Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 25, 1974 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1974
Page 5
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One Battle the West is Winning: Broadcast War for Men's Minds —By NBA/London Economist News Service LONDON — Lenin said that radio was a "newspaper without paper and boundaries", an idea his followers apparently still take very much to heart. At the moment, Russia and its allies beam a total of 1,350 bradcasting hours a week, or just under 10 million words, to Western Europe and North America alone. In contrast, the combined weekly broadcasting output to Russia and eastern Europe is 825 hours, or just under 6 million words. Even with that disparity, the communists have poured considerable amounts of money and resources into an attempt to stop the limited volume of Western broadcasting from reaching listeners in their countries. Last September, just before the opening of the second stage of the European security conference in Geneva, Russia ahd the other East-European countries had no fewer than Chiropractic Bill Completed in the House DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Legislative action on a bill to expand the definition of chiropractic has been completed by the Iowa House. The bill was passed 62-29 and sent to the governor Wednesday after an 3.000 transmitters whose sole purpose was to jam Western broadcasts beamed to the communist world. These transmitters, which first made their appearance after the communist coup in Czechoslovakia in 1948, cost $250 million to install and $100 million a year to run. This is more than the Soviet government spends on its domestic radio network. Jamming of the BBC, the Voice of America, and some other Western stations stopped in September. But Some of the stations, notably che American-financed Munich stations. Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, are jammed even now. The West German station Deutsche Welle, from Cologne, has been jammed again since January when it started broadcasting in Russian Alexander Solzhenitsyn's new book about Soviet prison camps. "The Gulag Archipelago." In the West, nobodv bothers to jam communist broadcasts (although the Greek government is known to be trying to jam the Greek-language broadcasts from the Deutsche Welle in West Germany). Nor do western countries go in for the clandestine "black" broadcasting which the communists do. Two stations, calling themselves Radio Free Portugal and Radio Independent Spain, broadcast clandestinely from Cluj in Rumania. Two Greek stations have been operating from East Germany (without, apparently, getting jammed by Athenj. The propaganda war is at its hottest in Asia. Russia has two black stations, pouring out anti-Maoist propaganda in Chinese, as well as a major station broadcasting to the third world called Radio Peace and Progress, which claims that it is independent of the Moscow government but is thought to be run by the KGB. China, too, devotes a large Times Herald, Carroll, la. Thursday, April 25, 1974 part of its own unofficial broadcasting to anti-Soviet and, more recently, specifically anti-Russian propaganda. The Chinese and the Russians both try to exploit the other's nationality problem. All in all, broadcasting to the outside world by communist countries has grown enormously in recent years: more than five fold since 1950. In the same period. Western broadcasting has grown at only half the rate. Communist broadcasters are also becoming more sophisticated in their approach. There are fewer of those lists of mind-bending statistics about Soviet "achievements", and more reasoned argument in defense of Soviet policies in terms a foreign listener can at least begin to accept. unsuccessful effort by Rep. Delwyn Stromer, R-Garner. to strike out a Senate provisions banning advertising by chiropractors. The House refused to adopt an amendment by Rep. Edgar Holden. R-Davenport. to remove the advertising ban from the bill when it was up for consideration previously. Stromer asked the House to reconsider the amendment, If you have a specific question concerning CABLE TV Call KCIM Radio 792-4321 on Friday, April 26 from 1:30 to 2:00 p.m. Your questions will be answered. CABLE TV WILL BE GOOD FOR CARROLL! Additional questions will be answered if you call. CARROLL CABLE COMPANY Box 886 Carroll, Iowa Coll 792-4321 - Office Hours Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturdays, 8:30 a.m. to 1 2 noon. Miss Ann Sothern •Qldl-ll l.|l US <0»CHPI A diiilmy IduMi la-person <:o ch.mjed In iiii 1114 .winy on a" mieiUdiw uuieil.i:aiis (wiiiiom UDUIHIOI lisiiiuv, in njsidoncn phones unywtiu'e in Win common ISHI .i"0 on Mils placed wilh an opi!'jlor when- tliil'CI e nut available Oiai-diieci talus do nd apply lop«>so« owl guest uertil r;ml iinrt rallerl rMlls iinrt on r.iiiK Russia and China even use arguments and facts from non-marxist sources when this suit their book. Whatever impact Russia's and China's propaganda have on each other's populations, their impact elsewhere does not begin to measure up to the resources poured into it. In large parts of Africa, For example, the BBC still has a clear lead in numbers of listeners over all competitors, with the Deutsche Welle's new transmitters starting to catch up in some places. 'The BBC does particularly well in Nigeria. Even in India, which has been getting close attention from Russian propaganda over the past decade, independent surveys show that the BBC has 15 times more listeners for its Hindi broadcasts in large urban areas than Moscow radio. In the Middle East the BBC Arabic service does better than the others. An opinion poll carried out among the saying the advertising ban was "grossly unfair" and an invasion of chiropractors' right to ''express themselves." But his motion failed 61-31 after Rep. Carl Nielsen. D-Altoona. warned the whole bill might be lost if the ban was removed. Chriopractors may not like the ban but they can live with it. Nielsen said. Rep. James West, R-State Center, said the bill would "deprofessionalize"' chiropractors. "By forbidding advertising, we are saying the code of ethics adopted by chiropractors is no good." West said. "Your local chiropractor might not appreciate that." Rep. Harold McCormick, D- Manchester, said a committee named by Gov. Robert Ray last year to evaluate the bill had recommended against its passage and it is opposed by the Chiropractic Society of Iowa, Rep. Keith Dunton. D-Thornburg. chief sponsor of the bill, said there are two factions among chiropractors, one favoring the bill and the other opposing it. But he said the way the bill is written, the older chiropractors who believe they should restrict themselves to dealing with human ailments by adjustment of the spine and other incidental adjustments can continue to do that, while others can qualify for use of other techniques. Under a strict interpretation of the present law, he said, chiropractors couldn't use heat lamps, cold packs, vibrators and other simple devices. "Yet, I find the vibrator my chiropractor used on my sinuses is used in barbershops, and the vibrator he used on my back is used by high school athletic trainers," Dunton said. "And heat lamps you can use yourself at home." Visitors Spend Easter in Area MANNING — Easter dinner guests in the George Nissen home were Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kapfur of Broonsfield. Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Crane of Rock Vallev. David Nissen of Vermillion, S. D. Afternoon callers in their home were Donn Youngblood and Dale Tibben of Spirit Lake, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Opperman of Arnolds Park. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Bartels and Lica of West St. Paul, Minn, arrived Good Friday to spend Easter in the home of their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Grover Bartels. Additional Easter dinner guests were Mr. and Mrs. Warren Bartels of Council Bluffs and Mrs. Mae Crampton of Madison. S.D. Senate Okays $200,000 for Terrace Hill DES MOINES. Iowa (AP)—A bill to appropriate $200.000 to the Iowa Executive Council for restoration and improvements at the Terrace Hill mansion in Des Moines has been approved by the Iowa Senate. The measure was approved 30-17 Wednesday. The bill also would permit the council to sell the present governor's mansion and use the money to restore Terrace Hill, the mansion deeded to the state recently by the heirs of Frederick Hubbell. The action came on an amendment to a bill originally passed last year by the House, which would have appropriated $450,000 only as a loan until donations could be obtained to restore the mansion. But the Senate failed to pass the measure last year, and donations have not raised as much money as anticipated. The legislature earlier voted to restore the building, using the lower floor as a museum and the third floor as the governor's residence. Before giving final approval to the measure, which now returns to the House, the Senate rejected an amendment by Sen. Berl Priebe, D-Algona, which would, have appropriated $1 million to build a new governor's mansion on the Statehouse grounds. "Back in 1941, when I starred in "Maisie was a Lady," a box of popcorn cost 100, a movie ticket cost a quarter, and my uncle back in Minneapolis could call me in Hollywood around suppertime for $3.50. Today, you can dial that same call after 5 p.m. or on the weekend for 750 or less,* if you dial direct without operator assistance." A little money still goes a long way on the telephone. Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Bartels and family of Des Moines also visited in their home Sunday a'fternoon. Mr. and Mrs.. Gregory Bartels left for their home in West St. Paul on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Herb Rowedder of Manning were Easter Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Vaudt and daughters in Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zubrod spent the weekend in Boone at the Allen Feldman home and attended the first communion of their granddaughter Tresa. Easter weekend guests in the Glenn Rowedder home were; Myra Rowedder of Bettendorf, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Rowedder. Tracy and Heather of Storm Lake. Northwestern Bell CONTEMPORARY CARDS The fun way to say "thinking of you." STONE'S K. of C. Bldg.—Carroll readers of a Beirut paper on the fifth day of the Yom Kippur war showed the BBC at the top of the popularity list, with Cairo radio running second. The audience for communist broadcasts in the West is so tiny largely because even the angriest critics of most Western governments can find out as much about the sins of "late capitalism" from local sources. Even where authoritarian regimes discipline the media, the alternative for the rest of the population seems to be a Western rather than a communist station or newspaper. In communist countries, on the other hand, most people still cannot travel to noncommunist countries or lay their hands on Western newspapers and magazines. That alone probably explains the enormous popularity of Western broadcasts, which gave listeners the sort of facts and figures that are otherwise Sister Kenny Drive Continues Residents are urged to continue passing the Sister Kenny Institute donation envelopes to their neighbors, Mrs. John Dostal, local supervisor for the drive, said Wednesday. Envelopes must be turned in at the Carroll County State Bank by the end of April. The institute is a center for the paralyzed and disabled. Persons who have not been contacted and would like to donate can send their donations in care of Mrs. Dostal. 523 Eighteenth Place, Carroll. The Sister Kenney Institute is not included in the United Fund. It is a residential drive only, and the business district will not be cont.artpH available only to a small circle of senior party men and officials. Radio Liberty, in Munich, quotes Solzhenitsyn's statement in a New York Times interview in August, 1972, that anybody in Russia who wants to know what goes on in Russia must listen to Radio Liberty. The station broadcasts in 18 of the Soviet Union's languages: it would like to be "an alternative home service." At the moment some 20 per cent of Radio Liberty's output consists of underground publications smuggled out of Russia and read and discussed on the air. Radio Free Europe plays a similar role in the five countries of eastern Europe to which it broadcasts: Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria. According to its surveys, about 50 per cent of all adults over 14 listen to its broadcasts. • '('he Krtinomist of l/mdon We have the new, bold-pattern floors that shine without waxing. People who like to live with style usually have one thing in common— they have better things to do with their time than wax floors. That's the beauty of Solarian'". Soiarian comes in all the bold, new patterns that are "in" today yet is practical, because it shines without waxing. See Solarian in ten exciting patterns, dozens of colors today at your Floor Fashion Center T " (grnstroog floor fashiono **§ IBS it BIERL'S PARKWAY FURNITURE Carrol), Iowa—East Edge of Carroll on Highway 30 Open SUNDAY 1-5. Also open Wed. & Fri. evenings Kill 9 p.m. — Charge Jtl Use Bierl's Revolving Credit Plan. No Down Payment. WESTERN AUTO Makes Easy Living Easier With These SUPER SPECIALS! 22" LAWN MOWER 3V2 B&S Motor Instant Wheel Adjustment $ 59 95 STP OIL TREATMENT Most Cars 79 WESTERN FLYER 10 SPEED BIKE Saturday Only $ 69 95 AUTOMATIC WASHER With GALVANIZED GARBAGE CAN 20 $199 Gallon w -mm I * Water Level Control * Large Tub * 3 Wash Cycles And Much More! NOW! FOR SPRING LIVING! WESTERN AUTO DOWNTOWN CARROLL STYROFOAM BEVERAGE CHEST 77 LADIES' GARDEN GLOVES Eveready OCell Batteries STP OIL FILTER

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