Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1916
Page 3
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STERLING. ILLlftOIS.. MOND»y. OCfOtjER 23,1916. »AOE fHSlt. Ladies' land Children's SWEATERS The Jumbo Sweater, in oxford, nwl riwliiiMt: nil si'/<'•« $5.50. Indies' Sweaters, in nil th*' po)*nl: JIMVV, ' and Children's Sweaters, inwlr of fino woo! 1, #11 colors, si'/.fs from 24 to :U; pr'n-od at $1.00, Infants' full knit Sacques willi caps to match, $1.25. Just arrived another shipment of tlm^c very popular Jaroy ami Fancy Plaid Hats for mi^cs nnd rhil- |<lrert~» just tlie liat for school; priced nt 50c, 75e. W. J. SOWLES D. G. CO. .Mrs, Prank Trnf-r and Ml' i'ii'.\t< ><">!i) !r> .N'iH>r,i shift u:: rci..i .•".!!:*; f.'f .t v Mrs. l-'jr.nk Hn:!!7 n Mr« A fT'iM--,-'- if. uii'V^m Mr* \Vi.|i.Tii i-n ;t\ I-TI-M- I» I Pi,-[ Hi"? "--iiii-ivl a •"'«! ',-•;,( f ii. ;<> i'!•.;.-;ii;.' l.i>vVv.-ninie I Mis«i K'-nl.t I I'jtKi.^i f ! rt li- ! ft;!.!:?!*: *• J;.,,,I i,< M V M,.| , i- fT"rrrr"rrTT—wrrn firr 1 y-rrT-n'r.- I Mr? Kiirmi" \V.-!.*'fT r'tut SUNNYSIOE SCHOOL Was Awarded Flag By Supt. Price In Corn Carnival At Maple Hill School. !;i) 1;.-M Tur«i!,s> at (he M:M>!< iMi>1 <••;<*! nf T.irriijiro, a tut at of HH1 M'V- ICK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE kini. Mr. ami Mrs H A. \Vhitt «("-til Sunday In IMXKH nt th" hnfru- iif Mr. iiii'T Mr«/ Hciiry Hi-flion, Mix* Vcrdii O'Haic. \Vhu lilOiivTs *( Imol at Mt. Morris. Jtpfiit the w«'»'l: f-rui with li'-j j-nrfiits. Mr. and Mr°. !{<>y \VHIInms SfK-nt Sunday In Clinton. Arrift Kft»ij>«f ft 1 , of Prophf-tftown, jt(ri-nt ins! f-HPiilriR bfr** with friend*. Ixm'i Corset t" lif-fir t)i(» Hawaiian Qiiinietu- nt .Mr-thodlst rhnrch Tu*>»- diiy f-v<-ii!liK * Mr. and Mrs. Krrirsf Swalt rt-tutnc<! horn" .Sumlt.iy t-vfnlnp from n two u"p*'k* visit in Uritml tlnplds, Mich., anil BOOK PALLS, ILLINOIS, MON0AY, OCTOBER 23, 1910. HEATH OF H, 0. SOPER Of 6l*n Soptr Of Thi» City Died, Sunday. bt» O. Hoppr, nn old and' highly ,.«d • resident fif Olxon, twuwni Ht hl« homo, 30& f'linmberUfn Sunday morning at 1:60 o'clock. nrn«»dlnt«» tfuiMt'of hi* tlwith •rnnn, tHuya-gompllcn.tPd with other j . H* had 1xH»n alltiiK for thp i y«mr«, but had only bwn r<>n- -hrt-how* tut the past UirKp .... had made hi* -homo in for twenty-threp ywirs and dur- Kt tlme-he-liad__Kathpr««d about bout of warm permmnl frleiul* itcerely itrl«'V»»d ov«»r his death. Jeecaned wan horn April -'J, 1.H53, thwrfforo. in tho sixty-fourth Hf« whi»n the Mn»t»'r cHllfd H» wnn iKirn »t N««w|x»rt. January 30. 1.SK4. h*» was unit- iarrli««c to MI«H Cp|p»ti> J. pCd- trtill mifvlvp* him. Th»« fnrtiily to Dlxon from Aurora about ^S8p«r wan A-traveling' „».....»..-.. i falthfulneiin and nl»lllt-y may bo " by HUitliiK 1 thai ho wan twt-ty yearn «-<int»K-ipil [Wl» compiitiy, tw Ai-rial Cutlpry «Mp wan a in»'mlH-r of tin- Metho- I'ohurch. and was* very active in h work. r la survived by hl« widow and r sonn, Klijah of IMxon. tSlcn of l^allH. and clurpnce of Condo, N. (•Inter, iMr«. <M>. \V HurtHook. of j|, III,, alt»o n.ourns hi.x dew-th, , son <5larenci» urrlved hern ln«t $g And Mr». liartnook ln.«-xt»M't*'d i time toca>. .« funeral will be held from, the r Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, vices will 1>0 conducted by He*', of tho Methodlut church. I6REGATIONAL PEOPLE Eloquent 8p«ak*r Sunday -At Both Strvieta, Hayley, of North Dakota, had Of both *ervleen at tho i church ycaterday. Hnyleyr who-haa been JOinnatl, wa* on her way homo )pp«d h«re over Bunday to take Sit. the aprvlce*. . . !th« mornlnK who delivered a sor- r«nd In the *v*nlnjr gave an ex- lecture. 1 ICveryone who bud tho --iltiity to heaf her hoard aomg- r^worth while. yvliftyden will bfl horo next 8un- 1 '" chargo of the acrvlcea, HOME SOCIETY MET W, H. M, S, Held important Meeting Saturday In Church Parlor. Th«> Womun'fl Home Mlwilonary Soc loty mri Saturday nftprnoon In the chtirrh parlors and hHtl a very Intrr putliiR mcotinff. A abort program was Kiv<>n by tho ladifft. After, the program Important bufilnwm wan trniiH- aclfd. Thin auxiliary In clothing a boy flit HIP Peak Orphanairp ni»nr I'olo. Th«» lfidtf"» riavo now mnttRh rnrmry ttn»i florfilnic to k«>fp titm «f-ll rtnthrrt for al)oiit a year. METHODIST^SERVICES " All Well Attended— Prayer Meetini Thursday Evening. Th»» mornlnjc service at the Mctho- di«l church had a HifK<' att«ndani'« and tho evening service was attended. Inr- irer 4-han It hnn been for many months. Thursday Is prayer meeting night and everyone Is urged to be, present BUSINESS MEETING •PUBLICAN MEETING- d—Wodncftday Evantna — <!•• Urgad To B« Pr»*nt. to B*publlcan* will hold a meeting iMday evening. Ail ladtea are [to come out. Mr«. Fanny Worth- i.^ilt uddreiiM tho women on po- m»tt^rn of today. Mr*. \Vorth- ha» a national reputation aa a «pca.k«ir, J. J. Ludon» will aiao oddretui. The place for tho tiM not yet been settled upon, ViR be published later. S. THIMBLE CLUB Club Tuciday, Ootob«r 31 at. ^ uB..Thlmb)«.£lubJh«ii been „• to attend the o. K. H. l Wilmbl» l«MH»tln( in Dlxon Tuenday, Oct. IMI members who con KO are re• to notify Mr*. I* E. Ilife not mn Th tn»n Thumdny nf tniH. .will hold its next meeting nfttrnoon, Nbv. Srdjv ftt the Ot Mi-a. U E. lUfo. Mra. T. J. Aid Mr», a A. McLtnitnn will ;.|n the «ntortn.talng , . . • . HOME FROM IOWA Of The Christian Endeavor Meiarnii Evening At John Q'Hare'e. The Christian Endeavor of the Christian church will hold their regular business meeting this evenlnjr at the home of John O'Harts AH mem- hen* pleaso bn present. CHRISTIAN"CHURCH Good Attendance At All Services — Special Music. All seivlces nt the Christian church were well attended yesterday. At th<! inurnliiK service Oelbert \VrlK>)t Bung u beautiful solo. Tho Indies' Aid will hold a mcctlnc 1'Ylday afternoon. SUBW1TS fcTpPERATION At The Auguitana Hoapital in Chicago . • _ Tueeday. Mrs. 8. K. Wheelock underwent an operation at the Auffuatana hospital In Chicago Tuesday; Mr, ^NHiwlock returned last evening and reported that B)IO was doing nicely, DEATH "OMNFANT Little Baby Of Mr. And Mre-^AIIen Darnell,. Of Oixon, Died FeHfayrs- Word wa« received here of tho d?afh of the infant' child of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Darnell on Friday. Short fun- "erar sun-icesrwer® hreta~«immnry-mitf burial was made in the Dlxon cemetery. JPhe parentfjiavo the jtymnathy of the comhiunTty at 'thla'timo. ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. Kdwin Noble entertained at one o'clock dinner yesterday Minn Mamie How«n, of Roland, la., and Clyde Davis, of JnwollH, la. ENTERTAINED YESTERDAY. Mr. nnd Mrs. Kd Oroiw and family were entertained at dinner Sunday at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. John O'Hare. ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. Mr. and Mrs. C'tms. Heijfttr entertained at dinner Sunday at their country Ijome-ftlrr and~&lrii.—Phll-Aldeferr— MOTOR TO OR AND RAPIDS. —Mr. and Mr». W, J, Mowrcr and son, Newton, Mr, and Mr«. Ocor«o Jluycten, Mr. and Mrs, Oeorge Thompiwn motored to Grand D«tour tuid took dinner at Hits Colonial Inn Sunday. . SPENT .SUNDAY'HERE. Mrs. Worberi Denniaon. of Tumpico, and Mr. and Mra, M. ShonU, of Como, Bunday with Mr. nod Mrs, Clar- Van MOTORED FROM CHICAGO. Air. and air». Uheat«r Kreidor. of Chicago, 'motored here yesterduy and spent tha day with Mr< And Mm. Herbert Summer* . »• ' LAKE TOLL GROWS (.Continued' From One.) F. liiitterft foitviffered, but itu crew « thirteen men «eer navetl. Day'a Toll Totali 27. I>-KS than nn hwir after the wink, the Colwute, by fnr the rif the three victim vespeln, went down miles rtwuy. The twenty-one of he crew who died raised "Block Friday'*' iK-a crtMualty Hit on I^ake Bi-le to twen ty-seven. -'-There wua no wlrele»« ti g'ive warning,- nnd tho Inkw held Its swret until Hunilny morhlna; at 8:3< ei'clock. when Captain Oraahaw wa» , ^who hiyd l«»en master o the .,Colgate for only two weeks, wa* able only to Ml where bin ship hac f otink and that bin crew had been lo*t Thwi he .tuuotinu uncotiMcioua from Uie «-«u-tit»ri t»f hia long-light: f»r Iif4!, »«u u-inaliii'.l »i» during th« slx-lum;- trt| nf the re>4cii« «hlp t" Conneaut. He i« In a fioHpllnl nl Ccnnentit, his wife stf-hiw ljn-<l»i<le, In tt critical *• <Uti»n. Captain's Thrillina Story. Captain Uranluiw'H atory follow*: ••\V«» were j«iHslng l^ong I'oltil about 6 ur T o'clock Friday night when trouble began. Th« boat *praiig a leak forward. W« were all aft at tho llmr and immediately HO could feel her tipping nnd nettling at the. head. < "lOvery man \v«rkf*d for hi'* lift mi* Jiu-OBc^- Hy 10 tlin Htotni had Increjiticd no that tho Colgate didn't have a chance. Tht Kiilo waa__Lf.rrllic. rain* driving um the wnvea iKitinded. We got the lift taft ready Ju*l a« the boat wua HI fur Mown that her dcckn were awaah. "When «bo «arik everybtidy jumpet Into the water. M went down and whet I came up by Borne chance my ham touched tho raft, i grabbed it. am pulled myaeif on It Just a» Second Kn- glneer Harry Oaamann and the coil' piiH»er reached It. "What bt«camo of tho others I don't know. I never *aw them again. The> miiNt have been wucked right down with tho ahlp, Uncorueioue Part Of Tlma. "Then our awful fight began—aome- thlng I'll never forget. Twice tho raft iiirnwl completely over and we wen -wiuihed U>oHe, but wo muiiftlted to r»- gain our holds. 1 muni have,been un- connclotis half the, 1 time, for I can't TO- rnernber dlBtlngulBhlng night from da) wl)lle-the atorm went on and our rafi plunged with un. never once In alght of u Mltlp that might rescue un uritll this mornlrig. • i . . "Firm." the- coal ^wvsser waa wanner away. Then, hours later. OBsrhan, totally .exhausted, warf wished to bin death. How 1 managed to keep on tht raft I do not know." REVIVALS CONTINUE Rav. A. J. Chamberlain Oallvarad atrong Sermon* at Trinity M. E Yeaterday wan a glorious day at the JTrinity- United Kvangellcal church Good awdltsncea^were preSent at both morninK and evening sen-Ices. Kev. A,-J^-X:h«mbeTlain-prt!ached-wlth- liberty and power. Hl» morning address on "The Church" was inspiring, uplift- and heart«earc»tlnBr, His evening theme, "The Second Coming of Christ" wan llHU'tied to with deep interetit and the uervice cloned with definite re NUltH. ' A flne attendance of Hmillng and happy facow at Sunday school with an offering of $13.87 for -the war uufforers of Europe, An afternoon evangoliHtic meeting far"tho children and,five boya definitely decided for Christ, Itev. A, J. CtiHinberlnin will preach again thin evening using an ,hi« theme, egenoratToh7*~Textr^rohn — IIy. 1 wiy unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." Wodneaday evening IH to be a epecial nervjee for men; : ~Th« orchestra will play and special music In being arranged for. Mr. Koy O. ICrawford will afii^ liutn men and wonum uro invit< ed service. SEEK WARD LEADER Ptorii Man It Aocuwd of a Woman. ill.. Out. 28, uuthori "rtp-'il ani! nth* i \s---;titV"-, pt-«'V*t-;-itri w:i" rt-nd^red: Program, P'-MK. Atii'-i if a - AsHTir-ric*'. 'I'rnycr—Hev. \V, ,!. Eyl*-*.' Sl»c»-. It J'rcf, M. (J. France. Hung—HOSM Hchuiil. ItcrtdiiTK Mis'. Citrft HrewfT, Scmp - -Otsr»fn School. Speech—Co. Supt, II, H. Price. .v,,riK--Plr.;»««!Uit Hill ScJuiol. Siief-cli .('inf. C. A. Smith. >'|iri-rh Ht«i. !•'. A. Brewer. Song—-Sunnyside School, ••Sorifj—-Pupil* ->f T<iwiiHCliip. The prcKinrn. us well as the dinner was given out of doors, leaving urniilc room In the ftctuiol Vtuildlng for the cxtiil>it«( tpihch were vffy iiiid i<t n liigii order «>f m«-rlt Sportt, . r.o-jtl, (lush, boys over ten. First. Fred Ilriindau. Maple Hill. Becond. Raymond (trnhnm, Ro**. 6(i-yd. duart... boytt'under ten. First. Willie Tornow, SunnyHlde. Second, Howard Nelson, i'lensunt Hill. 60-yd. diiMh, girls uver'len. First, Vina Kkdahl, Horn. Hfcorid, Hasse! Pierce. RO.HS. so-yd. ilnfh, girls under ten. First, l>ort>thy Urnndau, Maple Hill. Second, Ruth UitKon. J'leasant Hill. ' Three-IegHed race. First, Raymond (iraham and Karl Ix»udenlierg, Ross. Second, liernlce Nelson rind Florence l^Jirson, Pleawant Hill. Mack nice. First, Rnymund Ornhnm, Ross. Hecond, Olen Harrington, Pleas* aut Hill. i'utato rucu. First,-llennle Tofnow, Xunii>i»lde. ^(.OOIKI, K,, r j irtjudeniH'rir. Running Jlroad Jump, IMI>-H over ten. First. Karl l^iudenberg, Rons. Hecond^ .ftw MrMnkinr.MapIo Hill. — Adding. l''irMt, Harmsen, Maple Hill, Second, /iugiiNi Urtuuliiu, Mapin Jiill. Kpelllng. First, Vina Kkdald. H«H-- ond, Mmluc Cinliiun, Russ. WrltiiiK. Third grade. First, Howard Xelson, Pleasant Hill. Hecund, Inu HarriiiKton, J*. JJ. WriiiiiK. Fourth grade. First, WII-" He Tornow. Hunnyslde. Second, Florence Jacobs, HunnyHlde, Writing, Fifth grade. Firat, Octavla Hauman. Ross, Hecond, KUtiu liarm- si-ri, Muplo Hill, Writing. Hl^-td f;r»«dff. FlrHt, HlnricliH. oisson school. Second, Haxel .Pierce, RUMS. Writing. S.-venth grnde. First, Milan Hvviinmm. Mnplo HIH. fc?i.,-(,n,l Verua l^arson. Pleusunt .Hill. Klghth grade. Firm, Ida Hnrinsen. Maple Hill. Second, Raymond liru- hitin, Ross. - — Drawing. Fifth grade. First. Uilbert Johnson, Sunnyslde, Second, Minnie Scott, Olsson, Seventh grade. First. Lloyd Dcitz, Maple Jiill. second, Florence I^trson, Pleasant Hill. Patchwork, girls under tan. First, Ivdtt Little, p, H. Bfcond. Ina Harrington, P. H. Patchwork, girls over ten. First. Lucille Johnson, Glutton. H^cund. Bernice Rosmussau. Jtons. Crocheting, girln under ten. First, L«ona Jlutt, Sunnyalde. Second, itutb Larson, Pleasant HJ1I. CrJohetlng, girls over ten. First. Lucille Johnson, ohwon. Second, Minn ICkiluhl, Ross. , ^ _ Tatting, girls over ten. First, Minnie Scou, OlHson. Secona, Verna LarBen, Baking. »• Light cake. girlH under ten. First, Ruth Larson, P. H. Second. Pearl Robertson, ROMH. t-lRm cuKe, girls over ten. First, Mamie Johnson Olsaon. Second, Ber- ntce Rdsmussen, ROHN, •< Wftfk cake, girls over ten. First, How Science Discovered This Cough Cure 'TOURISTS to Califoriua and Aus- Italia who were sufferers from throat and lung trouble found on their return home that these ailments had entirely disappeared. Scientists were not slow to trac6 the cause to the medicated air of the Eucalyptus Forest. This great discovery is the basis for the formula of TREHT' But Trent's | j^j^H I ^ colds, nasal, Comp, contains • ^5^S2«2^JLj5ljS^^A throat, bfon- more titan the PHDIaUi9BQ!l9Ha^ chial and lunft beneficial effect Eucalyptol Comp, troubles. It i* of Nature s^reat r • r '-—*—* healer—Eucalyptol. It has for its ingredient* the aromatic and soothing Balsam of Tola, tho highly medicinal Squills, Senega and other vegetable extracts. _„ __ It is a short, safe and effective remedy—for coughs, constant insurance a&ainst aggravated arid dangerous coughs. It is easy to take, abso- efficacious. Th the treatment of cough*, delay in dan%*rou». Buy a bottle of Trent's Comp. now "nnd be prepared. These druftjUsU recora* mend it and have it FREDEBERLY HENDRICKS DRUG CO. STERLING PHARMACY HALLETT & HALLETT It WMH found that «umiy«Ide had won nnd wn« awanlfil tho v, ting by tfupi. Hurry U. I'rk-e. Th*' work *if the JiiilucK wan entirely *atl«fac'tory and th<> nlncere thnnkN of tlirwe lit chartti* of tin 1 ruvtHtni; art* eHtenttrtl thr •JlulKeH, piitnuiH, pupIlM, ti'ui'biTH nnd ail who NO kindly hklcd by tln-lr prexence nnd hfc'Ip to majte the day a PUI'CC.HH. Tho«« acting nn judges were: Corn. Hon. F. A. Brewer. VeKettiblcti. lU-v. l\V. J. Kyle* und Tony Harm wen.- Needle work.- Mr». Hunie Wippi-l. WrltiiiK und dmwlnif,>Pj-of. C. A, Mtnlth.-.The teachent and pupllH nf !h«- rural hchoolit reserve great pralne for theior effort* ^o intake thes>e RatlicrliiKH ii HUCC»-.SH, und ure lii>nlly Miiiiportnl by the put- ron« of the * r WITH THE CAMPAIGN MANAGERS J REPUBLICANS. , I'.y t;«>or»'e O. Hill' (Written ft>r t,he ~ Itepubtloari N'atlonn! <'«itnniitle«».j 1'lut !•«•>•!-ti.ii! uf thf Adiimson .bill l» bi'lntr »s«'rliiu>ily i un'MiliTcd )>y the railway ^uitrhnien in the i*;o >'ar«!n. Thi'M- men now have a 1,p- hour day. but a i»ruvls!i>n of th<-lr,non- tract ri'ciirdduc Uf'lunch lunir ! DEMOCRATS. j Hy (JeVirist* f'rei-l (Written for the Democnit National Coinrrtittee> In this election 110111111); IH so much , ;it stake an tlie.lionor nnd seff-renpeot of tin- nii'ii. and wiimeu who made up the l'roKivsn(ve"'pirrt£i:;~'They banded in the mime of humanity, ral»«-d the Ktnndard 'nf mn-lal juntioo, and vowed th«-if lives to |h<< defeat tif the Hinl«ter. in control of the Ilepubllcun Florence Ijirson, p, |f. Apple pie. giflH over ton. First, loFence-I^tr«on, i*. H. Bread. Klrla over ten. First, Heroic* HHmuHHon, Hotia. Second Yard. Hoax. * ' Fried cakes, girls over tei Ida Muxtiold, Sunnynlde. Fancy Work. Sowing on buttons. First, Pearl Robertson, Rons, Second. Uiadya Uobel, Sunnyulde. . . MaiHnKlnitton hole^. Fir«t, Grace I t^ t^i r*-\-l »» t II •• ..r.«-. -Ujt l »^» x Hl -tto Farm Product*. rabi/ First % Oladya Oobcl, — —*-^:-"'l*^- ^^^ond,_ JEarl Loudenbum Rosa." ~ : " •~"« v ""'"»' Carrots. First, Madge Omham. Ross. ^A*^-*™* -«!>pny?W«. „ „ 3. D. i dgar Yard „ First, Ida Maxfleld. _- First, QUdya dob*!, s. a Second, Johnnie Karl, S, 8. Radish. First, Johnnl^ Earl, p ~ Salsify. Firat, Johnnie Burl, fpond, Arthur *Vank»,-S. 8. — Paranlps. Flrati JBdgar yard, Ross, Pears. V( f qt A-.U.^"^.. *.^"i. "«"»• OUTLINE CAMPAIGN Illinois,Equal Suffrage Association Will Put Up a Hard Fight, Bprlliftfleld. 111.. Oct. S3.—With the ftirmnl t»itetitm nf Jtr«. <lrace^Wilhnr Trout and her entire «latc, the new Htuto board of the Ullnoi* IC'iual Huf- fniKe ii.ssociHtlDn bCKitn HM winter exe- cutlvo ortinpHJun. •' • The cunvonllon gave the board power to UHO itn own iliacretlon In worklus out the light fur full sufTfase nnd a utrenuous- cump;tlKu wnt* outlltu-d im- medliUely after the udjiturriaun-nl <i| the meeting. These ar» »umo of the iliinu* tb\ Ku(TrHKl«is plan to do: They.witi raiae fifD.UOO for tho work in the Ktuio, mo'^t of which will be uwt'd, it 10 expfcunl, in Hie cnmpaiKii to -KC- cure a oonHtitutional convention for Illinqiv, . They will mainiafn headquarters In Springfield,during tin* ««»M8loii of the l w ln« Laid .f ur 1 1 1 , ,. ^ „„„„„„„• t , ((1(iv? RooBP . h, their p.n.n . , ,. ^ „„„„„ t , (((iv ooBP . (hours. Th*- r;ulw:iv.s nn- discussing i Vt .i, huUmd.w with Tuft and Hoot and 1 «h«" .n.lyls-iihility «>f iiwtullin« thive S-'f Cannon, und Perklntt, Jtobbln* and : 1 1 -i? hour KliifU. ThlM i would tal«r», ally ><p«'.ikiiiir. three hours tiff of the men's day and they fU-riouHly object to ttuch a i'lirfiHrnent <>t thoir income. Tht^ IgglHlati ^w who is to be uppolntod immediately from tile member* of the state board, wIlLjemnlr, at 8n.rinKltctd-U»rouKhout 1h«~ WiftTOh; — Mf«rTront~ wTll be - — in Springfield whenaver her, in Tho old card index ayutem o lu(ors. which proved so. tiff cotive four ai-K ago, will lie f<>-c«tiibltalu'd. A group of legislative ft8,«Ixtantn will IIP nelected In h«d» Mrt». Tnuit and -Htfr chulrnmn. tlon will be pushed In every county, and ,the womwi will be urKfd to keen their own l<-Kl»luior« in line with the surfraifw policy. • ~& publicity campaign ta create uenti* went for uuffrajtt* and .for a comttltu- llunai couvttntion will l>u carried on \ttirgugniHit K- ini t-rea»injr Uy l«-aps und hound.s. Switch- inn foremen s»-i -t<> ' rentw an hour. Theoretically they liai'e a 10-tmiir day, but'as h!>j<.t'eeii mint, in practIre. they are tiHualtypaid fur-11 hours work, anil make 14.40 a d.iy. Under the three S-hour_ wlijft Hj'htem. they will Ket onl>' a pretty Kcrlous ln>l<« in a inan'H income, especially If he hux a famlij 1 to t<up|H>rt. Kverctt Colby Bit in councils with Peni owe. Crime and Hitchcock. Behind Hushes IK Wall utreet, the German- Amerlcnn AIMnnce, child labor explolt- rra«-ttonar>"" Tory luihiein-e that hope« to reatore Hie dn.vH of HimimlHm. Search through tho Heputdicun platfov-m, lino by lint 1 . and not a rtiriKie reforenco to uoc-lul will be, found. Head the opcech- I'.H nf HuKboM uiul U will bn ween that it IH the lumuuu! leBisJution of .Presi- ilent WliHon that be attacks moat.bit- K>rlV, Watch 1 llushf'H JIK he journeya from Htale tti xtnte. iri not one han he fail- '3 -S ~n ;.i the switchman, who] «d to cnusort exehmlvely with the.bosa-' all uluiiK wen* \vllliiiK to mihinit their (CM nnd rriirthmarlcH UKalnst whom the demand for increai>e<t waKeti to nrltl-' l'rtij;rcRHiv,eH fouuht in ItilU, even go- tratinn, Ht-rmusly con template) IliU re- jin-tion of .the Adnm»on bill 011 the Ki'niitid that it in inimical, iusfi-atl uf helpful, to labor. Tliviv Is, of course, the question as to whether, K 1 Kiven silatutory force t(t bill WUh it.s ho- railed h-tiimr provision, the Kyitchmcn can reject itH pmvision^ anfl procure -arbitration of their demand tut' htcreatted WRKVH, and that (|'ue»tioti in now heltijj investigated by their Icadera. XJore and mort 1 are railway nit-n I HO far an to ignore H Irani Johnson in California «>tj the eve of an election, in hin repeated declaration. "I ili' utter iiuiblllty to an u spiritual revolt, a reunited party," he betrays l'roBr«»alviwn viewing It at* did not hand them u gold brick in hlt< uncontrollable deMro to gain the label' Vute-nmt- promoif" lilx |»>lttl<-ftl fortunes by ItuttltiK'Tn to .tfie controverMy JP- twecn the railwajyi and their employt»«; qr jtt least the. i'O pt-r cent of them wlio ar'u nifinric-fg nf the fot»r-brntlier- moro than the oxpwjsslon of dlxK run tied fuctlonaliMin. The I'rujjres.slve who KOCH back'to the Republican party must, crawl on Ills kiiiTtt. He muHt recant hiH "lunatic here«te«." He inuat swallow hla t-oiiili'tiinatldn of Cannon, Jtoot, and .» % ";1 'j • 'I -.? ucclalm them powerful. In tlm* hi wise, uood and. all-, plain words, ho must • 4n-liU£;-in.p!tt4ner. free Amt<r|cun citixcn, but u.chattel to "b«. bound and delivered whenever -•Theodore Hoouevelt flnd» a price that :T,1 1 TO DEDICATE BU-ILPINQ. ' 1 IMPERSONATED OrFICERS I'rbanu, 111., fx-t. 23.-~ln connection!, "ttumwo, la., Oct. 23.~Edward D. with-un ipdutitriAl conference' at the i .MuUison, wealthy, TJrilVernUy of Illinois, at which Oov- ernor Dunne IIUH said he expected to tho buildiiiK of l lift university will bo after many uppeala has urrivod nt the o county Jatl to ssrve the threw impimcd Upon -him In.. \vlth tho federal court at Keukuk limt April •laaling t'wu'f'U 1 iiiiin'i'nuiiutiiig a \'hll«'il fleer. rlna H«rn» from l»w« Heavy Storm, ; Mra, Jo'hji Terhune and fam- iMf(J a»ti on timir:wuy homirthey- h»ttvy unow utorm at Cedar Thii t»mp«ll*d them to leave nd JMra, Terbune- and daugh- ,.- «mrned lu«t evenlna'by f -jAr t Terhune will follow later th* «§r. ' :.: ._,_ °__ . . ie« here nought William Hchuster, word )olttlcul leader, on a warrant charging Hwult with intent to kill. Hchustor IM alleged to have entered he home of Mrtt, Oharlea \yyinan_djiir- Hide, Apples. First, Arthur Frank, 8. a Celery. Fir*t, Arthur Prankk 8, S. Parnley. First. Arthur Frank*, a a TurniHH, First. Johnny/Harl, 8. S. dyij days, k*. 20 THE PARTY .CHIEFS 1 - Hawaiian Quintette at church. Tuesday «venlng. Admission 26c ami 60c.' Clyd» Davis returned to hU home in Jnwell, Iowa, limt evening after a visit here with friends, • . Mr. andt'Mrw. K. C. CrooJt and My, and Mrs. A. §woderls, of Piop town, spent Sundu> with Mr. und H. F. Pag»0tt, Mr. and Mm. Oeo. Kshnrwood, of r spent' tliiretajr hrre ^on busi- ened to kill her. The uccuBud man gained considerable notoriety In 1613 when on Wept. 26 he t mid killed Otto (infer, apeclal leputy nherlff and candldutt* for the nomination for Mherlff, und wa* later acquitted. ' . , . H. Second. Kveret Maple Hill, Beth trt—of"Wmnfnjj Election, At the clotie of the athietio content* SOME GOOD ADVISE Mr. and Mrs. Wayne !.«« returned hump ltt»t evening aftwr tt. tww weeK» visit in OoKulb. ' J. i'. Jensi-y Iw moving today Into his ntiHlern jjuugalow on ICtiht llth IOW Mrs, C. U Willlama, of Hartford, Mich., la hero for a vMt with her daughter.. Mrs. c, K. Ueldnor, and mother, Mr». IHiody. J, A. Kadel returned,to his work an cughicr at the First National bank after u 4 wo \\fek» va'Catloii. Kd Adama »iH'nt Birnday in MorrlHon at tin- homo oi Mr. and Mra. P. A... U'liiliu-v. Whitney, [ heal thia raih PntVtr «wrry if I have a-liule rash <>r "' m hr»ak out—I just jmt WH 1 OiuHmvnt. TluU taki'S lind byralu^ imtfiMffy, WacHbui-n " ' Sunday in Jiusiuol Ohittncnt tlinnu;h U i*«r my hruihtr. had been almost 'IrainU: with to - ior month* t»iIl~"Ttrar~ rrinrrrrcrjr W* *kin like maglr. i* H'W I / * !I J"»«*i«'»- . Mrs. H. A. Ji'iuthw returned lust fvcnliiK uftfc u. fuw days v isfil In (ui'lcuKO. Mr. and, Mrs. Clarencw Ucckmun «io- it»ivd (o |)i\on Hunday. -- p yuiulctta at JUcthudift? Tui'K«U*y owning. Aduiioitlon ' i» .. __ _ K- Wundelick, of a ivw duya ht-iu on bunt- Ti-lian returiu'd iiomv !)iht 'in »- ltr»ngth*n*d by Sterling Experience*. Kidney illt>t'««i» in too dangerous to nculect. At (be It rat nlun of bm-ktu-ltt', or urlnury' di»- onter». V«»u «,houlii givo the wcukoned prtmiut ultfiiUon. 'Kut littlo njcat, (ukt» (liliiKM- c'ualer mul UI>B a rw- 1 ittbii) Sidney tonks There'e HO other <iiliify murtlduy so well rVi'inniuendvU H Puu'n'n KUIn«y i'lllu. HU>rliug n'eo"« I|«A r«'ly un them. H»'iV« un« uf thu nuuy KtHtfint'iits from Sturlliujr I'oo^ A. iJtliH'inyfr, Iltl R Siu'oiid Ht., Uw,lliiK, wiyn: "My Kitliu-ys hvcumc uuiiili'U'd. I'uimiiiK I 1 '' 1 " in tbu wniull f my bai'k. II wHK.Itaril fw»' MI« to i>t ,up ut'ti'i 1 «HiinR. uo»i', Tl hurl unto Ktouit or lift.. I luul iuumi I>OUII'M \Min-y 1'illa lilKlib* ict'onMiuuuled uiul "^ i ultrrhomr" - T*rv.i? - t'ost's" rrirrvfrti -the mn in my t>ui K aiul uui4v iao IH'l fitt-r in 4-v«'iy way." i'iic«' tut-, nt nil iii\u«''is. Di'ti't <siiii' IT- K'PT BAD BREATH Dr. Edwards' Olive TabJeta Get lit Dr. Edwards' Olive Tableis, the 5ttb« stitute for calomel, act gently on the Knvds and oositively do tlic work. People afflicted with bad breath find guide relief Ihrougjj £r. Edwards Ohve Tablets. Tlie pleasant, »wgar- :oated tablets are taken for bad b/cath b.y all who" know them. r Dr. Kdvvards* Olive Tablets act &<in- ly but firmly on 0>« bowels^and liv^r. Stimuktiiig them to natural- action, clearing the blood and gently purifyinjj ihe entire /system. They do that whir!) dangerous calomel does without iiliy oj the bad after effects ,, 1 All thf- benefits of nasty,-stdkeningr griping cathartics are derived from Of Ed wauls.' Olive Tablets without grip* tnkrpain or 'any disagreeable -effects. • I)r. l<\ M. Edwards discovered tht jfonuuU sifter scveuuca years uf prac* lice amutiK patients afilictcd witli bowel and liver cL>tuplaint with the 'uitcitdaut b^d breath." - - ~ --- " .-_-. Dr. lulwjiiU*' Olive Table'ts arc pure« ly'a vcgciuhle c<>nipouKU'mixed with ,tiiL-.yMii vv'ill.kuovif. Hio De Janeiro, Rra«il, Oct. 23.--An electoral votes at>i*ured for charlea H Hughes, with an additional tidy probable and another fifty- live »os* siblt), was chUmed for the !\e()uh|lcan proafoemiul candidate In n wtntemBnt ie*ued last ntgbt by Charlett W. Farti- hum, inauagi-r of the Hughes campaign tour. ' There art* &31 votes in the electoral college, ttr." Furnfaam OR .oba^rvation of condjtions in all partf_ o{ .the country. Among the titaiftsite pluced in tho "suit?" column wer* Ohio, NPW York, llllnoiu *uid Indiana. ' • After « *erte» of w'mft-reiu'eii. Vance tV. . MrCiuwk-k,. IJemocratic national fluUnnaii, »aid Ui«t night; "it'« «U'i>v«r. Thi> president is re- -tteai- Murgutvt IH in Sluu I'.. Pt.ii'>, ISuflalo. N V. tha , i-live cttliit. T,ik«; uue t>r two eu-ry ,\lill»uin ni«ht fur a \u-ck and note the t/fect. - lUc 'and JSc per tux. All druggist's. FQR0 BOOSTS HIS WAGES. Detroit, aiich.. pet. 33,—The Ford Motor Company hag incrrusei] the hir- u\K rattt of iTH'Ji, In Ua employ lc*s than Kljf iiinntiis Jfroih $J{,?5' u day J'or ei*cht Incurs to 43.44. jVcc'.'t'ttinB to an uttl- rfiil of~th9 ^oiaiwuiTTBfFlireFeake" wa> . . . f|,t£' a .day a euffick'iit WHEAT GOING UP, TOO. (Uy.rnlu>d i'n-»s) v Alt,'tH-t. Si.- c 1 y Koolc, fstuUi-r of tin- (Ma.i-rTR«'Jtu tfm" ttkt, tM4,tj' stii offli i-il .i-ks.iid ft'tuu 1 fffr-Aflwrt a,' tT'Vern'mr nil "r^nh>"~wnrlrT=; j vtH-ord 'titi- iuisliSK « Hi* ') IHM> j acrt- lli'1'i avvrancd &» liusfliJ'la lu tins! TIT?' im-\ ti'Uj* ~ t'niit it S< •»(*.., \\jil iil.jtff J\,',i nrnkTr" o(l, !!> , i ,'.1.1111, X •'.•!> h >' (Cracker* with a Flavor Flavor is not expected! of ordinary eoda crackers. Put Uoecda Biscuit are extraordinary »o<Ja crackers audhave a disliiictivcappclitinij flavor, " Buy Uneeda Biscuit because they are jwda crackers with f flayor, but t above §11 buy them {or their crisp goodness?' - mT^^rjlT' V

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