Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1916
Page 2
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'two, OCTOBER as. 1916, HRRISON DAILY GAZETTE MOREI30N, ILtmftSL.MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1916. TEACHERS'1W6ETING-' I PROBATE COURT RECORDS bhtne; Moid* Weetirifl For Nev» T't And Applicant's. , ;' i |if f> ac!(<; -' whit -i r<- i :i '>!•<-<! j< in \Vttit«-aj<;- i .!-•!,v. !>-«-i: hf-r. - r.f Thr- fr.mintr -JmT-hrr^s n»tl al-oni v, h:it will IT- »,f UK- in I il'-nuls Avaq <••<>y jvir !'ii-»' T'v- K«-n. ••i;il 1 1* »-V.lltlilllllit''il «('!»• lliS- dri]«T thiit tln^*' «i"> ^xf''-'^, li* 1 e-xaniinntk.n rnigiit obtain Uk'rt <>f H unit miiihr be li*»Ij'«] IWGHTEN THE LIBRARY Boxee Ar* Placed Along Rail- lrtg Of Balcony. I floxvr hoxf-i which have «<loo«1 the rnllliiK nt tli<» entrance ?«t«'!'" ; tfW l.u.lliUim tuul «»f ih« They Wll! . to tilnotn and tli» % im thr- Interior A DjNNER PARTY , And Mr*. Maeklin And Mitt Angell At Dinner. A. S*e.»n'tf»r> <>r''!*-'l a«i Hied in •>«?ntf i (,' f horenM A. ??j i r)mnn Mrui - Aim CiiKHlf-H preseintetJ_ nn ""'""''''~~ I->iriff' Mnrthn XV". BairfPtt, r \Vjii r-rf-yr^ffl rtnA p^tttitrtt tn )ii< ; it llcnrlng «ft for Nov. I'Hh, I".M!;itf ••"oU'Hii •• Warner, Pin-'il rrrmrt fj|»>d. Hearing ni>i fur ' Kstate rharle* P. Ooohrnn. d OVrtifi'.Mto i-f }>ubli«h!rtf>-notice to creditors filed and approved; K«ftatt Adrift BulIihgk>Ti, di Hond fixed nt $700. filed anil npproveii E*tat« Uarnh Ki'il)<*r, deceased. A01 jln.vli of posting notice to creditors filet and approved. Efltato Isaac Eressler, deceased. Final repi'rt filed, approved and discharge ordered.. If, and Mr*. «"harl«'f» Miu-kllti am' , : lttll»Htii at a nix-thirty dinner tit th tin \\>it — tV«U--«ct> th*» tlw iiut-t! iliiiiirtii fur tti*. «vc- FOR HISJMRTHDAY inda Calabrat* Sixtyaacond Birth i»y Of Alb*rt Stralow, Sr. , And Mr*. Albert Stralow, Sr tttfuily entertained about seventy rieuilB^»ni] relative* «!> their homo tficoln Way Went Katunlay in hon&th» sixty-wound birthday of Mr iThJL RuwtH uatlwfW at tho .„ »ervo«l nt six o'clock. The i pleasantly Ni»ent with carda „...„, Kamen.. The -uueatH- took K departure; at a late "hour.alter en-~ " -an unusually drllghtful «venlnn XJ>rt»si»B many Una birthday i for .Mr. Bjmluw, (NfORS HAVESWEATERS/ ,„, 'C!«*i la Now Wtaring N«w ^"Swoatora In Cla»s Color*. wnior clans sweaters have * »,..J v thp mrrnbrr* of tho clans >W b« »«-en on tin- street proudly i -jjujJn tlielr colors. Tho sweat- «4tt briRht jcireri InrcoToK with'a ,f« Inch band of whlto around tho k««jj(j n tumult Rtrlpc of white ««ch #leev«». They arc a very lift garment. MHTFUULUNCHEON „ r And Mra. Bakar En- Saturday 'Aftarnoon. lUlUan iIcAUl*>t(fr and Mrs. An- entertnlni'd a number of a* one o'chwk luncheon at the ' fl«y afternoon. Tho .afternoon . dcHghtfuIly spent with -DANCE.' fjf dttnep held In .tl»«-Morrison ar- 1 on Saturday evftilnir wiu§ well J, a larjrt? number from Clinton «r nearby towns being present. " oruheHtra of Lyons, la., fur- muaid The ounce was piv- ~ " Four Club, ' • went t« \vher« H'H« will enter l and undergo an operation ' ' £• time mothsr get* out Cal« o«» houw. Delieioui, bake- Cultttntt. Mother ly Baking Powder that 1 rinp»» } uniform fwultt," MlJUtt Aww* *-^ r>t«to James Middleton, Hond ,i!xcd nt, iii*d antl ap- pro vetl. Helief 'Addle' M. TUshfH. In re- mother'B in»n«l0n. Report of InveHll- Knt ion 'officer rec'ommnndlnK of application filed. Petition for relief Hl''<i. Iteo-finK St>t for Kov. 3, 1916. 'Kstat* Joseph, ft- IJlean, deceased fonsf-n'ator'8 report fll«>t-- and, approved. . •' IjBtate Peter IjAUdenberg, deceasert Petition for leave to amend final report and order of distribution filed, consid- ered'nnd alloWpiJ nnd leavo given. K«tnt« Hannah itlglln, decftised. Ap prnlsement bill filed and approved. KHtntn tJtifttav T Aluiifft, "deceasedT and tiptjrbved. Estate William If. Harrison, de- In n»-lnherltanco lax. Heport r-antJ itpproved and tax levied. . l-'ntttto David Anderson, deceased. In re-Inheritance, tax. Jlcpori of np- pralserrtenl filed, considered and ap proved and tax le^'hjd. -- Kutatn Minn'e Ant'berir, deceased. Will admitted to probate, Died and re- cordcfl. MORRISOlTBRIEFS A baby wn» born dead to Mr. an-1 Mm Earl Hhephard of this city on Friday evening; Mrs. Sh?phard la ro " to be in a very condl IHirt«M tion. Mrs. Mary Watson and daughter, Mrs. D. T, Hockey, went to Chicago Haturday where they wills visit at the home of Mrs. Wataon's »l»ter, Mrs. K, J. Sha,ff«r. Mr». Deorgo Dlrkfj .returned to her homo in Ag-now Saturday after Ht*nJ- liiK a few days at the John Onkon home. Myrtle Martin went to Sterling Saturday where slip spent the week end with friend*. I* E. Mouck went to PnUrlovillc, III., Saturday where he visited over Sunday at the homo of bl» niece, Mr». ' M. Murray. , T. P. Urunmim and family arrived F*riday> from Metsdota to take up thrlr homo in t hi* city.'",' K. W, P&yno went to Peoria Friday where he was Joined by Mm. Payne, -who has been attending the Preaby- Jerian SynjMi at Springlield. 'They returned to their honte in thta city Friday evenlngr llov. "W. -K, ('remeana returned Frl- ilay morning from Sprtngneld where !i<* had been attending the Illinois Preabyterlan Synod. It. P. Woodworth returned Friday i evening from a short buaineas visit in Chicago. . , Mr»».~Erneat Langef went to Clinton Friday for a few days viBtt at the home of her mother. Mrs, O. WUIlatni. Harry Walllnffford returned Friday evening: from Wttpelio, la,,, where he hud been vlsitingr for the past week at tho home of his parents. Mra. Lee Jacobs returned to her home In Bterllng Saturday after a short vjMit with friends in thla city. Mrs. I* Born returned to her home in Kvunnton Saturday-after a visit of several days at the'home of Mra. Matt Thela. Mrs. Harriet Quackenbush returned to her homo in Sterling Saturday after a short vl»lt with,friends in thle city. Carl I4nda«i8t, ,of Rockford, W«HS in Morr Iflon «!Lh»ii*newi = Frldf.y Jt ^._ r. and Mr^JySS-ry^pwTajtdTerurn-, n tholr hnme.ln Krln Batiirday after vUlUn* for the past tw«i days at the home of Mra>-Rowland'» brother, Dp. P. H. Blmpuon, i 4Ml8«=AImlHL Cheney. retumed-JSaturji. 4tty.«vennY«-- from Sprlngrteld where e had been on,bueih«*s for the pU»t fe,w daya. •M. V. Card returned" Friday evening from a few ' days buslnesa visit in WHfsr «P«nt the w**k end. ftt horo» of hto iHtrtmtn In C. W. McCall, H. T- Berry and M. W. Chapln: wen^ toJWerUnf J^fWa* evening wheffi they attended the politl- tjn*. ,. ' . . nd Mrs, Bsra l«niwnecker and d&ukhJer left" for th0Jr^horoe-in Klaai' mee.7 Florida, Sunday after n, vlait of montha with relative* '" th»» neveral mnntlui with rclntlve' vicinity. , ^--f. : Mln» Edna McLennan, of , •pent the i^ek tnA at the homo of her parents. Mr. and Mrs, A, J,.MoI^nnan. Mls« jOIam Hieifel, of Davenport, la Ble Mcl^ennan, who recently «, cottrw 01 nuwf* tratitlnff and graduated ft-pm Micbae) »»«f® htwpltal In Chtea«o, airlved h»me Fri; d>y evenJn« a»fl will ,vt*H for \mn|l we«ls« at the home of her parents, Mr. ana ' Mr*, A,- 3, Mcl«ennan, Jamca Brcarton, of Waterloo, la., apent Saturday and "eynday at the home* of hl» par«nt», a*r« and Mrs. Wro. Wrearton, injhia city, Mra. QeQTS&M iQhnaon* of Chic«go. arrived Saturday for ti visit a.t • the hom«« of , }i»r eons, Boy »nd Bart Hrowu. ERIE NEWS J POST NUPTIAL SHOWER Mr«. Lynn Uawr«nc# W«a Henorf d by • Htr Fnendi, Oil Wednesday aftemoou a post plial' ahoww was tendered Mr*, Lynn Lawreucet ne4i Lyla Hammond) of i'uitlaiul towiiahip, at Ht« lioUH' of her uncle. C, it. Wait.' lu Krle, Each guest tirouKht -a t«i towel to hem, and u, quilt wu,a ti«Hl by the ladtvy, which WITH pretit>nt4f <i t« Iho bride, after which rvfreAhmonts were served. - -- • ... useful gift*. In aauTuou to .lh« towelM itwl quilt, Those present were tlu- KUfKt "f ht»m>iv~fttr». A,- B. Ham- j 'maud wiiil daugbtt-rn Amy ai\d Uhttu'lt > i.f 1'xrti.iud. tt/vvutihip, Mrs. twcur i)l- • t«'if und^ ctiildrvn* from l«yiulott. BRAZIL FULL OF BUGS With Great Arrmv Of Insect Life It Escapes Hotise Fly and Mosquito. Sayf glass 'of hot water" with ( pho»?shat« before breakfast out po!»on», If >-:»U T\'.lk" HP I"'!*!! n ''-"' t.T--»^. *'^'3 hrf-^?h find it.riK'.tr- i.-' C'>n*i-1: if vciir so u if atn! fnr?Ti« t;np fH'ul nt-i'S in sir-nt* ftrb, ft you riff nMirirt!f-il, ttJ-°t iitrht. Vf*'ir) in = ii|< :i bithintr. t'tinji hf-furt" fir-'-nkfrt':!, .'i Kl:t.«» of i^-.i! h"t water wifti a tcn«fn>ciri_f'Hl "f !I»TT••^fmif ph'^pltntt* in It. Tint will flu^h lli*- IK»h:f!rm nnd tn.\in« from Ht;rn:t<:!i. livc'r, i flml purify the MiUr* nllrnen- iftry tract. Do your ins!<Tp l>nthin»r 1m- mfiJint^ly »pon nrl<*infr Sti thf monilng to wash t»ut t>f th> system all thf previous day's poton-fiou* wn c t*'. RnwsHijHl sour bile before putting iTt«>r<> r««>fl. Into the stomach, To feel like ywmg folks f<--*«l; iihr- you felt before your blwxi. n<-rv» •« and muscles hwarne loridwl with Iwtiy impurities, get fn.ifn your pharmacist si quarter pound (it .llrne*(t»n«» phosphate which is inexpensive nnd almost ta«te, except for a sourish twins*' which la not unpleasant. — •fust as soup a^nd hot wntff aft on the **kin, cleansing, swN*fr-ntn« and lng, fi'i hot wnter ami limcsitm* phosphate ad on the ftfomaeh. liver, kidney* and liaweln. Men nnd women -who fire uminlly constipnted, bilious, headachy or have any titomach ill»» order should befiln tliie ln*ide' bathing before 1>r«flkfnftt. They ar*» nxwured they will beciuno r«*al crankn on the shortly, _______________________________ REMAINS WEM REMOVED Taken F«im QaMflplain Camitttry and Boritd in EH* C»m«t«ry. The remain* of Thoman Hutlxon and Jamen Ctibler were brought here \\><l- eKday from the «outh 0«rdenplaln '«mt>tery. Mr. lludwon was thp father of Mm. Wm. Will. Mm. Venln Oitiler and Mr*. Wnllaco Turner of Krkvnnd Mr. Gibler wan Mr*. Venla Oibler's nuiibaml. • 1-ioth jia»R' > <l away many yearn ago, Mr». olbler ha« nrdentl u tionument will be placed on tho FRIENDLY CIRCLE CLASS. Th« Friendly Circle <-ins» of the M. wrhnnl met nt.'thn hnmt> nf Mr». John <7ameH' Friday afternoon. On account of UiP-rain thp attfiidanw was not un iHrg^w as usual, but't-hONw prt»»- ent '*n)ojc«l n plonsant afternoon in am! dointr fancy Work. A )u*li)p»« nu-ctlnK was hr-ld and Mr». wife of th« now prflswr, ulw teacher. The ' rrgulnr I'lfotlon of officerii . WHS iiostponwl until AVodV cvehlmr"6h ut'coijnt of the Kmall attendance. Rpfroshmontii wcr»» servrd. UNDERWENT AN OPERATION. l^ee ' Coaler, who ha»« , bwn aSTIU-ted with Appendicitis for -gome tlnus went o *folln«> wheftt nn ojii-rntion wi»8 por- orxncd Wednesday. Although hts.wa» «und -to tH< (n uulte a nur4uux oondi- Ion, hp ia dolnj? UB well as could be TtT'^ i^~- ^'-"^' ~*"~' -'•" ^ ! .V"'^" \ ~r^. :: nFay'H •Wl«<«'.,;!* iitrii iSr-j.^ ')<.»)! Uirhtlv fr «rn iini'> •>• liriid \->'.i wi:iy flr-c your L»'^! h'.if >«.i-')' :nt( fief th-.»f!' v :i. Strilnfjf- r.-i*-«t n«y ••'"' v"<; v,c.;ri fiir.! :t t!<-k (in your i>«'''i '!:••."h 'f M*- t>"*iv«» tick TifSt." rattirriir rtr- tcnr'r.. V,"nr-n yTiii go fnoMiiiaiii • !i';i' in^ <.:r''rvh:r1 hunting of hi>tt''rtt\ i hir-'itii: >oii'0 lif ifr wntf.'h out for ti'lr? f'-r > nu'r* 1 «ur*> to !>r. i o\- fre-«) *.vi?h OT'-TTS. !f vtiu kf-ji n •ft-a'f-h ori y»'!f' v/rl"f y..u'i! find ii* msifiy ufl «ls?v t('•!;<! .-i jTilritHf, 1 ktjpfr n rnnn IKTviKiHy v,ho rnruU- this il«kli*h rc>r. Ur,t?H Is ?!-,r- l.rifpy hsintiiiK srrntinjl of tile nnt. nlatt.i'ly speaking, Tic-re iir^ nil port.* and fotulltlons of nnfs, lilsr. little. r<"1. tiruwri, nnd blftck. A yotinw Amrrirnn etiislneet told me of an nn-' e,vj>«-rienre he «mce had In the Inferior of tltf Country. !t« hlsi horsf to iT««f under n IniRe AniT tvhf-n the hor?e stamped nnrt prfinccd Tirttund.. he InvrHtlpatPd, Tlir- whole jrrounii ftfcniptl to TIP moving with ~a viiFt rtrmy of nnts while up in fhp tre*» •was another mwt of rutilntr the leaves' In half nnd dropping th>m <iown fn the nntatielow who carrier! t-lu»m away. The young en-glneer »alf] when he «-ame hnrk over thl« .«nmf* ffuul InT'a rtitipie of hours th* 1 tree wa.t *«lrlpfM > «t hbwjlutely hare. . As can ti'ndlly IIP «een nnt« are rather jro.wgh._<?si[ ye^etntiqn unit when they : " "ijfi" In rirj brnnBr>""'grnve -they ittrop H In a »lnRh« nl(?ht. t'j) iit-thf* -Interior— lhe">inlIV«f»" : (if»'l even with th«> MK fat 1 ants by eattujf thorn. They roa« them till they pop. This 1« considered XMtr£aJL!leUcji£y. .and nltlnniRh I never tried nny in this style, I've tm<l «<i»v«»rHl smtill blnfk an-ts in my soup. *i A mepk little I»UR is one (fmt Blurts In nt the foot to JTH a toe h«ld OH life. It burrows In under you toe rlall and procee«l8 to lay -eggi* and' entablUh rt co»y little liorne tn toU>. An I'ngefittouH younw Ynnke* who decided to leave »ni« nentliifi: In. bin toe till he got back to the V. H, A. where his doc-tor brother thren of his tow as an -mttromn vt hiV acletitilh''enthusiasm. .'•'•• A natty littfe gnat swaltna around tho llRhtH down in the town until it U0ii f * forget WREGLEYS Is sealed — thafs the thing that counts. No matter when or where you buy it, the flavor is there ---iull s trej^th ^nd it's fresh and clean. Hi i'il. — Then U It's WI»KS . .RETURNS FROM HOSPITAL. Mm, Sewnrd Eddy, who w*nt to a ospluil for an. examination, returnud .ome tho latter part of the week, as t wa» decided-that no operation would >a performed at present. ATTENDED CORN CARNIVAL. Several auto loads of young people rom Erie and tho East Sandrldge leighborhood went In Kenton Wt-dnes- lay -afte-rnooo-to- aitund_th'e. 'corn, car- il%-al held there. They report a d«- Ightful time, ERIE BRIEFS. , Mr. nnd Mr*. Oeor«:» Ckjodln of De ^HK, HI- J»t>cnt a few days at the lome of Mrs. Gpodln'u parents, Mr. and MrSi XiVorga Hawyer, last wvek. M^f**r». Ed Chawo, Olen Sawyer and larry' Fuller, who are working In the .nt<-re«t« of an oil coimiuny, came Saturday night to remain over Sun- lay wHh thtfir families in Brie. VAND"Iiup * Wl tlTipEAK. Urbana, 111., Oct. 23.-i~Frank.A. Van. derllp, president of the National City Bank of New York, ,who was graduated 'rom the .University of lllinol« In . tcd the tnv4tutton of iaa ac-cop lent Bdhmnd J. Jamea to deliver th« ommftncement addroas'At the Univer on.WednegdgAV Jji , CO.AL OPERATORS ELECT. *Sprlngrfleld, 111., Got, 28,—The Illinois ;«oal Operator! Afi9oclation'»i annual Convention, adjourned afloc election of following offlcftttu Jamei* T. Xi»«tl- . preiildenti P. W> *»; rpaidenu 1 VIIUI'W*** 'WitfVW^Wi T*W |/»»fw***w»»* f * » ^*. jorinold, Chicago, secretary treaaurcr. KWtefJy, Ow»a,-"I nhall b« gl»d t9 b*V» «vwy woman know !w)i*fc I know now, alter vulngLydiaE. _ ,, I artoaly S4yoW8old, I have suffered for the pwt eight yt'ars. 1 hated doctor told mo to give up tha stage jvfaereij was playing ^.^,. with roy.,hu8ba»4 _ ,.„., bearing down paias, my health Iailed rma, »m I «»«W not wdrk on the stage, and wasn't able to tend jtiy baby and proceeds to eat up all the wooden furniture and household flxturen in sight. Native wood ia just pio for It. A' dlnliiK room sulto is only a llKht lunc'i. That l« why wood for flnleh- Inp houses and making furniture is moKll'y imported here. Thin little insect h«H a Kreat literary bent alno and hus been known to go through a complete set of Hhnkeepeare in - a single nlRht. . , Any thing ln_sj:iid£r? f±°M ft .' *«*"?" we*ny on«j jjo tt UiruhtuSa.. can Tx» splt-d around. IU0 and there la a. Insect like our crlc.kct only thrXi times as large that aerenttdw you madly In a great chorus when tin- nifrht begin H to fail, U IK tobatt'o -brown In color with n. Illtmt" head an.<l has been -chrlatened "Cigaro" bemuse by a wild stretch' of' UM»- im«Kination it ntny be said to r«>- serable a rlgur butt. : • Three opal like Jewels are »»Jt In It*(forehead. Other jeweled lnig» are the mnny Jrridetictmt nettlea that abound here. Of the I«— Sflon of «or«euuM butterflleH. .one of black and Ht-urlet !« especially odd •with a perfect flsure $8 on each rear wing. And yet with their great array of insect life of which I have only cited a paltry portion Kio. doesn't need screenH In its windows. It < lacks the two gr«ateist p«sts of the U. *5. A.— ihe~fiou"fie~nyTind~thB moaqutto. Not but what It was formerly filthy with this pernicious pair-but the government KOI bu»y. They established a department of sanitary j>olict« who spend their time tracking mhiqultos to their lair and ewattlnff (lien. All rpgulfrrly «tn<j p«*r So always make sure to get Wfigley's in the sealed - v --package-—it's the^ greatest :five cents' worth of beneficial enjoyment you can buy* sunnily lnsi>' % '-tod und nv pools of Htill watet* allowed to colte« anywhere hereabouts. .1 saw a tujuad of these sanitary police in ft patrol wagon the other day on the Avon Ida itip Bronco. They wore- all ht-avlly txiuipped with &UTIH and cartridge bells. I suppose they were going out to hunt niosquitox,* EVERTISIT TEA By J. W. Pegler. snnn. entrance of a London tea-room Is a tablo holding; a platter of pastry—lire- cracker cakes with the chromatic stale "worked into tho frosting. • The colored .'unk varies from Colorado Maduro to Alice Blue and looka a." power *___ ^...jt - - j ••'"• "" —•—- for *vll. The American customer began to have some miserivings for his ham and-eggs the moiwent he Stepped in. Somehow those- hand-grenadea pro* clainied aguinst iinything so subBtan- tlal 1* hl» favorite fruit. ., Finding hla way to a marble*topped ' he hum; up hla hat and Planted his right eluowiu a puddle of aolong and settled down,,to wait. Pretty fo«n-~woHi not pretty noon but-after » while." 4 dame came over and mow*tftti» -what hur eoat-aleevo Fsorbed, fhciuir<nB "Phk^ew T Tlwt'a a stlokw. ^at 't'nkewf" H'» Lodoneso for "thank you" jmd fritHa'PH for 'all occasions. In this cas'a it meant, "well, sti anger, what's yours?" "I guess l'4l ha-ve something to eat^" he veiitured-si'maybc you can suggest something." " ' ---. Suro who could ~and the gent fell off the Christmas tree. , , "Would you like some nlqa tea and , or ^ven g*t around myself. I wts always downhearted ^na d!acontent«» wlfti the world, and only lived for the sake of my little girl. The doctor said a move to some quiet little town away 'rom the noisy city, and I might to able to live and feel well, §o I w,«snt to Day- vill* in Nov«mb^r. At that time I •o »ick 1 c»uld not walk around, »nd KM ^»V» * 1^VW*»* ***** »»»«*»* »f v«**«*> f»M' lueband fcopt house ana I stayed in _. — )tw day in January I **»& your adver- iaemcnt in a newfpjjjK'r. end J sent for " FJnkham'B V«Kftebla - TOu i two «Bek8 time I waft, a different woman, could get around, and felt so good that it was a pk-a»ur« tu d > n».v housework, ' I f<-'lt contented and happy, and now am the picture of hwilth, and am *^ - That di'dn't spent very nourjahlng. Jlo compromisfd on a poached egg and vhocvlatit anj of Bourse ha got bean pit! UIHl tt'H,- . , ' But U'f no usa complaining; it's war time and things are *to rushed! Tho teu*rof<n is lh« London edition of t the off-the-arm lunch, and » con- noiim*UE.-Q£-_tlva years'- experience |i» Anwrican dairy lunches can draw eooi- Officer Seal- he keeps this goody good. Write Wm. Wiigley Jr.. Co., 1626 {tamer Bldg, Chicago* , for free „ by the Spearmen. Air-proof Dust-proof Damp-proof WRAPPED IN C22E3IE3 times an hour for thr- next tried tu davg. j should alwiiys b<> tnvung jauntily—anil bi-ancd the-jnan wulkliiK .ilirml in' him. He tried u ue«Jat«' walk, planting tho crutch atraiglit downward NO inn not to strike innocent bystanders and managed to trip a pretty hrunnctt« Into u lamp-post. , But ho .stuck to the tumk and finally c«u«ht tho knack—carried in tho rlijht hrmd. BWIHIR ^1i n< liberal arc. the point .utriklng tlu- t=W«-wulk ximtiitaneoualy with tho riuhi hyi-1 on tn'ery m»i'onU «tep. U'B In .ftuir-four EITS^PNEWS Tuni an'even Htr<iltP, i-xeupt "wlu-n , v IK for a bun or chun1)(>rlni{ to tlin uppt«r-tlt'ck. When tho cane may b«- ^-^ else- just-so' 1t -a&f-ah't jab "the ninn behind in tho t->v. Tljt. w»fM(i waj, however, is to have u frl*>ud staj'.d in th« strctt and throw it up. > Entering a restaurant tin 1 * club should bo eomlesi^y handed tu th<> head-waiter who will hang it ojj an Inconvenient hat-raok, When .the ing talking to a friend it t.s \\nai n« u Pjrop to lean upon nt»\ whon ho is seat- or! in a htm or a tube-train he folds hla' hands-'-over 1 the humltn and looks Uke a- darned fool. L he 0, A.H. OF IOWA MET. Waterloo, la.» Ocfe-33.-"Mwubt't . .. of thu American lutlon came to Waterloo f«»m,tU' » '|on« of the ntati< to attfii?(l,,tt!i> mniuiu ate, cauveittion of tlm orsH4>imt««n *"' flrat .day crowd wwa «u. B«—itd Metiiurial, Hail to the "Viral • Haptlat Use tJic fpr big returjiH with Uttl« till! (JIUUS u-ii- DimiMu-lIrt and !»«• litautlful! Tliiw i,s the ndvi>> of Mis.s Mary Ku>nd», ph>Mical director ut Akron mhlo) I'ntvefslty. .As a benu» tiller. Htu- holdH. «'Xi'rcim> 'bwtts the powder puff to a far«"-ye-wcll. < • . * n « SLKKP COST J.-ffry Oibhons. n Cleveland (t)hlo)' poHccman hin badge. Hf> was off «luty. all ri«ht, nnd Inking a Kiioosn', wln>n « tli»if «io|i> the 'star Tltxii! liis piliow.' "~^ ) *** UUAVK.ST CO1* In tho world—This' the title ncfordetl l'atmlmnn _ run iu Clio father of Chief of Pullman for vlolatlti« Uie automobllo parking ordinance. w * * OAtfTHON«.\UC KXJOVMENT led to the,escape of seven prisoners from the -TrikHlfi u>hlo) workhonnp. Whilf . the warden was appreciatirtg: hjs din n»r .the panB nawed a hole Jn tho roof and fadwl DIDN'T KNOW ie was loaded wa« lilt Ukn. uf Lu£pr4e4klc(Jinii«tfH,ef"LAttr«>} Hill, L. J., wAim arrested for fatally shooting u boy who ohasttil >I|H SILENT FOR-MANY HOURS. Fort I>odg^ In.,, QcU ^.-"Participants in tin* |owa slate .cheeker-ioumwratmt, i!4>mL'd a threg-tlny will keep silent morn than twenty-four tours. Jt was said, stopping- pJuy only ta eat uiul sltrej^ More- than thirty players W entered, and less than thirty words were spoken at tho morn- IUK st«seionl | HEAD STUFFED FROM ' T; % CATARRH OR A COLD * * Saj-s Orcnm Applied in N .% Oi>cn.s Ale Vtusna^fu lUifht Up. ' - roHt'f— -no waiting. Your s open ripht up; Hie nlr our h««ad clear and you freely. No mom Btiuffllna, blowing, headache, drynoas, ,for breath at .nir.l't; '' Oet a small bot,tle of Kly'a Civam Balm from your, druggist now. Apply a JlttlP of thin fragran,t, antfsep,t<c, iH'ulltur cToam In your nostrils. It penetrates through every air package o( the head. nootlu-« tho inllamed or ewol« -un<t reli«f instantly, It's jUsl) fine. Don't st<|y stuffed -up with a coJd o" n-»«ty catarrh. MADE FUNERAL ARRANOBMENT8 Pcorlii, HI., Oct. 38.r-Aftor making every preparation for her funeral, to tlio purchasing of a shr.oud and toinliHtoju* and having her jtrave dun, Mr*. Ellssti Agnjpw, SB, died. htif«?, Jh'or inort* than a yfaf~S[rs. Aghcw hud mat «t u window TiTlicr lioniii^nisftr.a will- 'eu«ry 11 nd ^ruztMi at the" arnVvw her body was to occupy. l'»»* the Utiaeite OiuV;>iflt'(S columns frr big returns with little money. ' Just tj\e«i it from him that a dead herring for bmtk*«iit isn't in It with "tttO'iuui'Ktiitnysidtt" or "two Inr,- three witH." Ainl t»-u so \\eak that it has to be pushed out of the l»ot doesn't s|iinuli..t" a luvmiiiK awtmkm like res- ulsif cttffee with lumcst «r«wm. Flopping from eats to raiment, there 3 la tlte-ltttle JivuUtsr~^£-sUlf4iUw--g > ««'e : » 'nothing wrung ivlth the quality ~~nuci Ohicaiiu cwn't beat tho price. .It's -the- tlcbimi lliiit'x urchuic. They aie jh« kind thut K« ni> ovrr the I'Wd' just uf- luibt-rdautlntr. "HIU! hat Fui "*•«*} I "t he in ut H li»iw tint-i- kiH' them ou, th« htu-ly*'s Jell a )«-ar. TU^r*" U. a fru-k f> ^otnujf tutu the oi(i-f(tj»hioni'<l Kixjdji aiul «t- jji-t.oiir m<>inin(f culi^tUfnii'^i j vvitik' drt's-i-tnij • j K II. W^it Mrs.. A. D. Wait and la*. Alr». Will 'It. (i. VV.iit, "^Si|)iFf7^rT'l^nrtJrtnF*KiiirF.^ -We appreciate my health aa th,j> niu*t pre- eluue thing oy *Hirth."-~Mr3, If, t^ .£WWT uil, $> jyiUwl-' tVno. 'N,

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