Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 28, 1898 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 28, 1898
Page 20
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FKIDAY JAN. 28,1898. BIHJ. I. LOOTHAIII. JOHN W. BABNZ8. JLoatlaaUt A Barnes. WDltOBB AND PBOPailtTOBS. TSHMS OF SUBSCRIPTION - Dally peir week, 10cento: per uion.th 40 cents; per yea:r atrictlyinadvaiicfi J4.50. The Weekly Pharos and the Saturday Pharos, the two forming the Semi-Weekly «<Htion, flJ25 a year, strictly In advance. Kntered at the ^transport, Ind..pontoffice ai) Moond claos mail matter, ae provided by law. THE prP88u: - e Is being brought oti McKinley to have him force congress to do something. But congress moves in a mysterious wa/, its wonders to perform. Deea entirely in the interests of tb great money combines of the conn try. His secretary of the treasur represents the bankers' trust. H! attorney general is tbe next frien | to all kinds of trusts, and in tbe per son of McKenna tbe trusts have pronounced attorney on the suprem' bench. THUS far the Dingley tariff has not; provided enough money to pay the monthly pension drains on the treaa- iiry. Another bond issue seems ID- evi table. THE immigration bill now pending In the house will shut out but •very few immigrants. The bill pro- Tides that foreigners coming to our shores most be able to read a verses in their own language, man who wants to come to country and is unable to read few The this will THOSE who know all about the u? of Hanua's money to buy a seat in th< United States senate, refuse to tes tify. Banna bought his return tc tbe senate. There is no doubt abou tbat. But can It be proven? Hanaf poured out money. It was not al his. The trusts and the corporations cintributed. They want men of Banna's utripe in the senate. He is a friend of the sugar trust. He is a near and dear friend of S. Pierpont Morgan, who is the head of the gold trust. Even though Hanna were not corrupt, he is unfit to legislate foi the American people. spend a few dsiyei or months in study. ME. DINGILY, author of the Dingley tariff law, says that the reason wages were reduced in the New England cotton mlllsi was that they were ton high. He no doubt adheres to the theory that money will buy so *mch more than it formerly did that wages must comei down as well as tbe price of the things which gold money buys. PRESIDENT MCKIN.LEY was tbe guest of honor last night at the most elaborate banquet ever held in this country. There were a thousand f uests, and tho menu cards were embossed in gold. The financial policy of our country bus long been dictated from New York banquet tables. As might be expected, McKinley declared for tbe gold standard. WHEAT went soaring in the markets yesterday., The wheat supply IB now pretty well out of the hands •t the farmers., Men like Leiter, who have millions of dollars at their •oirjmand, largely control the remain- Ing supply, ancl they are going to get fancy prices for what they have on band. Before another wheat crop is harvested in this country, the supply •will be cut clown to the lowest quantity in many, many yeara. THE monetary convention has adjourned . Tbe convention was managed shrewdly by shrewd men. No •ppositlonto the monetary scheme proposed was permitted to show its kead. Representatives of the Merchant's association of New York were there to protest, but they were induced to remain quiet. The mangers •f the convention had everything arranged so perfectly that it was known beforehand "who would .likely •Pl>ose tbe "plan,," It was also known who would speak and wbat the speaker would eay. These preliminarie were looked after In the interest harmony. It would .have been mos unfortunate for nhe cause of gol monometallism 11' the wise financla doctors gathered together at Indian •polls had quarrelled among them •elves. \ flatter of '1'uaic. Strict CEiisors of morals claim rhar nothing ought to be printed or enacted on the dramatic stage that a young l in a boarding school might not properly read. Advocates of the artistic cult declare that the novelist and dramatist may properly deal with anything that takes place in the world of actuality; that they may analyze and depict any emotion of the human soul, whether it be conventionally good or bad. They say that confining fiction and the drama in finch straitlaced limits as the moralists desire would take the life out of literature and art. These two opposing clans are ever wan-ing against each other, and neither gains permanent victory over the other. It is true that Puritanism and asceticism have a dwarfing effect on literatnre and art. Wherever a gloomy rigidity reigns there will be produced no play, picture or novel worth preserving. There is one view of the case, however, that does not seem to strike the contending schools. A hnman being who is clean and right minded abhors by nature the unclean and the morbid in literature and art. He would not willingly wallow in a. gutter physically. No more would he willingly give his mind a gutter bath. He turns by instinct to the pure, the wholesome and the beanti- fnl. He would not willingly lie down and sleep in a smallpox ward. No more will he enjoy mixing himself up with mental infection. Those who do enjoy mental nastinesa and rottenness perhaps ought to be permitted to indulge their tastes. The animal that fattens on putrid meat does not like wholesome food, but he has a right to live. The mental health and purity of a person may be infallibly judged from the class of literature and plays tie most enjoys. The world is wide enough for people of all classes. Each to his taste. Washington Free Lunches. It is hardly Sa be wondered at; that the ladies ol President Mc.Eiinley's cabinet are objecting at last to the custom of providing free lunches to all comers who attend their official receptions. Hitherto whenever a secrentry's wife has given an evening to th« public tbe custom has been to provide a collation in tbe dining room to which all might proceed and help themselves. This might have answered when Wasihicg- One of the first actual commercial trials of die system of telegraphing without wires will be made in New i'ork city. Ac au exhibition of the system before the Institute of American Engineers tbe operator sent a message from one room to another through two closed door.3 without any wires. This seems marvelous. It is only one step short of we achievement of the telepathist who claims that he can sit a room quietly in a room alone and transmit ton was a small city and the visitors at j rhroug h the ether a message to a friend THE Indianapolis Sentinel main tains that the hastiness men of to •ountry hare been the greatest suffer era from the evil effects of gold mono me&allism and the resultant apprecla tlon la the purchasing power of money. "If you should propose to a busl ness man to add 4 per cent a year to thb burden of tots debts, and de iuct 4 per cent a year from tbemonej T»lue of his goods," says the Semtinel "he would prompMy tell you that it •would ruin him. Yet he submits to that very thing by the appreciation of the gold money standard, and does not realize it. He allows himself to be diverted from the consideration •f the necessary effect of an appreciating dollar on all legitimate business by foolish clamor about 'repudiation,' 'anarchy,' 'sillver syndicates,' 'honest money' and other clap-trap that •hould not deceive a well organized Imbecile. Tbe business man is the verv person who In most injured oy the gold standard, but he frequently DBS to maku an assignment oefore tbe truth dawns on him." Wholiy Selfish. The trust magnates of this country have no politics. They are prompted wlaolly by selfish motives. In order to secure what they want they ally themselves with, that party which promises them most. An attempt was made by trust managers to control the Democratic national •onirentlou, and when that attempt failod the trusts flocked to the Republican standard. Mark Harm a organized tbe trusts, assessed them for poltUcal contributions and as a result •old the Rspabllcan party Bo the Pi'Mldent McKlnley b%e bee a kept busy carrying oat tbe bargains made HI* appointments ha?e 'West Australian Gold. The largest producer of the world's gold is (South Africa. Next comes Aus- tralasia and third the United States. The amount of the output for the years 189? and 1898 will be looked for with much interest. The vast gold discoveries in A laska and in various parts of our west: and northwest the past three years would undoubtedly make the United !3t;ates the second of the world's gold countries only that in Australia, too, heavy new finds have been made. The gold which has been coming iu by the millions to San Francisco from AustralsiSia is mostly from the colony of West Australia. There in 1896 finds were made which can only be compared to those of our own Creede and Cripple | Creek districts. Up to January, ]S97 tbe West Australian gold output wa about $500,000 a month. Then it bega to grow "by leaps and bounds," as th Perth Herald says. In January, 1S97 the amount was in round number $600,000. For the year JS9? the whol production will foot up in the neighbor hood of 19,000.000. This from one Aus tralian colony is a large ontpnt. Iu dustrial interests in Australia, agri cultural, mercantile and all branches have received a new impetus by the gol( discoveries, and thousands of laborer; have obtained employment. It is to be sincerely hoped ithe same result will fol low the great gold discoveries on th'is continent. The conditions on which England will lend China money to pay her indebtedness show distinctly that John Bull has not lose in the least his capaci ;y to look out for bis own interests. 3hina-wi.il be required to guarantee that no other nation shall obtain any part of the Vang-tse-Kiaug valley. She will also iave to promise: to let the Burma railroad be extended through Yunnan. Tho taird condition is one which British newspapers have trumpeted to the world as showing England's noble generosity and disinterestedness. It is that four ad- irioual ]ports shall be opened to all nations on ithe same terms as to England lerself. Tins would sound fine indeed if t were not plain that by thus opening iew treaty ports to all the world the oiniuerc'3 of China will be increased, er public revennes will be greatly enlarged, and England will be surer of getting her money back with interest a reception did not number morsi than a few hundred. Kow, however, it has become enough of a bore and a harden to make a cabinet officer's wife wish that she were dsad. Anybody can attend a reception given at the house of a cabinet officer. This official courtesy has been abused in the jnost shameless manner. Hordes descended upon the secretary's eatables arid drinkables and devoured them like locusts, leaving not a wrack behind. Dishes were broken, bottles of wine and cakes were stolen, and table linen and ladies' dresses were ruined by the pushing, starvelicg, ill bred herd. The inhabitant of Washington, being mostly either an officeholder or office seeker, is apparently chronically full of au insatiate hunger for everything, no matter what. Perhaps that accounts for the loggishness so often displayed daring the eating part of a cabinet reception programme. At any rate the crowds there act as though they never before had anything fit to eat and never ex- >ect to get anything again. Tha evil las become so frightful that refreshments have been abolished at some of he official receptions, with the result if improvement in the manners of the rowd and their diminution in nniaber. If we were going to any kind of a re- eption in the capital, we would fortiJiy iur inner man beforehand, though it ook our last copper, before we would et; anybody know we did not get enough o eat at home. We would fill up on ornmeal- mush, sawdust or even a rice udding -with those horrible, sandy and ritty Zarite currants in ip—anything, in short, ,to save our credit for decant manners. :•• Full of interest and picturesque was e ceremony of launching in an American shipyard, the Cramps' at Philadelphia, the Japanese cruiser Kasagi. Such a ceremony goes to strengthen the friendship which without a break has existed 46 years between the United States arid the strong young nation of the orient. The fact that Japan, with the skill and resources of the marine architects of the world at her command, comes to the United States for her warship shows American naval construction to be even with the best. It must be confessed tiwit the Japanese way of christening a ship is more appropriate and impressive than onrs. In America a lady breaks a bottle of wine over the new vessel's bows as she slides down the ways. The Japimeise style is to free six pigeons, sacred messenger birds, from a cage above'the ship's bow at the moment of her gliding into the water. Couldn't we have a warship christening in Japanese fashion? in a distant city. Science has already accomplished many feats that to the people of evpn a century ago would have seemed miracles. The "Domestic" Office. The Jews can do without the nations of Europe much more easily than the nations of Europe can do without the ) Jews. The chief Jew baiter of Europe I was the late Czar Alexander III, yet the I Rothschilds carried the Holy Russian empire in their pockets financially, as they do today. Now is the time to provide yourself with a good Sewing Machine at a very Sow price. My stock include* all the leading makes. My terms are easy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing machine n the bouse. The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th R B WHITSRTT are coin collectors, and their fellow citizens are apt to consider them cranks. At present some of them are willing to pay as much as f 2,000 for a silver dollar of the date of 1804. There are only three such dollars in existence, so far as is known, although 20, ,000 of them were coined. We observe there has been repudia tion of'" county bonds recently in some parts of this land. A county that has any regard for its own good name cannot afford to repudiate its bonds, issued of its own free will and accepted* in good faith by those who gave up their money therefor. There is a hot time in one or another of the old towns of Germany every night nowadays. Seventy editors are already in jail for leze majesty, and there are a number of outlying places not yet heard from. When a state, county or city repudiates its bonds, there is always one remedy for its creditors. They can sue and recover the amount of their loss in the United States courts. ^ew discoveries and inventions of wonderful devices in this marvelous century seem to show that there is hardly anything impossible. How does it happen that the parents of triplet babies are almost always poor people? CATARRH OF THE STOMACH. Tbe position taken by President .Dob of Hawaii is altogether correct and dignified. He is. nai here to lobby for nn- nesatioa, he »yg, but to give information. Parisians are obliged to have a storm of passion .periodically to keep themselves in good health. It may be aroused by the Panama scandal; again, the bursting of the'cppper syndicate^pr the trial of an, anarchist, just now it is the Dreyfus case, which is made the pretext for the French to lash themselves into fury against the Jews. Captain Dreyfus is a Jew; hence the excuse. In these periodical teapot tempests the Parisians nse enough violent language to overthrow an empire, but it ends there usually, and they settle down to thrift and money gettingagain. That these tempests mean nothing serious is shown by the fact that Prance steadily maintains herself as a republic. A Pleasant Simple, Bat Safe Eflectna Care for It. Catarrh OL' the stomach has long 1 The happiest man in France during the Dreyfus riots was Zola. He took up the cause of Dreyfus because it was unpopular. " What splash of mud has been cast on yonr name by this abominable Dreyfus affair!" he writes to the president of Prance. Then the mob smash in his windows and cry, "Down with Zola!" And he weeps tears of joy. "My burning protest is but the cry of my soul!" he screams. ''Letthera dare drag me into the assize court. I await them.'' He is as happy as the lady was who went to the play and declared she never enjoyed herself so much in her life. It was so affecting that she "jnst cried and cried all.the time," she said. been considered the next thing to In curable. The usual symptoms are a full or bloating sensation after eating, accompanied sometimes with sour or watery risings, a formation of gases, causing pressure on the heart and lunge and difficult breathing; headache, fickle appetite,nervousness and a general played out,languid feeling. There is often a foul taste in the mouth, coated tongue, and If the Interior of tbo stomach could be seen it would show a slimy, inflamed condition. Tbe cure for this common and ob- etlnate trouble Is found in a treatment which causes the food to be readily, thoroughly digested before it has time to ferment and irritate ths delicate mucous surfaces of the stomach. To secure a prompt and healthy digestion Is the one necessary thing to do, and when normal digestion is secured the catarrhs! condition will have disappeared. According to Dr. Harlanson the safest and best treatment Is to use after each meal a tablet, composed of Diastase, Aseptic Pepsin, a Hue Nux, Golden Sea and fruit acids. These tablets can now be found at all drug stores under the name of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, and, not being a patent medicine, can be used with perfect safety and assurance that Annual Gas Rates /j> RTIFICIAL and Natural Gas Bills are ]M now due and payable at the company's •* •• office. Natural Gas Consumers d Baiting to avail themselves of the Annual Rate, commencing January 1st., can do so by calling at the office and arranging forsame. All bills must be paid on or before the 10th of each month. Jfrotecting; Trees Against Rabbit*. While there are innumerable remedies recommended and used for tbe protection of young trees against the depredations of rabbits, mice and other animals there is nothing better and more relia ble, according to American Agriculturist, than small meshed wire netting wound around the tree and tied togeth- erwith a wire. "It is inexpensive,.dur able, does not keep out light and air and is in every way preferable So tarred paper, tin and any of the close coverings recommended." How to Keep Game JTreits. Mix a teacupfnl of vinegar and on« of carbonate of soda. Ponr this inside ;he bird and shake it for perhaps five minutes. Wash the outside of the bird with the same preparation, and then carefully wash tbe whole bird again •with fresh cold water. Smallpox at Galegburg. Galesburg, Ills., Jan. 28:— -A. genuine. ase of smallpox was located here yes- erday and caused much excitement. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. to $1.05 yes- The government has for once used commendable speed and will get sun- plies to the Klondike before winter is over. This is the more notable since the first of the year it was necessary to send over to Lapland and import reindeer for the sled journeys overland. Early in Febrnary the 113 trained Lapland deer with their drivers and loads -will be well on their way from fche Alaskan coast to Dawsoo. The Hawaiian republic is a fised fact •o far as recognition by the United States state department is concerned. An official reception to President Dole and a state dinner at the White House such as would be given to any head of ft foreign nation are fitting attention! from President McKinley to Presideat Dole. * Some people think they are actuated t>j a sense of justice when it u ipat healthy appetite and tboroagh dl-. gestlon will follow their regular use after meals. Mr. N. J. Booher, of 2710 Dearborn street, Chicago, 111., writes: Catarrh. Is a local condition resulting from a. neglected cold in the head, whereby the lining membrane of the nose becomes Inflamed and the poisonous discharge therefrom passing backward into the throat, reaches tbe stomach, thus producing catarrh or the stomach. Medical authorities prescribed for me for three years to catarrh of the stomach without cure, but today I am the happiest of men after using only one box of Stuart's Dyspeosla Tablets. 1 cannot find appropriate words to express my good feeling. ' ! I have found lesa, appetite and sound rest from their use. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets la the safest preparation as well as the simplest and most convenient remedy for any .form of indigestion, catarru of stomach, biliousness, sour stomach, heartburn and bloating after meals. Send for little bock, mailed free, on stomach troubles, bj addressing Stuart Co., Marshall, Mich. The tablets cita be found at til drag store*. Wheat at Chicago went terday. It is reported that rebels are on tho frontier of Ecuador. John F. Winter, of Illinois, was appointed consul at Aanabergr, Saxony. The Kentucky house has called upon Senator Lindsay to resign because- he is a. gold man. Dr. C. I/. Thompson has been named as secretary of the Presbyterian board of home missions. Ives has issued a challenge to the winner of the Schaefer-Slosson billiard match, but it will be ignored. The Berlin. Wis., police have been iven authority to arrest all children found "hitching" onto sleighs in the town. The congregation of the Roman Catholic church at Merrill, Wis.. has decided to build a $G,000 school building in th spring. Laura Haines, of Green Bay, Wis, attempted to- commit suicide by takin; morphine. She was relieved by promp medical aid. ~ William Earl Cook, said to be th oldest living Free Mason, has passed hi: 101st birthday at his home in Ports mouth, R. L;• An analyses at the State universit; of water taken from -the bay at Ash land. Wis., shows it to be free from ty phoid bacteria. The Northern Grain company, of Chi cago, has established an elevator in Janesvilie. Wis,, and will commence to buy grain on au extensive scale. The steamer Humboldt has been chartered at San Francisco for the Alaskan trade by John A. McGee, Jr.. at a stipulated rental of J2S.OOO a month for five months. According to a decision of the Minnesota supreme court, a ma.n -who builds a house on another's lot has no claim to the house, nor can he enforce a lien against the lot for its; value. Representative Hinrichsen has introduced in congress a bill authorizing the state of Illinois to remove from the Illinois river the two dams across it at LaGrange and KampsvJHe. J. C. Chadwick. of Monroe, Wis., recently exchanged horses with a man in St. Louis, neither having- seen the animal for which he bargained. The trade was made by correspondence, and each man relied on the other's integrity. The exchange was satisfactory to both parties. Hints In Have the goods to adrertise. Tell yonr story plainly i» newspaper that the people read,. and in language they wil] easily understand, and amon •tkei» prserve the following Points: _ Profitable advertising results fr« )od goods being offered ive your rival's advertising attention, but give your riral n* advertising. Advertising prestige »• hard to win, but not hard to lw«. It is easiest snstaineiL The a<L4 should be so plain that it will "W-understood by a reader oi lift)*- , understanding. Your advertising should be complete in itsell To secure the best resilts, ve*- the DAILY and WEEKLY PHAEOS, with its large circulation in both city and county. Herman STelsrer, of has patented a stopper -R-nlch -hermetically seal* the seeks of botttea by an automatic device. Rer. H. WHson, of th* Bice I*k« CWls.) Episcopal chnit*, i*» accepted can at Kokomo, Ind, and. wffl *OOB tar tfea* pUce Searching for Clues There ar« «nyntunber«< found by the A CONFLICT OF EVIDENCE This is another Trmnrlrthh rtory from the pen of Ro4- rigoes Ottolengiii, who ' "An Artist in Crim»." ceded to be the itroagMt 4»- tectire talc tbat nw appawai in years. "AC^oitetof Xvi. deuce" -will add to UMI tionof Mr. OttolMtfniaMi fi«rin«toall.who k*v« 1h»«fv'- " porttuiity to nail ft. i ' It'i follj to (offer t rom tb«t bor> rible pligus of tin night, Itekl«r £hM. Dou'f Ofotaian eorw, nd pemiiBantJj. AI ••*»•,-||;aiB|a;^.,,i-;.:,*», . \

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