Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 7, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 1968
Page 2
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iff, Ffbrurr r 1161 SOCIETY *•* Sefween 8 am. and 4 p.m. f? of FEBRUARY eal , tlfl present the „ Every 6m f$ Incited to the Founders Day Program. Cake and coffee will be served, **, -AM!? ^ffiSSifS; *«* Mo ** m we<stlft * wilt * "ftUfc ill takt SSffi wS h«M ttiurlday night Februarys, cnurch will taKe place at 0.30 , *,*« t* »t.j utlt. &>hMAf »i»4i *ip.m. Wednesday, February 1 a{ ?{3 ° **.?* HI * h Sdhodl a ^' Mrs. William Beauchampof Al t tvv *u i*«s **k^i* •-^.•••WWB »«w^-» torium. All parents are urged to -«* u .w -A. atteftd. Mr, Stephen B. Williams WTuiriMlM will be the speaker rf tt «Uer«(«.fite,ColI ? |« will '.and tell us about the I "Educational Kindergarten of .;,which she is the Director. 1 "" The Garland P.T.A. Discuss* ,ipji Group will meet Wednesday, *. 7 at 9:30 a.m. in the home Mrs. Joyce Morgan. Ail speak on student aid and assls* tance. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9 The Victory Extension Homemakers Club will meet at 7 p.m. Friday, February 9 in the home of Mrs, Avery McKinney. Please r,, i * -"/-^ -~-B-«. --" QI Mrs, nvery wictviiiney, neu.oc ^interested parents are Invited to nole the ^3,^ tn time and date, attend, -."The Sr< W.M.A. of the Gar-'.felt Memorial Baptist Church -will meet in the home of Mrs. :.T.Orady Hairstob at2'.00p. m. Wed- -::t»sday, Feb. 7. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10 There will be a Valentine Dance for members of the Hope Country Club, Saturday, February 10 at 8;30 p.m. Host couples will be-Mr. and Mrs. Chris Petre, Mr. and Mrs, John Graves, and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kellanv MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12 The W.S.C.S. Circles of the .„',}> THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8 •'''••"The Hooe B&PW Club will """have dinner at the Diamond Thursday, February 8 at 7 p.m. ssiArry Patterson will be present- ...<, ... — —. — -,-. -^ed"for the program by the Legis- First Methodist Church will meet Ration Committee; Mrs. Roy Ste- Monday, Feb. 12 as follows: Sphenson, chairman, Miss Opal Circle 1 will meet at 2s30p,m, aDaniel, Mrs. W. H, Byrd, Mrs. in the home of Mrs. Herbert Ste- iaAutrey Foster, and Mrs. Larry phens; Circle 2 will meet at 2:00 ^Patterson. p.m. In the home of Mrs. Ste"* ven Bader; Circle 3 will meet at 2:00 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Bill Mudgett, Mrs. William Hatley, will be ..the co-hostess; Circle; 4 will also meet at 2:00p.m. in the home of Mrs. E...P. Young, Sr.; Circle 5 will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs, Lagrone Williams. & _, ... „. . ... . Members are reminded to - t ?. e / eWC °^ ers J :iub ^ 1 u meet bring their World Banks, •srat 7:30 p.m. Thursday, February :J~;8 in the home of Mrs. BillJor- ^dan, 702 S. Hervey. Extension .tr'Home Economist Dolores Mc- *& The Hope Men's Go If Associa- Stlon will meet at the Hope Coun- ijtry Club Thursday February 8. gjA chicken-spaghetti supper pre^pared by Jamie Russell will be ^served at 7 p.m., and a business "meeting and games will follow at p.m. ^Bride will present Mrs. Tommy J.W.Perkins. Wesleyan Service Guild No. 1 will meet Monday, Feb. 12 at 7:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. S Crouch with a demonstration of -aher "Paper Art." '***' , • is There will be a meeting Thurs- iiiaday, February 8 at 1:30 p.m. at £the Little House in Fair Park to XRlan a Day Camp. All interested rS persons are urged to be present. £«We are very short of workers this K, year so everyone that can give any £ time at all please come. If we do xnot have enough help we will have ^to cancel Day Camp for this year S says Bonnie Sinyard. -rv »— <rv ts, ' The Hempstead County Association for Retarded Children will 5 have a regular meeting in the City courtroom Thursday, Feb- 8 at 7:30 p.m. Hope Ladies Golf Association have lunch served at 12 noon £: at the Hope Country Club Thurs- siiday, February 8. Weather per- A mitting, golf will be played in the jH morning and afternoon. £s The Blevins PTA will meet ^Thursday night, February 8 in •ttie High School Auditorium at Mrs. Norma Cohea, musi- Members are reminded bring their World Banks. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13 The Faith Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday Night, February 13th at 7:30 p.m. at the Home of Mrs. W. A. Williams with Mrs. Herald PoterfieldandMrs.Royce Smith as co-hostesses. All members and associate members are urged to be present. • DUPLICATE CLUB COMPETITION KEEN Keen competition resulted in a tie for first place, when 5 tables of players met at the Hope Duplicate Club Monday night, February 5 at the Diamond. Mrs. Bill Wray and Mrs. Lloyd Spencer, Dr. Lynn Harris and R. L. Broach were the tying couples. In second place were Mrs. Harry Hawthorne and Mrs. Marie C. Hendrix, while the third place was held by Mrs. E. P. Young, Jr. and Mike Kelly. Mrs. A. B. Cobb of Little Rock was an out-of-town guest. Coming, Going Miss Jean Ltseter, Hot Springs, is spend!f« «fe»daysln Hope with friends atti relatives, Mrs, A. B. Cobb, Little Rack, has been visiting Mr, afiri Mrs, J, M, Duffle. Dora Ann King has returned to Denton. Te*. ( after vlsltlftg Mr, And Mrs, Frank King between semesters at Texas Woman's University. Raymond List, Idabel, Okla,, was a business visitor in Hope Tuesday, Mrs. W. H. Evans, Shreveport, is visiting her daughter, Mrs, Bill Wray, and Mr. Wray, Safeguards Sought for Consumers By CARL P. LEUBSDORF Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson, bidding to put the 90th Congress into the Record Book as the "Consumers' Congress," has outlined a new eight-point program for this year. The proposals, most of which had been detailed before Tuesday's special presidential message, Include Improved flsh and poultry Inspection, safeguards against home improvement and other sales frauds, a study of auto insurance and boating safety standards. Some proposals, such as radiation standards, for color television and other electronic products, already have won strong support at congressional hearings. Others, such as the Senate- passed gas pipeline safety bill and the measure to protect against electric power blackouts, have drawn strong Industry opposition but appear to have a good chance of enactment—if they can get out of committee. Despite frequently difficult fights in committee where closed sessions conceal many votes, only a handful of members have cast negative votes In public against the growing list of consumer-oriented bills. The record of major consumer bills before Congress shows: 1. Interest disclosure, passed 382 to 4 last week by the House after a weaker bill had been approved 92 to 0 by the Senate in July. 2. Meat inspection, passed last fall 403 to 1 by the House, strengthened 89 to 2 by the Senate with a bill close to the stronger version finally repass- ing the House 33 6 to 28. 3. Air pollution, passed 88 to 0 last year by the Senate and 362 to 0 by the House. 4. Flammable fabrics, passed last year by a voice vote in the Senate and by 325 to 0 in the House. 5. Auto safety wid highway safety, passed unanimously by MR (Ml) STURM* ft MM fp«ak«r at Llent M«*ff to CHOCOLATES The perfect way to say "I love you"-—a beaytifyl Pangburn's Valentine Heart packed with Milk-and-Hpney Chocolates. Yoyr sweetheart will appreciate yoyr good taste in choosing Pangpyrn's . . . America's pest selling Valentine Hearts. VILLAGE REXALL PHARMACY Hope Village Shopping Center WARD &JP1 DRUG CO. Courtesy, Service" Lions program chairman Douglas Drake, the Senate in 1966 and with just three dissenting votes—on the highway safety measure— In the House. 6. Fair jackaging, passed 71 to 9 in the Senate In 1966 and 300 to 8 in the House after a committee had watered it down, In none of these cases do the final votes indicate the strength of Industry opposition and the difficult fight which faced pro. ponents in pushing the measures through. The interest disclosure bill, described by some supporters as the strongest consumer bill ever to pass the House, Is a good example of the way mem» bers reacted In committee and on the floor, In the House Banking Com« raittee, Democrats fatjed by a HELEN HELP US I by H*l«n BotUl ASKED FOR ftf This column is tor young people, Ihelr problems and plea* sum, their troubles and fun* .As with the rest of HeUh H«lp USl, It welcomes laughs but won't dodge t serious question with t brush-off, Send your teenage questions to YOUtH ASKED FOR IT, ear* of Heleft Help USl this newspaper. 8MB HAS TWO BABIEJVONE GROWN D«*f HelWH Our baby has colic, which fets Worse At bedtime. She cries, ind I can't leave «t b*by in pa In, So my storms to bed I ike a bull, me disgusted looks, as If I have" some secret wayof making our daughter get a stomachache! fro a normal woman, and I love my husband, but 1 resent his "Come to b*d" attitude.! think love should be mutually shared, tot something to got mad over. : - With an impatient husband In the bedroom and a screaming, colicky baby In arms, what should 1 do ? - EXASPERATED D*.ar Ex: Why not trun the tables on your BIG baby? Let HIM walk the floor with his small daughter, while yoti watt in bed. •• H. Detr,Helens My hubby is going on 70. lately he tells fibs It would make your hair curl to hear. My daughter always sends me i hundred-dollar check tor my firthday. Today I found the card, but no check. I asked John and he said Iwaa away when It came so ho took it and had a good time at a bar. I can't believe that. Please tell me how l can got the check back If It is not spent by now?- MRS, Y. Dear Mrs. Y: Either your husband has developed a zany sense of humor, or he had himself a whale of ft good time. Let,'s hope it's the former, and the check has not yet been mailed ...or Is hidden in the sujar bowl. - H. Dear Helen: Bar's another way to occupy those spare "retirement" hours. 1 have been helping teach unfortunate people, how to read. ft *otd fof years* Vary few edhtpantes hat* Jobs for UilieMtts, wthtyrmBttawvf hwtorttdMrtewtffftiftitfc. or try eoofcfnfe tteft jtm wttat "amell" th* dtfCntmt ta(i*ta pepwr tnd doves, If yaw ean*t find th* "£*CR one, Tetch On*" program In your «rei, wlfte to Literacy Volunteers, toe., 339 Easfonoftdsfa Street, $fr««tt*e, New York, BARNS, LIKE (PromPagi t) ? « citadel of yasltfdfcft t nmsstns of fte Confederacy ana* that fernUfs sffHee to fl**i itmsturo tnnf tlfft sW^raiff 6f A tftfitshWf graffi "t; To us ft w*$*s if the Civil w«f weft there-, flee fcf\B$ to We put out short teg* Irrte fit* loftf gipsy pftntSf hitched Uwtft »$? with o«w hand, waved tfw swords that were fhere> We ptrt otir finger* into feltietanf, tlrse* stiffened gloves thai hid h«M previous fingers in ofdeal, W* wore inxfoof» In that dusfy t»ftt a military ftsi fhat hffd stwst* tcted another head from ralnfSH in the century before us- of sol From a im*l1commttte«of dedicated people has corn* this nonprofit corporation which has so much to offer both "teachers" and students. The best part: you don't need special, extensive training to be a teacher here, HELPER Dear Helen: "Researcher/ 1 who says teens follow Instructions better than adults, Is so right, I am an information telephone operator and all day long t give Instruction.*. The teens are much, much more alert. They «*n get th« number the first time you say H, but with an adult It may take three, tour or more times to get the point across. -* MISS REPEATER P.S. Maybe if people brought a pencil to the phone It would make it easier on us overworked galsl Copyright, 1968, King tures Syndicate, Inc. think now, being older and mote respectful, We didn't think about who had worn these clothings before m or *hy ttef had been fcept* They were ortty there, intruders as w» w*r<», to enjoy by play, ft Is only when you are older that you conjecture about such things as falefatl, cherish and perish. At the time we played with lhcm/th«se remants of before, they were something found by chance. Ami In the glory of our discovery and th« joy of our wearing we did not pa«s« to think of those who had worn these uniforms before. They were only them, something to play with, and whoever owned the barn had kept them there, and we wore only ehlt« dren who had snuek otir way into the barn and made games with what we found. {{ Is very nice to have a barn in your lite. It keeps a pleasant musty smell of now and then and always. LET'S TALK ABOUT MOVIES By VELDA SEAMANS Tonight is the last showing of "To Kill A Mockingbird" with Gregory Peck. The 50-acre marine wonderland Just outside San Diego is the location Jerry Lewis chose to film many of the scenes (or his rww picture, "The Big Mouth" starts Thursday. Tho second feature (s an action-filled In "Hostile Guns" with Tab Hun- nor Sidney Poltler and two-time Academy Award nominee Hod Stetger. An explosive crlnwlrama suggested for mature audiences, showing Late Show Sat. and Sun- Mon. Frl.-Sat.-Sun. at tho Dixie Is cralg Stevens In "Gunn" a first run with first rate excitement. His name Is Peter Gunn and ho triggers violence In all shapes "Each One, Teach One" is the and tor and Brian Donlevy, showing and sIzoS( Mu S i c j n fu m ts by Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. n otvry Manclni. The second fea { llre The most unusualcrlm«drama you try It, you can't imagine now much fun it Is to see someone's eyes light up when he first reads •tost Mystery tWTWHeaf Of The Night/' starts Sunday at the Saenger. It stars Oscar win- j s another exciting erlnw* thriller with , Robert W9bbe,r in "Tbtf Hired Kllii-rs;" Robert Webber was seen In the movies, The Sandpiper and Dirty Dozen. Like To Buy A Boat? -Frank King photos with Star camera Mrs. Pat McCain, County Clerk and Chairman of the Blood program. A film on the program was shown by Mrs. McCain, who discussed the importance of the Rod Cross Blood Bank to this area at Monday's meeting of the Lions Club at Town 4 Country Would Repeal Acts Exempting Banks From Tax By JOHN R. STARR Associated Press Writer LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Hep, Bill Wells of Hermitage said Tuesday that he has asked Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller to Include repeal of Act 408 of 1968 in his call for a special legislative session in May, G, Thomas Eisele, the gov« ernor's legislative aide, said Rockefeller was considering the matter, Act 408 gives state banks the same sales tax exemption that ,„,„,«. ^ v,..» ~^M ~, - national banks have enjoyed for handful of votes to require that years, It means, Wells said, that interest be expressed in annual 0° sales tax is paid on ro?« terials for such construction percentages for revolving charge accounts and to include credit charges of under $10, But when they tried on the floor, the provision covering re* volvjng charge accounts won by a vote of 135 to 13, while theSlO Jlmit was deleted by a voice vote, to both cas«s 4 a key to the overwhelming votes *9s that the parliamentary situation would have required a roll call had the issue" gone the other vay, Even members opposing the two provisions were not ea» ger to put their opposition oa {&* record, projects as Worthen Bank's sky? scraj>er in Little Rock, Wells believes that Act 408, which he opposed as a bill in the House, was passed illegally by the Senate and signed illegally by the governor because Wells hid tied the bill up in the House on a parliamentary maneuver and it was sent on to the Senate by mistake. Stocks were used to put the legs of offenders in "to secure disorderly persons." according to the first Encyclopaedia Brit^nnica printed in 17G8. Try Our Get-Rich-Slowly-Scheme For cruising the blu« waters you may have a sjieciai vetsel in mind, We have a plan for positive thinkers like you. It's called saving, Saving Isn't new, but we've given It a new spirit with the emphasis on ^iseis-s. N3 flatter how great your goal you're closer to it every waek, when your savings are steadily In* creased by our 4.75% 5.00% on Passbook and Regular Certificates One Year Savings Certificates (10,000 Minimum) HOPE FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION

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