The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on July 14, 1969 · 63
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 63

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1969
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Miami Herald ST LUCIE MARTIN See inside back page of this section EDITION Monday July 11 196') No 226 Florida's Complete Newspaper Two Latin American Editions Are Published Daily 59th Year 80 Pasres 10 Cents He'll Walk Down Nine Steps Into History Armstrong he's Out of Comes By GENE MILLER Herald Staff Writer In the year 1930 the baby doctors insisted that the new mother remain in bed for 10 days and so the day before Aug 5 1930 the men of the Korspeter farm in Ohio dismantled the bed upstairs carried it down the steps into the front parlor where Stephen and Viola had been married reassembled it and awaited- the birth of Neil Alden Armstrong at 31 minutes after midnight Next week Neil Armstrong intends to step from a nine-rung aluminum alloy-ladder his size 9'2B foot encased in a white lunar overshoe 'J -inch sole 13 inches long by six inches wide — and walk on the surface of the moon "I think it's dangerous" said Grandma Korspeter the-tljert day "I told hrrft to look around and not to step out if it didn't look good: He said he wouldn't" THE DECISIONS and acts of Neil i f 1 Hunted hi Louisiana Escapees on the Run Again After Freeing 2nd Family CLOUTIERVILLE La — (AP) — Three Texas jail escapees armed with submachine guns fled their second hideout Sunday driving across a dusty cotton field and leaving six more hostages behind after talking to the Louisiana governor by telephone The three stole the station wagon of Jack Starnes and fled with one hostage a Texas jailer Police said they drove across a cotton field and were spotted in the Flat-woods area between Clou-t i e r v i I I e and Alexandria after turning loose the jailer Police roadblocks were set up in the Flatwoods area THE ESCAPEES left Starnes and five members of his family unharmed at the three-story plantation house at the end of a dirt road near Cloutierville Earlier they had left a second Texas deputy behind at the Mansfield area farmhouse of a five-member family who had been held hostage The escapees walked safely away from waiting police at the Mansfield farm in a deal arranged over the telephone with Gov John J Mc-Keithen Two hours later they holed up in Starnes' farmhouse about 70 miles southeast of Mansfield McKeithen and the state police superintendent pursued the escapees by plane while police units on the Today's Chuckle Man who claims full credit for most of the good things in Ihc world promptly lahels any disaster an "act of God" TJA SWIM-POOL RElJllRS CONST cleanin: service - 4-M7i — Aav J the Civilian promised his grandmother he'll take a good look around before stepping on moon Midwestern Americana a Pioneer for the Moon Tomorrow: A Profile Of Col Edwin Aldrin Armstrong within the next seven days for their sheer historic importance will survive in all probability as long as mankind exists Of the approximate 77 billion human beings to have lived on the planet-earth he should be the first to set foot on another celestial body If Grandma Caroline Korspeter 82 finds comprehension difficult her inability is shared by much of humanity Five miles down the pike southwest of Wapafemeta Ohio she lives sfcii'i-mf $ ©ak-shaded white farmhouse Tvth a-rocking chair on the porch The-wefr'hasr' a dipper On that day of Aug 5 nearly 39 years ago the state of aviation was'sueh ground were kept at a safe distance THE CONVICTS fled from Mansfield in the car of Herbert DeSoto whose family had been held hostage and drove over the hilly winding roads of northwestern Louisiana Sheriff Roy Webb of DeSoto Parish (county) said the governor agreed to let the three escapees keep one hostage if they would free the DoSoto family He said McKeithen gave them three hours "to get lost or go somewhere" A request for additional ammunition was refused Notable They hare villi fied me they have crucified me yes they have even criticized mc' — ( TiiraoMaor Kicharl J Dak? in a collection of hi foMMKH quotes See Story Page INDEX Amuse 10D Financial Bishop 7 A Helnise Classified 1 1C Kilpatrick Comics 10B King Crossword 10B Kofoed 1-lliott 4D Landers 8B 4C 7A 10D 11B 2B TODAY'S SPECIAL AT WENDY'S PARK It pav to deal with Webb Realty thai RESTAURANT LIVER AND ONIONS 1 real estate b'Oker's broker Call Jim e9eta!ls SI 17 HiiMnlli 41c U5S5 Morano Aiwute 373-4531 Web' Realty N W !JWi Av BtMiM 'Mtrmt atom Realtors IBM Btdg Room 5 l2S Bi partite Exp -Adv I cay SM Miami Ha — Ady i jSb Armstrong the Astronaut McKeithen talked to the escapees for the second time while they were holed up at the Cloutierville farmhouse The governor said he talked to Starnes who said his family had not been threatened K E P T HOSTAGE was deputy J M Nealy of the Gregg County Tex sheriff's department Authorities in Texas said the three escaped Saturday night from the Gregg County jail in Longview m east Texas apparently overpowering the jailer when he attempted to put a mop and bucket in their cell for a cleanup Quote 241 Martenhofl 8D Sports id Movies 11D Thompson 10B Pearson 7A TV-Radio 9D Porter 8B Wcathc- 2 A Q'k: Quiz 1 IB Women IB Restrants KB Thosteson 3C KM1 —World Book Science Service Photos that The New York Times deemed a pilot's misfortune in a roll at 3500 feet worthy of a two column headline on Page 13: "Flier leaps Safely as Wing Snaps in Stunts "Plane Crashes Mile Away Killing 141 Chickens" FROM THE BEGINNING almost the great passion of the life of Neil Armstrong has been aviation: Balsa wood gliders made in the basement fragile model airplanes flying from wires around a baseball diamond a boy-made wind tunnel that worked a Grumman Panther jet off the USS Essex and finally in the pre-Apollo long ag® jif 1962 an XI 5 research rocket erafflj at '207000 feet (4 aiiles) ab T&lS 'miles an hour "My parents remember taking me outito the Cleveland airport when-1 was Turn to Page 22A Col I Clear Sky Forecast For Shot Life in Apollo 23A It Could hail 234 By Herald Wire Services CAPE KENNEDY — Encouraged by a forecast of near-perfect weather for Wednesday's takeoff toward the moon two Apollo I 1 astronauts went flying Sunday to sharpen their skills The third astronaut Edwin £ Aldrin Jr got first-hand advice from another aerospace pioneer his lather At the launch pad work was ahead of schedule Astronaut Neil A Armstrong who hopes to become the first man to walk on the lunar crust practiced moon-landings ina helicopter while astronaut Michael Collins tuned up his pilot proficiency in a T38 jet trainer PLANS for the astronauts to spend time at the beach were foiled by a brief shower Aldrin met in crew quarters with his father retired Air Eoree Col Edwin E A I drin who made the first trans-Atlantic round trip flight in the dirigible "Hin-denburg" and held soveral cross-country biplane speed records Throughout his life as a pilot and astronaut Aldrin is known to have been very close to his father and has respected his advice At the launch pad a 16-hour hold began at S am Sunday to giv ground crews a long res: before they head into the final hours of preparations DOZENS of members of the astronaut corps and top Turn to Page 21A Col 1 LUBY CHEVROLET CITY Srvir(Paris 'till 1 Won Thru M Sales 'till 9 pm Mon Ttiru Frl WOO Nw 27th Avenue — AdV : Russians Launch Unmanned Craft Toward the Moon May Try To Return Lunar Soil Soviet 'Scoop? 2A MOSCOW — (AP) — The Soviet Union launched an unmanned spaceship called Luna 15 Sunday in what some saw as an attempt to bring back a moon sample and overshadow the US Apollo 11 flight The official Soviet news agency Tass announced that Luna 15 will "conduct further scientific exploration of the moon and space near the moon" The specific mission was not announced The Russians never announce the real missions of space shots so that they don'L have to admit failure if something goes wrong Russian sources reported earlier that the country would try for another historic space first by landing an unmanned ship on the moon scooping up some moon soil and returning it to earth This too was never confirmed or denied IE AIE GOES normally Luna 15 should reach the area of the moon in three days at about the lime the United States launches the Apollo 11 manned flight The Apollo astronauts are scheduled to make their moon landing July 20 Tass reported that the spaceship was "launched to the moon from the orbit of an artificial earth's satellite" at 5:55 am Moscow time By noon it was 40300 miles from the earth it said "There is a steady radio communication with the station The data of telemet-ric information the systems on board the station and scientific equipment of the station function normally" l ass said IN IODRELL Bank England Sir Bernard Lovell director of the lodrell Bank Observatory said it is unlikely thai the Russian moon shot will be able to bring back samples of lunar soil but that it may be "one of a series which in a matter of months will succeed" Sir Bernard an expert in the tracking of space flights said thai the Russians did not appear to have the carrying capacity now tO It-tempi a lift-off from the moon He added that I lie I una 15 flight could possibly be a test of a new system to attempt a landing on the moon from an orbiting spacecraft "This could well he the start of a new series in which the Russians will attempt to do automatically whai the I urn to Page 2A Col 7 'Baek in I SSH Beatles Dig Us Russians Claim MOSCOW — (AP) — Radio MOSCOW said the pop music world has gone wild ov0 Russia and i itad the Beatles' hit "Back in the USSR" to prove it in a documentary Radio MOSCOW quoted British pop singer Mary Hopkin as saying: "Now everything ( on-nected with Russia is fashionable" A narrator said the Beatles' John lennon knows what makes a hit and that because of the Russian trend the Beatles produced their Demonstrators Interrupt1 V1 Convention Session they claime d doctors me opposing health metuuret End Health Plan Fight AMA Doctors Are Told NEW YORK — (UPI) — The president of the Amen can Medical Association told fellow doctors Sunday to stop trying to obstruct the "national commitment to health" and gel on the band wagon Dr Dwighl L Wilbur in effect advocated thai the ama take the lead In pre grams once despised as so i- alized medicine iiis speech was delayed 15 minutes b dozens of young doctors who took over the stage to 1 1 it I c fee ama members Pol lading to provide adequate health care One protestor i h Richard Kunnes ailed the AMA m e ui he i s "criminals" for failing to provide I he nation with adequate health i are burned his membership i ard and announi ed "Let's get one thing straight the AMA is really the American murderers' Association" ABOin FIVE don n ama delegates got up and walked out of the convention some yelling thai Kunnes should "get hair rut" although the "Back in the U SSR" song 1 he Beatles recording was then played OB the air probably to the delight 'if Russian young people who rarely hear Beatles music on Soviet radio statf Of I he whole song was played including a line saying: "I'm back in the 1 1 S SR You don't know how lucky you are" I h( narrator's introdui tion In the song said the words concerned "the gOOd fortune t'i iiiinp to the Soviet Union and the good fortune to be a Soviet cosmonaut" I In Dr Dwighl Wilbur sounds wamini 27-year-old New Yorker's hair was short and he wn neatly dressed About 22006 i thi AMA's 1 7000 members were al-tending the four-day convention which is being held at a lime of turmoil within the organization About 100 persons picketed outside the convention site at the Americana Hotel and inside doctors were in disagreement about the future course of Ihc AMA Wl I B U R i modi rati Mar) Hopkin Russia is 'in Kiili'rt I'rcs Wirenholo said "We live in an era nf n a t Ion a I i ninmit ment to health Than is no turning back i here IS further commitment ahead " I here is a natural and traditional tendency in avoid delay to obstruct to counter I In K growing t lends to legard then as unfortunate dC 11 lie live and hampering to the free practice of medicine "To some extent they arc and they do But basically they are here In slay and will grow Too often without foresight without planning Willi lack of awareness of significant sm ial and political activities of the day we have lei events and others control out destiny when we COUld have and should have (tint rolled them ourselves" KUNNES and other demonstrator who look over the stage called for salaries instead of fees for doctors an idea firmly opposed by most AMA members Wilbur in his speech said however that he could see circumstances bi which salaries should be permitted Eor example he said doctors working in community Ol neighborhood health centers might be put on salaries Wilbur also endorsed development o( Slid) centers ill REITERATED the A M A 's endorsement of health and insurance re for all peOpte to meet health cists with the federal government underwriting the in tS for the very poor Dr Roger () Fgebcrg assistant secretary for health and Scientifk affairs in the U S Department of Health Education and Welfare later told the convention "the time is not ripe" for national health insurance but it might he the eventual solution lie urged dot tors in "reach out to the ghettos and poverty areas" "We have created a distribution of medical care in way that suits us and suits the American middle class" he said "There have to be I urn to Page 2A CoF — A ssi

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