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Greensboro, North Carolina
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Fiom lha Alexandria Gazette, "RUNNING TO THE STORES. Oiir Latest Kewn FHOM THE SEAT OF WAR. and as she walks, shaking her enormous and shame ful butlh; nt, ihee Dost thou cot think, if OHEENSUOROUUII FEMALE COLLEGE. A List or United Statks Sknators. Elected from North Carolina, from the commencement of the Government under the Constitution, in 1789, to the present period Samuel Johnston, A Loan or Fivt Mn-Ciowa.

Mr. VValeeb, after trying various expedients, the only results of which, were to fritter away the government credit, and bring it down even below that individual, has now proposals for a public-loan of five millions of dollars, at six per cent, per annum, payable half yearly, (he principal to be redeemable in ten tars. The, advertisement of the Secretary is published the last Union and in r.s itnr Hrono, i'vt angeu wyrp irnust oot.ot such a tigbt as ny ionMliy n'ttrnetcd an! "VV-6 number priiorstis, (itjooI of thm with ladies' 10 There ap- siddles -on,) am! cnttfr.ig.s, all the sune 'irr'rs 16 -e Pr.eal:a"y gcodi selling; town, '1 ITtl Wl XM T.l-;a rri.rwtl I to several ladies, viih' whom I was famil- I I IILIIlllLflT 111 I L- 'I servant girls nnd bovs.som,. oCMi-m wf. i baaUoU, and a few.larsjer 'negroes with -one hone wn t0 llke ('v'h their little negroes carts.

"Whut," said ''to a group of ladies, al and almost overcome with were walking hastily street lowardi one of llir Ves, 'sir, goods are so cheap, those fascinating nr.ntia anJ the now lasluotw eo beautiful But, I inr- Benjamin Hawkins, iu 1 1 Alexander Martin, Timothy Blood worth, Jesse Franklin, David Stone, James Turner, Francis Locke, Nathaniel Macon, Mont ford Stokes, John Branch, James Iredell, Bedford Brown, Willie P. Mangiim, RoberlJJtrange Willie P. Mangum, William A. Graham, ditto ditto ditto, ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto 1793 1795 1799 1801 1805 1814 1815 1810 4823 1888 183'J 1830 18:30 dtto ditto 1810 ditto 1810 William IL ay woi)dJriiuiL18J3 Those names, thus served more than a single term of six years consecutively, whilst those without a Star, served only a single term or part of One. liuleigh liegisler.

METHODIST PROTESTANT CHUKCH. Extract from the Minutes of the Annual Confer-of I ho Methodist Protestant Church, for the Nonh Carolina District, held at Uehobbth.near Oxford, Granville County, N. commencing on Thursday, 23d October, 1810. Circuits. No.

in Societu. MinislcrsScPreachers. AlueiTiarie, Uoanukc, Gianville, A II 1 03 Supt. to be supplied, Ira E. Norman, Assistant, 3lKi Supt.

to 'be supplied, Jno. F. Speight, Wm. II. Wills and A.

C. Harris, U. D. Deans, Pr. 308 C.

Drake, Supt. Jno. L. Michnux, Chasteen Allen, James Hunt and H. A.

Burton, Assistants. Wm. C. Patterson. Supt.

Win. M. Johnson, Pr. John Henshaw, Supt. John Coe and Isaac C'pe, Assistants.

C. iF. Supt. J. Holton, John A-lexander llobbins, Nathan Orange, 795 Randolph, 033 GuilforJ.

J850 Robbinsand Robt. i- AsannWy lo change the mode wi Ppoint-Assistanls William J. Og- i iW Coiwtablca in Cuillord cuuniy, so as to give back rk c. zZ, t0 the County Lourt their appointment. burn.

Jacob Guyer, Scott for uJlt.Mlio18 Jendments to the Act in- Tha New Orleans Commercial Time of the 2nd instant cays, that the Mexicans have totally evacuated the whole country this side San Luis Potosi, dismantled Sahillo, -and destroyed all theirl fortifications on the Rinconada and that instructions have been forwarded to the 'commanding Generals to full back on San Luis Potosi. At this point, it is said, Santa Anna will concentrate the whole. of the Mexican forces, and makedespe rate battle. Anna, it is further slated, left ihe ciiy of Mexico on the 29th September, I 1 Siaju cavalry ana ouu miantry, on nis way to San Luis Potosi. Large contributions were be- 7hgmade lo carry oiTlhe war, and the Clergy had -consented lo mortgage their property to taisu $2,000,000, but a loan I could not be obtained upon the mortgage.

Vinm Ifcxv Orlcaua Tronic. fiom tl.e new urlcana ropie. The steamship Mch'itn arrived al Galveston on the 33d ultimo from Brazos St. lago, having sustained some damage in her machinery. There were on board most of Captain Shrivcr'a company ol Mississippi and Texas volunteers, Col.

palie Peyton, Gen. A. S-Johnson, Mr. Kendall, of the Picayune, ar.d i large number of discharged volunteers, making about 300 in all. The steam tvt i er nquua, oouu4 jur new wneujis, pui mho vjui- vesion on the 31th.

She hud one hundred -and sixty discharged volunteets on board, and put in for supplies of water and provision. I There is little news from the army. Things were in stulu quo at the last accounts. Uen. Tuylor was in tranquil possession Monterey, awaiting advices from the Government.

Of course nothing was known of the, determination to terminate the armistice, and the first formation on the subject obtained by the otflcers of the arnty who came passengers in the Palmetto was receivtd in ihis city. From some of these officers, whoLft Monterey on the 11th, we learn that the first Government express, ordering Gen. Taylor to carry on the wr whh renewed energy in consequence ot the relusal ol Alexico to negotiate, was within a few miles of Monterey, and would reach that point the next day. The health of the troops at Manlrrey was much Urtur than it bad been on the Rio Grande. The fortifications in city were garrisoned by ih regular troops.

Gjfii. Tnylor's camp was about three mile this side or Monterey. The last accounts from General Ampudia and his army left them beyond Sfttiillo, on their march toward San Luis Potosi, at which point was rumored that Santa Anna had arrived at the head of thirteen thousand men, and was dailv ex- peeling reinforcements, i The Georgia Regiment was the onlv reinforce- fment which had reached Monterv i our informants left. Orders had been received, it was understood, by the other regiments station- the Rio Grandu io jnove- towards head- Kentucky and Tertnessed tnount-eU regiments hod not yet reached Matamoros. There bad been affrays between the citizens of Monterey and Texas Rangers, which resulted, first, inlhe assassination of a Texan Volunteer, and them, by way of revenge, in the killing of eleven Mexicans by the comrades of tho slain.

Gen. Taylor, to prevent similar occurences, had ordered an efficient guaid lo be distributed through We are gratified to be able to state that the duels which were on lite tapis at Camargo be- tween Col. Balie Peyton and Gen. Marshal, and also between Lapt. Musson, of Louisiana, and jCapt.

Chceves, of the Texas volunteers, have all been amicably arranged, Gen. Ampudia has issued another proclama-j tion since his retreat from Monterey, calling upon i the Mexicans to flock to his standard to repel the invaders of their soil. Ilis excuse, in tho proc lamation, for a defeat at Monterey and the surrender of that city to our troops, is a want of ammunition The utter falsity of this statement is weI known, for any quantity ol ammunition was frond at Monterey after Lhe capitulation. a a HAVING sold my entire interest in the Ureensborough Drug Store to IJrs. Caldwell Dare, I would respectfully request all who are indebted to mc by book account to make it convenient to call as early as possible and close them bv note or cash, tho iutter would be desirable.

1 'IV. llvo iifivoii tvf r.awcmuhnr.iiiir'h ftrlfl rnnnlu rti Guilford, i would return my sincere thanks Air the patronage I have rcceited in the Practice of Medicine for tbcpaet eight years, aud would respectfully request a continuance ol the same, as my undivided attention will now be given to the duties of my profession in all its branches. 1 may be found during the day at my office adjoining the Patriot office and atrnight, at my residence on ett street April 5, llV't. P. WEIR.

1311 LI. TIIO.UAS. I Vh 1 II HT.IlfPP oillDLLtt AlU ILlUiLi5 lUAKLltj Jl A' SB II, A C. JJ.VS.moved his shop to South oppofite thcsUiFcol J. J.

Sloan, where he niaiilllactuies all articles ill Ins line ol business, ami oners tliem i ow lor cash, uountry rroouce will be laken in exchange for work. Re- pairing-done at theshortcbt notice. April, I AM iow receiving direct from flic Northern (Jilies one of the largest stocks ot goods ever brought to this market, and selected -with great cure; consisting ot every article usually kept in retail stores in this country. Many of our goods ore per cent, cheaper than ever offered tor tale hereiofbie. Persons wishing lo purchase goods would do well to see us before purchasing elsewhere, as we are determined tosell goodiatfuch prices as will g-jve entire satisfaction lo every person that will give us a calj, both in prices aud quality.

1 liosc who wis, i to recruit theirsocks anil do not to go north for a small stock would do ell to call upon us, ns a large portion of our sales arc made to men losell urain. I 1 I flMlK preseut acssion of Greeriaborough Female A College will dose ort the 16th December. "The next "session wilT commence on the 4th of January, 1847. There will be an examination of the pupils of Ihw on the 16th Dece nber, before thoTru- tee, i'v rents and guardians uf pupils are invited to attend. The enthracinc so short a lime.

iWHl scarcely interrupt the regular exerciser Votrdors mty wUh, during that lime, as wi "ol lete; and the be (ft veil i at other lulled. in can IIBVBtcvvry uviinov vi biuiijt The members ol the same attention will Scholar hIiouM (m entered bt the rComrnenepinent of tho ir coiwenienl, during the vacaliorAj tWu i i 1 1 1 ior unT 1nv Te oTregulur classiucatiwn. uarge ui be uiaiie only trom time of entering, but no deduction tor lwa ol time, rxcipt in cases 'ol 'abac' Ult' r.ocoii itj-, Terms wtreTorolirie. 1 he boabb ot TKMTetH are hereby notified lome'e1 al oll lth Dwember. at 9 u'clocSt A.M.

UEO. EN DENI1 ALL A ut-u. MEN DEN II ALL l'r k't UoaMl ol Trufxei: B. T. Dlakk, Secy Gieeui-Uoio', Nov.

1.18W. 1 'pHB WINTElt TEUM .1 5 months will open on ex- ijernnentiil philosophv, and other branches are th-ii tiiUicllti 0u. u. lho (Jreeiborough, New Oth, 191G. FKESU WE take ploasure in returning our thanltsto such as have pitrouized uf, and while we solicit a continuance of their cncuurageineof, we respectfully invite the attention of the public to our stock of DllOGS; to which we have just received an additional supply direct from the noilhern cities, all ol which oiler unusually low, either by retail or wholesale.

Poisons wishing lo puichaau by the quantity we particularly invite to give us a call, a we are determined lo sell al such terms a will make it their interest to purchase of us. We will warrant eviry ir-i, (tele offered bv us lor sale, not only to be vnaovltc-rated, but freth. Gentlemen living at a distance can have our prices current sent to them. -DA KE CA LDWELL STATE OF NOItTJI CAROLINA, GUILFORD County. Ordei October Term, 18 10.

1). Weir wife others, vs. Tliomaa It. Tatrx'r, In furaance of an order made in the above case al October Term, 194S, 1 shall expose on a creilit six months, at the courf-hoaae door In (sreenshorough. on Monday ot November County Court, to wit, the lGih of the month, SIX LIKELY SLAVES.

The purchaser will be required to give bond with a p. proveu security iur tne purchase money ir A. EBANE, C. M. K.

Oct 2(ilh, 1810. 33- ts. SURRY COUNTY, N. C. fpiHS establishment is now open foi the accommo-.

dationo! travellers and boarders. Every thing is being filled up anew, and will soon be in a condition to give entire satisiaction lo all who may favor the proprietor with a call. Clean dry stables and good lots with water for stock. Provender and Tjraui of all descriptions in a-bundance. Grain fur Drovers at market prices.

Every attention that can ieasonably be expected, will at all times, be given, ALLEN DENNY. October 26, 1846. I 83 3t VALUABLE SLAVES FOR SALE. PURSUANT to a decree of Guilford Court of E- quity, I shal) on Tuesday (he 24th day ot November, at the late residence of Isaac Clapp, deceased, (near Cols. Danjel and Abram Clapp's.) sell on a credit of nine months, the following slaves, belonging t.o the heirs at law of tho said Isaac Clapp, to wit a -likely negro woman aged 31 years, a boy aged 10 years, girl aged 8 yours, a boy aged 7 years, and a girl child aged 2 years.

Thn land, which ia very valuable, will be sold at some future day. A MEBANE, C. W. E. Oct.

20, 1840. 33 ts OUR Carpet Warerboms are now open, with a full assortment of Common, Superfine, Threeply and Venitian Carpeting. Rugs of various quilities, green and printed Floor Cloiks, all of which will sell in quantities to sail purchasers, at the lowest potVible prices. Orders carefully attended to. PAUL, East side of Sycamore treet, 33 3t Petersburg, Va.

DOCTORS J. S. DAEE A. C. CJ LDWELL, TTA VLN'G asfociitted in the practice of Medicine-JfX rcspectlully offer their profcslullaI services lo the public, t'rt ni hum they wrsh to merit a libera) support.

As heretofore they hold ther.itelves ready, stall times, to attend to the oils of such as may i I a nceu ineir enirance upon me uiug cust- MSS is not intended to interfere with their practice, but. they concieve, will five I he in increased facili- fins tte nruzspiitiiirr fix iliilipfl tit llifir tiff ifpAKinn. llV tt CfCatei variety oi remedien in their hands, 'j'hey take great j.IeuMjre in cxpiessing their thanka th hlr-il nmnnrt ulreadv rectivpd. and inlir.l ---i COntinuunce of'the tame. IK OA MASTERS LOOK JIT THIS, tN hand 30 FORGE HAMMERS, for sale at Olive Mount Furnace, on Tom's creek, Surry county, N.

low for cashwarranted. Highest prices given for HANpS by the day-month, or vpar. MACHINERY of si) kinds done at the shortest notice. WILLIAM HILL; Olivc Mount, Oct 22. 1346.

32-3 1 DANDRIDGE, TENNESSEE, practice in thij Circuit Courts of Jeflereorr promptly attended to. Aug. 1840. 24 -3m, ei, COlliUS A.M COlsDS. UrE have received the for, Wl STAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY a valuaLIu remedy fur if fleet if ma of the chest, and havo on hand several dozen Uottles, which we will dispose of by the quantitv or sinle bottle.

1 DARE CALDWELL. The Guilford County BibJo Scciety Repository will ho found at tle ytore of the suhseiibers, where Bibles- and Testuments can be purchased at New Ypr prices, IB I 4 a. IV, I uctoocr loiu iv- Tlftouisoiiiati iHciliciiies. 1UST receivei -and tor salo a stock of tho Atr.lieinrn.f-nm E. Larrnbee.

at tho New Hi'l A. 5. rtjtii M. iary aequaiqled, and who were making their they Inusl forgotten, says xvluul crol' almost entirely failed tli mat our Nj fanners did bopo thai we should have been i abl 10 of our old ores at the end ol the yeur but a this you know can only be I (lom' money, and os bul I 10 market, what on earth, please 1 mX dl'aT, nindam. are we all to do, or fare any of us to do? We have now only about Hi: ft prepiin.

Jim; Llioi umjr uio jc- newed' importunities of old tlore accounts besides Mil Til nuinberh a 'others, but ttie lormer win oe awiuiiy augmented by the almost every day dealings of this present year; for you ladies do no, seem to buy one cent's worth less on account of hard times. dear mc! responds a somewhat aged lady in the company, Mr. Ego, you really alinost scare me bul what you say about paying is nothing to me that ii not my look out my old man will ice to that he has always made out to get some how, and will again, 1 hope. Yes, that he will, says Miss Folly, I know Pa will never scold me about any thing 1 buy I don't know, Susan, toys the mother, hardly what he will thir.k when 1ieses the twenty yards of silk, whxh you bought for one single dress to-day, at SI, 25 per yard Well laJiee, I must leave you, says I. hope and beg you will, one and all, excuse me plain with you, fur whatever may be your thoughts about the matter, 'one thing is certain, that the unlimited indulgence which we, i he servunts of creation, (not lords of creation, for we have long sinco surrendered that title,) extend to you, furnishes on incooteslible evidence of our sincere love and a (lection for you.

Iu consequence of our undue regard, we have spqil- ed you, as a mother spoileth her child, and have not resolution enough to apply the remedy. We confess our fault, and a6it forgiveness. We wiH not, however, acknowledge ourselves cowards in other respects for how many of the brave fellows who distinguished themselves at Monterey by rushing fearlessly up to the cannon's mouth and. over ittwill yet havo to crouch to the frowns and machinations of woman I told vau a few minutes aero, that the title with which nature and nature's God once inves ted us, hasiJeen imprudently transferred, and we are now your servant's for love's sake. Have compassion on then, we entreat you, or in a little while we shall all go lo jail and you to the des! AMICUS.

From the Jersey Fredonian, -biiJnosiJinnessary Jiujust-Katw Mexico, when is it to terminate! Where is it to lead us At what point shall we stop What are to be theconscquence of it These are all startling questions, that should be discussed and understood, It is certain that it is to be a more serious affair than was at first counted, npon if, indeed, there were any calculations on the subject. will roil up a minbry national debt. It eet -it has begotten already a most unfiiendly and unchristian national temper. It is a wur of conquest a war of aggrandizement a war of plunder a war ol power ana ana bravado against weakness and imbecility. Il is Also a war of assumptions and usurpations of (he most alarming character.

One territory after another is overrun out Generals become their Governort and the whole are, with a flourish of the pen, declared to be annexed to and the permanent possessions of the United States No act of Congress is sought for authority no constitutional provision is cited lo sustain it, but by the mere will and order of the President or Commander-in-chief of the United States, all these fearful strides are made to an entire revolution in the physical, political, and moral condition of the country Can such things pass over us almost without a comment without any special wonder with no popular movement to indicate the extreme danger to which we are verging? And is this the progressive Democracy of the day Is it for this that our fathers toiled and bled Would the patriots that achieved our freedom and independence, and those still more devoted ones that fought to cement and secure them under the solemn covenants and guaranties of a constitutional compact, have settled down thus supinely and submissively under the overshadowing and crushing power of Executive dictationaod usurpation Would they have looked on in sullen apathy, or withcowartl'y fear, and permitted one after another of the pillars of their fair fabric to be broken down, without one effort to arrest the destruction and avert the desolation Where ore we What are we Official Returns of Pennsylvania. The following is the official return of the vote given in the State of Pennsylvania for Canal Commissioner nt the late election, with a comparison of the vote given at the Presidential Election in 1811: The whig vote for Power was 97,903 i i oi ne L'emocraiio vine iur usiev was tl. Vf.t is inuiiiuirt; vine iuritfiiuu ua The Abolition vote for Elder was 2,038 Entire voto given in, In 1811, the entire vote was 201,479 33 1,681 Falling off since 1844, of 127,402 Of the entire vote in Pennsylvania, at the Presidential election, Mr. Polk received 107,535 Mr. Clay, Birncy, 3,138.

The Word "CIuidxuxc." This term, sometimes appearing in books, and frequently in newspapers, needs an explanation for the benefit of the unlearned reader; we mean itn learned in Latin, though he may understand every thiner else better man any proiessor oi uatin and Greek." It is a Latin compound of the pronoun quid, what, and the adverb nunc, now. It therefore signifies, literally, what now? and it designates those wise persons whose knowledge con-sists merely ol details, whose progress is a slow march from one detail lo another, and who, at etrery new fact, incapable of'looking beyond internally exclaimin astonishment, what now? A labama. It is at length ascertained, that Mr. Corraeix, (Loco) is elected to Congress, in place ofAlr. Yancf.v, resigned, by a majority of just 30 votes' over Beman, Whig.

The District gave Irt A mninrilv hf npnifk' 1 ffnlflB Wa Innl-. upon this result, as one of the most, substantial' victories achieved by thn Whigs thjs year. We" wbnder if the1 Standard" will attribute this astonishing to Abolitition influence lHtg-. ister. nroposab will be received until the 12th of November, 1840," at the Department in Washington, in sums not less than a thousand dollars.

Western Steamdoats. There have been built during the present year, at New Albany, Louisville, Saint Louis, Cincinnati and Pittsburg, 108 steamboats, with an aggregate tonnage ol 31,300 tons, and at a cost of $1,400,000. The ilincinnati Advertiser aay, therrA4fm4HeT no less than 7oU steamboats on the western riv ers, whose tonnage will not fall short of 100,000 and which have cost in their conatruction and equipment, not less than 812,000,000. The Organ of Trinity Church is the largest in the United Slates. The case is of solid oak, in the Gothic style, the height of the orgun is 52 feet, width 27 feet, depth 33 feet.

Ithas 41 stops, and nearly 3,500 pipes, the larsjest of which is 30 feet long. It was built by Mr. Henry Erlen, oi ims cny, ana cosi Scientific I mmk.Nji; Emigration to the Wsr. The Milwaukie Gazette announces the arrival of the steamer Empire, thus: "She had 9(i0 paying passengers on her list, and was with freight. About 475 pjssengers and 70 tons of inerchin-dize, furniture, were landed at this port." The pumps eiht in number employed in supplying the Illinois canal, arc 1J feet in diameter, with six feet stroke, and capable of raisinr 13,000 cubic feet of water per minute.

The women of Peru never, it is aid, nurse their children when angry, for fear of imparting to mem a-cnoienc teinperauierif PUBLIC NOTICE. A PPI.ICATION wili be mule to the next Gen- Also, ty after tholtime of holding the election for School Committer -men fur (Juilford county. AIko, to change the jnunner of electing the war dens of the poor lor (Juiltord county, and other legis lation lor inc aame. Also, to require tho Sheriff of Guilford countv to account to the clerks of the County aud Superior Courts for all linen and forleitureg, and lor them lo pay out to lho proper persons Also, to change the time of electing County Trus tees. Also, to so amend the Law in relution to the Election of Conetahlea to entnlo the Ineotporatioa of Jameirtawg to iX'ohblahle: Aleo, to incorporate Wcnlworlh I-oflge, in Rockingham county, Nov.

5, 18 DIL I. J. M. LINDSAY would earnestly reques-those againvt whom he has cluinw, and who tailed to settle ut the customary period on the expiration of the year pnst, to come tor ward now and make settlements aud payments. I)r I I r.u u-milil mcn ciif it.

f.nn.!. at a w. via ia wiw boi ma tCHUO DIIU I public that he is prepared to devote himself to the du- tins ol mo Aleuical l'ractice, and will be happy to wait upon those who may desire to avail themselves ot his service in the various branches his profession. Office on West street, north-side, between Me-banc's store and Gott'a Hotel. Greensboro', March, ls4G.

51 if DR. EDWIN WATSON HAVING located permanently inGreensbonuigh, oilers his profesnional services to the citizens oi the place and its vicinity. Office on north street opposite Mr. Eckel's Jewelry Store. Match.

1516. tf GOODS. OUR FALL Purchase is at. hand, embracing our usual variety. Call and examine for yourselves.

We think our assortment good and cheap, aud should you differ with ua in opinion, we will yield, with due deference to your judgment. October, 1H48. J. R. J.

SLOAN. FIG 9IGT.IL. ITon forralu cheap. We are prepared to make arrangements lor the delivery ot Tig Metal in this or ihe adjoining counties upon favorable terms. October, initi, SLOAN, Piano Fortes.

"Fou se.ll a great tnuny Piano Fortes!" ri.ii&expre?Kiorimen talis Irom the lips ol persons when looking over our lil of Piano's sold; und the fact may be readily accounted lor by considering the superiority of our instruments, and the unusually low prices asked lor them. In the short time we huve been selling them, nearly fifty have been sent to the dilleient sections of Virginia and North Carolina; and we have never sold a bad one. tVe will guarantee to furnish the best PIANO FOR TES in thiscounliy, at prices greatly below the rates recently charged for similar instruments in Petersburg being determined to sell them as low os they can be bought in tho northern ituarkets; and we beg those in want of them to give us a fjir trial. Of Piano Fortes wo can speuk practically, as our experience (fifteen in making, tuning. is well known, and we teel ourselves competent lo judge of them.

a We have many letters from persons to whomftve have sold Pianos, assuring us of -their superiority. We do not, and we will not keep any but the best. GAINES. RICHES CO. Book, Piano Forte.

Music, and Fancy store. Petersburg, Sept. 17, 1S40. 28-tf SADDLES AND HARNESS. rilHE undersigned takes this method of informing the public und his frictyds at largo thai he is sfill manufacturing at his old stand, a Neat aud elegant assortment of all the articles usually kept in such establishments, which will be sold at prices that cannot fail to please.

Those who wish to purchase are respectfully invited to give him a call. F. AL WALKER. UrCemsboR)', Bept. 4U.

New Shoe and Hoot Making ESTiLBLI3HMEXTT. fir STILL remain at the same stand 4 doors north ol Rankin Mc Lean's Store. I have just received mv latest Aftd most fashionable Ladies' and Gentlemen's and am now prepared to execute work in a neat, fashionable style. Ladies' and Gentlemen's fine and coarse Shoes alto. Gentlemen's fine Bouts, done on the shortest notice.

An assortment kept on hand.rt 4 Kepairing done on tne most reasonable terilw. Oct. 23, 1810. J. N.

WOO D. rr. sale chap at the Drug Stora of DARE Si CALDWELL thw hurly burly ninoncr tl, sex, to day!" -Whir," of them thotiew goodallud arrived fi "Have they hdrVsays they arc- this miunie tpeuing thciU at vejry cure, and we are going lo o-fhe prt ity thin-rs and the new huhions, and to getUTVdctinW' Impelled by cutioitV, rather' than business. I alighted 'at one of the whot did the interior -disclo. but 'mixefc medley of hutnan beings of almosrevery description, 4n which, however, I soon discovered that tin; sex pr d.Miiinaled to a considerable ex-ient, and all seeininj at -garrulous and happy as heart could wisli tln'Vn! They had, moreover, enure -command of the counter, while the few nales thut were present, whether fathers ot hus-band.

Mood evidently with dejected counte-(nancea. anJ occasionallya suppressed sigh, were seldom consulted, and said but little. I need not speak of the purchases suilice it to say, that to any person, and to one who get shis living by an hone industry, wishes to pay all his ust debts, and enjoy any degree of independence, the scene was truly In rffl tha dealing whih 1 saw going on, and must havo amounted to several scores of dollars, the reader may suppose that there must have been a considerable jingling of the precious metals, or display of and but believe me, dear sir, I really saw only one juarter of a dollar and a five rent piece, rfaid dow'n this day. noticed, moreover, that ulthough the prices of many things were complained of, and strenuous efforts made by the fair dealers to1 get them reduced, yet, bo they ever so high or cost ly, scarcely a solitary aiticlo was left behind on account, provided it suited the lancy. The merchants well knowing this, and how long a im they will certainly hava to wait for their money, it they ver get it at all, do not fail to Jay on percentage -corresponding to circumstances.

By neans indeed, could they sustain themselves; which must, therefore be deemed art ample justification. Although the fall and spring, when new goods and new fashions chiefly 'arrive, aralhe principal jubilees, the same run-niug to the stores is continued, to a very consider-ablo-eiteBt, the wholo year round. Every article only supposed to be wanting, must be had; if a "ihing of iaate or fashion cither, (he mother or daughters must run to the store for it, and if of less importance, they well know, from much experience, ow 1o -wn ite a note and send Jim or Sally. Girls and boys, not 10 years old, are not infrequently permitted to mako purchases on err'fatjeT' cred it ndif any occasion lbs: Uaa appearance of even a frown or a horizontal shake of the bead, issues from indulgent husband or father, it is no sooner discovered than is certain to be et aside by one another. The first attempt will proba-Ufy "be with a kiss, given with a little more pressure and sweetness than usual, not a word spoken.

This failing, a sophistical kind of female reasoning and persuasion is resorted to, as a comparison of tfceir exigencies with their rich neighbors, 4lhe absolute and indispensable necessity keeping up with the and lislly, if jfieeessary, right down Caudleisni. So ihrt, at all events, their object will be obtained and tha unfortunate man must endure theconse-quencn, Vmk or trwini. From the stores many of oheso liberal dealers make their way to the man-tua makers, bonnet makers, and seamstresses, where they contract additional debts; some of them not knowing how to cut out and make the first garment in their wardrobe. While ia a store, a little girl came in, with a Jbasfcet df eggs three -dozen and five," says the storekeeper. She appeared to be about II or 12 jear old, was bare-footed, and in oth-r jreejeot roimis of comfortable clothing: had no doubt made many pleasing calculations before she came, that the eggs would buy her two and a half yards of cheap brown cotton to envelope her shivering frame, but when she saw the counter 'loaded wkb finery, and purchasing so liberally, she laid out the whole amount of her eggs in a doll's bead, and ribbands to dress it with poor middle aged woman, soon after, vme in with an order, or rather miller's receipt, for ten flour barrels, which her husband, (a coo- rJ had delivered to mm.

ane nrst aesireu to ook at a piece of cheap plaid cotton, and another of ujb'lcachcd cotton; both of which she evidently -stood in great need of. She also wanted a pound of coffee and a pound of brown sugar, a little smoking tobacco, She unfortunately preferred wailing, however, until others were accommodated. I say, unfortunately, because by the time she commenced dealing, she had entirely changed iter mind, concluding as many other simpletons do, "that one might as well be out of the world is out of, the fashion." Accordingly her first purchase was an empty grass coffee bag, (a bona fide prime old Java,) whispering to roll it nip in brown paper, ller next purchase was ihrea quarters of a yard ofnegured muslin, forcaDS. with splendid ribband, a quantum su li cit. Then a French worked collar, a pair of gum -elastic garters with silver plated must bare forgotten that she had no stockings on, and probably none at borne.) a fine tooth corftb, a cake of perfumed soap, a tooth brush, and the balance in smoking tobacco; this last article being the only thing purchased, as contained in the memoran- hmitffht with hot.

So much for example, thinks I to myself; and- when pride constitutes the predisposition, the infection, ia tendered the more operative, and its consequences the more deleterious. In cogitating on this specimen of human frailty my sympathies became senaibly awakened aseeoiatinirJ'eilectiona something like these yhat wiH your husband, if a aan of sense, to you, Miauam, luom nin uujr rnamrnted cap and collar, overshadowing the la-fled and transparent remains of your old summer frock; your prime old Java, inflated to its fullest 4imensiona your pretty garters without Stockings, or ft Ju'ss, die, compensate him for the labor pentjft makiugtlialour barrels, which you have thus foolishly iQuandeired 1 presume not. i bap be will reflect, however, that his wife is only one of many hundreds of thousands, who re ruined by. similar examples, exhibited by who ought. Jto know better.

Do ny professors of religion encourage pride and extravaganee lei them recollect that pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before jfallr and numberless other portions of acriptuse. What thinfkest thou, pieus, antfJiumble jahis-tian, when thou beioldest a female member, of iliy church, corn'ng into the house of worship, Presidents. Yadkin, No return. Wm. McCain, Supt.

David Weasner, Assistant; Frey, Pr. Davidson 188 Joseph Causey, "Supt, Jordan A. Neese and Josiab Snotherly, Assistants. Supt. to be supplied, B.

Lr Hoskins, Assistant. Wil'g'nSta. 117 Total increase this year IS2. John Paris. William Trogden, G.

A. T. Whit- Wm, D. Anderson, and-James Deans, in Alson Gray, Presidem. John Lambeth.

William Bellamy and Arrmgton Grayvied since last Conference. The next Annual Session to be held at Mt. Herman, Orange County, North Carolina. MEXICAN AFFAIRS. The Washington correspondent of the New York Journal of Commerce says: There is, from some cause or other, a prevalent opinion here that we shall have peace with Mexico by the first of February, and that there is no necessity for any more expenditure of blood and, treasure.

There is an equally prevalent opinion, that our Goverment will not demand California, nor even the boundary of the Sierra Madre, but be con tent to take the Kio Grande for a boundary, and release Mexico from the obligation of her treaties, and assume to pay ihe indemnities due to our citizen. On tho other hand the New York Express says We have been permitted to read letters from the city of Mexico, of the highest authority. They breathe everything and anything but a pint of peace. 1 he new Administration had declared, one and all, that there was no other alternative left, but an uncompromising war: that every effort must be used to defend themselves. There was but one feeling that animated all classes and that was, to make every sacrifice to defend the territory of Mexico.

The resources of the government had increased beyond the most sanguine expectation. The clergy, and wealthy individuals, had tendered their services and their money, to sustain the government. Every member of the government, with Santa Anna at their head, had pledged themselves, if necessary, to bury themselves in tho ruins of their country, rather than to submit. With the spirit that is manifested in those letters, all idea of peace is hopeless. Mr.

Secretary Walker, when in this city, staled his confident belief, that peace with Mexico would take place in a few weeks we wish the Secretary had the oportunity to read the let ters we have seen. If he could, we are sure that his opinions would undergo a change. A i radition Verified Interkstixo. Lieut Emory, of the U. S.

Topographical Engineers, one ol tne otneers attached to the Staff of Genera Kearney, has furnished a long statement to the Washington Union, graphically describing scenes in the far West, and irivine a detailed account of the march ot the Army from ort Leavenworth to Santa Fe and the taking of that place and New Mexico by Gen. Kearney. Lieut. Emorv sava. that the 20lh August, the chiefs and head men of thei'uebia Indians came into Santa Fe, to give in their adhesion to Gen.

Kearney, and to express tneir great satisiaction at nis arrival. This lam and formidable band are among the best and most peaceable citizens ol INew They, earlv after the conquest, embraced the forms of religion, ana tne manners ana customs at tneir then more civilized mastcrs-vihe Spaniards. Their inter view was long and interesting. They expressed what was a tradition with them, that the white men would tome from the far East, and release them from 'the bonds and shackles which the Cv pantaraa nave imposed, not in the name, but in a worseiform than slavery. They, and the numerous half-breeds, in whose reins flow their blood, are our fast friends, now and forever.

I hree hundred years of oppression and injustice, have failed to extingujsh in this race the recollect lion that they were once the peaceable and inoffensive masters of the country. It is a well known vfact, hat as a country becomes cleared and open to the influence of the sun and, air; that by the action of evaporation, all ri vers diminish, hence the many instances in the old country where valleys, wkich have formerly been the channel of important rivers, are now be come ury or mere streamlets doricg the' wet We take the present opportunity of returning our Grainger, Cocks, Sevier and Chiiborne; also-thanks to our iricndti and customers who have pution-' in lhe Chanceiy Courts at -Duudridge, Tazewell and ieed us heretofore and hope to merit aaniuinwincc of Sevierville. Any business entrusted tu him will bo Ihe same. and nee us and you shall not be dis- appointed. McCONNEL, WOOD CIIOrPERS.

rpEN pounds of lron or Castings, per cord, paid, for chopping wood al Olive Wottnt ur urnace, near the Pilot Mo-intain, N. C. Now piaking and on hand a large supply of Pig Metal, Inferior to none tor Iron Or theuse at'i Foundiys. llollowware and Machinery of all kinds madcatshort notice. Orders from theadioinini' coun-f try, thankfully received, sod attended to.

.1 aa.aa'a a vvn.taiAfl Jiii.i- Olive Alount Furpucc, Oct. 10. 2a-Cl BEST FEE.CH BRAXBlf -AM) MADEIRA Wl.VEf- I IOR M'edicul purpose, for sale at the New Drngl Stone. A. S.

PORTER, m) 'i.

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