Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 25, 1974 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1974
Page 9
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New Words Created For Changing Times sz^s^ 9 FUNNY BUSINESS SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) — The whole country today seems to be suffering from a bad case of "automobilitis." Not only that but "decidophobia" and "loserism" are rampant, "rumor-tism" is rife, the "Nixonologists" are out in force, and "logocides" are filling the political air. Loosely translated, what all this means is that the world has been changing rapidly within the past year or so, and the English language has been changing right along with it. These new words are among some 125 that have come into the language from various sources and are being studied by editor o f Merriam — Webster dictionaires for possible inclusion in future editions. "Automobilitis," as though anyone has to be told, is the problem caused by the increasing use of automobiles. "Decidophobia" is abnormal dread of making decisions. "Loserism," according to the editors, is lack of faith in oneself. "Rumor-tism" is a state or condition marked by widespread rumors — one of the more common occurrences in the year of Watergate. A "Nixonologist" is one who studies the policies and practices of Richard Nixon and "logocide" is the distortion of the meaning of a word. "This is the first time in several years that most of the new words did not come from young people, the black experience, or such areas as sports and music," said Dr. H. Bosley Woolf, editorial director for dictionaries for Merrian. ''Curiously enough. Watergate itself added few words," Dr. Woolf continued. "Such terms as 'inoperative' and 'deep six' are already in our dictionaries. Even 'water gate' is in, defined as a floodgate, although that definition could be expanded in the future." Among new words found by the editorial staff, which reads hundreds of publications in its search are: "courtocracy." a form of governement in which the courts make tin 1 laws; "carrotize." to entice into a deal by t h i 1 p r o m i s e o f immediate gain; "ecolomics," the application of the principles of ecology and economics to land development; "ethnocidc." the deliberate destruction of an ethnic culture. Not all new words are serious or come from the striking events of the time. From sports, for instance, there is "sky surfing," in which participants tied to delta-wing kites glide down City Rises on Site of Big Quake By Michael Goldsmith AGADIR, Morocco (AP) Grass covers the rubble and no one will ever know how many dead lie buried in the ruins of the ancient Kasbah of Agadir, destroyed 14 years ago in one of the great killer earthquakes of the century. Foreign tourists, often unaware they are standing on a vast graveyard, look out from the hilltop Kasbah over the sprawling modern city that has risen from the ruins. Adadir, almost totally detroyed on Leap Year Day. Feb. 29. 1960. is on the way to becoming one of Africa's biggest vacation spots, a Moroccan version of Miami Beach. Gleaming white hotels have sprung up along the sandy beach stretching 25 miles in both directions. Foreign investors are jostling for space to build more and more tourist accommodations. Elegant stores and modernistic public buildings have grown from the heart of the stricken city. A concrete monument beside the brand-new city hall proclaims that Agadir was rebuilt "by the will of Allah." But nowhere is there a memorial to the victims of the earthquake. They were originally estimated at 12.000 but are now known to exceed 20,000 dead, plus 2.000 injured. More than half the population died in a few seconds. Others came to a slow, agonizing end. far beyond the reach of help. The Kasbah (fortified city) is one of the few areas not rebuilt. It was the epicenter of the quake. The ancient stone buildings collapsed on the 2.000 inhabitants and hardly anyone survived. Very few bodies were recovered. Only the 18th-century battlements, built by the Dutch to protect their route to the Cape, are still standing. "The Kasbah is a taboo subject in Agadir." said a shopkeeper who was among the rare survivors. "No one TEEN LINE An additional private line ends frayed tempers, missed calls. Order from y'dii'r telephone business office orask any telephone employee. > Northwestern Bell SELF-BUTTERING CORN PPPPFR BREAD PASTI-iY TOASTER for depositing $5,000 at Commercial Federal Your choice of fpur high-quality electric appliances from the Dominion Division of Hamilton-Beach OR ... 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Commercial Federal Savings and Loan Association Assets over $480,000,000! HOME OFFICE, 45th AND DODGE, OMAHA, 68132. PHONE 402 558 5400 r from cliffs. From fashion there is ''baggies.'' high-waisted pants that flare from the thigh and have deep cuffs. From the world of drugs we get "soapers." small white pills containing a depressant drug. Some of the more colorful new words found by the editors include: "administrivia." unimportant administrative duties; "carboholic." a compulsive eater; "topless radio." radio programming that features sexually-oriented telephone conversations with listeners who call in; "gray panther." a member of an organization of militant elderly people; ''flipper freak,'' an enthusiastic player of pinball machines. "Aunt Tom," a successful businesswoman who is not interested in furthering the cause of women's liberation: ''alimony drone,'' a self-indulgent indolent divorcee who lives on alimony; "chicklib," the women'sliberation movement. By Roger Bollen A5OOT HAPPEN TO UKE.' IGM.IETS / r— ' 'Cooper's droop." the drooping of the female breasts caused by the stretching of the ligaments attaching the breasts to the chest: "latrinalia," graffiti found on the walls of public toilets. Probably the most colorful of all the new words, according to the Merriam editors, is "waffle stompers." "Waffle stompers," should anybody b(? wondering, are hiking shoes. talks about it. Nearly everyone has a friend or a relative buried up there. Only the tourists go there, for the view, and most of them don't even know there ever was an earthquake." There is no official list of the persons killed in the quake, or of the thousands who simply disappeared without trace. ''We are no longer interested in how many persons died." said Mohamed Larbi El Kaysi. the young governor of Agadir Province appointed by King Hassan II to supervise the city's multimillion-dollar tourist boom. "We want to look to the future and not lament over what happened." When the earthquake struck. Agadir had an estimated population of 37.000 inhabitants plus several hundred tourists. Some 16.000 persons are known to have survived. Now, 14 years later, the city has grown to a population of 75,000 and El Kaysi predicts it will have 400,000 within ten years. Vote Mileage Rate of 1 5 Cents DES MOINES. Iowa (APi — The Senate Wednesday reversed earlier action and voted 42-2 to set the mileage rate for public employes who use at .15 cents. •" '"The S'enate had 'ea'fl'ier •' agreed with the House to allow peace officers to collect 18 cents a mile when they used their cars but Sen. Minnette Doderer, D-Iowa City, filed a motion to reconsider. EARL MAY 1888-1946 GARDEN CENTER FOUNDERS WEEK The guiding inspiration in the life of the founder of the company was to see America's homes more beautiful, to see America's farms and gardens more fruitful. This week we honor his devotion to these ends with feature items to make your home more beautiful, your garden more productive, your farm more profitable. HYBRID TEA ROSES SAVE S 2 Regular $5.75 AN 3 for only prices thru Sunday only Limited Quantities No Mail Orders Please mmm GLADS GARDEN SEED BERRIES 3.75 STARTED PLANTS Dozens of varieties of started plants; including flowers, vegetables; foliage plants, ferns, hybrid vegetables and perennials. The largest selection of the finest seed; over 350 different varieties of vegetables, annual flowers and perennials. Now is the time to plant the following varieties: Radish Lettuce Carrot Beets Cabbage Brussels Sprouts Broccoli Good for eating fresh off the vines or great for pies, preserves, jellies, jams. Raspberries 5 for $3.25 and up Blackberries 5 for $2.95 Gooseberries 2 for $4.45 Currants 2 for $3.75 \ DANDELION &WEED CONTROL •"-LAWN FOOD EARL MAY DANDELION &WEED CONTROL plus Lawn Food Eliminates dandelions and other broadleaf weeds, as it supplies a balanced feeding to good grass. 50< Off 5,000 «q. ft. Bag $ 7.95 $7.45 $1 Off 10,000 iq. ft. Bag $14.95 $13.95 MAYPARK LAWN SEED The finest mixture of permanent grasses available. All perennial grasses tailor-made to build you a beautiful long-lasting lawn. So good it's unconditionally guaranteed. 1,500 sq. ft. box $ 6.95 2,500 sq. ft. box $10.95 10,000 sq. ft. bag $37.50 EARL MAY ROSE FOOD A balanced formula of plant food elements roses need to produce deep root systems and an abundance of blooms. 5 Ib. Bag $1.19 2-5 Ib. Bags $2.19 Mixed Colors All No. 1 Bulbs Regular $2.85 The majestic beauty of these spikes brings distinction to any landscape. ORTHO UPSTART Root stimulator that helps reduce the shock of transplanting. The perfect starter for roses, bedding plants, trees, shrubs and ornamentals. Gets plants off to a good start. Pint... .98<t Quart.... $1.89 Use Your Credit Card GARDEN CENTER Hwy. 30 West, Carroll OPEN SUNDAYS 1:00-5:00 P.M. Mon. Thru Thursday to 8:00 P.M. Friday to 9:00 P.M.

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