Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 21, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1916
Page 4
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Hity Twr« tht Standard ; ;.•-• t he !' ;»n< ?.!«;;* vr;'. me thf-sr t ! Th! "-fin t »lvit th" v<>!rrs STEROML H1IIIOIS. FRIDAY. OCTOBER ml 916. Iltftfromcreamoflarfar deflvtd from grapes, NO ALUM IftllNG DAILY DAILY 8TAN0AKD SIXTY-SECOND YEAR. Sunday. D*1ly 0, W. OHANDON Editor* and Pub(i»h«r». SfFiM, 111 W*»t Third Street. .f I,, -.;r(;Hl'. •f-!i!li-;.«f-f| on:- V-ay >]> /i.. ; : ' '• :'. -t tfiHr mimls ; , - : ');:•• <;T.-< tjlo predict** t' u 111 t"- H" land .«i<:»> oriP wny cr, Th' rivr-mR,'- Republican ! ! •Hie .--. ••!:(•!• iu-motrat in.s , ,*<•• list 1 '.jinocratic umber of av<T U« Trillin ;',rt* thin l>f-TV(wrnt«, when ('!>• v,itr't. iiff :it >'niiif v. ill,- ."imply I ttic cnuturj :ti Ini'Ki', Hil«: A f«n r*'t-"l In s hrf<>r «!>o hrslfh t«f <\t ry '••ami--:iiBn.''th«*'' in r ; .(t,<« nl«'iij!» hnvf tli*> i*)«-t-lion woi ;itnl !llf- It'M'llhllfrill hidf hllllg on th ffii'-r. The* Kf'VuHlkJin* nr<- ulwny •^<ar«>t1-«itltf." Th«- nt'xt mornlnp aft<^ <-!<"• U'.'ii ilii' I.K'inttcrats.. i-ilmb alwxin an\l (,-i.kf' th»-ir USHH! trip of four year »l> thr- river. -Mr, \VlUon Un*kPd ft mil Ifon ili«- liiiivliftJ tluiiiMind vofK o I'.'i\lnjy fiv iiiiinv ;is thi" TlepuUllonn 4in»i I'r"si-i .«."lvi"R combitipcl four year. «• *Vv l*< h>nit«"l.m,la.v If Mr, Wilson . < »"> must tnu>j.frr M bis tlwrnllty ' TERM8 OP~8UB8CRIPT 10N. , j hhn in Ms favor. U'hik' there [all, Outtid* of Sttrllnfl and ftock j ^porndic indiiutlonn thaj certain „.> '-" *ny*vh«r« in the United |tion». win-re the laboring; men are get* [•t«i.Cr__C«nftd*' » t • tlnsr hirj tTfrr tonntifnctoritiar Tmtnitton* fn^dvlnw''""."!" Kwh 0 |U11 y CuMir In Storlino or Rock F«ll>, fltlnV. of the ••i.nflnU'nr.y of * «r by Mall »t th« Sterling or j iShtttfaiuls of otht>r laborlnc rftllt PoitOffic*. Illii- i>rk'« of »<•« ir l i^wwr* »w*«« •«»<P-^--- — -w- jiin'-J^I'lCi 1 * y*kr In advntice.,., $"«.oo i ,. ln , | l!ns{ ,, V( . »«th» In odvuHepU.-..*........... •••J|?i K ,,it, l j- U p ti> I****;- ' i wlM'n.t, fiinir, i bey. out or WHERE IS _ OUftrBOASTEO. PATRIOTISM? pfttrlotlHni. love of country for the bout at S low to tl,rm It. any u a««^ and they an' liki-lv.l |(» |rnn-mb«r that in nil the thoy J* 11 ulitH'ly »' chrtntcc in of I'oiniunlnMr c«m- t Wij all ronicmb^r the Old «1nys of t«cnty-tlv«- or ami it . antl t !««»>• nr«' quite likn ly u> stay witb the !«hfj' that alwuyi» :i riled ;h auntmlftn mourn , had mnictiliiR clubs, anil wlih» flr* 1 »n<l mimic !?iilnrt entlr<' camiuilftn X mi'ijHMbh' to K<-I '• <'of- fl out !«» Uu- ik-t«>! to t -the- Piurnhlat*'^ Then tlu- would drive tbrougb mud niiil to yfH for thHi- «tnUit)nt»»R. tmforo tb«» day of- the lUit )>ntrioti«ni s.— -Mi. i*ar- , Uro, !«' iii«t «* Htronir today us n thc.binlory t»f th<« conn- . ouV itnd marchet! __ ; n bottle* to takf ; ciiil», yellwl our fool heads i1ff p«* were patriots huv- AVe Iwvc diw.'ov*»red more iMirt.inans than pat* •Ihttt tltr fellov\s ^tflJdvW* wtWMl to >oll. xvho or•-••*- ' ' wer«> the ones and the wood jliscovered tlm't we were drnwern «>»' vrntei- 5tfce purple and tine linen wax for sHOW-'Who eould vount our hallotB J.JT th« blr men of tho party ^them coutited. W«n were rank Bro, HVexer, h»t 1*0 more we arc* today, wit)i mow bottles and loss noise. .the WUK<«* »4" one-Half of one per cent oi tlsr railroad men and increasing the i-ost 'of UvittR <« ail'lhc other labvHvr« Mill not ai>|»eul. • Tlicn- i.'t nos i»ii rmu h Itcatin^'iif the turn -torn', tail fu- much hurmh,- boyn. iiturnh, nfl in the «o»»d old doy*. But tliere l« jii»t aH much patriotism, more iliM'p Uilnklug, find mure vav« taken of th« i ttittltit by these entitled to volt 1 i ban ever before. \\> Indlevc that in H)>Ht' of laps«-a and 'apparent phlftlnff utul baeKMlidiiiH ot'eimloaally, the. trend of the'tttnea is for better cltlsenohl more careful fon»ideritUrtti of public iiuedtloiis, and a more patriot rejrard for our duty as eltixena 'Wo would certainly he RohiK backward to «f> back, to the old duyn of the marching clubs, earrylng half a load of boo*e artd an oil lantern dripping down our bucks ant) yclllni? our heads off "when- t-\vr the yell muntor »aw a chance to make a killins for hlmuelf. Nothing- to It, Hro. *<*ul. Let's not KO buck. HIGHER TwT HIGHER. une of tin- charges against the- Ke- jwrty four years ft^o \va» the «'o«t of HvlnK. Today under n Demuerntu- udmlnb»t ration the cojsl'of living «HH nVver m» hixh. ' Poanibly t|j,- lu-imi'lir'niiR v. ere . not responsible for the ln«-n-asSii',' ro>-t four ycmrn «KO. I>oKtilbl> the iVinueraiti are not re- 8|x>n(<lble t-.t'-^. Hfi facts ai\> facts., Living ih hlKher than U ever was before tin.) RotitB higher dally. If the were rrtiuonaible before escape rtt»jK>«* o chH»B*'<l. tfie dally . .chaimcv -JThlrly.- - harl t'o )iw»r t*l*r »j»eaKerH to wlmt they had to Kay, Today i.he of H»n dally ni-««i>ai«M> ui.term»'ft.h The man In t'alifornla toduy what \VHhon_lir_wt>^«K »« him talk- ThiH th« 'msuT K man lit Heatt|o Kao\v» what }« sayins; to<lay ii« wtll as who. hearH him »*iy It in tho mud, nilintc how can the l>i s-lbility now? CAUGHT ON THE FLY AiM» Jiisir vcarw.ago hlsli tavc.H were eha'r-fi 1 1" Hi»- It' Tluit pi»r- the "ehargn wtut Xn; way the iiarty~in i>*>wer take ilw r*>po»««lbility. Hut the hlghrrtodajrb>' U» y were tuur ywirs ago In l>olb atate •unit nattoin- Wh«*-i«- to~b|ame this lime';. <Vrtaluly nut th« RepubHains. rr.*. thc.Europmn pow^ to H his nmny n,.i».« could he literally trann- »». » r tft««latw«t so; "We pmpo««.oy e r her? nSL »P "»r mtndu what} to dn-aa no duinbpd pleaae. What are DiX'IDUAL SKR\ Eye Sight Gone Souic» pooplc hwo sight of .\\ve\v prinei- pul entirely, « lieu junking .an investment. f riu«y sea only the clividi'iids or rate uf intt'wst. ' . . ( The n«tunis* nro nut as huportaut a» A-^ n rtilts th« v Mmiller tlu 1 Vi»turn>, the .siit'cn' tliv principal.,, ' 't'lic jiriacipnl is the important thin.4 — • \v« wuultl like to talk money matters State Bankfof Sterling "" " -f.i!.. ,. !f ,-- • - i!i- KHi'l If.iUt; in Thi« - • - -jm^-gJ!* * rt '• -I-JT1* V •W-F —' !-*•-?•<'•* * •". 'I * A(i':-K,!ll !i-i< i-« ' I: l;i-!-t i" •!'" -il-.-ulf-'-' l;»- ?t, ".K*. f SOCIAL AFFAIRgJ CHUfiCH WEDDING Miss Helen Oebhardt and J. E Roark Were Married Today. St. .Mary's church wni* th" Pi-eno o n i .ret i y fall wedding this morning when at six o'clock Mies Helen K til nnrt John K.' Konrk *ere In marriage, Uev. Kathrr A. ,f uurun otntuvted in the presence of n l:*r£<» assemblage of folh*r, friends o the contracting patties. They were n» 'tended l>y Ml.«« KstlierUetJhardt. H *!*•• 'iff of tiu> hridiY ami Harry Rowfk, i 'brother of the groom. The bride was handcomely aimed It (i t.lii*' traveling suit, with hat, to flmtcl anil wore n ror«nf?e fwmjMct of tvhlte roue bud* nnd valley Htles, cnrrylnr a white prayer book. Tho brtdeimmld wore a brown milt and wore si corsage bouquet of yellow row bud*.' Mm IloftJk ic the daughter of Mrs gusan fJebbardt of Wallac'-o street, am' ha* been employed for several years «» iwtJeftlAdy in the ready-to-wear department -of The J, K, ehettef Store where by her xweet dl»po*|tlon. she wdTi'lmiifs drTi'Ti'ijiTs «Iid coriKrtttula'tt hfr, -The groom I* h-.conductor on t Chicago & North lV«itern railway, iind lias alwuyn resided"")." this city. - 'Shortly after tho ceremony Mr. am! MIR Iloark made their wape fmm their friend* and', at IHKUI. today nothing had been heard from them. .-A mini* her of the friend* gathered at the North "VVemfrn depot thin morning to wait for them, an H wan their -i4<*» to take nn curly mor/iing train for Chi, W.H.M. SOCIETY MET honeymoon trip, it 1* thought that the newly wed*» mad* their Retnwny u IMxsm and from there .took ihe. " —-*p»-tT-i.«i liji-t*—tm—PT»—trntTTji—rr»* 'MiTtti Ttie ill b«» *'t IIT ' t y will frlen«» nfi'er Nov«»mb#r SOtJi «t «2w Hunnj-fildo uv'enue, t'llnton, Iowa. WILL WED ON MONDAY Prominent Young Couple From Hopkins Will Be; Married By Rev, Oeting, Miss rjf>rath«i Htnrich* nnd i tarry , wihner, )>rontin«i>t VOUBK tn'Oplo *t Hopkins, will be united In.roitrrlaiH! at the Hopklna QwrmRn TiUthcmn jiarson- a«e by Hev,. Arthur Outing, at 11 o'clock Monday morning, t)ct. 23. A reception will b« given them immedl- atf ly following the ceremony, at .the homo of the brlde'u parents. Mr. and Mre. William Hlnrich*. The couple will leav« on an' evening trtthi for Chi- C«KO..where they will upend^tt few days. The Kroom ha« rented his fttthsr 1 * farm for the eomiHK year, where they will [H. at lioiij* to^tlwli- m»"ny frlendg after their arrival from the city, FOR REVrjJE. ( FLUCK F«r«w«ll Rectption W«« T«nder»d Polo / P*ntor arid Family. •R«\ r ."3.-K- Fluck, who,hn»-been pus- or for neven years of the Polo Metho- tlnt church, has tiect-pted a call to the MethodiHt church at 1'rlncetoii, accept-, HK after two or three invitation*. Thurnday eveninK Kev. Kluek'M cong-re- Kiition at, J'olo who re«ret greatly ^to owe him and his charmlnir family, BaV« hem a reception at this church. It vu« attended by oVer 40(1 und many ad- IrpBsew were riven. SI. I* -«uy«r. •superintendent of the Sunday achool, sjmke of the actlvltieH of both Mr. and Aim Fluck In the~«und»y »cho<»l. At- .orney Kobert Uracken upoke of the •ninlHter a« a citiHMi. Hev. Ktewartl of. .he 1'ivnbytorian church spoke of Ucv. acjUyMeg_ilLlJltL-Sl.tiilHtprlia xooiMtion and Mr«. Kuy tin "The .In Taken by the Minister in ? wpuk» on tho work of hotb-Mr. and 31 rw. luck in the Kpworth H*ea«ue, and J3r. .--If.—Moor8~npokc ~&\r in«-mtiTlKtyr'H work in the church, all the v ti«ltirefc«68 mying a high tribute to tho Joyed nnrt.niM Jaithltil vfin There Van excellent wni»l<" by Hiinriity *tfhool orchestra uwd .,._. tine. Mgun aolos by M&t>« Ina Hood. A"e flW Outer of th»' plfirvice a pur*t <»C f6t> was j»r<wented Key. ttud Mrs. Fluck I Wa» Glvtn Lait Evanlno In Honor of W UHami. One of the moat novel and Ml,s» Margaret Hodgln» < ..«B a ure ial- attention for Miwi Terfitia who mnrriags \v William . • Thirty-five Iriends were guests and a nhower WUH the was the recipient of a variety of. gift* of a sort to (HI the HUU! of the up-lo. dale young houuewlfw with bliB«, ab* was called' u|jon tu open up th» gifls n the early twrt of the eve(Uu« and hey were beautiful and costly. ThlH was followed by playing pro* ,rejj»ive euchre and Mr*. H, A. Forster w<in the first pi'i*e while the prospective lde won the botdjy prize. painty refreshments were served at he clu»« of the evening und the* vat»~don»'by Hue MUses Margaret ana utlik!ei\ I>evrra»"tUKraiJwi McAndr«w», The out-of-tpwn g«e8t« were Mrs, tit-hard McNi'Hlw, of (Chicago, and Mra, SuiUvaii 4 'of Sacramento, CaJ, Prophst*town Couple C«labrat*d T«»ir Fprtieth W»dd»na Anniv«r»»ry, Mr. and Mr«, William Warner, <>f !a>t wevU muTare res»lcleiit» o vwn all of the tl»(t' M!UC«J they »arrH'"J, a,iul w««re both Uonv and a teed in thai plai-e aud coni«*,jycHtly ArtfMiosm At The Mrs. A, n*. Hcrrter. Mr*, A, M Hovu«' itw-r?? tvif- s'f«'>'''' :n th'o SouH'," KVil< :tv> sup l"i" rr. <'«••'. \\*. f*ti«, t'or.i fintl \Jnrv r.vnns'. Mrs FOR NEWLYWEDS And Mn. McSrath. Mr. find" .Mm. fjrvln Plttmmn of SI \Vf>«tt Hixth .»tre« entertained twenty Ive friend* la*t evenlns: nt a m t Fcr liinr-ou« showfr honoring Mr. and Mr MetJntth, who . \vcrc .married weeks Sense Style in Shoes mu«!c nml the young people rer-etv mAny Hhe 'gifts.' The hostosfs "wrvet nice refreshment*. tM£ DANCING PARTY, In pplte of th«* 'Inclement went he the dan* Ing party given in the \V.«nl man hall test evening by Meaur*. Hal liKart and Oillman wan attended by a .large crowd. Hull's' orchestra furnish IM.I tlio mimic, and a pleasant time wa teportcd. r FROM OUR READERS the PctdicUd the W*flther. TampH'Oi III.,' Oct. 20, Ifllfi. Kdlfnm TD^Ily Qaaette: I «end you my\ -prediction* 1Sth In8t. i>u«1i»hed In th^ Tornado, lawt Issue. 1 srrteSR It hits the nail on tho head. It Is ait in know inj? how, I have no obwrvatory * telesrajth i-ommunhaitlon-aH . country.' 1 have' «ll r thw In my hem nnd don't hAve to^wttH CW tire dtetur iwncc stHkes u* or pa««e» AIS b ~' --- on wime-onTR r ~tfa'r1C --- h*ar oft^nef but ~ let you IwveUhe Kim* "** fc^s**^'» »*»•'• » ..»•— »- .-.- ~ weather )mr«nu so 1 do not a?ton to pluck any of their window. lindoaed find 12.60 for another years subscription. Harvey A, Wood, Box 131, Tamplco, ill. The" lt«m from the Tamplco Tornad< DOMING. To all who are interested: Keeft your weather, eyo on clout formation*, etc., from 20th to 26th of Oct. J 1S:—pi'rluip* y*Hi may profit—t" hoedlmr what the barometer, cloud* wlndH. currentu nnd what nature Is tryloK to tell you. Have you your siovea and furnace* In running order'. Vou better look them over before H hits you. .-, , A word to the wise Is suftk'ient. II, A. >%. INTERESTING LETTER Harry Harmon Describe* Won ' derful Sights At Newport News, Va, The follpwinir j^. a-portion oif a let- er received yeatetfay by Commliwlori- •r and Mrs. J. K. Harmon from their •*on, Hurry, well, known in Sterling where Ilia mualcal abilities are greatly ippreclated, who' 1» now at Newport \ r ew», Va.: " .-»-.. "I arriveii JnJSewport all O. K: and T8S l«~p>rfectly »5Temna~rrlp. Xot a >Jt tiresome for I passed through win- ierful place* nnfl'Wiw wonderful noen- "kewport Newi« in a wonderful place. Tlie town IH a new town and every- Ulng in new and clean. The Hhip yards are wonderful,,ten'or tweSve hatile»hlps aylner In the harbor all the time, and utiloni irnlore. There !» an ttViatlon xchool where flying i» tatifcht and any line of day you tan »e« several ma- •hlncM in- the wet, it is like a story book land to me. "I have, heard it suid that th« «outh- >fn hospitality i«» all "hunk" but- It rt not, for their notspltably i« w^nder^ 'ul. Everyone i« your friend and the best they have in «ot to Rood for you. "I have JuMif ha«l my ae<jpnd look ttt .je Atlantic. I wan out to Old I'oint Comfort, and certainly enjoyed- myself.- Old I^int l» about twelve mile* from Newport Ji^ww. nn hour'» ride, on the itreet cnr«. It IH an Wand nnd the tmln thing there in th t wa* my .rtr*t trip through ti fort t m »ny opinion if «ll our forts wro as tvglL equipped mid -•' — "" *•*"-*• vT^iiinr-. /..uvuvo xhould not worry about the warring counlrlen.. Itjwem* >a ntnn»ft**"that^fl«V rraaiiW ffb'ouf l!u' 'tronsr htttterles. fort«- and '«««>'«««*«««•- nir jgirna. to '' " -.--••hem. are standing and looking on I was on top of the forts and clear around, alwut two n|l««. .There ar* really two forts in une. tl»e ohl hi.storicai, KortreHs Mon^ roe. of Civil war time«, Jwher* Jeffer* ion'Bav|B;wa« lucarcerftwi J-aaw the •ery pell In wolcn jie yay_tmpr|nnn<»d. fnS "there TwTPIlttle stbno niarklng the uace of bin lost ttpeech, made before dl«d. -I -waw ^IH*ri*-— TheRTJtrtiride « the newer forlt ViMl iM modern m, twarclMight, !wlrelp«i», etc, I wan n the batteries, that is where they ~ py ulattK twenty milea out, too far to e<* with tin* naked eye. I could nee a battleship ju«t *i teaming in. It all 6*108 too wonderful to b« true, Th* most im<>re«UnK of all siKhtw to mo, WUB tlva UtttappeariUK gun» which work tt "JMtlrC" «»a*fi one jtuifig ""oif^vlery 30 econdu, that U in time of war, each ittlr shoottnK H projectile every 15 sec- nda. There are two gunn to each bat- ery and In Ilif short diatancn of one tdx. of tlieao ^Htteried. Who &uy» America, is not prep«r«dt • i have wen loin of intv-rewtijig tilings *nd will nee « lot more, Kve.ry »n« ii> nxUm« for me to «ew evurythiiiff. One f the cvt>mmittee ladi*>». (for tlie 'lay) KO' me a pass to go through the hip yard, another itrrangwi with the ', s. Boardltitf Officer. tlu*t Its the mun~ bo^rdti till fortjigu niiips when they liter Uu- port, to go on on« of. the«iu rips with him, which UHJHJIM ail ovet 1 is territory -of about 10 milts along he .fount. This will *«ko a whole morning, »o I think i am very lucky to ft in «9 good. "I am Mt'UiiiK nlong line with my 'lay. "The Wit>hii>tr Kin«." apd overy ne »«,'cms more tHun wutsiUHl with the far. I am going tu give New- vt>r tww. There i.-* u Holdlia"'» Home t (>lt| Point which has one trf ll)e best heater* in Virginia, mid we expect to wttb w«>ik, H I J. SAFETY COURTESY ,-,.,. gf-a-^-^ SX-~" „ 'I • • They im*»cd <iuletiy at hom mi tlu> play on .Uiere alter __j£u -»itt ln\wisU ut .\t»wp«rx' J>»frws*' t wjth tbr ca.Hi, So far i am" wvll pU'u*i'il to lu.ti Av.t- (ml «ni tu tin* A'^ideiny l,is»t *n'h('o|ji " .' WANT 8iet.e li , 111. Ot t. 3l Thf Jiimoi.v I'rc,*-!^ tvrlun h'j'tii-d imw ii 4 t< - :''h.ti'di tii' £ r*-»!.s'J4!f«»H_ ul tlu' UtbK- " The footwear covenant existing between each member of the family and this store binds us to deliver shoe, T 0pifiir,ti_slsoe qualify and snoe style at eminently fair prices — hence these Fall and Wtm ter shoes of sense and style. Just received a large shipment of children's and misses* shoes in the knew styles, and also a complete line of grow- _!inff girl shoes in patent kid and dull calfskin with"whife leather soles and in the new ball*stra» patterns. Also just received a large fresh stock of Ball Band rubber boots in red or grey rubber. ** Grebner's Shoe Mart STRONG ADDRESS fConllnm-d on Page Four) ROBBERS KILLED MAN tri".1i!>-ti"H of thf 4imrn>!mrnt or «H*-« tin* i>;i,««/t«f «>f li I'V th»« IfKislattirr M4Htl<) »M> f.\\\> i'l.-l lt« rilifltation l« day, the WRKCR not to he lew than i rwi'lved at the present! basip of teutChicagO hoor^-B day. This mrnn« sinvrl.v nin r nnn «r»«*u *\# n^««. liu'renw In w«gi-« of twenty per vent. $25,000 WOtth Of Gems Congrcaa haa.puwcr la 'pajm »uih -a- ; - From a Jeweler meiisure. in the jmat all great labor! r Eora a «*eweier, botWwR .-JwVf--e«Mvd*ftl.WHl— eongl**»»-•ftV' f- -• : i**===i~ Hip wnjrea for them. < , ,n y fniipd Pies? ) Only Small Part Aff«ct«d. ; ,-!ii<nKo 111., Oct. ?L—A, K < N hn»e. "There ate over l.SOO.OOO men em- > 40 W(U , rttTMt (, ( i «„(! nuef«tloneU at the . ,...,„,. fdoyed by the railroads of the country. j.-, 0< . H Yardu poiicf station today .In i MI-,- .\u« ami only twenty tmr wnt ov' them ««•<-•{ ,-,;» nm . 0 tUin with «he darlns attempt toLnwmirot-nt I.T..UOO worth i>f Kern* laat ntftlit, [ ti,>ns (otnmltt«-p. il«n«- a ml it« only object will l>e t!i*» m«-tif. Tin- .tlluuite will «indrfct u strenuous c,tmji«il»sn in Springfield, when the lt'CiJ«SHtuic nn-ct«, Mrs. JH- the precedent might U>nd u» nnd tin- the prrcrndent mtBht Irnd' tiv*nnd the lend tiv*nmt tne, jj, wh|l , h ^,,0 mal1 W ns k)IIe<I and an- !<*}„. ha remaining eiRhty per cent aju kH^kliiiK ( ,,j.,, r won nded. .. j has f\i!n«-»| i! down id not U> the ,re»o»u- In pnKt convemlonj* ami th«' association to a m«>rc or less degree. \Vc UUo arbitration, find nffcin^- of the greatest differences have 5>een Retthnl this wu>". but the Adamson bill casts all to"th« wind. But that i*_lLke all I^rm»rxai_ t 4'l!LJ-^«JL p -Jn» " t'hicaito, III, Oct. 21.—Diamond rob-! —- fatllnfc in an ntirmpt that retails';. 1 ' IM(X% ii.i^*. A tTc TeglSTation In the past four yearf. They i*ay it xvhMirUvrie to set,tle a ntrik«v I was in Washington. J). C. at tho and 1 would rathe? home than to have advocated mich a wnmK meaHiire. (Prolonged rt»et-ns). It haft settled nothing, only brl«lire«) over lor a Khort time sotnVthinK'that Is Imd. 1 cnll tlil« cln«>« leititilation. Who can tell me &liy. that" mea«ur«> loe« not go into effect until Jamiifry t. tall 7 Simv>ly It wa« doiw fcr jHtli'^i- cal |)iir|>ose». Wilton And War. -•"They tell w» Wilson has kopr UM ut of \va-r. What war? lie IWH !;ej»t in* out of war with Mexico'nnd has ih«o kept Mexico out of m»ace. 'Huch*- inhon kept UH out of war and Lincoln Rot UB into war, and if you wer« to vote for either today which-'of them "3own and killed l^mils and daneeroUiily wounded JCoel. hi*» brother-in-law. Noel, l.o .. j'jweU'i. w.u. iiauAtng tg&;»tprv of £<"n* in «. charnol* <»ai{. •"• Th« nhootlnjy took I'liw'** at t.h* would you choone? " Never th« history of the country before in has there )een the cry raided tlu» I such nnd nuch i president kept IIH-OIU of war. when <ri ftict n>any did. N'otMnu w«* nald about it when the mxt caiwpalgn tlnK> rolled around. "There IH nothln« In international aw concerning submarines*. ' and w*e lave no power to «top them an tqnff n# hey act. on the histh »eau. for they lave come -Into existence «ince the diutlJoJ! -tijC_JLntematknittl_ low. J£--we to not wnnt to get «hot xve miiHt kept >ut of the firing Jin« In hostile conn- for hoMtlle armies *hnot to kill. ind that IH what they are formed for. That in their bUHlnenit. . And If one I ni>s nut want to bt* aeut to bottom if the ocehn let hlm^Ktiep off ves»a«la i bulli^ervnt na4iani« on the high *ea#, 'or yon arc liable to b« thus served. Htay ut home nather tliaii Invite a war " costing- mlllioiiH of dollar^ and and» of lives, "I-voted to send forces ti» Vera <'ru?. it tht» wish of tin* prehldent. 'Nine- U. B. Boldiers were killed, but 20«J of the Mexican* wero slain, nhouing what ean be done by our soldiers." The speaker derld&l Wilsoft for his mating Mexican policy, lite Villa, Carrauxa. policies, showing him aa v«ry vvpaH man when action of thfi Htrongent 'kind, wa« ttemandedi, Tho audience- Uumlied when ho sjK>kc of WII»on "writing anothor note," . H« tinuigiit, out. at length the. PO- - - • proaperiiy.—inrtl en- to Noei's jirlvatn. Karapr* in the ac» is two diu>r» from ih».« apanmeiU building at"" 5418 I'ralrle avenue in which nrv tin- homes* of both Noel and Ui.-htensteln. ' N\n^l tired ti|Kin the n,»ld>eni. -wound- inj; one. but tho men ran nut the. mouth <j{ the alley und escaped. iS*o«>! wivctl his jettt'ls. X-x'l h;is a n oillce in tho lleywt»od huildhi^c at '»".' Mai<t MndiKon js.»cwt. It hits''been his custom to take home with him each evening a mumber i»f vuluablt* HtonCK In a chamois has-' Lk'hiensu'i'n, who wan art tidvertininR man on the I'owt. often caJIctl ut tlie o (lice ot" Mn brother-in'-Iavv,to t»i«ifdlr homo with him. This ht« did yentcrday. Xoel placed a largo mjm- *ber of jcems in a baff and stowed U S» an Inner pocket,' Trtey drovo into the alley, and arrived nt the 1 KJITUKO when two" men stopped otil from iunbu»h. ':H«nd« up." one of them eiUK-d. Noel and Llchtenstein laughed, con »ii)orinjf It a joke, """Tfiw" Ts n«> 3oV;e." caUinT the spofevs mttn of the robbers. 'tUiek 'em up in • Ihe air." . " j Duels With Robb«rs. Ttu> command VMK followvd \>y tin- appearance of. rfVoU4'rs In thft hand* of the robUei'B, Xo?l by tttiw time Imd opened the- door of hi* c*r ami was Htnndtue on ...the runulnx board- llv raised his h«in»l and thrust forward :i revolver he hud drawn fmm hi* emit I jMM'ket. HP Ilrotl and ImmedUit»»ly| thertf WHS; u f>it»Uludt< from th«- rob-; . , Xoel jumped Ipto tha f<p«n d«jr of ' ' adjournment pre\entetl the from Koine on -record as wants tu workvfor full nuf- Tiout 1" JtrrTioUii to, have ,lin i«' t'MtaljUshed It w,fil be a «-<<n»tltutlo|ial convention H«?- ihe ri»n«titutUm. Mrn. Trout « t<irn*»r. but ftmentt of the for ihe amendment tu th* They llntciie-ii to three methods - 'bj Charlen K. Merriam. Ada bnmg tilK return*. . He Flags the Sleeper A quoted Itgures to show that U order* ttot full Waul, and lluu .It wit« tho irlta- taking »o much of jur"foo<latHfr», nmmunltlon, har«e» and nulo-s, etc.. that ts aendfng'the ro»t >f iiviiiK *Ky int{ii.—Il» L'umpuroU this ewr with .IM3, beforn tha war, when wan at a lovf ebb and ftu:- »MV«» »»•«•» Ii. i J K.~l if_ > !«. »• ort«» were closed or only employing email niHnber and. JMBK .bread vero .formed IQ fhlcttiro and other large eitiea for tho uncnipIo*-»^L He aid the . Democrat ie tariff law nev«r to work <HH».'6i^f»H3>'i atao brought up the Ihidwivood law • of JtB JTHtlure. .._- jlH tw o houra address he waa nthuHlaatlcully cheered, and made a hit with .his HJghw Pri«»* ' Yttlordiiy* t'hluapo, ill,, CMS*. 81^-Excitwnent u>d higher prices wero on in the grain with corn in tiw-4c»tt erday. Heavy wolizing followed the >ariy bwlgo, whicli, w«* Utr»«ly 4uv to by «horU uiid 4o a, new wave t ,»j>eful»tlve buying. A iu>w higli was inad» for wh«U, but thu clou* at iilmoi*t th* 4ow- -point, •with almi of He. on the nearby futures of Ho on July. Corn closed o highland «at« %c telBher. jlrtc' whe«,t m*rk«t« tJlo^ff ?*c IP higher, Uw latter on cictoSHH' at in Winnip«>K to 144c higher, and corn in.the south* cest IVi" tu 8V<c higher, I'rovb*ion* were active und higiicf, uiutiiK I8w to 4U* V on '|»>rk. U^c to H,c. on lurd unil 12»4c. t«* i>c on »hort Um, DxueiJt fMt' <>tHul»i*r Swl, wind) Milwaukee. O. htbured »»» " AlNI pPgRATOB, ^ t. 20.-- -tioventw K. -I- telegraph «!}*'?• tor to "he-It* out" tlnKiH'WH'Wl»'r men ' Hu h'm on hiK (ampiiign tour.' In « tutvii in tin? j»wUnv«»u-«i tart ul o" the griasfcled" niatiou uM'»l tlouuttd if he iVHihl j»»ul»e tiu- v yet," tin* the und lifted a spare uiuomo- ,' bile wheel from the wait This he held { before hlm^aa a shied while he con- i Untied to tire upon tho robbora. Meanwhile three shot* llr*4-at tenstcln H.H he mat In th* maehfwj Had f takirn effect. One bullet struck ' yomiir nutn In tho head, n, throuKlt tl'c hearC and jnhfr.l )mstM>d '] his left itaml. Ho foil over In ...^ ..^.Tteatir • iThe robbers ntartwl backinpr aviav. tttiJI shooting. A bullet utrurk in T thrce-'flfte'en the call' |H»J' c«aie«, to wake the railroad man. Th* Cyclone , was on th*» j<»b firai.—He start- «t the day at three. He is right ~<m Ihe minute when there* an early run. Thi ; tullroid l«»y*» alt like Th»_ r>-\-ii'»n«-. Hi* hell)** ihem'nmke ihV Kratlc He <-all», "All ,at>onnl!" th«-,v'rt> 4.tit of bed — plenty of time a»<! ,a urln- »Sarnal» set ugainbt a . Kroticb—all cheery clear »»he,»d. The t'yclyiM* will run your day «n schedule, lime--he'll side-'i k the t>antiinan whenever J«iU 8Ji>. You'll UKi- The t'yelouf face to fa<v. • Ile'» h*-\»>n inches tali, spunky, neighborly—- rtwwnright. K( «M| all through. He ringw two *— ten. half-minute culls or minutes. W. T. Jennings Jeweler Noel'tt revolver Btnu'k one of tlw rob- uers in'tho neck. H«> brok«* and rau^. Then his companion turned nnd tied- } MKS. TKWT W1JNS Her fjprinsfleld. ill., fjct. nearly disrupted the stait; convention yesterday and suKrag* <juestion8 were brought intw th« cushion In spite uf eltorta to prevent it. Mrs. Catheritw Wa««h Mr a strong appeal 'for tlu> of a uuiTraso amendment-to Best Service Equipment Call and Funeral Directors Clay NJaht Call* ll" Bell No. 620 winter. Mrs. Qmpo Wilbur Trout, < „ in to t«) tho n«w president-uud whi> controui the c<»nvci)t(o(!. wild the In* i. > i /, "~;"FVRE toss WAS $a&oooo. .} r«-i.i:-Uf>, Mich, *H-I. -i i^u'ii.j! ^>| t the djiuuiiii* duiit' I'i' JUtf l-riv rtt'iii-t?| i-tut of Hi.- Whi«' i'iijtr ^''i.»!i"»<n «f JUKh-Ul.-hli-l., pU-'iiihv l-.-iir- at fV'jO.iv.'*? j )Hi''li*AHIf!,l us till- I.'ff.U l.f Hi !,»•• ™ - "iTK t«M J'lit ^« i i' ; v. We are grinding new corn every day for dairy feed. Bring yoursnn if you want jt ground, fto matter how soft it is. In having your girain ground for your hogs you will save 331-3 per cent of your feed. We are grinding every day-any r ninfiiiiiL anytime, , * r» The Flour, Feed and Seed Store

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