The Evening Review from East Liverpool, Ohio on June 3, 1932 · Page 1
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The Evening Review from East Liverpool, Ohio · Page 1

East Liverpool, Ohio
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Friday, June 3, 1932
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WEATHER Ix>cal thunderbtorniH tonight and Saturday; not much change In temperature I yOL. LVI. NO. 181, EAST LIVERPOOL REVIEW Complete News Coverage of WeUsville, Midland, Chester and Seiveli Tke AMorlate# Prea*. lateraatlu*«! Mewa Mrrrlee. Tke I'nltee Preaa. EAST LIVERPOOL. OHIO. FRIDAY, JUNL TWENTY-TWO PAGES HOME EDITION TWO CENT^ ' NEWARK FLIER IS OFF FOR WARSAW TODAY It Cannot Be Quiet. You’11 Buy Stocks Again. 100% Tax on Crime. April Fifth Won; Wales Danced. ny ARIHtIR BRISBAJ««:.““ Four Drowned In SPANISH \'ETS’ HEAD ConviiKht. 1932. by King Features Syndicate, Inc. JF3REMIAH, W'HOSE specialty waa lameutlng, wrote: “There is sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet:” Von may substitute ‘‘Wall Street” for “Sea, ' and it will still be accurate There is sorrow in Wall Street and it. also, cannot be quiet. Wednesday morning when ‘The Street’’ heard that the budget was biiiti-’ed, storks went up, and all was as gay as the playing of fountains St Versailles. d !»on somebody begn thinking, and the fountains stopped spouting The thinker, perhaps, .said to himself: “The budget is balanced IF the bndg n balancing is done on the ass'jinptiott that ‘socking the rich’ will yield all that i.s hoped for. As well re’y on soliing horns of the unicorn. There are no unicorns, .State Commander John E. Pen although you may see them orna- nerty of Findlay, will in the nientiiig G tthic tapestry and Brit-! ceremony instuting Charles C. Cox ain's coat of arms.” f camp No. 105, United Spanish Also, there are few rich left to, War V'eteran.s, in the Elks’ temple bo • s Tcked” Vou could say of If. West Fifth .street Sunday at 1 OTHER DEATHS FEARED; MAHY ARE TRAPPED Police Rope Floating House, Rescuing Five Persons. Oklahoma City FIoodlRAUSRER HOPS n iDu iuniii[> I' <’>' FROM HEW YORK OARR AVENUE i ^ / q |, Q(.m, jmp New German Chancellor Liable to Arrest Here « *41 4> Sixteen-Year-Old Federal Grand Jury Indictment Outstanding Against Colonel von Papen for Pre-War Activities in U. S. BUSINESS HIT New York, lair of tlie rich, the P- “ l satiH' Jeremiih said of another great city: “C >n. eraiiig Damasc us. Hamath i.H confounded, and Arpad: For tliey Iiav.i li-.ard evil tiding»; They I are faint-hearted.” Puk out my two of the formeri “very rich’ and tliey will an.swerj the desvriptiou of Hamath and Ar-> pad However, it will pas.s. and yon will h> buying stocks, and wondering why you did not buy at the: bottom. New York City may be in some! ways like OamaHcus in the days of ... Jeremiah, but New Y'ork has more! \ oluntcers money. VVeJue»day, Mr. Berry, New York’s comptroller, announced! that he had collected in one dayj more than seventy-four million dol-j lara in taxes, more than on the, same day in 19^1. SPANISH WAR VETERANS TO FORMCOXCAMP in 1896 War Will Organize Sunday. With % charter membership of !Gd, Charles C Cox camp No. 105, To some th* Spanish W«r VMeram, w4ti of proiierly owners stimulate tax!be Instituted at a public ceremony Plying. A man with a mortgageLa Elks’ temple in West Phfth must pay taxes or have his mort-i „ i«9 i<„:.cto»9.i. M»..y that would, lot taxes run dare not do so on ac count of the mortgage holder. National and state officers of the organization as well as delegations from nearby camps will attend. In- Boats are Taken to Community Camp By Guards. By Thy Atu«4Kia|y<l PrM». OKLAHO.MA CITY'. June S ~ Three women were drowne.l and there were unverified reports of other deaths as a sudden flood swept Oklahoma City early today, trapping scores of sleeping fam ilies. Sent roaring out of their hanks by a half foot of rain, the waters of the Canadian river and Lightning creek surged over a wide area in the southern part of the city. Water poured through the busi ness district, flooding basements, and routed families living in camps for the de.stitnte. Three Bodies Recovered The body of a 14-year-old girl was taken from Lightning creek at I Southeast 2.’?rd street. J. M. M<»ads, former deputy sheriff, reportetl that the body of a woman about 45 years old was taken from a tree on ^uth 21st street and that another woman, about 40, was recovered at .South 25th street and Santa Fe. The body of a 5-year old boy wa.s recovered from 5 feet of water In the 100 block of southeast 23rd street. A man on horseback who at templed to cross deep water near the Taylor School for hoys, where 65 hungry youths were marooned upstairs, was reported drowmed. The backing up of flood waters caused a shutdown on nearly every well In the north eml of Oklahoma City oil fields, as well as pipeline and gas compressor stations. L. L. Estes, a south side resident, said he saw a man clinging to the top of a floating house go down when the house collided with another. There was an unverified report of another woman’s body on THE SENATE on Tuesday voted 'Stations have also been extended to tan 100 per cent all incomesi^^P Grand Army of the Ilepub- earned through violations of state:*'*'* Sons of \eteraus, \ eterans of or federal laws. , I* oreign Y\ ars the American Le- This indicates the opinion that |auxiliary orders, our Bovernmonl U more ea„p,'Amooç i railway trestle wliich ooulj iml CO e' nnl*iiîoîi I' somi'l takiiiiî part in llie ceremonyllte reacheti and a woman and child wn,it," ‘‘tr, 7 " rnotTr^k ■" ,tice Edward S. Matthias of Colum K P3st corurnatider-in-rhief of With a 100 per ce. t ax. bootleg:Veterans; gers. racketeers and tlie aimy Fen.iertv of Findlay, de- croOKe l politicians wdl have »■ ^^rtmeat commander; .Tame.s Rob­ ing more to do with banks or Columbus, commissioner of deposits. Even the big tin box al claims; home will not be safe from a vigilant government prying. ONE MILLION Brili.shers went to see ‘ April the Ehfth,” a lOo-to-0 outsider win the Derby. Millions were lost on tlie favorite. The king. Queen Mary and all their children saw the horses run. and the niglit before the derby, Mrs. Amelia Earhart Putnam, our At!anti■' ocean flier, danced three times with the Prince of Walo.s at a charity ball. It was an exciting day and night in I j OI k I oii . SENATOR CARTER GLASS, of Virginia, helieves he lias a better pi »11 tlmi the Gold.sborough bill for iticreisitig the money supply He State Organizer (Continued On Page 2) Temperatures East Liverpool Weather Report., uoon ........................ Thurs.lay. G p m................. Milniglit .......................................... Toliy, G a. m....................................... GO Tnl iy. uoati .............. GO Mixirniim ................................. ;)2 Minimum .................................. Grt PrecipitiGon ............................GO Vernon L. Wingert of Springfield, and others. Attorney Blaine H. Cochran will also sp*»ak briefly In behalf of tlie local camp Officers Are Named. In addition to Kinsey, elective officers are: Senior Vice Commander. Dennis M McCarron of VVelLsville: Junior Vice Commander. Edward S. Hartrum of East Palestine; officer of the day, Thomas C. Smitli of East Liverpool; officer of the guard. Ray D. Thomp.son of Lislion: trustees: three y^ars. George Swingewomi; two years, George McCilntock; and one year, Charles Craig, all of East Liverpool. .Yppointive officers include: Adjutant, Thomas A. Walker of East Liverpool; quartermaster. Charles R. Stephens, of East Idverpool; pa- jtriotic instructor. Robert Potts of Wellsville; historian, Harry Cafon of Lisbon , chaplain, Edgar Heddleston of East Liverpool; sergeant major, John Headley of East Liv- „aierpool; quartermaster sergeant. , Edward W'yman of East Liverpiool; ‘bicolor sergeants, Thomas Beatty of j^jNeglf'y and Orville McKinnon of Liverpool. The name of the Columbiana county organization. Charles C. Cox (Continued On Page 13) (Continued On Page 13) WALKER PROBER IS TOLD TO ACT Governor Roosevelt Points Out Duty of Seabury in New York Quiz. Rr The Associated Press ALBANY', N. Y.. June 3—Gov ernor Roosevelt said today that It was the duty of the legislative com mfttee and Samuel Seabury to make charges against Mayor Walk er, “if they believe they have sufficient cause,” without waiting to make formal report to the next legislature. The governor’s statement was an answer to published reports that Seabury, the committee’s counsel, intended to hold up formal charges against the mayor of New York to give time for Governor Roosevelt to act on hi.s own initiative. 'he Associated Press* Daily Tern perature Report. 165 TEACHERS TO GET PLACES Contracts Will Read “From One to Nine Months.“ 8 a. m. Condi- Y'est’d' Ciiv Today tion» .Maximum Attuiti ....... 6 4Raiu .......... . 78 Bontou . ....... 64Rain .......... . 70 B'lifalo -..... 68 Clear ......... . 76! Ctii-ig» ........ 66Pt. Cloudy . . 72 Uiu-'inniti . . 68 Pt. Cloudy . . 82 C level iti-l — 70 Pt. Cloudy . . 82 Ciiumliu» .... 7H Clear ........ . SO D ‘liver .......... 58 Raiu ........ . 74 Metr-ail ......... 68 Pt. Cloudy . . 7S El Pa.»o ........ 62 Cloudy ....... 88, Kiu»a» City .. 66Rain ----- 821 li-n Ang'le» .. 58 Cloudy ....... . 64 Mutui 76 Pt. Cloudy . soi N *w Orleans 74 Cloudy ....... . 84 N*w Y'ork ....64 Cloudy ....... 74 FitUburgh . . 72 Clear — — . 86j Portland. Ore.54 Cloudy ....... 64 S L-)ui» ...... 72 Clear ......... ss! .^111 P'raacisco 52 Clear ......... 621 T J m p 1 ......... 74 Pt. Cloudy . soj Waa.'nug'ou .. 68 Clear ......... dò Yesterday’» High. Piiaenix ........ 92 Cloudy .-ihrevepirt .. 90 Cloudy Mem phi.» 83Pt. Cloudy Today’» Low. Yellowstone .. 36 Clear Lander ....— 42 Clear Goodlaod ....... 44 Cte*r . House “To Let” PALO ALTO, (a!, June 3.—-Back here again today looking for Mr Hoover’s house, .saw a sign. “To Let” on it. So that don’t look any too nouri.shing for you Democrats. Had a talk with Herbert this raorning, not Herbert Hoover, but ‘The” Herbert, Herbert Fleischacker, who is the J. P. -Morgan. Owen Y'oiing. Carter Glass and Andy Mellon, ail combineii, of the Pacific coast. And he is one rich man who didn’t start out by saying, “Well, I am an optimist.” He said. “I don’t know any more what’s the matter with U.S, or what is going to happen to us than the U. S. senate does.” Imagine a big banker admitting to that? Your.s, Will Rogers (Copyright, 1932, McNau^ht Syndicate, Inc.) The appointment of teachers for the East Liveriwol public schools for the 1932-33 term will probably be made at the meeting of the board of education tonight, Super intendent H. G. Means said today, A minimum of 165 instructors will be named. This will be a decrease of 11. Home teaching positions will be eliminated in keeping with the projKised retrenchment plan of the board, which is necessary because of the shrinkage in taxes. Other positions will be abandoned because of the lack of interest of the students. Because of insufficient enrollment in the industrial arts and domestic science classes, the teaching staff in these departments may be reduced. No action on the proposed economy plan is expected tonight, because of indefinite reports on the tax money received at Lisbon. The teachers will be engaged "for a term of not less than one month and not to exceed nine months duration,” Superintendent Means said. This form of contract wiii be on a month-to-month baala. It will also permit the school board to close the achoois at anf time dtiring thi |;ear. JOB URGED FOR PATTERSON Surveyor Kirk Sends Letter to County Board. COUNaUTo ACT Concrete Recommended for Wellsville Surfacing. Pretty Wife, Priest Passengers in Escort Plane. LETTERS ABOARD, Mail Will be Dropped Over London and Paris. TWO KILLERS Cheering Parisians MUST DIE IN B o v -ED- ent in Falmouth. England, in 1915. Documents, bearing von Papon’s signature, were found upou this man which linked the military at- toclio to pro German activities in the United States. One document, a letter from von Papen to his wife aUaUrii tu ' idiotlc Y'ankees.” Shortly after Washington demanded hi* recall and In December, 1915, he wa.H deported with Captain Boy-Ed. Later it was revealed that questionable reputation for himself | von Papen had been implicated In by his activities in company with! a plot to dynamite the locks of th^ The appointment of Colonel Franz von Papen, by Piesident Paul von Hindenburg. to form a new cabifiet to «aao the place of that of fornier-Chancellor urueu- ing, brings back to the spotliffht a man who-occupied it uuder aiifier- eot circumsiatice* tn the^ectic days preceding AmeriCsSi entry Into to the world war. Von Papen, then a military attache of the German embassy at Washington, earned a the notorious Captain Boy-Ed. With Boy-Ed, von Papen came un- Welland Canal, Canada. This was con.sldered a direct violation of dor suspicion of being implicated j American neutrality and a Federal in many plots to hinder the allies'grand Jury Indicted von Papen. in their prosecution of the war. but i This indictment is still outstand- his real connection with the Ger M»g and the new (Jerman chancellor man espionage system in America; can not visit the United States was disclosed with tl»e arrest of aniwitiiout running the risk of arrest American newspaper correspond- and trial. Youth, Clasping Body of Girl, Leaps Into Firepit of Volcano A ---------1*« «I“"’* “T*;Human Sacrifice of OütSía€T, Wtns Oûks Love and Despair. 8f Th» .VMoriatrd Prm. NEW Y'ORK. June 3.—Slani.slau.i Ifausner, of Newark. N. J. took off for War.saw, Poland, from Floyd Bennett Field today at 8:16 a. m. County Surveyor Lloyd Kirk to- •^,’|'»’:ast i.iverpool time.) He hoped day rorommended that the Coluin-’ to make the flight non stop, biana county commissioners award runt u i. » | Hausner’s second start on flie contract for the tmprovenieiit lti,e projected solo flight of Clark avenue, Wellsville, a section of the Ohio river-to Lake Erie highway which links Cinriimati and King.sville. to George B. Pat terson of Wellsville. Kirk also recommended the concrete type of surfacing, ixnufing out that “the difference l)etween the low concrete and the low brick bids Is fG.127.12 ’’ Council Action Awaited. “If this contract were awarded', on a brick basis, the city of Wells ville would have to pay $9,487.51. and I am afraid that would com pel the city to mortgage future monies for a couple of years, and tills money Is surely needed to feed the unemployed of that city." The commissioners will act after they have been advl.sed of the recommendation of the Wellsville counciL Mayor W. H. Daugherty .said today that no call had been is8»icd for a special meeting, so if is improbable tlie lawmakers wdll act before the regular session, next Tuesday niglit. Text of Kirk’» Letter. Kirk’s letter to the comml.ssion- ers follows: “Reference is made to tlie UL '*k avenue project at Wellsville, Ohio. “Wo have rather a peculiar situation existing In this Uity and In this particular proposed contract. There were but two bidders on this work, one from George B. Patterson of Wellsville and the second one from Mathew Grein’s Sons of Y'oungstown, Ohio. Bids were received, as you will recall, on both concrete and brick on a concrete base. Mr. Patterson’s bid on concrete »as $13,062.31 and Mr. Grein’s was $43.360 42, Mr. Paffer- .son’s bid on concrete base was $.50,931.70 and Mr. G rein’s was $19,487.54. wiiicli sbows a difference of $301.89 for the concrete type and a difference of $1,44 4 16 for brick, however the difference between the low concrete and the low brick Is $6,127.12. Local Labor Urged. “Without prejudice toward any individual, company or material «•oiirerii, the recommendatlou of B t The AMoriated Prem. HILO. Hawaii, June S. — Pele,: dreaded fire goddess of Hawailans, j has claimed a human sacrifice of love and despair In her traditional i home—the lava-filled firepit of Haleniauinau. Clasping in his arms the body of the girl who had spurned his love, William Nunes, a young Portuguese. leaped yesterday into the deep pit of the world's largest active volcano. He apparently had slain the girl, Margaret Enos, before hurling himself into the lava- fllled crater where some believe! the ancient Hawalians once offered! human sacrifices to appease Pele’s! wrath. ! Their bodies lay today side by! side, shrouded in sulphurous fumes! 800 feet below the brink of the pit on the slopes of Kilauea. i Girl Spurns Marriage Offer Tw'o days ago the tiigli school j girl refused Nunes’ offer of mar-' riage. Early yesterday the reject-, ed suitor kidnaped Miss Enos from the home of her sister, Mrs. Man-; uel Furtado, shooting the sister in| the band, when she tried to stop him. As authorities reconstructed the tragedy, the 20-year-old youth drove to the brink of Haleraauinaii. presumably pleading with the girl to reconsider his proposal. Falling, yet willing to spare his sweetheart the death he had chosen for him By Th« AMMM-iatr* Pr«M. EPSOM DOWNS. England. June 3—The Aga Kahn’s Udai­ pur, an outsider, today won the 150th renewal of the Oaks, classic race for three-year-old fillies before a great crowd on the downs which included King George and other member» of the royal family, Udaipur won by two lengths from liOrd Woiavington’s Will O’the Wisp, with l^ord Derby’s Giiidecca tliird, two lengths farther bark The race was at mile, 881 yards, th© same distance as the derby. Udaipur paid 10 to on© Will O’tho Wisp was nine to four and Guidecca 10 to one GUNSHOT COSTS HAND OF GIRL I _ Mildred Logston, 8, of Chester, Accidentally Shot. (Continued On Page 13) BEILING HELD FOR ASSAULT Hr The ADiiiKi«ted Preiw. PARIS, June 3.—'l'liou»aniU of cheering Parisians surrounded Mrs. Amelia Earhart Putnam when she reached her© this afternoon from lAindon by way of Cherbourg. Police had a bard time preventing the crowd from lifting her to their slioulders and carrying her off to her hotel. There were many women in th© crowd as Amelia'» train rolled hi. As ft came to a halt v and Mrs. Putnam alighted with her arms full of flower*, the crowd swept the police a»ide and «iirrouuded her ‘ Y'ou make m© very happy,” she cried. A member of th© » American embassy »taff ^ ed through to her side and led her through a pathwa/' which the p dice succeeded In form- f hig. country where h© wa* born. IjBst Saturday he took off but was forced back after several hours bjr unfavorable weather, H© was followed into the air today by another plan© in which bta pretty wife rode as a passenger. This plane merely Intended to escort Hausner on the first few miiet of hi» journey. Uses Rebuilt Bellanca In the second plane was also Rev. Father Paul Kuappek, a Newark priest. Hauser's plane is the old rebuilt Hellauca monoplane Santa Rosa Marla which was originally built for a C'liicago syndicate wliich planned an ocean flight »liich never materialized. Cain Heights Man. Charged Wife, to Get Hearing This Afternoon. by Mildred Txigston, 8. daughter Mr. and Mrs. Virgil l>og»tou of! Edward Belling of Cain Heights pleaded not guilty to a cltarge of assault and battery, preferred by bis wife, Mrs. Edna Beillng, when arraigned before Municipal Judge Harry Brokaw today. His hearing was set for today at 2 p. m. Clarence Flowers of Shadyslde avenue was fined $50 and costs after pleading guilty to a charge of intoxication, filed by Patrolman John Richards. Mrs. Millie Uunnion of Sophia street testified that Flower» had threatened to kill her when he wa.s arrested Thursday at 7 p. m. in the Runnlon home. J. McHale of Pitt»burgh forfeited a $2 bond when he failed to appear ito answer a charge of parking lils automobile in a restricted zone in St. Clair avenue. Morris Silverman of .Midland pleaded not guilty to a »iniilar count and his hearing was set for today at 2 p. m. Silverman was arrested when his truck was parked in a restricted zone in Dresden ave nu© Thursday at 4 :30 p. ru , police self. Nunes supposedly shot and qj çf,e.sfer, suf killed the 16-year-old girl before amputation of her right making his dramatic leap. hand in the City hospital Thurs- Note in Blood-Stained Auto. His blood-stained automobile wa.s found on the brink of the fire pit. Ill it lay an automatic pistol and a note. day at 4 p. m. after she had been accidentally shot with a shotgun by Roy Wright, 10. a neighbor boy, while playing at the latter’* home. The youth, who had taken the “Ten minutes to eight," the note | gun from the house into the yard, road. “Margaret died instantly .She, 3 aid i,© did not know it was load- did not suffer. And now 1 must pay.” The possibility arose today that their bodies may lay for ever In the bottom of the smouldering lava pit. The girl's parents said they might prefer to leave the two where they had fallen If there waa some means of covering them up. Their attitude was la deference to the legend that Kilauea waa the scene where ancient Islandera plighted troths In death. The toI- c§m ig not n^w la aetive trapUon. Violet Williams, §, of Irondale, was treated for lacerations and bruises at the City hospital Thursday at 10 p m., several hour* after she had fallen while climbing a fence at her home. QA 8 BLA 8 T WRECKS HOME. COLUMBUS. 0.. June S -A ga* exploeton wrecked the home of A. D. Drake here today and damaged nearby honsea but none was injured. Drake was visiting frisnds in OhiOf a| RENE MATHIEU IN TITLE PLAY Br TI m AMoriatrS Pr«M. AUTKUIL. France, June 8.— Mme. Rene .Matliieu, France’* leading woman tennis player, today defeated Betty Nuthall in the semi- flnaLs of the women's singles of the French tennis championship» and will play Mr.s, Helen Wills Moody for the title. The scores were 6-2, 6-4, Two upsets marked the quarter final play In men’s »ingles today, Roderich Menzel, the Czech star, defeating England's Davis Cup hope, Fred Perry, 2-6, 6-1, 1-6, 8 3, 7-5 and George De Stefani, of Italy, defeating H. O. N. Lee, of England. 6-3, 9-7, 6-2. Lee yesterday put out Rena Laooste, former l5E»c| mk CHAIR TONIGHT Governor White Denies Clemency in Kidney Murder. By Th* A«Mcia(«d PrMt. COr.UMBUS, O , Jiiiio 3.—Denied executive clemency. Henry I,ouder- mllk, white, and YValker Brown. Negio, must die in the electric chair at Ohio penitentiary tonight for tiie murder of .John Kidney, aged Pickaway county farmer, during a robbery. Governor George Whtte refused to Interfere after the state board of parole and S. P. D'-’un ' execul Ive secretary to the governor, re- porte<l they had no recominenda- tion in the rase. A hearing on an application for executive clemency was lield Wednesday. Kidney was beatm to death and rolil)©d of $400, his life s savings, last DfX’. 10 Loudermlik, father of six children, was convicted as the lustiga tor of the crime. He admitted he drove five Negroe« In an automobile to a spot n**ar the Kidii'y Iioine, but denied he was involved ill the slaying. Brown was named a» the actual killer despite hi» alibi tliat he wa» in (’olunibuH the night of Decem- tier 10, Two other Negroe» are awaiting the death penalty and two are serving life term» for the »lay. ing Kidney’s home was 15 mile» ©arit of Circleville. He was struck down as he einergesl from the AUhough Hauser’s desllnatiou house to get waterJfrom a well for Warsaw, he said before leaving that if conditions necessitated he niigiit make a stop at Londou or Paris. He planned to follow a course slightly to the south of the steamer lanes. Hausner lifted his plane Into the ___ . _ air after running 3,500 feet down WORRY CAP! 1 ALitb« concrete runway, passing about _____ 30 feet over a small crowd assera- „'bled to see Iiim off. As he gained altitude, he turned the plane around and headed eastward. Navy Plane Also Escort A navy plane also accompanied him as an escort. He carried 50 letters, some of which he planned to drop over the Croydon airport near London, and. if conditions were favorable, he hoped to ffy over L© Bourget, Paris, to drop some.. His plane carried 525 gallon.* of gasoline, and be took along four chicken sandwiches, two ham sandwiches, a gallon of coffee and a gallon of water. Hausner appeared cool a* he superintended the final tuning up of liis plane. He took out hi* watch, kissed hi* wife goodbye and then calmly said“Well, let’s -go.” A moment later he was off. The flier estimated he would fly approximately 4,375 miles to reach Warsaw. Carrie» No Wireless Set. Hausner left with word from the weather bureau that favorable »eather might be expected over flie ocean. He took off last Saturday without consulting the weather bureau and when he was forced back by fog he got in touch with Dr. James H. Kimball, the bureau’s raeterorologist. Last night Dr. Kimball told him reports indicated favorable ocean weather which ought to continue during the day. Hausner’s ship was not equipped with a wireless set. Hausner, who wa.s christened Stanislaus, but is generally called Stanley, is 31 .vears old. He wa* l»orn in Sanok. Poland, but came to this country a* a boy and i* now a naturalized American citl- xen. hi I Invalid sister. The killer» then hound and gagged Kidney’s sister and ransack«^ the house until they found the hidden money, BONUS SEEKERS Critical Situation Shapes Up Hundreds of Yfisitor» Pour Into Washington. Rf Th« AMoriair* Prma. WA.SHINGTUN J’une 3.—A crltl cal situation shaped up today a» hundreds of bonus seeking war veterans poured into the city and had to be quartered ghelterless in open fields for lack of billeting space. To the 600 who have been quartered in vacant buildings for the last few days and the 1000 or *o reported being cared for individually by local charities were added two new delegations last night, with more exi>ected by freight train and truck during today. CADIZ KIWANIS HERE TONIGHT East Liverpool Service Ciub Member» to be Host» to Visitor» At Traveler»’ Hotel. About 6') members and guests of the East Liverjioo! ami Uad^z Kiwauw club.» are expected to attend the Inter-city dinner in the banquet hall of th© Travelers’ hotel In East Fourth street, tonight at 6:30. The program will be presetned by the visiting club. Ralph T. Sayre, president of the local unit, will welcome the dele gatlon. BUSINESS MEN TO BOOST CITY Civic Association Will Convene at 'Welltville Thursday Night— C. D. Piatt Preaidea. Plans for boosting the city were discussed Thursday night at a largely attended meeting of the Wellsville Business Men’s aasocl- atioQ in the eity hall. C. D. Piatt auto CRASH VICTOM DIES. By Th« Aw«ci*t*d Pr«M. COLU.viBUS, O. June 3.—Raymond Fluharty 16 SJanesville died la a hospital today of injuries received in an automoblte accident at EeyaoIOsbufi

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