The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 1949 { ume per im« timer pei un« per i CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION felly r*w P*J "a* roi conMCUUvt in •nion, Mi»imutn ODftrfl* • O'A , 1&C lie ,.. _ p«t d«f jfc • time* p*i itn« pei cUjr 1c U limw pel line pel day 4e Monto pei iioe VUc Count nve arerage weirds to (he UP* Ad orwerea loi three <>i Mi tltue* »DQ Moppea oemre expiration will D* churg *d roi toe nuiuoei »i nines uir *d »p petrea »na oajUMit.ei.i til oin 111*0 e A1J CU&Ailieq AaverUEiDg »ip> *ut>- •mica oy jersmi* residing mii.Md* i>l tht city must oe accompanied by c**h O&te* My oe easily computed tinu. fc&a atxiTe mott AaTerliKing oraei lui int^ium mf-ei Won* UK** I fie tiDt lime C*lt Mo rebptJiin+omty A-iil DC IHKCD lui more tdau oiu- incurred inserium in All AUK aie re.slliclea LO tlitu ptup'-i oussincb.UMi sv le *• nd ifpe Tilt Courifi ie^«rvrr ttir rigid to edit G.J .reject any *.a Apartment for Rent Services Laundry work, rough dry or finished Willie Belle Oreon, plumt 24DU We go HeiU'.v yu-iuTi . *cid A \ hmok's l*X> N Ihl tit pn 4161 Nltflll pit Income Tax l{r turns IHKUC iirumsniy ci'iiy Uo not wan lo; ja nd coi tumuli C.i on. locatfd anop mgmvay ay iO AI Joe AiKin » 61 smith Curtains aJI Mrs launched nud E Ln-rrence 8a a-room turn La lied mn. mul juivntc ilh. Couple only. 61f> Luke. U,U*)>k-lti Nice un furnish cil jipurl- mcnt or lious«, '<$ rooms aiul bath, or larger, by quiet couple. No children. Call Mr. Brooks, bcm's Salon uf interiors. J J li. "i4ti l J. li-*J-ek-l^ ^inhe your home !>rfliy for sprniK NLJCIL HUB Cleaning Service U your* I'KKULRSS CLKANKRS 1 Plume WM, Mlytlirville irHLiird iiiecnfttilc M.U- T1LK Mtclit'll rtli A I U tit] II U Li, M!«tliJ<ni|], Insurance l-rooiii iu nils tied upnnineiit. $() |ier week, aai E, MiSMmrl. 3b-pk-ll 3 rooms & us in Electric refrigerator, yiiuitib UKS lujiiRuri.- t' tiimon I'll jm ^1-ck-il 2-room umnslicd iipH-rtn only, illl B. C'lierry. pli. J5 icui, coii|jJr J5. a.7-pk-]U 2 room limns tied apartment Up•lairs tileciric rcin^crnioi 1 and bum tit: BBI Adults ujily. Ph. 4152 J.4-ek-ll apimmctil. 710 4 room Jamison. 1 room apart men l. Phone 292U. 3 5-cfc-1 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at POU1.E MOTOR CO VV« ChD (111 BEI yilUt ItCL-ClS Uet genuine parl^ rrnjn om i C ILU- pl^te line FUULfa UWMb'K A: OI'EJM U)H Boutn HiKtuvft* 61 at tticRle Mn Fhonr Utcele 4!) CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION iin to. umaion I'luine ^joj Don t endanger yum littnUy wttl: auitT tlie»— BUS LEE A'lRES Loans Money to Loan Do jau QCCQ A loan to repair or i BOdfiJv No down payment no mort- [Aff.B no red tape FHA . APPROVEU RATJ, S^o ASK FOR DBTAlLa Max Logan, Realtor Ffion* -JOJ« Lyncr- BulJriliig Blytii-vllh Ark i''ur Complete IrlMII'iUlCU I'l'olWlllll) Call 3543 W. J. Polland A^eiicy Protei'tiun tl'b:! litlll.niNO ASH 81 4 b-CK-U Typewriter TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS For Sole. Misc. '^ loot Hiihsniuh nicut dlsplny bos White iiorccltilu from. Will] new Mi I la- Morris Jrct'i-'liiy «"lt. Prctc I5UOW See Mnkulin Cruiciulcn 1 miles north ol Slfclc on Uiaygiidoijin ro;id 34-pK-l) Joliii-Uccic niKkllelnislcr. G A ilntr, Uucactie ('(tone 702 3.5-ck-tf There's A Used Ford In Your Future AT A BEAUTIFUL PRICE! 19-18 Ford Super DeLuxe Setlim C'uiipc, equipped with riidio and heater . . . $11! l">. IJMfi Void Super DeLuxe Twl<;r. niclio & healer ... JKM3. 1017 Kurd Super DcLuxe Twlw, with radio & healer, scat covers, and spotlight . . . $1575. 1!M8 Ford Super DeLuxe l''onlor ladiu & heater, and while sidewiill (ires . . . .5I<>95. r.M(i Ford Tudor . . . I'Jll Kurd Coii|ie . . . $<i<!5. lil'll I'onl Tnilor . . . §..!).). 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 Lost Lelt In Indict rest room >t Phillips Muior Co., imlr pink plastic frKitie ,'IR6jiCS, Kcturn to Phillips Motor Co., ••- reward. 33-pk-lo For Sate, Cars & Trucks MKCHANIC'S SPECIAL 1939 Buick 4-Door Sedan. Musi be sold immedinlely for loss than balance duo on finance contract Needs some mechanical work. Full price !>295. See Mr. North Second. Tinker, 11G 3-8-ck-ll i>3ii Ford cotipp. tjotKl fon '1'Uayt-r bfthy buygy. rh, ^65 lilloti. Also NEED A CAR? You'll get mure c;u for your niuncy iit (>1 Molor Co.'s Used Ciir l.ol. C'.iiiH' in and chuck I)U i|iiaJity ol' I 4H Hcdan tltf-VJ Licence] 1i> l-om yc<.an IIUW l.llTlisc *l Ihuliioii Secliin •li KaiKpr Kcdau •H J'Ord -I'nclor •II l-'ortt Tudor 4'J Fortl '1'uclur •lu IJcHolo Coupe 'M Dc.Solo Ucduil cars. Traffic Plans Included For English Festival LONDON, til')— Britain has a comprehensive traffic |>l:m, in-'uding iransirorlatlun by road, mil, water, even by foot, for the "Festival of Britain, 1051," the fair projected 01 the south bank of Hie Thames, )]>posltc Victoria Embankment. The festival, marking the centenary of tlie Great Exhibition of 1351, will tell the story of British ife during a century of progress In i work, play, discovery, invention and i design. Provision for financing new traffic arteries and parking facilities are contained in a public works bi?? submitted hi the Home of Commons by Alfred Barnes, Minister of Transport. The traffic scheme, N'hich will cost at least 58,000,000, includes new streets, underground passageways, escalators and water buses to the area on which the exposition will be built. A new approach lo the .site will be by foot-bridge across the Thames from Charing Cross. This will be a "Bailey Bridge" project to avoid using new steel. Parking space will be set aside for •1.000 cars. The bill provides for the acquisition of Hie land to carry out the schemes. More than 80 families will IHJ rehoused and shopkeepers displaced by the exhibition will be reestablished near Hie .site. Jlly5 00 siaasou JU35.UO 5825 00 $725.00 M!>5 00 5475.0IJ S'.Uo.OO 61 MOTOR CO. North Highway G! Ptionr ai- 12 fool fli,sj>hiy case wilh tontprossor: walk-in bux, (5x8 with compressor; 2 scales: meat block ; tt candy cases. ^iiH -1241, Luxom. ;j-5 ck-tt Stale iiertil'jetl Buidetlc Delta pine 78 r cotton seed. Burdctte l J lantitLion, Burdette. Stale certi Tied Ogdun and Improved Arksuy soyheans Bui delte Planlaliun, plione 782. 1-^2-ti Uood used cabinet type electric rnnse, lar^c ovcti ami lour top dements. $50. I'Jione WM. y,7-cH-l4 For Sale, Misc. Hlnck Cocker pups. Ph. 21QG. 3.0-i>k-lfl KAKAIALL- M With Cultivator, I'hmler, Disc, Harrow ;iiul Breaking How. $:>?50. Karniors Tractor & Truck Co. iMunihi, Ark Phone 91. 2-23-ck-ti 1 For Sale, Real Estate in Snle Swccl t'nlH.lo SceO PorlB I Hi u it it vnrieiy i trnvu h tunned quantity LUVS vani-ty wtmjl] iiic tiL'avy pio^ uui Uvc type KIICI wre us tice imm disc u^ yitu will U mi Older* nceepleO A 1 wiiti si>' itf cat U deposit mi delivery Marcn 1st I'riccd 52 pel Liankpni in Hyrnm tilyttirville Ark ljr/>ck-tl J-roM' tirlH. 1 2-horse hrfiRiclnn I plow, 1 cviltivaior, S ions ntfiOfa tmy, 1 Moare Jmj- cutter. A. C. AbUnUnvnncr. I. J, LHythCTllLe. 3 8-pk-lS AtJTO LOANS FURNITURB LOANS djutck Personalized Service O«neral contract Purclias> t:orp 106 So Filth Ptionc 2S28 Sewing BELTS, BUCKLES covered buttons button notes Mne Uillci Alum Buss K!ma urowdct Plinnp :t5'J9 11 nn nn- *wer. 46J2 606 N 5th St Read Courier News Wiint Ads Saddle liorse. puny size. Sell or trade, what rmvc yon. L. C. HolUsou. I'lunie 6^15. 3 9-pk-l2 URtli room llvtnrrs. Why pay UIOTC, when you can buy (or ICSA. L. C. llol- llson. HolHson Avc. Thonc 631S. tor truck sea? tiny size Henry WesUmmk's Shop I'D -IJJ2 IV 2-botlom Mns.scy Harris brc»k- inR plow Clooct cosidttton. J, L. Ens- Icy, JlMrrtcttc. plionc IJJyDicvlllc 782 3 9-ck-lG Noir that Uttlc Junior Is crawling, krcp llir rnp.'j clean with odorless Tun i-'oam. Uc.ils faint Storf. 39-ck-^O FERTILIZER We nave scM'enil uitif ol 'J~'J-iS tftst lave mil ocen spoKcn Loi IM.ANTIirib COOPEUATIVK CifN K1UHWAY 61 SOUTH PHONL 720 Ulythev'JIc Ueulty Specials NurlJi ath. near Ccnlntl School. 5* ooin uutiso. K»-^. on Hi, corner loi i2,- I'utU 1 Adiiition. 4-room House, twu OIR, city WKtvi 5^ 2UO '!'[) liny or Sull lots liiruus or busi- I'hoiic Field, -^;i<)' 1'ord pickup In A-l For Rent cotulltlon 3.9-i)k-ie LiVcsfocJc Smugglers Shut Cows' Mouths DUESSELDORF. Ornnany. UP t — Smugglers of livc.stut'K between Ger- nuiny siiid Belgium have tiit upon a noiy trick to stop the cattle lowhig as they cross the iwrdcr. Police re- purled the snuiy^lors nib soap nroimcl the mouths of tile cattle. The ciittlo- lick oil the soup and are unable to low for ionic time afterwards. IjtiiKling- 25x75' Grocery, i O'N ! You Are Cordially y-7-t-k-l'l,; Invited to Visit For Rent, Houses Jotit iiouac for Plwnc -1012 3,3-1,-li-lO 4 room nunsc. KOod om tnilkhtiss. : cw.-vru-ity see H. I,. HuLscll Hr.. Prom. i ised l.nnrl. Phone 6«32. 3«-i>k-ll| l-none 1J5U. Strnwlinrry plants. a21 W, Kentucky. ph 2505. 3.8-pk-15 bny horse, ivrlylis 1501) pounds, siimnuucctl soumt. works anywhere S8!i 7-ycnv-olcl nmrc. bl;u-k. uclslls MOO UOUIHls. 53U. C;tn Do soon at HoMison'.s Mills. of Ciunp MoultrLC. O S ROUlson. Itll. 3309 38-ck-IS Check This Week's Special • 1947 DeSoto $ 1395 Custom -1-door Sedan, excellent condition. Inw mileage, has I'M 9 license. —AND SEE THESE CARS— 0 Tmlor Hedan, to|)fli}fht 19-11 I'onliac Slreiinilincr condition . . . SUM5. healer, excellent 1011 Htiick -1-dour Su|icr, lad condiiion . . . SiloO. 1911 Mercuvy wilh radio and heiUcr. jsuod cundilion, has 1949 licence . . $N2a. 1910 Ruick -l-door Sedan, radio & licalor. A very clean car ... SS15. 1939 La Salle. . .a bcaulifu] car, has its original 2-lone green finish, unusually clean ...... SI 095 1911 Chevrolet, maroon color, . ped with radio & heater . . U " USU:l "- v uml comlilion, ei|uip- $715. llas 1BI 1919 Ford Tudor, equipped with overdrive, radio & ' " se '' " seat COVCrs new. IQ. 9 nj , ' . . 1912 Dodge </ 2 -Ton Pickup, mud-grin tires, excellent condition . . . $795- "When Better Cars Arc Built, Buick Will Build Them." Langston-Wroten Co. W.lnul al Broadway Dial 5 ;>5 1,,, Service Allractlve spring Rtitl stnnnicr mater- Jir cloinrs. Mxc 1-). Bassinet, baltjl- etlc, new dlvMl shp co%'cr. electric Ri:or. All prlccrt rci\.snunbly riv 63'2G BARGAINS Diijiicx — Iilfal louiiliuii in 701) bluck on WiilnuL Street, xood •uuditiun. 2 gus floor ruriiHces, 2 ljuths, attic t'sin, Kiii'MK^ iiiul stur;u;e. Lot (i5 x L'KJ. Tills would also mala 1 a iik-c -1 - bcilV'Uom roaidciK-e. l j ricctl to -sell id $8,000. Terms. Cafe — ]>fiHitiful 50 seat t' class |>l;r;e. A-l location jn Highway Ul North.iclose to lilyllicvillc. All modern kilch- )i and fixtures. (Jood business, Koocl lease. Owner leaving state Shown by appointment only. JOHNNY MARK, Realtor il2 S Second Plioue 4111 ur i!5»6 Help Wanted. Male 5 lienl appearing yonni; men. &lm:!e and between llic nuc.s ol IS-25, free to travel to U;iMf(jriU;. ai«l ri-ujru. All lnuisponation fiirnisuril Avi-rnye earn- iiiB $75 per week. Sec Mr. Ilurjmson. [loom 121, Hotel <jlcnccc. ortwocn 4:10 p.m. to 6:^0 No pliorir calts plcnse. 3 6-pc-lU Position Wanted L'neuciiniberril. sctllrrt whltp house- Keeper desires work. Cood refcrpnce-s The :sscry Shop j Feminine Apparel 5 &hif>el Hu£Hii Jessie 8ri(e { Hoi el \ohle Hlrlg. 1 HlyllH-ville. Ark. Nmv M trsclor. not hern rteMvcrcd ,111 DC seen nt Delia Iinplctnciu Co. v'. A Lewis. -58 ScliooJ. phonr 3BO] clnrc 1*, 3 S-pk-15 For Sa/e, Real Estate no r-sslon. Pli. 4808 ^riici lot 65 jy 7 b rorti . i.uxora 37-pk-M Kettle Wtmi, Rt. I, Box fllle. Ark 300, filythc- 3 5-pk-10 Private Rooms ucdruotn IIU'J Cluckasawba, Phone «'3. y .3-pk-n Slcc]>liis reum (or rent, Also kucticn ' Hooiu ivith [irlvatc liatti and private • cntnuKc Men only Call 230X J.3-|Jk-Jv ucorooni. private bath, Pli 3557. 1 Correct PIANO TUNING And Expert Repair Work ucdroo'i tunvi'iilciiL lo batli neat till W Main, pti 3325 ueorooiii pnvncjje.s uii or wlllioul Kitchen 6 Lilly at PDone 3653 Guaranteed Radio Service AM-FM Television Mctiiuoui. private WEW ^ room on coi ncr lot Uuu'.i j.;r live I MU'd i'riucil S^.uOU Terms. Uuou o loam liuusc unc] OuLtt, 2 bUjL-Kb Hum DVIS 11 tic i'rlccil S^,50U rcnns, VLUV uuou HOUSE;, i rooms ntid DKtl), 1 DLocK rroni u\is line Price $3i:>u. '2 oowii jy 12D frrt an ,isc witn hntti 6pm 2 IS-pVc Blytlicvillc Really Specials A roal established. vRyins. Rrocery, murkct ni^rt service station business iil »igli\vay Priced to sell. Phone l^iOi 6-rooui. modern hntnc. linrclwood lirw^rs Lot KUxl-10 It WIH lake late iMdr-i truck irailci in o» (im^r <J S lOLLlbON, ph 3^09 32 i-k-12 ?l!:Kl) SOVCKANS Dortc))soy No. 2. DJO highest yielding variety in the Mississippi County Soybean Contest. Gl IMlM.KMliNT CO. Noi'tti H.jfhway Gl b roums and Oath, on pavement, 2 olocxs Iroin Mam Si Price S'JtWV TCIIHR 2 lola on RVRVCI til Price Si ISO UKRT ROSS A; SAM GODWIN. Realtors 209 '- West Miiln WiotlC 2-1 li, 3816 or 412-t 3.5-CK-U Bedroom. kitchen privileges, Ph I ^t^>- 3,7-pk-M Atuactive bedroom In private home. Men jtreicirca. I'll, 2430. 3,7-pk-U ictlroorn. lilytlicvlUc Hotel, Ptionc Com lor id I) Jc bedroom Phone '_'675, Sleeping room. Ill E. Ash. Phone Wi. 3,5-plc-12 Cointortablc bcdrootn adjoining bath. HVLII- 7tx)tn. kitchen privileges, 218 E U*vi3. J.7-plc-10 Coiinortablc bedroon:. Man only, no Ph, 6698. 3,9-pK female Help Wanted Two Ln riles wlih curs Four hours wot* per rtny. Avot«t;c cunilngs J10.00 j per dny. Work 15 prrinmicnt aud cti- joyaolc. You Out n<- A fttiMnc.v Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOANC in mterMtco in oujm? ot \eiiUip <«« Noble Gill Agenc\ Cecil I'Jarls —— F. B Jo.vncr REALTORS Glencoe Bldg. Phone 3131 cc-^s. Apply tlox D. N. c,o Courier 3,9-pk-23 Girl for gencrnl office work. AInsl l>c fair typist, no sliurlliatul. Pleasant working conditions. \Vrite Hox iM. N., Courier News. 3-'l-ck-tf Wonted fo Buy .si: 1,1 <:ALI BROOKS MUSIC STORE I'H Bll 2 l?-cfc-tl Notice house* for snle. Ensy terms, t.lkp rent Priont ^912. j a-ck-15 liroccry R«n gitri\Kc with hvnii; q'.nr- tcr,=,, fiilly etjinpiicrt mul ntm-krri I^Jt wt>xrzu\ Abstract \vUh deed .*6 sw D. U. C'nnnon. Rives, Mo 3,J-pk-lG •l nouses, 1 4-room, 1 3-room on lots 51) J 150' in Stecle. Mo $1000 Homer Copley, owner Inquire at Asy J hints' Siorc. Stcclc, ^ l-pX-15 HeaU Courier Mevss Wsni Au&. ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen ami crippled animals picket! up free of charge in .stunli/.cil trucks. Call collect, <iM^, Ulylhc- ville, Ark. ARKANSASDKAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. •J-ll-cU-a-M WHEN MINUTES COUNT Hie prompt and efficient scn-icc ot Owens Pharmacies solves the problem Kvn-y prescription filled with meticulous cnrc free delivery service Phone 2024 OWENS DRUG STORE Violin Repair Experts Everything In Hiusic BROOKS Music Store 107 E. Main. Tel. 811 Carry Your Money FARTHER WITH You'll Find Greater Used Truck Values At Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. 1917 Chevrolet Lonj< Whcdbase Truck, 12 foot factory body, « extra good tires, low mileage. A steal at $1595. iSifi Chevrolet Cab-Over-Engine, 2 speed axle, 750x20 front tires, 825x20 rear; A real monev maker .. . §895. 19-Hi International K-6 Long Wheelbase, equipped with heater and 825x20 tires all around; a really good truck for only $1095. 1912 Ford Lung Wheel base Truck; extra clean, motor perfect, lire si/c: 700x20 front, 750x20 rear; a bargain . . . §845. 1916 Chevrolet '/ 2 -ton Pickup . . . special price . . ?1095 1917 Chevrolet (4-Ion Pickup, equipped with heater and spotlight, 5 good tires, runs like new, red color . . . $1449. HMO I)ocl;rc J /i-lon Panel, a good cheap delivery truck . . . $28!). 11^7 Ford !/2-ton Pickup, a good low-priced truck . . . 5289. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember: You Can Always Make A Good Deal Al SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 \\ est Walnut Phone 578 Salesman Wanted MAN WANTED—For Rawlolgh busl- ebS lu Central Mississippi County. No experience needed to start. 1500 faml- ics. fiawlcigh products sold 'JO years, to nmke tincl profits large itar iniincctlHtcly. Write Rawlelijh's, Ucp - AKC-210-I90A. Mcniplils, Tcnn , c-e W. C, Buchanan, 716 Clark, Personal Blyt rrtlrty minute phntoRtatle U'STtEN B BTUU1O Read Couriet Sews Want Ads. Seville. Ark. 3S-pk-ll Accidents in farm work kill about 4 300 persons a year in the United States. Fresh Stock Guaranteed B«st Prire? Kir by Drug Stores E-Z-ON Storn KK! Screw Windaw BEAUTY PROTECTION CONVENIENCE AT EXCEPTIONALLY LOW COST BUILDER'S SUPPLY Inc. do. Highway 61 Phone Z43« Now Open NiCKLES NURSING HOME For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Call 1601 NICHOLS DRUG IMiime 830 Osccola • Care of Aged • Care of Invalids • Care of Patients of Chronic Diseases 24 Hour Service Phon^SSO I Have At All Times For Sale several tractors and equipment, both new and used 1 have John Deere, Farmall, Ford and other makes. I now have new Ford tractors and equipment read} (or delivery at dealers' price. I wiU trade for most anything you have. Terms can be arranged. See F. C. CROWE I mile suulh or Braggadocio, M«. Business Opportunity Fully equipped yard and iy Limits. Oood. bubiues-i, v.rll csubllslicd tjtock ;c, IU. 'i, rairt 0 ouUL, Ars . pli KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phone 2089 Phone 4141 G. O. POETZ Railroad at Cherry Choose Your Car From Still & Young's Better Values On Our Lot Today 1917 Studebakcr, equipped wilh radio, healer, overdrive, and plastic seat covers. 1917 Mercury Sedan, 1917 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. 1916 Ford 2-door Sedan, fully equipped. 1911 Ford Coupe, priced right. 1912 Ford 1-door Sedan, a good buy In this car. 1918 DeSoto 1-door Sedan, fully equipped, clean as new. Others to select front. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First of Walnut Phone 4333

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