Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 28, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 28, 1898
Page 21
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JOHN GKAY'S —COBXKB O.N— Embroideries An Elegant New- Line of all kinds and prices 1:0 Suit Everyone. Come in and see them they are all right. . Insurance and Loans, ot'iwu^ anoe and Bond* written in first class companies. Money to loan 6 per cent, S. M. Closscm,3:L9 Pearl St. UDA LEASDRE Physician. CHANGED Lee and Reeder Plead Grailtj Charge olf Burglary to Uid Office in Hoinse, Cor. Thirteenth and Ilorth streets, Professional calls annwered promrtly, GEORGE W. JIODEFER. Real Estate,' Loans. And Were Sentenced by Jndge Chase to From Two to Fourteen Years in the Northern Prison. When arraigned before Mayor lie- Fee, William Reedier and FrdQfc Lee, the young men who burglarized tae Thomas grocery.on Michigan avenue, rerused to admit the charge.ba t they afterwards changed their minds. Prosecutor Klstler filed an affidavit and information in the Circuit court, and when the prisoners were bought up today both plead guilty to the charge of burglary. Thereupon Judge Chase sentenced both the the southern prison for from two to fourteen years. Reeder Is 22 years of age. He robbed the same establishment two jeare ago, and a sentence was bang- Ing over him. Lee is about 18 years of age, and a tough youngster. He was sent to the reform school for larceny, and was out on parole when he got tangled up with Reeder in the Thomas job. nriof Market street bridge. New 308 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. DK. C. D. EYEBSOLE'S DBETAL PALLORS Over Porter 1 * Neii' Drug btore. Corner of Fourth an>:l Market Streets. A Gay OS A STRIKE. Foreman 6!e1;s Hia Men Down on Him Badly. The Tree of Knowledge" Produced In New York City. ANOTHER SUCCESS FOR PIXERO. Triilawney of th* Wells" pronounced Hin B<*t Work — High Cla«s Stack. Comic Opera Company Sncceedn In New York. Wilson Barrett Accused of Plagiarism. The only recent notable production in this city was '"The Tree of Knovdedite" at the Lyceum theater. This is the piece in which Beerbohm Tree has met with considerable success in London. It is of tho •'problem" order although It is from the pen of B. C. Carton, the author of that charming and ingenuous litsle drama "Liberty Hall" and the more virile though not as successful "Home Secretsiry. " "The Tree of Knowledge" is a strongly wrought play, almost melodramatic in character, but modern in style, simple in its story, and with a pleasant, blend of comedy. Miss Mannering plays the role that; was performed in London by Fay Davis, and Miss Julie Opp, who has been further retained by the management, 'created! here the part played abroad by Julia NeUson. Urs. Wbiffen and Miss Skip- Dr Ev © Hunt, —DENTIST— Modern methods, modem prices, on Fourth Btreet. C U Telephone No. 3S8. McConnell & McConnell , $50,000 6 jw cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Oourt Hoviae. DA1LYFHAROS FRIDAY, JAN. 28, 1898. OITY 1SLRWS Dressed ducks— Ilothermel. Best starch tomorrow 2Jc Ib — Key•tone. Oranges lOcdoz. and bananas 5 c. ion.— McCaffrey. Boiled oats tomorrow, 4 packages t or 25c — Keystone. Tomorrow is wrapper day. $1.00 wrappers 79o.— Trade Palace, Joe Graft, the Pa.nhandle switch- T»an, continues on the sick list. Little money buy ii lots of shoes at Wlllej's cash shoe snore, 3d and Mkc. "The Hearthstone" company arrived in the city today, but will not appear at Dolan's tonight. The Trade Palace is cleaning up all ihort lengths now rijgardless of cost, Must close out. A few linens left yet; also silks. Hon. W. D. Owen, secretary ol state, is in the city calling on his friends. He will return to Indianapolis tomorrow. The case of tlie state against Harvey Biaker, the painter, charged with beating his daughter , was dismissed this morning by Mayor Mc- JCee. The complaining witness failed The Flora Enterprise says: -'The southern part of town is in the throes of a great sensation. It is charged that the foreman of the hoop and basket factory has been too attentive t,o the wife of one of the employes £ind that they were detected by the husband, who had unexpectedly re turned home from the factory. Ho IB employed at nl^ht. The affair has caused the separation of husband and wife.and talk of tar and feathers and rotten eggs was freely indulged in in connection with the despoller of homes. "When the men assembled at the llactory Thursday they were joined by a committee of citizens, and the foreman, Waiter Hale, was openly accused of the crime of which he is charged, and the men refused to go to work until he should be removed. He stoutly asserted his innocence and told the men they could either go to work or he would fill their places with other men, but they walked out. "Hale was given a limit of time to leave the town, but has as yet refused to go, and .when the time is up if his s v jlll refuses to go uerlous trouble [is expected." A letter received in this city states that the mill is still closed down, but otherwise there are no new develop:- ments In the case. Best Stock Food for All Animals Is Old Process Oil Heal. Horses improve in looks; a difference can be seen in the gloss of their hair in a short time and puts them in good condition. For sale by Logansport Linseed Oil Mills. Attention, St. Matthew's Commanderj', K. of Su J. You are hereby ordered to report armory this (Friday) evening, January 28, at 3 o'clock sharp, for regular monthly meeting. JOHN B.. Fox, Captain. to appear. Chief Engineer Brown, of the Pennsylvania lines, makes by recent Measurement the mileage of the system east of Plltsburg and Erie 4,157, while the mileage of the southwestern and northwestern systems aggregates 4,704, makinu the total mileage oporated 8,872. At a rwent meeting at the Baptist church at Galveston a society was formed of the Young Men's Christian Association with a membership of twenty-five young men. The society will meet next Sunday at 2:30 p. m. In the U. B. church of that town, at which time Mr. A. C. Davlwon, of this city, secretary ot the society here, and others will be present. Miss Mattle Buzzard, of Huntington, waa returned to Longclllff asylum yesterday morning by Sheriff Leverton, Of that city- A-slater ot the afflicted lady »ccouip»niod them as an attendant. Miss Buzzard was taken home In September last, thought to h»ve been cured, bat It MAIDS that she has become so much vote* of lite that it became neces- aarj tq again place her In the asylum. Attention, St. George Commandery All members St. George Com- mandery Knights of St, John are hereby ordered to be present at the armory at S o'clock tonight, night. Regular business meeting. GIU.S RUHL, Capt, The Weather. Fair tonight and Saturday. ADDITIONAL ITEMS' Dried peaches 3c Ib—Keystone. The case ot Mabel Nelson agalnut Mattle J. Case, administratrix of tlie- estate of Chas. I. Case, was decided today in favor of 'the defendant. The Mutual telephone company has just pat in a handsome booth at the central office, for use in talking over of SCKSE FROM "THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE. worth also have parts, and the male roles are assigned to Messrs. Charles Walcott, Felts Morris, Edward Morgan, William Courtleigh, Frank Mills and John Findlay. The play is in five acts. After the run of this drama a number of evening performances of "The Princess and the But- terily" are underlined, this play having evidently not yet exhausted its popularity. Arthur Pinero has just scored tho suc- OBSH of his career as a playwright, if the advices from the other side a:re to be be- liaved. His coinudy "Trelawney of tho Wells" was recently produced ac the Court theater, London, and the critics of that oity hove waxed enthusiastic over it. So em'phatic indeed was the hit made by the piece that tha American rights are said to have already been secured by a prominent manager of this city, who win give it an early production here with a specially selected cast. It was confided to me that thlisrnanager is of the opinion that there is not the slightest doubt that the play will run out tho entire season. ^he play also proved to be a triumph in London for a,real, flesh and blood peer ol the realm, the Earl of Eoslyn, who is said to be tho first nobleman who ever adopted the stage as a profession. He is evidently destined, if the critics are correct in then estilmate of his abilities, to fill an important place in the theatrical Hfo of England. The experiment of a stock opera company at the Broadway theater has proved successful, so much so, in fact, that arrangements have already been made for several worts to follow "The Highway man" as soon as that very popular work shall have worn out its welcome in this city. Of course the piece will. not be shcilved then by any means, as, if gossip is to be believed, it is tho intention of the management of the Broadway to send al of their demonstrated successes out on the road, visiting only the large cities. By this plan the element of chancti will be re duced to a minimum. By the way, for the benefit of those per eons who may imagine thnt they are des lined to become great librettists it may be mentioned that any book of a comic opera containing DO horse play will be read by Manager ilacCormack, and it it holds cu' anything of promise it will stand a very good chance of being bought by him. It is :not his intention to confine himself to the output of the well known vrrit«rs. Everybody will bo on an equal footing and h« best librettos will be thu ones svhich he will use regardless of the authorship. His company, always a particularly good one, las been strengthened by the addition of Cumillo D'Arville, who is, take it all in nil, tho best prima Uonna in this country or a stock organization. Sie succeeds Hilda Clark, who, while she is an artiste if considerable ability, was not thought sufficiently good »s all actress to carry out ;ha several strong scenes in "'The Highwayman." As she is under contract, how- she will continue with the company. ciargesof plagiarism bad as much foundation in fact as this one, there would be vary little printers' ink wast«d on the subject of Che appropriation of others' ideas. If the play in question had not betn one of the most phenomenal successes of the last decade, too, it is not likely that these aspersions on Mr. Barrett's literary integrity would ever have been made. So far from "The Sign of the Cross" having been adapted or suggested by "Quo Yadis," if there were plagiarism on either side, which, of course, there was not.it must necessarily bavo been on the part of Sinkiewicz, for I saw and read the manuscript of '-The Sign of the Cross" long before the great religious novel was published, and, what is more, the play was produced with si;aree!y a single change from the original text. Mr. Barrett has not yet apparently considered it necessary to answer a charge which is so absurd as to afford its own refutation to those who are at all familiar with the history of his drama, but the accusers have become so persistent that his friends have communicated with him on the subject. He is now in Aus tralia and on his way back to England via San Francisco and New York, it is nor unlikely that he will give bis detractor^ the excoriation which they so richly deserve. The newspapers of this city take pleasure in referring to the "provincialism" and "gullibility" of the newspapers of other cities, especially with regard to matters theatrical. This is done in a commiserat- ,ng sort of fashion that is particularly exasperating, especially when it is known that there are no newspapers on the western hemisphere which are so easily imposed ugon a, those published in the metropolis of' the United States. Many stories are submitted which bear the impress of che fakir who is simply desirous of getting the name of his theater or star into print, and yet the city editor will accept them, probably without even going through the form •f investigating.- If, however, tho press agent happens to bfi shrewd enough to offer his "information" exclusively to one sheet, it is corttiin to be given great prominence. The corrections and modifications as well as the, denials in many cases which follow nerve to "make space" for several days. In no respect is the gullibility of tho BAG BALL. Sew Came For Indoo-ru M Well M Open Air. Bag ball is a nsw game freshly imported from England. It is adapted to the tastes of both old and young and may be played under cover or in the open air. The game is played with ttnnis balls and rackets and a receiving board. Fort?--five feet is suggested as a proper distance from the striking point to tho receiving board, but this is not arbitrary. The balls are to be 12 red and IS white lawn tennis ones, and the A Great Slaughter i SALE OF FINE _ ?| »4 WINTER SHOES nanst be closed out at one-third their value to make TOOTR for our large Purchase of Spring Goods. These shoes are first class and must sell. Come -while the sizes are here and get your fiioice. ELPWINTER. Shoe Store, 510 Broadway, AMUSEMENTS. D CLAN'S OPERA BOUSE. WM. DOLAN, MOH. BAG BALF, FIELD. York papers more marked than with !/g ame j s w on by those who first play sii J *_ *.— n.-illnsl i l e-/i/*ia+- i f" in'rtYYlATI XBnfl.-! . n .1 i_ J \. « I«n1.-.r< iM + rt •l-Vva not; nfc h»/>t Tuesday, February^7 98. HOl'T & M'KKK'S Comedy, Under their Pergonal Management Presenting Heyt's Latest Success ASTRANGER IN NEW YORK The Music all new andtnneful Tne Dialogue Original and Witty. Sumptuously Staged, Beautifully CosUmed. Clever Comedians, Pretty Girls. Star cast including: Otis Harlan. Note—This is not a suo;es of l»«t year, but is the nne great comedy &n<3 musioaJ triumph of the present eeason In New York City. Prices—25c, 35o, 50c, 75c and *1. Seats on sal« aV Johnston's drujt store. the loiQg distance lines. It is quartered- sawed oak, fitted up winb. plate ijlass windows and was made by Stevens Bros. Manager Overshiner Is now getting cut a new directory for the use ol telephone subscribers, of which he now has nearly 400. Football Profits. The total receipts of the recent prea Yale-Princeton contest in Xew Haven we: $25.395.77. Of this,amount $i7,3S7 was obtained from the sale of seats, there lx>- ing 14,819 admission tickets sold, and the balance, tl.OS1.77, came from the pro- gramme privilege, Yale and Princeton each get$l2,OS2.71 as their share of the net receipts of the game. This compares favorably with the game of lS96on Manhattan field, when tho two colleges divided $28,316.66 net receipts. Indeed but :tor the fact that there was one expenditure of $4,381.35 in providing seating capacity or Yale Held, the net receipts of 1S97 would have exceeded those of 1S96. Princeton £hared this expenditure. Frttnklln Bain Phelps, a financial editor, died at his home. N Tork City. Friday. He was a son of fu.dcs M. Phelos. of Jantaxillfc Aaron H. \\oodhuirs surrender of tho ense of the old ^tarulard cheater, which rechristened the ilunhattan, was no stu'prise to the members of the theatrical colony in this city. This house, which is one of the best located in New York, has :oir many years been regarded witlx\ dis- trnst and misgiving by tbe profession. There- was a very general impression that it could not be made to pay no matter what the offering might be. That this s an absurdity was strikingly demonstrated by "Charley's Aunt," which did good business there for months. As if that were not enough toxlispose o;f the ridiculous "hoodoo" idea, William Glilletto came along a little later with his "Too Much Johnson." a farce which packsd the house for the greater portion of a season. There have been other successes at the Standard, but these are perhaps the two most notable. William A. Brady and Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr., the men v^no have secured control of the house for a number of years, are two of tbe greatest "hustlers" in the show business, and it is dollars to doughnuts that they will make a go of their venture. Their firsirproduction will be a Xew England play by Lottie Blair Parker entitled "Vay Down East," which Brady has had on hand for some time. The house has been rechristened the Comedy, from which a pretty good idea of the policy to be pur «6ed may be obtained. If th.->y will put on good plays, they will find that the Stond- axd-ilanhattan-Coinedy theater will draw just as well as any other place of amusement of the same class in Xew York. And Incidentally it may-be mentioned that it Is the purpose of Messrs. Brady and Ziegfeld to keep it up to the high standard which it has occupied, with a couple of •light interruptions, for the last decade. Again the old accusation has come to the front that Wilson Barre« stole hi« pl»y i£ The Sign of the Cross" from'that marvelous novel "Quo Yadi*." If regard to so called "society" women have decided to adopt the stajje as a profession. Tbe full pedigree of these aspirants is usually given and a degree of notoriety Is liecured which would be obnoxious to any one with :tbe roost elementary ideas of reflnisinent, ,as. it doubtless is -to those who thus havd it thrust upon thoin. In some cases the announced "society" women are entitled to the designation, but in more it is a rank absurdity. But to get into tho prints here the bald unsupported claim is all that is necessary, just, as though, even if it were well founded, it could possibly afflict tha probability of success of the dramatic debutante. This wishywashy exploitation of every one connected remotely with the stage has become so tedious that many well known actors who huve earned their positions by ability and hnri work are cow having nothing but tns most perfunctory announcements of their comings and goings, made by their advance men. Legitimate publicity never did h».vt! a chance against unblushing notoriety, and that is about the situation at the prusont time. . Franklin Fyles, one of the most scholarly awd observant critics in this city or country, very appropriately observes that it seems rather & regrettable fact that Charles Coghlan should at this stage of his experience have been lured'in to speaking before an audience. His original explanation that- tho damage it did by destroying the illusion created by the-actor's art is so good, .'that,ho should never again allow himself to break tho rule he kept so long. If the Rimie rule could be impressed upon authors, there might be as much-improvement. But they do appear to make speeches or to bow, and it is in nine cases out of ten from the feeling that it would be discourteous not fb acknowledge the applause of tho audience. Sometimes the effect is discouniging, especially in the case of some women. Martha Morton, who is,.a tall woman, usually manages to appear comparatively at her ease and looks well. Mrs. JIac.lel.ino Lucfettc Ryley has ' been"an actress imd that is of undoubted assistance to ler. $hc is ('.frays self possessed and alert. Mrs. France? Hodgson Burnett looks dazed am 1 -ives the impression that she has sud- i".!v heard somebody yell "Fire!" Tbe .ion sin-, as a rule, bettor prepared for the (Tiitiiiy, and Charles Hoyt would indeed disappointed if a first night audience ailed to nail him out for a speech. One hat hci delivered two years ago at the American theater has never been forgotten >y the audience that heard him. Palmer i holds the record for having been the iiost fiightened man that has ever been sailed before un audience. Every person in he house when lie appeared was personal- y embnrrassetl at having caused him such •onfnsian. Clyde Fitch has not been be;ore u curtain for many years, and H. l>. Darletnn is another temporary absentee. 3ronson How:irtl is always suave, and Puul Potter, who showed himself on only balls through the holes into the net at back of. receiving board- Tho server or bowier delivers, underhand, 13 balls into the re- boundamless the striker is "out" before tbe 12 are bowled. Balls that do not pitch into the rebound are "noballs,"and three bowled thus in succession count one to the striker. -'The striker stands with one foot within or on the line forming the striking circle- aud^bits the ball as it rises from the rebound, endeavoring to bat it into one oi the holes'on the resolving board. Tli€ striker is "out" if bo misses three properly bowled balls in succession, or if the ball should bo caught by an opponent as it rebounds from the receiving board, or ij caught by the server, and also when 32 properly bowled bulls have been delivered. The server takes tho place of tho striker in turn. When more than two are playing, all may play against one another or side}, may be chosen, WOMEN FLY CASTING. Mils Corn Leonard Make* a Record ol Seventy-tliree Feet. A feature of the recent sportsmen's show n .New York was a fly casting contest in which two ladies took prominent part, lach made a record, for it was the first iublic competition of the kind ever held n this country. ID was proved that.lly asting is still another pastime in which women may easily become proficient. For ne thing, no special attire is needed. Jiss Cora Leonard, who won with a cast f 73 feel;, is a cousin of K. C. Leonard, he expert caster. She wore a black skirt nd a silk waist of Gordon tartan. Miss iclen Stoddard, who made a record of 81 (Established 186T), (Incorporated 18M). ARTHirB W. PHvEBO. one occasion, was .seen to bo grinning con tent«d:iy. Although there really is a gen uino ffieling that it would be rude not t< appear, many of the dramatists are eagei enough to get before the curtain. Only last season the manager of one theater bai to ordor the curtain rung down in order ic keen out; of view one author v-bo was es pecially anxious to make a speech. OCTAVTS COHEX. Sew York. Chance For American Athletes- Colonel L. M. Hamburger, the officia representative,, of the Amateur Athleti union to tbe Paris exposition, will press upbtf tih-d attention of coiferess the need of appropriating t25,000 to defray the ex penees of an American, athletic, team to the> international championships which »ie to be held at Paris during the eiposi tfenoOMC. One of the oldest and best in the state. Two of our students have just taken positions. If you want to secure a position attend MLLWINESS COLLEGE. 2nd. and 3rd. Floors, Keystone building, cor. Broadway and Sixth St. C. F. HO ORE, Pres't. NO PAINING DANGER! Teeth extracted without palu or after effects, such as sore mouth, sore gains, etc. i Abeolatelj safe and painles. The most natural-looking artificial Teeith on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. The finest and best method of CROWN and BKlDuK Work. ^TNoeharee for extracting without pain when new teeth are to bo supplied. Dr. W,. T. Hurtt, 1 -«T7XTT % TCT > t 311 1-2 Fourth St. IJrtJM 1 10 1 SoverFliher'aDmgBtor MIES COEA LEOSAED. feet, wore a black dress and a. blue wa,ist with black lace, white lace and other trimmings quite impossible for a man to describe. Neither dropped so much as a single splash of water on her costume, which proves their aptness and also the confidence that made them wear fine clothes. Neither wore a hat, and gloves, of course, were doffed. .Miss Leonard used a stiff 9 foot rod of. about eight ounces, which gave to her an advantage over lli-ss Stoddard perhaps, who had a shoi'ter and much lighter rod. EnjfliKh und American Record*. It is difficult to compare English and American recoids. In America the track is measured IS inches from the curb, while 12 inches is the rule in England. The British weight throwers get up their momentum in a nine foot circle. The athletes of the United States are restricted to seven feet. The English run over hurdles fixed firmly in the ground, -which is much more dangerous to the competitors than the lightly constructed and loosa hurdles used in the United States. Thc Hot Springs of Arkansas. It SB announced that all three of the grea* hotels at this resort will be open this winter. The Arlington has never closed, the Park opened January BC.and theBaMznan January 25tb. In addition, there are fifty boteli and three hundred boarding homes giving accommodations at reasonable rates to all claue* «f people. This is the only health and plewira* resott under direct Government control. The curative properties of the hot water* ai» vouched for by the Surgeon-General Of tlw United States, tfend for Illustrated deacrip- ti»e matter and particulars regarding tk« jrrently reduced ninety-day round trip excursion rates, to the cearest coupon ticket agent of the Vaadalla Line. Warm Hand*. One of the latest devices for the cyclist*' beuefit'Su Germany i£ the stove handle bar. The bajrs are hollow at the end and are closed by a screw cap. A small piece of punk, stach as boys cse to light fireworks to placed! on the bar and allowed to smolder ! there. In a very short while the bars become comfortably -warm. Each piece lasts for seratal hoars. The sensation in riding a machine with this heating device i* wid to be anything bat disagreeable. FROM FOOT TO KNEE ^ Ohfo Woman Suffered Great Agony From a Terrible Sore—Her Story of the Case, and Her Cure. " For many years I was afflicted with • milt leg, and a few yeans ago it broke out in :i sore and spread from my loot to my knee. I suffered great agony. It would bum and itch all the time and discharge a grreat deal. My health wag good witk the exception of this sore. I tried a greet many kinds of «alve, tint some would irritate the sore so thai I could .hardly 6ta.Qd the pain. I could not go near the fire without suffering in tensely. 8omeow» seat me papers containing testimonial* ot ewes by Hood's SarsapcrilU, ">d I told mj husband I would like to try this med- iciae. He got me a bottle and I found * helped me. I kept on taking it until »y limb wai completely healed. I canao* pniise Hood's S«rs»parill« enough tor the groat benefit it hM I*** to »*• ' B cleanses the blood of nil lmpnrftfa« mad leaves it rich and pure," MM. A»* B. EJJCHS, Whittleiey, Onto, can buy Hood'i Be turn tog* only HooT*. Hood's PUIs •rettte

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