Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 21, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1916
Page 5
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• Ik Ifil LITTLE IrftkihS y Auction Days Are Here and What the Auctioneer and the Farmers want are , BIDDERS AND BUYERS "How Much am I Bid" The B'g Bailie Of the Week Will Be Betwccr. Today. r thrn? U BIDDERS AND BUYERS t«> s»-t bM»lr-r«, h<*^ '••> ft >>i.iypn«. that is ttu» <iu»«tion for r nnd th<' auftSone^r n> >H-u!r Thfr? are many Wayu, but tih uit«- RIGHT WAY. Jh# farmer- «-nn «» •••n f«M*< and iramp far dnyw ovpr hl« « n*>uhbort»<<>'l -in^l r,<»tif> !••» personal «-nll« all his neljrh- nnd frlr»tl» that >!*• !* com« to }.«i\^ a *»lt-. Hut that I* too slow tttnl Inborloxtn ami <-«»)«t}v « m«>:fa»d That ha* gone. F«Hi»nd. th<« f»rwer tan titk^ h»« horse and butrsy and notify his and u«-l«hb»tr» in about a w*rh*» driving: that h* Is (rolns: to ftUclioii. That Js ti»,i »IOTV, tw-ct*tlj- and does not reach ' <v!.v> , h r , . I), -h ' ' ?f£r*: J :£Mr t? *?trt !*.«rf f,-r t-n.Krrt? * _ __ _ __ _ __ . Third. ,h* can'tak* hi* auto im3 «« *«"» much fnstfr than !»*• can J*ach all hia nelKhbori! In nb-'^t Uim« d«j-B. Hut the com of his time, * nnd d<*prvct«tu»n of tin"<« and marhlne. make that meth- of tt»^ «juf-s<i«>-nr U tktf* K*x veach-tZr. f ntiugh -Fourth, hf ran hr»v«« blll» prlntpil at The <3ftieett«» office, at the same prlei« n«" In."! y«-.»r di^fHe thrhish cost of <«tock, whU-h ha« mor« than doubled, and np^nd a we«k v»ttin« tJicm up. Thla method l« bcttrr than tiny «>f thi» «tJ«*r«, Usi*. IK not sufficient. Fifth, tht* fawnrr dorw not tras*h a* many bwysrw and bidders AP b«* nr'twlR u«l»»s* ht> aliH> r«n* hi» ndverttavmrnt In 'full for full «tx day* f.rcv|fHi» to hi* pnJp in Thf l*wlli »»»»«tt^. That method of ad- vcrtlslnsB rr»oh«*» i^n* an ntanv l»id<i.-r* and buyer* as ran b«s tvaohfd any other «ay and cost* le** money than any other meth- / That I* the RIGHT WAY The «a»ttp dwa not eall It the rlirht tray t>«H-nu«ft it vrants the. f«nnfft!a HH-'iifii" . but. t>cfauge.-yaara-tJ-cy. ha« drmtiniiirated it tu !»p thf BEST AND CHEAPEST METHOD. BIDDERS AND In olher wonl.i to i?tn • bidders s.nd buyer* The Gasette ndver- tinln* jroes far 0«t*Me the r*ach of saie bllla or hand bSll«, personal w>lj.-lu>tl»M or any ottwr m««tbi>d. In these day» of the auto and bjml rn*»n roads nw?n tra\^l twenty to forty mllea to bid on offt*r- IRR* nt (ui'-t»nn>i that the description in the advertisement in The Ga^ett* roakis* tht-m think thev want, TlH» fanner's neighbors will be at th* sale. He doenn't need to •worry about them. Hut he warn* nwr* than a nelithborhooa crowd ««d *v«ry man who can be^ttraiMed throagh The Qaeette to come from over the neighborhood border |u» either k bidder or a buyer, And tho bidder i* ju»t ;u» imwirtant aa the buyer. The man who maken the next to Us<* last bid simply rornpela »ome other bld- tnorg for -tfa»-t%^ni4« <>r «»w or hog that la lx»1ng .»olJ. •hat n !h* Milllkin with ,- tfii* Htttrtlfy roynl With icn» In th* in Milli- nri'1 i"«m«-h i.-thpnf»! to a has be^n c-hfisf-nfrj P«y", am! f!alK>rnt« liavp be^n mad" for the con* Ta- ich Mnrtln of tbr Hi ull^y •>*•«• n iiuttine forth t'\t>rv effort t«> ii«'ft-n«o that <-nn stoj) thf MfllIMn n'trtrh. nnrl n bis; in th« Hn«»»|i will Itc s<*^n tomor- rr<w. Thf rH«rn t>t f)*- Nufrlh from !t«t, hn.t I'fttiofrd thf> hr>p^.a to Im'fenw. nnrt T Mvpyrt tfl ovf-r «hr- rim fjn<» fVir-'t** f « 0 (fi.H'rr r " «.tnrt-*>-t off bv mnrrhsj-s- ?he ft* 1 Id twice in !bc> first plnys were mo»1 After this Y :»!<? fettered, ana the remainder of theit:>m** •»•»* r, ; ". r sfK!'. The VTr if mist Tine rh'arsed >,>uKkf>- a;x1. on many r>f.-;i.«ynr!«s. ;\t '..itkod »M> Yale ninner before tht« offense had a(UistUy irtarted lvf?tttl-St-pffiT"-wTu'!*fr;T"7a 'YhF period, when Lejror* threw n 4 ftn*« to OMea, Who scored n nn opposing p''*y- ****" a : 1 Ftrrft - yvird heave over tfe jeoai line. VirfJrinlit rould not t**wtt*atp thp Ynlf line and attempt* at forward pas^e.i pfntTttllv w*i* 'in^uccfsfu! Nfvillc 1 lri!f-r<.'«pt*<i one p«?* and ran fifty-live yard? * Virplnia played A plucky gtim* :ind f»Tir<> tuo>£ In* b«H fn-m Yaie on downs on It* (our y»M linp SSIFIEO RATES Ot?E €1N¥ A WORD HELP WANTED—MALE HOME GBOWH IWRSlBY CAMK LATV: CA1D OP WANTF.h- MKN TO I-Ji'K I .... third or d»y. (< AY A. WANTIiU-tKN MKN AT »»NCf: yt?r> \VANtKr>-MAN* TO Ht'SK CORN. bv bnshel. rtfiv or month. J firm's STIRLING BOARD OF TRADE Maxwell Member a Inrpf «t«>lcrntion IP HI accompany th«to tv<-atur. Ity n cotnfairnHvp *rori», mnd«» by tVif two tf-nms aralnut Llr«H>ln t'olIfRp, thp Mllllkfn «*l»-vfn have th»» pflffe, but with the I*coria tram of their liven", « fur "flpht iramc mny Im ovrr Lombard t\»)lf«p last Saturday, esr ectwJ. Hy vlrttsp of their dot'Mwi victory «»f llllnots Col- t\fc Irndlmr th«> flflil in the rare fnt- thf tltlp, ami H lookR very much 5tk«« thi» _J«ck»nnvlHi» tl*vpn will «•of last ' Whett Optn Nigh Qotnleran of Trftdfft. M-. Oct. 21 Low barber tr»de--Bit pay. Bany to learn, Rwultt ta!n«>d here. Blpen By*tem of ter CfcHege* In the U, 8.—€8 hrnncr *c?iool» *nd shops. Writ© for catalog. Trl-Clty Barber College. 201 18th ttreet* Mf4lnc>, 111. . 68tf SALESMAN WANTED F C M\N* — ,.*. ,1 <it~t;t F \T. n«n with -im»> tho conference. ch,anipionihtp for the upconrt ronupcnttvp ttme, This nrterntwn Illinois ColleRf and because of the weather until Monday. Th« result of this srnme will hearing on the "Little, Nineteen" title rare, ft* St. 'I*o-ul* U. Is not member of the conference. A big hl» afternoon wn« the rnlnltis of a hamploniihip pennant, a gift to thn athletic txtnrd from an alumni mem- R. I. Itunlup, p*»ntm«,*ter of Jnck- Mny 1.7'»» July 1,40 Corn Deo. .«« May .Sfl July .S3 Oaii sr> 05 25.00 14.97 14,40 13.40 i :«•* 141 .S" !.-*>!» l.trt^ 1.11 Alav Porlc Oct. Jan. Lard "ct I>e^-. Jan. Rife* rot.- Jftn. 25,35 15.25 14.5& 28.00 24-76 24.S-5 14.35 13.37 .64% 14.7" ir.,12 1415 1410 ii.50 WANtTEO - - MAN OVER SO YEARS Old to trnvH for ut mnklng Sterling, iHson. Frcepurt. C*!1nt<»n. Riu-kford. LnSallc, I'ftv, Spring Valley, Molinp, I>av*npwrt. Very pl*«»ant establishpd llnp, perrnnncnt. Rig money. Glpn Uros,. Rochester, N> V. C WANTED—BENCH AND MAC It IX E molders and men to l<Miro molding trade; . ateo laborer*. 'Good price*. Stead}* work. Pratt Malleable Irort Work, Jollet. fll. c '•« -ptv int- . ATS .-fctta A\«- WANTED IN* *t (I tm<*in< H< r^in In If rn ou'et place. Harry J Mench- 316 Lfiwrchc' 4 Ttldjc Pell photic nr of cho-ire Maryland winter «p- « Jll - Jl - - a ~ ' orders to John Getty \vANTEI*—Wji Aumnn & Harrison, 94tf T<» tK> At* ANo work by dny. C'.tH other Important rrmference BloornlnRton. and Kurekn vs. Mncomt) Normal at Murttinb, lloth of thtnie «mmes sr»> «xvert«U to Ite close battle*, te«i« fighting for "runncra up" hr To mnkfi aucceMf ul auctions th* farmer should l«t The Gasatte print every good point about hi* m*>d stock that can be aald for it and that will inform th* man from a distance that aomethlng ex- erptlonally good • in offered. Ho renda hi» paper tn the quiet of the home, when tola chief auction bills in hln auto and nev be «U* the tH»nfereitt« To date, thrrf are fl\*e 'undefeated eleven* in the conference. They are Mlitlkln, Bradley, Eureka and *H, Viators. The Eureka team has made * preal showing thu» fur, but the Christian nchnul has not irwtf.any of the stronjjpr team*, The Ht. Viator* team last Saturday trimmed Lnno CoJkfrs 205 fo 0. Coach SohliaMler'n warrior*, however, cannot be ranked as the .forenjcurt title contenders, an they managed to defeat by a ton* Chlcagtf, III., Uct. 21.' HngR open steady. Lipft over 2.4<;6 ' Hood I98WWH1.35 Mixi-d .. ITJStl 10.40 Llxht ^»:^ |9.3o«r 10.30 Kouttli l9.3-j-tjji.75 I'attlp. ateaiiy. Hhr<»}i, steady. Hog* 13,000 (."attltt *. J.OIKI Rheeji ,... ._._.,, 2,0110 _ ~~TToini "clojw fairly active at early advance, Kstimnted. 46.<K»0; IS-nOOO next. LEGAL NOTICE ^X^LyTiBrxy-^tAt^-yj^Vir^^^iiii-tiii i«-irm^ LEGAL NOTICE. Statr of Illinois, WhUenld* County, City of Sterling, In the City Court of Sti-flinc, Whit*Bide County, Illinois, to tho November term, A. D. 1916. Ethel Archer v* Fred L. Archer. Bill for Divorce. Due affidavit thnt the nbov« named WANTED — om'L FOR €*i:xF:n\t. housework. Apply to Mfa. W. T Gait. 704 West Third 8t.<-..».• -OU — ALL KLNl'S OF 8CAV- . work In Rock fitlli or Stertinsr. Bet! phone S25-2. F, H. Dob* f»5-itl* •M, 1 ; to my place month a»?o »v r< • can have samo by paying for s..rp. inn? unit for ad. L. C. King, Rm-h Knlls. RJ. #<-.«.>» — TO RKKT 2 on s in rstonrs, furnished, by *«niflll faitt- AddrMw "D" care G.izette, 9I-8S* dtftndant. Fred Archer, I* ft -turn* TMldent of the County of WhiteMde And State of Illinois, huVlnR bfou Oled In/ the office of the Clerk of the City Court of Sterling, notice IB hereby given to the *«ld Fred U Archer that said divorce in said court on the Chanjery Wheat— N*o. GRAIN MARKET; rhi'-iitjo, 111.. Oct. Jl 2 red, J1.67 Rifle th«m. hi" Starltoe.J^»ttit f^aui^. a buainww of_r*adlnR the auction sales «M well as the other Farmers can do any and al! kind* of advertising they desire and it all help*, but uttle*& they use The Qacette ant) print their full bill they are not «ttructin«^ all th«i bu$<!« re and bviyem in their territory and s*ttin« the most t hut their w^te »h«u!d fifing Ihem, One man from a distance often bids «p the total receipt* of a .nale "more than « hundred -d«llar». every dollar of tvhich U CLEAR :FROFIT to tfte TrbK- airf prPKTi^eH*' f»rm«>r --W»M>. «4*=«»rtl*ed- hi* , auction In The Gatette, without f««" «*f the coat, realising that one bidder would pay Uj* whole advertising bill and make u profit be. ____ __ ,._. ___________ * ________________________ 1 __________ Those Who Have Used The Gazette others who NATIONAL SHOOT The list below Is only a partial Itot oflarmer* .advertised tlwlr auction sale in The Usiscttc last year: Peter Jlerme* Joe»'ph Alas; well. J, A. ttiordon. Adinr. R A, Hodge* J, H, Oayman. Wm. Uoyd Ben Mathewn & 8k>n« H.v.M. Kberiy John Hagerman OeorK* U. Hay and <luy O. Jacob* . - Woo41awir Farm Co. A, W. Book IGd. Knew B. Warner Fred Schuler Mr*. Henrietta \Voih«r. Rirhan! CV»v>| J. F. l^m-aon N. P. Ita»mu»sen John Heat on W, K. Kopfctmi }{)a<Skmor« Bros. John llrlivs Joseph H. f5»h!eman Jf. S. jAadte and J. X", Rwd K. A. Ashling and A. n. Johastm Thompson Bros. Mrs. ' CtariBtlne Ke«'bler "W. E. Hopklnii Henry Wensel ouo Jirun* %Valter L. Austin McMahoii & Mrs. J. H. Cooley. Bxr. John Orldley & Son Oro. 15. Heinricha Roy H. Ciark Brook* Broa, Herbert 1'euirh Qeo., H. Caaeena " Aupust F. K, Hammer 1^ _Dy »on _Tfaoma« Admx, Kara and Henry Jai-tJw- W. I*. Utltx »nd Chaiflea JAMty* irjrarsrr C. i» 8tin«H», Admr. Chrte SchelfT and F. t*. Uuml«-y , _DL-BKJS£B-- Paul l>eetman Mrs. John Daropken Wra. Oeldean Wontgoaiwy- Pollock. r-Ainspffeli -- Mrs. Nellie, liurchell A Kline _I-'mak Mr*. 8. D. Newcomer Weinrir* A. R. atfil !'. M. Bert B*U Charles Rows and John Annpatcn (ire n nan Brria," Fred iiulrhlnson th**r full bill. <ln.vs<. and moat of them , T~irFpd Thim^It Witt Pay You. And Revolver Championsfilpa " Start Temarrtiw. ~~ ^ --„, . t, $1.~*£ he flower of American marksmen tomorrow will take the arlng line for tho national individual rltl* >hi»mjjlonshii>. which msirkw the opening of the annual national rltle mutches, here. T-hla event will b«» followed by tho nntiorml pj»toi matche*. which, in turn No, 3 red, il,«7: No, 4 red. Sl.Ji 1-2; No, 2 htird winter, 11.71 7-Sfr 1.76 6-8; No.. .4 hard winter, $1.55; No. 3 mixed, 85>eclal Krade; $1--"S. Bample irrade, rt-<l. Jl.^'4jl.60. C'orn— Ne. 2 yellow. 9«fi99; No. 3 vellow, <MfM: No. ft j-etlow, 86Si»7: No.' « l yel»<i*r. 9«; No. 2 white, 97 1-2 thereof; that a summons in «ald i'nU»e ha» btwn Issued out of wild Court against eald defendant, returnable to the mild Court on the first dnf of th<» n«xt November term tin-roof to be held at the Court House in the City of *U<»r- Slnjr In said County on the third Monday in November, A. U 131(5, «« Is by law required, which cauxe 1« Htlll pending arid undetermined In Raid Court — SALSSMEH WAKT1D KAL15«MAN~CArAl»LB PI'KCIAl/TV man for Illinois. Staple line on Nc>w nnd Kxreptlonnl termn. Vacancy Oct.! 1. Attractive iiimmimdon contract.} tafi weekly for expenues, Miles F.' IM.xIer Co," 61-43 Cariln Bldg.. Cleve-1 Innd, O. ' ., ?fi»! SALESMEN — HIGH-CLASS LINK' bnnk *upplie«. calendars, Icnthfr. j ' Liberal contract, pertna'neht poiiTtFiii" ^Bankers Supply Co., Iowa City, Iowa. mobiles, w«l pay tb« blitbwt Also Mil all kind* of repair*, the 116 Tailor. Both Ht* ™*^££JL~~ Oil HE.VT-r-OFFtCR SUITR. .TOKJ* Harphnm Block. Bell phon»' ... ... M-ttS*! ..._ L _ - i • • • •*•'- • RKNT — MOtfRHN IfOUSM, Hkwk fn-m car line. Apply A,. Burkho'.der, 1209 Ivaat Third St. Modern 269-W. ctinvenlenceo. Bell phcwi^ FOR SALE fKOH KENT— MODREN FLAT, FOB SALE—AJ" SACRlOfCE. MOD- ern tfn-nxinvhouae wlrh hard wood floor*, bath, giui and electric llKht*. A fine home on Seventh Ave,, St*>r- llnR. 111. Easy ternm. Inquire First National Bank, Rock Falls, 111. 95-87 8ltf MISCELLANEOUS ..Clerk of paid Court.. R. W. R Mitchell, Solicitor for Com- plnlniint. Oct. 21. 28, Nov. 4, 11. t*w«?wn ». * .\ ity,' } *s. ?. • / 9S1-25 I*e.'S Wtrtfe. mixed, No. 4 mixed, *2; No, t No. S mixed, ft* 1-2: No (5 mixed. 96; gant- 1-2. . white. white, S8. -4«i 50; No. 3 t No. J whlw. 4» 1-4; 8td u BarJcy— -€a*h. grade, 41. , FORECLOSURE SALE. Slate of Illinois, Whitesldc County of Ktcrllng, fn City Court. September Term, A. t). 1916, John W, Martin v«. Juhn*on and George K. Hall. Foreclonuri-. Public notice its hereby iriven that pursuant to a decree of »nld court entered in said cauxe on the -I ft da\ of St'ptc-mber. 1&16, the underniKned Alo/iter*ln-Chancery of said Court, will on the 6th day of November.. 1U1S. at PACLKY'M Fourth Sts. 95-120 MEN—OUR ILLUSTRATED CATA- lopue explain* how we teach the — burlier trade* quiukly — mallcsl frtc. Moler Barber College. Chicago, III. W-96* WENT—MARCH FIRST, fixrmn tin .nharef". One of 200 aer*t,f| the other 100 ru-re*. ' In each ca** s tenants nrc to furnish work horw»; and farm machinery, nnd to be nii»'4 anelnlly able nnd willing to buy the larrer farm a half Intemrt 2 heart of pure bred HoUlteIn and 10 head of pure bred sowm, lor Ihp smnlliir form to bti? a interest In 10 cows and nv« sow* further information apply at Woo4«| lawn Farm, tloth phono*, V JO-f the hour of ten o'clock. A. of naid day at the ea*t dtxir of tho City Hall, In the City of Bterllnir In «aid County ' (Gomwtea l*anr.> iMo«fv. Dillon Company.) followed by ..the event of . su preme Interest to riltw enthusiasts— the national team matches. 1 This year, for th<* tlmt time in his- ^rory^ or th«» matclip*, otmin'r'iinlffnal ap- propriatioti was made for the partld- patlon of civilian tOttm*-*e«aich state to send a representative l*-nm, with expenses |iald by the War Department. The national team mutch wurlea with it thr<t> trophJi^ii, mtu-h Moititht after bj- marknni<-n Tho flrst in desirability - »inf«» it KO«?S< to ihe team with th*- htvht>Bt Kcore— Is the National Trophy, n brr>!«w pla«sup depHctlnir Mars hold- Ing in leash th« dog« of war. Thia WUM won hi the 1915 competitions by tin* Uniuti Stales Infantry team, ai.d IH on exhibition at the War f)epanment. f t mett*ur»»j» 27 by 48 Inchon. The !Mx,'ond winning team IH awarded the Hilton trtiphy, one of th« oldest Iroi'hlfts m competition today, it la the most wxpen^ive of the thrye, being at 13,00ft. If. wan first com; ttt the uld N«»»v No, 3 No. 4 yellow corn ; .......... <57e White oat* ,,,,.,., ........ . ....... 45c No. 8 mixedk oati -...,.,;.- ......... 4?t Nu. 3 . . .', ................ f 1.55 Rye ;........, ,-. ..»S.- .RarJey „. ._. ,.„ . .^_ it , ....,.....,.,,.. 90c Live 8t«€k. (Plpp«rt Broa, A Co*.) Kat auwtra ................J9.00O10-J6 Cow* .,..,..„.... $8.0007.00 Calve* f8.00dl0.0e Sheep ,..,|6.00e«.00 (j»mhi« Hog8 . offer 'for wale nnd Nell to the and beat bidder for cash In hand the following described reaJ **tutt» wltutttiffd W U»e City o< Sterling, County of Whitesldo «nd State of UUnoU^Uo-wit: Lot Nln* (9) in Block Thlrty-aeven (87) KMt of Broadway in the Cfty of Sterling and also beginning al tht> Southeasterly corner of Lot Nine <9) In Hlock Thirty-seven (37) Hust «if -Hroadway-ln the-.City- of St«-rlitiKrr-nnd thence runnliiK.»i>uthcrty H!UHK the pro- FOE SALE—MISCELLANEOUS! KOH 8ALK—GOOD HAHD COAL burm-r cheap. Wlllinm Ueorjt«'.. 7iHi Ninth Ave.. j<ock Fails. 95-96* 110 and If. monthly; no Interest or taxew highly ptxMiuctive land; close to 3 "" markets. Write for photograph* full information. Munger A-172, N* Life Bldir.. Kansas City, Mo. FOH SAI.K- StOVt'S. ^t!" I WILL TRADE MV 160-ACRB' TWO HARD COAL? Bounty farm for a farm of 80* Ktthlcman'ft Urorerv ( or 24 ° ^^^ Muat, b* n Rood r-pmrnan » un»r« r> . ^^ mfty j)ut AMfft)nfe ,„ ^^^ - • -. .'.L^., "X. Y. Z." care Gazette. 8 STOLEN FOK BALK—TWO rOLAND-CHINAS 1 male hog*. Wm. Oncken. lnten»t«te! phono 2S2\". m-S6* ' T- ll'AUTV WHO TOOK BOY'S ORA1 KOH SALE—OUTHOUSE, IN GOOD coat .»>n-Thursday-taat fromrfar' condition; Cheap if taken nt once.' home of Charlea- Fraaer.. On 'Sfll Avenue C. Bell Uhonn 833 - 95-98 LOCAL. RETAIL MARKET. (Sterling Dept. Store.) Dairy—Detail. i»airy butter ......,.,....-,........J4c New Ywk ronae,, H «?«« presented to the Tnited 8tftt«>» Ooveriiment In 19Q3 at th« inaugurtitlon of the National , by Uti^NutiottaJ iliflft U0n. The third trophy the noted "Soldier of Marathon" broni* trophy, nrut placed lu cwmpetition in 1876 ih thi> Hanafotd creamery butter iOc Ve»h I..-J I Dairy—Wbefeaaim butter ...Sir Sac New Vegetable* «<•¥. per head -Si. IOc •atvley .,.,.....,', 6*. lettuce, bunch ..77-77...,...-.,.5c of the Katit Hue of Kuid lot to the -North line of tho right-of-way of the Chicago and Northweatorn Railway Comiwny; thence w«'»iti*rly alonj.- the said north lino to the lntertK>ctiori Of MaUl " Nortlr llntT with"" lTi«<r pr oTbnifa* 7 tlon oouthcrly of tho weaterly line of said Lot Nine (9); thonce .northerly along tutid prolongation wmtbtrly oi the wenterly line of «aid lot to tlu Houthweaterly corrter.of miidiot; thenct easterly along the southerly line oi said lot to the place of bc'ctnninK. Robert W. Hesse. MnHter«ln-Chancery. IL C. Ward, Attorney for Complaint. 21. 38 FOR 8ALB~~1« GOOD Cheap U taken noon. Farmer's phonq. Wm. Connelly, Rock Fall a, Rl. 93-95* KOH HALK— CHEAJ', 1'IANO AT 611 West Third SL ' . IM-S>6 Kloventh St.. return to WHlliwa?- DISTRIBUTOKS CHANCERY NOTICE. State of Illinois no|«, ' I > gg. 'ounty, J 9ALK—A FEW CHOWK J'l-'lU brod ChMter White Boara, ulpo tw fall yours. H«<t of blood Unex,' Reg istc-f* fit'f in C. W. R, Fowler & Webb Per C.-Av Webb, Kolo, III. I'hone S Wl2. o a2- FOR SAUB—JSIX PURI3JBRED CUES t<ir Whit* boars with plenty Quality J.. D. Mekf«l, 'Harmon. • S5-96 FOR SALE—BEST REMEDY FOP rheumatism.. Send one dollar for re cipe. Addres*. Box 428, Rock Falls, ill 78-95 HONEY FOH SALE—YOUR LAST chnnre pure extracted or • in comb Wh!te«ld« County. In City Court,' No vt'tnbcr tuna, A. 1». (£16. Herrmtinn. Complainant, Jrpen dowwi Axariah T. Gait, Joweph C. Bullock »nd Aiuu-liih T. Gait and Joseph C Sullock as Executors and TrusteesriJi- lunt Will and TeMamcnt of Nelaor n, tlecea»e<!;~Rra«on Isabe roBs, Arthur T, Gait, Ida Cook Gait ( . , , , Carl C. Bullock, Alice F. Bullock, Ber srtt'J iu:U APi>ie^ran are still off tin 1 '-linen thnjusn injuries «>r acholatitu Will Not Qive Tip Be-' HARVARD IS HIT Cnuse Of Defeat At Hands < i n r*nta» p«r«i y ,i« Q U arantm»> •Of Ool^mte, Footiwu s<i««d; . _ The order ut ilr*» and conrtitlonu gov- anting the national Uuun match Etiv.- be«n st't u« follows: liwt, rapid tiro, soi« 'ya«i^; «tei;ond, slow flr«, -dOO yards; third. «low lire, l.OtfO yurtla. Nurnbci of . shotf^ rai» W ^ttre. , i wo_ atriaga, ten •shotit «ti - h; iiow Hrer^fJ fhota (El eacif runs*'. NO siKhtlnit ithota aj» allowed for rapid Hr», kneeling; pmne with head toward tarat>t\ai 800 and l,«0t>; prone without mu at «}iio yatt's Thu arm will be th» United States aervkf ride to IK* fuHtiahotl by th< T)rdi»iu*e~r>t > p«rtment, B|»et!ial ammunition lutij OWMI jtiHiinfHi'i urn! by tin fty the matches. Fruit. Callf« doaen S5QC>0< Ib 8( wweet polalce*, f» Iba LEGAL WOTIOK .Stalfi of Illinois NOTICE. County of WhUti»lde. VBS. <*ity of Sterlinn, J city Cour,t of the City of November Term, A. D, imfi, Florence S^illurd va. Charlt-a in Chancery. - AtTiduvit ut the non^riiijL,._, Chnrle» Salnard, th« defendant abuyi tha , Pam_T..Qalt Willium R. Kol- Mary N. Gait. Tbom« the md 4erl»ee« of Thoroaa Mather (if hi »j* d^ad). L'ri Manly, John Calhoun Nicholas H. Klduely, J. Calhoun. N*. H md«rely, N. H, RWKeley, Url Manley m Trustees of tho'Wtato Bank of 1111- nol».j»,nd ttM a«elKnc«*» of tho 3VI11 deliver, and ovenlngs. 927R1. . Call mornings, tiooi L. House, Bell phon 73-9* FOR HABK—SHOilTHORN HULLS, yearling 1'oland-Calnu l»oiir. one mil wr-Ht AKIM>W. KrtUth roml. Alex Mnt hews. 111. Fall*. Have bad -experience in al kinds of wales. Hold »alc« anywhtr. and everywhere. tluaranU'c absoiuti »ati«factUm. Can refer you Jlfttmf IJiatisfted^efistojttmE; for dales,. Both phones. , Dlwstom and Company -oT~nTe Statt A. F. Hyde. Law- , w|u», I li 'te« ini)rmar> tint . tn\ I ami gridif**w *'«Ril> here isitlii 'Wttb iw«> wiiitiUi-na! cr»|>i>r- «'-«- s ' hnxpitnl Us>i as u r»««ult' «*f »*'*• « ',-i? -With Iht- «jsii>rti it-Am, «*<H*k-b Xui«i<*,-' «^» ranituUiicty u<intinlbtfrt'<(. today w»w to w*ul tin IfiittS into t ! :*-sr | t»: !.*-*- Miui. ",\*i u rtv<*auti<iuat> \\til v«'t**niis i!*s*m which Itwt^jjj jnt.'t i.*n-fu) Bm«-jr5 tisioii wiui \\ili. if,.- vi -JHU> Lower Opening Followed 0y 10 To t& Cent Gain .Vmterday. chit-ago, lit?. Oi-i. 21 — Aflwr a ste«d> to <>!» l«mw ^U»rt yesterday's Hoji niarkt't :ii!vanri'<t 1'tSfljc, with tlu \\\v Inslier Muut Monday umi ' nh.t\-i> th;i A.Jaw illiy la'at month h\vtnt' suit! at JUMO, Ufintj II. 2i( t««iinv high «>f yuar unU year <»B<I. l*rie«*« a . . Tlu* vu t'»lal <'l«w«i» (-*,-•! M:u«-!> of- liu^s wil »«.0)(i ttum it hwen flled in tbti office Clerk of «aid Court, notice ia hert'bj given tu thf «%id noi\»re«ld«nt that th' complainant hat* tll#d hi*r bill of complaint in «iid Court, an* that a *um- iht-roMjion issutnl out of Court Maid defendant, returnable* on the first day t*f the next tertr of Court, to be holdeu at the Cour. lluiitio in tin' City of HterUrtK, on th/ third Monday *«f Nov«mt>er k A, R 1»1« s by. law and Court. undetermined in *»aU KI»rI L. II««w. Clerk. John M UucKley, Comptainant'N lUitui. «k-t. 21, 88, Nov. 4, 11 rie. John 1». Lawrle, Frank H. Hyde Ruth WUltsnlwrs. J'Vank Wittenberg tho unknown owm r or owners of th< aoutherly lialf of Lin J. WlocK 38. Wt-« of UruadwHy in tlu» City of atari i UK HOIH, To thi> above immwl Affldttvltfc JiaVtiiK h««n til«it in th< above t-ntinod caimo aw by law required, at the office of tho elerit of salt Court for th« of pjocurlnu Jur UdloUon by publicutlou, notice l« lu-re- by Ul\;»n to Thomas Will her, (If the unknwwu widow, hHrx and of Thomas (if <u» be Ut Manly, Jotm Caihuun. Nicholas H HidCfly, J. Cttlhwun. N. H. Hidgfly, N tl. Rid««l»y, I'rl Muniuy, an Trustee* J. C. CROM AND SOX, AUCTION eers, CoJeta »r MlU«deP*il1<>, make a «p«ciatty of. auction .Conduct many ualwt every y»'»r ant —ean~ref«r you to^ many tomors. Wt» gimrantp* nhm.hito iafucUon. Write or us fot QKORGK O. FRUIN, UVB STOCK auctioneer, Dixon. 111. Ilnvt> »uld pun red stock In -several. atatea IKe .pas as EXECUTOR'S WOTJCfi. I KMnti- of Tiu» u«dersign«»d'. of tln> last >VtH ?«•. Iti ;*!»». si'tr »,TU!t', and -.O of <»«orge Warner, late t*i of WhUevitie and Sti»U> wi decexiiedL hereby • give* nolle* tlmt slii* will aj»ju>»r l>*<«>r»s tlie- «f th company -of , the State Dank of Illinois owin r or UWIICTM. «f thi t<f lj.ii Throo, nittrk Thlr- Wt*«t of UuMtluay. in the Cit\ County i»f Wbit««iU# a»u- pf lliinoii* that th«> Hied in this Ca'urt lu-r bill of complaint , inakinj; in the above enmlfit abov«» named drffnctantii parties defend wnt (hut suminotm lia.-i i» pan ist you und <>arh uf you, th. reference; All callH promptly nttend ed. Phone or write-for -datea. EDWABD R. MfiST, AUCTION BEH Chudwick, 111. .Kale* made anywnerc Farm and *tock sales njy specialtj ' Experience has twen my teacher » Kpeak lH»th English and Uenntut iiotU phone*. Call, write or w|re a* my expense. * D.M, VAHR Uison, 111. With yearn of tw Batisfadllon. For a people f#r whom I huv<« iu-M Dixnn Home phone, 90, O. K... DEVBSNY, Al'CTlONlvKU* rrwijlifUtawn, III., 'Will i-rv xiU'- •a»ywh^r«», Conduct loo *•* HO stlei .'yearly. References— Bank «>r phetwtown, t^tixetui bant:. National, bank. Fanut-r's tiho aud office, . * 1'ro II, L, fiAURlKUTON, nl |}»' C-.iurl Jlondny U l»««t-»»mber next, at which limn all p«-r- ihfac>ii<m guaranteed. Orticv with R Wil8«'r. IKitU photu-s. tl \\'hiU'!»t(K» UIK< Hiutv of Illinois o ' tlu- 2«Hh day «if" ibut tbr Ttntt nt which urut . At.tili.Hl to t»l» j ;ul tnur l» ROBERT W.BESS D. w. AUBUTT, ArcTioNia-:it A |jw*s«ft.ii>li' .-.Itlii its t i»ir i*, ft-rt Suvk aiul fitrm »ul«'f All oalts promptly attended. , t».uly, -.- Stat ttak Bidg . N t ; 1 ; NTRY. IIT. A I CTI' >.NF.i:it FIDO IS A WORDING DOG NOW t W. K. DWMORE 31 TEACHERS, lit O.-i snore ^alt-j, than any ,* ,,c,iifin Mt-rliiu; .ana Hi»v'ii F.tll-. M '.s*. M> imm It at! 4}f AU.'ji, u ,,t CORRECTtY EARN $5.00 A DAY Guaranteed Hosiery to cu»t< • Mill prices. All or uparc time, u-cted territory. Credit, T5.T Mil IK, Nicttown Station, Oct. 18. West Fourth St. at Kinder ^ ^PPBLiq SALE t PUBLIC SALE, The undertiitmod wilt Kt'U at i auction, on TUESDAY, THE " ;„ FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER, A* Dv at two o:olock in the afternoon a premi*«tt/ his residence at No. f IS, Street, northeast cornftr; Avenue C und Kiuhth St. to <J»«> of HterlinK. Ten-room house, i modern improvcmontu. good, repair u good Iwrn. Terma of Sale; the purchahO price CAKTI ond th on. time to «uit i>uix;HaHer. • - ' F, R, . „ of PUBLIC SALE. - }, Uic undornlgued, wlil a«H «t saloonmy farm, 8 mllea. west ;a. 9 niHos wnuneast of Cl d T niilos southwtsnt of Willedg THURSDAY, OCT. 26,1916, th« to ing proiierty: 6 Head of Hur»««~"jl mare, U .years 'old. weight, 1,400; ... , er»y Jjcldinir, coming, ol'd: buy mare, eumttiK S y«a mare, coming 2 years old;" coming & years old, is a R driver. -76 Heutl of milch "powi*: IS two*y«ar«old hei fnir Ht^^r of .which wro veal caly$«. 30 Head Shoals. Free lunch at noon, aalft tt mediately ttfipr. Ternia: II mont time will be given on approved not twining 6 per ««fitv inUrwt from " So properly [. l?, U«d "WHurd Ci Rnpx, Cl«nu MAK< ri.?nn. Oct IK, 19, SO, AuotA, W. S. W. Lehman, M. D. DIXON, ILL. effJM «on»ulUnk« *nd ef Jmt A, 0. . Survejior Have >u«-cha»«d th* Jn«. field note* of th« Original v«y of Starting and Rock fall*. Bell Phon. 603 E. 2nd St., 8t»Hing, III,

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