Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 12, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 12, 1895
Page 5
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"y. /• STRAWHATS Summer Underwear. Man Made Comfortable by .... DBWBNTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned your body. AL. T. YOUNG, L CHAS. W. SeLEGUE, Watchmaker and Engraver. Corner window Johnston's Dmi? Store. Broad- nnj mid Koorth streets. Formerly with J. D. Tajlor. .All work warranted, tilvttnlm ncall. DAILY JOURNAL. SUNDAY MORNING. MAY 12 Stevenson & Kllnslck have the stylish shoes (or little money. Call early this week, everything to select from at the Trade Palace. Don't (all to secure seats tomorrow morning (or "Little Trlxle" Tuesday night. New style two-button s»ndal slippers (or children—Stevenson & Klin- tick. Shirts, hats, underwear, and stylish clothing at the new Broadway store. Jos. G. Grace. An ice cream social was given last night at the Ebenezer church near Clymer'a station. Charles Bell o(the North Side is said to be very low (rom the effects o( a paralytic stroke. During the next (ew days Otto will discount any o( Chicago's recent great •ales. See advertisement. Robert Bay, who wai fined |10 and co»tt (or the alleged violation o( the 1 toreen ordinance has appeiled the chicken with (our well developed legs Is reported by R. L. Woodllng, a farmer living (oar miles southeast o( the city. John L. Sulllran w»s placed In jail by the Sheriff last night because he i not ID a condition to navigate his own canoe. We can supply you with carpets, i mattings, linoleums, rugs, draperies and curtains, at the lowest prices and correct styles at the Trade PaUoe. Mr. Swlgart, in the ladles' depart, menl. and Mr. Sohweir in the men's •hoe department at Otto's, furnished the price list. See advertisement. A horse and buggy was sold yesterday at auction for * 11.75 at the corner of Fourth and Broadway. Peter Petrie, the brick mason, was the pur. ohater. Awarded HlfbMt Honors— World'} Fair. DR. BAKING POWDIR MOST PERFECT MADE. [ ; 4ptt»Grai*Cwam i'Tartar Powder. Fre« I Jitm Ammonia, Alum Oi' Any otnervdultennt [^ 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. WONDER IF HE KNEW IT. Poor of Bon. EnterprlMlnic Thief With Judgment, T«Ue* IB, Box Dynamite. A box containing several pounds of dynamite was missed yesterday morning when work was resumed on the excavation (or the Streoker-Taber block on Broadway. The supposition was that it had been stolen, though what was the object of the supposed robber, would be hard to decide. The people in that neighborhood, have been trembling ever since they learned that a fool-bardy and oooentrlo burglar had probably climbed (rom the cellar with the box of volcanic mutter In his bands, knowing as they do that had the prowler made a mis-step, or dropped the little package there would have been a number o( buildings wrecked and In all probability, many lives lost. The thief with a taste (or eruptlves would probably have been as tafe (rom discovery and identification had he dropped the box, as he Is under the present circumstances. A CHILD INJURED. ByFalllBK LniMher "I me Btrecker- T*l»er Bulldl» jcou Broadway. Last evening while playing with a number of little companions at the (ront of the Strecker-Taber building on Broadway, a boy named Burson, a grandson of Robert Green the grocer, was caught beneath a (ailing timber, 2x12 and 12 feet long. The e»tent o( his Injuries could not be learned. He was carried up stairs to the photograph gallery, where a physician attended him. HU home is over Rothermel's grocery. WorU'i ColimbUn Exposition Was of value to the world by lllustra- ting the improvements In the mechanical arts, and eminent physicians will tell you that the progress in medicinal agents, has been of equal Importance, and as a strengthening laxative that Syrup o( Figs is far In advance o( all others. anmmer K»t«-(t t» Maxlnknckee. From Logansport, Ind.. beginning May 1. tickets cold Saturdays good returning Including Monday following 'date o( sale $1; tloketsjgood returning .ten days (romdate o( sale fl.50;tlqkets good returning thirty days from date of sale, $1.65. Family tickets good for any number of purchasers, family Including servants and'llmlted to Sep» temberSO. following date o( sale, 16 trips, r.7.50; 40 trips, $20 In addition to the above there will be party tickets sold to parties o( ten or more, going and returning In a body. Rates can be bad upon application to J. C. EDGE-WORTH, Agt. Hammock* tor the Million*. Call at George Harrison's, 617 Broadway, and see the largest line of hammocks In the city. Prices, from (orty cents up. J. C. Hoffmw Is putting up a fine* new residence at the corner of North and Twenty-second streets. Stevenson & Kllnslek's 35 cent slip, pers are causing much talk. *,, "«. »•' WILL MAMMA-HETURN? ^ . . • i THE QUESTION VEXES MR. AND MRS. JORDAN SMITH OF CANAL STREE T. A Two Weeks Old Babe lAtt on Their Hand* By •' TTennf- Wem.n Who «»BTe Her Xmne m» Fannie FlaluB of wprlog^leld, III-, Bepre«e«i«d H«r.clf mm a Widow, and J>»j>apted YeiurdBT Moral"*-*!" Promised to Betnrn But Broke Her Ward. Jordan Smith and wife of C»nal street, near Third, have a mite of a kicking, crying "white elephant" on their hands. They propose to keep it If Its mother, who. Itjwould appear, deserted It yesterday morning, persists in 111 treatment of the cherub, which Is a boy, and two weeks old Friday. So far as Mn. Smith knows, tbe mother's name is Fannie Vlnius, the Is a, dressmaker, 23 years of age, claims to have been for six months a widow, and to have come here from Springfield. 111. She was recommended to Mrs. Jordan Smith as a lodger by Dr. Caroline Taylor and Mrs. T. H. Wilson of the W. C. T. U-, several weaks ago. She also sewed for a number of East End families and stayed at the Mullett home onSpesr street near Eighth. A little over two weeks ago she was taken to the county farm, and there the child was borr. Thursday she went to Mrs. Smith's home with the little one, and showed no inclination to neglect it until yesterday at 10 a. m., when she went out, saying she would at onoe come buck, and would bring her own belongings and clothing for the child from the Mullelt home. Up to 10:40 o'clock last night eho had not appeared Tbe infant was cared (or as well as possible by Mrs. Smith, and when the police called to Investigate .ihe matter tbe comely little boy was asleep and its foster mother was engaged In the eelf appointed task of preparing garments for the baby, which was poorly supplied with clothing. The police were not able to find the young mother last night. She stated Friday that she would try to gain admission for herself and child to the Home For the Friendless where she could remain until the little one grew strong and healthy. It Is not known whether she made the effort or not. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are hard work- Ing, honest people, well-connected, and the, boy could hardly have fallen Into better hands. They have been desirous of adopting a child for some time, having lost a baby a short time agt which they had taken to ralae. NIAGARA FALLS EXCURSION! Tlmriday, Aueu.t «, 1805, TIB. the Lake Erie A Western ». B. On Thursday August 8, 1895, the Lake Erie & vVestern R. R- will run their popular annual excursion to Cleveland, Chautauqua Lake, Buffalo and Niagara Falls at the following verp low rates, viz: Lafayette,. $6.00; Indianapolis, $5.00;Fort Wayne, $5.00 With corresponding reductions from intermediate points. In addition to the above, the pur. chasers of these tickets will be given privelege of special excursion side trips to LewUton on.the-lake, ioclud.' Ing a steamboat ride on Lake Ontario, (or 25 cents. To Toronto and return by lake from Lewlstoo, $1.00; to Thousand Islands. $5.00. Tickets for the above side trips can be had when purchasing Niagara Falls tickets, or at any time on train. Besides the above privileges, with that of ipendlng Sunday at the Falls, we will furnish all those who desire a side trip from Brockton Junction to Chautauqua Lake and return free of charge. Tickets will be good, however, to return on regular trains leaving the Falls, Saturday, August 10, for those not desiring to remain over. Tickets will also be good returning on all Teg- ular trains up to and Including Tuesday, August 13. 1893. Secure your tickets, also chair and sleeping- car accommodations, early. Those decir^ ing can secure accommodations In these cars while at the Falls. For further Information call on any agent Lake Erie & Western R. R- or address C. F, DAIT. Gen. Pass. Agent, Indianapolis. Ind. Chop Excursions 'to the West. On May 21st and June llth, Tha North-Western Line(Chioago & North- Western Railway) will sell excursion tickets at very low rates to a large number of points in the west and northwest. For full Information apply to ticket agents of connecting lines, or address A. H. WAGGONER, : T. P. A. ,7 Jackson Place. Indianapolis, Ind. Last night at their tiall, the Knights and Ladies of Honor give a rery pleasant Ice cream and cakei NOW IT'S SHOES! FOB Ladies' patent tip Oxfords. Men's canvas base ball shoes. Misses' fine kid button pat. tip. Child's kid but., spring heel, pat tip. NEXT! FOR 75c Ladies'tan Oxford^, razor toe. Ladies' kid Oxfords, razor and and square toe. Ladies' fine kid 3 point slippers. Ladies' opera toe slippers, hand turned. Old Ladies' serge congress, the best. NEXT! FOR S2.48 FOR $1.98 FOR 12.98 FOR S2.48 FOR Choice of all Ladies' fine kid button, lace and patent congress, in any style of toe or last you may ask for, all new spring goods except two styles. Choice of all Ladies' fine tan and black Oxfords or Low Shoes, razor opera, new square and St, Louis in any color or shape made. New spring go ids except three styles. Choice of all Men's Russia, calf tan, Vici kid, hog skin, patent leather, enamel, cordovan and French calf skin. In all the newest and nobbyest styles. You know we have ihem, Only four styles reserved out of 10O. Men's calf congress and lace hand sewed, all' new styles. Men's Russia calf tan.lace.Good- year welt, razor and square toe. Men's fine'L. A, W. calf bicycle lace. The very best. Men's tan lace razor tpe. *' calf lace and congress, all styles. Men's calf bicycle bals. " Vici kid, patent tip, lace and congress. WORTH $1.00 WORTH $1.50 WORTH $4.00 $5.00 WORTH $3.00 $4.00 WORTH $5.00 $6.00 $7.00 WORTH $3.00 $3.50 $4.00 WORTH $3.OO NOTE r The special line of Men's Suits worth $15 and $20 advertised to sell at $5 and $7.50 continues until May 20 inclusive. L These prices are for CASH only, goods charged at regular prices. Sale of both Clothing and Shoes closes Saturday night. We believe you will appreciate our liberality in placing before you at the opening of the Season, upon an advancing market, this choice line of goods sit the lowest prices ever quoted. TTO KRfM Sale; positively clos e sS aturday

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