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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida • Page 2
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida • Page 2

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Miami, Florida
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Mon April 2 1973 Each Has His Problems Thieu on War Peace 81111iltiRY I men comes close to a diplomatic put-down for Thieu although Agnew is one of Thieu's greatest fans and Most enthusiastic supporters his regime In addition to meetings with Nixon his itinerary includes visits with US labor and veterans groups a speech to the National Press Club in Wash ington a television appearance and a visit to the late Lyndon Johnson's grave in Texas When he left Saigon Saturday Thieu said he was making the trip "to express our deep gratitude for the noble sacrifice of the American sol plan has encountefed opposition in Congress and has undoubtedly been further imperiled by horror stories from released US prisoners of war about how badly they were treated White House aides insist that Nixon is still serious about reconstruction aid but knows ne's got his hands full politically One said Friday that the President continues to believe that the "central issue in Indochina is diers on our land" The summit meeting with Nixon was sought by Thieu and Nixon has not been overwhelmingly enthusiastic about it He is throwing a Qsmall black tie dinner for Thieu Monday night but won't be present at a big official state dinner for him in the White House in Washington later in the week Vice President Spiro Agnew will play host at the dinner instead of Nixon That arrange the normalization of relations with North Vietnam" In other words the President believes that the only way to calm things down in the long run is to calm down North Vietnam and aid would help Thieu can expect to encounter demonstrations on his visit He is no favorite of the US peace movement which continues to survive although the Vietnam war officially is said to be over PERHAPS the stickiest issue in the meeting will be the question of possible US reconstruction aid to North Vietnam Nixon has said many times that he favors such aid and once used the figure $25 billion over a five-year period But Nixon's TnE T7011LD SOUTH VIETNAMESE President Nguyen Van Thieu arrived in Los Angeles for his talks with President Nixon scheduled this morning On his arrival Thieu said he came to say thanks to the Amer-Jun people for their support in his struggle against communism Page IA C4UNZT VICES STORMED government posi tions defending the Cambodian city of Takeo in what military men say may be the opening of an all-out attack on the provincial capital The fight ing took an upswing despite 25 consecutive days of saturation bombing by American B52 bombers and FIII fighters Page 24A Explosion Kills 7 in Cincinnati By JAMES McCARTNEY Herald Washington Sumo SAN CLEMENTE Calif President Nixon today opens a summit meeting at the Western White House with South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu to lay plans for the future US role in Southeast Asia The decisions they will make in the next two days could cost the US taxpayer new millions or billions and have a decisive effect on questions of war or peace in Vietnam Thieu wants economic aid as well as money to support his military machine a total of more than $24 billion probably considerably more HE IS also decidedly cool about Nixon's plans for reconstruction aid to North Vietnam afraid that such aid would strengthen his enemies Nixon however has his problems One is that he would like to see real peace In Vietnam through rigid adherence to the two-month-old Vietnam ceasefire agreement His guest at these talks however has been shooting up ammunition at a furious rate in spite of the ceasefire contributing US officials say to many "major" viola- tions The Communist side has contributed to major violations too with the result that the war goes on THE US taxpayer however is picking up the tab for South Vietnam's military activities thus helping to finance the continuing war 25 Are Injured In Downtown Blast 1 MILE'S PRESIDENT SALVADOR Allende is now 1 convinced that the US government conspired along with the International Telephone and Tele- graph Co to prevent his election advisers close 11 to him say As a result of testimony at recent 1 hearings in Washington into the affair Allende i broke off talks between Chile and the United I States the sources said Page O' i 5' 4: r'' 4 --o'-- 0- -44- 711 '4 41 $3'''''44''''' '44' 11-i44111 2 r'17 ---A4' OP 7 ot 't'' IL :1 cs1mon- -4T 4i4c4'1tjiyof'4 owla :14 4: 715 06 '4Fq :4 ze -'1-'4 i' -----1awl a 4 44 4 10" U'i 04- A 11t' iieliii bix 11 4rIT'oli il- A '41 i 4i: :1 i' '0'KAil A' tr Ia44 ti '37 44e-14A ''''tIt :1:: i I 014 i -71 -It b111 4 71 -r4et 9 t-: a 5y1 i717-''- i-' --t) t-4411 4 '4 PI' 414kV- A Nip -I' 0: z- -04-oizitti4 -4'7-0l -E '--z 417 tel VDU ITATION CINCINNATI Ohio (UPI) An explosion demolished a three-story building housing a tavern and apartments here late Saturday night killing at least seven persons and injuring 25 The blast in the downtown 0 -the-Rhine section heavily damaged an adjacent two-story storefront church Cincinnati Police Lt Joe Staft said that in addition to the seven who were killed rescue workers carried eight injured persons from the destroyed building Ittr MUNN OF FAMILIES throughout the United States sat down to meadeu meals as a weeldong boycott of meat products aimed at cutting prices of food was launched The protest by US consumers Is being staged despite last week's move by President Nixon who placed a price ceiling on beef pork and lamb Page RIPPED THROUGH South Carolina Georgia and Virginia over the weekend killing at least eight persons injuring hundreds and up rooting a motel and hurling it across a highway Meanwhile major flooding threatened more damage in the Carolinas Pop 7 'v i i think we now a -100' ds 4 counted for the people who A f--'- 5 4 we know were in there" '41' ''i-7)z7j :4 Staft said adding that the Press International TeleohOtO others injured by the blast were standing outside Debris Lies Around Roofless and Wrecked Homes in Abbeville SC or passing by the building a tornado swept thr ough the town killing lour and leaving 400 homeless A spokesman at Cincinnati mr7 0 7 7 eu General Hospital said about Tornados Kitt at Least 6 in South 25 persons were treated for injuries and three were admitted The three were listed in "fair to good" condition '''''''''''''''-T'''')t)- -0 'r Prom InMrtmtinnAl Tolontwe IIrCti SECRETARY Elliott Richardson said born-bin and mining of North Vietnam are among steps that the United States could take if Hanoi does not live up to terms of the ceasefire agree melt He spoke in answer to questions at a news conference Page 13A Major Flooding Threatens Carolinas A major question of the summit is whether Nixon is prepared to crack down on Thieu and demand tighter South Vietnamese adherence to the ceasefire agreement Nixon has the power because he controls the pursestrings One well-posted official said he believed that Nixon is prepared to tell Thieu to "cool it" on the battlefront but didn't pretend to know how strong Nixon may make the message It is unlikely that Nixon would cut military aid to Thieu certainly not so long as the Communists are continuing to infiltrate supplies and men into South Vietnam estimated at $50 millionS100 million He said an estimated 5000 persons were left homeless in the state and 250 were injured Some 1000 homes were damaged he said Police said a tornado touched down in at least Falls SC said the motel was destroyed but there was no immediate information on whether there were deaths or injuries Georgia Gov Jimmy Carter said the tornados which struck Saturday night and early Sunday caused damage Associated Press Tornados ripped through South Carolina Georgia and Virginia over the weekend killing at last eight persons injuring hundreds of others and uprooting a motel and tossing it across a highway Reports rom Calhoun 7 SIGHTS AGAINST cancer and heart disease will get more money this year as President Nixon deviated from his current ax-wielding budget poli cis and approved increases for the institutes The decision was revealed by Dr Frank Rauscher director of the National Can cer Institute Page IRA 'AN INCRFASE IN RATES for telephone calls includ ing those made from payophones was predicted by an executive of American Telephone and Telegraph Page 8C th ee spots in Fairfax County Va Sunday afternoon injuring at least 19 persons and severely damaging a large shopping center The tor ado passed through the county just a few miles west of Washington Attendants at two county hospitals said none of the injuries appeared serious Weicker: Ted Was a Spy Target t) age 11 111LOILIDA A COUPLE OF "old pros" will be running the Florida Legislature when the session convenes Tuesday but new faces in positions of power will make political predictions hazardous Page 14A The Hamilton County coroner's office identified the dead as John Johnson 42 Jesse Good 50 Lawrence Stewart 40 William Pagano 71 and Pearl Martin 72 Francis Puckett 49 and Jack Froman 39 Fire Marshal Norman Wells said the cause of the blast was not immediately determined but it "probably was a natural gas explosion" Shattered were Clara and Al's Cafe and Bar and apartments above It a small apartment building behind the cafe and a storefront church beside it Wells said one body was found on the sidewalk in front of the cafe one was found in the rear apartment building two others in the basement under the cafe one behind a cold drink cooler in the cafe's bar area and another in an apartment above the cafe Wells said firemen had to use hand saws to reach injured persons because of a heavy presence of natural gas Three survivors were dug out of rubble on the cafe building's second floor and another out of the rear apartment building Wells said there was no ire after the explosion which shattered windows in a block-wide radius THE CURRENT price tag on US aid is secret although the tentative US budget for 1974 allowed for $19 billion That figure is likely to be low unless the ceasefire starts to hold Thieu is also seeking about $500 million in "economic aid" He also would like a major piece of the action in any reconstruction program that might be undertaken for Indochina as a whole ington the unit was to move on to Miami to go ahead and bug Mr O'Brien's phone and the phones of top officials down there You know that's quite a list for any group and this in essence was what this particular unit was involved with" he said Weicker said he is as concerned withan "apparent coverup" of the facts behind the GOP spying as he is of the spying itself He said Haldeman was the key figure on both the White House staff and on the Committee for the Reelection of the President THE DISMEMBERED AND decomposed bodies of two young girls have been found off the beach south of Fort Pierce Police officials are investigating a link between them and the disappearance last fall of two Broward girls Page ISA THE STORMS killed six persons in South Carolina four from Abbeville and two from Calhoun Falls near the Georgia border Authorities said the two from Georgia were killed as tornados touched down in Monroe and Athens Meanwhile major flooding was developing on five North Carolina rivers In addition the Pee Dee River at Cheraw SC was expected to crest 15 feet over flood stage Sunday night The rain-swollen Cape Fear River in North Carolina forced approximately 100 persons from their homes in the Fayetteville NC area the American Red Cross said Sunday afternoon The Weather Bureau in Columbia SC said the Yadkin-Pee Dee River in North and South Carolina was rising with the heaviest flooding in many years Sion news program "Face the Nation" said Kennedy's office was regarded as a "real gold mine" because potential anti-war and other protesters visited there One of McCord's primary assignments as security chief of the Nixon campaign committee was to provide protection against disruptive demonstrations during the GOP campaign Weicker described this Surveillance as sort of "the exhibition schedule before we got to the main event" one undetected Wagergate break-in late in May and the abortive June 17 raid that ended in the arrest of McCord and four other men "1 think you ought to know that the schedule for the weekend the schedule which never came off was (that) once the Wagergate was accomplished then the next activity was to go back to the McGovern headquarters which they hadn't succeeded in going into that (earlier) weekend and break into that McGovern headquarters" Weicker said GLIBATEll MIAMI "I DON'T THINK it's fair to point the finger at him and say 'This is the man that's responsible' Weicker said "All I'm saying is that when it came to personnel he knew what was going on" Weicker said "And there was nothing in the way of policies that was going on that he didn't know either "I think it's absolutely necessary that Mr Haldeman testify before the committee" Weicker said The White House has said it may allow some presidential assistants to appear informally and in private before the Senate unit The price tag for the United States on reconstruction aid is also secret although a total of $5 billion for South Vietnam Cambodia and Laos has been mentioned by the administration For Thieu the trip and the meetings with his powerful protector are essentially a public relations exercise an attempt to improve his image in the United States to make sure that the money keeps flowing in to support A CEVERSE TALKATHON tested the taciturnity ents of 35 normally talkative girls Sunday They tried to stay mum together for seven hours with sponsors pledging money for every hour the girls could keep their mouths shut Some found this difficult but when the ordeal ended about $600 was raised to help rebuild a synagogue damaged by floods at Wilkes-Barre Pa The clamuppers were members of several B'nai B'rith sororities Page IL "HAVING DONE THEIR work in Wash Storm Batters Mountain Areas of Pacific Coast (Rather Outloo TWO PARACHUTES failed skydiver Stan Carter tuning his 372nd jump into tragedy in the face of what fellow sports chutists called cal odds Carter's main chute became entangled so he released it Then his backup chute inflated but jerked free of its harness Carter was killed when he hit the ground at an esthnated 120 miles an hour Page 1 the Ohio Valley and along the South New England and South Atlantic coasts The national forecast: Rain from the Great Lakes across to New England Showers expected along the Gulf Coast Showers with snow will again affect the Pacific Coast Southern Rockies Rain and drizzle were scattered over the Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes regions Showers occurred over the east portions of of Utah As the storm continues to intensify it is expected to spread snow over the mountain areas of the Southern Plateau and the Central and Much of the Pacific Coast was affected by a major storm system Snowfall amounts of three to six inches were reported in the mountain areas Tide Tables In Sports Section SPOUTS Temperatures GREATER MIAMI FORECAST WEATHER CAP FOR ON LI APRIL 2 Men Dees end Cfneensts Plenieeel Whereat Service NOAA Oneeennee of Cenreeeen Prot i PreC coral Gables 12 Miami Bag Prot ParK 82 73 Miami Airport 13 75 North Miami Beach 115 73 Miami Beach 14 South Miami 89 71 Local state and national figures are for 24-heur period ending 7 PM April 1 Pan American figures were recorded at I pm ferelln figures at 7 cm April I Clt3 EVERT MOVED to the top of the women's pro tennis money list with a victory over Katja Ebbinghaus in the Lady Gotham Classic The Fort Lauderdale 18-year-old won $8000 to increase her total to $26350 Page ID EAtl MONROE SCORED 32 points to lead the New 'Fork Knicks to a 123-103 victory over Baltimore in the National Baskethidl Association Eastern playoffs Golden State beat Milwaukee 95-92 in the West Pap MIAMI AND VICINITY: Partly cloudy through Tuesday High in the low 80s Low in the lower 70s Most south and southwest winds 10 mph Rain probability 20 per cent SMALL BOATS: Exposed Atlantic coastal waters from Port Canaveral through the Florida Straits Westerly winds 10-IS knots Seas four to seven feet Inland waters from Lake Worth through Biscayne and Florida bays Westerly winds I0-15 knots Waters rough Ex Posed Gulf Coast waters from Cedar Key to Florida Bay Westerly winds 10-IS knots Seas tour to seven feet FLORIDA: Fair in Me northern and central districts inCrOaSing cloudiness tonight and Tuesday with a chance of showerL Fair today and Tuesday In the southern districts Hiehs from the mid 70s in the north to upper Rts and lower lOs elsewhere FLORIDA EXTENDED OUTLOOK: Wadnesasy Omsk Frilly: Partly cloudy and mild Some scattered showers most likely over the north and central portions Wednesday night and Thursday No important day to day temperature changes Highs mainly in the upper 70s In the north and low 110s south Apalachicola 10 63 Clewiston 65 Daytona Bch 13 69 Ft Lauderdale 72 Ft Myers 13 71 Gainesville 14 61 Islamorada 82 76 Jacksonville 83 68 Key Witst 84 77 Lakeland 71 67 Naples 86 Ocala 86 65 Orlando 83 71 Pensacola 79 59 St Pete IM 65 Tallahassee 83 67 Tampa 71 69 Vero Beach 12 71 West Palm Bch 15 IS 1 Nicola to 63 on 08 65 aedersirdchaie 87uu 677192 villa 61 rada 82 76 livillo 113 68 it 84 77 Ng 78 67 86 70 Mu 83 71 ola 79 59 83 65 Ism 03 67 78 69 iach 82 71 Min Bch FLORIDA I Washington Si 50 23 Cairo 91 Cagabianca 64 1141DIATEST cogeggagen 37 Prec Geneva 54 743 Chicago 43 Hong Kong 77 Cincinnati 70 SI 20 Lisb 68 52 57 1O :462 04542 104 MmLogtraoidn 61 12 loction000lis 69 49 -44 Manila SI Kansas City 60 47 177 paggeow so 224 Milwaukee 41 34 33 New Delhi 91 Mnis-St Paul 53 39 Nice 63 10 Omaha 44 II 99 Oslo 41 St Louis 73 52 69 Paris SO 40 Peking 41 49 WEST Rome 63 14 Saigon 86 40 Albuquerque 58 gofig 59 1 67 Anchorage 39 20 Stockholm OS 11 Bismarck 50 24 Sydney 64 1 64 Boise 52 40 13 Taipei 1 Is IS Cheyenne 40 75 Tel Aviv 79 Denver 55 26 Tokyo a SOUTH Ft Wert 69 SO Tunis Si Helena 41 22 Vienna SS 31 940010914 so 72 Warsaw Si Albuquerque 51 Anchorage 39 Bismarck 50 Boise 52 Cheyenne 40 Denver 55 Ft Wort eg Helena 41 Honolulu $4 51 20 30 21 50 20 $2 40 75 55 26 69 50 4922 04 72 wee wtAtmeg eitehta outhwbeinikiftease tame Wool: Pais Semi 040110iF CnitCiterd Mains titoktipasit rbSAPIPEI ete 174 mz4 1016 I "'IL i 0 pr1 wi Ii toe MN A i Cet7 00 1 -1-47 CLOWIT I lit 74 '): 1 11 177- q-1 qt etzzzit 1 4 i or' I tcw Of 17- Al loll 'I- I i r-j 7-- Ma I -tifil I I El 4 rert 419- ihm I ut 1 FAIR i i 1 dr ti IL 4 410' 0 4 I tto c) "1 I et WEAtHlit alteibiKaiiii outhoftitt'amokt4aos tame 3 0 km)men 4010 4 Ingo tft 551Ha Pals Skob Itt40141F 01 ClitalSigyard snob tittiktA 11144tipa Ii'll' )1) 7 -Awn SHOT a 68 and Lou Graham 67 to move Into a tie at 199 in the Greensboro Open Arnold Palmer fell into a creek as rain continued to delay play The final round will be held today weather permitting Page 7D io 59 41 53 42 45 43 46 54 3147 30 36 Houston 12 Las Vegas 66 Los Angeles 67 Okla Cily 53 Phoenix 73 Portland 51 Salt Lake city 54 San Antonio 14 San Diego 65 San Francisc 55 51 Spokane 51 02 66 67 53 73 51 54 04 65 50 51 LIVITIG TODAY 1'1 Statistics April 1 073 I cm 1 April li 1773 7 cm 7 Asheville 61 55 Atlanta 68 54 Birmingham 73 59 Charleston 70 64 Charlotte 65 57 Jackson BOSS 00 61 Little Rock 69 50 Louisville $7 50 Memphis 74 6111 Nashville 75 60 New Orleans 70 14 Norfolk 61 52 Richmond 42 51 I 61 SS Sii 42 234 In Si 13 SO 62 66 111 -113 VIN IT CAME time to recover the sofa the family put its talent to work and now has a beautiful sofa covered in Bargello a needle' 'craft design Page IC UT PAN AMERJCAN Lima 68 Montevideo 64 Rio de Janeiro 74 Acapulco so Barbados 84 Bermuda 61 Mosta 73 Culiacan Guadalajara Havana Hermosillo Kingston se Les Mocnis Mazatlan 77 Merida te Mexico City 12 MORterrey 90 NalSaa It San Joan 83 St Croix 87 St Kitts 44 II EAST I FOREIGN mitt Aerometer Sal 2711 Relative humidity 82 WORM leMperatiere al Lowest 5loispiprotgro 75 temperature 79 Normal temperately Accumulated excess since first et mon (degroes) 7 Accumulated excess since Jan 1 (deers) 164 Highest and lowest ale date since 1739 70 33 Local rainfall for 24 firs 'Mins at 7 pm hi inches 4 Rainfall Mis month I Deficimmy this month At Rainfall since ie 1 EXCSS Sine Jail I 112 t14 I 1 Sunrise am 02 02 Today 6:11 amPhases of the Moon Moonrise Today 5:18 hr Ime Ch 6:38 pm111r1 Moonset Today 6:04 ttl Moonset Today 6:04 TEMP 43 50 57 61 63 50 Sunset Today 'oday CITY Aberdeen Amsterdam Ankara Athens Auckland Berlin Birmingham Brussels pm Albany NY 62 45 Baltimore 54 47 Boston 3040 Buffalo 61 44 New York 62 44 Philadelphia 61 43 Pittsburgh 61 44 Providence le April 9 April 17 Aril 15 April 3 01 4ESE women can forget about the toand feet and low family rank of the old days Ss dins makes great strides toward equality for wOnatti 41 I TaucitalPa Teoucisaloa I 1 1 i

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