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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1916
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r tiikiHt things frftm where th*y ar« and put* ifl»m whtre they ought to be. ERL1NG DAILY GAZETTE ADVlRTISINd tnk#» tilings from wh*r« they are anrf put* them they ought to-be. SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 96. STERLING. ILLINOIS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 23,1916, PRICE TWO CENTS. "Conducive Company Has Assigned Its Contracts To Its Bonding Co. Bonding Company Will Send Man Here To Make Satis. factory Arrangements. Thfc -Conducive 1'nvlnr, f'nmpany, composed of Mps.-«r>i. '(Seme ami Kfy. ;whlc.h wan ftwanlc-d the contract for th* two pavln'R 8y,«f«>mji in SH'rllng. its- slgrifil r 'thelr contract to' the Fidelity BondltiK (.'ompnny, of Oldens". Sunday morning. Thl* menn* that the conducive l»aviu« Company in done with the Stftrlin^ paving contract, and it l« now up to the Fidelity company to ««•' -cure another contractor to have the FOR WARSUFFERERS The th«- e,,|,|,'. of !'„ Sritunliiv n bonatfid Liberally For "fii» Purpose. ("hited Ptntes ti) f-"'-! ! Sunday as thus <-n >rsirlbutions fur !b'-- relief of The Pr'-fhytr-rinn '-lmr< -h ye«t»'-rd;iy tonk up ri cijHt'ctlf-.n at the monilnc servit-e for th'- Armenian** In :tddlti<>ri to the retfuinr Sunday rolled tori. Th" nrnoiiht i?i\<-)i f><r jhi.t u:i« t:.:.. j The fm-rni'f-rs nf the Trinity fnifed if'nl rhiin-h iiobated I13.S7 f->r The contractors should lun j «» hnd the W.'irk'nil completed by November I*t. according to contract, but it has been tlHIy" rtallyinjt ittotiK until it would *<?em -at the rat** It 4ia»r tiwrr KtilnR it would trtke three years t<» ftnlfth the job. The people of KterliiiR and the-City Council members have been worrying for Home time at the slowness of the pro- Hre** being: made. Yet the member* of the council have been lenient to the contractors nnd liave granted all the * tlm« «*ked for and have taken their »*:*ctiiiPB_when the jieoj>I«> were clamoring for actual paving. Finally the councii K«t busy and ha* been Informing the bonding ro.iipany of the situation and the excuses offer»y-the cottrpitny.Ttie matter Han come to a climax and the bonding company •hate evidently made up lt» rnltul that the case wan n hopeless one. evidently made up Its mind that the cane was a hMpelepn one. • Mayor 1'latt received a long 1 distance meifKage from Hcnator HOOH, of the firm of HOOH & Hon. banker** of Forent Park Hunday afternoon, Haying at n meeting Hunday morning the axKlnn- ritent wan mad« and that a man by GAVE A GOOD ADDRESS THECOUNCIL First Avenue Bridge Will Be Resurfaced With Pitch and Crushed Rock* The Expense Will Be Charged To the Lewis Co. Which Did Ihe Work Before. • i nni inii n--tins mu^t ink •-' fr-IHl'iMS ! OKI. . .«<i 1 >f .'inil hof (h;tii ii.xf "I .V !l u m«\ i IV i i:.v<- !-.«!„-,in). st t I"'!' this y«--;ir ri::-i ,«u rmn.y bsii tin- rn-.)-,. «*>•>! lii mi-'.« further company would bn'out to Hterllng today to make Manufactory arrangement* for takliiK over the company's a(Talr« *? f^r u f Sterling IH concerned. 3"fi«t what willTTe done now with tne work in hard to tflll. It may be hard work to find another contractor to take 'the Job and get much doim this fall. It in thought that work may remain UK It it* until next HpritiK and then the work pushed to completion by tho contractor the bonding -titmipuny secures. Several thoumuiil dollars worth of work has 'already been dnnt«. Thin In- cludev excavation of the entire Second avenue system, crushed .rock- hauled. 'and the brick hauled and laid along Hide of the street, moat of the excavation on Sixth avenue, and the brick hauled, hauling of aome of tho brick on Second street., and some excavations done, A monster new mixer has- been Bhlpped to Hterling from th« factory ,ln WlBConnln. but it wo* xhlppei! C, O. D., with about a twelvo hundred bill bewideH the freight to pay gn Jt, before-it can he r«l#aned: ' A good feature bir Hterllng In that - no one piece of paving hn« been Ilni«li- ; -«d-«ttd according to-thft contract nr, money la to be paid by the city until th« . company can Dhow Home linlHhed work. —therefor*- the- Intercut do<w not -»t«rt . on the bondH Kold, and thiiM sterling f« right where It wa« a« far a« the pay- Ingr out of any money <u- the arcumuia* . tlort of any intercut. At the meeting of tho city Council thin morning thin Information wan giv- eh to the member* of the body by tho mayor, and there can be no furthei action taken" until a repieSehKtTve of • the bonding company r*-uche« Sterling. The council will then meet will him. George D. John Spoke At the Calvary Baptist forum On Sunday. <tfo?K«' '». .John, veteran of the civil wtir. sn\e nit IrttercstinK talk KunUny evenini; at Ihe ('.-ilvary H;ip!!«t cliufch. corner, of Fifth street nnd Fifth avenue, at what hax been culled The Fotnni, Vaiions Hpenker.i hnvi» lieen Ofciipylnu thin pufpSi for weverul Hlltl- ilav nlKhlfl to tiie v-<li(\c;tUon of 17001! Hissed nuf?'«>nr'ei!, l')u'jli Sunday iii-nht tlierii Is a talk on different tiipictt, .Mr. John wild In \>mk "Hurn&'nlty IN like one j?rent autooiwRle, rind each _of »n rcpie»ent« a certain part, Sonic may bn crankn, wniii-, »ir>tf-fitni (er.i. and if 1 mil the muffler ymi Hhoithl put yonr foot ilown oti the |>e£ If I make too much noise ti»!u>flit in 1111*11(111* thinuxh Ihe town. "'The Keynot^ «-f Comrailechlp lii th<> Oiatid Army of (lie Hepublic' IM the mibject Klven im» for thlH eVenlriK. AK fi rule there IH a born affect tun among brother!* and siMon* In nnmt fumHIen.- trrrd—tf- ««jich o/7«> 'do'eSTTfii nearly rislit thin HfTection is rarety broken, and true love i« the keynote At the mt't-ltnx ot the <'ify Council this rri'iinlntt tJi«> mutter nf the First HV»-nue blidnf* floor wn« dl^Cllf'wf'd. A l^ttf-r WHU read, written by StntP Kn- ttiru'i i-r .tdhn', four ytitrs :IK" 1" the (•iniftfil, ;irt<-r si f-Hi-efnl i xjindnnllitn of the liritH-,.. rcjf.-irdlnK itfs condition. Th"«> letler'Ktjit'-d that the l>riflu*» wfi« rather unK«f4» for nevernl renson*. t'lic lieittfi- Ihe Htate of tlJf. »te«-l u.«ed. it being df>- t*"li( ( |;it(.il by--- ««e. lie cautioned the permitting .,f beuvy o-mia on the britiir'-, FiirhiR that nnr ov^r TWIT or three ton.4 should ln» nll<>u>ed on n Hpan at one time. The rmiltrf nf 'hnvliiK tb«> floorw re- «urfn<-«Ml was The Job done by ihe LewlM UoofinK Company in the xumtner by putting- on n coaling of pitch and pohblcN, was thought to have been n poor one and a t-iinimltfee entn- I>«i?i ( .() of IHV»* If)*- ffirt-i! wltii more nHoli arid ci u«hed rock and have the e\pen«<. charged in t! 4^tw4M-4^Ht|*n^y: — The tnrrynr rt-ad ' letter hi- had written to the company tellltiiu' it jf «f the cundltii.iMif lhelr,.work nnd ordered them to »t;ift ltiMld«> of ten diiyn to i-rsiu-face it. Tin- company replied .by.Miylnu it Would -do it f,, r <nt». mill <>nc-h:ilf dullarrt per .si(iifire. or II total of abnijt three hundred dollar* T!I|M wa» nut (•atififactory to tiie city, hence the order* to have it done by tiie elty nt the company'* <>xpen*p. The matter of the bud condition of •Mil I.-', . the of tills mny \\> have omit ted «il.!SKTi!>F'T, ht;t thi.« ihf sentiment nf others. We"nppr*»- '•iate the kind wiir«l!» rtfid regret condition* are NIK h thnt no one in bual- ti*'S«j know* whnf is KoinK to happen next. This *jilt!«crlber, who lives nt Mnrrl- sr.n. know* The i?im»ttc in worth the mnpe.y, knows snmHhtni; nf th<3 obsfa- <•!<•« the puliliwlifru are trylntr to overcome, enjuy.i the |'«i»er, nnd finally decided it was one of the household necrstdtiefi t,«<t be. kept coming. If "any others ftrn fw»llrw they cannot afford The Oiiily Oustelle they nhmihl consider but two thing*: First, every hom« th Whitetide county and immediately adjacent thereto ihould have a c»unty daily. That It The Daily Gazette. " v " Second, That the eoit i* IBM" than one cent a day by mall out*ide tht Twin Citie* and nothing manufactured can be bought fdr !«•« than » cent that will bring §o much pleasure, 'information, new», ae __ . __ . __ . . THE DAILY GAZETTE i Loss Of Life In Disasters On Lake Erie Is Placed At Forty-Eight Today. Steamer Mathews Reaches Port And Accounts For Seven More Bodies, C.Jf'vi'lnml,..<">;, Oct. 23.—The pr'>b,-ibl«- 1611 '»tf I-ake Brle'« "blnck Friday" Morm jumped to 4$ dcnd today with the nrrlval in port of the ftfamer Mat hew* with three bodlex from the Mcrldn ami a report from across the Inke thnt four bf«Ue« tif this ill fated borit hnd been recovered. Thexe four bodies were re- 1,'ovf-red by the freighter ChnrhHte ttreltung nnd taken to Sandwich, Out. One of Ihe four WUH discovered w««. from the '.shipwrecked .lampH K. Colgate. The other three wore life belts of the Alcridn, (July ntven bodies have been recovered from the lake and all but one were •probably from the III-fated Merlda. The probable dead are: Merldll—Seven bodies recovered. 13 'nilHHitiff and probably deud. Whsleback .lumen K.. Colgate- one rncov'ered.^il^. rnlHnitiK, one saved, r H. I.. Filer. «tix mlN.Mlnfc. one- "THE EIPREtS SOWPARllS 400 Per Cent in Y«»P. ,\ i .-tit lfn-r*-H«?f In th«s i if niii<" itif t»i5i(!t!i- » In 400 K In<o*n- if-*;. Thf Inwnv . wa.« $ ;iKriin«f ll'.'.'tG.fWO, j\ toinl of f l"r>,*»OO,- udo wa«« <'oii*»ftpd durlriK thi> yenr in ftavedi Tiie crew of'13 of fh» hall I'uiiers was ATTACpAKER Roosevelt Says Secretary Of War Should Resign Because Of Speech, The Washington Patriotic Societies Take the Same Stand Offthe-Matter. ,; The Roumanians Ar$ Being ^Forced Back On 45 MiljL^ Front In Dobrudja, The Situation h Considered So Serious Roumania Has Ask* ed For Help, BULLETIN. (fly United PrM«o . Btrlm, Ger^ Ocfc ?3.— Con*t»ni», Roumani»'« fir»«t*»t **«pert. hat Steamer Mar- of tliiH coniradeMhi)) the <}. 'A. it. TT T well an Hiaby it iTaliy iMirn n« you and I were, nnd grrew to manhood tuid lived UK other hoy* do, of tho utreets. the parks and the public Mchool*. 1 believe there would be the i«ame merriment amon'ir them an tiiere in now. and he. I feel mire, would lead, which is tht> keynote of ronuTidcHhip amottK a Riuis; of boy.s. \\*t> do n«H t«lk of re- IlKion, polltlcM, fir how to pray when wp nuH-f In our O. A. H, room, that Is left for when we arc outxldc. Hut when we arc out Hide, we are free tt> ailvixc eai-h other what they oughl to do. "In Ihe u, A) H. we usually ««ret t>n certain principle* of public good. and alwitytt fraternize and uUk'on loy ;ilty mid. charity, that beinif our mot to. The pn t riot ism ..w« teach should b prwiched in every school nnd the --. hroiuiht forth and <fiwuH«ed. The "mayor. Hiiid lie WUM lnten*ely interested from the fact that while the bridge wa* n townxhlp afTalr, yet th« city of uuld eliriitf' u-r C"t)t "f nil of the tax"n and It therefore concerned i . ..,, the ,,eopi,. of K|,,r^ln K . However n"thM out nny outnlde aid. can' be .(lone until the bridge Is Austrian Government Leader Is Shot Down fiy the Publisher Of a Newspaper, (Ijy United Press) -A usirUi, i let". 23. preliminary examination l.udwlK Adler, who shot and killed Count Carl StuerKkh, the Atiatrlan premier, re- flined to explain lito motiva after any(UK that~Tu« RlITeiF'TIie premier wltli^" The uuthorltien think he is weak mentally, n., o,;t. i'3.-~Storm-*wept l,akt« Krli< Sunday K»ve up another fruKinerit of the story nt -lift- "Hluck Friday" — Vnnlher vessel |M>uude<I tu l<!eceM In tb« .ntlngliig gale, and KHrui- IIJK wave.*, carrying twenty-one men to their deutlm. The liyil vefipel in the llulutn-owned whaleback Jamea li. UK lone mirviv-i.r, adrift f'>r thirty and u half bourn on a raft, brought H»lf <i»-iMi rn.iii iwn anil d day spent ..... tortutid — aiuL torn by the nea«,.he WUH carried off a Sunday at r'onncnut, uftornonn. Nineteen gone over tin- by expertH und tvported. the cont of «ence ti( whicn-vo Rood citizens to lov«» your country, your family, am your God. and then your church, y«u neighbor und yotir»»'if. "W<« ne«'d tha -romr-adPtthip of Jcsti Chrlnt aw bad n« we nee<l the Grant Army of the Ucpiibllc to keep thef PatriotiHin pure. The keynote of th Urand Army ttf the Hepubllc IH bron enough to embnwe them all If the Htnnd for loyalty to country, famll* timl tJ«>d," Mr. John IK a pleaHunt Kpeuker an pUitHcd hit* audience with thlti klnr of talk, which is wo well liked by <»ver> one. liavlijK fmiKtu tlrni« in the MORE BOOMS NEEDED Th« Wards Secure More Office* For , Their Busineci, The law bUHlne80 of tho Wardtt, located In the Lawrence building, IUIH Increased no that they have been obliged jto secure more room. The firm con- of Judge IIT^C," Ward,'~Attorneyr John "A. Ward and F. H. Ward. They hav* uoen occupying; four rooms on the fourth floor of the l^wrence bu51d» ' Ing. Each of the men occupy a room ana the two utenograpjiera anojtjier. clvfl \xur hii had many anninlnif Iiici- dentH to tell, and (fuotoii conniderabli IHietry to clinch many of ihls polnt,4. Plan* Are Being Made For Rally Day Serv'icoi On Nov..5th. Yesterday large »nd InapirlnK audl- wern in attendance Htrcet Alethodlsir church, ni a Fourth notable , number of visitors being fn evidence at both morning und evening service, , Two fli»» -anthems -by— the c l-liolr and a beautiful solo by Mr. a» W^H an the ortpin select ionx enriched the service musically. Tho^pautor, lUsv, W. Lt Colltn, ie4»-d witit the clone«t attention »B FISH CAR WAS HERE Special Oar Brought 40,200 Pish Which Were Placed In Book Jtivor. A canjoail of fish which arrived in Sterling this inori.incr was placed in the bayou OH the Hock l-^alls aide. 1 The M«h wm» good «|jswl one» and were obtained by iho »i»uti in laiifl lockeij ponds noutr ;1 Savanna. * ffiftiny of" them weighed h« much as one-hnjf io DJH: nounrt. Matiy of th«m will b« largx- <»notjgh to wpawn next Keason. Hodnoy f . Turner, frame and IlKh w.-irden.-lm'« been dolnp what-ho .could to secur- tho be»t of th« game tish fur Hock river at thin point. The car load contained thft following: l-,nod calico busH, S,fidl) croppien. 3,720 Jiluo bns«, 1.750 pike and. pickerel. -Mou riiur tuiletl perch, ?,oo() blue Kills; .200 stripped IS CONSIDERED INSANE. Hy Curl VV. Ackerman (StafT t'orreHiiQndent of Vnl-tvd 1'resn) Ueilln, Oer., Met. 23.— The Vienna authorities' iirompt action prevented jtny, demomttrntlon followliiK the a»Ha»- tdnatlon of fount Carl Hluergkh by LudwlK- Adler, The tiHual Sunday meetings were prohibited. Tho crowd* apparently diiu-u«»ed the asBanglnatlon bin there were no disturbances. Adler, who din- played coolness after the Hhooting. collapsed when he learned of the author* Itles' action,- He-told his jailors that he believed the Vienna crowd* would be fired by bl« action and--would make demonMtrdtiona and he expected other KuclullStH to head, dVmturltanccB, . . The (lOKtinorti'iu examination din- cloned ihut all three buileta had lodged __ Kvf-ry ono r>f the* rrt»w of twi'nty- ontt i«>rl«hfHl, Mlnct.-<>ii of . thorn bt>in«r nuekc-d doun to 06nth tho Inottint ttvf l<ijt Hto<*l bout roiitulorwl in th«« in«ir-m. and two. were added to llu> roll when fXhaiiMton, exposuro iwtd th» rHcfn'tl* 1 ** \VHV<'« wn»diintf ovor tln> rnft that rnr- rled their uaptaln wu«hi'<l them off when th«;lr atrviiKth KIIVO wny. The ferry nte«n»-r Marfjiiette nnd Hi'.MHifrtei- No. i picked ui> tho eaptiiln. off Hon- di'.'iu. • Cuiuitlti, t>)>|H'Hlto> t*l»'v'iM*uid, Tlu> «'oljfat(> wont down the night of vvluit. en in it to bo known t4>day i>s "Black 1-Vlday" In marlniJ rltTles. Six men were |OK[ when tin- Htwttior in bans, and 3.000 channel cat. making u In thn firm tl«h car lotal of-.40.200. Tim fish canie «ver owned by tho Mtate. being built >«pi*clally ft»r thin purp(>«e, and since Ujt .completion IIIH! March 'ban trartit- ported••-» Krcitt many million li»h. Twenty-two c«i,rloada have been emptied Into water* ilkw Hock, river. At ono time « whort time ago In eight car* there were taker) fourteen millions of young land locked carp, from the •swamp* and low places of tho Illinois river arid dumped Into the river up and down tho atreum in vur'ioua place*. During the name twrlod the* government caught twenty-ueven million of the same kind of tisii and dumped them Baron Heck, former premier, in the. probab'le choice to- Hijcceed the dead proiiiler. i-'Hnce'Hohetilohe. minlitler of the interior and-olihwt member of the cabinet, l« acting a« premier temporarily. • Socialism -declare iiinl Adler IH In- Mine nnd that they considered him peculiar while H .student ut Munich. STORY OF THE MURDER. -Berlin.Oct. -23,-"* fount-Cart-Sttrergfchr the AuMtrian premier, was ed Saturday in Vienna. The wart. Lutlw'itf Adler, said to.'bit the edl- Krli* un Friday, only -. \lattlHiin he.lni; wived.' KiirJ.t")- that wiine nltfht the Hti'fimer Marnliull (Continued on I'asv- Threes) ARREST 600 SOLDIERS tor of a Vienna periodical. The ' reportM which reached ' Berlin n thu rlvvr •near—wtiPTB—rTTP?—Wet-e caught. The car 1* made of Illinois lumber, being ««wa *xcluBjveiy In thla state, ft l»-over 8*-feef long; fcojitalna fourfwn large tankw in which th* young- flah aro Hhipped. Air IB pumped into tho water bya small gasoline engine, which « also used to operate a>dynajno'for night and. other needful purpouen. Hj jumping air into the water ll«h may did-not'iMI the cause of-the murder, but, disputclies received -aeveral dnyn ago ii«K«i'te<l there WUM.H miulati-rlal rrlwlH In Austria and it iti probable Adler Wnn inspired by political motive«. Wir«» to Berlin Break. Soon after, the ftr«t reports reached Herlin, new«paper« liere which at- tejnpU'd la i»eL JnorK. details were informed that telephone and telegraphic ~bi»cwwn~nTfl two had been broken. The last dispatch which tame throuijb Hald_thiU_ Krnperor _.J"!rftrtfri« Josepli of Austria-UuiiKaryTmd tiurn- moued the cabinet of the monarchy to a special Minion. No Warning Before Shot. 1'remier rituergKh WIIH ut luncheon in the Hotel KulHel and Hchadeh at the time of the attack*. He wait alone ut a tohie—when~^Ttrer entered the rentitu* Provost Guard Rounded Up the Guardsmen For .TrespaaB- ing On Farm Land. "(Hy United FreB«.) San Antonio. Tex.. Oct. 23.—Six h_iin_-_ awaltltiK trial today as the reMiilt of the greatest whole>ial-p "pinch" in the history of the. national guard*. They were rounded up by the pro- guard yenterday on the. charge of on) nearby farniB. A The men were gathering "i^wm* and "exploring." ThoM» arrested include men in Kanmu*. Illinois, \Vcxt Virginia,, MlHHlHHlppl and the District of Ci.lnin- i>la regiments. They wore nrreHted by the provost guard comi>o»ed of \ViH- coutiln ciualrymon Hent out by tlen. H, A. ureene, .divlHidn commander. By J. P. rod«>r. Correspondent of tjniti r <t~T T nt>m«.) nuertjue, N. Alex., (let, 23,—Col. Hooseveit ate hln way through New Mexico's large** city today. Due for n live hour"* fttny here today he ate breujtfan} and wnf given a reception Trorn 8 to H;3u nnd at noon was ten-" • ieii.i a banquet from 12 to J:3(>. after he hud spoken ill lli;0(( o'clock. He, letary of Wul UafcOf W^N HooMt'- velt'rt. particular taritet _for campatKit dnt-lH "loitriy." The" pBrTy'T'ArFIVptl an hour hi^e, The Colonel «•«« glad foi the e'xtra. hour's «!eep,,a» he was tired when he left PhoerdX.- It been me known todav thnt ltoo«p- velt will probably nnnn-er tht« appeals of \V'e«t Virginia people, u/id KO there for one at|d powdbly two »peeche» \vljen he goes to Baltimore to »«tienk. Ill* Hull i more nppflcheH will be made .Monday or Tumday of next wc««k. "It IH profoundly unpatriotic to dls- rtiBR ntirf nrnountM ~atmnRt "ttnlPRPfro- tirtn tu compare WftMhfnglon'H men of Valley Korge with the horde of blood thirsty ImndltH whom the president has backed and supported In their mur- dei» And outrnnea duiliiK the butt three and a half years," on id Colonel Roosevelt in an addrcM here thin afternoon. He n nulyaed the temnrk* nlleKed to have been mudt*» by Secretary of War Baker in a political addrena to Jersey citylnKt week. "It l» true that the men In Wanh- ington'M army did rob churchen and honH'« for they had no shoe* on their feet. Hut it I* infamy to compare those heruei who »ncrincod everything for their country with the brutes and banditH under k one leader who are vak'itiK Mexico today. "The .man who profesued »uch doctrines is "wholly unfit to »tay .In the cabinet and the president who retain* Much a. man in the cabinet l» wholly unlit to remalii* an president. Thin ntutement of feecretary Baker ac- It? by' the alienee of Mr. WH- 8hnwt< that Mr. Wilson In hla heart bclleveM that Washington Wan no better than Villa, no better than Carmtun: that the men of the revolution stood on a tffl\-p|"wUh thi» blood thirsty crew which for the la»l three yearn nnd a -half have murdered Americans by the hundred und Mexicans by the thouHuml. Men Who have perpetrated every specie* of outrage on women and children and turned a*li: Mexico Into "a I,ell of HlarVatlon. dUeaHo and murder" f«H»n b*for» Q«n, M»chftn«»nV of • f«n*ive, it w»» officially announced this «fternoon. TH* capture of th» city it tht greatttt tingl* achiav«m«nt of th* central pow»r» tine* Roumania tn- t*red the war eioht weekt ago, Th« victory it htlleJ by German military crittct at of more importance than ail of the Qfint mad* by the flllie* iirice the Somm* ofFenilve began. Official ditpatehe* received her* indicate that th* Ruito-Rouman- ian forces have suffered • ditat* trout rout. Smftfthinn northward along th* Black Sea coatt Gen. Macktnten'e offenelv* flret oap- **"**** otmartf . _ _ _ the otrong defentet, marehing-the twelve mire* to Conitanta In little than two day*. The rapidity of Tffe German advance indicate* the Ot*t*o-Roumanian fore« became completely dltorganlted in their retreat. . An official etatamant from Sofia reported the capture of * village tix milt* touth of ContUnza, and prepared Berlin for new*. of th* great victory. No turprit* wa* cauved here therefore by th* new* that Maekeneen had pushed on through th* rulne of th* Trajan wall and had occupied Conetanra itaaif. MackenMn't left wing i* now «p- preaching Cernavoda. the w«r office announced.. Th!« and th* bridge over'the Danube are hi* objectives—The oepture of Constanut puts an «nd to tho transportation of Rusilan troop* to Roumania by the Black Sea. RU880-ROUMAKHAN8 RETREAT. (Hy I'nlted I*re»».) Umdon. Kng.., Oct. 23.-r\Vlth their Iliit-h Mtill Intact, the Roumanian* are being rolled bax-k on a 45 mlla front In Dobrudja under heavy pressure by thn Uernian. Uulgarian and TurkUh, forces*. At the Houtnanian capital th» cltuntloii la coiiHldered werlous, Petrograd dlBpntehea dt'clured today' " (Jen. .Mai'ticn»en'« advance guard ha* already approached to within ton mile* of tho fcndtiinto-ft-inuvoda railway* This line carrion euppllcs into Roumania and IH th» rwwJ over which tho HiiKwinn ttoopK tranatwrted to Conaton- sa have been brminht into Roumanta, wiiii ii^ tno important' terminal,' M the object of the Oerrtittn'a gre&t »fi fort. . , . The .Roumanian left w|nf and oen- ter Iw ifiving way and "~~ " and another tt/wn. the main aupporUnif OEMANO RESIGNATION. "(By United Washington. D. C., Oct. *8,— Waah- patriotic Kocleties prepared «pe cinl drafts of a reHolution secretary of - War I taker-.. nation , of a speech In which he ation t Is a,l- f | H . . — Huinniovy court bevn filed by m<»*t of tli« colonel«, and iniuiy u'lalS ur«r- to Ue leged to have termed the follower* of WaMhinKton'H army aa "thieve*, church ImUeiH and dtareputable oitiioiiB generally." When the resolutions are flttUhetl a tjraft will be sent to Secretary Maker, and President WIInon, At a special meeting of the representatives of H great patriotic Boeletlen of women ttie immediate renJirnatlon of Becrt;tar>'-_Baker-,Wfl« demanded^Hia remarks are alleged to have been of the (toumanlan fianlc „_ fendliiR the Important **&port town of have failed before Oen. •naen'M force*. Tho Roumanian wiiiK. which crossed tho Danube at Pcrnavodu, IH beating back the enemy uttackN. ., Roumania Asks Holp. For the m-cond time alrice the German* began (heir campaign to crush Roumania. an appeal for help n&* ootne from Bucharest, ~The Petrograd cor- I respondent of the Dally News, who vis* waa naked by a hlghi to emphttalso tho October ^Sth ut Jeracy City ut a curnpalKu meeting and are termed "an odious, an unjunt and an untrue attack on the for/efathero of HItnation. King Ferdinan4 (tent a similar plea following tho Rou- manian defeat in TfansylvanlaT I'etrograd (Impfitches today revealed for the IIrut time th* reaflon for the Hevere defeat of the Roumanian* in Dobrudja. Premier Bretlano believed tliat if Roumania entered the war Bulgaria would eitlier «Ue for,n*ace or iiKht" aKalnst Roumania 'o> Russia. Only weak forces, therefor*, wor» to- ^ «ccd«itIbHl r by- th» thn»e men. The. reo«plion jx)&m has been In the office Of thft atenOKTaphera and thin hun proven too small. Bven the room« ol the offices of tiie thred are proving In- moving away of Dr. Shanndn the c|i|eHtlon, tie iiurJ rooms . , , adjoining tlie Ward Buitc, j it]«nt« have been made for the l Of the«e In eartnet'tion wltii tiiu . already rented by them. J'artltlonti ^JJftl'&JiasiL-loi^jj»ut niuKuiK a^receptlon ropm sixteen ftset wide and thu width Of the building the other way. Thin will malic u «p)ondid room—f« H5-. ,--*. - - - Biul u reception room, If*. It lw» not beet) definitely nettled yet, " * ' " i» judge may occupy the corner occupied by Dn Hhannon, This Uyt the iforo occup iM it very large room, »nrt the roam he acatBirijr~ma^-tir-ii»ed-tt Nottrtny deftnhv-t-iwr-pi- tied upon ^until the rooma 'are completed. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Pl«« For Active Service Made By Rev, C. M, Irwin. a jttarter Ijor an every member unit rylitfioitB f.inv,is» of the cii- tiro Presbyterian cungrt^gattoii, the , »«rvlc'*« yumittj;' wer» very- Utrgely attended. There wa« a large congrega* d*y. It la expected that light llnei> will -b euiud tho iiuigaria.» frontier, while the main itoumaniari 'army poured Into TraiiBylyanla., oeeur Sunday, Nov. committee dealt in the morning with the subject of the Politician Turned Preacher and in the evening when hi* theme wan The Power of a Definite Purpose. Plan* were made for rally day in 1 th* Sunday school* tf" 4 "" - "••-••-- -* 5Uu The follow! „ -.-^..-^._ J ,^_ -pointed to. prepare tho program"; Dr. Walter Palmer. Mm. W, I* Collin. Mrs I'htts. l-Vaser. An election of otllcen.- wua held In tho'Epworth league with retitiltH us follows: Prea.— Dr. Walter Palmer, _> First Vlc« Pren.-—Kthel Marsh. Bectmd-Vice Pres.—Mildred Hull, -Third VI. t. I'foa.-Cmito Immel. Fourth Vice-Pres. ™ Nell lo Jieidcr- nian, Chaa. Jismmimd. »• aafBly--tait>p for Hfty-etglK—RguTa Thirty.eight milk cun» are included in the equipment to b.e itHcd in tniiiHfer- ring tho !i«h from the eur to opeh Water. The car | H made after a Pull- laTe ten people. There Ir4 ulno a good • —•' kitchen, modern In-evcry if. - - Heo'ry.—WuJter TreuH.--*.'. N. TlmmonH. i'hort«ter-'-Winnie Ilcitxnl. ITOrtsF^TleTBTirTTBltleTr: — ifinlrmair-of -ughem— Hr-B, . 8omi> Interesting work under ho oppoaito Bldu of the. tank*, and here in art observatory part u» well, lenry C. Alien, of Havana, a deputy feme warden,' in auperintendent of the ar, and imti IW«HI Hlncri It ha« been In th auspices of the Kpworth league, sucl as will enlist the sympathy of -the younger people, may be looked for from now on. week th« outstanding event 4i church activities will b& the Women's Foreign Missionary gathering whirl occur* Tuesday and Wednesday. AI arrangements bavw Iwien rnadt; for tin cntiTiulnnunit of ihe delegates and the reportH in -hand the con tiun at ihe morning wcmce. wltjh ex celiojit sins-ins- by tlm tiutirtette und u ' utirrlng sermon on tho subject, "Three Hcore wml Ten," by Rev. «'. Al.- Irwin. lt"wu« a. plea for active wrvice In the Wttster'* vineyard, urging all to make tho best iHihKUUe u»v of the abort yvarn uilottud to man'* lite on earth to pif- jttfjj iiiiii fwr eternity. A, Ubfftl coiiUlbutimi was made for •thsrWricken people of Armenia-,, and the Buitday school addi-d .ten (itilliu-ss to |hw amount. "" Tb« ii|au of tho t'Vcjy member can- raj* i* tu luivu isltfhUH'ii tiwiiis of run- \UtWerB. lWO't<l tiu> <ivtt'UI, Call UpOJl : S*'«£i' Jioua^htiUl ailk-il with tho cluttcb. . for the purpose of definitely interest' Ing each person- In »*om«< Hue oi rellgi- uu» work. ' Bpv-cjal uttcutioti will be t/»ld to futtilly wumhip. and th».' I'res- -bytpfittii home Hide fr>r M>lt- s*iud>* Will Ul«0 be brought to everylM»d>'-iS at- volition will bo-irau»nally~ largely attended. Tonight at 7:y<) an (ittlcial Hoart meetiiiK Mill be lield ut ih« church nt which all oJtlfiui nrpmbrnr-jtro expect«l tu be prest'til. Tin* meeting i« «•( consUleruhle .HUIH,nance in viow of tin t'ut t that it is thti llrst of the confer- wice year v\ hen. the annual gallon a tut election of a, luiinticr ( fonunittre.s Mill take ,phut>.* CASESSEJTUD^DI-XON Thr««^Caec,« In *• tied SatyrcUy. Ccunty Were 8«t- founii KUllty of .suilumy by u juiy the Let> county circuit co,irt l-Vl'day - f H-tober 13tli. \%a an indftermin< illld Hi»cliHit» of the chitiHi' Til-: i t»- " wtutU-i! jot i play, .util i'<jTutnut''>. Oct »»a in uct ai fMlcni-i. in He.'tnt of nolil on»' Iti I '_'! t! ll' l' !> i"J.i('_fi-!'iirin,-it(.i y. r TiTTi r""Ti fS^.t tt< i rri i « vK .t iu u tii,4l jll li.ll We 'To A»k New Trial. \\ithuut |" I» tlii» I'm 1 tiu; the A, |i'-n,u. inn! jn-tttvt, R, uiiU Hi > i .1 t'.'ltti, 1'u ltl,il '!%!»-, il'iv-thliii'i;!! Aid iU..!.!,>• t'nder (In- jui'v's n t.. i t.M m ,.( f|., fll !'»•- iitt; 1 1- i.nsiii ni fii tf,,_. j at Jt in t < U A i-i {,{,. tnia slonully when she wishea recreation and rest from her homn llfo in the south, A colored porter and cook accompanies the cur. By .thin -method of catching land locked fish, million* of young fish art) rescued and put into waters of the rivprs and savexi, Postmaster A. MC lavln, former llsh and ganui warden, is much pleased . over lite car< and called his frienda* special attention to walked over to his victim, und, without Haying H word, fired titcen nhotH at close range. All three look *ff«H't untMhe premier fell over^ In hiH chair. Friends riiMhed to liiM nlde, but death hud been THE BREIOflNG STOCK Probably Not Over Ten .Per Cent Will Be,P»id Creditors. "—The receiver »old u< uiu-tion Hatur- day most of this remaining bankrupt stock of au» Hrfld|Jtti\ it aiiuuiiiting tu nearly onu'-hundred «>i<l forty dollar*' There are yet to lu« sold ut prfvute sale by Mr. lluskell H n-gihtcr, nxtutes, and u feve other goods which it la thought can be sold to local ua-ti. Tlu-rw in also the launch of Mr. Hreldlng which la eald to bo a ijood oue, .This iM to ut private bidding, .The re- thut already nioce nipncy .H^fd fiom' Ihv iuinKrupt than what \\sin made by tiu>thivt< n •tivt>r has ippi - al».enit' jex'laiid iiiui ;.r i r,«t;t tin s.tlv of the,MI H i.H ihotiKht that luxlde \\ill HUIII, ivili 4«« paid 'ii finm ilic hei'. i» uUlh- »* paid, H i- < i t- iti (tsf ni-, hCi i J'MHy .1 in uc ' i ii t i n( uiuuc I hundi ff« .("nil hiin/i-ii A lively football (c.4/11-! i'll.lll ^Ji'l I l t'lut n \\ili (,-n JUT cent. HI Ster- LITTLE DAMAGE REPORTED Two Slight Earthquakes Pelt in Seven Californian Counties. breaking of a power line between Angeles and iiakerxtield wax the only damage done liy two xliKht eartlutuuke «hocks. Tiie shocks which came within a few seconds of each'other were felt in seven HurroutidiiiK counties. BOTH ISIDES-LOST" MEN Villi»t«» ahd De Facto Troop* Battled Throu0Hoitt, Saturday. (By I'tvltcd Press) '''"""''"'' HI PUHO, Tex, uct, 'J3. An official t'arranzlhta utatciiient. tittted Saturday and made public today by (,'unmil liraicce utittfii heavy tlKhting occurred Friday and stat.urduy between I lie VilliHtas and dt- facto t'oices. lloth biilt'f* iost heavily. Th«f statement ttdr that t'ol Kiilinua was \vuunik-d, Policeman Off Duty Found With Bui- lot Wound In Htt Mend. (By Unijed Pre«n.) Chicago, III., Oct. S3.—My*tary-autu_ roumlH the Mhooting of Oalau«e Doucet, 37, a patrolman, who WUK found in uniform in the Bouth xide, fatally wound-: ed in the head, Itu waa token to the «hntipitul w it n exairiiniittoh Ubiclotied powder bttrne that might indksute that h*» had at-, tempted to comma fcuiclde. An'exam- of the pendwnce." Oecluratloii of Inde- ENTER THE HOME STRETCH. (By United Press.) New Vark^K. Y-, Oct. 23.— AVUh the, luttiiati of—hia revolver.—rrov ,, shciwtid that every chamber wu* load» t d." /Tiuirc was no evidence that his revolver had be«»n rtrwl. recently. , l}u was let off duty from i> to ? c»'clock this morning *»n_ the tltat TT« witnteil "ITTlwe" <*" ha« yet btn»n located; ' IDENTIFIES : Hs AN . - i Saloonkeeper Tel'* »'-'ho He ' Paid to •Have License R*s'tor«d. (Hy t'nitcd i'rcs«l ' H.I.. Oct. 1'8 I'eter CJuItmr, Ideniiltcd .John FIFTEEN MAY. BE ,DEAD Explosion Of Q*t Claims Heavy Toil In Mine In Indians. (Hy United I Birmingham. Ala,, Oct. 23. — The death li«t In the Marvel mine, 3f> niilen of Biimlttghutn. cauiuud by an n .of gu«i t will contain' the of 15 ut)d puSMibly 'JO men/ it ing Into the home stretch th» hyphen was renewed with vigor today. tlco charges Hint HuglifH had to an alleged deal with the hyphen* was denied by the candidate^ Hughe** rented at Montcluir, N. J., pre- l>arat«ry to a .final daali. Colonel H^i>»*t*vpifr \V»M in ihi> woMt' eon tlniil nt^ his efforts to win votes, for Hughes, while Wilson at Shadow l^iwn .was preparing for a ringing Wilson siieech. As the home stretch Is entered by the ca.ndidaten ttu» developments can l*t».' ttitmnted- ufv- thusiyi- ---r- ._Tlu> D^aiiocmts-^-iiarge- that-Uugtaes (Uy Hlnlt«d Presu.) Petrograd, RuMtla, Oct, 28. — ' ilan armies continue their retirement In Dobrudja under heavy pressure, though still offering resistance. In the Crocup. Orttia apj, valleys In Transylvania the, ans attacked the enemy and compelled a slight, retirement of; Uie* (lermang and Bulgarians, Jn. western Moldavia the Roumanians have been T»Ui-«*ssfu| in Htfibborn flghtitigr- -"- l-'ightlng on the UFWiclun Voiliynia front is Hlttckenlng. The Austro-Oor n*. Hi- dealt with a racial organisation, the American Indeiiendence Conference. and promised a second installment of Huir uhtttvea,- HuffheM denied tliat he had met the organization 'privately, though ho admit* he held a conference With its .wn» announced' \^hvn la bodies had binu b'roUKht put by the rewueM They' rwpurted si» li>««t three more lii.d- le« In tin: mine siml live otliern are Mill i tiimted for. a politician, HH tiu- man to whom lie .'•U.Vh ilC KUVi' J^.'iO til Ki-l hiw SUluMU ii- il<ifn<ir i.s uiif on botulM on (be cliurMe »>r l-efjury .illt-)it-d to h.i^r bi-yn muted in iij.ilt's iiii; r.i-K.t people" n tmviiH in tiu- V.VH i nd ii'u t j<<"'!i li.-lv, etti ilf\ lll(l>; Ilil.l M..ri'l"'lHI.-Ti '» all in t'n,,,! (1U4I,, ami the litmus bin t 7-~ di ojip'i"d"~ (lie pay- cb.u «en .>w . '' ~" ' ' •"" BRITISH STEAMER* SUNK t*m and 15 Were Lost. f|.5V I'nlted I'I J,"i li-ii, linn , i», t •_'•; •NliMiiur lyi.'uiii h,i-~ lii-.-n (.tuik _ 'I'm ol Hie i 11 U ui-r<- <! l.iji H ]'•» hi Itivt-i (In i ipt.i.n, t.'ni !."> liivlltiit l-^ "f VU-'.»Ji.«,. Si— i-i- U4~W-Jtf-A.- i - - - — SURROUND CWHUAHUA * *" — — ^. * Western Side of th« City Penned in by the Villitta Troops. tHy 'l.'niled Press* Kl } J «o. Tt-x,, Oct. iJ3.. - Vlllista bun dlts huve SHtToynrtc^ fhe western unle of I'hlliuuhuu after driving th« MI«A- Iruii ill' J'lu-lo truupn Into tiie mitt.kiil'- of tlw vUy. y Aiiiillu-r athu'it tttj ijn i i'y i* 'mminetit ileclaro.ri ports UM'li- ID" the I". H, government depurtinent.5 Uupont jiowde r company admit, they \viil opl>osM Wll«o» because i.r hix iDMulttona lax moa*ureH and his Plan for uiarUnK a government plant, The Womin's Patriotic Soi-iety in sent' Wilson a resolution for Bpcreiary of War Baker's removal irom the cabinet for hU ai^ liKi-it <',>inparli*on between th*> Mext- I'lin i'4'votutiunlMtH with tin* revolution • a, coimiurison denied by matiH whii orotiutiii tho river north C»f Hrody were repelled by the iluaalan*. NEARINQ CON8TANZA, <»y United Press.) , JiulRlriii. ft«n. 22.— The ^ h« within ifMt* than Mix mii«(i. «f ihe im»- Mcapurt town of Coiuitan.ea, it- ortitlaily announced today." The capture of the Heaport of Tu*lu, twe|v« u^ woo only re* Saturday. Th» i n IK-a. HUH th of ported from lloilln Hoik-in Ian o.tticial rei)ort of the «lx mile advtt«ice indicate* that the Roumanians hav« »uffere«i a #ev«sre defeat. "The enemy'* rtutUteuce. at the •ii>ul po«it1oiin ha* been broken," tlui.olHcial r4«jH)»'t. The stro.ngly forti- iled town* of Kobudin and To pro Marl are lit our power. The enemy CASE SET FOR HEARING ('urnui' i«m pifiiial^ insist n-\«tfu'i "I ti'oopH un« uit-fr that th ilrlvlnt! ti " ANOfHERAFR RAo OOAY English pi I- utiti a.'it ui <- ii.iim.inu 'ihii .jali- ui'i" i!n.|.j cif Mar^ute. Mi wa» uldi-d lt> E«»tl»nd Oi*«»t«r C«$M Brought Bo fore th* Supreme Court. - (»y ------- D,..c:., Oct. Sf3.— The steamship dlaunter t»t t'hl- wua ItiHiUKht before the' Jileli «i;i'«e4 to review of tiie indiuna Transpor- tattuu company writ pr»» from Judge l.ttiullM'uf icufwing thv 87-i persoiuil Injury iin»!\hix over f?,VOO,0(JO- growing ou! i'f tin.' captileintf of thv blu escur«l«iit i tuber WILL STOP AT D£ KALB -Witt— m-« •• noon. ;.lt,i th I 'III! U!. ijh' ( '' ami .1 man, I- T*lk There Thur»d#y llty 1'iUled Pr;vits> flu-awtf. Ill, .ini..j».' A dif.pulch lt'»n\ l)en\ h:»tij heavy ioxsi's and is in-retreat. Our Khl wing has occupied Tuklnkhiol. "(Mir trophies inciudo cdght guns, tweniy mitchine guntt and much other matt-rial," OERMANS*wi^E ACTIVE,* (My United " l^ondunT Kng,, Uct, enemy activity between' IA Bars and Oudecout't last night, were reported by Uen. llul« today, but no infantry action of importance "ol-curred on the Bomnte. i^oiitli of Yprcs the KnKllsh occupied two crtii^r* twrBwai y«»ierd»y by the (Jeinwtfs W) u bluff, . ; . MUCH AIR ACTIVITY, •Uiy Un^edr. Palis, France; Oi't. 'J activity was reported by thw war viiii- but I bun- »*'l'e llti Victim*. i^-fmir Krencli wulpianeM dropped four t(>n.>i nf cx| loHlvpH an thu woiK« und dlffcli'iit ruilroad TWTMEN WEfi < Hy l r uit»Hi J'i'fof t Kt<M,'lt(/n, Pa . Oct v.t Twn nn'ii \Veiw lifii t ,iii! alH-l'u i fitiuiiii us ->n »-x- fof plui.ii.n til' iHliuniite hi l!i" 1} \\", Cum-

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