola pclcctioni w< r.» nl»-ii of tvuroot*; (Jladyw Zl#lf>i; L<-tu I'fund- Ntf-ln, " - - - und IU-C- !<-njoy.-d. IV:30—Keport of our f ordlnjf l*lc'dfft's v ' .! 11:&0—Adjournment. t Afternoon. ! \V. J. Funkf-y.' , J«-H«i*- Arnohl, ami Hobcrt Pfmnlstfin, 1:05—Mlnutps, 1:10—TukiriB tho C*otivi?ntlon l r s—Mis» Schutnakor. 1: •!()—Closinsr .ScrvhH-^—M rs.. l:5r.—Sllnuto». Adjournment. JJtuedlctlon. Notes, of Kxecutlvc \Vilh TO GIVE A CARD PARTY The Ladies of Sacred Heart Church to Giv» Party Wednetday. ladies of the Hat*r«l U'hurch will Biy«- n curd party j SUNDAY-AT ST.-JOHN'S— ! W. W. Davi« R«memb«r«d At He Nearg Eiahtieth Birthday. totm "GASCARETS" FOR BOWELS TONII THEY'RE FINEI LIVEN YOl LIVER AND BOWELS AND CLEAR YOUR HEAD. Gommtttw- Tuesday afU-rnoifn, October-24t|i, ut 1 o'clwk,. The m-uslc for the cveninu. . will be in charjio of th« choir of .St. John.'* church. Mru. Julius Linn, Or ,Vm. jday nfU'rnoiin front 2 ««» r. uVinfk sit octubrr ?<lji»«s mado fun rlA,<Mn-.<i, 13 ,th«» w-iiuoK All ni«»tril»'r» ami friondni r^llccrs. «'.s tcachoi-jj. uttt-ndunco 4i'», iiir«> invitt'd. At tln> clnxp .if the afti'f- offi-rlnj? ICM'L'. An unvxiiecteii «»i'ifudo iJioou ri'rrfMhtti(-in.i will »n» otTvotl andint ,if scliool, A» W. \V, Davis!« hostt'SMi's will lii- .Mcw.uinH'H Wnl- j r«-ui-hi?H hl« i-ightletlt miloatune onj- ••-'•'- Wudinjudny, Mr. JUirrls nro«»>, and in n (No Hendnchp, «our stomach, bad unicorul uddrt-Ks, alludinR to tho. vet- or constipation by •'•ntn'x various forma of activity amonjf'' - morning his fallow mwi. i>r«-8(>nti>a him tut nnn- ' fill «f -nemitv roib?ii^ s Altho much «ur- priH«>d,'u few wortwi of jfrutoful t«-r Kmmitt, JoK<>ph l)Hrtl,.i r iuy .low pJt-lClicrhardt und !'• Iftrmlt*. ' FA MILY GATHERING I'Wai Held Sunday, at Home of Mrs. President- Flrnt Vli . . . -- Officer*. Mru. J. H. Maloripy. Polo. « l»rc««Idcnt—Mrti.- C. J. Innd. , . Solo— Joy of the . MI«<>i Kvtt Holmnu. W«drmday Morning. x.-SO— Cominltt*'*' Work. j»:us>— U**vnnional Sc-rvtcc—Mm <lundt>rman, Pearl 'City, .9:10— Minut«ni atul Roll Call. lU'port of 9:20— President, Sl:30r^Chlc«BO Conference. !i:35— Northern Conference. !';40 — Southi'rn Conference, a:4&~Corro8j>ejndlnif Secretary. 9 : 50 — •yr'enimrerv • - Auditing Committee. 10:00—Hi8torian. , .of Department . 10:05— Thankofft-dns. 10:16—Ynunjc Peoplea, . Bam! a 10: SO-^ l, j u<r«t wve. 10:35 10 HO—Uox- Work. l«;45—AnntiUy. 10:50 ' . 11:15—Report of Kuok HI von of AliKBloiis—Airs, D. K, _ . Second Vice President— Mm. K. C. •Harris. Sterling. Third Vice President— Mi-s. \V. F. Gus», I*eorio. '••-••. JtecordinK, Secretary — Misn Eva llpl- mun, Mt. Carroll. Corro»ppndinn Secretary— -Mrs, L, A. ^-^": • - ......... -r---.-^— ---• H. A. Kltigsbury, Harry Longman. \VnHhlnKton. Hl«torlan— Mm. Mt, Morris. CLjIB .ORGANIZED Sterling 8tud«nt» at University Eltct* ed Officer*. At a recent meeting tho Sterling •club;' composed of the SterlinK Township High School Alumnati at the university ttf lllJnoiH, organized und 'elect- t v d the following off icerai: .Ward Flock. ^President. Prank Oould." Secretary, Eugene Williams, Treasurer. T he High .school KnuliiutcH once more irad a ch&uca to ah»k<> hands with , the James Lynch, Mrs. Jitmi'H, Lynch entertained at her hem* tu-ar about twi"tity-flv«> at a family (ratht>rincr. in honor uf "lwi t -«f«tfr,~Mr*»~AUp«? "rttlman, <jf Jefferson, Irnva. The mn'sts w«>ro ivla- tive« of Mrs. Lynch, her ttvo brothers, x and Joseph Harrison and «l»Mi><. Sherwrnnl, nil of Colet^i, und Mr*. Pittnum, of lown. w«?r* prencnt, ' u number of other rclati'vex. A lint? dinner wjm_iuin£tid— liy_Ali-» atiti daujrhter, Norn, ofter whlcl kntns U'ds-emciu were ntterod %r the hamtei'nui upprcciaUun. • • Blest be tho On that binds Our hearts In ClJrlatlaulovtj. In/the cUuroh sen'tco following, pns-. tor THarrls bON^U a very earnest di»- «nirs« .on Kzfktol in regartl to the Bcuttcrcd Bhc««|), und on c'hrlnt's ili'fla- ration in Hi. John, I «m the good ahep- li'tfrd. I lore in tho solemn and cternSl (!'•! 10-c'flit IHJX, whether in tli*> head part of the hifdy— - are o.u,lckly over by urKitiK the liver to action and k« IHK the boweli fret* of polmm. r'uKcarrt.s .tonljcht and you will up -with n clear hcaa iuJ(t ToQl 1 col be gon«*. Citnearetn work while Hlei'p; they ck-anM* niul regulftto remove the Hour, undigie f< and foul lake the . hile trutitt. the H7lermwn-;WH8 in . TO GIVE DINNER PARTY Mr. and Mrs, E. T. Auatin Will Entertain Tuesday Evening. Mr, and Mr*. R. T. Aimtiu wHl vntor- tnin a ft-w friendH at u MJx-thlrty o'clock dinner. Tuesday ev^nlns. In Jjonor of Alis« Ruth Wiridom and Howard O«*yer, whoso mnnlngv'will tnkt place Nov. 1. , . ONE O'CLOCKlUNCHEON * ' ' • Was Given Saturday in Honor- of Mitt Ruth Windom. Mrs, Carolina Uttpy. Mr«. O. W men of "'a K. 8," up lo "— T The imv men look* but an«<- AiiHf Kllw Hichnrds wt're at u one o'clock luncheon o!T their "upper claws dignity" on meeting the men of "back home" and welcomed .the "Freah" to tho reunion, thorn timHy' advice. __ fur the Hchool year. Among- othei ann a»K Dixon, Memorial Hervice -MrK, If, E. Mt. Morri«. Grocery First Ave, Botli Plfdaes Applcjs Fancy cookers, per peek ',..,, Katintg Lctiime, 2 for,', .25c t 3 Iby. F«r«nij»H ior. , , ,100 otK for t ...40o J'ull qt, jar Olivt<« t per jar ,.-..,,,..,; ,25o : 5 l^kjp. f uney fivsh Dates ,for ..... .I,. . Large one-txniiui t-au Fancy Wlioto Jtcad Kice, .3 HiM, "for ...... ,,...25c 3 Kki J»kgf*. Mui'uruiii or jar 1'eanut i 5 ": V T eaiig Kiti'hi-ti K Faney Crearfteiy Bijtter, ' 11. 'So 1 1 : 45~^Ad jourjiment. W«dne»d«y l:OU— ,Cammltte«- Work ^>0— -rraygr. — l;SS T Ml»mt«s and Moll Call. Pr*Mnt«t!on of 0«ntr«| Church Work, }:40~-Uona0 Mltwlonn— Ur. II. I* Pdwln > j:5S- Vortton Uuntur, India. -JH.— SynoflfenU Br. J. 2:25- A. McCullough, DJxon. Colle««>-xIJeun Ceirthasf. Work— S beth, Kuekford. >— - - J, Eliza, Pr«i«ntation of Oui> Own Work. , Hand « nd _CradJii_' J -wctnnnBcctier, {Jcii, D'lst, St«c. W. K, Fancy ('roam Oliccso, ponint .......... . . .280 Fancy Cured Jiacon, \wr pouuil .,.»,, ..... . ,24s 2 U»H. ituicy Pninog.t. .200 l-lxtra i'aiK-y Honey, pt-r. Frc.^h tfii> sc-u-^in, iVutU ,f c in ilu a ' s Pancake Flour, per pr;jr/, ---- We Lai'^e tjiiat't 'liott and t'atc. f Sru 15c I;45- Annuity—Mis, U/A. Duvy, Chl- — airu. F, W. 1'ulo. .taay—Mrw. N. J. Had- H')-, t'hicano, 4fr3n i'.us, Wi»-k~Mrn. Klla Winae-rs, an. AtorriM. 4:40-J-j-aim' H»«rvU;t!~,Ml«a Carrie dance in Sterling duriug fb«> ChrlHtmai yacution, Tlfe committee* in charge plan to hnvi> thiti duuco th*< hcnt cvor Ajtd «re^«urn of HUt^wt* UM they nr«? already Imiut -av work'ttrrdnulftK for the MR "blowout." . \ —The muutg JurjUiin ahm will fufniulu'd by-the famous UUnl orchestra. Phis !a not n unknown to Sterling people an it IWH pla>ed ut the St«r,Hng club danceH before and ncored a great hit with the muHlc.-lovinp'j>ea- plu of this virlulty, Tlio*e who will hav« a _ year, certainly will not b« dUup- polnttd, -^ The members of tho Sterling club. the course* rtiey tuke, and the numher. of the chins they ure members uf, are an follows: F. llein. Com, 1. J, i)..lirown.-tirad. H, Chapman, Com. 1, W. Cochran, Com, 1. *• ' 1', W. Uuffec, Kna. »K. Duvls, Com. 8. W. Flock. A«r. 4. 7:80 Virfuntary. Ocviitioiiu! ' .N'. Kin«, Ituok Antlu>in. VV. Flock. I.c»s. 8. P. K. Gould, Com, 3. 15. T. Juu8#en, Com, S. Irene L. Ixive. Laa. liezul Uewelyn, Las. -3. Marie Ljk'welyn, I^H. A. N. Leiidmun. K. E. 4. I'. J. Mci'ornjlck, A. !•:. u M^J.. Heed, iliu. K. 4, iit'Jen K. t3|M>ur, l<;i*i. 2, F. Kciniiiigcr. JLiis. 1, It. U Swcist'tt, A. K. 1. J. TulfmU. Aj^r. 3, C. A. Wil llama, A.«K. 4. K. C, Williiuno. Com. i 1 . til See li \ViMHts. l^i«. i. lh; h-ii W.»rd. Las. brfrt* of next month, Blghtwn friends of Wlmiotn wor« ernuon wan spout in in«mmlj\g and the «fi- /nr thu v t>rtdf'iu-h«'. «**»-»'^tH>Ht-rt,- A very rnoyubli* Will Meet Tuesday Evening With Mit* The Gleaners' Hewing O|HHS will meet with Woodford at Mr. Htlne't* dtty on , Out. 2-llh. Mi«« Woodford will be usstHU'd in entertaining by Mi«» Carol Hand and M!KH ICmnm lioHSoh, HARMON CiUB TO MEET •OirThur«<{i71Kfrtrn«oin* With Mrs, Pet •f Smith. iTl>» Harmon Ilou»ehold Science club Will meet Thurnday Mternouu -iititn 2 to 5 o'cltM.'!* with Mr«.»Ptter T^mith. An iin'.t'tin*f )HIN bwn plunned and it IH the de»Sr«« that a lai'iiu uttcnd- be present, M|$« Cahill of Wwltiin... the county will be )>rt'Ht>nt ««iul dt>mou> raniH'd ••c.hi£kv.n und • pumpkin. I This uiul I',ri'«idoiu--Mf.s. K|in«>r ^oorvtary—Alr». Irwln MISCELLANEOUS SHOWER Wa« Given Saturday Evening in Honor , Of Mini Crawford. Dt-lp W«MV j*itiit tuisU'iMM^ Hfttui'da niiiK »t u.tuv-nuptiHl Httcittlon (m U»titiA Crawford, who wilt in- tmirri« i .1 in lilt* rn'JM' future tt» JVl. It. 1'ntUT, of Ah*. \Vtintlvrlivb, lU'Ht.u-hinUtylvVas Held Friday Afternoon at the •' li'tliu, • "j Walacc School. ]t>'itui. I Tlu- ,)»'gnKu- liH-ctiiitr «f tln> \V,ilta<v - Tht! ufuur the nuiuri,* <»f a niis>- i'i-ll;tni > tni.«- nho«ri' und was u ivnipttti' ••uipriae f«r Mirfn t*r.i \\fnnt, TJH> • Whcricr iionii- wa* brdut»fiillv_j.«««j«V- - .m,l tt hit .-^ i n t-,\ .-.~i m h ' ilTr foolish , doctrines of Ignorant teachers, evon In the pulpit, di- , visions in tho church, the great crowd of woridHnga In mad pursuit of things that perish, all show the mighty ttmrd: <;f that glorloiiH divine truth that uhall lead tlu-wf ix>riMhlng wanderers jnto tcutt 1'old,,. In keeping with the appealing tone ,of the message Jtuth Caug:hcy «unK SanXey's song of »o much beauty and powtr— Thdre were ninety und ninp Thut safely lay In tho shelter of the fold. The Bpntimont of the hymn nnd the pathos of her voice added new em- -O» to tho forc« t Hunda aci'inon, Pastor Jtjarrl* will give tho sj'spitMU. .WaaWngton,—thtr nrvXiuijlo and cnthneiRstle In -years. Tomorrow -will .open the »<t?flsion of tho Women's .Missionary Society to continue till Thursday, On Wednesday nl^ht Miss "\Vunderllch from the India Held will sivj* a iet'tyre JlfuHfj-aled. B ortliat wonderful land. A nould like to have ptac«e for H few more delegates. At the Kemleuvor wjck'ties "AJanlim?«*i mid WomuniineMa" \vcro the tonlcH, Jonus U&er, leader in wnior. an4 Miss Kveiyn SUudbt>rff, jun- I 1 » ...-..' . — . . — . fruitful topic, -of BHifrTuElSSa Homo, or Mrs. Pmitlas' Stepping Ht-u,- venward. An umieually full audience in evening, and a topic that all need to con- Hitler, "Alabaster Boxes for tho J.,lv- K." Tiow often are {tlning for sympathy. Mowers on th«? coffin givto na. perfumo to tht- dead, ^» , AS Hw Brotheriu>od wi«h to show the the hc-tuity of our i-iiie*, it IK that all with autox will kind- in this labor of love, Wednesday at 4:3<> will Iw'the hour. WOMEN Will Bare _Thfir Arm^ _For Blootj T> ~phoid Toit. , Chjongo. 111..' iK>t, .sa.—S»'voiity-llvv wunu-n, .Ji-adcrs of i-ltitj und «.ocinl u'v- ivitU-s of Kughnvood. will hare th«-!r inns Ui il«' surgeon's lauc* 1 In an <-f- "nit tu aid the department of health n its* ^"wreh for tlu> fcuurce ut" u typhoM ,h*' Knittewi'Od Hlnh »«*hool. -This wa* notUt known • yenterduy s<lien th^ icutth dfwrtmejit udnuitcd that bhMid probably will l>f< made to jwi i r- . from the liver und carry off waste imut<T and Kemi'tuber the cjulcke«t~way to rid «( cold 1 * 1« one nf two l.'uHcarots ; night tf> l»ox» ut any the children. the ny»tem. They reltahi XJandy Outhiirtie ami it U often all IH needed to drive a cold from th* llttUt «y»ti>iHN. tnln if any of tho seventy-five we to b<» esiuninod i» it typhoid "carrii . The women «*ho will submit to test* »re niembei-H of a committee elm rife of tb« Knglowootl \Von c-liib'H lunehroum ut (he hlph Fifteen women rr«m tho club hiiv« d rUiily to nitpi-rvh.o and in M<:rvIriK tho Htud^nt-customer*' the resuuiraiH. Fourteen glrU and boy have been titi'K,'Uen wtt effort M fij ot jie of the dlKi v «H*> havtnif__fait Upon member*. PHYSICIAN DROPS DEAD i- 23.T-Dr, G, ,\ 1 ' dt-«d Hu.ltatfon in his office. ehiit, liuarl. fftiljur 0 >V«*«« it IB beleU $ cause. Thursday Morninfl,. T, n-n .'•llh' !« '»' 111 '! < I, 1 !!,•«•)•. !l ••! . UtlU • t , ii •mm, .-ill »H Mi- - Till' iv xi !'\rl)l!t« War. af« U'al- . -••in,- . •AT PFUNDSTEIfl m«i,t:j| •"!„ d\ .1 ,;, jut- ; ••JUi.Jui.-lv .1 | .f**i,H>HUtein Jt Sunday 'Dinner. * V JL1 ''-T'lit IT '( "'•: i ! '"•' '' "•• t"U"'\ S.i-i il'. .H..! !, ul !'i i t!\ i 1 \ :< s- S -Mil ll|i is S&S Market Co, S&S Special far Tuesday, Oct. 24 <A| J^tore onh > •- (loud tender Sliorl Steaks, puun<l ...... ...... .15c M cans'Swcct (ji_»rn lor.25c • '> '-ails' I'LMi'ly- fur ......... 5c w*»i PlanninM- 'to repapor vour juu^oi', dining room or luul room (lit« full ? IT you tiro, ho sure soo our lino o^tlocoratiye wall pupi'i's hft'ore" you buy, Our a^stu'lm.eut ir t'otiipifti* un«l vario<J onon^tli tosiul your every IH'Otl. \\V_tVpt ~snrr" ,-iliow \oii iuHt tho Kind of papor you want for any-of J

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