The Bulletin from Pomona, California on January 27, 1923 · 12
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The Bulletin from Pomona, California · 12

Pomona, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1923
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&. m rw ' '' i4 ' J 4 PACE FOUR THE BULLETIN SATURDAY, JANUARY T, 121. I i f. LARGEST STOCK VICTOR RECORDS , Outside Los Angeles in Southern California Brown Music Co. POMONA and ONTARIO RECORD FOR FIRST IXJTH OF NEW TERR OVER SI 59,000 (Continued from Pace One) O. W. Hill, 604 Eaut Drive, Grigaby Court, garage, $100. L. Byera, second lot wet of Towne, on Fifth avenue, one-story, four-room house, $1,400. - L. D. Littlefield, southwest corner of Hiyitington and Randolph, one-atory four-room frame houae, $2,44'. E. L. Bummer, 1375 South Palo-marea. poultry houae. $400. PRE-INVENTORY SALE To End With Four Days of Go-Getter' Values Heres what youll call a sale and so do we. For where can you get better values on good saleable merchandise than are offered here? COATS AND DRESSES Reduced to prices that will surprise you. All the most popular and most exclusive styles are represented in this offering. They have to be seen to be really appreciated. If NEW TRIAL, LUMETS EIGHTEEN S 15c 15c 1 DOMESTIC S jjs 36-inch Percales, many patterns, sss big color assortment 25c Comfort Challies, 30-inch, EE all colors EE 27-inch Gingham, extra fine, large assort- meet of plaids, checks, stripes 1 fl and plain colors, at I tJU S 32 inch Romper Cloth, fine qual- s ity, in checks and stripes, at Japanese Crepes, regular 40c, now at Plisse Crepe, exceptionally fine for underwear, etc. Many colors. Now. EE 36-inch Kindergarten Cloth, good weight, fine quality, special at 36-inch Poplin, in all the popular S colors A big item, at 42x36 Pillow Cases Special at . Face Towels, good size, at lit 55 Or $1.25 Per Doz. EE 50c Bath Towels QP s large size, at UjC as 27-inch Outing Flannels, 25c value, at 36-inch Outing Flannels, 35c value, at Aub $1.50 Table Damask, flCn wide, special wwb 25c Cotton Diapers iC, (hemmed) lub 20 Off on All M unsing Wear 25c 36-inch Indian Head- Special at 54-inch. Indian Head QfJ Big value at Ouli 72x90 Sheets, good quality, at BLANKETS 79c 1 Henry Y. Cohen, professionally known as the Rev. Dr. Charles Newman, spiritual adviser and necromancer extraordinary, yesterday was sentenced by Superior Judgp Hahn In l.os Angeles, to IS months in the county Jail. He was convicted pf indecent conduct toward a young woman. Application for a new trial was denied by the court. Cohen at one time resided in Pomona w here he operated as a seer. Mrs. Lillian Hildreth, a 16-year-old matron and the complaining witness, testified at the trial that she sought Cohen, whom she knew under his fourth dimension alias, for advice. Cohen, she says, told her that a mental image would he necessary. With Photographic Eye." This, she asserted, he took with what he termed his photographic eye, forcing her to stand partially disrobed in his "love temple." This feature of his treatment led to"the .complaint, which was Issued and prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney J. W, Joos. During the trial the mother of the witness attacked Cohen and struck him She was punished by being excluded from the courroom. The Jury in the case was out less than an hour. Cohen recently was in Judge Reeves' court charged with failure to pgpvide tor hia minor child. This accusation, however, was taken off the calendar when he promised in future to obey the order of court when a divorce was granted his wife. ' Love File" Seized. At the time of Cohens arrest the officers seized from his office a love file. in which were contained the names of many hundreds of Cohens j customers, opposite which he had writ-ten the most intimate data, When I searched he wore around his waist a j belt of diamonds. of ini CITY LIONS TO P $5.50 Woolnap M Qfl Blankets jlJiOJ $3.95 Woolnap Blankets $2.35 Sheet Blankets $1.75 Sheet Blankets $2.95 $1.83 $1.35 20 c' $1.25 Cotton Batts Pf1 full size, at UtJb DISCOUNT ON ALL SILK PETTICOATS, SILK LINGERIE, WOOL AND SILK SWEATERS, SCARF SETS AND LEATHER GOODS ASK PROMOTERS TO CCPLT WITH CERTAIN CONDITIONS (Continued from Pag One) NEW YORK STORE fst Of Everything" A. W. CAVENESS. Proprietor SECOND, at MAIN, POMONA H. H. HUGHES, Manogor IF. YOU ARE THINKING OF LIVING ROOM FURNITURE WE want to urge you to consider overstuffed furniture because you will find it the ideal furniture for your living room. Overstuffed furniture reflects a spirit of hospitality such as no other furniture can and it makes comfortable homes. Perhaps you have noticed in the homes of your friends the cheery, homey atmosphere created with overstuffed furniture. It seems to impart a friendly spirit and an air of refinement which can not be procured with any other kind of furniture. All our overstuffed furniture is perfectly designed and constructed. You 11 always be satisfied with it; you 11 be proud to have it in your Living Room. We are now showing Three-Piece Sets at from $145.00 to $525.00 per set. taken last evening by the committee is expected to lead to yie desired result providing Mr. Kaltenbeck and Mr. Krisbee can fulfill the requirements asked. Under the present plan the hotel SS would cost, including the lot and all 55 fixtures and furnishings, in the neighborhood of $100,000. Of this sum it would be asked that the two men most Interested in It put in $20,000, this amount to be in furnishings and furniture; this equipment to be free of all encumbrances. It would then be attempted to get a substantial loan on the property, and the balance of the money needed would be realized through the sale of trustee notes. No stock of any kind would be issued. Complete plans for the hotel are now being drawn up by two different firms of architects, and it is expected that, these plans will be ready for presentation to the Chamber directors at their next meeting. The hotel will be one of sixty rooms, with special attention to be given the dining rooms and convenience of the sleeping rooms. It will be unpretentious and will lay no claim to anything unusual other than' uncommon comfort and excellence of service. Earl Clark, the chairman of the housing committee, will meet with Mr. Kaltenbeck and Mr. Frisbee this morning, and at that time It will be decided whether or not the plan will be carried through under the endorsement of the Chamber. ? Home Furniture Company Second and Gordon rractlrully the entire membership of the Lions club of this city with their wives will Join with the members of the Lions club ,of Kansu City on a week from Monday night in a program which promises to be unique. It might be mentioned at the beginning that the Pomona members have no intention of Journeying to Kansas City for the evening, neither will the Kansas City members tuke the little jaunt to Pomona. The Joint celebrutlon, so to speak, will be carried on by radio. Announcement and arrangements for the inteiesting event were made at the regular weekly luncheon of the Pomona club at the Avis hotel yesterday. Secretary Granger read a letter from the Kansas City organization in which it was announced that it would put on a radio program distributing the numbers through the broadcasting plant of the Kansas City Star. The program will be at 8 o'clock In the evening, central time. That will be t o'clock In Pomona. Arrangements have been made by members of the local club for the use of the radio receiving set at the fire hall, and there the Lions and members of their families will gather. For the benefit of those who have receiving sets of their own It Is stated that the Kansas City wave length is 400 meters.. Following the program, the local Lions and their wives will enjoy a big oyster feed. It was stated that the Kansas City Lions club Is one of the most active and progressive in the country. Practically every member at the luncheon yesterday signified his intention of being present. The matter of the radio program was only one of several interesting mutters to come before the club. It was again necessary for Judge L, E. Sheets to call a session of his kangaroo court to attend to two or three cases of members whose cars had been found standing longer than 13 minutes in the business district. A sale of tickets was also announced for a big Boy Scout father and son banquet soon to be held in Claremont. Preparations are being made for 1000 guests, and all Lions were urged to be present. There was also an urgent request' that all Lions assist in every possible way in putting over the memorial statue fund and to attend the meeting In the Y. M. C. A. Monday evening. Following the introduction of several guests the roll call of members under the direction of V. H. Presnell was continued and brought out more interesting facts concerning business and business conditions in Pomona. In the matter of milk consumption, I the United States holds sixth, Great! Britain and Italy being the lowest, ' with twenty-two gallons and four gal- j Ions per capita, respectively. Sweden, making use of sixty-nine gallons of j whole milk per capita each year, ranks first, while this country uses forty-three gallons. It is a fact, however, that Sweden exports a great deal of milk to England and other neighboring countries.' Ninety per cent of the footwear used In Quebec is made in the Dominion, of leather grown and tanned in Canada. COURT HOLDS THAT KO FECIT IS NEEDED (Continued from Page One) five gallons of wine and ten gallons of brandy are still at the station, in charge of Chief Lyter. Give Boy Another Chance Donald Cornelison, 16, was fined $10 on a speeding charge, and Chief Lyter gave the lad time to pay the same. This boy is on probation from the Juvenile court for four weeks. The case against him was transferred from Orange county to the Juvenile court in Los Angeles, where probatio-i was extended. The court ascertained from Chief Lyter that the offence charged yesterday took gilace before this probation was granted, and owing to the fact there had been no complaint against the lad since the probationary period 'commenced, Chief Lyter recommended to Judge Macon that he give the boy a chance, anl not cite him to the juvenile court. When arraigned Young Cornelison stated he had no operators license for the reason he had been caught speeding about six months ago near Whittier and the privilege of driving a car was taken from him for 26 weeks by Judge Hahn in Los Angeles. This time had expired, he told Judge Mason, and when asked why he did not go tc the Los Angeles Judge and get reinstated so he could get a license, h. said he did not think about that. J. Druhadt, of Los Angeles, caught speeding by Hooppell, pleaded "guilty' and was fined $10. One bail was forfeited, that of D. C. Campbell, Los Angeles, who was cited by Hooppell for speeding anl deposited $10 at the department. Lyric Theatre MATINEE AND NIGHT, R. TODAY and SATURDAY A Western Comedy Drama Franklyn Farnum VIRGINIA LEE and A strong cast in The White : Masks A BURLESQUE ON THE KU KLUX KLAN A western etory, told in comedy, with a prize-ring battle that hat the real kick, TWO GOOD COMEDIES and a Mutt and Jeff Cartoon Admission 10c to 20c PCUS TAX N. TAYLOR PRESENTS COMING SUNDAY Tha great Trick Ridar and expenant of western life. TOM MIX PATSY RUTH MILLER , and an all-star cast in The Fighting Streak A typical Mix wastern, spectacular riding, naw tricks, and stunts, foil of action aplenty. This ia one of hia bast. He never mads a bad onsl Also a Wm. FOX SUNSHINE COMEDY Admission 10c to 28c PLUS TAX BELVEDERE LAST TIMES TODAY The Persian Love-Play Ecstatic! A Photomarvel a throb with the subtle magic of the Rubaiyat Never to forget the romance of Shireen, desired of a ahull, stolen from the poet. Never to forget scene upon scene of magnificence and multitude, Persian glitter, drama that races through 8 gl.imorOue reels. ATlxst national. It Lulls and FiresYou as Old Omars Wnie AMERICAN THEATRE TODAY ONLY Something New Something Different HERB JACKS ADVER SHOW LAUGH AND WIN At night only in conjunction with regular Picture Program $ Frank Mayo In THE ALTAR STAIRS Also BUFFALO BILL QUEENIE in TRUE BLUE SUNDAY and MONDAY Frank & .Kings Comedians Present the remarkable play Over the Hills to'the Poor House ELEVEN TALENTED ARTISTS NOT A MOTION PICTURE i Sunday Matinee, 2:30; Night, 8:00 Monday Night Only 8:00 oclock n The Intimate Strangers' " y Booth Tarkington s Latest and Cleverest Comedy Y. M. C. A. AUDITORIUM February 1st and 2nd, 8 P. M. POMONA JUNIOR COLLEGE PLAY Direction Mattie Russell Allen Seats reserved at A. & E. Drug Store on and after January 30th. ' Price 50c OF COURSE YOURE GOING' Its not what you pay, ITS WHAT YOU GET FOR WHAT YOU PAY, that counts when you buy newspaper advertising. Thats the reason Bulletin advertisers are so well satisfied they get results. V V Vj; S' a a -a j

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